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Black Zodiac

Black Zodiac is a very cool metal band from Florida and I got singer Mayelin on the phone and here is what she said to my questions:

MC: We will get the 1st obvious question out of the way. How did the band form and were you or any of the other band members in any famous bands or were you just all in local bands and then came together?

BZ: I had always had a vision of what I wanted to do artistically and my influences when I was growing up was Ozzy Osbourne and all the classic metal rockers and I met Eric the guitar player and he was in a band, he band broke up and I was also playing drums in a band and that band broke up and I discussed with him my artistic vision of how I wanted the music and a band to be and what i expected out of it and he joined me and we started working together and from then on everything started to come around.

MC: I have your CD next to me and was that released on your own label or a small indie label?

BZ: That was an indie label that we got signed to.

MC: Prior to you putting the CD out, did you demo a lot of songs and stuff like that and did writing songs become easy when you started collaborating with Eric?

BZ: Yes. Eric works on the music side of things and I work on the lyric side of things and artistic sides like designing the album, etc. It is pretty easy for both of us.

MC: How has the response to the CD been so far? Have most of the reviews been positive?

BZ: Yes most of the reviews have been positive, the only ones have been bad have been ones that have been reviewed by older females.

MC: Now with this CD did writing songs for it and the lyrics come pretty easy for you when you were ready to go in the studio?

BZ: The lyrics for me come pretty easily. When start writing I get in a state of mind and when I start writing I just can't stop.

MC: All the songs on the CD, did the writing and lyrics come to you pretty easily or was there some that took some time before they actually became a song?

BZ: "Love and Darkness", that one was quite interesting because that was a 3 page song and I ended up shutting it down and shutting it down before I finally got the final work on that song. It was so emotional from my own exposure and experience that I lived through and went to and I saw friends and relatives as well that I had so much to write about (laughs). I had to reduce the size of the song. (laughs)

MC: How long as the CD been out for?

BZ: Since 2003 and we are currently finishing up work on the 2nd album and preparing for a show in Miami, FL.

MC: How is the metal scene down in Florida? Do you get to play live a lot and do you have a good fan base down there?

BZ: Our fans are mainly in Europe. This area, whatever is popular on the radio is what they want to hear. I rather think to what I like and what I know and I don't like to switch just to fit in. I like to be myself and be try to what I do.

MC: Your singing on the CD is very good and they are some of the best female vocals I have heard in quite some time, what are some singers that influenced you and did you do much singing when you were younger?

BZ: Yeah when I was younger I would never shut up. My mom would always try to get me to shut up and I was always talking and my biggest influences was Marilyn Manson as I absolutely admired that man cause he was very passionate and you could feel every emotion of his song when he would sing. Cradle of Filth, Morbid Angel, Slayer, are some of the others that have really helped me throughout my career.

MC: What is your live show like? Do you have a lot of theatrics and stuff like that?

BZ: It is interesting because the goth part of our music is mainly my image and my presentation on how I dress when I am onstage and the live show. It is not really freaky and doesn't have a gothic side to it, it is just the image of my clothes and stuff.

MC: Do you hope to get to Europe sometime?

BZ: I would love to.

MC: Do you hope to get to Europe one day?

BZ: I would love to. If the opportunity comes along I'd be there in no time at all. (laughs)

MC: This new record you have coming out when can we expect it?

BZ: Probably sometime in February.

MC: Is going to be on the same label as the last one?

BZ: It will be under my productions that I found and it is called Black Zodiac Productions

MC: I discovered you through MY Space. How has the response been to you guys through that site?

BZ: Yes we have over 9000 fans and I would like to dedicate more time to it, but I work 12-14 hour days. So far from what we have done the response of the people has been quite exciting and I love it.

MC: How far would you like to see the band go? Do you have any goals for the band?

BZ: Well by the end of 2008 I hope to be touring Europe. I would also love to do a full US tour.

MC: For those who don't, what would you personally describe the band as to what they sound like?

BZ: I would say the image is a little influence of Marilyn Manson and the vocal wide and the rest of the music I would say is Cradle of Filth and Manson and Morbid Angel and Slayer.

MC: I saw a couple promo shots and you like to wear the black leather stuff is that what you wear onstage?

BZ: I don't wear a lot of lipstick onstage and my outfit on this new album there will be a political statement with my outfit and the music will still be heavy and the vocals are even heavier.

MC: Do you plan on doing any videos for this album?

BZ: We are thinking about and considering it and we have not quite decided yet.

MC: Do you feel your a good live band?

BZ: Absolutely. Everytime we have done a live show in this area we have got nothing but positive feedback from people that are not our friends.

MC: Do you feel being from Florida is helpful for the band or a bit of a hindrance?

BZ: Florida is not helping me very much. Being from NY or LA would be better for the style of music we are playing.

MC: OK that is about all the questions I have for you. Horns up for the interview and anything you would like to add feel free.

BZ: It has been my pleasure going this interview with you.