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Cemetary Urn

Cemetery Urn is a brutal death black metal band, whose new album kills. I sent band member Damon Bloodstorm some questions to answer and he is what he had to say.

MC: Give me a brief band history and what is the current line-up of the band today?

DB - CEMETERY URN was formed in MELBOURNE early 2006 by A.GILLON (formerly of abominator and bestial warlust) and D.BLOODSTORM (formerly of abominator, bestial warlust and corpse molestation) and M.SKITZ (damaged, sadistik exekution, blood duster, etc etc) what first became a project with our debut album in 2007 URN OF BLOOD we decided to continue it as a full time band so we decided to pursue a full time line up, in which we recruited long time old metal friend on bass A."SQUIZ" SQUIRES, along with new permanent drummer XAV LAWRENCE , which both members were from known bands around Melbourne, a second guitarist LUKE .A was added to the line up in early 2008 in which then we started performing live around the country and then headed over to the U.S for a tour mid 2008, late 2009 sees the departure of drummer XAV and guitarist LUKE, after THE CONQUERED ARE BURNED album recording , early 2010 we recruited drummer MATT.C from local band BELLIGERENT INTENT , and the decision was made to continue on as a 4 piece only!! METAL ON TILL DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LINE UP - D.BLOODSTORM (VOX) A.GILLON - (GUITARZ) A - SQUIRES (BASS) M.CROSSIMGHAM (DRUMS)

MC: I recently got a copy of one of your CD's and it crushes. Is there your only release or is their other stuff out on CD for sale from you guys?

DB - yeah thanx mate, our 1st album came out in 2007 entitled 'URN OF BLOOD" itís available from us or distributors worldwide

MC: How did you come up with your name and were any other names considered?

DB - andrew and myself were drinking at a bar i think if i remember it just came into our drunken minds at the end of the night, so we stuck with that and nothing else ha ha!!

MC: How did you end up on Modern Invasion Records and how have they been treating you so far?

DB - well, we have only signed a distribution deal with them, no contract for album deals, we self financed everything and we ourselves do all the distribution deals worldwide as a part of CEMETERY RECORDINGS, but however MODERN INVASION do most over the big label supplying worldwide as they are a big independent distributor here in australia and have been dealing with many labels for years and years gone, so far all is well in getting our products out and promotion too.

MC: What was it like for you in the studio recording this new disc? Did everything go smoothly or were there certain things that were a pain in the ass?

DB - everything went well but the process was long, due to the spare time to record and available funds we had were minimal , the recording and mixing was over a period of about 8 months, but in the end it was worth the long haul and we are pleased with the outcome.

MC: Is there a healthy metal scene where you are based out of?

DB - yeah well the scene here has a good support to international acts touring and the music is popular but like everywhere the local scene at times doesnít get the popularity it deserves, we have a lot of killer bands from here which seems to be more known overseas than here in our homeland, though of course we always get the diehard fans supporting the scene!!, which is cool!!, but thereís always people here claiming they are into the bands but, never come out and show their support.

MC: Do you get to play live a lot and who have you shared the stage with? Do you plan on doing any type of touring at all?

DB - yeah its easy to play live here , you just gotta do it at the right times though, we have played with a lot of locals bands here such as GOSPEL OF THE HORNS ,IGNIVOMOUS, BELLIGERENT INTENT, DESTRUKTOR, to name a few and also on small east coast tours we have played with others, we have done other shows here with KRISIUN , MACABRE etc, and of course we did our first U.S tour back in 2008 with our war brothers from here GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, and that was also with ANGELCORPSE, ARES KINGDOM, and SANGUIS IMPEREM, we will be touring october 2010 west coast only this time our dates are available on our MySpace and our website. and 2011 will see us go to europe and asia.

MC: Do you consider yourselves a good live band and are there any live clips of the band floating around say on You Tube?

DB - That is what CEMETERY URN is , and we formed it for that, we put in a lot of energy no matter what the event is and always try to perform the best we can to give the maniacs what they want!!! FUCKIN CHAOS!! i know thereís some clips of live songs on the internet from our 2008 usa tour i'm sure many more to come sometime. so iím sure you can get a reasonable idea of our live assaults.

MC: How would you describe what your music sounds like to somebody who has never heard it?

DB - like hell unleashed from the grave!!!!

MC: When I listen to the CD I get a vibe of old school sounds and aggressions and feeling, is that what you were hoping to achieve with this release?

DB - yeah the music we create just comes out the way it is , since we have always been into the extreme and heavy music from the past and also played in many extreme bands too from then , so itís really only what we know how to do and we got it with this current and last release.

MC: If you could do 3 cover tunes, which 3 tunes would you choose and why?

DB - we did a cover a couple of years ago UNCONSECRATED GROUND by the old swedish band CREMATORY and my old band CORPSE MOLESTATION (pre BESTIAL WARLUST) track called SUDDEN COMBUSTION, we mainly did them on the last U.S tour for simple reason to give something to the old school maniacs out there. other than that we donít really think of covers any more to do, though we are considering doing an old BESTIAL WARLUST track for the upcoming tour of the U.S.in october. we will see!!!

MC: What do you do for fun when youíre not doing band related stuff?

DB - always like meeting up with friends and having beerz when i can! whether it would be out at a favorite bar or at someoneís house!! bbq's and beer carnage is always good!!! ha!! travelling is also good too!!!

MC: How long do you think the band will be around for and do you have any short or long term goals for the band?

DB - that band will go on as long as it takes, right now i think all of us have worked harder than ever compared to our old previous bands and are willing to do touring as much as we can, and do many more recordings!! there is unfinished carnage to complete so beware!!!

MC: Do you think the fanzines and the press are still a big deal in the metal underground?

DB - yes i do think itís important, itís always great for promotion and information most bands wouldnít be known if it wasnít for them, i know itís always helped the bands i have been involved in from the past, so i respect most!!!

MC: How have you guys as a band been promoting this release?

DB - promotion has been extensive, our first release did very well, but this time around we have done it more since we had already established ourselves in the market, we have done more interviews, more networking, more radio, and with help of a lot of labels and tour promoters etc, the release has been published to its best ability. but yeah always could do more.

MC: Do you think there are too many bad bands out there and too many labels going on right now that it is hard for fans to separate the good bands from the bad ones?

DB - well i donít really think of it too much, but of course that exists, i guess people choose wisely these days and stick to what is good and has been around for a while. but remember bands and labels come and go only the strong survive!!!

MC: Do you have a favorite song?

DB - There are many but something that comes to mind right away would be SLAYER - DIE BY THE SWORD

MC: Would you like to see this release every come out on vinyl?

DB - our first album " URN OF BLOOD" is out now on limited edition vinyl released by HELLS HEADBANGERS RECS and the new album will be out soon by them too!! of course limited edition too!!

MC: When can we expect some new music from the band and tell me how a song comes together?

DB - right now we are concentrating on the U.S tour and when we come back we will start planning the next recording which will be a 7"ep , we have messed with ideas for the next songs but yeah nothing solid as of yet,

MC: Do you know where fans in the US can get your CD and how big of a label is Modern Invasion?

DB - if maniacs want our releases they can see a list of worldwide distributors on our website that stock it, in the U.S labels that have are HELLS HEADBANGERS recs, NECROHARMONIC prods, RELAPSE recs , THE END recs, DARK REALM recs, and more!!, of course they can order direct from the bands website too!! as well as other merchandise!! you ask about MODERN INVASION , well they are long time distributor in australia and a label too itís best to checkout there website store.

MC: Would you ever want to come to the US some day to play at a big death fest some day?

DB - as i said earlier we have toured the USA before back in 2008, and we are back again this october for another one with SANGUIS IMPEREM, but this time we will only be on the west coast for dates visit our MySpace or our website, of course we would be interested some time to do a death fest no problem there. who knows what could happen.

MC: Plug any websites or merchandise that you have for sale?

DB - www.cemeteryurn.com for all info on merchandise or visit our MySpace.

MC: Horns up for the interview. Any last words?

DB - well chris itís been a long time since the very early 90's since we were in contact killer to see you are still supporting the metal carnage!! and supporting CEMETERY URN!!! cheerz and fuckn beerz!!!!

Email: [email protected]
Myspace: myspace.com/dbloodstorm
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