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Iron Pegasus

Here is an interview with Iron Pegaus founder Costa who is totally into the DIY and old school scene wth his record label that puts out many cool things and a lot of it on vinyl. Here are his answers to my questions that I emailed him.

MC: Were you always into music even at a young age?

COSTA: Hi Chris, I am 34 years old, started to get into the underground around
1987, I started listening to Metal at the end of 1985 and yeah, I was
very young back then, but music has always been a passion for me.

MC: What was some early music that you listened too and how did you discover metal?

COSTA: Well, when I was a kid I was watching these chart shows with my elder
brother. But in 1985, after I saw clips of SCORPIONS, KISS and IRON
MAIDEN, I was totally attracted by the Metal madness. And when I bought
my first METAL HAMMER Mag, there was no turning back! Metal addiction
till the very day! Bands I loved as a teenager where bands like old
etc ... from normal Heavy Metal to Thrash/ old Black Metal, as long as
it was in "heavy".

MC: What was the 1st piece of underground metal that you brought and
where did you buy it at and do you still have it?

COSTA: Hmm, hard to remember. I guess it was with the first fanzines that I
bought, like BLACKTHORN, HORROR INFERNAL, ROCK HARD (still all black
and white then except for the color cover) where you could see demo
reviews and crazy photos of unknown bands that were dressed in spikes
and leather. My first Demo that I bought was BLOOD "Heinous Noise".
Then stuff like PESTILENCE and MORBID ANGEL Demos followed, etc etc

MC: Were you like a kid in a candy store when you discovered the underground? Did you go out and purchase magazines, fanzines, etc? What were some early magazines that you read?

COSTA: Sure, it was an exciting world. Writing letters, ordering tapes from
overseas, etc... total excitement! And then you went to school and saw
all the ordinary disco people who had no clue about anything, I felt
like a someone from a secret sect, haha. As said, zines like
BLACKTHORN, etc I read but also German METAL WARRIORS was really cool.

MC: What were some early bands that you liked at do you still like them today?

COSTA: Most of the bands I still like very much. It is not only because of
nostalgia but also because those bands were unique and made a musical
statement while 99% of today's bands don't have a real own identity.
Take the old VENOM and BATHORY stuff, it will always be timeless
classics and no matter how often new bands try to sound like them, the
original bands will always be the kings!!!

MC: What led to you to start a record label and how did you come up with the name?

COSTA: From 93 - 99 I did a Fanzine called TALES OF THE MACABRE and I got
quite a lot of promos of new bands. This was before the internet days.
One of the bands was Japanese band METALUCIFER and I found it extremely
disappointing that nobody in Europe cared about them, so I thought
"Let's support these guys and release the CD here in Germany". That was
the start. The name was "Pegasus Records" in the beginning, changed to
"Iron Pegasus". I liked that winged horse from the Greek mythology. Not
a total cliche type of Metal label name la Sledgehammer Rec. or

MC: Was it easy for you or hard and what advice would you give to someone who wants to start one up?

COSTA: To start with one CD production wasn't really hard, but sure enough you
have to have the courage to do it and push the band, especially when
you are releasing more or less total no-name-bands. This was the case
with METALUCIFER, they were hardly known back then. Same with most of
the other bands that followed.

No big advice from my side, but I think if you start a label you should
really stand behind what you do and not release something just to be
able to trade your release for stuff just to make your own record
collection bigger. This sucks!

MC: I know you put a lot of stuff out on vinyl. Why do you do this and is vinyl cheap or hard to get produced nowadays?

COSTA: Yes, being an 80s Metalhead I grew up with Vinyl, always loved it and
always preferred it to CD. Now it has become a big trend, but when I started with Iron Pegasus only few labels did Vinyl. Now almost everybody is doing it. Doing Vinyl has become pretty expensive these days. But the pressing plants are the winners here, because they have more orders than ever anyway due to the hype.

MC: How do you decided what stuff to put out? Do you have a staff or are you the only one at the label?

COSTA: Well, it is very simple: I have to like it so much that I would buy it
myself as a fan. That's all. I am the only one here, call me a lone

MC: What do you think of bootlegging and would you release or sell any bootleg stuff?

COSTA: Bootlegs are great if they are done with special dedication. If a
bootleg has some cool pics, great recordings and an appealing
coverartwork it is cool for the fans. From fans for fans.
I am a big fan of 80s bootleg Lps, like Ozzy, Slayer, Venom, etc. But
those bootlegs back then had not really caused any commercial/
financial damage to the bands, they sold 100.000 or more copies of
their regular albums anyway. It also was a sign for the bands that
they reached a certain status, like a compliment.
Now it is different, many bootlegs are done just to make quick
cash, done cheap, etc., so the idea behind it perhaps has changed. Just
think of all the VLAD TAPES bootlegs that were made... I think it was
like 3-4 or even more of the same stuff. Crazy!

Many people do bootlegs because they are running out of ideas to
release something new. To distribute Bootleg material is ok as long as
the quality is good, so that the band at least should not be ashamed of it.

MC: What are some of your favorite bands and do you have any rare stuff in your collection and are you looking for anything in particular? What do you think of sites like EBAY?

COSTA: My fave bands have always been like old SLAYER, MANTAS/DEATH (demos
and 1st LP), BLACK SABBATH (everything), old VENOM, HELLHAMMER,
etc etc. but also 90s or new stuff like DARKTHRONE, old ROTTING CHRIST,
ROK, NECROMANTIA, SAMAEL, etc etc. There are so many bands, I like it
from 70s Metal/ NWoBHM up to today's stuff. Yeah, some rare stuff I do
have, like the RAZOR MLP or SATAN'S HOST LP or some VENOM/SLAYER
bootlegs. But I don't care if things are rare or not so rare, the music
is what matters! When you die I can't take the stuff with you anyway, right?

I am still looking for 80s Metal bootlegs, but other than that it is
not that much that is still missing (not that I want everything!).

MC: Do you get a lot of bands and stuff sending you stuff to review or
want to get released?

COSTA: Not really, only like 10 things a month or so. Sometimes you really are
surprised what new bands can do, but most of the times it is all just
"ok" but not more.

MC: How did you come up with the name for your record label?

COSTA: I liked "pegasus" as a name, a winged horse from the Greek mythology. I
haven't really thought about it, I just liked it :-)

MC: Is there any one release you are proud of the most?

COSTA: Honestly, stuff like MESSIAH made me really proud, because I used to
listen to the demos when I was a teenager, loved it, worshipped it! And
being permitted to do it later as a grown up really means something to
me. Also, to do something with my friends from DESASTER was fuckin'
great. But I generally love all my stuff, still think that musically it
was all worth the effort.

MC: Where do you get your stuff pressed and how much does it cost you?

COSTA: It is different, it depends on prices and service. The pressing itself
is not too expensive (depending on what you want to do), but all the
other things like doing layouts, studio, flyers, adverts, etc make it
all expensive.

MC: What are your thoughts on the underground scene today and a lot of these old bands getting back together?

COSTA: The true Underground is hard to find in these days where the scene is
so easy to find through the internet, etc... it is all a commercial
circus, the word "underground " often gets misused as a "selling
point". It is very paradox. I think E-Bay drove the last nail into the coffin of the old
underground. Lots of labels would not exist without eBay ('cause
customers buy like 2-3 copies of the same stuff to re-sell it later
through eBay). However, no one will ever be able to change this

A true underground to me is a band who has a natural style that is
beyond current fashions, even inside the so called "underground".
ABSCESS for me are a real underground band, also AFTER DEATH, SADISTIK

It is great that old bands are getting together if they really mean it from the heart and soul.

MC: What do you think of sites like Myspace?

COSTA: It is very comfortable for people to check out new bands, listen to songs, etc...and you can see a lot of funny thing there as well... and lots of nice girls, too.
If you ignore all the ego-stuff, rumours, etc on myspace, then it is ok.

MC: What was the best concert you ever saw?

COSTA: Hard to say, but not long ago I saw TROUBLE live and they were soooo
fuckin' heavy and professional!!! Also to see VOMITOR years ago was
pretty wild (with NIFELHEIM). Great was also Monsters of Rock (Super Rock) in 1992!

MC: How long do you plan on keeping the label going? Do you ever send out promos and stuff?

COSTA: Hmm, hard question. I don't think like 10-20 years from now on, I don't
believe it. It is already difficult nowadays to survive, especially
when you don't release trendy music or have the right contacts. Very
nerve-wrecking and frustrating at times. When you see how things work
inside the scene. But who knows!? As long as people like the stuff I
do, cool. The world changes so fast and so do people. Time shall tell.
I send out promos to mags who might understand the music they will have
to review. But most magazines are more into modern stuff and I regard
IRON PEGASUS as a traditional, very conservative Metal label, so those
guys do not really get into my shit. For me it is a total different scene they represent

MC: Is your stuff easily available in the US?

COSTA: I have NO distribution in the USA, but I trade with some labels, so
they might perhaps distribute my releases around. I know that NUCLEAR
WAR NOW does it this way, I salute them for this!

MC: What groups or trends do you hate?

COSTA: Oh, well, I don't like all "rockstar" type of groups who think they are
bigger than they actually are, especially in the underground which
should not be the place for those kind of people. I cannot stand big
egos. This is only ok for bands like KISS, haha. And I don't like
bands who always sound like the actual mainstream (even inside the

MC: Has a label or band ever ripped you off and do you trade much?

COSTA: You always have problems from time to time. It's natural when you deal
with so many people and so many different characters. I look into the
future instead of looking into the past with bad feelings, it only
sucks your energy.

Yeah, I trade very much, because I have no distributor who takes care
of my shit. So I have to do it myself. An "independant label" in the
true sense of the word.

MC: Is there a healthy metal scene where you are at?

COSTA: You mean my local scene here? My friends, including the mighty
Hellbangers Mosel, are great Metal Maniacs, most of them are listening
to real old type of Metal, so that's great. They don't care about
trends and do not kiss asses inside a particular scene. We also have
some great bands here that may have a future, like HAR SHATAN, MIDNIGHT
RIDER, etc. Watch out!!!

MC: What are some of your future plans as far as the label goes? How far would you like to see the label go?

COSTA: Difficult to say. The label goes "step by step". I have planned the
second album of TARANIS (to me a very promising band, old style but
sounding fresh), new METALUCIFER, HELLBANGERS Compilation LP, etc etc.
I don't plan to turn IRON PEGASUS into a major label, it won't ever
happen anyway due to my choice of bands and size of the label, and
honestly I prefer to stay underground instead of getting involved in
the real big business with all its negative aspects. And the pressure
in the scene is already big, and the speed is increasing. What is hype
now may be totally uninteresting two months after.
I still want to enjoy what I am doing, that's why I started the label.
So I just hope that the real Headbangers will continue to appreciate
the Metal Hardware that I spread around now for almost 10 years. You
guys rule, keep the mania alive!!!

MC: Are you going to still release a lot of stuff on vinyl or on CD too?

COSTA: Sure, Vinyl is king! And CD is cool for the ones who want to listen
music in their fast cars, hehe.

MC: Any last words. Horns up for the interview.
COSTA: hanks a lot for featuring IRON PEGASUS in your pages! Keep up the
heavy works! I Salute you and all the real Metal Maniacs for keeping
the Cult alive!!!

P.O. Box 1462
56804 Cochem/ Mosel

Still hot:
I.P. 003: SABBAT "Evoke" CD
I.P. 015: DESASTER "Tyrants of the Netherworld" CD (finally re-issued!)
I.P. 018: SABBAT "Disembody" CD
I.P. 020: AGATUS "The Weaving Fates" CD
I.P. 021: METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Chainsaw" CD
I.P. 026: DESASTER "Divine Blasphemies" CD
I.P. 028: PAGAN RITES "Rites of the Pagan Warriors" CD
I.P. 029: SABBAT "Fetishism" CD (finally out on CD!!!)
I.P. 031: SABBAT "Karmagmassacre" CD
I.P. 033: URN / DECAYED Split CD
I.P. 038: SABBAT "...To Praise the Sabbatical Queen" CD

I.P. 039: FLAME (Fin) "Into the Age of Fire" CD / LP (lim.666)
( FLAME with their long awaited debut album. Straight old style Black
Steele that sounds like a hellish brew consisting of URN, GOSPEL OF THE
HORNS and of course FLAME! The harsh production and the total possessed
vocals will make all underground maniacs include FLAME in their
nocturnal prayers)

I.P. 040: MORTEM (Peru) "De Natura Daemonum" CD/ LP
(Total Death Metal in the infernal style of the late 80s that invoke
the spirits of masters like POSSESSED, old SLAYER, MORBID ANGEL, etc. !
A devilish milestone from South America's undisputed Patriarchs of
Black-Death Metal!)

I.P. 041: MESSIAH "Unreleased Demo 1984" LP
(Except for two songs this old raw demo has never been released or
published in its entire length. Dive into the early days of MESSIAH
when the band's first steps were nothing but dark sounds from the
deepest dungeons. A release made for faithful MESSIAH Fans

I.P. 042: PENTACLE "Under the Black Cross" CD
(New studio album which is overloaded with heaviest Death Metal
exclusively, with morbid old style riffing and death-ly vocals. The
ultraheavy production at Harrow Studios, i.e. ASPHYX, MELECHESH,
SOULBURN, etc, guarantees a sound that bombs you out of the safest
bunker! )

I.P. 043: DESASTER "Angelwhore" Gf-LP (LAST COPIES!)
(This merciless Riff-attack in combination with a total destructive
production breaks untrained necks with ease.)

I.P. 035: MESSIAH "Powertrash/ the Infernal Thrashing"CD
(The two killing Demos, total infernal Thrashing Madness from
Switzerland wildest Thrash Underground band ever. Breathe the
atmosphere of an excited and wild mid-80s die hard Thrash-scene)

I.P. 044: MASSACRE (US) "Tyrants of Death" CD/ Gf.-LP + A2 Poster
(Two of THE ultimate Death/ Thrash Demo classics of the 80s + live
recordings. Listen to Kam Lee's barbaric roars, get on your knees and
worship MASSACRE! . All the other fuckin' Posers shall burn in the

I.P. 045: POISON (Ger) "Further Down Into the Abyss (1984 - 1987)" CD
(An official compilation Album of the German Venomaniacs POISON, feat.
their legendary "Into the Abyss" Album and lots of old cruel and dark
songs from 1984, '85 and '87. Booklet comes with lots of photos and
rare fanzine pieces. 70 minutes of black cruelty!!! )

I.P. 046: SATHANAS (US) "Entering the Diabolic Trinity" LP
(New Studio album on Vinyl, with two bonus tracks and an infernal
exclusive artwork. An album for the true fans of the underground! Lim.

I.P. 050: DESASTER "Satan's Soldiers Syndicate" LP/PicDisc
(Brandnew studioalbum of Germany's Blackthrash leaders DESASTER. With
its sharp, intensive riffs, great songstructures and the megagreat
production at Harrows (i.e. PENTACLE, ASPHYX, SOULBURN) this album
will split skulls!)

I.P. 051: TARANIS "Taranis" CD
(A new band's debut album. Simple, straight ahead and effective old
school mid tempo Black Metal from Flanders, with classic songstructures
and a nasty voice that sounds as if Abbath, Devil Lee Rot and Quorthon
united in one person. Straight to the point, sometimes with a hymnic
feel and a touch of BATHORY)

I.P. 052: AFTER DEATH "Retronomicon" CD
(Mike Browning, the legendary drummer and singer of MORBID ANGEL,
NOCTURNUS and ACHERON, offers a new revolutionary band that
understands to combine occult magical sounds of today with the wicked
feeling from his old cult-bands. A 110% professional sacrifice without
any doubts and a logical, more occult coninuation of the first
NOCTURNUS era. AFTER DEATH presents a total unique, atmospheric and
occult Metal soundtrack! Definitely not another ordinary release!)

...and watch out for other upcoming Classics of tomorrow!