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Necrodemon 2014

Necrodemon are my boys and they are one tremendous underground death/black metal band. With the band having a new album coming out, I hunted down band member Rob Elliott to get the details on it and here is what he said to my questions:

MC: So you have been in the studio now several times. Does the recording process get easier with time or more difficult? How was it with the making of this new release? What studio did you go in and how long were you in there this time around?

RE: In alot of ways it does get easier. But it also becomes more difficult at the same time. You know what works and what doesn't. But you have to top what you did on the last release. You get alot more precise and have higher expectations as the band grows and the sound evolves. It has to be darker sounding. It MUST be more metal!

We had it really good this time around as it was done in our own studio. We had the ability to do things that we couldn't before. Horror films were playing alot while recording! We could drink beer. We could take our time and not have to be rushed. We took probably about 2 1/2 months to do the recording. Necrodemon had to release something very metal, very true, and that had the magic that the band has been working on for so long. Steve brought a whole new aspect to the band with his knowledge of recording software and plug-ins.

I was a very paticular bastard about "Rise of the Supernatural". I wouldn't settle for anything. It had to be monstrous and headbanging! All members of Necrodemon have become better musicians and we needed it to show. We did not use references either, we relied soley on our own sound. Necrodemon has branded it's own style. we are Ripping Black Death!


MC: How easy was the coming of the songs for this release? What was the hardest and easiest song that you recorded for this?

RE: Ha Ha Ha! This was not an easy task at all! We worked very hard on all these songs. The easiest song to record was "Grim" only because we had done it before. The hardest one was "Eidola of the Rising Ground..." due to all the solos and riff changes. Vocals were really hard on this album too as I have expanded my range once again. The lyrical concepts were very well researched and studied. "Rise of the Supernatural" had to be the darkest thing we have done. So we did alot of homework on the album. The mastering process was very paticular also. We asked our producer to do even better than in the past. We just wanted to spread the infection of Necrodemon across the planet!

MC: How did you come up with the title for the release, which is "Rise of the Supernatural"? Were any other names thrown around? How about the artwork for the cover? It is incredible, whose idea was behind that and please tell me you will make shirts for that cover ha ha?

RE: I came up with the title after alot of serious thought. "Rise of the Supernatural" is the perfect title for this release. We did have a few other titles but this one was the only one that stood out and completed and complimented the album. We do plan on making shirts! The cover fits the album so well and goes along with the Necrodemon theme.

MC: A few years back I got to see you guys practice, which was awesome by the way. You lost a band member not that long ago. Tell my readers what sadly happened and how you found his replacement?

RE: Yes that week you came out to band rehearsal was fun. It was good to show you in person the headbanging madness of the band. It was also good to talk all about METAL! Always great to have a beer with you! Your family is awesome.

Chuck Feldman entered the afterlife on May 1st, 2011. He died of an overdose. He had alot of chemicals and booze in his system. Chuck was a great drummer and my brother in metal. It was really hard on me. I still miss him. He was a great guy and was so into black metal. I don't think of it as replacing him because you cannot replace Chuck. He was the best! Necrodemon had to move on though because I am in no way ready to stop. This band is my life besides my son. Chuck lives on in our music and we always honor him at shows. I have some of his lyrics that have not been used yet but I will put them on a future release. I know Chuck's ghost helps us write new songs and is with us always.

MC: When do you think you found the "Necrodemon" sound? Do you have to be in a certain mood to write songs and what was the weirdest place you came up with a song idea?

RE: I came up with our own genre! Rippnig Black Death. The "Necrodemon" sound was pretty much forged when we did "Allegiance to the End". We are a band that has alot of styles going on in our music. Alot of vocal styles too. We are very old school yet also retain new ways as well. I think the music is pretty diverse. Each song is pretty different. Our music is heavily influenced from horror films, dark stories, and all that is haunting. We did a concept album, and not many do that anymore. Song ideas flow constantly so there is really no one place that is weird or anything. I am always thinking of ideas for songs, lyrics, and have new riff ideas no matter where I am.

MC: Do you feel your a good live band and do you get to play many live shows?

RE: We actually are a good band live. We do not disappoint. What you hear on our cd's will be there when you see us play a show. We do not rely on any studio trickery. All vocals, solos, and riffery is there when we destroy a stage. Necrodemon is full of energy live and is headbanging madness! We put on a great performance and then crack open the Heinekens! Another aspect of Necrodemon shows is that we always deliver. We do not cancel! We are a black metal military operation!

MC: I know your not some "fly by night" (sorry rush) death metal band and have been at it for quite some time. Do you have any goals for the band at this time and for somebody who has never heard the band, what would you tell them what you sound like?

RE: Of course we want to get better at our instruments. Of course we want this to go as far as possible. We want to be the kings of the underground! Necrodemon deserves to be noticed and respected. We have alot more energy nowadays and want to continue on. Necrodemon will achieve alot more! Our new material is really kicking ass. We've taken our music to a new black chapter. To any who have not heard us, we sound like the METAL you have always been looking for! We are Ripping Black Death!

MC: I have to ask, the band will never ever have female vocals and groove/slam riffs in its music right? I hope to God not.

RE: Fuck no! This band will never be stupid. We do not care what is "popular" or "groovy". That shit is for dumb asses and fake fucks. Necrodemon is tried and true. This band will NEVER write lame material. All Necrodemon cares about is fast metal, fast women, beer, and horror. Death before dishonor!

MC: What are some of your favorite bands and shows you have seen over the years?

RE: So many to name. Angelcorpse, Kreator, Vader, Immortal, Mayhem, Coroner, King Diamond, Slayer, Megadeth, Morbid Angel, Vio-Lence, Darkthrone, Master's Hammer, Dissection, Dark Angel, Testament, Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Sepultura, Nifelheim, Loudblast, Gehenna, Bathory, Razor, Skeleton Witch, Immolation, Incantation, Viogression, Exodus, Atrophy, Tormentor, Destruction, Entombed, Annihilator, Decapitated, Grim Reaper, Death, Necrophagist, Satyriocn, Nasty Savage, Dream Death, KISS, Thorns, Eucharist, Behemoth, Goreaphobia, dude I could go on for hours!

Show-wise my favorite performance to watch was Immortal in Chicago, IL during the "At the Heart of Winter" tour. They put on a show I will never forget.

My favorite show that Necrodemon has done was when we played with Exodus in Detroit, MI. Gary Holt is one of the coolest dudes I have ever met.

MC: Are all your past releases still for sale and do you hope to get them re-issued one day and would you be interested in putting out a 7" if asked?

RE: Yes to all of those questions. All of our old stuff is available through us and some distributors. I'd love to re-release alot of them. A 7" would be a metal dream come true!

MC: Was Necrodemon your 1st band or were you in any other bands prior to Necrodemon?

RE: I have been in a few other bands. Lordes Werre, Sephiroth, and Switchblade. I only have played metal and refuse to do anything else! Necrodemon was the fourth band but the most important and the one that has my metal heart. I occasionally do side projects with friends but it has to be black, death, or thrash metal or I won't do it.

MC: What made you decide to pick up the guitar and when did you know you could sing and has the band ever thought about getting a frontman for the band or that is not in the cards so to speak?

RE: I began playing guitar as a teenager. I wanted to thrash! The singing began in the early 90's. I practiced every day with my favorite albums. I AM the frontman for Necrodemon. End of story!

MC: When someone listens to your band, what do you hope they get out of it?

RE: I want them to have a headbanging time! I hope they enjoy our style and read our lyrics. I hope our music influences people. Grab a beer and crank the Necrodemon!

MC: Please plug any websites and what stuff do you have for sale?




MC: Any last words to end this chat my friend?

RE: Thanks for all the help with the band Chris you rule! Allegiance to the End is a life code, not a joke.