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Bonded by Blood

Bonded By Blood are just one of the new incredible thrash band making the rounds these days. Be sure to pick up their CD when it comes out soon on Earache. Here is an interview I did with Jose Barrales of the band:

MC: Let's get the 1st boring question out of the way, how did the band form and what is the current line-up?

JB: Well this happened about 3 yrs ago. There was a lack of metal bands in the area where we lived. This city was full of emo and indie bands. I found a guy that was basically into the same bands I was into and it was like a matched made in hell. Current line up is the same as its always been Me on vocals Alex on leads Juan on rhythm Ruben on bass and Carlos on drums.

MC: Tell me a bit about each band member and were any of you in any other bands before this one?

JB: Well lets start with me. I was in a couple of bands before I joined BBB. They were all mostly Punk and Crossover. I never got too serious with them never recorded or anything. Juan our rhythm guitarist was in a Death metal band that really never went anywhere. Carlos our drummer had just came out of a Metallica cover band where he was kicked out for being too young. Alex had never been in band prior to BBB. Ruben picked up the bass when the band started.

MC: I know how you got your name, but why did you pick out that one and were any other names considered?

JB: When we picked that name no one around here was playing that kind of music. It was kind of a homage to the genre of the music we were playing. We never thought we were going to get signed and well now we are stuck with it, not that its a bad thing. Yeah I think we did have a couple of names before we decided on BBB the ones I remember was God of war and Protocide.

MC: How has the response been to the Earache Comp and when can we expect an album from you guys?

JB: The compilation has opened a lot of doors and ears for us. We have gained tons of fans. Our album "Feed the Beast" should be out in April/June. Out worldwide on earache.

MC: Thrash metal is now having a bit of revival so to speak. Do you think a band such as yours and others will help get thrash metal from out of the grave so to speak and do you have a lot of old school fans that were around during the 1st wave of thrash metal?

JB: I think that this new thrash revival thing is fucking great. I never knew how many bands and kids were picking up their instruments and raging like back in the day. I think thrash is getting a bit of a face lift and I hope it keeps on growing. We actually do have a lot of old school fans that give us major respect.

MC: What do the members of Exodus think about the band and do you know if they have heard your music or not?

JB: We have actually played a show with them before at The Whisky in Hollywood. They said we put on a great show and gave us the thumbs up. I really didn't talk to them but they seemed like they digged the stuff.

MC: I know you have a My Space page. What is the url of it and what will people find when they log onto it?

JB: www.myspace.com/bondedbyblood You can find all kinds of updates on what the band is doing CD release dates and shows.

MC: How does a song come together and are you a band that is comfortable in the studio and are lyrics important to you at all?

JB: Song ideas come from everywhere. We don't stick to one formula. We are very comfortable at the studio I think our creative side tends to show more. Lyrics are very important to me. I hate when lyrics don't mean anything.

MC: Do you think your a good live band and do you have any live videos or videos floating around on the internet?

JB: I think we are great live. The venue is filled with energy once we hit the stage. We have a couple of vids on You Tube. Just type in our name and they should come out.

MC: About how much time per week is spent on doing band stuff and do you think you will ever get big enough to just live off the band?

JB: Well right now it seems that all I do is band stuff. Everyday I'm doing something for the band. Its a 24/7 job for me. I hope we make it to just live off the band that would be awesome.

MC: How did the deal with Earache come about and was there any other labels interested?

JB: Well we were in the process of releasing our Extinguish the weak EP when Earache contacted us. They sent us an email and we took it from there. There was a couple of other labels after us but earache made us feel like family.

MC: What merchandise do you have for sale?

JB: Right now we have 3 shirt designs. You can order them through earache.

MC: Do you feel your an original band and do you listen to any other music besides metal and what do you think of the underground scene overall?

JB: I think we are somewhat original I think we give thrash somewhat of a twist. We don't listen to metal 24/7 there is other music that inspires us to do what we do. The underground scene is pretty exciting right now. Loads of new bands coming out of nowhere pushing the boundaries.

MC: Are there any of the old thrash bands you think people should go check out?

JB: Yeah I do. I'm actually really into Nuclear Assault right now. Artillery would be great band to check out. Forbidden is really amazing. Onslaught and Overkill come to mind. There's plenty of old bands that are really good.

MC: Do you guys get to play live a lot locally and do you have a nice, loyal fan base where your located?

JB: The fans out here are fucking crazy. They go insane when we go on. We have a very loyal local following.

MC: Are there many new thrash metal bands forming now in and around the CA area now?

JB: Yeah I think there is a load of new bands in Cali. I think we have a pretty cool scene out here. There is some local rivalries but in the end music is going to be music.

MC: Do you as a band have any short term or long term goals?

JB: Well you can say we have goals that will last as long as they last. We really have not thought about the future. We are just taking one day at a time.

MC: When did you know that you wanted to play music?

JB: Music has run in my blood all my life. My dad was in band so it just came natural to me.

MC: I am out of questions. Horns up for the interview and plug any websites or merchandise you might have and any last words, the floor is yours.

JB: Thanks for your time. You guys can check out our official forum @ www.thrashunlimited.com for lots of random updates.