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New Reviews - 09/24/07

BEATALLICA/Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band (Olglio Entertainment) This is a neat release. This band combine song titles of The Beatles and Metallica, if you couldn't tell. The tunes carry the original spirit of Metallica and also the singer sounds a lot like James and I really enjoyed listening to this disc. Such tunes as, Blackened in the USSR, Sandman, Leper Madonna, might make you chuckle at 1st, but the tunes are heavy and speedy numbers. Some may dismiss this as some joke project and maybe it is, but the joke will be on you if you don't pick this up. The production is nice and heavy and still retain the original sound of the bands. Info:

40 BELOW SUMMER/Rain (Crash Music Inc) Typical nu metal dance stuff with clean and death metal vocals. The dancy riffs and clean and death growls are so overdone it isn't funny. This band is not original and just combine the same stuff that 1000 other bands have done before and I am sick of this nu metal dance crap coming into the underground. Bands like this are a dime a dozen. Info:

HATESPHERE/Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes (SPV) This is another groove metal band and that are ok at what they do. The vocals are sort of in the tough guy screamed style, but they aren't too bad and annoying like most bands that do this style. The band can write some wicked riffs and that is what makes these guys different from all the other generic bands that play this style. The production is thick and meaty as well. If your into the groove thing, here is your band. Info:

POETS AND PORNSTARS/Self Titled (Self Released) This is just some plain down n dirty rock n roll like old Aerosmith. This brings me back to the days when rock n roll was great as the band just bring back that old school feeling. The singer reminds me a bit of Chris from The Black Crows and the music is not overly produced leaving in that raw nasty rock n roll feel to it. There is not a ton of bands doing this style and this was a really solid release that I enjoyed. Info:

THE VISION BLEAK/The Wolves Go Hunt Their Pray (Prophecy Productions) This was a weird band as they mix in a bunch of different styles, but for them it works. They combine metal, speed metal, some goth and even death metal into their brand of music. The vocals go everywhich way but loose, but for some reason it works. The music goes slow, fast and mid paced and you never know what is coming next. They sort of remind me of older Type O Negative in spots and if your open minded and like stuff that is a bit off the norm, here ya go. A very different and fun band to listen to. Info:

BLACK MAJESTY/Tommorowland (LMP) Solid power metal with plenty of melody and speed and clear soaring vocals. I am a sucker for power metal and this had my lollipop out as I was sucked in again. The band also do an old Deep Purple cover, "Soldier of Misfortune" as well. The production is thick and right where it needs to be and the band just come up with riff after riff that had my head moving. Info:

EXCALION/Waterlines (LMP) More kick ass power metal played with tons of hooks and melodies that had my neck moving in no time. The singer has an incredible set of lungs and he puts them to good use on this baby. The band mix the right amount of speed, power and melody to make a release that more than stands on its own. The production id perfect and the guitar sound is right on the money. This is some of the catchiest power metal I have heard in quite some time. Info:

ELDRITCH/Blackenday (LMP) This was another power metal band and I just didn't think this was all that great. The songs are speedy at times and no doubt heavy, but the riffs just didn't connect with me as did the other 2 above bands. The vocals I wasn't into a lot and the songs just kinda sounded flat to me and just didn't floor me like the other 2 bands. This wasn't junk, but it was just Ok nothing bad, but nothing special. Info:

RAGING SPEEDHORN/Before The Sea Was Built (SPV) This was just a bunch of mindless music to my ears. This just dragged on and I couldn't get into the music, the vocals or any of the riffs or songs. This was just a bunch of noise to my ears with some guy just yelling. This band did nothing for me as it just dragged on with no purpose. Info:

EMERALD SUN/Escape From Twilight (LMP) These groups are killing me. I know this band sounds similar to many other power metal bands, but the riffs and melodies just suck me and won't let go. The vocals are clean, but very powerful and he fits the band well. The production is right on the money and the band just hit home with the gallop power metal riffs that had my foot tapping and neck moving. I am a sucker for bands like this. Where is my lollipop? Info:

ROTTING CHRIST/Thegonia (Season Of Mist) I have never been a huge fan of this band, but this is one hell of a release. Riffs that knocked me out of my chair and vocals that spewed hate and were sung in such a hateful way I could feel it as the vocals and music played on. The music is naturally heavy and very powerful. Nice thick production and if you haven't given this band a chance, now is the time. Info:

MAYHEM/Ordo Ad Chao (Season Of Mist) I was never a big fan of this band and this I thought was OK. It at least with all the line up changes the band still sounds like they should. This is raw, out of control, chaos, black metal to the core. Satan would be proud of the vocals and the music I am sure. I will give the band credit for not wimping out or going away from their sound. Put it this way, if you like Mayhem, this release will not disappoint ya. Info:

SOLEFALD/Black For Death (Season Of Mist) This was too chaotic and out of control for me to get into it. This is I guess what you call pagan metal. I would call it really wild black metal. The vocals are sick and demented and out there. The music is a little too chaotic out there for me as I like a little melody with my music. That being said, this is different and an open minded fan or a fan of extreme metal might like this. Info:

AGHORA/Formless (Season Of Mist) This was some nifty power metal with some awesome female vocals. The band sound tight and the songs are catchy, fast and have melody to them to. The production is right where it needs to be and the songs are catchy power metal tunes. Can't go wrong with this baby. Info:

RED HARVEST/A Greater Darkness (Season Of Mist) This was a really weird band. Sort of a mix of old Death meets Voivod. Some really tripped out music and vocals. The band just for some reason sucked me and I really liked this. The production is not over polished and after hearing a million groove metal bands and every Pantera Jr and Suffocation clone, this was a nice change of pace. I found this hard to believe this is the bands 10th release. A very different and exciting release. Info:

CADAVERIA/In Your Blood (Season Of Mist) Typical groove nu metal with a female singer. This sounds like way too many other bands and the singer does the death growls and then the clean vocals. Wow haven't heard that before. Info:

AGRESSOR/Deathreat (Seasons Of Mist) This is just straight up 100% speedy death metal in the vein of Incantation, Immolation etc. Just bone jarring riffs and pure death metal vocals. The songs aren't just all speed, but they are brutal all the time nevertheless. There isn't a ton of bands doing this style now and if your looking for no frills death metal, here ya go. Info:

CONFESSOR/Unraveled (Season Of Mist) Some of you might remember this band from the album they put out on Earache many moon ago. Well they are back and this is one great release. This band were known for the singer singing way high pitched and it was a love/hate type of affair. Well, he is back, but the vocals aren't all high pitched and they are in my book quite good. The band still retains their doom metal roots, but it is more controlled and a bit more up tempo at times. Think Black Sabbath. The vocals are clean, but not that generic style as this guy has his own style and he fits the music perfectly. This band have the perfect blend of doom and just pure heavy metal down to the bone. Great production and this is just a masterpiece of a release. Info:

BLOODSHOT/Ultimate Hatred (Scarlet Music) This was decent groove metal that shows went it is played well can't be all bad. The band come up some nice riffs and the vocals aren't too bad at least he doesn't sing in the clean and tough guy style. The vocals are just death metal growls that were decent. The music more than makes up for it as the band throw in some thrash and the riffs were just good and the music kicked my ass. Info:

BARCODE/Ahead Of The Game (Scarlet Music) Hell yeah some REAL hardcore music is the ticket here. Think Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All. This band just blew me away with their riffs and singing and just plain power. This isn't the stuff that passes for hardcore now. This is mean, powerful and is the real deal. Real hardcore vocals not that generic tough guy wannabe Pantera style. The production isn't overproduced and this is one of the best punk/hardcore releases my ears have heard in quite sometime. Info:

ALLHELLUJA/Inferno Museum (Scarlet Music) This is some more hardcore music and this is pretty good stuff. The music isn't as fast or aggressive as the above band, but it is still heavy and more of a mid paced style. The vocals are hardcore style, but not in that generic tough guy style. The production is thick and heavy and if your into hardcore, but speed isn't essential here is your band. Info:

NODES OF RANVIER/Defined By Struggle (Victory Records) This was a crushing display of metalcore that must not be missed. This band combine the best of both worlds and god are these riffs meaty, catchy and just plain crushed me. The band sound like Pantera in spots, but are not a clone band for sure. The production is thick and the trash riffs smoked me. Killer hardcore vocals make this one band you need in your collection. Info:

DYNAHEAD/Unknown (Self Released) Some nice thrash metal music from this band. The band also throw in some pure heavy metal (think Iced Earth) into their blend of thrash. The singer has a nice thick and heavy voice and he belts out the 4 tunes here with passion and fire. The band also do a killer cover of Anthrax's "Random Acts Are Senseless". Well worth checking out. Info:

DIRTY SOUTH REVOLUTIONARIES/Queen City Underground (Tent City Records) This is another band that mix metal and hardcore. This is way different than the band reviewed up 2 spots. This is more speed metal and the vocals are more shouted and screamed. The music is fast and quick and I liked it. None of this nu metal jump crap and the production isn't overproduced and the music has an old school vibe to it. The singer sounds like his vocal cords would be shattered and done after a live show. A nice release and shows off the best of the hardcore and underground styles. Info:

SOD/Rise Of The Infidels (Megaforce Records) Well since I got the name of my zine from this band, I have to love this release ha ha. I have always loved this band since 1985 and had a chance to catch them live a few years later and 'Speak English Or Die" has been in my personal 10 ten for many years. The band has release a live cd and now here comes the bands last release or so they say. This has 4 studio tunes, 2 new tunes and 2 covers. The 2 new studio tunes of course crush and the 2 covers, United and Strong by Agnostic Front and Ready to Fight by Negative Approach just smoked me. The rest of the CD is from a live set from 1999 or 2000. The set is from Seattle and yes they do a Ballad Of Nirvana and other dead people, which is funny as hell. The band also rip through most of their songs from the Speak English Or Die album and they sound tight and the sound isn't bad. Any fan of the band from way back then would love this and if you missed them cause you weren't around, well pick this up and see why this band was one of the most influential underground bands ever, and it all started as a joke. Info:

SOULIDIUM/Children Of Chaos (Adrenaline Music) This was like industrial like music sort of in the vein of Nine Inch Nails. The music wasn't too bad, but the vocals I didn't like. The music is like NIN, but the vocals were a let down. The singer's voice just annoyed me and it took away from enjoyment of this. If you like NIN or bands in that genre, here ya go. Info:

COMMON GRAVE/Dehumanized (Twilight Records) Just done charring death metal that will please any fan of this stuff. Riffs that just slice the skull and REAL blast beats that will knock your head off. This might be super original, but the power, passion and style are right there. The production is thick and heavy and if your a fan of Immolation, Cannibal Corpse, etc, you'll go bonkers over this. Info:

SOLITUDE AETURNUS/Hour Of Despair DVD (MVD) This is one killer DVD. An awesome live concert from these guys and some nice extras to boot. The sound and picture quality are top notch and the band sound tight and the camera work makes it seem like your right there at the concert. The band rip through 12 of the heaviest tune and not a boring one in the bunch. You also get 2 bonus bootleg shows, with one being from 1987 and the other from 1992. You also get a video interview as well. This DVD is almost 2 1/2 hours and any fan of metal would do backflips over this baby. Info:

ONSLAUGHT/Live Polish Assault 2007 (MVD) Holy fuckin thrash metal. This is one DVD that simply crushes all. 14 tunes of prime thrash metal that this band delivers on this. The camera work and sound are top notch and the band sound tight as fuck. The band mix in some old tunes such as 'Power From Hell" and "Metal Forces". There is also some bonus live footage from Japan from 2006 and an interview with the band too. Info:

GG ALLIN AND THE MURDER JUNKIES/Hated DVD (MVD) This was one of the most disturbing and shocking videos I have ever watched. Oh I loved every minute of it and I could not turn this off till it was over. I have seen several other videos of GG and this is easily the best one so far. See GG beat up the audience, see him shit on the floor and then rub it on himself and throw it at the audience ha ha. You see interviews with him and his band members and you really get a glimpse into his life. Bonus features include live shows and the footage of him on "Geraldo' is worth the price of the DVD alone. Info:

THIS AIN'T YOUR MOM'S HARDCORE/Various Artists DVD (MVD) I had not heard of any of these bands (there is 22) and they play modern hardcore with all those groove riffs and blast beats and tough guy vocals. I am not a big fan of this stuff, but they really can put a show on as the audience goes wild for each bands set. There is about 2 1/2 hours of music and the live footage is top notch and there is interviews with the bands as well. Not my cup of tea, but maybe yours. Info:

GREAT WHITE/Back To The Rhythm (Shrapnel Records) This band is back with a real ass kicking release of blues based rock n roll. This band has been through some rough times and have been around a long time and I think this is their best release in quite awhile. The songs are just plain catchy rock n roll tunes with a bit of blues and no modern influences at all. This is just ass kicking rock n roll the way it was meant to be played. I wasn't expecting much and I admit I was pleasantly surprised and welcome back guys and thanks for keeping real rock n roll alive.

ICED EARTH/Framing Armageddon-Something Wicked Part 1 (SPV) This is an incredible release from this now veteran band. Tim Owens (ex Judas Priest) is now signing and is does a wonderful job on this disc. Tune after tune of power metal as only this band can do. The production, signing and playing is flawless. I was a fan, but not a big fan of the band, and after these last couple releases I have become a really big fan. One of the best releases of 2007 no doubt. Info:

OBITUARY/Xecutioner's Return (Candlelight Music) I heard all the hype about great this was and how it is the band's best CD in years, etc. Well, the hype was right as this release simply crushes all. Just a pure death metal delight. A perfect production and the riffs as fuckin heavy, the music fast and the vocals just a pure death metal delight. The riffs this band came up with on this release even made me stand up and take notice. This just might end up being the death metal release of 2007. Buy or die you poser ha ha. Info:

OF HEARTS AND SHADOWS/Touching Base With A Chainsaw (Tyburn Records) Another typical groove death metal band with the tough guy and clean vocals. The music isn't that bad as it is pretty catchy and heavy and the fast parts are cool, but the vocals has to be changed. The tough guy growl and clean high vocals have been done to death and just make you guys sound like all the rest. Lose the clean vocals, they are way overdone and are bringing the band down. This band might be onto something as they aren't bad, but just need to tweak a few things here and there. Info: or

MOUNTAIN/Masters Of War (Big Rack Records) Mountain have been around since I was born and some might remember them with the hit, "Mississippi Queen". The band plays blues based rock n roll and on this CD they do just that again. This is down and dirty blues based rock n roll. Ozzy Osbourne helps out with the title track and by track # 2 I was digging this blues rock stuff. I haven't really heard much of this bands stuff, but I might just have to go hunt some material down. Leslie really lays down the licks and his blues like voice is perfect for this band. The band haven't changed much since the days of 'Mississippi Queen" and I for one like it that way.

HEMLOCK/Bleed The Dream (Candlelight Music) This was some decent groove death metal as the band mix in a little thrash and the music wasn't too bad. The band use a lot of the same formula as they use groove riffs and blast beats, etc. The riffs weren't too bad and the vocals I could live with. Info:

EKSER/The Obliteration Process (Self Released) Some really good death metal is what you will find on this disc. Some wicked riffing and some really nifty fast parts along with some killer death metal vocals made this a CD I would listen to over and over. A thick, but not overproduced production made everything come out perfect. Think Immolation meeting Obituary. Can't wait to hear more. Info:

WHITECHAEL/The Somatic Defilement (Candlelight Music) Another same ole heard it all before Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse gore/death metal band with the same ole riffs and sounds and vocals. I just could not find anything of value here. Info:

SHIFT/Creating A Monster (Self Released) This is a modern rock band with touches of metal thrown in. This is not my cup of tea, but I will say the singer has a great voice and the music was pretty good for the style they are doing. If your into Linkin Park and bands of that nature, you'll love what these guys are doing. They also can write some good songs too. Info:

DIOSDERIA/Reincarnatorium (Self Released) This reminded me a lot of old Sepultura, which isn't a bad thing at all. Brutal thrashy, speedy riffs along with some throaty vocals made this a CD that didn't soon come off the turntable. The production is nice and thick and the guitar sound is mint. There is 11 strong songs on here and not a bad one in the bunch. This is honest to goodness old school thrash metal that deserves to be heard. Info:

THE WARRIORS/Genuine Sense Of Outrage (Victory Records) This is yet another groove metal thrash band, but it isn't bad at all. The band don't have a ton of the tough guy vocals they are more just in a hardcore screaming style and not in the Pantera style. Lemmy also sings on a song along with the singer from Sick of it All as well. The production is heavy as fuck and if your into the groove metal style of music, I couldn't think of a more worthy purchase than this. Info:

XNEVER AGAINX/Against The Rest (XXX1981 Records) This is another groove metal/core band that damaged my skull. Just rip roaring riffs that tore through me with authority and conviction. No tough guy vocals, just plain rip throating hardcore singing the way it should be. 11 tunes that will have you going nuts in your car or tearing apart your room. Thick production and songs that just reach out to your throat and grab you and do not let go until the bitter end. Info:

UGLY/Self Titled (Rock Ridge Records) Just pure ass kicking rock n roll that would not be out of place in the early 70's. This has that raw style and the band play total old school. They sort of remind me of Grand Funk Railroad at times. The tunes all are kick ass rockers with none of today's sounds and that is good as we need some old bands keeping the old flame alive. I love the guitar sound this band use and the songs rocked my world. Info:

MARSUDO/No People No Problems (Self Released) 2 sludgy tracks of death metal. The 2 songs I heard from this band weren't bad and the low tunes down guitar was just what the doctor ordered. 2 songs is tough to judge, but from what I hear so far this is a pretty good band. Sludgy death metal with some doom too it. Info:

SONS OF AZRAEL/The Conjuration Of Vengeance (Metal Blade Records) Decent death metal with some thrash overtones to it at times. The music is quite fast at times and the guitar sound I liked. The vocals are ok, they get a big generic at times, but they aren't bad and the music more than makes up for it. The band slow down things at times to let you breath and then ass kick you into overdrive with the fast parts. Fans of newer death metal would like this. Good production too. Info:

DROWNING POOL/Full Circle (Eleven Seven Music) This was a shock to me. I wasn't expecting much, but this is a really good Cd. The songs were strong and very catchy and not just a bunch of senseless groove. The singer (the old one died couple years ago) really signs and he sings the songs with a passion and fury that is not found in many releases today. The music is haunting, catchy and just played with passion. If more bands were like this, the scene would be 100 times stronger. Just an amazing release of metal/rock that should not be dismissed easily. Info:

BLACK KARMA/Black Hole Generator (Ars Magna Recordings) Vicious black metal that will weaken even the most hardcore black metal fan. This shit hits fast and hard and with a fury. I was smiling by track 2. This is played with feeling and passion and the black metal vocals work on this baby and the production is right on the money and this is just a blast of good ole black metal that can't be stopped nor should be missed. One of the best black metal releases I have heard in some time. Info:

ECHIDNA/This Suffering (Self Released) Killer death metal that left me speechless. This is one of the best unsigned bands I have heard in quite sometime. Just crushing riff after riff and the vocals are a pure death metal delight. The production is right on the money and 4 tunes here were not enough. Somebody sign this band now and get them in the studio. The band is like a mix of Kreator meeting death metal. This kills. Info:

DEAD SOUL TRIBE/A Lullaby For The Devil (Inside Out Music) This band rip through a variety of styles on this, but it isn't boring and it works for them. The band play progressive metal and some of it may go over your head, but I liked it. The band also throw in some thrashy metal, pure metal and some weird over the top parts as well. This is a good release, but prepare for a rollercoaster ride that you may or may not want to get off. Info:

POVERTY IS NO CRIME/Savage My Soul (Inside Out Music) This was some decent progressive metal music. The songs were pretty decent and the singer has a nice voice and the songs flow rather well. The production is rather nice and this is a nice and that a fan of heavy progressive metal would like. Info:

RAVENCULT/The Disease (Dark Essence Records) Pure raw black metal that would make satan proud. The music is mostly fast black metal with pure black metal vocals. The production is a raw style, which fits what the band is doing. If your into fast old style black metal, you'll love this. This is not modern black metal, but more in tune of what older Bathory was doing. Worth checking out. Info:

DIMENSION F3H/Does The Pain Excite You (Dark Essence Records) This features Morfeus (Limbonic Art). This is some wicked thrashy music with plenty of speed, power and just overall heaviness. The music might be fast, but it still has a sense of melody to it and the singer has a great death/thrash voice that is put to good use on this disc. The production is thick and not over produced and there is not a bad song in the bunch. Info:

MALSAIN/The Disease (Dark Essence Records) This was ok black metal. The songs I didn't feel were that strong and they kinda bored me at times. The music and vocals sounded like way too many other black metal bands to make this stand out from among the pack. Info:

SCORCHED EARTH/Devils In Iron (Self Released) This is simply a crushing release of death/black/thrash metal that is not to be missed. Feeling, emotion, power, speed and just a 100% vicious assault on your fuckin ears. The raw production only adds to this not subtracts. The vocals are a mix of death/black metal that will rip your fuckin ears to shreds. Not many band tickle my fancy like these guys. This is the real deal prepare to be dealt a vicious assault that will leave you lying in your own blood. Info:

NOMINON/Terra Necrosis (Konqueror Records) This is some killer old school swedish death metal that any fan of old Entombed will go bonkers over. The riffs will rip your face off and the slow parts will destroy you even more if that is possible. The vocals are a pure death metal delight and the production is perfect as is the guitar sound. An excellent release. Info:

DARK FUNERAL/The Secrets Of The Black Arts (Regain Records) This is a re-issue of this with 8 bonus tracks. This band if you don't know are one of the premier death/black metal bands and this when it came out was a classic and still is. Pure death/black metal that will bring the weak to their fuckin knees. This is the real deal and is not for wimps. If you have this, you'll want this again for the 8 bonus tracks and if you missed them and want some real death/black metal, then my friend buy this and prepare to be eliminated. Info:

QUEENSRYCHE/Sign Of The TImes: The Best Of Queensryche (Capitol Records) It is amazing to me this band is still around and touring and putting out records while a lot of bands have bit the dust. There is 19 songs on the single CD I got, but there is a double disc chock full of other goodies that I didn't get, but the 17 tunes here are all goodies and span the career of this band. Take Hold Of The Flame, Jet City Woman, Queen Of The Reigh, etc. God do these songs bring back some memories. This is an excellent release and look for the double disc.

MASS OBLITERATION/Abrahamithic (Self Released) Some straight forward death metal with no groove, no keyboards, no tricks and no nothing. This is 100% honest to goodness death metal the way it should be played. The production is kinda raw, but this is not a label release. The vocals are a death metal delight and this is like a mix of Autopsy meets old Pestilence. I could see these guys getting signed and this is a 2 piece band. Amazing. Info:

DARK SHINE/Ten Years (Self Released) This has a couple new tracks and some previous stuff that is now remastered. This is some solid death/black metal that I really enjoyed. The songs are fast, heavy, and just will crush your brain. The band had elements of black metal it is sort of Morbid Angel playing some black metal. The production is good and I like the vocals and the guitar sound as well. A band worth checking out or sure. Info:

DARK FUNERAL/Diabolis Interium (Regain Records) The 2nd of the Dark Funeral re-releases and this is more fast pounding death/black metal that will dull your senses. These tunes will rip your head off and you get 5 bonus tracks and the band rip through a set of covers from Sodom, Slayer, Mayhem, and King Diamond. If you don't have this baby yet, what in the fuck are you waiting for? Info:

DARK FUNERAL/Vobiscum Satanas (Regain Records) This is the 3rd and last set of reissues I got and this is another set of death/black metal as only this band can do. This includes 4 bonus live tracks from a show in the early 90's and that is almost worth the price of the disc alone. This band show you again on this disc why they are one of the best damn death/black metal bands on the planet and they are still doing it and I hope they do it for a damn long time. Info:

BLAKAGIR/Carpathian Art Of Sin (Pulverised Records) This was a bunch of boring music with no vocals and keyboards and stuff. This might be cool for some, but for me I was bored to tears by track 3 and had to shut this off by track for. Info:

MY OWN GRAVE/Unholy (Pulverised Records) Straight forward death metal in the vein of Immolation. This shit pounds hard and fast and gets the job done. The riffs will have the neck spinning and the vocals will have your hairs on their end. The production is perfect and the guitar sound I love to death. 5 songs just made me want more, more, more. Great release. Info:

OUTREMER/Turn Into Grey (Pulverised Records) This was some doom/death metal with some cool clean, but still heavy vocals sort of like Cathedral. The tunes aren't just doom, but have a death metal feel to them at times. The production wouldn't be far off an old Black Sabbath album neither. This was a cool 4 song Ep of cool music that not many bands are doing these days, so it was like a breath of fresh air. Info:

HELLVETO/966 (Pulverised Records) This is some death/doom more on the doomy side of things. The band add keyboards to the mix and it just adds a sadness type atmosphere to the music. The production is nice and heavy and though doom isn't my favorite brand of music, I thought this was pretty good and would urge you to check this out. Info:

LEGION OF THE DAMNED/Sons Of The Jackal (Seasons Of Mist) Just killer death metal with traces of thrash in it. Brilliant riffs that had my neck ready to snap off. The speed and intensity of this band is not matched by many. Perfect production and vocals that had my spine tingling. The passion, feeling and emotion that I felt as this played on just blew me away. Oh you also get a 2 hour DVD that has stuff from like 5 shows and the quality id quite good. Your a fool if you don't buy this. Info:

CIRCUS MAXIMUS/Isolate (Sensory) This was way too much like Dream Theatre for me to really get into. I love "Images and Words, but not any of the other stuff and this was like a clone of them right down to the vocals. The songs didn't do anything for me with this release. Info:

AIDEN/Conviction (Victory Records) This was power pop college rock/punk that I just couldn't get into. This stuff is not my thing as I felt the songs just were flat and offered nothing to my ears. Info:

LACERATOR/Nessun Nell Ombra (Self Released) Some good solid death metal is the ticket here. The music is heart pounding fast straight forward death metal that will please any fan. The vocals are a bit of a let down as all the guy does is growl and grunt and there isn''t any of that killer brutality that I crave. I can look past that when the music is good and the production is think too. Judge for yourself. Info:

LETHAL AGGRESSION/Life Is Hard (Xtreem Music) This is a re-release that I was hoping for and it also demo tracks, EP songs, and a couple of live tracks. This was a pure delight to listen to as I feel this band was one of the best crossover bands back in the 80's and they are back and if you get a chance to see them live and prepare to mosh. The music is fast speedcore with a metal core mix, but not that groove shit. This shit is the real deal and just hearing these songs brought a smile to my face. I had never heard the album or the EP stuff and it sounds incredible to these ears. Pick this up by all means and see what your missing. Info:

RINGWORM/The Venomous Grand Design (Victory Records) This is more metal core from this label and they have a knack for finding all the good ones. This again is a decent band as they mix in metal and hardcore with some groove, but it doesn't sound generic or forced. The tunes just ripped through me and the singer sings more in an old style hardcore sound as opposed to the tough guy thing. The metal riffs just blew me away and the production was right on the money. Another great find from this label. Think Sick Of It All. Info:

JUDGEMENT/Ancient Prophesies (Self Released) I was slam dancing in my apartment when this played. I just got on my knees and thanked god for Cdr's ha ha. This was a killer thrash band that sounded a ton like The Crumbsuckers and they just smoked me live at Bonnie's several times and then they broke up. Listening to both demos on CD brought back some great memories and this band should have gone on to bigger and better things, but at least I have these lovely demos on CD to enjoy over and over. This is godly crossover metalcore that was great back then and is great now. Buy or fry and look for an interview soon. Info:

DOMESTICIDE/Good Is Dead (Self Released) Pretty solid death metal with bits and pieces of groove, but for the most part this is fast, hard hitting death metal. The production is right there and you can hear all the instruments and the vocals are also a strong part of this too. The low guitar sound was good kinda like Immolation and the vocals are like a tiny bit of hardcore, but 90% death metal. The songs were good, catchy and brutal. This was a good solid effort that this band should be proud of. Info:

BURNED ALIVE/Compilation Volume One (Razorback Records) 29 tracks of some of the best grind and death bands in the underground today. I love comps as you get to hear and check out new bands and yeah some are good and some are bad, but that is for your ears to decide. I am not big up on the grind scene so I didn't know any of these bands, but Goregast smoked me wth their brand of death metal and Insect Warfare played some good death/grind. Birdflesh buried with some killer fast death metal. Jill knows where to find some great bands and this comp is just another reason to support this label. Info:

F.K.O./Metal Moshing Mad (Razorback Records) Oh my god Jill I should bow and kiss your feet for sending this to me. Just godly crossover music is the ticket here. This is like Violence meeting DRI meeting old Anthrax. The vocals are killer thrash style and the music is a pure thrash metal delight. The riffs had me moshing in my bedroom and I was just going silly acting like a kid. The production is right where it needs to be and the guitar sound is mint perfect. Jill my lips are puckered ha ha. Buy or die you poser. I'll try and get an interview with these guys for sure. Info:

SKITZO/Five Point Containment (Open Grave Records) Wicked old school speed/thrash metal that hit me hard and hit me often. The riffs just smoked me as each song played I was like it was the 80's again. Production is right on the money, not too raw and not too polished. Screaming thrashy almost hardcore like vocals had me smiling. 12 tracks of killer speed/thrash metal that will please any fan of old school metal such as myself. Info:

ART/238/Empire Of The Atom (Open Grave Records) This was some fast death/grind that I thought was just ok. I am not a huge fan of grind, but when it is played well I can get into it. This shit is no doubt very fast and played at lighting speed. The vocals are growls and really low singing and grunting. The production isn't bad and you can hear everything that is played. The band do slow it down at times and don't just play a million miles an hour. Not bad for what it is, but not my cup of tea. Info:

AMPLIFIED HEAT/How Do You Like The Sound Of That (Arclight Records) This is one of those bands that sounds like they came out of the 60's. The songs were not strong at all and I found this to be very boring. I usually like these sort of bands as they play a style not a bunch of bands are doing, but the songs and the vocals were flat and by 5 song I had to shut this off. The band reminded me of Blue Cheer, but not a good version of them. Info:

VITAL REMAINS/Evil Death Live DVD (MVD Music Video) This clocks in at over 2 hours so you get your money's worth. This is an excellent DVD. Filled before a rockin audience in Poland the band belt out some death/black metal from a few months back. There is also tons of bonus stuff including another show, interview with the band, discogrphy, etc. The filming is so damn good it is like your in the front row and the production is top notch as all this label's DVD's are. If your a fan of this band, this is a must have. Info:

SCORPIONS/Humanity (New Door Records) I am a pretty big fan of this band and I have seen them live several times in the 80's and though some of their recent work wasn't as good as say Lovedrive, I still liked the stuff they were putting out. I was a bit worried when I popped this in having no idea how this would sound. After a few plays I can say that this is a pretty good release by these guys. It has the hooks you come to know from this band and of course the singing is right there too as nobody can sound like Klaus. The band can still crank out the ballads as well as the rockers and I love track 3 with the vocals and harmonies. Don't write of this band just yet.

SIGGI SCHWARZ & MICHAEL SCHENKER/Live Together 2004 (MVD Music) Not sure who actually pt this out, but I got it from MVD. This is a killer disc of Siggi and Michael ripping through some cover tunes (Wishing Well and You Really Got Me) and some best known UFO tunes (Only You Can Rock Me, Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom). The live sound is flawless and the band that backs them up plays the songs with conviction and passion. The guitar playing in godly as you would expect and this is well worth getting for any UFO fan or a fan of great guitar playing. Info:

PRONG/Power Of The Damager (13th Planet Records/Megaforce Records) I have not heard this band in some time and I popped this in and was surprised at how good it was. The band still have that punkish/metal sound to them and it sounds like they never went away. The songs have a certain amount of groove to them, but this is not that jump groove, more of a riff style. Some of the tunes get a bit fast, which I didn't mind. The vocals are great as I have always loved this band's vocals and this is one heck of a release and one the band should be proud of. Welcome back guys. Info:

CHRIS VOLZ/Redemption (Rock Ridge Music) This reminded me a lot of Helmet, which isn't a bad thing. This has killer riff after killer riff with some strong vocals. The riffs will have your head moving, but also have enough melody to appeal to just more than metalheads. The vocals are clear, but passionate and aggressive as well. I love a good riff and this had more than enough on to make me a happy man. Info:

HELLIXXIR/The Cypress Forest (Self Released) Some thrash metal is played here with a touch of death metal here and there. The vocals are in the thrash metal vein and they were very good. The band doesn't sound like any band I can think of and they don't play thrash with all the nu metal style, they just pound it out fast and furious. The production is good and the riffs will have your neck moving. A really nice band here. Info:

DARZAMAT/Live Profanity (MVD DVD) The great DVD's from this company just keep on coming. As with the Vital Remains and many others, the camera work is so damn good it feels like you are right there as this plays. The production is top notch and the audience is into it as is the band. The band rip through 11 tracks, but that is just the start. You get bonus videos from another festival and 2 studio tracks as well. Almost 2 1/2 hours of footage on this baby. Once again this label blows me away with their product. Info:

HARPTALLICA/Self Titled (Self Released) This is 2 females doing Metallica songs on a harp. They open up doing the intro to "Battery" and I admit I have never heard it played this way before. They also tackle, Master of Puppets, For Whom The Bells Toll, and others. It was weird and very different hearing these songs done this way, but it was also kinda neat. I wouldn't listen to this in the car or to go get ready to lift weights, but if I wanted to relax and mellow out, this would be the ticket. Very different. Info:

NIGHT OF THE ABYSS/Juggernaut (Candlelight Records) Some really good death metal is found on this release. Razor sharp riffs are the ticket here along with some great death metal vocals. Musicwise is was a little Immolation and Morbid Angel with the guitars punishing themselves with the wicked riffs. The vocals are great growling death metal vocals and the production is right on the money. Excellent death metal release. Info:

ZEROBRIDGE/Self Titled (Third Life Entertainment) This was like alternative type rock and I didn't like it much. The tunes weren't catchy and they sounded like a bad U2. The tunes just didn't strike me as anything special and they really just plain bored me. The singing isn't bad and neither is the production, but this was just not for me. Info:

SEROTONAL/The Futility To Avoid The Unavoidable (Metal Breath) This is more alternative style metal and this wasn't too bad. The band are pretty original in my book and the songs didn't bore me. The tunes are fairly heavy and the singing is very different and the songs are moody and will take you on several rollercoaster rides. I have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy this, but it is good for what it is. Info:

DAVID VALDES/Imhotep (Heaven Cross Records) This is one of the guitar instrumental albums. This was pretty cool as it was played in a power metal vein and yeah the lack of vocals did hurt a bit in spots, but for the most part I liked this. The production was nice and thick and man this guy can play a guitar and I just don't mean solos. He can write some great riffs and he did most of the work on this and he should smile as he did one hell of a job and he is helped by 2 other guys and if your into classy power metal played with some wicked solos and riffs, here ya go. Info:

GOREFEST/Rise To Ruin (Candlelight Records) I wasn't expecting much, but this was a pretty damn good release. This was raw down to the bone death metal with some gruff vocals. The low tunes guitars reminded me of some of the newer Entombed stuff and the guitar riffs here will have that head banging. The production is right where it needs to be too. If you wrote this band off as I did, well prepare to be surprised. Info:

RELIK/Devoured In Sin (Self Released) 4 tracks of some prime death/thrash metal played with tons of feeling, emotion and class. The vocals are a pure thrash metal delight and each of these 4 tunes will have you head banging and whipping into a frenzy. The production is right on the money and if you think a band such as Bloodfeast is killer, then this band will be right up your alley. This crushes. Info:

HARDINGROCK/Grimen (Candlelight Records) This is like a solo project of one of the guys in Emperor and he uses a fiddler within some of the songs. Me personally, I thought this was awful and very boring. I am open minded, but fiddlers don't belong in metal and the songs just lacked any substance and bored the hell out of me. Some may like this, but this is not my cup of tea at all. Info:

FREEDM CALL/Dimensions (SPV) Some very good power metal with tons of hooks and melodic vocals along with lots of chanting vocals. Again I am a sucker for good hooks and this had plenty of those. The vocals are melodic and clean, but they fit this band perfectly. The band is melodic n parts, but speeds things up when they need to be speeded up. The production is good as well and SPV have a winner on their hands. Info:

SODOM/The Final Sign Of Evil (SPV) This simply kills. This is a remake of the band's 1st Ep re-recorded in 2007 with tons of bonus tracks. This is played with so much passion and feeling it isn't funny. The tunes sound fresh and not a 2007 sound, but with the sound back in 1984. There is a bunch of bonus tracks, which totally kill and are not filler. They even got the original line-up back to re-record some of these tunes, and that in itself is wicked cool. Any fan of school metal MUST own this at all costs. Info:

THE FORESHADOWING/Days Of Nothing (Candlelight Records) This was pretty boring doom metal. Yes, it was heavy, but the songs plodded along and I didn't like the vocals as I felt they were weak and brought the band down. The production wasn't bad, but I didn't find much of any value in this band. Info:

LIMBONIC ART/Legacy Of Evil (Candlelight Records) Wicked fast black metal is the ticket here. This is fast, extreme and not for the weak. Killer black metal vocals too. 10 tunes of some of the most vile and fast black metal you have heard in some time. The production is right on the money too. This is pure evil and the way black metal needs to be. Intense to the bone. Info:

BLACK ZODIAC/Psychotic Hatred (Self Released) This is some really cool heavy metal that goes into thrash metal at times. There is a girl singing and she has an awesome voice as well. One of the best female singers I have ever heard that is for sure. The production on this is really good and I love the guitar sound that is on this. I bet this would be a killer live band. Well, worth checking out and I'll try and get an interview with her as well. Info:

IN BATTLE/Kingdom Of Fear (Candlelight Records) Some rip roaring death metal that is very fuckin fast at times. This crushes. The vocals are extreme and sung in a painful way and he is really getting into what he is singing. The riffs hurt and punish you like Immolation. The speed parts just melt me and drove a stake right through my heart. The production is right where it needs to be and this is a fantastic release. Info:

AXEL RUDI PELL/Diamonds Unlocked (SPV) This guy has been around a long time and this is another excellent release you can add to his collection. Awesome vocals, wicked playing, great songs and production and riffs that will have your neck moving. An incredible passion played release that any fan of metal would love as did I. Oh did I mention they do all over tunes from Kiss, to Riot to Free and even an old Michael Bolton cover. This crushes. Info:

SEAR BLISS/The Arcane Odyssey (Candlelight Records) Typical death/black metal with nothing that stands out or makes it anything above average at best. The tunes just didn't blow me away and kinda bored me. The vocals were ok and the band just didn't knock me for a loop. The music goes from fast to slow, but was just nothing special to my ears. Info:

SKITZO/Five Point Containment (Open Grave Records) This is killer old school speed metal that destroyed my brain and brought a huge smile to my face. This is fast, in your face thrash/speed metal that will crush all of you. The tunes just smoked me as they are played with passion and feeling and just have that sound I crave. The vocals are 80's like thrash and sung with power and he is screaming his lungs out. The production is right on the money and the guitar sound is perfect. An absolute must to own. Info:

VREID/I KRIG (Candlelight Records) This was black metal and to me it was just ok. The music goes from fast to slow with the black metal style vocals, but nothing blew me away. The music was just ok, nothing bad, but nothing great. The production is good and actually the singing isn't bad neither. At least they don't play a million miles an hour every second. Not bad. Info:

HEARSE/In These Veins (Candlelight Records) Killer 100% plain death metal that hits hard and hits fast. This is some fast killer stuff folks. The vocals are a pure death metal delight as the singer just belts out the words with hate and power. The music is mostly fast death metal with tons of killer riffs and fast almost blasting drumming. The production is right where it needs to be. Want great death metal. Look no further. Info:

GENTLEMENS PISTOLS/Self Titled (Candlelight Records) This was some down n dirty punk rock. The tunes were catchy punk rock tunes with not a hint of nu metal or any of this modern punk rock crap. The tunes were raw, nasty tunes that wouldn't be far off a Black Flag release. The vocals are semi screamed punk style singing and the band was a breath of fresh air for me. Info:

TULUS/Biography Obscene (Candlelight Records) This was below average metal sort of in the Motorhead style with some death metal added to it and death metal vocals. I felt the songs weren't strong and they just kinda plodded along. Not a good release in my opinion, below average music. Info:

EXTERMINANCE/Vomiting The Trinity (Open Grave Records) This came out back in the 90's and now is being re-releasd with some bonus stuff never heard before. 16 tracks of some raw in your face death metal. There is some groove to it, but it doesn't sound bad and this was way before the whole heard of all these nu metal bands made it into the scene. The riffs are crushing and the fast parts are a blur. I am glad the band is back and I hope this release gives them the sucess they deserve. Info: