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Jenn Matthews 


Jenn Matthews has been a friend of mine for a number of years and I recently got in touch with her to see what she is up too and here is what she said.

MC: What have you been up to? Still working at the same place? Still living
in the same area? for those who don't know, tell us a a little about the area.
JM: Well the area sucks.  The huge King of Prussia mall is right around the
corner, and the traffic is terrible.  I do still live in the same apartment,
hope to move out this year sometime though.  Not sure to where, but I want to
get the hell out of there!  Working at the same place until Feb 15, I have been
laid off.  But I have another job lined up and will be working again by March.

MC: Are you still updating your website? What is the url of it? When people
go there what can they expect to find?
JM: Yes, I usually do updates once a week.  My web site is
http://www.jensmetalpage.com.  If people go there, they will find interviews, reviews, pictures,
mp3's, links, stories and a bunch more. 

MC: Do you still talk to Jill and Dea your ex metal mafia sidekicks? If so,
what are they both up to? Do you miss metal mafia zine at all?
JM: I talked to them both last year.  They are both doing well.  Dea is
married with one child and Jill is still running Razorback.  The zine was fun, I do
miss writing for a paper zine, but I didn't miss trying to get advertising,
that sucks.

MC: What do you think of print zines going by the wayside and being  replaced
 by internet zines? Do you surf the web much?
JM: I don't think internet zine will ever replace print- People still want
print.  I personally would rather read a print.  It's hard reading articles on a
computer screen.  I don't surf too much, when I'm looking for bands to
connect with, then I will, but I have a couple random sites I check regularly and
that's about it.

MC: Describe yourself for those who don't know you.
JM: I'm a metal chick!  Been in the scene for many years now, from the band
Family of Freaks, to co-writing Metal Mafia zine to now the web site.

MC: Has any new bands come across your ear that you really like? Have you 
been going to many shows at all? Have you seen any you like?
JM: Not within the past few months, but I was going to shows at least once a
month before.  I haven't seen anything good coming around recently, but I have
been checking out all of the hair metal bands when they have their reunions. 
I am digging the new Lamb of God, so looking forward to seeing them.  Nothing
will be able to beat the Life of Agony show from last year.  That was the
best concert I ever went to.

MC: Do you still get many bands sending you stuff to review? Do you have a 
hard time putting bad bands down?
JM: Yes, I still get a lot of Cd's from bands.  I would rather download mp3's
and review them, but if a band wants to send me a cd, that's fine too.  I
don't think I have that hard of a time putting bad bands down.  If i don't like
it, I'm going to say I don't.  I'm not going to lie just because I don't want
to hurt someone's feelings.

MC: Let's talk for a few questions about our bet. For those who don't know,
tell them what the best was about and the outcome of the bet?
JM: I believe it was a bet on who would go further- The Flyers or the
Suckangers. The first bet, I think Chris was suppose to kiss my feet if he lost,
which of course, he did.  So he wasn't done, he bet me a second year and of course
they lost again.  I believe for that one he had to wear a flyers jersey with
lindros's name across the back and then kiss my feet with that on.  ha ha.

MC: When do you think, if ever, that i will be paying off that bet? How  many
 pictures do you plan on taking for the website?
JM: well, if the bet does happen, i will be taking a video for all to see.
haha.  i doubt i would ever let it actually take place, that's a little

MC: Has anybody many any funny or clever suggestions on what you should do 
in regards to the bet. 
JM: Yes, i was getting a lot of emails about it when it first happened. Some
wanted me to walk around and get my feet nice and dirty before you kissed
them, make you pucker up really good ha ha etc.

MC: What do you think of all the crazy stuff going on in the WWE now?
JM: I honestly only watch the PPV's now.  Monday nights 24 is on, and I can't
miss that.  Thursday, I will watch for a little bit, but the PPV's just recap
everything from the past few months anyway.

MC: What hobbies or things do you like to do? what for you, would be your 
dream vacation?
JM: The only hobby I have is my site, I think.  I like to go out to the bars,
go to the movies, just normal stuff.  Dream vacation, that's a tough one
since I already went to Hawaii and Europe and they were places I wanted to see.  I
want to spend more time in Italy.

MC: Is Biohazard still your favorite band? What do you think of them
JM: I love their old stuff and still rock out to it.  I haven't heard what
they are doing currently, but I have heard their side band RagMen and I'm not a
huge fan.  I liked everything they did up thru Mato Laeo.  After that, I just
haven't been able to get into it.  Urban is still my favorite album.

MC: If you could have your own label, what 5 bands would you sign and why?
JM: I don't think I would want my own label.  People in bands are just rude. 
Not all of them, but some.  I'll get an email every day from some band until
I respond to them.  So when I don't check my emails, I will have 7 emails,
from the same band, each one getting meaner  No thanks. 

MC: How long do you think you will keep the website going? do you do any 
writing for any other music related places or zines?
JM: I'll keep it going until I don't want to do it anymore, and until I stop
paying the bill.  Haha.  Probably for another few years at least.  I'm not
writing for anyone else now, just my site.

MC: What do you think of all the cool pics of me and you on my website he 
JM: They are something else.  We did have some good times at fests. 

MC: What do you think of all the even better pics in my links section, 
showing your love for my NY Rangers?
JM: They are very amusing.  

MC: Any last words. the floor is yours.
JM: Thanks for the interview, glad to see you are still kicking after all of
these years.  Come check out my site and send me links or whatever and I'll
get them up.  Thanks!