ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


AOV/Live 2007-I got this on a tape, which was total old school and ultra cool too. The band offer up 7 tunes of death metal not far off from what Human Remains were doing at times. Some of this stuff is warped and out of control. The sound quality on this is pretty good and the band sound fairly tight and seem like a pretty good live band. I would love to hear some studio stuff as this is like the icing on a chocolate cake. Sorry no info provided.

BONE SHAKER/Bang...You're Dead (Turkey Vulture Records) This was some killer fist pumping metal. This is a pure metal delight with some overtunes of power metal. Think old Savatage, Omen, etc. The band rip through tune after tune of fist banging metal tunes that will have your neck moving in no time. This has a nice polished sound and I love the guitar sound they get. Get out your leather spikes and put them on and raise a fist as this is what metal is all about. Info:

ELECTRIC WIZARD/Witchcult Today (Candlelight Records) This was doom metal my friends. And this didn't bore me like some doom metal bands tend to do. This production wouldn't be out of place on the 1st 5 Black Sabbath albums. They get that fuzzy 70's guitar sound that I love. The vocals are perfect for this band as the singer belts out the tunes with passion and emotion. The band also just don't play slow as they speed up the tempo here and there to keep things moving. In the bands bio some people say this is the heaviest band and while I wouldn't totally agree, I will say they are one of the best doom bands I have heard in quite some time. Info:

ENVENOM ASCENSION/Murkland (Self Released) This was some really good black metal that just didn't play fast and scream "satan" every second. The band mix it up and come up with a raw production that is meant for this style of music. While this band isn't super original, this was more that deserving of more than 1 listen. The band can rip into some blazing speed parts as well as mid paced crushing parts. The vocals are a pure black metal delight as the singer really lets loose with his voice. 9 tunes are on this and not a bad one in the bunch. Info:

GOREAPHOBIA/Vile Beast Of Abomination (Necroharmonic Productions) I had been hearing this was coming out on CD for the longest time and now here it is in my big hands. Was it worth the wait? Does a bear shit in the woods? Hell yeah as this band produced some of the best underground death metal my ears have ever heard. The band are back and there is 4 tunes from 2006 that don't sound out of place and still retain that dark, deep underground old school death feel that they first had many moons ago. The new tunes are raw, fast, and just are played with feeling and emotion not matched by many. Hearing all the old goodies brought back memories of local club G Wilkers that I saw them play a few times. This material has more than stood the test of time and just listen to the riffs and vocals and this is what playing death metal was all about. Hails to Necroharmic for putting this out and my friend John Verica's liner notes tell you the whole story of the band and more. Unholy release. Info:

KICK TO THA HEAD/As We Think...So Are We (Turkey Vulture Records) This was some good old school thrash metal with some gruff vocals that I don't normally like, but this time they worked and worked well. The singer has a strong voice and his singing style does not sound out of place on this disc. No Pantera or modern groove are found here, just kick ass thrash metal that was meant to have the neck move or pits to form and have real slam dancing. The production allows everything to flow and I love the thick heavy guitar sound the band get. The tunes did not bore me like some releases do by track 4 or 5 and if your a fan of thrash metal, this might be a CD that you might want to add to your collection. A goodie. Info:

IMMOLATION/Hope And Horror (Listenable Records) This is 3 new tunes from this band as well as a DVD. The 3 new tunes are just as great as any song by this band as when I hear this band I think of one thing: evil. Yes evil. The band just rip through the tunes that would make Satan proud. Nobody can sing like Ross as his voice is the soundtrack of evil along with his bands music. The tunes are fast, heavy and just played with such power, passion and emotion behind them. The band also throw an instrumental at ya and even that will take you on a rollercoaster ride around a few blocks. The DVD was shot in 2006 in NY and just shows that this band can also deliver the goods in a live setting as well. Just take a peek and watch as Bob plays his notes and Ross cranks out the lyrics and notes on his bass and the drummer bashing his skins for all he is worth. Immolation make death metal music that would make Satan do backflips and the mere fact that they still deliver the goods after all this time makes me take my hat off to them and these guys are the kings no doubt. Buy or die. Info:

BCT/The Life And Times Of Steven Character (Yawn Factory Records) This is a one man band and is easily the best one man band I have ever heard. Sick, super fast death/grind that didn't bore me at all and I loved every second of this baby. The production is thick and heavy and the riffs are meaty and crusty and the vocals are a pure grind delight as they are sung with passion and emotion and just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The grind parts aren't just a bunch of noise and they mix it up and this just never got boring. Over 75 tracks and each one will dull your senses. A death/grind lovers dream. Info:

UPON INFLICTION/To Escape Is To Suffer (Crash Music) Fast, brutal straight forward death metal in the vein of Immolation is what you will find on this disc. Riffs that scream evil and a pure death metal vocal delight is on this baby. Riffs that hurt and a production that allows everything to be heard and oh do those riffs hurt and punish. This is the way death metal should be, fast, powerful, unrelenting and evil. This is in Crash Music, but I got it from MVD, who I am sure is selling this fine piece of death metal and do yourself a favor, go buy the bloody thing. Info:

THEODORE ZIRAS/Hyperpyrexia (Sleaszy Records) I am not a big fan of all instrumental records, but I can get into them when they are good and this was a good one. This guy can play the guitar and whips out some tasteful riffs as this is not all show just to show you how fast he can play. Some of the tunes are even in the power metal and speed metal style along with a healthy dose of progressive metal so you will be taken on a few different rides on this. The production is clean and clear and everything can be heard perfectly. Unlike most instrumental albums this had plenty of killer riffs that kept me interested from note 1 to the last one. Well worth investing in if your into guitar players or just kick ass tunes. Info:

AC/DC Back In Black/A Classic Album Under Review (MVD DVD) Well since AC/DC is my favorite band I was really looking forward to this and this baby clocks in at just under 2 hours and is worth every penny you'll pay for it. The beginning talks about the death of Bon Scott and then into the making of the album and each track is broke down and analyzed to the core. I ended up watching the whole thing from start to finish in one day. You get insights from guys who have wrote books on the band, Tony Platt who engineered this album and Highway to Hell and Malcom Dome and they go through in and every track with a fine toothed comb so to speak. If your an AC/DC fan like me, this is something you really must have and is an awesome DVD period and this also was one of the band's best releases period as well. Info:

FORWARD NOW/Smillermover (Self Released) This was recorded in 1995 and is being released on CD limited to 2000 copies. I thought this was OK, nothing special. The band play death metal with blast bits and some industrial overtones at times. The vocals are a mix of death metal and industrial style and the band can write some good riffs, but the songs just didn't connect with my totally. Some tunes did as track 3 blew me away as that is one monster riff and the vocals are a pure underground delight, reminding me of the sadly missed Ripping Corpse. 8 tunes are on this and you can get this and the B.C.T. CD both for
$ 10 at the below address:

PAGANS MIND/God's Sequation (LMP) Oh is this some godly progressive metal. This is the album that Dream Theater should have recorded after Images and Words. The songs just moved me and sucked me and I was hanging on every note this singer sang. The music is so powerful and is so moving and catchy it isn't funny. The production is perfect as it allows everything to breathe and the singing is just perfect. This is a masterpiece of metal and is easily one of the best releases of the late 2007. Info:

ADRENICIDE/Drunk With Power (Thrash Hard Records) Holy hell did this about knock me out of my chair. Killer old school crossover stuff that brings about the true meaning of metal-core. The music is fast punk music with splashes of thrash. The vocals are totally hardcore and I love it. The production is raw and the guitar sound as that garage style that I love. The solos reminded me of Black Flag. I have no idea if this is something old being released, but who gives a fuck this is how crossover music should be and the passion, emotion and feeling just oozes out of this baby. I'll work on an interview as this is some killer music. Info:

BLESSED ARE THE BONDS/Self Titled (Self Released) I am not a fan of this stuff, but this was some well played goth music. It isn't something I would listen to on a regular basis, but it isn't bad for what it is and thank god no female opera vocals ha ha. The music is goth with some metal overtones and stuff. Again this is good for what it is, but not my cup of tea, but maybe yours. Info:
[email protected]

AMULANCE/The Rage Within And The Aftermath (Stormspell Records) I reviewed both this band's demos way back in the day and now they are seeing the light of day once again this time on CD. This comes with both bands demos, 2 video clips, lyrics, and a nice band bio. This band played well crafted power metal with strong. Clear vocals. This was what metal was all about. Just listening to this again brought a smile to my face as by song 2 my neck was moving and my feet were tapping. This is pure spikes to the wall metal that still sounds fresh today as it did back then. Why this band didn't get a deal when so much other crap was being signed is a mystery to me. This band played pure heavy metal with a touch of power metal and still sounds great today and if your into bands like Deadly Blessing, Omen, etc, you'll love this. This is a great issue and horns up to Stormspell for putting this out and I'll work on getting an interview with them. Buy this baby at all costs. Info:

EXODUS/The Atrocity Exhibition (Nuclear Blast) I have been a fan of this band all the way back to the "Bonded By Blood" days and even though I didn't like too much the 2 Capitol record releases, I thought the last few by the band were pretty good and now we have this new one by the band and it only has 2 old members in it. Well by the middle of the 1st tune I knew I wouldn't be let down. This is some of the most vicious music that the band has put out in some time. The singer, who I didn't like on the last release, puts in a much better performance as his vocals are more controlled and just overall sound much better on this baby. The music is about half fast and half mid tempo, which works out to be a nice combo. The riffs Gary comes up with are some lethal shots that will have necks moving and pits forming. How he can do it after all this time amazes me at some times. I listened to this all the way through about 5 times before reviewing it and I would say that Exodus is back and forget the last album, cause this blows it away and the band more than deliver the goods on this baby. Info:

IMMOLATION/Shadows In The Light (Century Media Records) The band actually gave me this to review and when I hear or see this band only one words comes to mind: evil. That is what this band is pure evil. The riffs that they write and the way the songs are structured and the way Ross sings is only something Satan would be proud of ha ha. This is just a pure punishment in death metal and this band like Exodus above them, more that deliver the goods after all this time. Bob can still write some of the sickest riffs and the drumming and speed and intensity on these songs is just not matched by many. Many bands would have fallen away or wimped out, but not this band. Every single release they have delivered their brand of unholy death metal and once again somehow, someway, they have done it again. Where Bob and Ross come up with this music is amazing and just seeing them live recently after not seeing them for some time, I was just totally blown away at how tight and good the band are live. This band is without a doubt one of the greatest underground death metal bands bar none and they have worked more than hard enough to get where they are at today. As for me I bow to this band as yes they are that damn good. Satan would be proud and any underground fan should own each and every release by this band and hey guys, how about re-releasing, Stepping on Angels ha ha. Info:

AYREON/01011001 (SPV USA) This comes in several different packages, but what I got is the 2 disc version. Prepare for a long journey and prepare to be taken on a roller coaster of bumps, emotions, passion and energy. This really sucked me and never let me go. This is progressive metal to a point, but has so much emotion, different styles and plain passion that I was blown away. This has many twists and turns like a good thriller movie. This is a one man project, but many friends help him along the way and it is one hell of a way to kick off 2008. The production is massive and meaty and this is unlike anything I have ever heard in my many years of doing this. This is a heavy metal roller coaster ride that you will never want o get off. Incredible. Info:

BOURBON BREATH/Self Titled (Self Released) This is some decent metal with a heavy dose of grunge attached to it. The band get an old Sabbath meets grunge guitar sound that I like and all the tunes are heavy slabs of meat. Think Alice in Chains meeting Sabbath in a dark alley. The vocals are good screamed style at times, sung with passion and emotion. I like the fact that the production is not over polished and it raw and almost garage like. Any fan of heavy music will like this as I did. Cool band name too. Info:

LORD POINT PULL/Down In Flames (WTO Records) This is was good modern metal stuff in the vein of White Zombie or Alice in Chains. The tunes were heavy and catchy along with some strong vocals and production to boot. There is no tough guy vocals and the tunes don't go off into the Pantera realm or some other generic style. And to put the record straight I love Pantera, but don't need a clone of them. Now back to the review ha ha. This band come up with the goods with their good song writing and song structures and if you like heavy music with a pinch of groove, here ya go.

RUDE AWAKENING/A Tribute To Thin Lizzy (Nidus Music) Most people when they think of Thin Lizzy, think of "The Boys Are Back In Town" or "Jailbreak", but to me Thin Lizzy was one of the most underrated bands and it is a shame they weren't bigger than they were. Just listen to this awesome tribute and you'll see what I mean. "Hollywood", "Still In Love With You", Cowboy Song" and I could go on and on. This band does an awesome job with the 13 tunes that they cover as they sound like the originals, but the band put their own twist on them too. They also picked out the best of the best from Lizzy as I couldn't have picked a better set list myself. The production is perfect and they play the songs the way they were meant to be played and this is just ass kickin rock n roll from one of the most criminally ignored bands of the 70's/80's. Phil would be proud guys and you brought a smile to my face too. This is an awesome release and you did the band proud. Info:

RUE THE DAY/Same (Self Released) This is another one of these modern groove metal bands and once in a while there is a good one and this is one of them. The songs are just good and strong and the riffs don't seem forced or generic and they just don't have all these mosh/dance parts in the tunes. The singing isn't Pantera Jr and thank god for that. The songs are heavy, catchy numbers with some good powerful singing. The production is thick and heavy and if your into the nu-metal style, please support a band that is actually good. Info:

SJODOGG/Landscapes Of Disease And Decadence (Osmose Productions) Black/death metal that hammers and crushes. This band just blast through tune after tune of punishing death metal with elements of black metal. The production is good and the guitar sound I like. Think Angel Corpse meets Morbid Angel. This is vicious, hammering stuff that will please any fan of extreme metal. Info:

THE COMMUNION/Nihilism Is For Lovers (Self Released) There may only be 3 songs on here, but what 3 songs they are. These tunes simply crush as this is raw, crushing death metal that I simply loved. The vocals were vicious, mean and just plain brutal and the music was a mix of some fast, brutal death metal with vicious riffs and blasting drums. This is the way death metal was meant to be and this band is one band that should not be unsigned for long. Info:

S.M.F/Self Titled (Self Released) This is my good buddy Worm and his band and they are pretty funny and this is some wacked out, warped metal to say the least. I mean with song titles such as "this is death metal" and "wormetallica" you know you can't go wrong. This isn't anything serious to my knowledge, but the band is quirky, funny, and they jam pretty good. Not bad for being done in about 3 hours too. Info:
2601 OLD 14A Penn Yan, NY 14527

PAGANFIRE/Tasteless Revenge (Self Released) This was sent to me via a tape, now how old school is that? This is some very good old school thrash metal with tons of killer riffs and thrash metal singing in the vein of Whiplash. The production is fairly good and the band write some nice fast old school thrash metal riffs that will have that neck moving. This is for fans of 80's thrash and I for one really enjoyed this. Thanks for the work out guys. Info:
[email protected]

ARSON ANTHEM/Self Titled (Self Released) Fast old school hardcore with shouted hardcore like vocals and the singer is Phil from Pantera who does an incredible job on this. The music is vicious and fast and hardly ever lets up. The production is raw and in your face. 8 tunes that will make any fan of 80's hardcore smile. The riffs, music and vocals will have you forming your own pit in your house. Great release. Info:

MUNICIPAL WASTE/The Art Of Partying (Earache) This is the perfect blend of metal and hardcore. This is like a combo of Violence meets DRI. This is so godly on so many levels. The riffs kill, the vocals are godly and the music just will whip through you like a knife through butter. This is the perfect metal core release and live this band is untouched. The riffs are razor sharp and the guitar sound and production on this are mint. And I paid for this release and it was worth every penny. This is old school crossover done the way it should be. Easily in my top 10 of 2007. Info:

DANAVA/UnonoU (Kemado Records) This is music in the vein of Black Sabbath during the Ozzy era. They have that old production down and the singer sounds like Ozzy a lot as well. The music is a bit more aggressive, but lord does that production have that 70's vibe big time. The riffs are big meaty and chunky and will more than get your neck moving. I really liked what this band was doing and if your into heavy music, here ya go. Info:

BIKINI BLOODBATH DVD (MVD Visual) This is one of those cheezy slasher films and I loved it. How can you not love it when you got hot looking girls being stalked wearing skimpy bikinis. The plot isn't much as it is like a typical slasher type of film, but if you love horror movies as I do and don't mind seeing sexy females being chased around wearing a bikini or less then here is a film you will love as I did. These girls are smokin. Info:

DEAD MAN'S ROOT/Mouth Breather (Self Released) 7 tunes of some serious good ole fashion thrash metal that warmed my heart. This is all that nu jump metal shit, this is from the heart balls to the wall thrash metal with tons of good hooks and solid playing and vocals too. These are tunes that will make your neck move and have pits forming and dances of slam going on. The production is not over polished and this was a release I really liked. Good job guys. Info:

LOOM/ANGLER (Exigent Records) 5 tunes of some modern metal that didn't sound too bad to these ears. The music is fairly fast and aggressive and doesn't have all that jump metal crap and the band add a violin to their sound that doesn't sound out of place. The vocals I thought were ok, they are that screamed style, almost like Mike from Suicidal Tendencies, which is cool with me. The band get a nice production and the guitar sound it thick and heavy. One of the better new bands I have heard. Info:

SOL ASUNDER/Horribly Human (Self Released) This was some very good death metal. The band play a vicious style of death metal with a groove part here and there that was cool. The vocals are screamed style sort of like a lot of those European death metal bands and the vocals are decent, but I am not a big fan of them. The band has a thick guitar sound that I like and I must say I listened to this a few times and it kinda grew on me so I say in closing this gets a thumbs up from me and wouldn't surprise me to see the bands next release on a label cause they are better than a lot of signed stuff I hear. Info:

HIRAX/Assassins Of War (Black Devil Records) 5 new Hirax songs and this was another quality release from Katon and his boys. This might not be as fast as the older stuff, but it is still killer thrash metal and the band do turn up the speed at times don't get me wrong. The band mix in some more thrashy head banging riffs to go with the onslaught of speed. Katon still can belt out the tunes and the production is not over produced and it right where it needs to be. Katon has been doing this as long as I have and I lay a Metal Core thumbs up on the man and this is another quality release from him and his band. Info:

DISARRAY/Edge Of My Demise (Inner Void Records) I have not heard this bands name in ages and I actually distributed some of their Cd's when I was doing my distro thing and here I have a new release from them. This is ass kicking thrash metal no question about it. The band play thrash with a groove, but it not that dance metal shit and plus they have been doing it way before it got out of hand. The vocals are vicious and angry in their delivery, but not in that tough guy style. The production is perfect and I love the guitar sound and the way the songs are structured. This band is back after almost 6 years and I am for one am glad. Info:

BLOODSIMPLE/Red Harvest (Warner Bros Records) This is modern metal with tons of groove and some thrash mixed in and for once I have found a band that mix in thrash and jump metal that sound really good. This just blew me away with how good it was. I thought this was going to some bad 4th copy Pantera band, but fuck no, this is ass kickin thrash with yeah tons of groove and tough guy vocals, but this is done in such a way that it doesn't sound forced or out of place. Just something out this that sucked me and by track 3 I was hooked and hooked for good. The production is big time thick and the guitar sound the band gets is awesome. This is hands down the best groove metal band I have heard next to Pantera. I bet they crush live. Incredible release. Info:

IGGY POP/Live In San Fran 1981 (MVD) This is raw punk rock that was out of control. I have never heard much from Iggy musicwide, but this was a pleasant surprise. The music on here is just raw punk rock with Iggy screaming his lungs out while his band just rock the house. The production is raw as it a soundboard recording and with it you can just hear the energy that the band possess. You also get 2 bonus tracks recorded with The Cars Ric Ocasek, which have never been heard before. Iggy is an icon in some circles and after hearing this I can see why he has the cult following he has. Info:

CRUCIFIER/Cursed Cross (Self Released) 9 tracks of Kreator like thrash that put a huge smile to my face. This is rip roaring thrash played with power emotion and plenty of fury. This old style Kreator like Endless Pain too. The music is mostly fast with tons of riffs to make your neck work overtime. The production is raw and uncompromising as well. This is the way underground metal was supposed to sound like my friends. Look for an interview if I can get one. Great release. Info:

PRIDE TIGER/The Lucky Ones (Caroline Records) This was some really good modern rock n roll that just plain kicked ass. The band has a bit of metal edge to them, but this is 98% rock n roll with plenty of guitar hooks and melodic vocals that I really liked. I can't really compare them to any band, but if you like rock n roll with a heavy edge on the guitar here ya go and the production and singing is top notch too. Very strong release. Info:

PROMISES/In The Pharmacy (Metal Breath) This is some pure metal with clean, but not super clean vocals. The singer has a nice voice, but it is not a wimpy one and he uses aggression when it calls for it. The music is heavy metal with a few traces of power metal sprinkled here and there. The production is good and all the instruments can be heard as well. I can't really compare them to any bands, but if you like straight forward no frills heavy metal, here ya go and yes I enjoyed this release. Info:

DR SATAN/Self Titled (Self Released) This is some sick death/gore with bits of grind mixed in. The production is raw as fuck, but for a band like this it only works in their favor. Think Autopsy if they were to play grind metal. The guitar is tuned down low and so is the bass, wait till you hear it. The vocals are a pure grind delight and the band mix it up with some slower parts, but there is plenty of blast to get your fix for speed as well. I am not a big fan of grind, but this was mixed in with some death metal and I love the guitar sound and this gets thumbs up from me. Info:

BLASPHERIAN/Self Titled (Self Released) Bone crushing death metal in the vein of Immolation. The guitars are punished and beaten and each riff just oozes evil from its strings. The vocals are deep, dark pure death metal vocals from hell. The band mix up the slower parts with some killer blast beat death metal parts. The production is nice and thick and the guitar sound rules. This is the way death metal should sound and this was a killer band and release. Info:

HELLREALM/Chaos And Fear And Death (TN13 Productions) This is raw old school death metal in the vein of Hellhammer. Just low tuned guitars and sick vocals and just that old school sound that I love. This is not over produced and it has a very raw sound just like Hellhammer did back in the day. This is not some Hellhammer clone, but they just have the sound like they did. The vocals are sick growls of death that only an underground fan can appreciate 8 tunes here to satisfy your love of old underground death metal. Buy or fry. Info:
[email protected]

HERMANO/Into The Exam Room (Regain Records) This was some metal with a bit of an alternative edge to it at times. The band have plenty of metal hooks that sucked me in and the vocals were pretty damn good too. This grew on me with repeated listens as each time I thought it was better and better. The production is good and I like the old style guitar sound the band gets. One of the better new metal bands making the waves right now. Info:

EYES SET TO KILL/Reach (Break Silence Recordings) This was pretty good, but the death metal male singing parts have to go. The band has a female singer with a decent voice and then at times they have a guy growler that sings back in a death metal tone what she just sang and it really gets on my nerves. This band would be better off just losing the male vocals and keeping with just her. The music is modern metal with a pinch of alternative added to the mix. The female singer has a good voice and the music is quite catchy and isn't bad and I like the guitar sound, but please lose the male vocals. Info:

MUSTASCH/Latest Version Of The Truth (Regain Records) This was some decent modern type of metal with some groove to it. The vocals are more in a heavy metal vein and the band do mix in that sound at times along with the groove. The tunes are catchy and will grow on you with repeated listens. Not a bad release here. Info:

RECOCATION/Summon The Spawn (Self Released) This is an awesome release of thrash metal mixed in with some death metal that packs quite the punch. Within 30 seconds my head was moving and I was playing air guitar. The riffs just floored me and I couldn't get enough as 3 tunes was not enough. The production is right on the money as everything can be heard perfectly. The vocals are a mix of thrash metal and death metal. The vocals are like a mix of Whiplash meets hardcore. If this band can't get a record deal off this CD something is wrong. Look for an interview with these guys soon. Info:

PUTRIDITY/Mental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism (Permeated Records) When I read the bands bio and what bands they say this band sounded like, I was expecting the worst. This isn't that bad, but I am also not doing backflips over it. The vocals are so low that I wouldn't even call them vocals and to me when you sing that low it isn't even brutal, it is just worthless noise. The music has plenty of what you call "slam parts" and the band also mix in those with plenty of fast blasts. This style of death metal I am not a fan of, but the music for this style isn't too bad and I just kinda ignored the vocals. The band do come up with some wicked riffs as when they slow it down at times they punish and hurt their guitars. The production is thick and heavy too. Think Immolation meets old Suffocation. Info:

GAMMA RAY/Land Of The Free II (SPV) This band is back with a new release of power metal that will make some more necks hurt. Melodic riffs that are so damn catchy, but yet so heavy too. I am a sucker for a good riff and this is a place to find a lot of them. Kai Hansen has come up with the goods again as these tunes just plain kick ass and you'll be loving life if your a power metal fan. His vocals sound very nice on this and he has a thick, but clean voice. 12 tunes are found on this baby and expect lots of gallop riffs, chanting vocals and get an icepack for your neck. Production is nice and clear too. Apparently the band recorded a release in 1995 called "Land of the Free" and this is like a follow up or a part 2 of that release and I may have to go search that out now. Info:

ANNIHILATOR/Metal(SPV) Jeff Waters said in the bands bio that this was one cool guitar release and after listening to this, I am not going to argue. Track 1 will get your neck snapping with an up tempo style and double bass drumming. Track 2 had an almost jazz beginning and then vaulted off into the metal zone. Not every track is a thrasher cut, as some are just plain heavy, but every track is catchy and the singer, Dave has a kick ass voice and sings with passion and emotion and really helps bring out the best in this. The production is thick and bottm heavy and oh man is that guitar crunch on the money. Jeff has come up with one hell of a release he should be proud of. Info:

GENITORTURERS/Live In Sin DVD (MVD Visual) I wish this had been from one live show, but it is taken from several. With that being said this is still a cool DVD. The band put on a hell of a live show complete with props and naked girls and as a guy that wasn't a bad thing in my book ha ha. Some of the camera work I wish was a bit better as they have too many close up shots and they don't stick to shots too long. The band do sound tight and they come across as a must see live band and more than give you your money's worth. Extras on here include a cool mud wrestling clip and some more nude woman ha ha.

VADER/And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw DVD (Metal Mind Productions) Vader blast through a 20 song set on this DVD. The camera work is outstanding and lets you feel as if your right in the front row. The lighting is perfect and the crowd is into it and the sound quality is top notch. As extras you also get 2 video clips of the band and if your a fan of the band or quality death metal, then you'll need this baby in your collection. Info: