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ANGRA DEIMANA/Triptych Of Decay (Self Released) Typical borning black metal that got old about 3 songs in. The band play with that fast pic riffing black metal style and then slow it down at times, which was good, but the songs weren’t strong and got old really quick. The singer isn’t bad, he sounds convincing on the mic, but the music is where this band lost me as they just don’t do anything exciting. Info:


DECOHERENCE/Self Titled 7" (Self Release) This was some killer black metal as the songs just rip through you and an awesome singer to boot. You could feel the emotion and hate as it played on. The songs were fast and furious and they were memorable tracks as well. Not just a bunch of mumbo jumbo or noise. Can’t wait for the band’s next release as this is a teaser of things to come I bet. Info:


ASTAROTH/Demos ’93 / ’95 / ’98 (Vic Records) The 1st demo I didn’t like much as it was just faceless death/thrash metal with a not so good singer and music that was easily forgettable and did nothing outstanding. Demo # 2 is more of the same and the music just isn’t up to par and the singer sounds like a bad John Tardy. Demo # 3 they musit have got a new singer as the music is better, but that screechy singer ruins any chance this had of being any good. Info:


CHEMICAL BREATH/Beyond Reality/Brutal Violation (Vic Records) This death metal band is from Belgium and released 2 albums back in the early 90’s and this is the band’s 2 demos on one release. This is some serious ass kickin death metal that crushes the weak. Pounding riffs and wicked speed and pure death metal vocals are a delight to listen to and it is no wonder they got signed and released 2 albums. The production for a demo is right on the money and cool to see and hear the re-issue of this cause I have never heard of this band before. Info:


CREAMATORY STENCH/Grotesque Deformities (Blood Harvest) Just a case of total old school death metal not far from old Death, especially in the vocals. You can throw in Autopsy musicwise as well. Just heacy as fuck guitar sound and riffs that will have your head moving Just chunky death metal riffing all the and prepare for death metal all the way on this. Info:

Sample track:


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FACELESS BURIAL/Multiversal Abattoir (Blood Harvest) This label serves up another dose of punishing death metal and this time this band is Faceless Burial. If your into Immolation or Incantation you will love this. Pure speed and madness on this with little breaks of non speed to help you catch your breath. The intensity on this is second to none and I love the power and feeling this band ozze and when you play death metal you either have it or not and these bastards have it. If you like it fast and in your face with a killer death metal singer here you go. Info:


Sample track:


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HEAVY JUSTICE/When Inmates Run the Asylum (Metalitis Records) This sort of reminded me of the debut of Metallica at times as it straddles the lines of thrash and metal. Catchy riffs and a solid singer won me over on this and this doesn’t have any of that nu-metal crap on it neither. I was head banging along at times on this and this is some really good metal/thrash that deserves your attention. Info:


VIGILANCE/Enter the Endless Abyss (Dying Victims Productions) This was some ok Motorhead inspired metal with a singer who sounded like Cronus at times. On paper that mind sound like an unholy band/combination, but it doesn’t really work as this band is nowhere near as good as Motorhead. The music is old school all the way, but something just didn’t click with me and I wasn’t feeling this band. Some people might go bonkers over them and I could see why, but me, I just thought this was decent. Info:


HELLRIPPER/Black Arts & Alchemy (Reaper Metal Productions) Oh hell yeah this is what the doctor ordered. Bone crushing speed metal at it’s finest. Riffs and power and intensity second to none with some screaming vocals (not tough guy) that fit right along this 80’s like speed metal band. This would fit right along bands such as Razor, Iron Angel, etc. Just prepare to be assaulted big time when this hits your ears and don’t say I didn’t warn you. Info:

NECROMUTILATOR - Black Blood Aggression (Terror From Hell Records) a absolute devastating display of death/thrash metal with great songs and singing. Total feeling and emotion as well. The songs kick ass and had that old feeling like long ago that can’t be faked and tunes just sucked me and never let go. A complete lay to waste all the fakes and frauds out there. Get this and prepare. Info:


HELLISH GRAVEHell No Longer Waits (Helldprod) Some wicked speed/black/thrash metal with a total old school thrashing sounds my friends. Headbanging riffs, intense speed and black metal vocals are what you will find on this. This will pound into you skull and not let up until the final note. This totally crushes and I liked it a lot. Info:


OMENFILTH/Devourer of the Seven Moons (Eternal Death Records) Some decent black metal that didn’t set my world afire, but didn’t suck neither. The music naturally is fast and pounding, but the vocals aren’t the typical screeching style and the music is not that typical fast picking riffing style and at least they are trying something different. The only thing this lacks is the songs need to bit a bit more memorable, but they are good. Info:


VORTEX OF END/Ardens Fvror (Osmose Productions) Generic, boring black metal that has been done to death and then some. Same scrrechy vocals, same picking riffing speed and same black metal sounds that I have heard over and over. Bring something to the table guys. Info:


AFTERMATH/There Is Something Wrong (Zoid Entertainment) I was anxiously waiting this and there was no disappointment when this baby popped on. Total classic old school thrash and sort of mix of Agent Steel meeting Violence. Friggin riffs are so damn catchy In was headbanging along to this puppy like no tomorrow. Awesome guitar sounds on this and roaring vocals and Charlie is so into what he is singing and this band might have been away for 20 plus years and they are one of the few bands that when they get back together deliver the goods and then some on a return release. Info:


Video to check out:


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BEHEADED/Only Death Can Save You (Agonia Records) Decent death metal that doesn’t break any new ground, but is solid nevertheless. The band play death metal the right way and it is fast and brutal with a good singer with a good death metal voice. The production is good and solid and the guitar crunch is right there and this is mostly fast with breaks now and then, but then it is speed city baby. Straight forward death metal is the ticket on this. Info:



Ordering info:


NECRUTERO/Metallo (Self Released) Sub standard thrash/death metal with nothing much to offer. The songs are quite boring and nothing stuck out to me and made my head want to move and it was just another case of another band just not doing much for me. Info:


BEWITCHER/Under the Witching Cross (Shadow Kingdom) This is some pretty wicked shit almost like old Raven and mixing in some speed metal in the mix. The singer even sounds a bit like John from Raven as well. Good solid guitar sound as well and the songs are catchy as hell and had me nodding along to the music big time. We need more bands like this out there, bands that are doing speed metal right dammit. Info:


NUCLEUS/Entity (Unspeakable Axe Records /Me Saco Un Ojo Records) This sounds a ton like Death “Leprosy” release right down to the vocals, though they aren’t as deep as Chuck’s. The release just pretty much bored me as the songs weren’t strong and the singer did nothing for me neither. Just same ole same ole death metal. Info:


ALCOTOPIA/It Hits The Spot (Narcoleptica Productions) Killer speed/thrash metal is what we have on this puppy. Lighting like riffs that will have your head moving like no tomorrow along with a furious, aggressive singer to boot. Oh that guitar crunch on this super catchy and the speed on this just totally rules. Production is right on the money and this is one ass kickin release. Info:


ENGINE DRIVEN CULTIVATORS/Insert Coin (Punishment18 Records) Some wicked, nice thrash metal in the vein of old Death Angel and the vocals too. Razor sharp riffs will have your head banging and hands playing air guitar and the riffs are plenty catchy and the speed is cool as well. The guitar sound totally crushes and you can throw in a bit of Exodus as well. This is thrash played the right way and also while I mentioned 2 bands that they resemble they are no copycats and bring their own sound to the table as well. A must for thrash fans. Info:


CABRIO/Devotion And Hate (Toxic/Mechanix) This is a re-releases of something that came out I don’t know. Cabrio is fronted by the former singer of thrash icons NECROSIS and when I heard thrash metal I was like cool, but when I saw modern influences I didn’t like that sound and I was right. This is thrash metal played with some groove and tough guy vocals and it pretty much was forgettable. Nothing impressive on this at all. Another no name band doing nothing exciting.


COMA/Disorder (Punishment18 Records) Musicwise this is decent thrash, but vocaslwise the singer is horrible. All he does is yell into the mic without power and no feeling. The music as I said is ok thrash, but nothing to run to the computer and order. To me the singer really doesn’t fit the music and to me is their downfall. Info:


NERVOCHAOS/Ablaze (Hammerheart Records) Boring below average death metal with a singer with no feeling just needlessly growling into the mic and horrible music that trust me goes nowhere fast and will bore you real quick. Nothing exciting at all on this I’m afraid and just another band crowding up the scene. Info:


CALYX/Vientos Arcaicos (Iron Bonehead) To me this is another faceless black metal band doing the same thing I have heard countless times. Nothing new or fresh on this and most of all nothing of interest. Songs bored me and I think they will you too. Nothing stands out and it’s like yawn with this band I’m afraid. Info:


Sample track:


Label info:


KAMPFAR/Ofidiands Manifest (Self Released) Same old heard it a million times black metal with the fast pick riffing and a guy trying to sound evil on the mic. Well due your not evil and your band’s music is nothing to write home about. Also the clean screaming I hate as well and sounds to out of place. Info:


PROTECTOR/Summon The Hordes (High Roller Records) Yes this is that same Protector from many moons ago and I am sure some of you may wonder how is this new release? Well it is pretty damn good I must say. No groove or tough guy Pantera crap. This is wicked 80’s sounding good ole thrash metal played with feeling and passion dammit. I could feel it as this played on. I totally love “The Celtic Hammer” which is a tribute of sorts to Celtic Frost and damn is it heavy as fuck. Here is one band that came that delivers the goods and didn’t ruin it. Info:


CHEVALIER/Destiny Calls (Gates of Hell Records) A ok attempt at power/heavy metal with 80’s like vocals, which were a welcome from all the high pitched clean vocals, though there are some hitch pitched stuff on this too. They have a girl singer named Emma and she has a nice set of pipes and I can really feel her voice on this and the more this played the more I got into it and I can say this is solid old school thrashing power metal with a mid 80’s like production and that helped me like it even more. Nice choppy riffs and guitar crunch on this as well. Info:


VIGILANCE/Enter the Endless Abyss (Dying Victims Productions) Nope this was terrible. God awful vocals that I didn’t feel or like at all along with boring music that had nothing catchy to it and a guitar sound that was buried and the bass was more alive that the guitar or drums. The music just is there and doesn’t stand out or make any points with me and is just a bad heavy metal band. Info:


GORE STAINED/Same (Self Released) This is a death metal band/project of Derek Neibarger and it was pretty good except I didn’t like that one weird thing he kept doing on his guitar as it annoyed the shit out of me. Other than that this was some solid death metal. Derek has a strong voice and can play the guitar and write some good songs. I just didn’t like that sort of industrial sounds he was using. Judge for yourself on bandcamp:


BURIAL REMAINS/Trinity of Death (Transcending Obscurity Records) A pure death metal release is the ticket here. Blazing speed, solid vocals, a great guitar sound and solid vocals all add up to a very good release that the band should raise the horns up. I love the guitar sound it just sucks me in and keeps me there. The singer has a solid voice and I could feel it as he sang away. Like death metal, then you need this at once:


ENCOFFINATION/We Proclaim Your Death, O' Lord (Selfmadegod Records) Crushing doom that will just melt you. Punishing guitar sound of the highest order and low, but crushing deathlike vocals as well. The band also mix in some speed, which I surely loved as well. This is a doom lovers dream and didn’t bore me neither. Info:


ROTTING GRAVE/Horrid Pestilence of Death (Death In Pieces Records) This isn’t mind blowing, but it is not awful neither. Pretty standard fast, blasting death metal with plenty of blast beats and speed and decent death metal vocals. As with many other death metal bands making the rounds these days, it is the songs aren’t super memorable and just lack that killer punch of band early Death, Poison, Immolation, Incantation, ect. The production isn’t bad and like I said it isn’t super bad, but the band just need to work on their song writing a bit. Info:


KRYPTS/Cadaver Circulation (Dark Descent Records) Whikle not iriginal, this is absolute crushing death metal with tons of speed and slow, doomy parts that will please any fan of death metal. Low death vocals that totally fit the music and the guitar sound is just crushing and this will just have the horns up and you saying, “finally a real death metal band” and trust me you will enjoy what this band is offering. Info:


POWER FROM HELL/Profound Evil Presence (High Roller Records) This is a blackened thrash band from Portugal and the music is thrash and the vocals are more in the black metal vein. Does it work? Sure it does, but the songs are not memorable or strong and that is the downfall on this. The songs plod along and for me thrash metal is about riffs, and speed to a point and the riffs have to be catchy, and on this they weren’t and it pretty much bored me, even though the vocals were good and solid. Info:

Video clip:

Label info:

DAEMONI/Black Tyrant (Goathorned Productions) This was ok black metal as they just sound like so many other bands before them, but the music at least wasn’t super generic and the vocals were decent and the songs I could slightly get into as well. They play a little more melodic than some of the other black metal bands making the rounds and that was cool in my book as well. Production wasn’t bad neither and if you like your black metal not a million miles an hour all the time, you might enjoy this. Info:


BARBARIAN/To No God Shall I Kneel (Hells Headbangers) I usually like stuff from this label, but this I wasn’t digging too much. Sort of like a bad, thrashy Motorhead (bass wise) with some not so good songs. The tunes weren’t catchy and they just kinda played on with no direction. Info:


DENIAL OF GOD/The Shapeless Mass (Osmose Productions /Hells Headbangers) This band has been around for what seems to be forever and they return with 4 crushing songs of black metal. Vocals are a lover of black metal dream and the tunes never bore you and just totally crush. Fast yes, but not a wall of noise like many others and they mix up the speed with some slower parts and this is well worth checking out and this is one band that won’t let you down. Info:


NUCLEUS/Entity (Unspeakable Axe Records) Pretty cool death metal band here with some wicked, catchy riffs, solid death metal vocals, and plenty of speed as well. The songs just will knock you over and also don’t sound generic or horrible like a bunch of other bands that are making the rounds these days. This is totally crushing and you will love this if your into death metal. Info:


ENTERFIRE/Slave Of Time (Self Released) This is some melodic, but fast thrash metal that I thought was kinda cool. There is no nu-metal in the mix and it is just catchy, fast thrash riffs with a good singer. The production is really good as well and the guitar sound is awesome and you will be nodding along to this music in no time. Check these guys for sure. Info:


WAR CURSE/Eradication (Svart Records) This is newer style thrash metal and I wasn’t into much. The songs are catchy and all, but it has that sort of that Pantera sound mixed in with it and that was a turn off for me.


DEFIXION/Tabella Defixionis (Xtreem Music) Fast, pounding, in your face death metal that hits hard and just with make any fan of death metal happy. The guitar sound crushes big time and I love it and the intensity is second to none. The speed is right on the money and the vocals are awesome as well. Death metal at it’s finest. Info:


EVIL ANGEL/Unholy Evil Metal (Hells Headbangers) A raw as fuck display of old school death metal that totally crushes. Fast as hell music, but still catchy, with vocals from hell and the vocals are awesome. The music is a pure 80’s style death metal delight The feeling that this band gets off this release is just unreal and it will bring you back to the golden old days of the underground. A total old school production too and this will make any fan of death metal happy big time. Sample track and ordering info is below:



ANCIENT TORMENT/Satan's Legacy Come Flesh (Eternal Death) Totally ripping raw death metal that will tear you into pieces. Vocals are a pure death metal delight and are sung with a ton of passion and feeling as is the music. The music is just a fast old school death metal delight that any fan of real death metal will enjoy. Great guitar sound too as it just will have you totally into it and the speed I just love. This is also doesn’t get boring and this is death metal done the right way. Info:


DEATH ANGEL/Humanicide (Nuclear Blast Records) Oh this new Death Angel release is awesome. A total thrash metal classic no doubt. A speedy thrash metal style with lots of catchy riffs and power mixed in with it along with great vocals. The songs on this are totally incredible and it is good to see this band return and put out a great release and not some awful generic release. I was playing air guitar within 2 minutes and was just into this big time. Vocals are great and this is a fantastic comeback release and the band totally did a marvelous job on this. Info:


CROM DUBH/Firebrands and Ashes (Ván Records) Boring, generic black metal with horrible riffs and song arrangements and generic vocals. The singer just goes through the motions on this and doesn’t sound convincing and the music is just below average death/black metal and this band adds nothing new to the scene at all. Forget this band. Info:


Orbstruct/Phobos Rising (Self-Released) Typical Cannibal Corpse metal with the same low vocals and fast death metal attack. The problem with this is by song # 3 I was growing totally bored because if I want Cannibal Corpse I can go and pull one of their records out, not a clone band. Avoid.


ENCOFFINATION/We Proclaim Your Death O' Lord (Selfmadegod Records) Crushing death/doom with plenty of slow, sadlike riffs to have you nodding your head along and some of the sickest death metal vocals. The band don’t always play slow which was a welcome break for me as I am not a 100% fan of doom metal, but this was some pretty powerful shit I must say. I love the vocals, ultra powerful and I could feel it big time. The faster parts are a pure death metal delight so you get the best of both worlds on this everyone. Info:


HELLGOAT/Death Conquers All (Boris Records) This originally came out in 2011 and now it sees a re-release on vinyl only by the above label. This is fast and furious black metal and sounded good to my ears. A very sick singer and just crushing black metal sounds made this a pleasure to listen to, Wicked riffs and fast pounding drums and this just will get you in a black metal mood no doubt. The production also helps as this just doesn’t sound like a wall of noise or some generic black metal band just making the rounds sounding like everyone else. I could feel the power and energy of this band and it crushes. Info:


BASTARDIZER/Dawn of Domination (Evil Spell Records/Undercover) An absolute great slab of thrash metal with some old Celtic Frost sounds mixed and boy does it sound awesome. The riffs and song arrangements will have you head moving in no time and the guitar sound is perfect and just a total speed and power fest. I love the guitar sound as it will just have your head banging in no time and this is just a metal attack that is not to be missed and trust me your neck and head will appreciate it. Info:


BRUTAL ORDER/Homo Homini Lupus (Self Released) Some Bay Area Exodus style thrash on this band’s release. Those razor sharp riffs get me every time and this band is no exception. The music is prime time thrash and not Pantera like, no this is 80’s style thrash and it is really good. The singer reminds me of Russ from Forbidden and the music in the Exodus vein and it is quite a twosome. Great guitar sound and production on this and this band did a fantastic job on this. Info:


EMBALMER/Embalmed Alive (Hells Headbangers) This is a live release by this crushing death metal outfit and for a live release, the sound is fantastic. A total wicked guitar sound as well as the vocals. The band slow it down to an almost doom sound and then break into a total speed warp that had me playing air drums. If you like Incantation, you will do back flips over this band I can tell you that. Just prepare to be knocked over and then some. Info:


BURIAL/Relinquished Souls (Redefining Darkness Records) This is an older release and even though it has been re-issued before, this label is re-issuing it again. This is straight forward no frills fast death metal that goes right down the middle. Punishing riffs and a total speed attack that I enjoyed quite a lot. Good, solid, non generic death metal vocals that I also got into a lot and the guitar sound on this is totally killer. The production is solid as well and if you missed this or have heard of this band and you’re a death metal fan, well give them a listen. Info:


THE CRUCIFIER/Voices In My Head (Punishment 18 Records) This is just a total perfect mix of hardcore and metal and is just a total perfect metalcore band. This is no Pantera or nu metal shit, this is more in line with what Sick of It All, DRI, and the debut of The Crumbsuckers was doing back in the later 80’s. Shouted, pissed off, but not in a nu metal style vocals along with blistering speed and power behind it. Great production keeps that 80’s feel and style and hell I thought I was back at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ again. Awesome release. Info:


RAVENSIREA/Stone Engraved in Red (Cruz Del Sur Music) This is raw, ass kickin rock n roll with a down and dirty singer who is really good. This is simple, but more than effective riffs and songs that more than get the job done. The songs are very catchy and have plenty of melody to them as well. This band know how to write tunes that’s for sure and riffs and songs that stick in your head and stay there. If you like stuff like AC/DC and just 70’s style rock, here is your band. Info:

DOG BLESS YOU/Banksters (???) This is an alternative rock band and they aren’t a bad one as the material on this is fairly strong and I got into the tunes and the singer had a good, strong voice too. I would say they sound like Foo Fighters if I had to pick a band out and the guitar sound they get is pretty cool too.


VECTIS/The Executioner (Helldprod) 4 tracks of black/thrash metal is the ticket here. The vocals are a bit more in the black metal vein and the music is just fast, raw, and pounding sort of in the vein of Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost. This is far from original, but I still enjoyed it and at least it wasn’t just a wall of noise ha ha. Info:

Sample track:

Order info:


RIPPED TO SHREDS/Demon Scriptures (Pulverised Records) All this is, is Entombed/Dismember sounding music with super low black metal vocals that sound out of place and then they throw in these stupid guitar leads at times. Absolutely worthless and a joke. Info:


Nocturnus AD/Paradox (Profoundlore Records) This band was formed out of the ashes of Noturnus by Mike Browning and he is has come up with quite the death metal release I must say. Using keyboards like Nocturnus, this band takes right up where they left off and the speed, intensity this band uses and has just rips. The keyboards fit right in with the music and Mike’s vocals I love as well. This band will just amaze you if you never heard of Nocturnus and prepare to be blown away big time. This is original and something you will never forget. Info:


ROTTING GRAVE/Horrid Pestilence of Death (Death In Pieces Records) This is a Ep by this death metal band. It is nothing too original, but I didn’t think it was that bad. The music is fast, which I prefer, and it is not just Cannibal Corpse Jr and the singer has a decent voice except when he goes into that screeching mode and a note to bands, screeching vocals to me is not death metal, just sing low and you’ll be fine. The production is good and fine and for death metal this is good. Info:


DEIPHAGO/I, The Devil (Hells Headbangers) Raw as fuck, fast pounding war/black metal is your ticket on this. This pounds, pounds and pounds more. This won’t and doesn’t let up until the last note is played. Hellish vocals that Satan would love I bet. Production has that rawish sound as well. This is their 5th album and 30th year together! Check out the sample track below and prepare to be delivered to hell:

Label info:


BURIAL/Relinquished Souls (Redefining Darkness Records) This is a re-release and it is quite the classic death metal release I must say. Florida death metal lives on as this is fast, powerful and quite meaty on the guitar. Heavy, pounding riffs will slay through your body and the speed and intensity on this will also have you happy this got re-issued. Vocals are throaty and powerful and I could feel the hate and power the singer spewed out as this played on. I love the production and power this band gets out of this and it is well worth getting that’s for sure. Much better than all that crap out there now. Info:


CRUCIFIXION/Paths Less Taken/Raising the Dead (La Caverna Records) The link I was sent expired, but I found the Paths Less Taken release on You Tune and that album came out in 1998 and all the band is, is Cannibal Corpse Jr with the tin can drum sounds and low vocals. Why this label would want to release an exact copy of an established, huge death metal band is beyond me, but if you love C.C., you will love these guys. Info:


DISOWNING/Human Cattle (Xenokorp) Same ole heard before 5 thousand times before death metal with generic riffing and tired growled vocals. I am going to see this band tonight, the band they attempt to sound like (Cannibal Corpse) and the main band do a much better job. Bad my friends bad. Info:


ARES KINGDOM/By the Light of Their Destruction (Nuclear War Now! Productions) Terrible death metal with touches of black metal. This band released their first full length over a decade aco and this to me was just a wall of noise with no purpose at all. The music is faceless and served no purpose and was just a bunch of fast, blazing riffs, but nothing good or catchy about them. Below is a sample track to judge for yourself. Info:

Label info:


RETERNITY/Facing The Demon (MDD Records) This is that gallop/nu metal crap that I can’t stand. It is like happy metal to me and just like Pantera, but not as aggressive and cleaner, less aggressive style vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and the scene doesn’t need another one I’m afraid. Info:


CRUSH THE ORDER/Abhorrent Oblation (Redefining Darkness Records) 3 tracks of prime time death metal played the right way and the production is spot on. I love the guitar sound they get as it will just have that head banging and the singer has a fantastic voice and it was just meant for death metal. This band also doesn’t sound like a million other bands and this is well worth checking out and hell they are from my back yard so to speak so that is extra cool. Info:


FUNERAL STORM/Arcane Mysteries (Hells Headbangers) This features members of the band Varathron, and to say I was not impressed much. Each song has slower and then fast blast beats, but there is no difference in each song and it all sounds like one long tune. The singer isn’t bad, but the music is just one long faceless black metal tune to my ears. Nothing impressive on this I’m afraid. Sample song:


Label info:

CRYPTIC REALMS/Enraptured By Horror (Death in Pieces) The music here is standard death metal played pretty good with John Tardy like vocals and they are actually very strong on this. I can feel his power and the speedy death metal plays behind him. I like the guitar sound a lot and this is far from a generic death metal that is for sure. This just pounds away and hits you hard and if your into the Florida 90’s death metal sound this band is for you. Info:


PAGANFIRE/Play Loud & Fuck The Rest (Self Released) This band calls themselves thrash, I would say they are a mix of thrash and hardcore too as every song is let’s play fast and fast almost like Cryptic Slaughter at times. It’s cool with me because we don’t have any bands like them around much anymore and the production for a demo is good and the blasting sounds they get just rip. The singer, he sings in a hardcore style, not nu metal, but in an old punkish style so to me this is like a crossover band like the old days. Info:


It’s up on You Tube at:


THE PRIMITIVE/7” (Afterworld Records) 4 tunes of pulverizing death metal with plenty of thick riffs to have your head moving and speed and power right behind it. Death metal vocals filled with death and gloom to go right along with the music. The slow, doom like riffs, crush and then you throw in speed into the mix and you have one killer death metal band. The band don’t go all a speed for speed’s sake and mix in the slower parts with the fast parts. The bottom line with this 7” is that you get 4 awesome pure death metal tunes and all 4 rule. Info:


DARKRISE/Circles Of Failure (Punishing Records) There was some stuff I liked on this and some I wasn’t too fond of. Let’s get to the good first. The music is fast and speedy and I liked that part and the guitar sound is cool and the production on this is top notch as well. I didn’t love the vocals, they are kinda in that nu metal style, which is just not the style of singers I am into. The singer is not awful, I just wish he sang with a more death metal style, more like Ross from Immolation or Chuck from Death. I do love the speed and guitar sound this band has, so it is a mixed back for me, but some or most, may not mind. Info:


DIZZY BOX NINE/Pop Fantasy (Trueno Records) I am always a sucker for a pop tune and that is what this band is. A power pop band that writes catchy tunes with a neat little singer whose vocals fit right in with the music. Sort of like The Knack way back when in 1979. I could see a label snatching up these guys some day and hearing them on the radio as the songs are made for pop radio too. Info:


VORTEX OF END/Ardens Fvror (Osmose Productions) Tired, generic, crappy black metal that offers nothing new or anything even good. This band totally sucks. Info:


HOLOCAUSTO/Diário de Guerra (Nuclear War Now! Productions) Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo with nothing of value. A mix of early death metal and some black metal with terrible black metal. The singing is terrible as is the music which offers nothing. Info:

Sample track:

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ANTHROPIC/RUIN-Split (Self Released) Anthropic are pretty cool with their short blasts of death and grind metal with old school vocals and I kinda dig them. Ruin on the other hand are horrible generic bad death metal with bad, terrible songs that didn’t do a thing for me. Info:


EVIL ANGEL/Unholy Evil Metal (Hells Headbangers) Killer old school death/black metal with that raw 80’s sound that many bands don’t get these days. Raw, from the depths of hell vocals that go right along with the music. Ravage riffs that will drag you down into hell and not let you out. This is the kind of band that I heard in the mid 80’s that brought a smile to my face and is real death/black metal not this fake ass crap. Sample track:

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DISORDER/Warmonger Lives! (Divebomb Records) This is classic 80’s style heavy/power metal with a high pitched singer, who didn’t sound bad to my ears. There were lots of these bands around and hell, I was helping manage one at the time called Deadly Blessing. The tunes are all crunchy heavy metal numbers with plenty of bite to them along with a singer who can hit those high notes no doubt on that. He never sounds annoying to me his voice just sort of sucked me in as did the music. Now this isn’t thrash, though it does it get there a bit at times and it for sure isn’t that hair metal crap and is just good ole heavy metal and if your into that style you will love this band I can tell ya that. Info:


EXM93/Urban Far West (Vomit Arcanus Productions) Heard it a million times before melodic black metal with just forgettable tunes. Bands today just don’t get it. Their songs are just so easily forgettable and that is just what turns me off. The singer on this is quite good as he sings his ass off, but the tunes are just faceless and nothing stands out on this at all. Info:


NUCLEAR REVENGE/Let the Tyrants Rise (Evil Spell Records/Undercover Just old school ripping thrash metal with Mille like metal vocals. Short blasts of intense speed and power with a total old school feel no doubt. Memorable tunes and riffs that will tear, rip and shred. Vocals from hell and are powerful and sung from the heart. Production has that old school 80’s feel as well. This is something any fan of old school will love and I for sure do. Like old Kreator? Then you will love this Info:


RAGDOLL SUNDAY/Puritan (Self-Released) This band is described as progressive punk rockers whatever that means. This is far from punk rock has to me is just a modern rock band, but not a bad one though. The singer has a great voice and he sings with a ton of passion and the songs are catchy rock tunes that are a lot better than many signed bands I have heard in the last year. The songs are well crafted rock tunes with catchy riffs and melodic vocals that fit the bill with them. A smart label would snatch these guys up.

OVERT ENEMY/Possession (Confused Records) Terrible nu metal with those Pantera like tough guy vocals and those happy metal riffs and this is just like any of those happy, tough guy thrash bands that came around when Pantera got big. Not surprised they come from Texas they ruin Slayer’s “At Dawn They Sleep too”. Nope not for me. Info:


EVIL BRAIN TASTE/I Am Evil Brain Taste (Self Released) Pretty decent death metal here that doesn’t sound like every other death metal on the planet. Singer has a good solid death metal voice and it’s actually kinda weird, which is a good thing. The music come to think of it, is also kinda weird too. Crunchy death metal riffs that have a sort of doom feeling to it as well and there is just something about this band that will suck you in when you give them a listen. The Ep is streaming on You Tube at:


HOLOCAUSTO/Diário de Guerra (Nuclear War Now! Productions) Sick old school thrash/death metal that never lets up. The speed is like a 100 miles an hour and never lets up. This never takes it fooy off the gas expect for a few spots here and there. Prepare to be driven into the wall when you pop this baby in. The vocals are total onslaught as well as the singer just screams his ears off till he pretty much bleeds. This is like some of those old school demos you would get back in the 80s. Info:

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