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Blasphererion is a crushing death/black metal band and after the bands recent release I knew it was time to find out more about the band so I emailed guitarist/singer Srdjan Todorovic some questions and here is what he said to them:

MC: How did the band form and what is the current line-up?

Srdjan: Mallevs our drummer and I formed the band in 2008 we played in a same band that I formed in 2003.

MC: Were any of the members in any other previous bands?

Srdjan: No there is not.

MC: How did you come up with your name and were any other names considered?

Srdjan: We were listening to Deicide, then we came up with the name, I want to call the band Sacrelegious, but there are tons of bands with that name.

MC: Do you think you are a good live band and who have you shared the stage with?

Srdjan: Yeah, I think we are very good live band, we have shared the stage with Corpus Christi, Kathaarsys, Sacramental, Blood Disdained, and many others.

MC: For those who have never heard the band what would you say the band sounds like?

Srdjan: Letís just say that the band is true old school black/death metal band.

MC: Do you like any other music besides metal?

Srdjan: Of course, I listen everything from Mozart to Little Richard to Nile; I am big fan of Steve Vai and Tony Macalpine.

MC: Tell me something about you that might surprise me?

Srdjan: Well I trained kick boxing for ten years, and I have a red belt in tae-kwon-doo is that good enough?

MC: How has the response been to your band as far as reviews go? Any bad or unfair ones?

Srdjan: I think that response is OK, so far itís doing great, People from other countries that have heard our songs, and they canít believe that we are a band from Serbia.

MC: Was it comfortable for you in the studio?

Srdajn: No it wasnít, Demo is recorded in one day so thatís a big rush for the band, you can imagine three songs in one day, man we donít play heavy metal.

MC: What goals if any does the band have?

Srdjan: Our goal is to record an album that we can say that every riff is on its place,
and after that go on a big tour, thatís our goal! Yes itís taking too long but itís better to do one kick ass album instead doing three or four albums that are not so good.

MC: What do you think makes a good band?

Srdjan: If band wants to be good band everything has to be on its place from styling to music everything has to fit. Itís very hard to reach that goal you just have to work slowly and we are doing exactly that, you know step by step.

MC: Do you have a good fan base where you live?

Srdjan: Yes I think so, you know itís a small town where everybody knows everybody, they respect us and we respect them.

MC: Any good record stores in your area?

Srdjan: In our area no, like I sad small town!

MC: If you could cover 3 songs would they be and why?

Srdajn: Well it will be Vital Remains-Dechristianize, Hate Eternal-Powers That Be and Morbid Angel-Heaving Earth. The songs are aggressive and powerful with fast blast beats. These are the true death metal songs, they stand for death metal.

MC: Does all the band members pretty much get along and has there ever been any good fights?

Srdjan: Now we get along, but in the beginning it was very hard, we were fighting on every rehearsal, thatís why the demo is so aggressive and dark but thatís good, as long as the good music is coming out of the band.

MC: Do you ever see CD's going by the wayside and everything going by downloads?

Srdjan: There will be always fans and people who like music very much and they will by records and CDs. I personally prefer vinyl the sound is much better.

MC: Would you ever want to see one of your releases come out on vinyl format?

Srdjan: That will be awesome, now days I only collect vinyls.

MC: What label would you like to be signed to?

Srdajn: Relapse or Nuclear Blast cause you know they are the best.

MC: Will underground music ever die out?

Srdjan: Metal in generally is underground if underground dies guess what will happen, but that wonít happen.

MC: When can we expect to hear some new music? Are lyrics important to the band and how does a song come together?

Srdjan: You will hear probably next year new music, maybe new demo right now we are working on new songs finished three. They are crushing far better than previous ones. As far as the lyrics, yes they are very important to the band. When you read the lyrics you can say final statement about the band. The songs in this band always start with the good riff good blast beat or any other rhythm that goes with the riff, then you bring another write the lyrics along with the riffs, see that are there place for solos and thatís it.

MC: Are there too many bands out in the underground now?

Srdjan: Yes. There are too many bands that are shit. (you are so right-Chris)

MC: What do your parents think of you being in a band?

Srdjan: They are big support, but not fans of this kind of music, of course.

MC: Plug any merchandise or websites you have.

Srdjan: You can check us on www.myspace.com/blasphererion
MC: Any last words? Horns up for the interview?

Srdjan: Spread the word of blasphemy my friends.