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Diabolic is a crushing death metal band and the bandís new CD ďExcisions of ExorcismsĒ is an unholy display of what brutal death metal is all about. I emailed band member Aantar some questions and here is what he said to them:

MC: Let's the typical question out of the way, how did the band form and what is the present line up now?

Aantar - I formed Diabolic January 1997. It was easy. I just moved to Tampa and everything just fell into place. I had already recorded music with Necrosis, Exmortis and Horror of Horrors so people knew I was up and coming drummer. Now the lineup is Jeff Parrish - Guitars ,Paul Ouellette bass/vocals and Kelly -Guitars

MC: How did you end up on Deathgasm Records and was there any other label interest and how have things been with the label so far and are you signed up with them for a 2nd release?

Aantar - Deathgasm Records sent the contract and we worked everything out. No other record label wanted anything to do with us. It was crazy! We will be working with Deathgasm for a long time.

MC: How did the artwork come together for the release and how was it for the band as a whole in the studio and did things go smoothly and are you pretty happy with the way the disc turned out?

Aantar - I e-mailed Joe Patagno and asked him to create a new cover for Diabolic. He asked for the title and 4 weeks later it was done. I didnít want anyone else. He's the guy we go to get the job done! Recording the new cd went smooth. I wish we had more money and time to record but we do what we can with what we have. I'm just happy the fans are head banging to it and most of the reviews are killer.

MC: I think the CD is a crushing display of balls to the wall death metal. How has the response been to the disc? Have there been any unfair or bad reviews?

Aantar - MOST all of the reviews for have been positive. When I read a bad review I wonder if the writer can play guitar or drums and if they canít play drums or guitars like us I really donít care what they say. Itís not easy to play our songs. At least the drums anyway.

MC: I know you did or are in the middle of a short US tour. How did the tour go for you and how were the crowd turnouts?

Aantar - We did a short tour with Cannibal Corpse. (4 shows) The crowds were awesome. Sold-out every night, and after the 1st show we started to warm up to the different clubs. Band practice can only prepare you for so much. Playing live is different every night because no stage/club is the same.

MC: What are you guys and the label doing to help promote this release?

Aantar - We are gathering footage to release a live video now.

MC: With some many bands and labels out there, how to you go about trying to stay away from being lumped in with all the shitty bands out there?

Aantar - We just keep doing what we do and not worried about what other bands/labels are doing. Itís really easy to be a lame band its hard work that sets us apart.

MC: How did you come up with the band name and were any other names considered?
Aantar - I came up with the name a long time ago. I also came up with the name Unholy Ghost. I wouldnít let the band be named anything else.

MC: Do you have a favorite song as a band and how does the band go about writing a song and are lyrics important to the band?

Aantar - Yes the lyrics are important. We have over 60 songs and I love them all! We write songs, drums and guitars, then vocals. We exchange ideas then record and re record the music on my 16track Roland recorder. We call it pre production.

MC: Do you think that CD's will go the way of tapes one day and that everything will be downloads and MP'3'S?

Aantar - Anything is possible.

MC: Do you think fanzines/webzines are still big part of the underground?
Aantar - YES!!!

MC: Anything funny or crazy happen at one of your recent shows?

Aantar - NO.

MC: What do you think of people that just download releases and don't buy the CD?

Aantar - I donít think of those people. I have other stuff to do and worry about. We see how the times are changing. Now that the internet is here we have learned to adapt to it. If someone downloads a Diabolic song and likes it they will buy the cd to support the band. I remember tape trading back in the 80ís. I would here Slayer, Possessed and Dark Angel from a friend then go to the mall and buy the cd. Now itís easier to buy a cd. You donít even have to leave your house.

MC: How far would you like to see the band go?

Aantar - It would be cool if we just had a good booking agency here in the USA. Make a new quality video. I want the basic things for the band. I'd be happy with a drumstick endorsement.

MC: Any plans on going overseas for any shows?

Aantar -Yes we will tour overseas again.

MC: How would you describe the band's music?

Aantar - Fast, Brutal and Evil!

MC: If you could one cover to do live, what song would it be and why?

Aantar - Bathory "Possessed" would be my choice because I love that son and its killer!!!

MC: Name the perfect tour for you guys?

Aantar - In the past, Behemoth, and Deicide tour in Europe 2003/ Cannibal Corpse 2000 tour and 2010 4 day tour here the USA... also Dimmu Borgir tour with Krisiun 2003.

MC: Does the band all have day jobs?

Aantar: Yes and we are lucky to have job's!!! Metallica put it best ("Sad But True").One day we will live in Mansion's and Castles and drive Lamborghini's and Ferrari's. Till that day comes we work 6 days a week to survive and keep Diabolic alive.

MC: What do you think of My Space and also do you have any videos up on YouTube and what do you think of that site?

Aantar - I think Myspace is fun...we have a video on YouTube www.youtube.com/aantar for the song "Engulf the Enchantres"

MC: When can we expect some new music from the band?

Aantar - Just go to www.deathgasm.com and buy the new Diabolic Titled "Excisions of Exorcisms. Itís new and it just came out.

MC: Can a band still be original these days?

Aantar - We like to keep our style so no itís not original anymore. Itís been done a million time's and we keep doing what we do.

MC: Plug any websites and merchandise you have for sale?

Aantar - The new DIABOLIC cd and merchandise can be purchased @ www.deathgasm.com, cd's and Shirts available out NOW!!!!

MC: Any last words. The Cd is great and horns up for doing this interview.

Aantar - Thanks for your support the interview was killer see you on tour and to the fans ...Keep Head banging at Blasphemous Speeds!!!!