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New Reviews - 02/08/07

THE TURBO A.C.'S/Live To Win (Acetate Records) I have heard this band's name in the past, but never heard any music and from what I heard on this disc, it was pretty good to my ears. This was raw, stripped down punk rock with none of that MTV tag over any of it. This is aggressive straight ahead punk rock played with feeling and passion and none of that happy style punk rock that has filled the airwaves lately. This is stripped to the bone music with some melody, but still retains that raw punkish style from the 80's style of punk rock. The vocals are gruffy and sung in a good way and the production is not over polished. Sort of like a more modern Sex Pistols type of thing going on. I like it. Info:

MRNORTH/Fear & Desire (Rock Ridge Music) I really tried to get into this, but I just found the band to be average modern rock. The songs didn't suck me in and after each one I hardly remembered a thing about any of the tunes found here. The band don't remind me of anybody, but the songs just didn't click with me and I thought the vocals were good, but the songs bored me. Info:

MAGNUM/Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow (SPV) I know this band has been around for awhile and this is really the 1st time I have had a chance to hear them and I thought they were ok. They play rock n roll with a bit of metal edge. The singer has a clear, but powerful voice. The music is rock n roll with a tad of metal to it not really sounding like any band off the top of my head. The songs were somewhat catchy, but lacked the venom I prefer in my rock bands. Info:

SAXON/The Inner Sanctum (SPV) I have loved this band since the early 80's and they have never disappointed me and this new release yet again the band deliver the goods. Biff sounds as good as ever on the mic and the band can still write those solid rock/metal riffs that have made me a fan of the band for ages now. The band even speed it up on a few tracks, which was fine by me. Nice thick production and the band is planning a US tour that I am sure I'll be at if it is anywhere around me. Saxon have been around a long time and it is amazing to me that after all these years and albums the band can continue to put out quality heavy metal releases. Saxon rules. Info:

EMMURE/Goodbye To The Gallows (Victory Records) 10 tracks of nu style death metal with all the breakdown parts and low and screamed vocals. This label usually has the better bands doing this style, but not this time. The band sound like every other band doing this style from the jump metal riffs to the generic singing. The production is thick and meaty and if your into all these jump metal bands here ya go. Info:

Thurisaz/Circadian Ryythm (Shiver Records) This was ok death doom metal. The vocals are the same old tired doom metal vocals. The band don't play slow all the time and mix it up with some failrly nice faster and up tempo parts. The vocals are just screams and then some clean vocals, which has been so overdone it isn't funny. The thing that doesn't make this all that bad was the mixture of the slower and faster parts, which musically worked for me. The vocals however didn't. Info:

MOKER/Translating The Pain (Shiver Records) While this isn't original, it stills hurts and punishes. Pure straight forward death metal with lots of speed and power and death metal growls. The production is thick and heavy and the riffs will give your neck a stiff workout. The band is more geared toward modern death metal, but the speed parts kill and they can write some might mean riffs. Worth checking out. Imagine Obituary meeting Cannibal Corpse. Info:

WELKIN/The Origin (Shiver Records) Death modern death metal. The band have a bit of grind to them, which was ok, but some of the low vocals I didn't like much as they got into the cup the mic territory. The music is mostly fast, but the band slow it down at times and the fast parts do crush as they are not noise and sounded good. The production is not over produced. If you like some of the newer death metal stuff you'll like this. Not bad. Info:

CRUSADER/Skinclad (Shiver Records) This is a heavy metal band and an ok one. The band don't sound like any band I can think of so they pretty much have their own style. I would say it is more straight forward metal than power metal, though they mix in some power metal to their style. The singer has a pretty solid voice and he fits the music of the band pretty well. The production was a bit on the raw side, not that it is a bad thing. This reminded me of stuff like Helstar, Omen, etc. Info:

HELLVETO/In The Glory Of Heroes (Pulverised Records) Black metal is the ticket here. The production ir raw and I like raw productions for mostly black metal releases. There is also keyboard parts here and there. This isn't super original, but it however better than a lot of the other black metal slop that my ears have had to listen to over the years. The vocals are black metal style and if you have been turned off by all the bad black metal releases, here is one you might like. Info:

GLENN HUGHES/Music For The Divide (Frontier Records) Glenn has been around a long time and sang in many bands including Deep Purple and here he is with a new solo record and it is quite a nice release. The man still has a voice that commands and on this release he and his band come up with a rock record that will make any fan of rock n roll stand up and take notice. The tunes are catchy rock numbers with no groove, no trends, just ass kicking rock n roll. Glenn sounds great on this record as his voice just shines as this plays on. Not a bad track on this neither. Info:

TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY/Lethal Agenda (Demolition Records) Some nice old school thrash is the ticket here. The band can write some old school mid 80's thrash riffs and the production even has that 80's feel, which was cool with me. The band reminded me of Eviction at times as they mixed in a bit of hardcore to their sound, but not that nu-metal crap. The band mix up the fast and mid paced parts and the riffs will have that neck doing some work. Any fan of old school thrash metal will enjoy this. Info:

REQUIEM/Government Denies Knowledge (Locomotive Records) Excellent death metal. The band play wicked fast and those blast beats just pounded right through me and these are real blast beats ala Morbid Angel not that cheezy shit. The vocals reminded me of Ross from Immolation and the production is on the money, the guitar sound is godly. The band mix up the fast and slow parts enough where it doesn't get overloaded. The slow parts will give you a chance to breathe and the fast parts will blow you out of your seat. Info:

MAGANE/Beginning At The End (Black Flame Records) What a crazy, warped and fucked up black metal releases this was. Oh by the way I loved every note. This was out of control, raw, extreme to the bone baby. The band also mix in some grind and trust me this shit is fast and extreme. The vocals are warped and must be heard. The music is mostly super fast, but there is just something about this band that sucks you in and never lets go. They are very original and this label has quite a find on its hands. Info:

THOM MATHEWS/Mindcraft (Black Flame Records) Damn this is another crazy release from this label. This is an all instrumental release and unlike many of them that I have heard, this didn't bore me. Thom can write some riffs and let me tell you the emotion and passion pour out of his guitar strings. The man can lay down quite the solo too. Plenty of arpeggios for the guitar fanatics too. The production is mint and any fan of metal or progressive metal will go apeshit over this and it is hands down the best instrumental release I have ever heard. Info:

CYBERNETIC EROSION/The 7th Seal (Black Flame Records) Oh this was weird as hell, but not a good way. This was electronic music with almost like Martian singing and I'm not kidding. This was bad and the music really bored me and the singing was just pure awful. The music just plodded along and I was ready to shoot myself by song # 3. Not for me. Info:

BEHEMOTH/Chaotica-The Essence Of The Underground Storms To Unleash (Metal Mind Records) This is a 2 disc best of release from this black metal band and it includes 6 unreleased tracks. You get over 140 minutes of black metal from a band that was doing it way before it became trendy and this band plays some killer black metal let me tell you. This is pure hate and anger from these guys. They don't fuck around and throw in goth and all that stupid shit. If you have not heard this band, this is an excellent place to start from one of the best black metal bands around. Info:

UNKNOWN INSTRUCTORS/The Masters Voice (Smog Veil Records) Really weird band here. This is like a mixture of jazz meets 70's fusion rock. The music is trippy, but oh so cool. The tunes are long, spaced out, weird shit mixed in with some jazz. The production is like a lot of those old early 70's rock releases. If your open minded like me you might really like this as did I. Not your typical band that is for sure. Info:

MALEX/Wira Cosmo (Muzik Box Productions) This is power metal all the way from Malaysia. The music wasn't typical power metal as the band play a bit slower and with a bit melody than some of the other newer power metal bands. The band get a nice guitar crunch and the songs were heavy and still catchy at the same time. The vocals aren't sung in English and that is a bit of problem for my ears, but at least the band isn't trying to clone the many power metal bands out there. A very solid release here. Info:


SIFU STEPHEN DOE/Playing With Time (Self Released) This was an all instrumental guitar release. This was ok, but after a few songs with no vocals and just guitar solo playing it gonna started to dull my interest. This guy can play and he should look into getting a singer and write some actual songs and then he might be on his way. He can play and if this is what he chooses to do, god bless him, but don't expect to have many people into this style he is doing. Info:

KHYMERA/A New Promise (Locomotive Records) Simply godly melodic AOR rock with some of the best vocals and riffs my ears have heard in the past 2 years. The riffs are so damn catchy I can't get over it. The singer has an incredible voice and he fits in with the style the band is playing and he really gets into singing the lyrics as well. The production is perfect as well as it is the perfect balance of everything. For fans of Journey, Night Ranger, etc. A top 10 in my book for 2007 no doubt. Info:

GILBY CLARKE/Self Titled (Spitfire Records) This is like a best of, of all the solo work of this gentleman. He was one of the guitar player in Gun's and Roses and I had no idea if I would like this or hate this, but I liked it and liked it a lot. This is just plain ass kicking 70's style rock n roll with no frills and just plain rockin tunes. And this is not just a Gun's and Roses copy release. This is more in tune to Deep Purple, Marc Bolan, and some of that early 70's rock. The production isn't too polished and they use 3 different singers on this and all stand out and have their own style. With this release Gilby shows me and everybody else that rock n roll is far from dead. Info:

BENEA REACH/Monument Bineothan (Candlelight Records) I didn't like this as it was too much nu metal with all that groove stuff and the vocals were just those screamed death metal vocals with some low vocals too. The music was fast, but lacked depth to me and it was just a mess. The vocals really got to me and ruined any chance for my ears to like this. Info:

PAGANIZE/Evilution Hour (Candlelight Records) Some nice power metal is the ticket here. The band sort of reminded me of Toxic without all the thrash stuff. Also Judas Priest the Ripper Owens era as well. The band can write some thick, ripping riffs and the fast parts were welcome as they mix up the faster parts with some slower parts as well. The production is good too. This band was better than most of the other power metal stuff I have gotten over the past few months. Info:

ARTROSIS/Fetish (Metal Mind Productions) This a goth band with a female singer and for what it is, is not too bad. The girl singing reminds me of Julee of the sadly missed Sapphic Ode. The music creates a mood and really didn't bore me, which a lot of these types of bands do. The production was good and if your into the goth thing I can't think of many other bands that are doing it better than this one. Info:

VADER/The Darkest Age Live 93 (Metal Mind Productions) I don't know if this is a re-release or not, but you get 13 live tracks from the band including a crushing cover of "Hell Awaits" that is even done faster than Slayer. The production is fairly good and the band just rip through track after track and just sound tight as fuck and this band in my book has always delivered the goods and they prove it once again with this release. Info:

VADER/Kingdom (Metal Mind Productions) This band just keep em coming as they slash and crush through another speed/death metal release. This band can churn up the heat and just listen to some of these tunes and do not think your neck will not get a workout cause it will. This band have been doing this for so long and just continue to amaze me with the quality of their music. This crushes and if you crave speed, power and brutality, then buy this baby. Info:

VADER/Live In Japan (Metal Mind Productions) Another awesome live release from the band that can do no wrong. This time they are in Japan and blast through 18 tracks and a bonus video is included as well. This time the band tackle 'Reign in Blood" and just simply nail it The production is great for a live release and it amazes me just how tight this band is. They also "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath. Another great live release from this band. Info:

FUNERAL/From These Wounds (Candlelight Records) I thought this was gonna be black metal, but how wrong I was. This is doom metal and a damn good one to boot. Chunky riffs with some great doom, sadness type vocals made this a sad lovers delight. The band really set up a mood with the music and it sucked me in. The production is bottom thick and heavy and any fan into some quality doom metal should not pass this up. Info:

MASTERPLAN/MK II (Candlelight Records) Power metal is the ticket here. This band I have never heard of, but they put out a really good power metal album in my eyes. The riffs are catchy, melodic and yeah they had my neck moving. The vocals are clean, but aggressive. The production allows everything to be heard and the guitar sound I liked. The band do fall into the Hammerfall type of power metal, but when music is this good and blows me away like this did, it is only a plus not a negative. Info:

METALIUM/Nothing To Undo-Chapter Six (Crash Music) Some more good power metal can be found here. The music is again melodic, catchy, but still very heavy and the riffs sucked me in and my neck got another workout in. The vocals like the above band are clean, but sung in an aggressive style. The production is perfect and each song rocked and sounded good to these ears. Another worthy purchase. Info:

CHRIST AGONY/Elysium (Metal Mind Productions) This band play black metal, but with more of feeling and emotional style as opposed to just playing ultra fast. This band rely more on mid paced and slower stuff to work their style and magic. The vocals sound like they are from the depths of hell itself. The production is thick and meaty and this band is very original and shows that you don't have to rely on simply speed to be brutal and to kick ass. Info:

SIRRAH/Acme (Metal Mind Productions) This is sort of goth style metal and while I am not a huge fan of this style and all, this wasn't too bad. The band mix in some keyboard work and some of the clean vocal style along with the death metal vocals and it wasn't too bad as the music was pretty decent as the music was somewhat catchy was some melody to it. The production was nice and beefy as well. The band are more metal than goth and that is a good thing. Not bad. Info:

TURBO/Awatar (Metal Mind Productions) Some wicked power metal and there is some bonus tracks so I'll assume this was released before. This band play some melodic power metal with some clean, but aggressive vocals sort of like Joey from Anthrax. I love the "Neon Nights" cover as well. The production is on the money and the songs just plain kick ass and none of that new power metal chanting vocals and no Hammerfall, etc to be found. This is just honest to goodness power metal the way it was meant to be played. Info:

LUX OCCULTA/The Mother And The Enemy (Metal Mind Productions) This band has put out a few releases and now they are back and this is a pretty weird release. This is black metal, but it is really fucked up black metal. The riffs are not typical and are out there and the vocals are not typical black metal vocals, but they are screamed, but in an original kind of way. The band play like a black metal version of Voivod if you can believe that. A really cool release and something you need to go in with an open mind, but in it's own way it is an incredible release. Info:

SIRRAH/Did Tomorrow Come (Metal Mind Productions) This I didn't like much at all. The band have way too much goth style for me and the clean and death metal vocals have been done to death and just sound generic and weak on this. The songs aren't as strong as the other release and they didn't do a thing for me and I just couldn't get into this at all. Info:

TESTAMENT/The Spitfire Collection (Spitfire Records) This is like a greatest hits release of the 5 releases that Testament has down on this label. There is no bonus tracks or anything like that, but if you haven't checked the band out the last few releases, here is a chance for to catch up. There is several live tracks and stuff from their other 4 releases and all are kick ass crunchy thrash metal as only this band can do. The band put a few bad releases on Atlantic, stormed back with the last couple on the label and they just put out devastating release after release on this label and if you haven't been following what the band has been doing, here ya go. I don't have a web address, but you should be able to get this in any store or do a web search for Spitfire Records and I am sure the label's website will pop up.

BAYSIDE/The Walking Wounded (Victory Records) This was like alternative groove nu metal with melodic vocals and I didn't like it much at all. The music was tired and quite boring to my ears. They play the same ole jump metal riffs that all these bands play and the vocals didn't work for me. Info:

COMEBACK KID/Broadcasting (Victory Records) This was more like it as this hit hard and knocked me down. This band play vicious hardcore with shouted vocals and yeah there is a bit of groove, but the music is just so vicious and brutal I got into this big time. The production is right on the money and the guitar sound is mint. This is the way hardcore should be. Info:

AGGRESSIVE DISORDER/Aggression Is A State Of Mind (Overlord Entertainment) Some old school thrash is the ticket here. The band can write some kick ass riffs as the 3rd song has some of best riffs my ears have heard in a while. The band remind me of Wargasm a bit, which is not a bad thing at all. There is also 5 demo tracks on here so you get 15 tunes in all and any thrash fan or old school metal fan will want this and the band also got a nice thick production to boot. Info:

REDEMPTION/The Origins Of Ruin (Inside Out Records) This is the 2nd release from this band and this time around they really deliver the goods. This is one awesome release. This mixes the best in power and prop metal. The singer is Ray Alder from Fates Warning and he really shines on this as his vocals are a pleasure to listen too and he really emotional gets into singing each song. The production is right on the money and the band don't get too progressive and just let the music and riffs flow like a fine wine. This I would say is the best prog metal release that I have heard in the last 3 years and is right up there with Dream Theater's "Images and Words", which is like one of my top 3 albums of all time. Info:

SLAVIOR/Self Titled (Inside Out Music) This is a 3 piece band and has the drummer from Fates Warning in it. The music is progressive metal, but not like your say typical band. The band mix in some reggae and weird song structures and it works for the most part. The band have a touch of groove with their sound, but isn't a bad thing. The singer has a pretty strong voice and power and conviction. Not a bad release. Info:

THOUGHT CHAMBER/Angular Perceptions (Inside Out Music) I didn't like this much as the songs I felt were a bit flat and didn't click with me. The band can play and the singer can sing, but the band was just a bit flat for me. The songs to me just didn't stand out and I was feeling quite bored by song # 4. The music is straight ahead progressive metal and it is really progressive in spots and some may like it, but it was didn't work for me. Info:

BETTER LEFT UNSAID/The Silencing (Self Released) More of the same ole groove metal stuff with the dual vocal approach. This band sound like a million other bands that do this with the same tired riffs, vocals, song structures, etc. Nothing of value and nothing new here at all. Info:

VIXEN/Live and Learn (Demolition Records) Vixen were known for being an all female band and they had one hit, "Edge of a Broken Heart." This wasn't a bad release. The girls play well crafted pop/rock with some nice hooks and the singing isn't bad neither. The band thankfully has not jumped on some trend and just play with what got them to the dance. The production is solid and all 4 members aren't bad to look at neither. Info:

JOHN 5/The Devil Knows My Name (Chrysalis Records) This wasn't bad for a couple songs, but the lack of almost no vocals and just one guitar solo after another after another kinda got on my nerves. The guy can play and the music is pretty good, but the lack of vocals hurts this. I think if this guy got a singer and stuff he could put out an incredible album. For now this is just ok.

THE APPEARANCE/Lost In Aurora (Adrenaline) A really neat alternative rock band is the ticket here. The band play solid, good songs that caught my ear and hooked me in. The songs were still heavy and have melody and power too. The singer has a nice solid voice and sings the songs with passion. The production is right where it needs to be and this was an enjoyable listen. Info:

PHILPOT/Hate Writes Better Than Love (Universal) Another good alternative rock band here. This band also writes some solid tunes that I remembered after the disc was done. They don't sound like any one band and each and every song I got into. The production allowed everything to be heard and I liked the singers voice, he fit the music and he sang with passion and emotion. This band is way better than a lot of the other alternative crap out there. Info:

CRUACHAN/The Morrigan's Call (Candlelight Records) What a weird and crazy band we have here. This band mix death metal in with folk music and you know what? It works! The band write some wicked riffs and then throw in some folk stuff and it fits in well and doesn't sound out of place to me. The tunes are ball breaking heavy and are crushing like a ton of lead. The folk stuff is done tastefully and sounded good and fresh to these ears, who have heard it all. The production crushes and the guitar sound is mint. Buy this baby it is worth it. Info:

SWALLOW THE RUN/Hope (Candlelight Records) This was ok doom metal. The vocals are those typical growled kind and they kinda got on my nerves at times and the music was nothing special. Kinda just typical doom metal with the growled vocals. The music kinda plodded along and just didn't knock me out as it just was kinda there. This was a case of been there, done that, heard it before kinda release. Info:

BLOOD TSUNAMI/Thrash Metal (Candlelight Records) Awesome old school thrash metal with the razor sharp riffs and plenty of speed and power. The production is not over done and the guitar sound shines and each song just smoked and beat me down. The vocals were out of control screaming and were fine with me. This didn't let up one minute and any fan of the old school thrash (you know the good thrash) will want this in their collection. A masterpiece of music. Info:

OMNIUM GATHERUM/Stuck Here On Snakes Way (Candlelight Records) This was a wicked release. This band combine like the best of Swedish death metal mixed in some progressive metal and just a touch of keyboard like melody to come up with wicked release. The vocals are death metal vocals with not all that lower than low nonsense. The guitar riffs had my neck going up and down in no time and the weird time changes and musical styles keep me on my toes. The production is perfect and the guitar sound is perfect. Sometimes when styles mix it can be a mess, but not in this case. Info:

THRONE OF KATARSIS/An Eternal Dark Horizon (Candlelight Records) Decent black metal is what you will find here. This isn't super original as the 2 guys use the fast pick riffing and black metal vocals to get their point across. The 2 guys however play with passion and it is not just all speed. They slow it down at times and those slow parts crush and the speed parts kill. The raw, but still heavy as hell production only adds to this not subtracts. One of the better black metal releases I have heard lately as it not just a speed for speed sakes type of thing. Info:

ERIC GALES/The Psychedelic Underground (Blues Bureau Records) Awesome blues based rock is the ticket here. Think Eric Johnson, Steve Ray Vaughn, etc. Eric can play a mean guitar and he has a soulful voice and he whips out the riffs with passion and emotion and the songs will not go over your head. Each riff is craftily played and placed and his 2 other partners don't do a bad job on the drums or bass. Each tunes is heavy blues rock that I loved and craved every note. Excellent release. Info:

MARK FORD/Weary & Wired (Blues Bureau Records) Mark was the guitar in The Black Crowe's and here is a solo release from the man. This is not the Black Crowe's, but it still has that blues rock sound the band were known for. I would say this is more southern rock meets the blues that his old band. Mark also sings on this and hell he has a pretty good voice and it fits what his band is trying to do. The production is not slick it is more down and dirty, which works for him. The band can write some blues rock that will make more than a few old times stand up and take notice. The band snake their way through 15 tunes and not a bad one in the bunch. Info:

NOMINON/Remnants Of A Diabolical History (Pulverised Records) A crushing display of razor sharp death metal that will peel skin and melt hearts. The riffs are thick as fuck and the vocals are pure death. The production is right on the money and the band mix up the slow and faster parts to perfection. The songs are played with passion, emotion and feeling and anybody into pure, real death metal will love this release as did I. The fast parts will grind your neck and the slower parts will have your neck snapping even more. Info:

MY KORRHIZA/Northern Remembrance (Konqueror Records) This was just ok. The band play death metal with a Swedish type of sound, but the songs didn't click with me. The vocals were also ok, nothing special. This band doesn't go any of that shitty groove shit or lower guttural death metal vocals, but the songs just didn't do anything for me. They kinda just plodded along and that was it. Nothing really bad, but nothing out of the ordinary neither. Kinda like a faceless death metal band with below average songs and vocals. Info:

CLOSER/Darkness In Me (Pulverised Records) This was only 3 songs, but it was 3 songs of death metal groove that a million other bands have done. The vocals were only ok as well. They are that throaty style that a lot of bands are doing now. The band play that groove death metal style like a million other bands have done in the past and will do in the future. There is nothing of value here in my eyes as they are just another one of the many copycat bands doing this style. Info:

SUICIDAL WINDS/Total Death N Live (Pulverised) This is a live CD with a studio cover of Kreator's "Total Death". The live stuff sounds raw as fuck, but this band wouldn't have it any other way. They also do a cover from the band Violent Force, which crushed. This band play a wicked combo of raw black/death metal if your not familiar with them. The band is total old school too. The Kreator cover crushes and will bring you back to the early 80's sounds as well. The live stuff was cool to me and this was an excellent release of old school death/black metal that must not be missed. Buy at all costs you posers ha ha. Info: