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Evil Army

The Evil Army are a killer old school speed/thrash metal band. The band totally blew me away with their music so I got in touch with Rob Evil for an interview and below is what he had to say to my questions:

MC: How did the band get together? Did you go through many line-ups before getting to the current one? Who is all in the band now?

RE: We've been together for about 5 years. Me and Michael Murder are brothers so we grew up listening to the same music and eventually got better at playing our instruments and decided to put a band together. We've been through a few different bass players over the past few years, but me and Michael have been in the band since day one. Right now Bones is playing bass with us.

MC: How would you describe your band to someone who has not heard you? Do you feel your an original band?

RE: I would say we're old school thrash. I feel like we're original, but so does every other band out there playing metal. As long you stay real and play what you really like to play, that's all that matters.

MC: Did you put any demos out prior to being signed and how did you end up getting signed? Did you send any material to many labels and how are things going with the label so far?

RE: We've released two 7 inches before we released our full length on Get Revenge Records, but we didn't sign anything and we're not signed specifically to any label at the moment. Get Revenge Records contacted me and said they we're interested in releasing our full length and it just went from there. Hell's Headbanger Records is repressing our full length which should be available in a couple months. (if you are an underground metal fan this is one release you must buy-trust me it kills-chris)

MC: Is there a healthy metal scene where you live and do you get to play live much there and do you have a nice loyal following?

RE: There isn't a big metal scene in Memphis, Tennessee. We play here about once every 2 or 3 months. We have a decent following.

MC: Do you feel your a good live band and do you plan on doing any type of touring at a lot behind this new release?

RE: I think we're a good live band. We definitely plan on doing a lot of touring after our next full length is out.

MC: I am sure you have a website. What is the URL and what will people see when they log on there?

RE: We have a myspace page or you can email us at [email protected] You can hear 3 songs from our album on our page and there's a bunch of pictures of us along with a music video we shot of our song "Friday the 13th".

MC: Do you have a My Space page and if so what is the url there and what do you think of My Space?

RE: www.myspace.com/evilarmy. I think myspace is a good way for bands to promote their music.

MC: How have the reviews been for the new record? I think it is some killer old school speedcore.

RE: I've read nothing but damn good reviews so far.

MC: How did you come up with the title for your Cd and is there any hidden meaning behind it?

RE: Our album is self titled. The album cover just has our logo and a skeleton soldier impaling human soldiers on a bayonet and I think its straight to the point, just like I like our songs to be.

MC: What do you think of today's music scene? Do you feel there are too many clone bands and not enough bands doing their own thing?

RE: I like that there's a lot of bands keeping the underground metal scene alive. There's definitely too many bands being fast and heavy just for the sake of being fast and heavy, and there's bands doing the retro thrash bullshit too. We sound old school as a motherfucker, but its cause I've been listening to Metallica and Slayer since 3rd grade and they've been my 2 favorite bands every since. Our music just naturally comes out that way.

MC: Do you as a band have any goals for yourselves?

RE: We want to take this band as far as it can go. Whether its world domination or self destruction, we're ready to do it full on.

MC: Do you think your a good live band and do people go nuts so to speak at your shows by stage diving, etc?

RE: People usually beat the hell outta each other at our shows and I've seen a lot of fights too. The energy level just gets high as fuck and sometimes things get a little outta control, but the more the crowd gets into it, the more we get into it.

MC: Do you think you will ever sell enough records to make a living off the band or are you just happy putting music out, etc?

RE: I'd like to make a living off selling records, but we're gonna keep playing either way.

MC: Do you spend a lot of time doing stuff for band and what kind of jobs do you guys have?

RE: I write the music and lyrics to every song so I spend a lot of time working on the band. None of us have steady jobs.

MC: What comes first the music or the lyrics and are both equally important to you guys as a band?

RE: I think music comes first because no one is gonna listen to your lyrics if the music sucks.

MC: How did you come up with the name and did you bounce around a lot of names before you came to the one you used?

RE: We used to call the band Evil Dead, but I ended up writing a song called Evil Army and ended up changing name soon after I wrote the song.

MC: If you could give some advice to a young band that is just starting out what would that be?

RE: Just play what you wanna play and not what you think everyone wants to hear.

MC: If you could have your own record label and sign any 10 bands you wanted who would they be and why?

RE: I really wouldn't want to my own label and I can't think of 10 bands I'd sign.

MC: Tell me something you do or like that might surprise some people?

RE: Me and the drummer Michael Murder are twin brothers.

MC: What are some things you like and hate about the music industry?

RE: I like how labels release bands' records so they can be heard, but I hate how a record is just a product to the label. I know it isn't the case with every label, but most of the time now days its not even about the music, its about a product that gets pushed.

MC: When will be get to hear some new music from you guys? Does writing songs and stuff come easy for ya?

RE: Our split 7" with War Ripper should be out in the next month or 2. We're gonna start recording our next full length in a couple weeks so it should be out before the year is over. Hell's Headbangers Records is more than likely releasing it.

MC: Any last words? Horns up for the interview.