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The Missing 


The Missing are a killer un-signed band and after hearing the bands cd I just had to interview them. Here is a interview with leader singer DM.

MC: How did the band form? Were any of you in other bands prior to this one? DM:Several years ago I joined up with two guys, a guitarist and a bassist. We started writing some guitar-oriented goth stuff, sort of like early Siouxsie meets The Cure. We got a drummer and started playing out, but in a few

months we realized that we were headed in different directions, musically speaking. As it turned out, I was too angry for goth; the two original guys wanted to do more mellow stuff, and I was heading for full-out industrial. The drummer and I left, replaced the other two and got a keyboard player. We spent some time tinkering with the industrial aspects, but eventually favored more of a metal sound. So the band reformed again, with all new members. I’ve been in other bands before this one, but none as the frontwoman. JJB played guitar for a grindcore band called OCD for several years and they did very well until the singer essentially called it quits, ironically enough due to his very real OCD.

MC: Describe a little bit about each band member and do you all get along great?

DM: Right now it’s just JJB (the guitarist) and myself, as we’re replacing two others. We pretty much have a love-hate relationship that I think works well within the context of the band (although I think more often than not he’d rather see my head on a stick than anything else). He’s very dedicated and works as hard at this shit as I do, and that’s saying something.

MC: I have a copy of the CDs you put out. How are you promoting it and what has the feedback been like so far?

DM: So far, the feedback has been awesome. I’m so pleased that the fans really seem to be enjoying it. We’re scraping together some cash to launch a promotional print campaign, but it’s slow going. In the meantime, I just send the CD out to websites and ‘zines and try to spread the word the old-fashioned way. Umm, as old-fashioned as the Internet can be considered, I guess.

MC: What are the goals of the band? Do you think with this CD, you will get signed to a label? What would you be looking for with a label?

DM: Our ultimate goal is fairly simple: to be able to quit our jobs and make music for a living. We made this CD specifically as a promotional piece in the hopes that it would attract some attention from industry, and we’ll be making a big push to some labels shortly. All we’re looking for in a label is good distribution and a fair deal. We’re certainly not expecting to make a lot of money or anything.

MC: Describe the sound of the band in your opinion. Finish this line: Somebody should buy our CD because:

DM: The sound of the band is sort of female-fronted, Tool-y Manson-ish. Although our fans seem to hear all kinds of influences in the music, some of whom we’ve never even heard of. I think it’s great that people can pull whatever they feel from the music, it gives us a much wider appeal than I anticipated. And somebody should buy our CD because we’re really fucking broke!

MC: Tell us what the url is of your website and what people will find when they go there?

DM: We have all the standard shit, like audio clips, video files, reviews and photos. I suppose at some point we’ll redo the site, but right now we’re keeping it more informative and less flashy. We are conveniently located at _www.themissing.com_ (http://www.themissing.com/) . Go there and waste precious moments of your life.

MC: How would you rate yourself as a live band? Do you play out of state and have you done many shows? Do you have a big fan base?

DM: If I may be so bold, we are an excellent band live. Even if you hate the music, I guarantee you will be entertained by the show. We have a large local fanbase, but the majority of our fans don’t even live in NYC. I’ll tell you though, it’s very encouraging to see so many new people sign up for the mailing list every week! And we do play out of state, but at the moment, we’re grounded until we replace the missing members.

MC: Any crazy stories to tell about any live shows? Anything funny happen at one you care to share?

DM: I once knocked myself unconscious during a show. I was beating myself in the head during some song, and I had this marble-bead necklace wrapped around my wrist which unfortunately connected with my forehead. I was only out for a few seconds, and I awoke to find the guitarist and bassist standing over me, thrashing their heads and still playing. The audience assumed it was part of the show and I was just being dramatic, so I got up, hung onto the drumkit for balance and finished the song. But I had the imprint of the beads across my forehead for almost a week. Ouch!

#9: I saw some videos of the band and you look like you guys are having a grand ole time up onstage. Would you as the singer, ever act like a maniac onstage and run around like a maniac?

DM: I pretty much always run around like a complete maniac. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to do anything else. ;)

MC: Do you feel you’re an original band? Is it hard to write songs and lyrics? How does the writing of a song come about?

DM: Although I feel that I glean a little something from everything that I listen to, I would have to say that we really don’t sound exactly like anybody, which is fine by me. Who wants to be a copycat band? It’s very hard to write songs, but since I don’t even attempt to write anything that could even vaguely be construed as poetry, the lyrics are somewhat easier. Basically, the band will write some riffs, or a full song that they turn over to me. I kind of sink my teeth into it, chew on it for a little while, and spit it out as a full song with lyrics. Basically.

MC: Do you think it is tough for an unsigned band to get noticed nowadays? How much time per week is spent on band related stuff?

DM: It’s EXTREMELY difficult to make it in this business, and it’s EXTREMELY hard to get noticed when you’re not making commercial music. Almost every free moment of my life is spent doing band-related things. Yikes.

MC: How did you come up with your cool name and was their any other names under consideration?

DM: I originally pulled “The Missing” from the Ministry song of the same name. I was listening to that album a lot at the time. Also, I was thinking about my brother, who had served in the Gulf War several years earlier. There were some tense times when we wondered if he wouldn’t come home. So “The Missing” was changed to all lowercase letters and a colon was added to make it seem more like an unfinished list. As in, “Among the missing:.” We started life as Three Teens Kill Four, but after a few weeks we were sick of it already and made the switch to the missing:.

MC: Do you all have regular jobs and if you do what are they?

dm: I work as an Emergency Medical Technician for the Fire Department as well as a private ambulance company. JJB works as a freelance art director. His one job pays more than both of my jobs put together. It’s very sad.

MC: What merchandise do you have for sale?

DM: None yet (aside from the CD) but we’re working on shirts and stickers.

MC: Any last words? Thanks for being part of my website.Yes, go check out th ese female-fronted metal bands that I think kick ass: Crisis; Hydrovibe; Mahavatar; Spider Rockets; Bottom and Tang. You can find links to all of these bands on our website, www.themissing.com. And thank *you* for the interview. Rock on!