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I recently saw Anthrax up in Allentown, PA and they totally destroyed the place. From the 1st notes of Among the Living through Madhouse, Metal Thrashing Mad and the last notes of "I Am The Law" I was in awe. The band tore through a set of classics including 'Aftershock (i was dying inside), Got The Time, Skeletons in the Closet and every classic song from the band you can think of. Joey sounded great and the band was as tight as a female in skintight spandex pants. I have seen the band play live over 20 times and this was the best set I ever saw from them. The band promises a new studio album, which they say will be the bands heaviest. I have no doubt and here is an interview I did with singer Joey. It was tough to transcribe this as I think we had a bad phone connection, but I did the best I could:

MC: Joey the first question I have for you is how exactly did the re union of you and the rest of the guys take place?

JAB: Charlie called my up and asked me if I was interested in doing a reunion, you know get back together or whatever and it just went from there. It was pretty easy.

MC: What was it like walking into a room for the first time with these guys and trying to get back and learn all the old songs. Was it like an incredible feeling for you reworking the magic that you guys had.

JB: After 3 days of rehearsal we rehearsed like an hour or 2 and we fooled around and it was pretty awesome trying to learn songs that maybe we hadn't played since like 1985, 1986, 1987.

MC: Were you pretty much familiar as far as the song lyrics go in learning how to sing these song?

JB: Yeah, I just memorized the words and it singing it was like one big story to me and it came easy for me.

MC: For this tour how do you decided the set list. On the DVD I noticed you did "Deathrider" from your debut release and when I saw you, you did "Metal Thrashing Mad" from "Fistful of Metal" and also 'Aftershock" from Spreading the Disease.

JB: Songs just come flying out of peoples mouths. I don't even know where some of them originate, some people email each other and it's like cool and done. It is like a consensus.

MC: Did you do many other shows before the DVD show in Sayerville, NJ?

JB: We did 5 US shows and did a show in Australia and then took a week off and then did the NJ show and then did a 6 week tour of Europe.

MC: What are some early memories you have of playing at clubs like Lamour's back in the 80's which I was fortunate enough to have seen?

JB: I remember the violence and things like that at some of those older shows.

MC: What are some of your memories of doing the 'Clash of the Titans tour (Anthrax/Slayer/Megedeth w/ Alice in Chains opening did an arena tour in the early 90's)? Do you think that was the heyday of the band being able to arenas and when thrash metal was at its big point?

JB: That was just an amazing ride. It was a great tour with a great line up.

MC: After that tour grunge started to take over and thrash metal started to get a bit more commercial with Metallica getting lighter and some of the thrash metal stuff got really commercial except for bands like yours. Do you think that thrash metal going in a more commercial style helped kill its popularity?

JB: It is really hard to say.

MC: I know your voice as held up really well as you sounded great when I saw you guys live the other night. Do you do anything special to keep your vocal cords in tip top shape.

JB: I have been singing since I was gone from Anthrax and this is just what I do.

MC: Are you guys going to be doing any songs from the 'John Bush' era or are you just going to do the stuff you did and then new songs when you release a new album?

JB: For me I hope we do some new stuff and for not have to really worry about the stuff they did and picking up pieces all over the place. I really can't to do some new stuff so the band can be a band.

MC: Are you guys going to be going into the studio after this min tour is over. At the conclusion of the show Scott said your going to be going into the studio do you your heaviest record ever. When can we expect that out?

JB: We got to get in a room first and then start mixing up some ideas and stuff.

MC: Has the response been to the band been more overwhelming that you can believe?

JB: It is kick ass every night. We see a lot happening and we are giving them what they want and we are having a lot of fun doing it.

MC: Do you ever see the VHS tape 'Among the Living" coming out on DVD anytime soon?

JB: I hope so there is a possibility.

MC: Out of the whole set list what are you favorites to sing?

JB: All the songs are cool with me.

MC: How were the shows with Judas Priest?

JB: Oh they were great. It was fun to go back on the road again and a great gig to play.

MC: Joey thanks for the interview and best of luck with the new record.

JB: Chris thanks for the support and I'll see ya soon.