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Lividity is a crushing death/grind band and I was friends with Dave Kibler back in day and I recently hooked back up with him for an interview and here is what was said:

MC: Dave it has been awhile since I have spoken to you. How have you been and what has the band been up to the past say 5 years?

Dave - Thanx bro for the years of never ending support!! You have been very helpful from the beginning when my first review of the 3 song prom '94 as a 1 man project and you told me to get into a band... ha-ha Well, here we are 17 years later and stronger than ever with the right guys and the right attitude!! The last 5 years have been the best ride I could have ever dreamed of since them beginning days when I was hoping someone would just listen to us!! The great opportunities really started when we signed to German label, Morbid Records, and they hooked us up in 2002 with a real cool tour agency in Europe and we did our first "full fledged" 4 week Europe tour in 2003 with MASTER, MASTIC SCUM (A), and DAMNABLE (Pol)!! We were headliners and had the coach liner buses and catered to in ways we never knew was possible for a grind band like us and the fans came out thick!! Since then we have played Switzerland 2004, Fuck The Coomerce Open Air Fest in Germany 2005, US/Canada tour 2006, Europe headlining tour 2007... Then the big daddy happened when we performed at Party.San Open Air Fest in Germany 2008 in front of 10,000 metal freaks who had no idea who we were with the exception of maybe 100 of them from previous tours!! We played with BOLT THROWER, BEHEMOTH, OBITUARY, GENERAL SURGERY, UNANNIMATED, DISMEMBER, BLOODBATH, HAIL OF BULLETS, INSISION, SKY FORGER, KAMPFAR and many other veteran greats!! We walked out of that show with a greater number of fans!! War Anthem Records (Germany) hosts that festival and before we left to the airport they said they were interested to sign us!! That festival is a pro DVD limited edition combo digi pack with our latest release "To Desecrate And Defile" that came out in October 2009!! Then we did a Europe tour April 2009, 2 Europe festivals (Obscene Extreme Fest - Cz & Kaltenback Fest - Austria) in July 2009, Canada tour October 2009, a festival in Bogota, Colombia November 2009!! As well as play a handful of US dates!! We are having a blast crushing in different countries and big festivals!! We play with Cattle Decapitation May 10, 2010 in my home town of Peoria, IL. and go back to Europe in August 2010 for a mini tour that will hit such great festivals like Party, San (Ger), Mountains Of Death (Switz), and Barther Open Air (Ger) on the Baltic Sea coast!! We have visited the Mediterranean Sea on a couple of these tours while in Italy, and it doesn't get any better than this!! Still doing what we want, when we want, and how we want without any influence from labels and media forcing us to do something else!! It's been a busy few years!!

MC: What is the line-up of the band now and how long as the current line-up been around?

Dave - Von Young (guitar / lead vocals) since October 2005 from DEADEN... Garrett Scanlan (drums) since May 2006 from CORPSEVOMIT, Jake Lahniers (bass / backing vocals) since January 2009 from DEADEN and myself, Dave Kibler (guitar / backing vocals) originator 1993

MC: I see the band has been busy doing some tours overseas? How do you manage to get on these tours and how are the turnouts for the shows?

Dave - We were introduced to a tour agency in Germany 2002 who was able to give us some great support shows for DISMEMBER. WARHAMMER or HYPOCRISY that they were going to put on!! We would have to pay for the airfare and such and maybe a tour fee for opening act... so I asked "How do we get paid?" ha-ha and they say, "You would have to headline!" Told him that was the only possible way, and he went to their circuit of venues and asked about booking us and they all agreed that would be very possible and he (Falko Bruchstein) called me back up 2 weeks later and asked when did we want to come over!! That is how the 2003 Europe tour with MASTER came about!! And we have gone over there 4 - 5 times through them and a couple other companies!! Never going through hoop of being an opener for anybody, they took the risk and it succeeded for them so from that point on we have the opportunity to go back any time!! We had been going to Europe since Summer 1999 which we paid for ourselves to play with FLESHLESS (Cz) and SANATORIUM (Slk)!! It's a really cool situation!! The turnouts are always different... Germany always has the best crowds, but we have played shows for 30 people to 10,000 people!! But the experience of being in Europe and seeing the history of each country and talking with the people I would never change!! It is amazing!! People who truly appreciate and live the metal life!!

MC: We used to write to each other and pass around flyers, etc to each other back in the day?
Do you miss those days at all lol and do you still have any old flyers laying around?

Dave - I definitely miss the unity of bands and personal notes back and forth and hidden cash in the envelopes for merch, etc!! Those were GREAT days!! I still pass around flyers with our packages sent out and such, but there isn't as many flyers handed to me to pass around these days!! I still make flyers and posters for our events and merch and whatever we can send around!! I do use internet bulletins and My Space postings and updates, and I like that we can reach a far more fan base that way instantly without waiting for a 2 week turnover from responses!! But to many people rely way to much on internet /myspace to reach fans!! They think everyone will fall into their lap and then they wonder how come they only have 10 people at their show!! I'll tell you why, because that person they send the event flyer to in Japan or Germany isn't going to be there in Iowa!! They may send out 1000 person bulletin with a push of a button, but 4 of them may live in their area!! Have to hit up the surrounding area with posters at the guitar and record stores so the community knows what’s going on!!

MC: How did you come up with the name of the band and have you gotten any shit from it or any t-shirt designs the band has?

Dave - When I started working on the idea in 1993 I was jamming guitars with another guy who was in college for doctoring and nursing!! We wanted a name that was bold, and unused where everybody had names with corpses, maggots, and death... so we went through his medical books and looked at definitions and LIVIDITY stood out to me and I have never looked back on changing that!! Von Young, at that time in DEADEN, was doing a lot of art and logos for bands and he did ours and we have used the same one since 1996 and it was placed on our first CD "Fetish For The Sick" 1997 for the first time!! We had a "women against rape" organization stir shit up for us in Innsbruck, Austria 2007, first time we encountered a problem!! They broke out the windows of the club day before our arrival and interviewed on radio / media about us as well as the media interviewed the clubs thoughts!! The Canada tour last year we played Quebec City and there were 2 ladies there that worked the club that were spitting on us and pulled the plug on the PA during our set and was on our mics speaking French to the crowd about our intentions, etc... Not really any other trouble than that!! A couple people got kicked out of McDonalds here for wearing our "Fetish For The Sick:" shirts!!

MC: I am not a big fan of the lower or guttural vocal styles. Yours aren't too bad, but what would you say to someone who thinks your vocals aren't real death metal?

Dave - Death metal is to be ugly, harsh and brutal!! To me the low guttural tones of a voice that are non distinguishable is a death metal formula!! Bands nowadays call themselves death metal because they can hit the double kicks on drums or grind something out for a minute but without the guttural voice, it's not as much death metal to me!! It makes us feel great and very evil!! Makes me want to split skulls open!! That is the important thing!!

MC: What are some of the bands you have shared the stage with and is there any band you would love to play a show with, but haven't yet?

Dave - We have played with DEICIDE, INTERNAL BLEEDING, DYING FETUS, MACABRE, GRAVE (which was our first out of state show October 2006 in Moosic, PA.), INSATANITY, SIX FEET UNDER, MASTER and ton more through the years.. and at festivals with NAPALM DEATH, IMPETIGO, DEVOURMENT, BROKEN HOPE, OPPRESSOR, VENOM, DEATH, KING DIAMOND, MARDUK, DRI, JUNGLE ROT, FLESHGRIND and the mighty IMMOLATION... and some I mentioned in earlier answer!! A ton of really cool bands!! I would really like to tour with HYPOCRISY, DAWN OF AZAZEL, AEON, IMMOLATION...

MC: I know you have a ton of releases out, are any of them sold out and if they are do you or a label plan on releasing them and is there any of your material that you really don't like now?

Dave – I don’t think any of them are sold out!! Comatose Music (NC) had reissued “Fetish For The Sick” in 2004 and they are getting ready to repress them and shirts!! Deathgasm Records (GA) had taken over “The Age Of Clitoral Decay” from United Guttural Records and they are at full strength!! Epitomite Productions (IL) which is our singers label has reissued “Til Only The Sick Remain” in 2007 and they are at full strength!! We still have plenty of “Used, Abused And Left For Dead” through Epitomite Productions!! WARPATH (Ire) / LIVIDITY live split 2009 on Underground Movement label (Ire) is still happening!! War Anthem Records (Ger) / Epitomite Productions collaborated on the latest “To Desecrate And Defile” in 2009 and they are hot right now!! I would like to find a label that will reissue all the studio releases on picture disc vinyl or regular black vinyl!! We have just released some new rarity discs that contain splits, rehearsals, live, etc… as NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM (Ukr) / LIVIDITY split 3” CD on Horns And Hoofs Records (Ukr)… “The Cumplete Demography” CD on Taphos Productions (Gr)… and FLESHGRINDER (Bra) / LIVIDITY split CD on Rotten Foetus Records (Bra)!! As far as sold out, we had reissued the 1996 demo “Rejoice In Morbidity” on 7” vinyl thru Vice – Core Records (CO) in 2006 and I believe those may be sold out!! As well as the LIVIDITY / WACO JESUS “Live In Germany” DVD taken from Fuck The Commerce Fest is sold out!! I think I may have 5 – 6 left sitting around!! Our next special release will be 2 songs on a BLOOD Tribute CD thru Burning Dogma Records (TX) which you can find those same songs on the latest studio disc!! I like everything that we have done!! There are no 2 albums a like and we always throw a new twist into the recordings or material!! I can listen to everything, even the 1 man project raw demo recordings!!

MC: When putting together a set list is it tough at all or are there certain songs you must play in the set?

Dave – There are the mandatory anthem songs like Pussy Lover, Rectal Wench, Oozing Vaginal Discharge, T.L.C. (Tight ‘Lil Cunt), Used, Abused And Left For Dead… that we play each show but there are the others that get tough and having swap out songs for another isn’t the easiest!! Some times we just play and pick out in rehearsal room what was aggressive and feeling great!! I wish we could get an hour and a half set so we can double up the list!!

MC: If you could choose a cover tune to play, what song would it be and why?

Dave – We have done Bloody Pit Of Horror from IMPETIGO and Wie Krieger Sterben / Roman Whores from BLOOD!! If we were to do another cover I would like to do something from AUTOPSY – Service For A Vacant Coffin or Fiend For Blood or Severed Survival or something!! I will only do covers of a band that totally influenced my musical life from mid ‘80’s to ’97!! My favorite era with bands like PARALYSIS, AUTOPSY, IMPETIGO, CANNIBAL CORPSE, IMMOLATION, DEICIDE, DISMEMBER, KREATOR, DYING FETUS, INTERNAL BLEEDING, SLAYER, BLESSED DEATH, EXODUS, DEATH, MERCYFUL FATE, GUTTED PULP, UNLEASHED, ENTOMBED, CARNAGE, JUDECCA, AVERNUS, CRYPTOPSY, etc… any of these bands are doable for me to do a cover!!

MC: Tell me a little bit about each band member and do you all get along well as a band and has there ever been any vicious arguments?

Dave – We get along great!! We are all on the same page of goals and we understand these opportunities and cool moments don’t happen to everybody!! Many bands out there and there are your weekend local bar warriors and the others that spread the seed far and wide and have a knack for touring and exploring new areas and lands!! We have gone through quite a few member changes, some are easier to let go than others!! Most take it personal but the end results prove to be better and we strengthen some areas that need attention!! We all live to far apart to slack or not do our home work and slip backwards!! We all have career jobs or family life… home owners and regular neighbors and shit, but we live for the days to get together and unleash fury in the basement!! Especially when we get a tour together and hang with each other for 17 – 30 days straight to where we laugh and jam!! Still humble and always want to work harder to make a great performance and stage presence!! Always hungry!! To this day no arguments with the stable line up we have!! There have been some encounters with older members that aren’t on the same page and an intervention is needed!! It’s perfect now!!

MC: With the band are you able to make a living with the band or do you all have day jobs?

Dave – Day jobs!!! There are no bills getting paid through death metal!! Unless you are on the road constantly and pushing the limits and making that cash flow every day and the merch is in everybody’s face at the shows and such!! Mail order definitely doesn’t do it!! We are everything from janitor, guitar store sales, law enforcement, and job jumper so our bills are paid!!

MC: You also sent me another CD that a few of the guys are in. Tell me a bit about this band and what the difference is with the 2 bands?

Dave – EMBRACE DAMNATION is the band you speak of!! It is a hellish sinister, demonic, Christ puncher of a band that I have always wanted to be a part of since the early days of MARDUK, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, BELPHEGOR, IMMOLATION, ACHERON, ABSU, INSATANITY, INCANTATION!!! 3 of us from LIVIDITY are in this band (Garrett, Jake and myself) and I do only lead vocals and write all the blasphemous lyrics!! We have 2 other guitarists in Tomek Spirala of Chicago based band ROSENGUARD on leads and the original idea came from guitarist Joe Hoctor who I played with in 1994 / 1995 with SECTION 8 you may remember!! We have joined forces again and had these ideas and was only making it a studio project working with other drummers and we had asked Garrett to bash the skins for it at the end because we needed some professional thought and theory!! We used another lead guitarist, Sean Fraser who did the leads in the studio, but he did that and was never interested to join full time after we wanted to take this to the stage!! So we asked Tomek and Jake on bass and now we are a full band and will play our first gig here in Peoria, IL. on June 19 with a Slayer tribute band HELL AWAITS!! We really like the aggression meets melodies style this music provides along with my harsh and hateful vocals!! I started out playing guitar with Joe and when we were laying down demo tracks on home recorder with a drum machine we needed vocals on them, and I started liking the demo songs with me telling my stories and didn’t feel anybody else could give it the same justice I was looking for!! So I ended up doing the vocals in the studio!! My first crack at doing lead vocals so it is work in progress I think, but for a debut, I am not complaining at all!! Feels great and is executed with a sick and demonic flavor!! Very hateful!! The way metal is suppose to be!!

MC: When you formed the band did you ever think in your wildest dreams that the band would still be around?

Dave – Ha-ha hell no!! I was 24 years ld and was only focused on writing vulgar and ugly aggressive death metal that someone would listen to and hopefully piss a few people along the way!! But it was in my blood to write another album, to replace someone that quit, and once we went and did our first out of state show in Pennsylvania and the crowd gave us a killer response and was eating up our demo EP’s I wanted more and here we are now!! Can’t believe it still!! I don’t take it for granite, I just love this underground scene still today, maybe more than ever now!! I would be lost without it, I would die inside without having the opportunity to jam and get together with the guys to create and master the craft we have started!!

MC: How have you as a band taken to this new technology and do you think there will come a day where there will be no more CD's and everything will be just downloads?

Dave – It’s getting that way now!! But for some reason it hasn’t killed LIVIDITY!! I guess we still make enough shocking music and artwork to keep people picking up the real deal and the labels aren’t failing on our side!! But it is getting that way to the downloads for sure!! I do the same thing with bands I want to check out, but I go and pick up their work for the collection if they blow my mind!! If people can save money you know!! I don’t know where it will end up!!

MC: How much longer do you think the band will be around for?

Dave – We are here today and tomorrow it could be over!! I have thought that for 17 years!! So I don’t know what the end result will be as long as we end it on the highest note possible we can achieve!!

MC: How many demo tapes did you have to go dub back in the day ha ha?

Dave – Put it this way… between SECTION 8 demos and the first 3 DIY demo home recordings of LIVIDITY I went through 3 – 4 tape decks before we finally got our first pro release out… haha Shit, 100’s… The times I spent at them tape decks the weeks of a show and I wanted at least 50 to give out, going out and buying bulk 60 min. Maxell’s!!

MC: Are you or any of the guys in any other bands besides the 2 you sent me?

Dave – I am only involved with LIVIDITY & EMBRACE DAMNATION… Von has the label Epitomite Productions… Garrett is in KOMMANDANT, HELL AWAITS (Slayer tribute), ROSENGUARD… Jake is in ARMAROS

MC: Have you with your My Space page re connected with a bunch of old fans and will there ever be a US tour ever in the works?

Dave – Yeah, My Space has hooked us up with old faces and that is great to get their e-mail addresses and inbox messaging (such as yourself you freak) ha-ha a lot of cool stories to talk about of what everybody is up to now!! Mostly European folk that never kill the death metal torch!! As a lot of American folk seem to get discouraged later in years, or when having families and careers feel music doesn’t need to be there any longer, or if they aren’t in a band any longer decide to quit, or they change their musical needs to a different (non metal) style) etc… Don’t understand that shit!! But when I talk to bands like BLOOD, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, NATRON, PURGATORY, DEFILED etc… they are as hungry and devoted to this great musical lifestyle still!! That is fabulous!! I am glad to see the new faces and new bands that are still keeping the scene alive through another era and gives me hope that this music and underground life will never end!! I just relate best with the European nation and always say “I would love to move there if ever given the chance”!!

MC: Do you still have original copies of your demos or any old fanzines or flyers under your bed so to speak?

Dave – I will never throw my old memorabilia away!! I have boxes of the early zines, stacks by the 100’s of my demos tapes, old video bootleg VHS tapes etc… I like getting them out when I have a moment and look through them and read some old interviews and such!! My car has a tape player in it (as it is a ’98 Ford escort wagon) and I play all my tapes that I can!! It is awesome and I can’t leave them alone from the years of 1986 to 1999!! Someday I will purchase 1000 black framed glass and take my favorites and make wall hangings of zines and posters for my home!!

MC: What is the craziest thing you ever saw at one of your shows?

Dave – Fucking Don Decker (rest in pieces you crazy fuck – ha-ha) from ANAL BLAST play a festival in Champaign, IL. 1995 play their set and the dude takes down his pants and start shitting on the stage!! Must have had a GG ALLIN flashback or something!! That was when I was in SECTION 8 right before we formed the full band of LIVIDITY!! When LIVIDITY played an early version of Central Illinois Metal Fest (the original ones) in 1997 / 1998 by Von, CORPSEVOMIT played a set and they all had razor blades!! They had a bass guitar failure at the beginning of their set when it was time for the bass line to play alone and no sound came out!! They all grabbed the razors and started slicing their faces and arms!! Crazy shit, and after their set they were out back playing WWF with each other in their drunken stupor and was jumping off a little shack and landing on each other even in the gravel driveway!! I am sure there are a lot more, but them 2 instances stand out!!

MC: Did you ever get to go out to any of those old classic Milwaukee Metalfest shows back in the day?

Dave – We played 3 – 4 of them between 1997 – 2000!! In 2000 our drummer, Nick Null, had died one week before the fest in July and we all still went to represent but didn’t play that one!! He had OD’d and was a tragic situation and very heart breaking to get that call!! Especially since we were with him a few days before that rehearsing!! That was a 4 – 5 months after the release of “The Age Of Clitoral Decay”!! We had no idea how serious it really was!! On other notes… I attended my first Milwaukee Metal Fest in 1992 and that is where I seen a whole new side of music and was introduced to the underground revolution and have never looked back since!! All I knew about was bands like DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, HYPOCRISY, IMMOLATION, MACABRE, MASTER etc… but there I seen IMPETIGO, DIABOLICAL POSSESSION, FLESHGRIND, etc… and they were real personal with the people and fans / friends!! After the 1993 Milwaukee Fest I went home and bought a 4 track recorder, microphone, drum machine and already had a bass and electric guitars!! Started putting my ideas together and spreading them around since I was handed over flyers of underground publications and bands / labels to start connecting with!! I owe LIVIDITY’s start to Brian Hobbie (bassist of INTERNAL BLEEDING) for giving me great advice to be heard with the demos and such after the 1993 fest!! That was when LIVIDITY was born!! I couldn’t find the guys in my area to feel and share the same thoughts in music… unless you played SLAYER or SEPULTURA!! After the demoing of LIVIDITY 3 song promo I was accepted into SECTION 8, but never stopped doing the LIVIDITY music on the side as I wanted something to still give me the grinding I was looking for!! That is when I started working ideas and recording home tapes with drummer, Tommy Davis (SECTION 8)… he was acquainted with the underground more than most in the area!! That is when we recorded “Ritual Of Mortal Impalement” 1995 and Tommy did the vocals for that in his attic!! Also the release of LIVIDITY / MORGUE FETUS split demo!! It is a shame that Jack Koshik was such a fuck face and took a great festival like that and made it into a scam and it failed years later!! The last one I attended was in 2001 that we played after acquiring new drummer, James Whitehurst (after Nick)!!

MC: How does the making of a song come about and are lyrics important to you?
Dave – Music comes first in the writing process, lyrics get patternized over it!! Even if we have lyrics made, we have to chop and add in spots pertaining to the music!! Our stories don’t make much sense in the first 3 studio albums I believe because Matt (Bishop) first singer, would set the paper down for a week and come back to it and you kinda look at each other and say “what??” haha but we never made it a big deal!! Just let it go plus I didn’t have much input in writing lyrics as we gave him full reign!! But now with Von, and myself writing whole songs lyrically, there are stories to follow now and I think that has strengthened that side of things in our music!! So now in LIVIDITY, lyrics have become more important that they used to!!

MC: Do you get many females at any of your shows and has any bands that you know of covered a Lividity song?

Dave – The females do come out to our shows for sure (more in Europe though) as Europe chics are brutal and don’t take to heart the issues and know it is metal what we do!! So sometimes our shows in the states are more of a sausage fest!! I love Europe, and Europe metal chics are the greatest!! There has been a few LIVIDITY covers through the years, I think starting in the year 2000 when RUPTURE CHRIST of Indiana did Oozing Vaginal Discharge… and now we know of bands doing more from CARNAGIA (Bogota, Col.), CLITGORE (Rom), and others but my mind is blank at the moment on the bands!! Would have to go back through my collection and look again!! Maybe there will be a LIVIDITY tribute album when we call it quits ha-ha, that is the ultimate in a bands life I think when you get a tribute album made in homage to YOU!! That is when you know your input in the scene and influences you gave others really mattered!! But, I don’t never think of the end, so until we die I don’t think we will ever get that respect… ha ha ha.

MC: What do you think has made the band survive so long and what keeps you motivated?

Dave – We have survived due to dedication, devotion, discipline, and freaks like you who keep writing us and responding with positive feedback to make us want to do more!! How can you stop with such great fans, friends and media spreading the word!! We will know when it is time to give it up!! I don’t want to stop because I always want to be a positive band that exceeds everybody’s expectations of a sour puss band that don’t get along with fans and always sitting in their VIP rooms and making it such a “job”!! We hang with the people and party and are regular people who are fans of other bands and get down in the trenches to rage in the pit as well like it should be done!! When we go to Europe that is what they say to us!! That we are some of the coolest Americans they have met and I think that speaks loud and has helped us progress in the scene!! It’s the attitude, we make the crowd and fans feel united with us and correspond to create a great personal relationship with others!! With all this said… this keeps me motivated!! Like I said, I will die without this!!

MC: What would you like the band to be remembered by?

Dave – The personal connection with fans!! Music that others feel broke the barrier of issues such as porn and the lust for female flesh, as you can see now how many bands out there are using these images now on album covers and lyrics / titles!! Positive attitude at all times doing what we do!! We wanted to do something a little different than singing about corpses, maggots and graveyards!! Even though we throw that in for good measure!! Just hope somebody remembers when it is all over!! But if not, we had a great ride and seen the world!!

MC: Do you think your a good live band and do you like going into the studio or are you more into the live show thing?

Dave – I think we are great LIVE band especially now with this solid line up of dedicated musicians we have!! We have been very aggressive and stage performers with great stage presence that have caught the eyes and ears of more than just fans, but also of great bands such as IMMOLATION, MACABRE, MASTER, DYING FETUS, SUFFOCATION, DEICIDE, INTERNAL BLEEDING etc… so that is great when we can impress our influences!! I hate the studio, because you have to be so damn precise and on your game to make it successful with 1,000,000 spins from fans!! Even the older releases, when they still spin the CD / tape after all these years and enjoy it!! That isn’t the easiest for me because I am a performer and the looseness and movement is what I do best!! Makes a great show when everyone see you having a blast and the stage becomes the party!! Other sin the band I feel have an easier time in the studio than I do!! It is nerve racking, but the end results are a beautiful thing!! We will work on any discrepancies as much as needed in the studio till something is right!! This last time through for the album “To Desecrate…” was one of my best studio works in terms of being fully prepared and being totally focused to make the best album we can!! There were even creations being made in the studio which is never the case usually!! It was a really fun time for me!!

MC: Have you met any really crazy fans over the years?

Dave – Oh yeah!! Especially this last year in Europe, Canada and South America!! We played Romania for the first time April 26, 2009 and they were fucking nuts!! Also the Bogota Grind Death Fest November 14, 2009 first time down there and we must have signed shit and took more photos with fans than we have our whole time being a band!! It started about 1 pm the afternoon we played when we arrived till 6 am the next morning before we went back to the airport!! It was crazy but really felt appreciated!!

MC: To your ears, what makes a good song?

Dave – When we are finished with a full song and we look at each other and say “that is the shit!!” we know we are onto something cool for ourselves!! We write songs to please ourselves and not others, but it grows on the rest of the world when they see us having so much fun with our songs!! Nobody has ever said that any particular songs sucked!! So that is a plus!!

MC: Dave I am out of questions, horns up for all the support over the years and any last words the floor is yours.

Dave – Chris, thank you man for all these years of friendship and supporting our cause as we have never expected to have gone this far and even through all the obstacles of distance and some lack of the band has gone through we seem to overcome and bounce back stronger!! Much appreciated bro!! I hope you never stop supporting the bands that support the scene!! You are a huge help!! Everyone get in touch with us and see what is next on our plate of brutal whore pounding carnage of death metal!! As we call it “cum soaked torture grind”!! See you on the road hopefully sometime soon!! Cheers

Contact the band:

[email protected]

LIVIDITY P.O. Box 3325
Peoria, IL.