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Hixon is an awesome thrash band and they are from South Jersey to top it off. Here is an interview I did with member singer Hixon

MC: What is the current line-up of the band and how many original members are around?

HIXON: The current line up-Eduardo/Guitarist -Flip/Bass -Wellz/Drums Hixon/Vocals
Bob Dickinson/Bass and Jay McFermott/guitars, who are 2 of the founding members and are no longer in the band.

MC: Give me a little band history.

HIXON: the past 8 years the Hixon boys have been busy! (fundraisers/hixonfest/Milwaukee Metalfest/March Metal Meltdowns battle of the bands) recently we headed up to hang with Jose' Mangin on sirius radio to debut the Hixon songs on hard attack! (we were the 1st unsigned band to do that on hard attack) we also promoted this past summer's hixonfest on hard attack radio, which was hosted by Richard Christy (aka rod stiffington of the Howard Stern show, drummer of iced earth and death, etc.) Richard really came through with the plugs 2 weeks early on the stern show (www.richardchristy.com)

MC: How would you describe your music to somebody who has never heard it?


MC: I recently got a CD from you and it is some killer thrash metal. How do you feel about this CD and how long did it take to come out and where was it recorded?

HIXON: I personally think its the best stuff we ever recorded, but with new stuff we are writing, the next one should be even better. This CD took about a year to complete. Eduardo (guitarist of the Hixon) recorded us on practice nights 2 nights a week. it was recorded @ BAD DOG STUDIOS in Winslow, NJ (south jersey), and it was mixed by Neil Kernon (http://www.auslander.net)

MC: Do you have a good local following here in NJ and do you get to play out live a lot? Do you think your a good live band?

HIXON: With all the hixonfest events, myspace friends, and email lists we put together, I think we have a pretty good following. We are definitely a better live band. The most commonly thing said @ a show by a newcomer is, "I don't like it that heavy, but I like you guys!" LOVE US OR HATE US, YOU WON'T FORGET US!

MC: How do you plan on going about promoting the CD?

HIXON: We started promoting on SIRIUS HARD ATTACK over the summer with an interview with the whole band and the debut of 3 songs. We were put into heavy rotation for thrash week! BIG THANKS to Jose Mangin from Sirius Hard Attack!
THANKS FOR HOOKING US UP! The Asylum Metal Radio (FLIP was interviewed and they played the whole Hixon album!)

WE WERE THE ALBUM OF THE WEEK ON THE WOLFS DEN! (they also played the whole Hixon album) BUY ALBUM NOW! (www.thehixon.com)
The Wolf's Den Fearless Radio (www.myspace.com/fearlesswolf)

MC: How did you come up with your name?

HIXON: Founding members Jay wanted to call the band Hixon and Bob said lets call the band "The Hixon". 8 years later we are still The Hixon.

MC: What are some of your influences and how does the writing of a song come about?

HIXON: Influences include priest-dio-ian gillian-slayer-pantera-testament-mike patton-hank williams sr, jr, & 3rd- david allan coe -kiss- VH-metallica. Elvis is the reason I wanted to be a frontman. I remember seeing a replay of the 68 comeback special when I was kid. I was completely blown away. Anything that shakes the foundation of somebody's snobby world is always a good influence on me.

MC: Do you guys feel comfortable in the studio or are you more at home on the stage?


MC: Do you think thrash metal is going to be making a comeback?

HIXON: It didn't really go away! pantera/slayer and ozzfest helped keep it in the public eye, but a lot of it just went underground. The younger kids are finding it because they are sick of the boy bands and lollipop-girl vocals and wiggers! THE THRASHING HEAVY METAL BACKLASH IS HERE!

MC: I know you have a website and a My Space page etc. Tell us the url's of them and what can we find when we visit your lovely pages?

HIXON: you can buy our album @ www.thehixon.com and check out www.hixonfest.com for our next event.

MC: Do lyrics mean a lot to you or is the music more important?

HIXON: Both are very important to me. If the music isn't good, then I can't put good lyrics to it.

MC: Do you guys practice a lot and about how much time a week is spent on the band?

HIXON: twice-a-week we flip-out @ Eduardo's house!

MC: Have you opened for any national acts yet?

HIXON: Yes. We played with testament-strapping young lad-overkill-m.o.d-nile-nuclear assualt through march metal downs and Milwaukee Metalfest beyond fear-metal church (the new singer from metal church was upset with me because I was promoting antichrist-fest we had put together right before Xmas, and I was doing some god-bashing) (he he) lynch mob (the bashing of posers @ the show was fun) @ The Pirate's Den.

MC: What are some goals for the band if there are any?

HIXON: 1-get signed so we can show the world what we are made of. 2-we need good management that get us on tour. 3-new england hard-core metalfest. 4- world tour with any major metal band would be nice.

MC: If you could sign with any record label which label would it be and why?

HIXON: metal blade- road runner-big vin records nuclear blast-stillborn just to name a few. I know they support metal. Any label that wants to give us tour and record support is what it comes down to.

MC: If there were some things you could change about the music industry what would they be and why?

HIXON: I would like to get a major metal label in Philly because so many good bands are going unnoticed without getting signed. Get rid of all the top 40 cover bands! They (top 40 cover bands) are bringing down the original scene! THEY BOW TO THE PUBLIC AND THE CLUB OWNERS LIKE A BUNCH OF POSERS!

MC: Do you have any videos of yourselves posted on various websites like YouTube?


MC: How have been the reviews been for the band so far?

HIXON: The reviews have been going very well. When people you don't know email the band saying how much they love the album, plus sirius radio/hard attack internet and college radio stations are playing us, it's a great feeling.

MC: So when are we going to hit the gym and work out together ha ha?

HIXON: HA HA anytime you want. We will be like Judas Priest in Hot Rockin ha ha! (http://youtube.com/watch?v=ki3TpFZY7cU)

MC: What are your thoughts on bootlegs and stuff like that?

HIXON: I don't mind. if it help gets your band in the public eye, that's way cool in my book. (true fans will come out and buy your stuff and support your band)

MC: Does the band pretty much get along and tell me a little bit about each band member and something I might find surprising about each one.

HIXON: yes, the band gets along. Eduardo, Flip, and I are carnivores, and well-z is a vegan.

MC: Any last words. Horns up for the interview.

HIXON: I would really like thank all the people that have been supporting for the past 8 years! THRASH WILL NEVER DIE!

SINCE 4/20/05