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All of the Metal Mind reviews are releases that originally were released by Roadracer Records in the 80's and early 90's.

SACRIFICIAL BLOOD/Promo 2007-This is some crushing old school death/thrash metal that will dull your senses and blood. Pure crushing rifffs that will blow you away and make your fuckin ears bleed. The vocals are a pure delight to listen to as they are sick, and evil and sung with passion not matched by many. There is also a Massacre, NME and Deceased covers too. This is simply a classic piece of underground metal not to be missed. Info:

MALEVOLENT CREATION/Conquering South America (Arctic Music Group) This is some prime live death metal from this veteran death metal band. 15 tunes from this band the live sound is perfect as those drums will blast your brains out. The singing is pure death metal and the band sound tight as fuck. The band mix in songs from several albums and I bet the fans at this show had a killer time. Info:

SHELTER/Mantra (Metal Mind Productions) This is another one of those Roadracer re-issues and this came out in the 90's and had Ray singing who used to front Youth of Today. This is a bit like them, but I would say it is less of a hardcore sound and more of just a punk alternative type sound. There is also 3 bonus tracks on here too. The music is a bit of like alternative rock mixed in with punk and they even have a few rap parts, but these guys were doing this way before the big trend. The production is good and there is plenty of intensity and playing on here to keep me happy. Not bad for what it is at all. Info:

NIGHT OF THE ABYSS/Juggernaut (Candlelight Records) Some really good death metal is found on this release. Razor sharp riffs are the ticket here along with some great death metal vocals. Musicwise is was a little Immolation and Morbid Angel with the guitars punishing themselves with the wicked riffs. The vocals are great growling death metal vocals and the production is right on the money. Excellent death metal release. Info:

ZEROBRIDGE/Self Titled (Third Life Entertainment) This was like alternative type rock and I didn't like it much. The tunes weren't catchy and they sounded like a bad U2. The tunes just didn't strike me as anything special and they really just plain bored me. The singing isn't bad and neither is the production, but this was just not for me. Info:

SEROTONAL/The Futility To Avoid The Unavoidable (Metal Breath) This is more alternative style metal and this wasn't too bad. The band are pretty original in my book and the songs didn't bore me. The tunes are fairly heavy and the singing is very different and the songs are moody and will take you on several rollercoaster rides. I have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy this, but it is good for what it is. Info:

DAVID VALDES/Imhotep (Heaven Cross Records) This is one of the guitar instrumental albums. This was pretty cool as it was played in a power metal vein and yeah the lack of vocals did hurt a bit in spots, but for the most part I liked this. The production was nice and thick and man this guy can play a guitar and I just don't mean solos. He can write some great riffs and he did most of the work on this and he should smile as he did one hell of a job and he is helped by 2 other guys and if your into classy power metal played with some wicked solos and riffs, here ya go. Info:

GOREFEST/Rise To Ruin (Candlelight Records) I wasn't expecting much, but this was a pretty damn good release. This was raw down to the bone death metal with some gruff vocals. The low tunes guitars reminded me of some of the newer Entombed stuff and the guitar riffs here will have that head banging. The production is right where it needs to be too. If you wrote this band off as I did, well prepare to be surprised. Info:

RELIK/Devoured In Sin (Self Released) 4 tracks of some prime death/thrash metal played with tons of feeling, emotion and class. The vocals are a pure thrash metal delight and each of these 4 tunes will have you head banging and whipping into a frenzy. The production is right on the money and if you think a band such as Bloodfeast is killer, then this band will be right up your alley. This crushes. Info:

HARDINGROCK/Grimen (Candlelight Records) This is like a solo project of one of the guys in Emperor and he uses a fiddler within some of the songs. Me personally, I thought this was awful and very boring. I am open minded, but fiddlers don't belong in metal and the songs just lacked any substance and bored the hell out of me. Some may like this, but this is not my cup of tea at all. Info:

FREEDOM CALL/Dimensions (SPV) Some very good power metal with tons of hooks and melodic vocals along with lots of chanting vocals. Again I am a sucker for good hooks and this had plenty of those. The vocals are melodic and clean, but they fit this band perfectly. The band is melodic n parts, but speeds things up when they need to be speeded up. The production is good as well and SPV have a winner on their hands. Info:

SODOM/The Final Sign Of Evil (SPV) This simply kills. This is a remake of the band's 1st Ep re-recorded in 2007 with tons of bonus tracks. This is played with so much passion and feeling it isn't funny. The tunes sound fresh and not a 2007 sound, but with the sound back in 1984. There is a bunch of bonus tracks, which totally kill and are not filler. They even got the original line-up back to re-record some of these tunes, and that in itself is wicked cool. Any fan of school metal MUST own this at all costs. Info:

THE FORESHADOWING/Days Of Nothing (Candlelight Records) This was pretty boring doom metal. Yes, it was heavy, but the songs plodded along and I didn't like the vocals as I felt they were weak and brought the band down. The production wasn't bad, but I didn't find much of any value in this band. Info:

LIMBONIC ART/Legacy Of Evil (Candlelight Records) Wicked fast black metal is the ticket here. This is fast, extreme and not for the weak. Killer black metal vocals too. 10 tunes of some of the most vile and fast black metal you have heard in some time. The production is right on the money too. This is pure evil and the way black metal needs to be. Intense to the bone. Info:

BLACK ZODIAC/Psychotic Hatred (Self Released) This is some really cool heavy metal that goes into thrash metal at times. There is a girl singing and she has an awesome voice as well. One of the best female singers I have ever heard that is for sure. The production on this is really good and I love the guitar sound that is on this. I bet this would be a killer live band. Well worth checking out and I'll try and get an interview with her as well. Info:

IN BATTLE/Kingdom Of Fear (Candlelight Records) Some rip roaring death metal that is very fuckin fast at times. This crushes. The vocals are extreme and sung in a painful way and he is really getting into what he is singing. The riffs hurt and punish you like Immolation. The speed parts just melt me and drove a stake right through my heart. The production is right where it needs to be and this is a fantastic release. Info:

AXEL RUDI PELL/Diamonds Unlocked (SPV) This guy has been around a long time and this is another excellent release you can add to his collection. Awesome vocals, wicked playing, great songs and production and riffs that will have your neck moving. An incredible passion played release that any fan of metal would love as did I. Oh did I mention they do all over tunes from Kiss, to Riot to Free and even an old Michael Bolton cover. This crushes. Info:

SEAR BLISS/The Arcane Odyssey (Candlelight Records) Typical death/black metal with nothing that stands out or makes it anything above average at best. The tunes just didn't blow me away and kinda bored me. The vocals were ok and the band just didn't knock me for a loop. The music goes from fast to slow, but was just nothing special to my ears. Info:

SKITZO/Five Point Containment (Open Grave Records) This is killer old school speed metal that destroyed my brain and brought a huge smile to my face. This is fast, in your face thrash/speed metal that will crush all of you. The tunes just smoked me as they are played with passion and feeling and just have that sound I crave. The vocals are 80's like thrash and sung with power and he is screaming his lungs out. The production is right on the money and the guitar sound is perfect. An absolute must to own. Info:

AFGRUND/Svarta Dagar (Livestage Productions) Fast blasting death metal with the low tunes Swedish guitar sound and shouted vocals. The production is right on the money and I love the guitar sound as it just smoked me. The tunes are super fast almost in grind territory and the vocals are warped and at times almost grindcore in nature. If your into quality, fast death metal here ya go. Info:

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME/Colors (Victory Records) This started off weird and then exploded into a death metal fest. Chaotic riffs that are out of control and out of this world! This is some warped stuff let me tell ya. Easily the weirdest thing on this label. The band mix in prog metal with death metal and some of the most warped music and vocals you'll ever hear! Production is nice and heavy and this was a pleasure to review and listen too. Info:

YEAR OF CONFESSION/Adv Tracks (Self Released) I got a 3 song sampler from this band that plays metal/hardcore. The band write some decent riffs and they were easy to get into and the band play music with a groove, but it wasn't too bad and it better than most doing this style. The vocals are in the tough guy style, but aren't as annoying as most bands I have heard doing this style. Like to hear the full length when it comes out. Info:

MY FATE/MMVI (Self Released) Typical groove metal with all the breakdown riffs and tough guy vocals. The band also use the clean vocal style, which has been done to death. There is nothing new here, nothing of value, just another jump metal band with the same riffs, breakdowns and songs as ever other band doing this same thing. Info:

SCELERATA/Darkness And Light (Nightmare Records) Some cool progressive power metal is on this disc. The band don't sound like Dream Theater (thank god) and don't have all those chanting type vocals a lot of these new power metal bands have. This band is more rooted toward the progressive side, but the songs don't go over my head. The singer has a nice clean voice and fits the music and reminds me a bit of Ski who used to sing in Deadly Blessing. The production is right on the money too. Really good release. Info:

EVIL MASQUERADE/Third Act (Nightmare Records) This must be a re-release of sorts cause they thrown in 2 bonus tracks on this. This is another power metal band with traces of speed and some of those chanting like vocals, but the band also throw you for a loop as they go off into a almost melodic direction and you have no idea what is coming next. The singer has a nice clean voice that fits the music rather well. This band will have your head spinning as they combine many styles and it makes for one non boring release. Info:

MONSTER MAGNET/4 Way Diablo (SPV) This band is back on a new label and they still play that spacey rock/metal that they are known for. The music is sort of spacey with a punkish edge to it. The vocals are what you have come to expect from these guys and if you were a fan of them from before, you'll not be disappointed with this. I was never a big fan, but I respect them for doing something different and this was a cool fun release to review. Info:

SIEGES EVEN/Paramount (SPV) This was a release that took me a few spins to get into. At first I didn't like it, but the more I played it the more it grew on me. The music is melodic power metal played with a heavy side, but also with a mellow side. The band takes a chance with a ballad, but it works and works rather well. The singer has a great melodic voice that fits this band perfect. A really awesome release. Info:

MEGADEATH/Warchest Box Set Sampler (Capitol Records) I got a one CD sampler of this, which when it comes out will be a 4 CD and 1 DVD set! There will be over 6 hours of music on this baby and I for one can't wait for it to come out. Included will be a full set from the Clash of the Titans tour, which should be killer. There will also be lots of unreleased stuff too. I got 16 songs on my disc and how can you go wrong with songs like: Killing is My Business and Business if Good and Peace Sells and Hangar 18. There was a few live cuts on here and the band sound good and tight on them too. This will be one boxed set any fan of metal needs to have in their collection and is not to be missed. Info:

MOONSPELL/Under Satane (SPV) This I found to be boring death metal with keyboard parts and those overdone female opera like vocals too. The music just plodded along and was a bit heavy, but I didn't like it. The vocals were typical death metal vocals and then when the female vocals came on I was like ready to throw up. This did nothing for me. Info:

DISCERN/To Praise With Persecution (Self Released) This is some good solid fast death metal that leans more to the modern death metal style, but doesn't have that all out groove to it. The singer sings low, but not that growl guttural shit. The tunes are mostly fast with some slower (not mosh) parts mixed in to keep them honest. The production is good and this is one of the better new death metal bands that my ears have heard in some time. Info:

FRUIT OV GUILE/Adbocate Of Spiritual Hunger (Self Released) All this was to me was some boring keyboard stuff that would not have been out of place on a 40's horror movie. The songs, if you can call them that, went absolutely nowhere and this was just a boring piece of work to my ears. Nothing good about this as it was just a bunch of horror movie keyboard stuff. Info:

[email protected]

ONE STEP BEYOND/Beyond Good And Evil (Self Released) This is some warped and fucked up shit let me tell ya. This is a mix of some grind, a little bit of death metal and some funk and everything else in-between. The vocals are screamed and warped and out of this world. Sort of like Human Remains playing grind metal. The production is right on the money and I love the guitar sound and the vocals are a pure underground treat. Prepare to find many extremes when you listen to this puppy and it is very fast, brutal and extreme no doubt and is also some of the most warped stuff your ears will ever hear. Info:

MOTORHEAD/Better Motorhead Than Dead Live @ Hammersmith (SPV) I have always had a special place in my heart for these guys as I always felt they never got the success here that they deserved and one of the 1st metal releases I got was "No Sleep Till Hammersmith". Now the band is back with a double disc of music and boy does this baby crush. The band rip through over 20 tunes from their career including, Bomber, We Are The Road Crew, Killed By Death and Stay Clean. The band sound tight as they always do and this is from the band's 30th anniversary show. Damn it has been that long. If you call yourself a fan of metal then you have to have this. An instant classic. Info:

TROJAN/Chasing The Storm (Metal Mind Productions) I had never heard of this band and when I saw the word speed metal my eyes lit up. I wouldn't call this speed metal, but awesome well crafted power metal with tons of hooks and soaring vocals. From reading the bio this band made this one album and this disappeared and considering them came from across the ocean, that is probably why I missed them. The songs have tons of hooks and catchy riffs that will have that neck moving in no time. The vocals are the soaring 80's style that a lot of the power and heavy metal bands were using at that the time. 10 tracks that will bring you back in time and this was one release I am glad came out on CD. A classic. Info:

PARADOX/Hershey (Metal Mind Productions) This was the 2nd release from this killer power/speed metal band and what I release it is. Chock full of monster riffs that are both catchy and fast. This is almost melodic in spots it is so damn catchy. The vocals are powerful, clear and fit the band well. Just listening will make your neck sore trust me. This is the perfect blend of speed, melody and power. You also get 3 bonus tracks and a mega horns up from me on this baby. Info:

BLESSED DEATH/Destined For Extinction (Metal Mind Productions) Oh holy hell is this an incredible release of pure speed/thrash metal with some of the greatest vocals ever. This band put out 3 classic albums and this is the middle one. I have seen them at Lamour's live many times and they always delivered the goods and on this they do it again. Just pure ripping speed metal with pure thrash vocals and those screams are out of this world. If your neck doesn't break while listening to this, something is wrong. This release is full of power, passion, emotion and just feeling that is lacking from a lot of today's bands. Buy this and feel the pain. Info:

KINETIC DISSENT/I Will Fight No More Forever (Metal Mind Productions) I remembered this when it came out and I didn't think much of the band at that time, but after getting a 2nd chance to check them out, my opinion has changed. This is some really good thrash music with a touch of progressive to it. I think the band was hard for some to get into the 1st time, yours truly included. The band play thrash metal with a melodic edge and also some Faith No More and Mordred into the mix. The vocals are clean and a re a little like Faith No More, but they work for this band. I guess at the time people didn't want something that was different and not of the norm. This is a really diamond in the rough release so to speak and is well worth checking out. Info:

PARADOX/Product Of Imagination (Metal Mind Productions) This is the band's debut release and on it is 5 bonus tracks for your listening pleasure. Just like the 2nd album, this release is chock full of some of the finest speed metal these ears have ever laid eyes on. Just listen to those riffs and vocals and how can your head and neck not want to move. Song after classic song is on this disc and this was one the best releases ever in the 80's and if you missed it the 1st time oh my god what are you waiting for and find this baby and buy it and listen to some classic speed metal and the 5 bonus tracks are the icing on the cupcake. Info:

CYCLONE/Brutal Destruction (Metal Mind Productions) This is simply some godly thrash metal with some of the best thrash riffs and songs you will ever hear. Just massive rip roaring riff after riff of pure thrash metal as only this band can do. Sadly this is their only release, but what a release it is. Just pure speed and those thrash metal vocals complete with the high pitched scream brought me back to my days as a teenager in the denim jacket. This is a must buy. Info:

GANG GREEN/You Got It (Metal Mind Productions) I remember this band as they used to play City Gardens in Trenton, NJ back in the day. I had never heard any of their releases and after having listened to this I am sad I didn't pay more attention to this band. This is an awesome release of metal core that will satisfy both the old school metal and punk rock fan. Just fast hardcore with a metal edge to it. The vocals are a perfect blend of hardcore style and the production is great as well. This sounds fresh to these ears and there is no bonus tracks, but the band is still around and check em out on tour, only after you pick this up of course. Info:

PESTILENCE/Spheres (Metal Mind Productions) Some may hate this release, but I think it is fresh and original. The band do branch out on this release and it is not a straight forward death metal release, but it does have some death metal to it. Just wicked riffs with some progressive overtones and some throaty death metal vocals. This won't be easy to get in some people, but just give it a few listens and feel the power and you also get a few bonus tracks (2 live and 2 remixed) to boot. Info:

RATOS DE PORAO/Brasil (Metal Mind Productions) Oh my god is this some incredible speed metal/hardcore crossover music at its best. Metal riffs with tons of speed and intensity. Great hardcore vocals as well. The production is killer and the guitar sound just blows me away. I hadn't really paid much mind to these guys, but after hearing this I wish I had. Think Nuclear Assault playing hardcore with punk rock vocals. If your a fan of the crossover stuff, you simply must buy this. A smokin killer release with 3 live bonus tracks. Mosh it up. Info:

RATOS DE PORAO/Feijoada Acidente International (Metal Mind Productions) I have never heard of this release till now. This is the band doing 21 old and I mean old punk covers. Black Flag, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, and GBH are just a few of the bands on here. These are bands that influenced this band and they do quite a job on these punk tunes. The tunes keep the spirit of the old hardcore movement alive and I really liked this a lot. So will you if you like hardcore. Info:

BULLDOZER/The Day Of Wrath (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of the band's 1st release. This band in their day was a more of a cult type of band. The band on this release play very raw almost black metal in the vein of the 1st 2 Venom albums. That was what the band was known for way back when as Venom Jr at times. Listening to this I can see the comparison to Venom in the way the songs are structured and also the way the singing is done. This is raw thrash metal and also includes a bonus track and if you love "Black Metal" from Venom, you'll go nuts over this and don't get me wrong, this in my eyes is a killer slab of old school metal that will suck you dry. Info:

THE GREAT KAT/Worship Me Or Die (Metal Mind Productions) Well I guess I will die cause I am not worshipping Kat ha ha. This female has the ego of planet earth as you would know if you read some of her interviews over the years. Putting that aside this was back in the day way overhyped speed metal and listening to it today, this is nothing special. Yes Kat can play, but so can lots of other people, but it the songs that make or break you. The songs here are OK, nothing ground breaking and are just standard speed metal with lots of solos and female singing. Yeah Kat throws in some classical riffs, but that doesn't impress me. This to me was more about the hype than the actual music. Nothing to get happy out as it is just if anything more hype than actual quality music. Info:

THE GREAT KAT/Beethoven On Speed (Metal Mind Productions) This wasn't too bad as it is better than the above release. This is Kat doing Beethoven with a speed metal feel. She screams through the tunes and plays the tunes with speed. The production is decent and if you want Beethoven mixed in with speed metal and screaming female vocals, here ya go. Info:

R.D.P./Just Another Crime In Massacreland (Metal Mind Productions) This wasn't as good as the other releases from the band due in part to the vocals. They are that gruff style and the singer just doesn't do it for me as he just grunts out the words and the songs didn't have a killer edge to them. The music is more on the mosh metal side, but the vocals just let me down. Info:

FLOODGATE/Penalty (Metal Mind Productions) This is the band that formed out of the ashes of Exorder. This was nu metal before nu metal. This band plays groove metal that was done way before the trend and it doesn't sound bad after all these years. You also get bonus tracks too. The vocals are awesome as there is no tough guy vocals, just some passionate singing. If you think some of that groove shit is good, pop in this and see how it is really done. Info:

GANG GREEN/Can't Live Without It (Metal Mind Productions) This is an awesome live record and not just the live production end of things. These songs just kicked my ass. Intense, fast, passion, and it just sounds like the band is having the time of their lives onstage. 15 songs are on this with songs from the old days up until their Roadracer stuff. This is hardcore at it's best and you also get 2 bonus tracks that appeared on some comp back in 1991. Grab a beer and mosh it up with the band. Info:

GANG GREEN/Older...Budweiser (Metal Mind Productions) This is the band's 2nd release that was released on Roadracer many moons ago. It also includes an EP as bonus tracks. The band at this point were moving toward a more metal direction, but the vocals are shouted hardcore style of course. The songs just kick ass period as they are speedy metalcore numbers that would please any fan of the underground. Forget this shit they try to say hardcore, get this and discover the real deal. Info:

R.D.P./Anarkophobia (Metal Mind Productions) This is a pure crossover delight and I loved every note. This is a mixture of like The Crumbsuckers, DRI, etc. The band at this point had the perfect mix of metal and hardcore and the vocals on this release are awesome and sound like Billy Milano. This band has 4 re-releases and 3 of them totally crush. The music is fast, explosive and the metallic riffs will have your head banging. This is a pure metalcore delight and this is one of those releases that is the perfect release to tell somebody about the crossover era. Live tracks are bonus tracks too. Info:

EPIDEMIC/We Die For What? (Self Released) This was some not so good death/thrash metal. The drum sound was awful sounding like tin can and the riffs and signing weren't so hot neither. Track # 2 started off well and then went into some god awful singing and music. The songs just didn't pack a wallop and the band need to work on their songwriting and stuff. I have another CD from this band and maybe it is better and this is NOT the band from CA that put out a few discs on Metal Blade. Info:

[email protected]

BULLDOZER/The Final Separation (Metal Mind Productions) This is the band's 2nd release and it is not as much Venom influenced, though the Venom tough is there. The band sort of branch out a bit more on their own on this, but still retain that raw sound they were known for. Think Tank, Motorhead and Venom rolled into a blender. This is raw, powerful thrash metal that to this day sounds fresh and makes my ears bleed. Info:

BULLDOZER/IX (Metal Mind Productions) This is the band's 3rd release being re-released by this awesome label. This is a bit faster than the 2 prior releases and it stills has that old Venom vibe that I love. While Venom had lost some of that power and stuff this band kept forging on getting better with each release. Listen to these crushing riffs and I dare you not to bang that head. The production is still raw, but not super raw, but just the right amount of rawness to make this what it is. This is dirty, nasty thrash metal with a wicked edge to it. The vocals are a pure thrash metal delight and it is awesome that this is on disc and a new generation of people can hear this and bow to Bulldozer. This is fast, intense and prepare for your neck to snap. Info:

BULLDOZER/Neuroderliri (Metal Mind Productions) This is 4th and last release from this band. The band still play raw speed/thrash metal, but on this they got away from Venom and had a more hardcore sound and even threw in some keyboards to boot. The band almost had a Motorhead vibe in spots and even though I don't like the keyboard parts, some of the fast stuff will leave you in the dust. The vocals are sung in a more hardcore way and this might be the most different of the 4 releases. It is not my favorite, but the band still maintained their sound and experimented a bit here and there. Info:

EPIDEMIC/Earth Penitentiary (Self Released) This was way better than the other release I got as on this the songs are more thought out, more catchy, and more brutal. The guitar sound I like and the vocals are better and the production is good, no more tin can drums. I am not sure which release came 1st, but this blows away the other one and this was a very good and enjoyable death metal release. Info:

[email protected]

OPTIMUM WOUND PROFILE/Silver Or Lead (Metal Mind Productions) This is some hard hitting industrial style metal that was really good. I remember a bit about this band when this first came out a few years back, but didn't realize how good the band were until I heard this. This is jut crushing industrial music that is very original, very extreme and was very impressive. The production is right there and if you like industrial metal stuff then this is the release you need. Info:

OPTIMUM WOUND PROFILE/Lowest Common Dominator (Metal Mind Productions) This is the bands 1st album re-released and it is even better than the above release. Pure industrial extreme metal that put a huge smile on my face. This hits hard and fast and shows no mercy. This came out during the whole Ministry, Godflesh wave and it kills like the 2 aforementioned bands. This is fast, extreme and hits with power and doesn't let up. Both releases are well worth getting. Info:

QUICK CHANGE/Circus of Death (Metal Mind Productions) Oh what a great re-release this is. I have never heard of this band, but my friend Scott told me their CD was going for $50 on EBay. Now I know why. This is killer 80's thrash with tons of hooks, speed, passion and emotion. You also get 2 bonus tracks too. The band are a 80's style thrash band with tons of those gallop thrash riffs and screaming vocals. I don't know how I missed this band the 1st time around and if your a fan of thrash or quality music, don't be fooled by wimpy thrash bands. This band is the real deal trust me and is worth hunting down and buying. A huge thanks for Metal Mind for putting this baby out. You guys rule! Info:

SHELTER/Beyond Planet Earth (Metal Mind Productions) This was band that Ray from Youth of Today formed and this was kind of a wimpy release in my eyes. Gone is the aggression and extreme music and it replaced with almost poppy punk that almost had me gagging. This wouldn't be out of spot on some college radio station. There is no metal and it is more college rock and I don't think many of you would like this. I know I didn't. Info:

AMEN/Self Titled (Metal Mind Productions) This really surprised me. I thought this was kinda suck, but lo and behold it is really good. This is another re-release and it is worth hunting down and checking out. The band play groove metal, but with an edge and style not many have done before and do not do now. The music can get fast at times and there is no tough guy vocals thank god. The band is kinds weird at times and hard to figure out. All I know it is a vicious assault that I might have dismissed as a bunch of junk, but trust me this baby kicked my ass. Info:

ZNOWHITE/Self Titled (Metal Mind Productions) Oh this simply owed me. This band kicked my ass way back when and this re-release is going to kick my ass again. This release has the bands 3 releases all piled into one release and I had never heard the "Live Suicide" release. This band was one of the few bands with a female singer and she has a great voice and this is some quality speed/thrash metal that will dull your senses. This is some great old school metal and don't forget to pick up "Act Of God" which also kicks ass. This band was very underrated during the day and trust me this is one release you need in your collection as you get a 3 in 1. Info:

MEGADEATH/That One Night (Image Entertainment) This is a 2 disc live release from Dave and the boys. They mix in a nice set with 22 tunes on this. The band sound tight and you get stuff like 'Wake Up Dead, Skin of my Teeth", "Hangar 18" (one of my favs), and "Peace Sells" The crows seems into it and Dave sounds great guitar playing wise as well as through wise. Dave has been through some tough times and his band has also had its ups and downs, but I have always had a small place in my heart for this band and after hearing this I am gonna make it a point to go seem them next time they come to town.

HATEPLOW/Moshpit Murder (Arctic Music Group) This is a live recording from this band and a pretty damn good one to boot. The band played fast death metal with a grind feel to it at times. The band sound tight and the songs just crush and come across live as good as they did in the studio. This also includes a 1996 demo and a song from a 1999 demo. Really good death metal stuff here. Info:

DOWN THE DRAIN/Dyinginside (Arctic Music Group) Typical groove/slam metal that a billion other bands have done and done to death. Yes, the groove is there as well as the speed parts and those oh so great tough guy vocals along with the dance riffs. No no no. This I didn't like. Info:

TOTAL DEVASTATION/Roadmap Of Pain (Arctic Music Group) While this isn't super original I did like it. The band play some vicious death metal and the fast parts crushed me. Total non cheese blast beats and some industrial like vocals made this a release I can listen to over and over. The production is great and the guitar is meaty and bouncy. Get it. Info:

KULT OF AZAEL/VRULICK/Split CD (Arctic Music Group) Kult offer up some fast neck breaking black metal and they do it quite well. The production is right there and the music is mostly fast extreme black metal with the singer singing his ass off and his voice is filled with hate. Vrulick offer up raw as fuck death metal almost sludgy in parts. From the looks of it, it looks like it is a one man band. The vocals are awesome as he spews out the words like a dying man gasping for his last breath. Both bands were different from each other and I enjoyed both very much. Info:

DARK FUNERAL/Diabolis Interium (Regain Records) The 2nd of the Dark Funeral re-releases and this is more fast pounding death/black metal that will dull your senses. These tunes will rip your head off and you get 5 bonus tracks and the band rip through a set of covers from Sodom, Slayer, Mayhem, and King Diamond. If you don't have this baby yet, what in the fuck are you waiting for? Info:

SHRINE OF SCARS/The Knife (Mindfire Records) 5 tracks of speed/death metal. This isn't too bad and reminds me of some of those death metal demos I used to get in the early 90's. The singer goes all out and really delivers the vocals with intensity and fury and no tough guy crap neither. The music is chaotic and out of control metal core. The band play speed metal with the energy and style of old hardcore. The band I am sure have tunes you can hear on their page so you can be the judge, but for me this is a pretty damn good band. Info:

MALEVOLENT CREATION/Envenomed II & The Will To Kill (Arctic Music Group) These are 2 re-releases and the 1st release includes with 3 bonus tracks. In case you aren't familiar with this band, they play crushing death metal with substance and style. They play fast and furious death metal with tons of speed, velocity and just plain brutality. They have been doing this for many years and if you missed these the 1st time around, pick these up and prepare to be smoked by the power and speed of these guys. Both releases are well worth adding to your death metal collection. Info:

STERIOGRAM/This Is Not The Target Market (Rock Ridge Music) This was semi weird alternative rock music with touches of metal here and there. The band are out there and can write some weird riffs, but they are still heavy as well. I don't like the semi rapping parts, but the songs are catchy even though they are weird and the and do throw in some melody to the tunes. It would sort of be if newer Voivod had gone to the alternative side and the singer does sound like the Voivod man at times. This is not for everybody, but it was different and kinda cool and after repeated listening it won me over. Info:

KID BLUDO/Up And Away (OBEE Records) I had no idea what to expect when I played this and I admit I was surprised. This was pretty good rock music with a metal edge to it. I hate some of the death growls the band uses as they sound out of place and are not necessary at all. The music is rock n roll with a metal edge to it. Sort of like older Firehouse (who I love) in spots. Don't let the name fool yeah, this is some well played melodic rock n roll that is worthy of more than just a casual listen. Info:

CANOBLISS/Liberation Of Dissonance (Self Released) Some really good rock/metal music is the ticket here. The singer has a great voice and he hits all the notes with the right amount of intensity and power. The songs rock and are catchy, heavy and melodic all at the same time. This is the type of band that a good label signed and gave a push too, could sell many, many records. Info;

THE HORRIFICS/Now Fear This (1031 Records) This was some vicious hardcore that I really liked. The tunes were fast, furious and no nu metal or tough guy vocals. This is the real deal of hardcore. Shouted vocals, fast riffs and pounding drumming. This band could have come out of the 80's and wouldn't be out of place. 17 tracks of great hardcore music that brought me back to the glory days of the 80's. Awesome band. Info:

DARK FUNERAL/The Secrets Of The Black Arts (Regain Records) This is a reissue of this with 8 bonus tracks. This band if you don't know are one of the premier death/black metal bands and this when it came out was a classic and still is. Pure death/black metal that will bring the weak to their fuckin knees. This is the real deal and is not for wimps. If you have this, you'll want this again for the 8 bonus tracks and if you missed them and want some real death/black metal, then my friend buy this and prepare to be eliminated. Info:

WITHIN CHAOS/Same (Self Titled) Another groove death metal band with all the breakdown riffs and tough guy vocals. This wasn't as bad as most of the other bands doing this style as they do write some decent riffs, but they need to try and break away from sounding like all the nu metal bands and use a little less screaming cause the guy signing isn't bad and the band can play and write some riffs. Not bad for what it is.

PENTACLE/Under The Black Cross (I Bex Moon Records) Just excellent old school metal played with fire, passion and feeling. The vocals remind me of a cross of Pestilence and Whiplash. This band has put out several great releases and you can add this baby to the list. The riffs will run through you like a knife to butter. Some of the bands Celtic Frost roots show through in some of the tunes, but the band has come a long way since release # 1 let me tell ya. The riffs will just melt you as they had my neck moving in no time. The production is thick and the tunes will just blow you away bit by bit. A must have. The Necrovore cover crushes too. Info:

DENIAL FIEND/They Rise (I Bex Moon Records) This is some really good straight forward death metal that just hits you hard and right in the face. No jump riffs, screaming or trends. This is straight forward death metal with tons of killer riffs and some great death metal singing. The tunes are heavy and at times fast. The production is thick and heavy and this has members from several Florida bands (Six Feet Under, Nasty Savage, Death, etc). This is a kick ass release that should not be missed and is well worth more than just a listen. Crushing stuff guys. Info:

HELLOWEEN/Gambling With The Devil (SPV USA) Wow this was quite a shock. This is an incredible release to say the least. The band just shine on this release as it is chock full of power metal played with speed, conviction, power and just enough melody to make my neck snap. The vocals are perfect as are the tunes. So catchy, but nevertheless fast and will have thy neck moving quite fast. I am a sucker for melody and speed and this has both. Easily the best thing this band has put out and will be in my top 20 at the end of the year. Very impressive release. Info:

CAPITOL HOMEFRONT/Self Titled (Revelation Records) This was some modern hardcore that wasn't too bad to these ears. The band play pretty hard and though they are not as violent as some of the hardcore bands in the 80's, this is still some pretty cool stuff. The vocals thank god aren't Pantera style and are aggressive, but without all the tough guy stuff. The music is mostly mid paced and sometimes a bit faster, but it played with tons of power and aggression. The production is nice and clear and everything can be heard clearly. A very solid release. Info:

OCTOBER FILE/Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God (Candlelight Records) Some pretty good death metal here. The band play mostly mid paced death metal with some good vocals and no jump metal riffs or tough guy vocals. The band write some weird riffs and don't sound like any one band I can think of. The production is good and thick and the vocals are violent, but not in a tough guy way. They are almost hardcore in a way and it is not a bad thing. Check these guys out as they are doing something different. Info:

BLUT AUS NORD/Odlnist (Candlelight Records) Some decent black metal hear that had lots of feeling to it. The tunes are just blazing fast and are more mid paced, but with lots of feeling in the vocals and the music that sort of sets up a mood. I really liked this as the songs sucked me and kept me there. Really haunting production as well. A very surprising release to my ears. Info:

BELAY MY LAST/The Downfall (Mediaskare Entertainment) This I liked musicwise, but not so much on the vocals. The band play vicious death metal with tons of chops and some complex parts and it sounds wicked cool, but the low guttural vocals I was not a fan of. This band can write some of the most wicked riffs I have heard in some time and the guitar and production are mega heavy and the riffs will tear through like a knife to butter. The blast parts even won me over. When music is this good, screw the vocals ha ha. Some may love the vocals and this was one of the best new bands I have heard as the riffs and song structures will knock you for a loop. Info:

ATTRITION/The Attrition Of Reason (Voice Print) Apparently this is some old stuff from 1984 and all this is, is some techno dance stuff with an industrial beat to it. This did nothing for me as I hate techno music and when you throw a dance beat and female vocals on top, well you get something I have no interest of at all. Info:

LIVING HELL/The Lost and The Damned (Revelation Records) This some nice thrash metal from this band. I thought this would some hardcore, but no this is some really good thrash metal. The band play old school thrash metal too with some gruff vocals. The production is good and solid and this is some kick ass old school thrash that should not be missed. A pleasant surprise. Info:

THE ACCURSED/Seasons Of The Scythe (Locomotive Records) This is some excellent old school death metal with some twists and turns to it making this not your ordinary release. The band have a really cool style that is new and refreshing. The vocals are screamed and violent just the way I like em he he. The guitar sound is wicked and very different and at times it is like they are hurting and punishing their guitars. The production is right there and is not over produced. The band also can rip through some fast parts making my head snap away. Awesome release. Info:

THE HIXON/Truth Has Been Burned (Self Released) Here are some local boys and boy do they make me proud to be in South Jersey. This is just pure old school thrash that put a huge and long smile on my face. The production is mega heavy and I love the thick guitar sound the band gets. Testament comes to mind musicwide and vocally as this played on and that my friends it not a bad thing. The tunes rip, shred and possess speed, power, aggression and feeling. I can't wait to see these guys live and maybe I'll re live my old days and jump into the pit. I know one thing, my neck will get a nice workout. Awesome job guys. Info:

BENIGHTED/Icon (Osmose Productions) This is really fast death metal almost verging on grind at times. I am not a big fan of the cup the mic style of vocals, but when music is this good, it can be easy to ignore. The production is razor sharp and the guitar sound hurts and punishes to the point of agony. The blast parts don't sound weak or generic, instead they are powerful and relentless. This has plenty of power and style and speed. If your into speed and quality death metal here ya go. Info:

CALES/Savage Blood (Metal Breath Productions) This is a one man project of a guy who is in the band Root and it is pretty damn good stuff. There isn't any vocals, which hurt this a bit in my eyes, but the music was full of passion and emotion and feeling that I really grasped it and it sucked me in. The music is metal with lots of power and also melody as well. Nice thick riffs and the production is tough and strong. This is a very good release and you also get a bonus video too. Info:

TOILET BOYS/Sex Music (Dead City Records) This is some down n dirty punk rock that wouldn't be out of place in the 80's. This is not some modern groove metal crap or some shit like Good Charlotte and the like. This is nasty punk rock that brought a smile to my face. The production is even raw and nasty kinds giving it a CBGB's type of feel. The singer has a great voice and fits the music and this is not some MTV punk band, this is the real deal and should not be missed. A really good release that any fan of punk rock will want. Real punk rock that is. Info:

NIGHTS LIKE THESE/Sunlight At Secondhand (Victory Records) This was nu metal groove with the tough guy vocals. I usually like a lot of the stuff this label has been putting out, but this was just a case of the same ole same ole. The music and vocals sound like way too many other groove metal bands to stand out at all from the pack. The production is good and the songs aren't bad, but they just sound too much way too many other bands. Info:

ROB GEE/Self Titled (Rock Ridge Records) This I didn't like at first, but it kinda grew on me. The music is modern metal with some groove and even techno parts, but for some reason I liked this. I usually would trash something like this, but for whatever reason it clicked with me. The production is good and thick and the songs has melody, passion and they just rocked my world simple as that. The vocals are sung in a hardcore type of way and maybe it is just the way all the styles comes together that made me like this. Judge for yourself. Info:

BEGGARS BALL/Self Titled (Self Released) This is an awesome band and an awesome release. This is what modern metal should sound like. Killer riffs and vocals and no groove or tough guy vocals around. This is just pure ass kicking rock n roll with a touch of metal thrown in. The songs just plain rock with lots of melody and how can you not like the riff on track # 3. The production is perfect on this disc too and I loved the guitar sound and the vocals are sung with passion and he has quite a set of lungs. This is trashy rock n roll that I could see on a label selling a ton of copies if promoted right. Awesome job guys. Info:

SADHARA/To Hell With Symphany (Self Released) This was a decent metal band with a good female singer. The band play metal sometimes in the power metal vein and the songs were good tunes with no boring parts that is for sure. The female singer I really thought was good as she sings with passion and different styles and didn't seem out of place as some singers do. The production was good and I liked the guitar sound. 9 metal tunes that I think most people would like and get into. This was a solid release and not a bad tune in the bunch. Info:

HOGAN HEROES'S DVD-One of the guys in the band sent me a DVD of this band playing a show at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ way back in 1990. H.H. were an hardcore band back in the early 90's that were based by the Jersey shore I believe. I think he is going to be selling it and on this, I got 2 DVD's of the same show. One was from the side of the stage and the other was in the back of the club. The quality is very good as is the sound. The band tear through a set of intense hardcore and the club was packed and the pit is wild and big at this show. This is real hardcore not that crap that they try to pass of as hardcore nowadays. Look for the demos released on CD as well. That I can't wait for. Info:

THIS IS BLACK METAL/DVD (MVD Visual) This is a bunch of black metal videos and some interviews too. Celtic Frost start things off with a new track of their last release and I wasn't too impressed with this new tune, but the interview was cool. A nice Venom interview can be found on here as well as Throes Of Dawn, Emperor (live stuff too), Morbid Angel, Cradle of Filth and others. You also get an interview with eye candy girl Jasmine St. Claire. Not a bad DVD if your into black metal. Info:

STEREO CHRIST/Dead River Blues (Arctic Music Group) This was almost grunge in nature, but it was quite good. The band are heavy as hell and they also have some melody to them as well. It is almost like a Southern style meets grunge metal at times. The tunes are simple, but are effective in getting their point across. The vocals are perfect for this band as the guys has an almost drunk like voice at times sings with passion and feeling. If your into stuff like Alice in Chains, Crowbar, etc, then you'll love this. Info:

SUPAGROUP/Fire For Hire (Foodchain Records) This is boggie rock n roll. The band play the style quite well and the tunes were just rock n roll boggie numbers that not a lot of bands are doing these days. The singer has a nice solid voice and this wouldn't have been out of place in the 80's. The production is not over produced neither. If you like stuff like Circus of Power, then you'll love this. Southern boggie meets old style rock n roll baby. Info:

CELEBRATUM/Mirrored Revelati (Arctic Music Group) Wicked fast black metal that crushed me. The band write some evil like riffs and the singing is pure black metal. This is not for the weak. The production ifs good and the band get a good black metal mood and style with their music. This doesn't sound forced or fake and trust me it is fast my friends. Info:

VOICES FROM THE ARCTIC CIRCLE/Various Artists (Arctic Music Group) 17 tunes from 16 bands that are on this labels roster. Comps are cool way to check out a variety of bands and on this you get such bands as: Latex, In Battle, Repudiate, and Exmortem. It's up to you to decide which bands are worth your money. Info:

BURNER/One For The Road (Arctic Music Group) This was yet another modern groove metal band that uses the clean and growl vocal approach that a million other bands use. The music is basic groove metal and the songs sound like most other groove metal bands and the vocals are terrible and that low and clean style is so over and done with. Not a good band at all. Info:

CLOSER THAN KIN/The Machineries Of Breath (Punktuation Records) This was decent death metal that was ruined somewhat by the dual vocal approach. I am not sure if it the same guy or 2 band members, but one sings in a death metal voice and the other or him sings in this annoying clean almost opera style that totally sucks and so takes away anything positive about this band. Musicwise they are decent death metal with some melody with a good production. Guys lose the clean vocals and your be much better cause the potential is there. Info:

CODE BLACK/Penetration (Arctic Music Group) This is the perfect blend of hardocre and metal. The music is more metal and the vocals are more hardcore. They are clean, but sung in an aggressive way at times and fit the music. The music is also a mix of metal and hardcore and also has some melody to it as well. Sort of like Leeway at times. The band just write this riffs that make my head move and the production is perfect. A very cool band. Info:

DENATA/Act Of The Insane (Arctic Music Group) I think I have reviewed this before, but nevertheless this is a wicked slab of death metal that really is worth seeking out. Bone crushing riffs that mix in some thrash that will make your head and neck move. The vocals are a pure death metal delight and I love them. The production is nice and thick and this is one death metal release I think everybody in the underground should own. Info:

KULT OF AZAZEL/Triumph Of Fire (Arctic Music Group) This is a re-release that came out a few years back. This is bone crushing black metal with a hint of death metal here and there. The band just rip through tune after tune with a fury. The production is very good and this isn't just riff picking band singing about satan. The music is more than that and they have their own sound. The blast beats aren't those cheezy tin can sounding neither. This is one of the better black metal bands making the rounds. Info:

ARISE AND RUIN/The FInal Dawn (Victory Records) This is some pretty jaw dropping death metal that hits often and hits hard. Just bone crushing riffs of razor sharp riffs along with some nice death metal vocals is what you will find here. The production is crisp and the guitar sound is thick and heavy. A really good metal band and release. Info:

THE AUTUMN OFFERING/Fear Will Cast No Shadow (Victory Records) Wow this threw me for a loop. This is melodic death metal that I didn't think I would like, but I did. I didn't like the dual vocal stuff much, but the music is a different story. The band is very different and yes they are heavy and some of the stuff is fast, but they just have this melodic side that really grabs me. The production is nice and the guitar sound is thick and mint. I am not a fan of the vocals, but that is just my personal taste. Info:

PATHOSRAY/Self Titled (The Laser's Edge) The band's bio said they are one of the best kept secrets in the Italian metal scene. After listening to this I would 2nd that motion. This is some really awesome progressive metal with touches of melody. The singer has an incredible, passive metal voice that sounds perfect for this band. The music is heavy, catchy and powerful all in one swoop. The songs sucked me in and kept me there till the last note. Thank god there is no Dream Theater clone stuff with this band. Well worth getting. Info:

THE LIVING FIELDS/Self Titled (Harvester Records) Damn this record should got my attention in a hurry. This is not just some run of the mill doom metal band. The band is more than that. The band do play doom, but mix in so many other cool styles that this will take you on a rollercoaster ride you won't want to get off. The songs are moving, full of feeling and emotion. The band mix in some really heavy doom and I love the heavy guitar sound and the vocals are sun with such passion and emotion too. This is one of the best bands I have heard in a long time and this will really take you on a ride that you won't want to get off. Info:

JUICEHEAD/The Devil Made Me Do It (Misfit Records) This is a neat little punk rock release that is not full of jump metal and tough guy vocals and trying to be the next Pantera. This is raw, stripped down punk rock. The tunes are simple and catchy numbers with some cool old school punk rock vocals. Think the Circle Jerks or one of those old punk bands. This is the way punk rock was meant to be played. Nuff said. Info:

BIGELF/Hex (Custard Records) This will take you back in a time warp to the mid 70's. This is some serious 70's Sabbath stuff musicwise, but not vocalwise. They even have that 70's production down to a science. The singer has a really weird, but wicked voice and this band can pump out some serious heavy riffs that had my neck moving. This is one motherfuckin heavy release that deserves to be heard and kicked my ass. Get it now. Info:

ZOMBIE/Live (Universal Music) This is a live album from Rob Zombie that was recorded last year when he was touring. He includes stuff from White Zombie through all his solo stuff. I liked his stuff as he mixes in some catchy riffs and still stays heavy and his vocals are one of a kind and he directs some awesome movies as well. The band sounds tight on this and it is not overproduced as some live records are. There is 18 tunes here and also a DVD will come out of this as well. Make sure you pick up the explicit version of course and if your a fan of the man and his band, this will not disappoint you at all. Info:

BLASPHEMOUS CREATION/Self Titled (Self Released) Somebody do me a favor and sign these guys right now. Yeah they are that fuckin good. Pure 100% old school death metal with no groove, no generic vocals, etc. This is 100% honest to goodness death metal that will blow your fuckin brain out. Vocals that spew and scream hate and fear. Music that will tear the head off a poser and riffs that will have that neck snapping or into a pit ready to bust somebody's head off. The production is raw, but not that raw. Think of a raw Kreator musicwise and vocalwise. This simply kills and is one of the best unsigned bands I have heard in sometime. Brilliant death metal that melted my brain. Horns up for this baby. Info:

DEEP BLUE/Chaos From Darkside (Misfit Records) More really punk rock from this label. This band are a bit faster and a bit more violent than the above band on this label. The band still have a sense of melody to them, but the tunes are more faster and more pissed off than the above band on this label. The production again isn't over produced and there is 20 minutes of bonus tunes on this too. An an extra you also get a DVD that clocks in at over 2 hours and features such goodies as a full concert (which they sounded quite good) and some videos and other goodies. If your really lucky you might just purchase one of the copies that the band signed themselves. This label is batting 2 for 2 with yours truly. This is a label that looks like is bringing back real punk rock and I salute them with the horns. Info:

RISE TO ADDICTION/A New Shade Of Black For The Soul (Mausoleum Records) This was a really good modern rock/metal band. The band play catchy rock with a metal edge that has tons of hooks and melodies along with some strong vocals. I am a sucker for good riffs and you will find lots of them on this baby. The music is still heavy and stuff and I really got into this as this sucked me and didn't let me go. This isn't groove nor any trendy stuff, just good to great solid rock/metal that can kick ass at times. Info:

REIGN OF VENGEANCE/Self Titled (Self Released) This was pretty solid death metal from this group. 2 songs is tough to really judge a band, but the 2 tunes here are crisp, solid to the bone death metal tunes that mix in some old and some new. The band use a bit of groove, but they also mix in some Incantation/Immolation death metal to the mix. The vocals are growls of death and I love the drum and guitar sound as it is super thick and heavy as fuck. Like to hear more. Info:

REBIRTH/The Process Of Obliteration (Self Released) This was decent death metal with some heavy riffs that go into the thrash zone at times and music that went into the death metal zone at times. The production is thick and heavy and I liked the guitar sound and the band can write some decent riffs and the songs didn't sound bad. The 3 tunes weren't bad and I'd like to her more. A band on their way. Info:

ROB ROCK/Garden Of Chaos (Candlelight Records) I had no idea what to expect when I popped this in and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. This is some very good melodic rock that was chock full of heavy, but melodic riffs and some clean, but powerful singing. The production is bottom heavy and the tunes just rocked. This is just pure rock/metal that had the edge of metal and melody of pure rock n roll. A very pleasant surprise and an album not to be missed. Info:

ELVENKING/The Scythe (Candlelight Records) This was OK power metal that sort of reminded me of Queensryche at times. The music is heavy and verges of power metal at times, but the songs didn't floor me and knock me for a loop. The tunes here were OK, not bad, but nothing special. The production was thick and solid and stuff, but again the songs just didn't floor me. Maybe they will you. Info:

NECROSADISTIC GOAT TORTURE/The Maniac's Banquet (Self Released) This is some really good death metal that hits hard and fast. This is not frills death metal that hurts and punishes. The riffs, vocals and music are exactly what death metal needs to be, vicious, violent and extreme. The production is good and the vocals are what death metal needs to be, vicious, violent and powerful without being guttural 5 tunes just left me wanting more. If I had a label I'd sign these guys in a heartbeat. Info:

SINGLE THEORY BULLET/On Broken Wings (Crash Music Inc) This was typical groove metal with annoying female opera like vocals. Why do bands use these style of vocals when they have been done to death. They sound out of place and ruin what might be a decent release. This band just play decent thrash metal at times, but the female vocals ruin it in some tunes. If you can excuse the female vocals this isn't so bad as the band can rip through some killer riffs. Info:

ASHES OF YOUR ENEMY/The Undying (Crash Music Inc) This is more At The Gates style of thrash metal and I am not a big fan of this stuff as there are way too many bands doing this style nowadays and the doing the death metal vocals and clean vocals has been done to death. I realize it is hard to be original, but please lose the clean vocals. The music is bone crushing thrash with lots of razor sharp riffs and doesn't sound band till the band slide into the clean vocal parts. Been there and been done to death. The production is perfect and the guitar sound is killer and if you can look past the clean vocals this might be something you might like a lot. Info:

RESISTANCE/Patents Of Control (Lion Music) This was some decent progressive/thrash/power metal stuff. The band mix in each of the 3 styles with a singer who has a nice clean, but aggressive style to him. The music is not way over my head and the riffs are clear and at times fast, which is a plus in my book. The band don't use a lot of those chanting vocal parts, which I feel over overdone. A band worth checking out. Info:

BRETT MILLER/Druid Green (Self Released) This is an all instrumental release and it was not a bad to boot. The guy can play, but he plays with a lot of passion as I can hear it when the licks are being played. The music is mostly in the progressive sort of style, but it doesn't go over your head. The production is good as everything can be heard. I am not a big fan of instrumental stuff, but this would be something I'd listen to again. If your into this stuff, here ya go I got a good one for ya. Info:

SOUL DESCENDERS/Destruction For Tommorow (Chunks Of Meat Records) This brought a HUGE smile to my fast. This is some godly thrash metal that I really, really liked. Riffs that had my head spinning and no tough guy vocals, just pure thrash metal vocals and this was old school all the way. The band don't always play fast and mix it up quite nicely and the production was not over the top and I like the guitar sound as it was different and the band can crank out some riffs that are sure to get necks moving. 12 tunes of pure thrash that any headbanger will want. Look for an interview with them if I can secure with. One of the best CD'S I have heard this year hands down. Info:

FREEVIL/Freevil Burning (Nastified Productions) This is some wicked cool thrash metal mixed in a little bit of death metal. The riffs are just a killer slab of thrash as they had me smiling and even the keyboard parts work for this release. The production is right where it needs to be as well. This is a solid release of modern thrash metal mixed in with some death metal and black metal vocals. Might be a weird combo for some, but for this it works. Info:

THE SODA POP KIDS/Tenny Bop Dream (Full Breach Kicks) This is some power poppy bubble gum punk rock that reminded me of early David Bowie and T-Rex and the New York Dolls. The production is right out of the mid 70's and the guitar sound and feeling is as well. 10 poppy tunes that wouldn't be out of place at CBGB'S in the 70's. Not many bands are around doing this style and this to me is a like a breath of fresh air. The tunes are simply catchy poppy tunes with some cool vocals to. I dig it. Info:

VULTURE INDUSTRIES/The Dystopia Journals (Dark Essence Records) This was like some gloomy, doomy metal with plenty of hooks and stuff. At first I didn't like it, but by song # 2 I was thinking this was pretty good. I am a sucker for a good riff and this had many of those. This isn't that Pantera style of groove neither with the tough guy vocals. This had some doomy elements to it and the production if thick and the guitar sound is very heavy, which I like. The vocals are nice and vicious and this was a good release. Info:

DEATHCULT/Cult Of The Dragon (Dark Essence Records) Raw pounding black metal that was pretty damn good to these ears. There is passion and feeling that I was feeling as this played in my stereo. The band don't just play a million miles and hour and sing about Satan neither. They mix it up and some of the slower parts totally crush. The production is not over produced, which made this just that much better. Pure hate filled black metal vocals as well. If your into quality black metal you can't go wrong with this. Info:

SOIL/Throttle Junkies (Crash Music Inc) This is the bands 1st release that was released back in 1999 and is now out of print and they also threw in some bonus tracks. I hadn't a lot of music from this band, but I have heard the name a lot. I don't know who their new stuff is, but this was pretty good solid metal with lots of hooks and some solid singing. The singer has a good thick voice and is quite aggressive with his lyrics. I know this features Tim King from Oppressor and Shawn Glass who I think was in Broken Hope and though this is far from death metal, they can play whatever music they want. This was a solid metal release that had some solid metal tunes that I liked. Glad to see it re-released. Info:

DARK FUNERAL/Attera Orbis Terrarum DVD (Regain Records) Wow this is one massive DVD and actually it is 2 DVD's. It features 3 different shows, one from Poland, one from Netherlands and the 3rd from France. The band just totally crush on all 3 shows as they are tight, fast and extreme to the bone. This is the way black metal should sound and this band has been doing it for over 12 years now. What I liked apart from the 3 shows was the bonus material which features clips of the band back in the mid 90's, including their 1st show in Norway. The quality isn't as good as the concert footage, but it shows the baby steps of the band and how they became who they are today. They were the same band back in the day as they are now, only better, tighter and just as fast ha ha. If your a fan of the band this is a must get and black metal doesn't get much better than this and at 2 discs it is value for the money. Info:

VADER/And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw DVD (Metal Mind Productions) Vader blast through a 20 song set on this DVD. The camera work is outstanding and lets you feel you are right in the front row. The lighting is awesome and the crowd is into it and the sound is really good as well. You also get 2 video clips of the band and if you are a fan of the band, you'll need to add this to your collection. Info:

DRUM WARS: THE ULTIMATE BATTLE CARMEN & VINNY APPICE DVD (MVD Visual) This was a cute little DVD pitting a WWE style battle between the 2 brothers over who is the better drummer. There is some semi funny trash talk and the brothers actually do play against each other in a concert setting. Who wins the battle? Oh you'll have to buy this to fund out cause I am not spilling the beans. Info:

GENITORTURERS/Flesh Is The Law (MVD Audio) I wasn't expecting much, but this was way better than I thought it would be. The music is fast techno/thrash with some really good female vocals. Her vocals are angry and fit the music quite well. The production is very good and the music is vicious and fast. This really grew on me and it one hell of a release and this kicked my ass. Info:

SAW IV/Music From and Inspired by Saw IV (AA Adrenaline) This I assume is the soundtrack to the film. I haven't seen the film, but will probably rent it when it comes out on DVD. This CD has 19 tunes from mostly newer metal artists like Drowning Pool, Dope Stars Inc, etc, but is also has some oldies (Ministry) and killer new thrash (Fueled by Fire). That last band was a pleasant surprise on this. You get a nice mix on here and some bands you might love and others you might hate and some may like em all. Most of the stuff was cool to my ears and with 19 different bands doing different things, you can't go wrong.

ENDEVERAFTER/Kiss Or Kill (Razor And Tie) This is some plain ole kick ass rock n roll with some metal overtunes. This is the way rock needs to be played, ass kickin riffs with some strong vocals. The production is right on the money and the guitar riffs just sucked me as they are catchy and heavy and the vocals are like old Kiss and fit the music perfectly. This is the new face of rock n roll and I am loving it. Excellent release and the riffs had my neck moving and my foot tapping. Info:

GOD FIRES MAN/A Billion Balconies Facing The Sun (In De Goot Recordings) This is one of those modern metal bands with lots of groove and gruff like vocals. While I like some of that stuff, this band didn't do a thing for me. The riffs and singing were flat and the tunes just didn't grab me and I was very bored while listening to this. The tunes just plodded along like a snail on its way to nowhere. This wasn't very good in my eyes and ears. Info:

CAN/Anthology (Mute Records) I have never heard of this band before and this is like a best of CD, with 29 tracks from the band who have been around since 1969! The band have put out 13 discs and here we have the best of what the band has to offer. The music, or least the early tracks are very mellow and almost rock/folm in nature at times sort of like The Byrds at times. The 2nd disc I guess has some more recent stuff on it as it is more in the 70's rock feel to it. There is stuff on here spans the whole career of the band and while some of it (the really old stuff) wasn't my cup of tea, the 2nd disc did have some rock n roll stuff that I liked. For a band to be around making 13 records deserved a pat on the back and all 13 of their releases are coming out on disc as well, but this if your like me, have never heard the band, is a good starting point. Info: or

PAIN PRINCIPLE/Waiting For The Flies (Blind Prophecy Records) This is just bone crushing thrash with tons of hooks and throaty death metal vocals. The production and the guitar sound is perfect. The riffs will have you neck starting to snap in seconds and this is more modern thrash than old school, but the riffs and rhythms this band use will crush the weak. Good solid release. Info:

SCARPOINT/The Silence We Deserve (Blind Prophecy Records) This is way more groove style thrash with the tough guy vocals and I wasn't into this at all as they sound like way too many other groove thrash bands with those tough guy vocals and there was nothing on this to make it stand out from the 100's of other bands doing this style. Info: