ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


FACEBREAKER/Dead Rotten And Hungry (Pulverised Records) This is straight forward death metal that hurts, punishes and kills. The riffs will have that neck moving and there is a bit of melody within the riffs as well. The music is just a pure death metal delight even though it is not super original. The band mix up the tempo and the guitar sound and production just kill. The singer has a good growl voice and if your looking for some good death metal, I have some for ya here. Info:

21 LUCIFERS/In The Name Of (Pulverised Records)If I spelled the name of the band wrong I apologize as the logo was hard to read and no bio was provided. This is straight ahead death metal with a bit of black metal in the mix. There was nothing new here and nothing that blew me away as this kinda just played a long and I was like it is OK nothing to get happy about. The band thrash and bash and play with speed with the throaty death metal vocals, but there is nothing special here. I checked on line and got the spelling of the band as well. Info:

TANMAKT/Vredskapta Morrersagor (Pulverised Records) Super fast black metal with touches of death metal. This baby is fast and vicious and this is a delight to listen to. What it makes up for in lack of originality is the style, feeling and just plain power this has. The production is on the money and even the fast parts sound good and clean and not just a wall of noise. The singer screams his balls out and it sounds like he is Satan himself. If your into black metal or something fast and extreme, here ya go. Info:

IN AETERRUM/Curse Of Devastation (Pulverised Records) Blasting death/black metal that will smash, crush and injure the weak. This is some fast music and the riffs will have that neck snapping. The band is like a faster Morbid Angel with some black metal vocals. The production is meaty and thick and the singer screams and growls till his throat his burning. The drummer smashes his kit into complete submission as this is a very fine release of underground death metal. This label is really snatching up some fine bands. Info:

SATARIEL/Chifra (Pulverised Records) Oh this I didn't like as the band do that dual vocal thing as one part they sing in a Cradle Of Filth sort of style and then they do the clean vocal style and it sounds so generic and so stupid I wanted to reach for the eject button. The music isn't much better as the songs just plodded along and to me had little direction and no killer hooks to suck me and keep me interested. A bad band with no good songs and the dual vocal thing is so overdone and overplayed to death. Info:

SUICIDAL WINDS/Chaos Rising (Pulverised Records) Holy hell is this a killer release. The band mix in black metal with some old school death metal (think Celtic Frost) and this just smoked me. I was blown away at how this sounded and I could just feel the evil spew out as this played. The band played with such feeling, power and emotion that few can match. The vocals are an old school treat as the singer growls out ever note like it was be his last breath. This is easily the best thing on this label and is already in my top 10 of 2008 and yeah I know we aren't much into the year, but this is a release not to be overlooked as this crushes and blows away 98% of the underground out there. Buy or be a poser ha ha. Info:

KISS/Kissalogy VOL # 3 DVD (VH 1 Classic) This is the 3rd volume in a series of DVD'S and even though I haven't seen the 1st two volumes (though I will soon trust me) this have 3 discs and a bonus disc and if you call yourself a KISS fan, you must, and I repeat MUST, buy this baby. The 1st disc is from a show in 1992 and the band rip through all their classics including: "Deuce, Love Gun and I Love It Loud". I was loving ever second of it and then came the next concert which is the unplugged concert that features the re-union of the 4 original members and also is a behind the scenes look and the entire 22 song set and they even break out some oldies on this one and heck the total time on the 1st disc is 3 hours and I am just getting started ha ha. Discs # 2 and 3 almost also clock in at 3 hours and on disc 2 you get 3 shows, one from Tiger Stadium in Michigan and hearing "King of the Nightime World" and 'Rock Bottom" live again sent shivers up my spine. You then get 5 songs from MTV'S New Yrs Eve show from 96 and that is topped off by Dodger Stadium in 98. Disc 3 finishes off the Dodger Stadium set and then a 4 song set from the premiere of Detroit Rock City and finishes up with the bands last concert at the Contential Airlines Arena in NJ. The bonus disc is a show from 1973 almost 45 minutes and it is a gem for old Kiss fans such as myself. If you love old Kiss such as myself you MUST RUN OUT NOW and buy this puppy anyway possible and I am going to hunt down Vol's 1 and 2 and lets hope for a 4th and if you plan on watching this is you will Rock n Roll All Night as the total playing time is about 10 hours baby. Incredible job done on this and you also get a nice booklet to boot. Info:

BLACKMORE'S KNIGHT/Paris Moon DVD (SPV USA) This is Ritchie Blackmore who played with Deep Purple and the sadly missed Rainbow. This is a long way away from those 2 bands as this is more in the classical mode with a female singer. Ritchie shows little emotion as this disc played on though he never showed much when he played live the several times that I saw him. This really wasn't my cup of tea as the music isn't something I am into which almost as that classical feel to it and is far away from the rock n roll of Rainbow. The band do sound tight and Ritchie can still play and the female singer is quite the looker and has a nice set of lungs, but this just isn't for me. This also has a bonus audio disc too and the packaging is nice and if your into the alternative thing or goth like music to a point with female vocals here ya go. Info:

DEGRADE/Lost Dorso Found (Permeated Records) More dancy death metal groove and I didn't like this at all. This sounds like every Long Island bands down to the tin can drum sound, the blast beats, the ultra low vocals and all those "dance mosh parts" that every one of the bands has to have in each song. There is nothing of value here as if you want this sound go buy Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding or any band on United Guttural. Just another faceless band in an already way overcrowded scene. Info:

DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS/Diabolicanos-Act III Armageddon (Conquer Records) This was a neat releases of some fast death/black metal. The band also throw you for a loop as some parts just slow down and go into an almost goth feel, but it works and it grows with repeated listens. The production is strong and the blast beats are real not that tin can shit. This is thick and heavy and fast my friends. The vocals are wicked and brutal and the singer sings with passion and feeling and really gets into it and mixes between death and black metal vocals. The band are really good and they kept me on my toes with the different things they did, which has been done before, but this hooked me in and hopefully you too. Info:

BUSHWHACK/Self Titled (Self Released) This was progressive metal with some modern rock mixed in with it. This took a couple listens to really digest as you won't digest it all in the 1st time you hear this. There is no vocals and prepare to be taken on a ride on many different levels. This isn't death metal, but the band take you on an emotional ride of metal and rock that many bands couldn't even do. This was something very different and very cool and I really got into this as it was something new and fresh and I can appreciate this and it was too complex that it didn't go over my head. Info:

SLIK HELVETIKA/Krypt Kicker 5 (Screaming Ferret) This is a pure heavy metal delight in the vein of Raven, Accept, etc. The singer even reminds me of UDO at times. The music is 100% pure straight ahead heavy metal with tons of head banging riffs. The production is not over polished and is just the way it should be. This is fist banging, neck snapping metal the way it used to be in the 80's. This is a band that plays metal and is not ashamed of it. Get the spikes out as this was a goodie. Info:

DOG FACED GODS/Spit In My Eye (Voodoo Nation Records) This was gruff metal/rock that didn't do a thing for me. The singing was terrible as the singer has one of those gruff voices that just didn't move me and the music just plodded along without any good hooks or anything that chirped my ears. This just didn't do a thing for me as the songs just played on one after another without any doing anything to perk my ears. Info:

TOTEM/Day Before The End (Metal Mind Productions) This is groove death metal with gruff vocals. I am not a big fan of this style by no means, but this wasn't too bad for what it was. The band have the chops down and the vocals were actually tolerable on this. The band don't use a ton of stupid blast beats and rely more on mind paced tempo like songs and riffs, which was a welcome change for me. The production is good and thick and the guitar sound is solid as well. If your into the groove thing, here is one of the better bands you'll hear. Info:

THY DISEASE/Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses) (Metal Mind Productions) This was a pretty cool band and reminded me of Morbid Angel in spots due to the speed and blast beats and riffs. This shit is fast and meaty let me tell ya. The fast parts floored me too and none of that tin can blast beats, this is the real deal as when they blast it is thick and heavy. The production is thick and the guitar sound is meaty as fuck and the vocals are almost black metalish at times. A very solid release. Info:

CHAINSAW/The Journey Into The Heart Of Darkness (Metal Mind Productions) This was a power metal band and a nice one at that. They don't use all that chanting vocal stuff and instead rely on choppy power metal riffs to get their point across. The singer has a nice solid, clean voice and fits the music well. The band mix things up and hit the speed button at times and at others they go into a more mid paced mode and can even slow it down to almost a crawl too. The production is good and I like the guitar sound and songs on this. Info:

DEIVOS/Emanation From Below (Metal Mind Productions) This is more groove metal and I just didn't like it much as the band didn't do much for me. That being said the vocals aren't all that
lower than low shit and the blast beats didn't have that tin can sound that is absolutely pointless. The band have a thick sound to them, but the songs just didn't click for me, but maybe they will for you. Info:

ARCHEON/End Of The Weakness (Metal Mind Productions) This is death metal with a singer that sounds like Mille from Kreator. The band aren't just death metal as they mix in some power metal parts and some keyboard parts here and there. This really got better with repeated listens as the songs sucked me as they were just so damn catchy and I love the guitar sound the band uses on this as well. Production is excellent and overall just a fantastic release. Info:

RETRIBUTION/Made In Hell (Metal Mind Productions) This was like a bad Pantera with some really bad vocals. They use that dual vocal thing and the one guy that sings has these really clean annoying vocals that are really bad. The music isn't much better as it is really bad groove and the songs just plodded along with little effect on my ears. Not for me at all. Info:

NOCTIFERIA/Per Aspera (Arctic Music Group) Death metal is the ticket here. Sort of like modern Morbid Angel in spots, which isn't a bad thing. The singing is some good death metal growling and the band, when they need to play fast, can kick it into high gear. The production is thick and heavy and I like the guitar sound is thick and heavy. This is a pure death metal delight that any fan of brutal style of death metal will be a fan of. Info:

HOMO IRATUS/Human Consumes Human (Arctic Music Group) This is low tunes death metal with some low vocals. They don't get super low though. The music is sort of like Autopsy meeting Cannibal Corpse meeting old Fear Factory. The guitar sound is super thick and heavy and even though I am not a huge fan of the low vocals, I can tolerate them. The production is nice and thick and everything can be heard and if you like low tuned fast death metal, you'll enjoy this as much as I did. Info:

COLOUR TRIP/Kill My Super Ego (Arctic Music Group) Death metal groove that sounds like every other death metal groove band with the same nu metal riffs and tough guy vocals every other band with this style uses. Another case of been there done that and same ole same ole. Info:

MYSTIC PROPHECY/Satanic Curses (Locomotive Records) This is a nice mix of thrash metal and power metal. The singer has a good, clean voice that fits the music. The production is ultra thick and the guitar riffs are meaty and catchy and when they branch out into thrash territory my neck started to get a workout. This would please any fan of pure metal. Info:

REBELLION/Miklagard (Locomotive Records) I didn't like this much as the gruff vocals didn't do a thing for me. The band play heavy metal that I didn't think was all that great as for me the tunes just plodded along and just didn't do a thing for me. The production is good, but the tunes just lacked that fire and hook that would have sucked me in. Info:

IMPERIA/Queen Of Light (Locomotive Records) This is something I normally wouldn't like, but this wasn't too bad. This is prog metal with a female singer. The tunes aren't bad and the singer has a decent voice and thank god she doesn't sing in an opera tone. The production is good and everything flows rather freely. The band have a good mix of metal, goth and prog to it's style. The band also can flow into the up tempo vein when they need too as well. If your into this type of thing, here is a band that is sure to please. Info:

REQUIEM/Premeir Killing League (Locomotive Records) Fast killer death metal that will dull your senses. This is fast, powerful shit. This has real blast beats not that tin can sounding crap. The vocals are a pure death metal delight and the production is thick and everything can be heard even when they are playing a million miles an hour. If your into Vader, Krisiun, etc, you'll love this as I did. A pure death metal delight to listen to. Info:

CATAMENIA/Winternight Tragedies (Locomotive Records) This was a mix of death and black metal and wasn't too bad to these ears. The band mix up the speed and still keep a sense of melody to the mix. The production is right on the money and the vocals are good black metal style, they don't sound wimpy of forced. 10 tunes that any fan of death/black metal I think would enjoy. Info:

VANISHING POINT/The Fourth Season (Locomotive Records) Some decent progressive melodic metal with lots of catchy, but still heavy hooks and clean vocals. The band rely more of feel and substance than speed and that is OK in my book. They are doing some different stuff as they are a bit more on the softer side than a lot of other bands out there. This is still heavy, it just has some melody that most other bands. The production is prefect and the singer sings with a lot of passion and feeling and fits right with the style the band is playing. This grew on me with repeated listens and is a goodie. Info:

THEATER OF THE ABSURD/Same (Meiji Records) I got 4 tunes here and I had mixed feeling on this. The band play a bunch of different styles on this ranging from thrash to death metal to slow almost doomy atmospheric parts at times. The band use some awful vocal parts at times, but thankfully it was only in song # 1. The band do take you on a rollercoaster ride and it wasn't so bad the 2nd and 3rd time I listened to this. I must say this will take a few times to digest and don't just dismiss this as some lame band. It grew on me and the band is trying different things and take you up and down on this and I am sold and along for the ride. Info:

CEREBRAL TURBULENCY/Kres Test (Khaaranus Prod) This was some decent death/grind with vocals not sung in English. The production is fairly good with a thick, heavy guitar sound. The band mix it up and don't just play 100 mph all the time. The vocals are just growl type vocals and them not being sung in English hurt this just a bit, but if your into the death/grind thing with a good production, this might be up your alley. Info:

AIENATION MENTAL/Psychopathicolorspectrum (Khaaranus Prod) While this was far from original it was pretty decent death metal that was straight forward with no gimmicks. This is just no frills death metal with no groove and no keyboards, female vocals, etc. The vocals are pure death metal delight and no low gutteral crap neither. The production is thick and heavy and if you like heavy, thick, low tunes guitars, you have come to the right place. 8 tunes that will please any death metal fan. Info:

RUBUFASO MUKUFO/Opitz (Khaaranus Prod) Death grind metal is the ticket here. I am not a big fan of grind, but this wasn't too bad. The band don't play a million miles per hour and mix up the speed and the mid paced part pretty well. The fast parts are a blur of speed and intensity and the vocals are the low cup the mic kind I don't like, but I realize that is the style for this style of music. Production is good and the guitar sound is thick and heavy. For the death/grind fan. Info:

GORE/Never Sober Level (Khaaranus Prod) This to me was typical death/gore/grind that really didn't sound much different from the many bands I have heard doing this over the years. The tunes didn't really reach out and grab me like the above band and the band do that overdone dual vocal approach, which I hate. The production isn't bad and the band play fast and it sounds good, but to my ears it is a case of the heard it all many times before. Info:

NEEDFUL THINGS/Dead Point (Khaaranus Prod) This was very intense indeed. This was super fast, blasting death metal that I really enjoyed very much. The music just floored me and was just played in such a rage and violence that I was digging every note. The music, while super fast, was not just a wall of noise. The vocals were pure death metal with a roar. The production was good and the guitar and drum sound just were mint. Excellent job this band did on this. Info:

NYCTOPHOBIC/Takes You Back With...Blast From The Past (Khaaranus Prod) 27 death/grind tunes is what you will find here. This is far from original, but it wasn't too bad for what it was. 27 tracks, with only 1 clocking in at over 3 minutes. It is what you would expect, slower parts mixed in with super fast blast beats and roaring vocals. This is good for what it was and did not suck in my book. Info:

EXIT STRATEGY/United State Of Strategy (Self Released) This was some really good death/grind that won me over with some sick vocals and massive riffs. This shit hits hard and hits fast. The blast parts shook me and the riffs just will have your neck swaying. The production is massive thick and the vocals are sick growls of death, but none of that lower than low crap. The drummer smashes his drums into submission as the riffs just wacked me out of my mind. Info:

EKOTREN/Light The Fire (Blind Prophecy Records) This is groove death metal with a bit of melody to it and for what it was, it was pretty good. The band can write some good riffs and it didn't feel generic and out of place. The band also inject some thrash to the mix and that I am sure helped win me over on this. The production is perfect and everything can be heard and I didn't like some of the clean vocal parts they use here and there, but they weren't overused like some bands. This in my eyes was pretty good and is one of the better new bands on the scene for this style of metal. Info:

EREBUSWI/Prey For Our Nation (Self Released) This is was some old school thrash and was pretty good as well. The band write some solid riffs with thrash metal vocals and the riffs had my toes tapping before long. The production isn't over polished and the guitar sound has that old 80's type feel that I liked. There is a full 10 tunes on here so you get a full album worth of songs if you decide to purchase this, which I hope you will. Info:

FAITH XTRACTOR/Razing The World Of Myth ((Aphotic Records) This is some good thrash metal from the minds of 2 brothers. They are in the bands Estuary and Vladimirs. The music is total old school thrash with even the production and feeling doing back to the 80's. The guys don't remind me of any certain band, but just have the 80's feel with their music. The vocals are low almost death metal in nature at times. The music is just a pure old school thrash delight and I enjoyed the 13 tunes here very much. If your an old school thrash fan such as myself, you'll love this. Info:

LILLIAN AXE/Self Titled (Metal Mind Productions) This is the re-release of this bands debut release from many moons ago. You know this is a really kick ass release of hair metal or whatever you want to call it. This band has some really good to strong songs on this and it was just kick ass rock n roll in my opinion with a pinch of metal to it. The singer had a strong voice and fit the music rather well. I don't remember a lot about this band I had seen the name around, but this is a very strong re-release and I if your into rock n roll with strong hooks and catchy tunes, you can't do much better than this. Info:

LILLIAN AXE/Love + War (Metal Mind Productions) This is the 2nd re-release that I got and it is another solid performance of rock n roll with a pinch of metal. This band to me wasn't like Poison, Ratt, Motley Crue, etc as they were more rock n roll based and had a less of a hair metal band sound, though they looked that part ha ha. The band wrote another set of solid rock n roll tunes with lots of hooks and the singer sang the songs with passion and feeling as listening to these 2 releases it is a wonder why they didn't become bigger than they did cause there are better than a lot of the other bands that came out during the "hair metal" era. Both discs are worthy purchases of rock n roll. Info:

BRAINSIC/Self Titled (Self Released) 7 tunes of pure no holds barred death metal the way it should be. No groove, no super low vocals, no trends, and no generic parts. This is heavy as fuck, balls to the wall death metal. Just plain crushing riffs with thick death growl vocals and an awesome production. The riffs just crush me and the fast parts will snap necks. The drum sound and everything else is on the money. The band mix up the tunes and not one of the 7 was bad. Wouldn't surprise me to see this band get a good record deal as they are that good. Info:

WYKKED WYTCH/Memories Of A Dying Whore (Perish Music) This band has been around for awhile now and I have seen them live and it is good to see all their hard work pay off in the form of a CD. The singer is a female, Ipek, and you wouldn't believe that it is a female singer if you didn't see the picture of the band. The music is death/black metal with some fast parts and mixed in with some mid paced parts. The production is good and the songs are still catchy, yet bone crunching intense. The "Sweet Dreams" cover originally done by the Eurythmics has to be heard. They really make it their own. All in all this was a good release. Info:

SIN DEALER/Dying To Live (Self Released) Down n dirty rock n roll with a metal edge to it. This was like a mix of Rob Zombie meets Circus Of Power and I liked this and I liked it a lot. You can also throw in some old Soundgarden into the mix. The singer has a nice thick gruff like voice that is down n dirty like a back alley and fits the music perfectly. The band also throw me some brownie points for covering my favorite band AC/DC and doing a nice job on "Walk All Over You". The production is right on the money and this is a winner in my book. Info:

WINGER/Live (Shrapnel) Winger was one of those "hair metal bands" in the 80's, but I would say they were more rock n roll than metal. Kip has kept the band around and here I have a live 2 disc set from him and his band. The band sound tight and they play the old as well as the new songs with plenty of power and execution. His voice sounds as it did way back when and the guitar crunch is there as well as the production. Kip might have been a pretty boy, but on this disc he more than delivers the goods and this is one hell of live rock n roll record that I enjoyed very much. The band also plays all the hits, "Seventeen, Easy Come, Easy Go, Can't Get Enough and Miles Away as well. Info:

GODS REVOLVER/Self Titled (Exigent Records) This was some down and out Southern boogie rock n roll. The vocals were sludgy and fit the music well. The music was almost southern rock n roll with a garage edge like sound to it. The production had that raw edge, which for this band worked. The songs are catchy rock numbers that sort of reminded me of Circus of Power meeting Alice in Chains. Very strong release. Info:

EPEDEMIC SCORN/System Of Sickness (Self Released) This is some solid no frills death metal. There is no trends, keyboards, dual vocals, etc. This is just pure death metal played with heart and conviction. It reminds me of DEATH at times in the manner and vocals in which this performed. The band rely on riffs and great death metal vocals to get their point across and they do get it across. The band mix up the mid paced parts with some fast parts and nothing seemed forced or out of place. This band shouldn't remain unsigned for long. Info:

LUCIKA/The Mangler (Stolen Ghost Records) 5 tracks of some solid death metal. The singer sounds like his is singing from his last dying breaths and really pours his heart out singing these tunes. The music is a mixture of mid paced stuff with a few fast parts and I love the heavy, low tuned guitar sound they use. The production is thick and heavy and this was a very good release and I am looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Info:

NATION BEYOND/The Aftermath Odyssey (Sensory) This was really atmospheric at times and it really sets a sad mood at times, which isn't a bad thing. The band really set things up and this takes you on many up and down rides with plenty of twists and turns. The production is not over produced and it really sets the mood for what is yet to come. The singing is done in a clean style, but the death metal style wouldn't have worked as well had they used that all the time. This might not be for everyone, but this is a release that needs to be heard several times before you grasp it. Info:

VINTERRIKET/Gelaigshohenstille (Displeased Records) If I mis spelled the title of the CD I apologize as it was very hard to read. This is very atmospheric black metal with keyboards and some really haunting vocals. I thought I would hate this, but just the mood, playing, and just feeling that I felt as this played on won me over. The production is even deep and dark and the vocals are that of a man on his death bed. The music is just very moody and moving and you just have to be in the right frame of mind or mood to take this in. This like the above release will take a few plays before you "get it". Info:

SPYDER BABY/Let Us Prey (Blind Prophecy Records) This was some decent modern metal with lots of groove to it. I am not a big fan of this style as it has been done to death, but this wasn't too bad for what it is. The music is groovy death metal with a few hints of thrash and industrial metal to it and that is what made it a bit different at times and what made this not so bad. This has some really good hooks at times
and that is another reason why this was better than a bunch of other bands doing this style. The production is good and if your into this sort of style, I can't think of many bands doing it better. Info:

SAHG/Sahg II (Regain Records) This was a cool combo of doom metal meeting early Soundgarden. This no doubt is very heavy, mid paced doom metal with an awesome singer who has a great set of pipes and puts them to good use. The production almost has an early Sabbath feel and the guitar tone wouldn't be out of place in the 70's. There wasn't a bad tune on this disc and anybody that likes it heavy and loud, crank this sucker up for one hell of a ride. Info:

DESTROY EVERYTHING/Freedom Of Speech Means Talk Is Cheap (Tent City Records) What a breath of fresh air this way. This is awesome old school hardcore the way it was meant to be played: vicious, fast and loud with some angry, snotty pissed off vocals, but notice I did not say tough guy vocals. The tunes fly by with a fury unmatched by many. The production is not over polished and this just made for a great hardcore record like the early 80's. Info:

TO MERA/Delusions (Candlelight USA) This is a mixture of death metal with a touch of goth with some female vocals. Normally I would hate such a style, but this wasn't bad. The female singer has a pretty good voice and none of that opera like crap is used much and the band whip into some speed at times, which I liked and gave this a change of pace for the better. The band play a mixture of death metal with some melody and bits of blast beats, which don't seem out of place on this. The production is nice and thick and this won me over by song 3. Info:

STRIBORG/Autumnal Melancholy (Displeased Records) This is slow, moving, haunting black metal. The singer sounds like a dying man mixed in with black metal sounding vocals and the music is a mix of doom metal meeting black metal. The music is very moving and emotional and this is something you will either love or hate. The production is raw as fuck and this I believe is a one man band/project and he does no interviews nor wants no contact. This you will either love or hate I promise ya. Info:

AVERSE SEFIRA/Advent Parallax (Candlelight Records) I have heard this band in the past and I must say this is their best release to date. This is a lethal combo of death/black metal that should not be missed. Riffs that hurt, punish and kill and some awesome death/black metal vocals that show when you combine the 2 styles that it can work. The production is thick and heavy and I love the fast parts and the guitar sound and the riffs just tore through me. A worthy purchase and not to be over looked. Info:

MARTRIDEN/The Unsettleing Dark (Candlelight Records) This was some solid death metal with lots of hooks and speed and intensity to boot. The vocals are good, solid death metal style and the riffs and speed are found plenty on this baby. The production is great and the guitar riffs and sound this band use are awesome. The songs are strong and this is a solid release that I don't think many people will find bad. Info:

RETRIBUTION/Made In Hell (Metal Mind Productions) This is some decent death metal that some nice hooks and at least stays away from all the generic riffing and playing. The band are a more modern death metal band and have a touch of groove to their style, but they also have some melody and this is not an all out assault. The riffs will have necks moving and pits forming and the production is thick and heavy and the melodic vocals may turn off some, but I thought this band has a perfect mix of death metal and melody. Info:

THY DISEASE/Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses) (Metal Mind Productions) This is some solid death metal in the vein of newer Morbid Angel. The band mix up the mid paced and faster parts and the singer has a strong death metal set of pipes. The riffs are thick, heavy and powerful. The drummer on the fast parts, wails and slams his kit into submission. The whirlwind riffs will make the neck get in a workout. Info:

CHAINSAW/The Journey Into The Heart Of Darkness (Metal Mind Productions) This is some awesome power metal that I really liked a lot. The singer has an incredible set of pipes and he fits in with the melodic power metal style that this band is playing. Tons of riffs that will make any fan of power metal proud. This is not some clone power metal band neither that sounds like Hammerfall and the like. This is very excellent stuff and the band can turn up the power and speed when they need it and this just kicked my ass plain and simple. Info:

TOTEM/Day Before The End (Metal Mind Productions) This was typical groove death metal with the tired same recycled riffs and tough guy vocals that have been done to death and adds nothing new to the scene. I don't mind that bands sound like other bands, but this was just same ole tired generic riffs with the same tough guy vocals I have heard a million time. A case of the same ole same ole and heard it all before. Info:

SMASHING CORPS/Premeditated (Self Released) This band is another groove metal style band and this is one of the few bands doing this style that I actually thought wasn't half bad. The singer and even almost raps in parts and every part of me should hate this, but the riffs suckered me in. The songs were good, what can I say as I call it as I see it. I also try to be open minded and this is something I liked. The songs are catchy, heavy and the singer does sound almost great when he is not doing that rap style crap and thank god he doesn't do it much. On track # 2 he shines as he should sing like that all the time. 7 tunes are catchy metal that verges on thrash at times and the production is good as well. Info:

DELIVOS/Emanation From Below (Metal Mind Productions) This was decent death metal that didn't suck, but wasn't mind blowing neither. The band play straight forward no frills fast death metal with plenty of speed and intensity. The vocals are low growls of death and some of the fast parts, really get up there speedwise. The production is fine and this is one fans of the modern style of death will like as well as anybody that is into speed. Info:

ARCHEON/End Of The Weakness (Metal Mind Productions) Awesome death metal with some power metal mixed in. The songs just plain kick ass and oh man the riffs are godly and will give your neck a major workout. The production is mint and the vocals are a death metal dream. The band mix up the fast parts with plenty of mid paced parts that had my toes and fingers tapping and then the speed parts had my head and neck moving. This release crushes. Info:

BELIVER/Extraction From Mortality (Metal Mind Productions) This band I know got a ton of shit for being a Christian thrash metal band, but I they were pretty good and after hearing this re-issue I can safely say my opinion was correct. This is some killer old school thrash with some wicked riffs and fast blazing parts. I am not a huge fan of lyrics and to me bands can sing about what they want and this band never tried to shove their opinion down anyone's throat. The tunes are vicious thrash tunes that any fan of old school thrash will flip over. This simply put, kills. Info:

VIOLENT FORCE/Malevolent Of Tommorow (Metal Mind Productions) This is another re-issue from this label and what a fuckin release it is. A pure thrash metal delight with some of the most lethal riffs and wicked blast parts and some killer thrash metal vocals. This is like a mix of old Kreator meeting Sodom and just listen to the razor riffs and I dare you not to bang your head. The vocals are a pure old school thrash metal lovers dream. This is a must get at all costs. Info:

ATTRITION/The Eternity LP (A Two Gods Recording) This is 2 EP releases that were release back in 1997 and 1999 and I pretty hated this. This was a bunch of techno like music with some really awful female vocals. I am not into this type of thing at all and I try to keep an open mind with things, but this pretty much sucked. Info:

BELIEVER/Sanity Obscure (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of the bands 2nd release and it is just as awesome as the above release. This is more killer thrash metal and the band inject a dose of German like thrash to their sound and the songs here sound fresh and just plain ripped. Crushing riff after riff of pure thrash and the band on one song use opera vocals and an orchestra, but this was done WAY BEFORE it got trendy and overdone like today. The band also mixed in some complex riffs and just listening to this made me appreciate the band now more than ever. This band were original and different and not afraid to take a chance and this is also a must get. Info:

IRON MAIDEN/Live After Death DVD (Columbia Music) I have always loved this bands old stuff and I have this release on CD and now after watching this incredible DVD if you even consider yourself a fan of the band, RUN and BUY this right now. This is an incredible release as you get the bands set list from CA, but that is only disc one. On disc # 2 you get a documentary on the making of this puppy and then you get another documentary and then you get 50 minutes from the Rock In Rio release, which totally of course kills. Aces High, Two Minutes To Midnight, The Trooper, Running Free, etc, now with a set list like that how can you go wrong. Iron Maiden were in my eyes at their peak during this era and if you missed them or just want to hear what the fuss was about, do yourself a HUGE favor and go out and get this. This is pure heavy metal and Maiden were they to lead the charge in the 80's and god what a fuckin set list on this, not a bad song in the bunch. Info:

DIAMOND HEAD/Borrowed Time (Metal Mind Productions) This is another re-issue from this awesome label and you get 6 bonus tracks on this plus and interview. The band sound good on this and even though I will say you can tell this is dated metal, but it still sounds good to my ears. This includes "Am I Evil" which Metallica covered. This is NWOBHM all the way and though I don't think this is great, it is cool and heavy. If your a fan of the band, you need this, plus the 6 bonus tracks. Info:

BELIEVER/Dimensions (Metal Mind Productions) This was a strange release and this was also the bands 3rd and last release. The band play on this some really weird and complex thrash with lots of time changes, violins, chellos and other weird stuff. Don't get me wrong this is still heavy and thrashy, but I can see that the band was out growing just being a thrash band and were moving off in different directions. This will take a few listens to get into and I have listened to this several times and I have heard something new each time I have hard this. If your open minded you will and can appreciate this as I did. Info:

DIAMOND HEAD/Canterbury (Metal Mind Productions) This I liked better than the other release I got as I felt the songs were more catchy, heavier, and just plain better on this disc. You also get 2 bonus tracks on this too. The tunes are heavy and catchy and are in my eyes prime NWOBHM tunes that really stuck in my head. The singer really sings his balls off on this too and this was some great metal. Info;

ANDERSON BRUFORD WAKEMAN HOWE/An Evening Of Yes Plus (Voice Print) I am not a huge fan of the band, but I do respect them and I do like a bunch of their songs and on this double disc set I got a new appreciation for this band. The band rip through most of their best known tunes and they actually skip some of their best known tunes from the 80's, which was OK to me as I thought those tunes were overated. The band sound tight and Jon Anderson sounds good voice wise and this was cool that they stuck to mostly old stuff and they play the old tunes with conviction and they just sound amazing. If your a fan of the band and prefer the older stuff, this is a MUST get. 2 great discs of Yes music that will warm the heart of the classic metal fan. Info:

ATROCITY/Todessehnsucht (Metal Mind Productions) This band had been around for a bit and in their time released some good stuff and some not so good stuff. This is the good stuff. This is another re-release and is solid death metal played with speed and conviction. The production is bottom end heavy and the guitar sound is thick and heavy and didn't sound like a lot of the older death metal bands and the vocals were a one of a kind deal too. This will grow on you and if you like well played death metal or if you missed this on CD the 1st time around, here is your chance to get some great music. Info:

SOCIETY 1/Fearing The Exit DVD (MVD) I remember hearing this bands music about a yr ago or so and what I have here is a 2 disc set of some live shows and videos from this band. The 1st show is from a show in 2004 and the band do put on a show and the music is more angry and vicious live than what I remember on disc. The band play a sort of industrial meets newer metal sort of sound and while I am not a big fan of that style, this is some really good stuff for the style they are playing. The tunes are heavy and don't lack power and the band can crank out some pretty killer riffs and live they are better than on record. There is also a 2nd show from FL, some videos, a documentary on the band, interviews, lyrics and about anything else they could cram and fit on 2 discs. If your a fan of the band this is easily a must have and when bands put out DVDs, they could take a lesson from this band cause they really show you how do to it the right way.Info:

1 CRUSHER COMPLETE/Various Artists DVD (MVD) This was one or actually 2 discs that I could not wait to open and play. This is licensed from Earache Records and includes almost 40 clips of bands. How in the fuck can you go wrong with such bands as Morbid Angel, Godflesh, The Haunted, Napalm Death/Carcass/Entombed (from 89/92-these 3 clips simply crush), Hate Eternal, Usurper, and many, many more. So many more this had to be thrown on 2 discs, not one! This combines Vol's 1 and 2 onto one package and I have not herd of either volume and I about raced home when I got this and popped it right into my DVD player and I about smiled for quite a long time. This is cool for any fan cause you will get some of the more famous underground bands and you get to check out some bands that maybe you have heard the name, but maybe not the music, so get this baby and crank it up LOUD. Info: