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New Reviews - 02/08/07

LAST CRACK/Burning Time (Metal Mind Productions-originally released on Roadracer)
I always thought this was an amazing record and after listening to it again,
I am still inclined to agree. This band was dark, wicked, different and sent
me on a roller coaster ride. The vocals are so emotional and so good it sent me
goosebumps. This band is I guess what you call and alternative band and if
that is what they are, they do a damn good job and I would say they are hands
down the best "alternative" band I have ever heard. This might not be for the
death metal fan, but if your somebody who likes deep, dark music that will have
your head spinning, here ya go. I can't recommend this enough. Info:

LAST CRACK/Sinister Funkhouse # 17 (Metal Mind Productions-originally released on Roadracer) While this isn't as good as the release right up above, it is still a pretty
solid release. I had never heard this before and it is a bit more tempo and
less of a mood than the above release. The band still write some crazy off the
wall riffs and song arrangements you can believe that. There is also a bit more
of a thrashy, more metal sound to this release. Both of these releases are
absolute musts to pick up if you want to hear an original band that will take
you on a musical ride you won't soon forget. Info:

REALM/Endless War
(Metal Mind Productions-originally released by Roadracer)
This is more thrashy than the band's other release, which is reviewed above.
The band have a more bay area crunch with clear vocals on this release. I like
both, but prefer this one. This band can rip out the thrash riffs with the
best of them and in no time was my neck snapping and getting into this baby big
time. This is real thrash not that nu-metal Oz fest crap. It is great that
these releases are seeing the light of day so that a new generation of fans can
enjoy this godly music. Info:

DESTRUCTION/Thrash Anthems (Candlelight Music) Destruction have been one of
my favorite bands and they usually deliver the goods and once again they do it.
This is a release of them doing covers of songs spanning their whole career
and they even do some songs when Schmier was not in the band such as "Cracked
Brain" The songs sound great and the band rip through tune after tune of some
of their classics. The songs do sound a bit more modern, but hey that is to be
expected. All I know is when you listen to these songs re done you just know
how much the band has meant to the underground over the years. Any fan of the
band will not be disappointed and the band doesn't change much around and the
only think different will be the better production on these. Info:

ABIGAL WILLIAMS/Legend (Candlelight Records) This is a 5 song EP and it isn't
too bad. The band mix in black metal, groove and At The Gates death metal.
The production is heavy and thank god the band don't do the tough guy groove or
vocal stuff. The band just mix in enough of each style to keep this from
getting stale. The band can write some wicked riffs and I look forward to
hearing the full length from this band. Info:

FIFTY CALIBER KISS/Armor Class Invincible (MVD) This was some warped, fucked
up shit. The band mix in some old Pantera with some down n dirty metal with
some trashy vocals to boot. The band isn't groove, it's not thrash or death
metal, it's crazy metal ha ha. The band use those screaming tough guy vocals
that I fuckin hate, but the music is warpy in spots. This is a band you will either
love or hate. You choose. Info:

GORETRADE/Perception Of Hate (Displeased Records) Typical Cannibal
Corpse/Suffocation grind/death metal with the cupped vocals, the blazing speed,
and every other cliche riff and style that those bands and their copy cats have
used. Nothing of value I found here. Info:

PAIN OF SALVATION/Scarsick (Inside Out Music) This was groove dance style
metal and while I am not a fan of this style at all, this was better than some
of the bands doing this style. They just have this weird guitar style to the
songs that kinda made this enjoyable. I think that and the lack of the tough guy
vocals made it more of a nice listening experience.


WARREN APPLEBY/Soul Crushing Discipline (Madkar Records) Warren was the
singer in Black Task many moons (even before Metal Core was born) and here I
have a solo release he put out. It is not speedy thrash like Blacktask, nor did I
expect it to be. He plays all the instruments in this all instrumental affair.
The music reminds me of early Metallica in spots with some UFO (who rule by
the way) mixed in. The songs are crunchy and metal in nature and are quite a
pleasure listening too. The music is catchy and Warren can write some fantastic
riffs and stuff. I have not heard the other solo stuff, but this rocks. Info:

BLACK TASK/Long After Midnight (Madkar Records) Oh did I feel like a kid
again when I got my hands on this baby. The Empire Rock Club lives on. I have
had this on vinyl, but never had a chance to play it till now. Warren had
re-released his old band's first and only release on CD baby. Also included are
the band's demo and EP, both of which KILL. Black Task played speedy, raw, in your
face thrash metal and they were one of the best bands I have ever heard. I saw
them live many times and they crushed every time. I was wondering why Axe
Killer (they originally released this) had not re-issued it. The album is not as
speedy as the demo and EP, but it still kills nevertheless. Black Task's music
still sounds great today and it is great that Warren made this available and
it is a shame they never got bigger than they did, cause they were one of the
best thrash band's of the 80's bar none. Buy this, worship it, kiss it and bow
to Black Task. Look for an interview with Warren soon. Info:

GUILT BY ASSOCIATION/Living In Silence (Monroe Entertainment Group) This was
a metal groove band with clean and tough guy vocals. They aren't as band as
most of the bands of this style, I think it was due again to the less use of the
tough guy fronted vocals. The singer has a clean voice, but it is unlike any
other I have ever heard. The band also don't have every riff be groove, which
was a positive thing. The production was very good as well. Not bad for what
it is. Info:

PHAZM/Antebellum Death N Roll (Osmose Productions) This band was pretty cool
and different. I was thinking this was kinda be some generic black metal
band, but no this was a mix of death, black and dark metal. The music is both
fast and mid paced and the fast parts crush. The production is thick and the
guitar sound is monster big. The more this played on the wackier and crazy it
got. Not your typical band and a DVD was also included of a full live show. Worth
the money for sure. You can get this from the End Records. Info:

MELECHESH/Emissaries (Osmose Productions) Pretty cool black/thrash metal
combo is the ticket here. The band combine the 2 styles and it makes for quite a
release. The band use the atmosphere of black metal with the speed of thrash
metal. The vocals are screaming black metal and are quite good. The riffs and
song structures work rather well too. Just a wicked fast blasting experience of
the best of black and thrash metal and this band can play fuckin fast and
they blast parts rule all. You can get this from The End Records. Info:

FALLEN SANCTUARY/Theories Of Ruin (Self Released) An awesome 10 song affair
here. 10 pure petal to the metal tunes that are true down to the spiked gloves
and screaming, roaring metal vocals. This is done by 2 guys and they need a
huge pat on the back as this is one monster release. Just awesome pure metal
tunes with bits and pieces of power metal thrown in for good measure. The singer
reeks back to the days past of those great 80's metal singers with the
powerful voices and the high pitched screams. The production is on the money and
anybody that is sick of trends and just wants something that is 100% non generic
metal, here ya go. Info:

PIGSKIN/Exposed To Threat (Self Released) Excellent thrash metal is the
ticket here. Razor sharp riffing along with some throaty death metal vocals is
what you will find here. The band are a bit like older Pantera, but have a bit of
a more thrashier side to them. Info:

OVERLOADED/Same (Self Released) More heavy metal with a bit of boogie to it.
Think Nazareth meeting modern power metal meeting old Black Sabbath. The
production reminds me of those early rock n roll records of the 70's. The band
can crank out some killer tunes with plenty of melody and hooks. The band also
have a more mellow side as one of the early tracks shows a softer side, but
actually is played with such feeling and passion it is my favorite tune on this
disc. This band just comes and kicks your ass straight up with no gimmicks or
flash. Pure rock n roll metal head on. Brilliant release. Info:

EB11/She (Self Released) An EP that will be out in early 2007 and this is a
one man band and not a bad one. The guy plays modern radio friendly rock n roll
with some decent hooks and singing. His voice fits the music and his voice
isn't bad and fits what he is doing. The music is like Train and bands of that
nature, with hooks and melody to hook you in. This is god what it is and I
would like to hear more. Info:

DEAD SYNDICATE/The Carrion Creed (Black Morning Star Records) This is modern
groove death metal and is not very good. The band play speedy death metal with
the typical death metal breakdown groove parts and then have speed parts and
the vocals are generic death metal growl vocals that have been done to friggin
death. Another faceless death metal band in my book. Info:

NOVEMBERS DOOM/The Novella Reser Voir (The End Records) This band used to be
an all out doom metal band, but now they have gone beyond that and have mixed
a more up tempo style with the doom overtones. The band is still as heavy as
fuck and I think the added up tempo stuff works for this band and adds to the
heaviness. The production is thick and meaty and the vocals are growls of
death. The band add a touch of melody in spots and I would have to say this is
another solid, quality release from this band. Info:

LAETHORA/March Of The Parasite (The End Records) While not original, this
packs quite the punch. Fast death metal is the ticket here. The band can write
some good, fast catchy riffs and the production and singing isn't bad neither.
The band do take their foot off the speed dial at times and then let loose with
more speed. This is almost death/grind in nature and not a bad release. Info:

RHINO BUCKET/Pain & Suffering (Acetate Records) This is a re-release of this
band's record from a few years back. Rhino Bucket were a blues rock n roll
band that yeah sounded a lot like AC/DC. And since AC/DC is my favorite band of
all time, I liked this for what it was. The band play simple, but effective
blues rock n roll that if you like older AC/DC you will do backflips over this.
The singer even sounds like bon Scott at times and there is a some bonus
tracks on this too. Nasty down n dirty rock n roll still lives on. Info:

MALSTROM/The World Will Be Lost (Self Released) Some good solid death metal
is the ticket here. The band play with fury and speed most of the time and for
them it is a good thing, as I thought the fast parts crushed. The production
is thick and heavy and the singing is solid death metal growls. I could see
this band getting signed off this. Info:

RHINO BUCKET/No Song Left Behind (Acetate Records) This is a compilation of
some live stuff, demo stuff and unreleased tracks. As I was listening to this,
I was wondering why the hell these songs were left off the original 2 releases
this band did as these songs kicked my boogie ass. This is more what you
expect from this band, blues based ass kicking rock n roll. The band says there
2 out of print releases may never see the light of day, well until then, pick
this up. Rock n roll lives. Info:

XENTRIX/Shattered Existence (Metal Mind Productions-originally released on
Roadracer) This is one of those re-releases, which was originally put out by
Roadracer Records. This is godly thrash all the way. This also includes the
band's rare 3 track EP as well. This is pure 100% old school bay area style
thrash with tons of hooks and thrash metal aggressive singing. Each track is killer
with no filler and if you missed this the 1st time around, don't be a fool and
miss it a 2nd time. Pure heaven for the thrash metal fan such as myself. The
'Ghostbusters" cover tune is priceless. Info:

CRIMSON GLORY/Strange And Beautiful (Metal Mind Productions-originally
released by Roadracer) Another Roadracer re-issue is what we have here. I was
never a big fan of these guys back in the day and after listening to this I still
haven't changed my mind, but I will say this, this was better than I thought it
would be. This band play heavy metal with a touch of power metal with some big
voice style vocals. The band do sound tight, but I just am not into the songs
and I don't like the vocals, but that is just my ears and my opinion. Info:

DISINCARNATE/Dreams Of The Carrion King (Metal Mind Productions) This was
originally on Roadracer and if you don't own this puppy, you better find a way
to get it. Ear splitting pure death metal with some of the most vicious riffs
this side of the Atlantic. The vocals still sound fresh today and they are
loud, powerful and pure hate filled death. The riffs are godly and will match up
to any of today's band I assure you. This is the only release from the band and
trust me this is one death metal release you will want. Info:

REALM/Suiciety (Metal Mind Productions-originally released b y Roadracer)
Another Roadracer re-issue here. This band put out 2 albums of some power metal
meets thrash metal with melody mixed in to boot. The band played old school
thrash with more of a metal edge and concentrated more on melody than speed.
Hey, this was cool in my book as they didn't sound like every Bay Area thrash
band. The vocals I like, though those who don't like the high pitch style won't
be doing back flips over this. I think this is a really good release and the
Beatles cover is one of the best covers of all time no doubt. This band is 99%
better than those copy cat power metal bands of today. Info:

XENTRIX/For Whose Advantage (Metal Mind Productions-originally released by
Roadracer) Yes another Roadracer re-issue. This is another release from this
band and while not as fast as the other release, it is still some quality thrash
metal. The band mix in a little more melodic style and don't have as much
speed as back in the day a lot of the thrash bands started losing the speed. The
vocals are aggressive thrash metal vocals and the production is thick and
heavy and you also get an EP as bonus tracks. If your into some England style
thrash, here ya go. Another winner from Metal Mind. Info:

LORDI/The Arockalypse (The End Records) This isn't some Gwar rip off. The
band may dress like them, but they are more of in the rock/metal vein. This band
play rock/metal with a bit of a vicious edge to them and this wasn't too bad.
The tunes are catchy numbers with some aggressive vocals, but you can still
understand what he is saying. The production is bottom end heavy and this was
like a combo of Kiss meeting Twisted Sister meeting rock/metal. Not bad at all.

A FAILED ESCAPE/Getting To Know Beatrice Pheasant (Failure Records) This is
some really cool thrash/hardcore. The vocals are shouted hardcore style. The
band don't use a lot of groove and the fast parts are pure blazing
hardcore/grind. The production is thick and solid as well. This band is
improving with each release. I bet they crush live. Info:

SULPHUR/Cursed Madness (Osmose Productions) Decent death/black metal. The
band play fast most of the time, but the vocals and music get a little boring at
times. The production is thick and heavy and the fast blazing parts are a
thrill to listen too. The band use some keyboards here and there and this wasn't
a bad combo of death/black metal. Info:

VEHEMENTER NOS/Self Titled (Osmose Productions) This was ok black metal. The
music is at times super fast black metal and it has feeling to it not a lot
of bands can do. The production is thick and bottom end heavy and there is some
slow almost folk like parts too. This isn't a typical black metal release and
the vocals are far from generic black metal screeching too. It grew on me
with repeated listens. Info:

DOWNLORD/Random Dictionary Of The Damned (Open Grave Records) Some fast
straight ahead death metal with the gruffy death metal vocals. The band play
fast most of the time and some of it even goes in the grind vein at times. The
production is decent and the songs aren't too bad, but the band should slow it
down just a tad and they would be that much better for it. Info:

COMMON GRAVE/Dehumanized (Twilight Records) A wicked combo of pure death
metal mixed in with a taste of thrash made for a very enjoyable listening
experience. The production is nice and thick and the guitar sound this band uses
is awesome as well as the riffs. The band mix up the tempo and the fast parts will
crush you in your path. This is a great release and is sure to please any fan
who wants quality death metal. Info:

WUTHERING HEIGHTS/The Shadow Cabinet (Sensory) This was some really good
power metal with lots of killer riffs and soaring, impressive vocals. The singer
has a clear, but aggressive voice and sings the hell out of these tunes. The
band chart into the progressive power metal side of the river, but the riffs are
so damn catchy and heavy I was loving life. The singer does remind me of
Ronnie James Dio just a bit, but he sings the songs with such passion and force
that you will have to be impressed. As a bonus you get a 2nd disc of the band's
2004 Prop Power fest from 2004. 2 discs how can you go wrong. Info:

ATROCITY/Contaminated (Open Grave Records) This is the Atrocity from Conn.
This is alternative versions of songs released back in 1990. This is raw,
crude, fast, unrelenting and I love it. The band just rip through tune after
tune with passion and emotion that lacks in a lot of today's bands. This band is
also back with the original line-up and if they can come up with the goods like
on this release the underground is in for a real treat. This is real death
metal the way it was meant to be. Info:

ZNOWHITE/Act Of God (Metal Mind Productions-originally release by Roadracer Records)
This is a one of the many re-issues that Metal Mind has put out and it is
another killer thrash release that they have decided to put out. Just listening
to this gem brought back many memories. This is one of the best speed/thrash
releases ever put out. Just listen to track after track and those fuckin godly
riffs and some of the best female vocals your ears will ever hear. The guitar
crunch and intensity will have your neck snappin like it has never snapped
before. This is band played with emotion and feeling, which is missing in
today's bands. This stuff is the real deal and still to this day blows away 99% of the
music being released today. Find this, take a trip back in time and prepare
for your neck to get a workout. Info:

PESTILENCE/The Very Best of(Metal Mind Productions-originally released on
Roadracer Records) You have heard the name and you are not sure which CD from
them to check out. Well, here is a best of from the band and even if you have
all 4 of their releases, you will want some of the live tunes that is on this
baby. This band played some of the most crushing death metal I have ever heard
on their early stuff and then branched out in a more progressive, but still
brutal vein. This still sounds fresh as it did many moons ago. The vocals are
pure emotional death metal and the sound this band got is unmatched. Again
sounding like a broken record, this band and the bands of yesterday played with
feeling and emotion that lacks in today's bands. You also get a video clip so
if your not familiar with this band it is time to get familiar and you can start
with this baby. Info:

SADUS/Chemical Exposure (Metal Mind Productions-originally released on Roadracer)
This is a re-release of the band's 1st release which came out in 1987. This
is total speed/thrash metal at it's finest. Just listen to the chaotic out of
control riffs and vocals. This band was one of the most original bands back in
the day and they still are today. This was one whale of a speed album back
then. Just nasty speed riff after speed riff played with the speed and power not
matched by many. The sound they got was original. The vocals were off the
wall and sound like nobody else on this earth. Forget these nu-metal bands and
go with the best, go with this band and their debut and then collect the rest. Info:

TOXIC/Think This (Metal Mind Productions-originally released on Roadracer)
This band only put out 2 albums, but what 2 albums they are. This is the
band's 2nd and it a little less thrashy than their debut and a bit more of the
technical side, but who gives a rat's ass when the music is that damn good. This
band came out in the late 80's and played tasteful progressive thrash metal
with lots of hooks and clean piercing vocals. The production was perfect, a
somewhat raw, but nevertheless heavy style. The music doesn't go over your head
and the thrashy double bass parts had my heart melting. This band in my opinion
blows away bands like Omen, Fates Warning, etc and they were one of the best
progressive thrashy style bands back then and still are to this day. Info:

SADUS/A Vision Of Misery (Metal Mind Productions-released originally on Roadracer)
This is the 3rd release from this band and it is another splendid display of
the best in speed/thrash metal. The band were still playing as fast as ever,
but with a bit more technical style and not just a re hash of stuff on their
1st release. The music on this is no less fast and intense and the screaming
thrashy vocals are still there big time. This band got amazing productions back
then and the feeling, intensity, emotion that these guys played with and still
do today is with us on this baby. You also get 2 bonus tracks from their
famous 'Death To Posers" demo (which I still have and was sent for me to review
back in 1987!). Trust me when I say that this is one of the best bands that the
underground ever produced. Info:

GORGUTS/Considered Dead (Metal Mind Productions-originally released on Roadracer)
Gorguts were a band from Canada and put out a few albums in the early 90's
when the death metal explosion was going strong. The band played semi technical
death metal sort of in the vein of older Death and concentrated more on a
brutal mid paced sound than just blasting away and trust me they weren't any
less brutal for not playing a million miles an hour. The vocals were awesome death
metal dying man vocals and the guitar sound they got was mint. When they hit
the speed button it was real blasts not these cheezy tin can crap we get today.
This band is missed and the 2 releases that they put are worth hunting down
and getting as they blow away 99% of the crap today without fail. Info:

SADUS/Swallowed In Black (Metal Mind Productions-originally released by Roadracer)
This is the 2nd release from this band and like the other 2 it is chock full
of speed, intensity, wicked rhythms, and off time changes that made this band
into one of the best bands the underground has to offer. The also has 2 bonus
tracks from the bands, "Death To Posers" demo as well. The music is intense,
fast, rip roaring and unlike any other band. The singing is screaming and is
unlike any other singer. The band got into a bit of a progressive style in spots
on this release, but I didn't mind cause it was cool they just didn't do a re
hash of their 1st release. If you missed this the 1st time around, trust me
pick this up and check out one of the most underrated bands in the underground.
Yeah they are that damn good. Info:

GORGUTS/The Erosion Of Sanity (Metal Mind Productions-originally released on
Roadracer) This is the band's 2nd effort and while reading the bio and seeing
where Luc went, etc I can see why this alum sounds the way it does. This came
out I believe in 1991 the height of the death metal explosion. This has the
Morrisound Studio Sound (the studio from FL). This is like a combo of
Suffocation meets Morbid Angel meets Death. The guitar sound just rips and the
blast beats are real, not fake or cheezy. The vocals are pure death metal sort of like
Ross from Immolation. I guess some people didn't get some of the complex
riffing and just wanted speed, but after hearing this for the 1st time in
probably 15 years, I really liked this and what the band is doing on this. The speed is
there, but the slower mid paced parts kill just as much as the fast parts.
The riffs didn't go over my head and the production and sound were right on the
money. The band got dropped by the label and went through line-up changes and
other stuff. That is too bad, but you can re visit these guys and they will be
like a great long lost friend. 2 bonus tracks that are from the pre
production to this release are on here as well. Info:

TOXIK/Think This (Metal Mind Productions-originally released on Roadracer)

I was like a little baby getting his milk bottle back when I played this.
God I remember getting a promo of this from Roadracer on vinyl way back when.
Some people didn't like the high pitched vocals that the singer sang, but for
me I thought they were different, cool and didn't bother me one bit. The music
was a thrash/power metal lover's dream sort of like Agent Steel, who was also
around at the time. The band had an original sound to them and they wrote some
of the most wicked riffs I had heard up to at the time. The music still
sounds fresh today as it did back then. I think it is great all these old
releases are back in print so you don't have to go to EBay and spend a ton of money on
this stuff. This will make an old school underground metal lover such as
myself jump for joy and I hope some of you newer fans decide and check this band
out too as they weren't some fly by night band and be sure to pick up their 2nd
release too reviewed elsewhere. Info:

XENTRIX/Kin (Metal Mind Productions-originally released by Roadracer) I liked
this band's 1st release, but can't get into this to my ears this was just
boring 3rd rate thrash metal. No speed, no aggression, no nothing. This is what
killed thrash as all the bands wanted to be the next Metallica and lost all the
speed and aggressiveness that they once had. I understand not ever song is
gonna be fast, but when song after song is mid paced and slow, it gets boring at
least to my ears. Some bands call it progressing, I call it selling out.
Sadly, this just didn't a thing for me as I feel it is 3rd rate bad thrash.

OBITUARY/Frozen Alive DVD (Metal Mind) This is a 2004 concert from this band
and what a concert it is. The band rips through a full 23 song set with
material from almost all of their releases. The sound and camera work is superb
and you almost feel like your in the front row. The band also sound tight as fuck
and this will please any fan of death metal. Extras includes more videos,
interviews with the band and other goodies. Info:

SINISTER/Prophecies Denied DVD (Metal Mind) A pure death metal masterpiece.
160 minutes of 100% real death metal. This is from a 2006 concert from Poland.
15 tracks here and tons of extras as you get almost 3 hours of music. The
sound is great and the camera work is A plus. You get bootleg videos from 5
other shows as well as a band interview. Buy or die. Info:

CRIMSON GLORY/Astrononica (Metal Mind) I was never a big fan of this band
and after listening to this I still hold that opinion. This band I feel wrote
boring heavy metal with a bit of a progressive edge with really bad screamed,
clear like vocals. There is a bonus disc of live songs as well, but this band
isn't for me. Info:

DOMINICI/O3 A Trilogy Part 2 (Inside Out Music) This is the former singer of
Dream Theatre's band and he shines on this release. The music is melodic
power metal and to my ears this sounds better than what he is old band has been
doing the past few years. Nice thick production, wicked time changes, and great
vocals will make this a progressive metal fan's dream. Not a bad song in the
bunch and this is one release you'll want and treasure when you do. Info:

ONSLAUGHT/Killing Peace (Candlelight Records) Holy shit did this baby knock
for a loop. Just pure gallop thrash metal that had me rockin in seconds. This
band is back and back in a big way. This is the original line-up and they have
put one hell of a comeback album let me tell ya. The vocals are thrash metal
style with just a tad of death metal to them. The riffs are god like in nature
and had my heading banging in seconds. The production is thick and the guitar
sound plain rules. This will be a top 20 of 2007 in my eyes I am sure and we
aren't even in spring yet. Info:

GRAVE/Enraptured DVD (Metal Mind) I can't take these DVD's anymore. Grave
will slay, crush, maim and destroy you. 18 tracks of low tuned, brutal death
metal as only this band can do. The production is perfect down to the last
bloody death metal riff. This is not for the weak minded and blows away all those
groove death metal bands. The cameras lets you feel as though you are there. You
also get bonus videos as well. Info:

METAL DARKSIDE II The Deadly Disturbed DVD (Metal Mind) Jasmine ST. Claire
interviews Shadow's Fall, Exodus, Suffocation and a few other bands. The
interviews are basic questions and while Jasmine looks hot, I didn't find the
interviews anything of value. The band videos are kinda cool, but they need to
get Jasmine some better questions to ask these bands. Info:

IMPALER/House Band At The Funeral Parlor (Metal Mind) This has 2 shows from
the band, one old and one new. The show from 1984 is raw, way raw, but it shows
that the band are not some fly by night project as they are still around over
20 yrs later. The leather and spikes and blood look was the big thing back in
the day. There is also some cable show videos and interviews as well. This
shock rock/metal band has been around a long time and I really liked the old
stuff, but overall the DVD was a nice view. Info:

ZANDELLE/Vengeance Rising (LMP) I thought I was listening to Deadly Blessing
when I popped this in. This is excellent, well played power metal with some
clean, but aggressive vocals. The band also borders on thrash at times, which
was fine by me. 11 songs and not a bad one in the bunch. This is not generic
progressive/power metal that has been on more than a few release this past year.

DUSTSUCKER/Jack Knife Rendezvous (LMP) This was ok. The band played music in
the vein of Motorhead with more of a hardcore type of singer. The songs kinds
bored me and just didn't click with me. I didn't like the vocals and thought
the music was just ok. If you like Motorhead you might find this a worthy
purchase, but it's not for me. Info:

DOMAIN/Star Dawn (LMP) More good power metal from this label on this
particular release. The band do a killer cover of Chris Deburg's 'Don't Pay The
Ferryman" and I love this singer as he has a great clean, clear voice, but he is
also powerful and he is perfect for this sort of band. The band play power metal
that is anything but typical too. The band also throw in a nice balled and
some boogie and a 25 minute epic as well. Something for everybody and worth more
than just a glance. Info:

PESTILENCE/Chronicles Of The Scovrce (Metal War Productions) This is put out
by my friends Karen and Spencer and you know when they release something it is
going to crush and crush this does. This is a CD of Pestilence playing to
live shows as well as a bonus disc of rehearsal's. The CD clocks in at over 75
minutes so you will get plenty of songs as only this band can do. The sound
quality isn't bad and the band just rip through 2 complete sets of pure death
metal. This band always had a special place in my heart and it was great hearing
them tear it up live on this disc. This is not for the fan that likes that
groove shit of jump metal. This is for the real death metal fan that likes and
craves real death metal and it put out by 2 people who like me, hold up the old
school underground flag. Wave it high Karen and Spencer, you both deserve it.

DOWN RIVER/Seld Titled (Self Released) This was some pretty cool metal that
this band played. The band reminded me of Kyuss musicwise, but not vocalwise.
The music is low tuned down old Black Sabbath like in certain parts and the old
school production just made this band heavier than fuck. The vocals are sort
of like Danzig a bit, but really he has a fantastic voice and fits what this
band is doing. If I had a label I would snap these guys up in a minute as this
is some kick ass shit. Info:

RIVERHEAD/Self Titled (Self Released) This was a good example of modern metal
played well. The band sound a bit like Metallica, but with more of an edge
and more aggressive than what they are up too nowadays. The vocals are a bit in
the tough guy style, but the guy singing has a more melodic edge and doesn't
sound generic here at all. The tunes are bone crushing tunes that I bet go over
a storm live. This isn't one of those Oz fest bands, but they are one of the
few modern metal bands that I think is different and doing something new and
exiting and if this band can't get signed, then these labels need to wake up
and smell the coffee. Info:

FREYA/Lift The Curse (Victory Records) This surprised me as this is way more
metal than most of the stuff on this label. The guitar has the awesome Swedish
sound ala Entombed and this band puts that to good use as they rip out bone
crushing death metal riff after death metal riff. The vocals are pure death
metal and the fast parts just ripped me in 2. The production if perfect and the
guitar is perfectly placed and this is probably the best thing I have ever
heard on Victory Records. Just an unholy display of pure death metal with no
dance parts ha ha. Info:

BENEATH THE SKY/What Demons Do To Saints (Victory Records) More death metal
from this label. This is another pretty good band, though some of the screamed
vocals got on my nerves at times. The music was bone hitting death metal with
some good song arrangements. The singer is pretty good at the death metal
growls, but then ruins it when he goes into the high pitched screaming parts,
which has been done to death and this band does not need that. Info:

A DAY TO REMEMBER/For Those Who Have Heart (Victory Records) This wasn't too
bad until the band went into that dual vocal style, which has just been
overdone to death. The singer has a really good voice, but when the band goes
into the dual sound with the death metal vocals, it just sounds generic as so many
other bands have done it to death. If you can look past that, then this was a
decent death metal release, but I liked the other 2 better. Info:

ATROPHY/Socialized Hate (Metal Mind-originally released by Roadracer) I
remember this band well as saw them play a show up at Escapades in Jersey City,
NJ in front of like 13 people and I had wrote the band a few times and I hung out
with them and even got a free shirt from the band! Anyway it was nice to see
these 2 releases from the band back in print as they played some godly thrash
metal music with social conscious lyrics. The singing is totally original as
was this band and it a shame they only put out 2 albums. This is the more
thrashier and faster of the 2, but they are both must haves. Buy this and see
why this band put (at the time) out a bunch of the other wanna be thrash bands to shame.
You also get 2 bonus demo tracks and a bootleg video. What are you waiting
for? Info:


ATROPHY/Violent By Nature (Metal Mind-originally released by Roadracer) Oh my
is this an incredible release. This might be a little less speed wise than
the bands debut, but it still packs a wallop. The social conscious lyrics are
abound and the band used a bit more melody in some of the songs and for them I
think it was better as I like this release better than the debut! The riffs
will have your neck snapping in seconds as they wrote some of the most catchiest
riffs this side of the Atlantic on this baby. How can I rip on a release that
I am thanked on ha ha! This band was missed when they broke up and I urge
anybody that doesn't have this to pick up both of this band's releases. You
won't be disappointed. You also get 3 bonus demo tracks and a bonus video too on
this. Info:


SOLITUDE AETURNUS/Into The Depths Of Sorrow (Metal Mind-originally released
on Roadracer) Finally this doom metal cult classic gets a re-release. This band
is still around and this is their debut release and what a debut it is. Prime
doom metal the way it was meant to be played along with some godly vocals.
Just listen to the massive sound this band gets on this and prepare to be blown
away. There is also 3 demo bonus tracks and still to this day is one the
heaviest albums ever made. Don't believe me? I dare you to find something
heavier. Info:


HEATHEN/Victims Of Deception (Metal Mind-originally released on Roadracer) I
love Bay Area thrash and Heathen were one of my favorite bands and if you
listen to this you will know why. Just bone crushing thrash riffs along with the
lovely vocals of David make this a thrash lovers delight. The band really could
whip out the riffs bay area style and on this your neck will get a fantastic
work out. 10 thrash tracks and a bonus track that was only available on the
Japan release at the time. Get this and prepare to be thrashed. Info:


Metal Mind has done an awesome job on these re-releases as all have bios,
lyrics and bonus tracks and the packaging is top notch. Special thanks to Clint
over at MVD for sending me these as they brought back many old memories and
will start plenty of new ones.