In 1985 I began contributing to a local fanzine in Phila, PA called Total Thrash. After about 3 issues of doing this, editor Scott Helig suggested I start my own fanzine up. I took that as a challenge and the birth of Metal Core Fanzine began in 1986.

I came up with the name Metal Core after seeing an ad in a local weekly paper called The Aquarian for a 7 date tour that was hitting the East Coast in 1985 featuring SOD headlining with Overkill as the support band and the ad dubbed the tour the "Metal Core" tour so I thought that name would work as I was into underground metal as well as some hardcore and punk stuff. From 1986 til 2001, I put 30 issues of my fanzine out. In 2001, I decided to put the print version to rest and make it a webzine.

I have an open mind when it comes to reviewing music, so I will review pretty much anything. I am old school in that I am not into downloads very much; I prefer an actual cd to review if you are planning on sending me some music to review. Send all review requests to the address below. Be sure to include your email address and any websites you have so that they be included with the review.

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