ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


NECRODEMON/Black Hell Apocalypse Adv 7"-This will be a crime if it never sees the light of day. The band just completely crush on this 2 song affiar. Both tunes just burn with guitars and drums that could set the world on fire. If somebody asked me what death metal was, I'd be more than happy to pop this in. Riffs that will have you neck snapping and drums that will move your feet and vocals that will send chills down your spine. The production is perfect and has just the right amount of clearness to let you hear everything, without being over produced. Think 1st release of Incantation or Immolation. This is pure death metal the way it is supposed to be played. Info:

IMPALED NAZARENE/Manifest (Osmose Productions) I was sent this from Pat from Red Stream and Pat many thanks for sending this jewel of a release. This band have been churning out their brand of cyber metal for a number of years and releases and on this they show no signs of letting up. This is fast, furious and is a blasting release of underground death metal that should not be missed. The production is raw and just listen to that thundering bass and wicked guitar sound. Mikaakim screams out the words with a passion and fury not matched by many. 16 tracks that will fry your brain and this is just a wicked killer release and this band has my respect as they still crush after all this time. Info:

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY/Inflikted (Roadracer Records) This features the return of the 2 Cavalera brothers as you will remember them from Sepultura. This at times will remind you of that band, especially track 2, which is just a rip roaring display of pure thrash metal. Max sounds really good on this album as his vocals really shine on this and the music is a like a combo of a bit of Soulfly meeting Sepultura. The production is ultra thick and quite heavy and the music is a mix of thrash and some of the newer metal, which can be hit or miss with me, but with this release it is a home run. Info:

PLAGUE ANGEL/Unleashing The Plague (Self Released) This is 4 tracks of pure death metal the way it should be played. The band are vicious, fast, brutal and heavy. The 4 tunes here are crushing tracks with plenty of speed, power and passion behind them. The vocals are a death metal delight and the production just kills. The fast parts just rip through me and the fast blasting parts just brought a smile to my face. This is death metal the way it was meant to be. Info:

KAMELOT/Ghost Opera The Second Coming (SPV) This comes as a double CD as the band re issued this release, but what I have is the 2nd CD, which is live stuff. The band sound very tight on the live tunes and they whip through the tunes with Passion and fury. The band who sound good live as they do on the record, just play these tunes with such a passion, that if just shows through the speakers of my boom box. You also get 4 studio tracks to round this baby off and like I said above, look for the 2 disc version of this. Info:

KLONE/All Seeing Eye (Season Of Mist) This is in the vein of Pantera at times, but it has a bit more of a doomy edge to it than Pantera. The band can write some catchy riffs and I enjoyed the songs for the most part. The production is heavy and the riffs had me nodding my head nor did I grow bored as this played on. The singer sounds like Phil in spots, but it not a clone at all. This was a solid release of metal that I liked very much. Info:

ETHS/Te Rat O Logie (Season Of Mist) This threw me for a loop. The band mix in some death metal with a more groove style at times, but the thing that makes this cool is the female singer Candice. What an amazing voice she has. Oh my god I was blown away by the 1st note. There is just something about it that hooked me and she sings with such passion and different styles too. Without her I think this would be just an average releases, but with her on board, this goes above average. Info:

ATROX/Binocular (Season Of Mist) Reading the bio on the back of the CD, I didn't think I was going to like this very much, but it was pretty good. The band mix in modern metal with some industrial stuff and for the most part it works and the keyboard parts make the band even stand out that much more. The production is clean, but still retains the heavy edge. I had not heard the bands previous stuff, but the bio says that they have changed sounds somewhat. The weird keyboard parts mix in well with the metal stuff in my book and this might take a few listens to really grasp, but I thought this was cool. Info:

BLACK COMEDY/Instigator (Season Of Mist) This I didn't like at all as the band use that clean and then growl vocal approach and it is so overdone to death and the music wasn't much for me. The music is modern metal but the vocals and music didn't do a thing for me and I found this to me below average. Info:

KARELIA/Restless (Season Of Mist) From reading this bands bio it seems they were more of a death metal band before and are now have a more melodic sound to them. I have not heard any earlier stuff, so I can only go by this release. This was not death metal it is more of a metal sound with some melody to it. The singer sings in a clean voice, but for the music style it works and even though they thrown in some death metal vocals, it is not overdone and doesn't seem out of place. The band almost have an industrial feel to them and this wasn't something I wouldn't listen to a lot unless I am in the mood for it. It isn't my cup of tea, but it might be yours. Info:

DEAD SHAPE FIGURE/The Grand Karoshi (Season Of Mist) This is just bone crushing thrash metal that I loved. The riffs hit hard and the music is a thrash metal fans haven. The vocals are screamed in a thrash/death metal style and the production is great. The guitar sound the band crushes and the riffs will have that neck moving in no time. This is the way thrash metal was meant to be and I am now a huge fans. 2 thumbs up from me. Info:

TARANIS/Self Tilted (Iron Pegasus Records) This is how black should sound and be played. This is played with such emotion, feeling and passion I was almost in awe. The riffs are simple, but so fuckin effective and the band just create such a mood and just sucked me in. The music is like early Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and the vocals even remind me of Tom at times. The production is raw and not over produced and I love the guitar sound and the riffs will have your neck moving in no time. Just an incredible old school release that should not be missed. Info:

TERROR/The Bowery Collection (MVD Audio) 11 tracks of raw NYHC the way it should be played, vicious, nasty, and filled with hate. The band just rip through these tunes with a fury not matched by many. You can just feel the power burn out of my speakers as this played on. No groove, no Pantera, no trends, just pure NYHC the way it was played in the 80Õs only done in 2004 this time baby. I managed to get to CBGBÕS a few times and the sound system and just the place itself was unlike any other venue expect maybe LamourÕs. This is a live recording taken from there and if you call yourself a fan of hardcore, pick this up at all costs. Info:

DOMINICI/O3 A Trilogy Part 3 (Inside Out) This was some very good power metal mixed in with a progressive style. Sort of like older Dream Theater meeting power metal. The music is powerful, catchy, progressive, but doesn't go over me head and the riffs really stuck in my head after each song. The singer has a thick powerful voice and he fits the music well and I enjoyed this very much as the band mixed up the faster parts with mid paced parts and still kept it heavy and this didn't feel like some generic power metal band. Info:

MYSTIC RAGE/Self Titled (Self Released) I got 3 songs here from this band and they aren't bad at all. The tunes are heavy metal almost thrash like at times. The tunes have a great guitar crunch to them and there is no nu metal crap or tough guy vocals going on here. This is fist pounding heavy metal with some thrash overtones added to it at times. The vocals are strong and he sings the songs with fury and anger, but not tough guy crap that is so overdone that it is only good at certain times. Looking forward to hearing more. Info:

HEMLOCK/No Time For Sorrow (Blind Prophecy Records) This was another nu metal/groove metal band with the same tired riffs that all these bands use and they use the clean and death metal dual vocals that have been done to death and I found nothing here of value as this just sounds like way too many other bands. Info:

AFTER DEATH/Retronomicon (Iron Pegasus Records) This was a weird band to figure out. It took a couple listens to really digest this all in as this is not an easy band to figure out. The band play metal with a weird sound to it and it is hard for me to even pinpoint what style they are. They use many different moods and swings and each time I hear this I pick up something new. I will try and call this thinking mans metal with a touch of death, goth and progressive metal to it. The singer has a strong voice and fits what the band is doing. The music will have you moving in all sorts of directions and this is something that will take a few listens to get into. Put it this way, you will either think this is crap or it is brilliant. I happen to lean on the latter side. Info:

PHAROAH/Be Gone (Cruz Del Sur) This is a kick ass power metal band that has lots of awesome hooks and some powerful singing. The band have some melody to them as well and the tunes just ooze with power and those riffs will have your neck on fire. The singer has a solid, clean, but raspy voice that fits the music well. The production is nice and clear and you can hear everything and this is one power metal release that should not be missed. The best thing on this label easily in a long time. Info:

HEADCHARGER/Watch The Sun (Custom Core) This was a metal band that has a bit of the new sound, but mix it in with some old school sounds. The band base the songs on simple, but effective riffs that more than get the job done. The tunes are heavy, but also very catchy and just don't seem generic to my ears. The vocals are screamed style, but fit the music and this was just a solid release of modern metal that sounded pretty damn good to my ears. Info:

THE FINAL SLEEP/He Walks His Final Walk (Self Released) These tunes just didnÕt do a thing for me. This is heavy metal all the way with no trends and no groove, tough guy vocals or any trends, but the songs just didn't click with me or have that killer hook that sucked me in. The production isn't bad and the singer has a decent voice, but the songs just didn't connect with me. The band at least aren't hopping on any trends and trying to sound every other band and I say go to their My Space page and check them out for yourself, as you may have a different opinion that me. Info:

RELENTLESS/Tempest Of Torment (Arctic Music Group) This while not very original is some serious fast, blistering death metal. The band just rip and tear through each tune with the fury of a charging bull. I love the guitar and drum sound and those wicked fast blast beats just tore through me. The singer has a very good death metal voice and the production is not over produced and is right where it needs to be. Think Incantation meets Immolation and mix it in with Canibal Corpse. Info:

KULT OF AZAZEL/The World, The Flesh And The Devil (Arctic Music Group) More heart pounding back metal from these guys. This band once again delivers the goods. This band just rips, crushes and slays the tunes down that would make Satan himself proud. Pure black metal vocals and the tunes just rip, slice and burn through your veins. This is black metal the way it should be and after all this time the band can still crank it out with passion, emotion and fury. Info:

THE BACKSLIDERS/YouÕre Welcome (Self Released) This is a power pop punk band with a female singer and they are pretty good for what they are doing. The tunes are simple catchy tunes and the female has a pretty good voice. The production has a grungy type of feel, which I liked. The tunes will have you bopping along to the tunes and this would be something if your into say The Cranberries. Neat little release. Info:

MSG/In The Midst Of Beauty (Inakustik) I have always had a spot in my heart for this band and hot damn if this release didnÕt totally blow me away. I was expecting something good from this, but this was incredible. Riffs that had my neck banging and vocals that just so totally belong with this band. How Michael can still come up with the goods after all these years is beyond me. Michael has never sounded better on the guitar and those classic Schenker riffs are abound. This is just what the doctor ordered. And no that wasnÕt meant as a pun. Incredible release. Info:

VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCES/Do It Yourself (Financial Records) This was a really cool punk rock band with touches of power pop and horns and stuff mixed in. The singer has a great voice as he can sing with the punk anger and also when he needs to use melody, he can. The tunes are very catchy and a bit more on the aggressive side than some of the other band doing this style. The band mix in some old school with nu school and for them it works. The bottom line is this band can write some good to great tunes and this is a winner in my book. Info:

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA/Axis Of Evil (Self Released) This was some decent heavy metal, but the vocals were kinda buried and it just made for a bad combo. This is a one man band and for that, this is one heck of a piece of music. The music is a metal fans dream with plenty of riffs and heavy playing. The vocals arenÕt bad, but they kinda get buried in the mix at times. This doesnÕt sound like any band I can think of and it is almost doomy and dark in spots at times too. For this to be a one man project in my eyes is simply amazing. If you like metal then check this out. Info:

URBANSNAKE/Whiteknuckle (Ettno Roc Records) This was some really good modern rock n roll with a metal edge to it at times. The band write simple, but effective tunes that had my foot tapping. The vocals are sung in a Southern style way and they fit the music rather well as he has a good voice and sings with passion and feeling. The production is good and allows everything to flow freely and this was just a plain ole good rock CD. Sorry no other info was given to me on this.

CRISIS IN HOLLYWOOD/Between The Dead And The Deep Blue Sea (Financial Records) This was a modern rock band and they werenÕt too bad. This band play the kind of rock that you would hear on a top 40 or one of those Òalternative stationsÓ on FM radio. The tunes are pretty catchy and the singer has a decent voice. The band remind me of Green Day in spots. The band base their tunes on simple, but effective riffs that get the job done. The band also have a bit of a punky edge to them that I liked and for me the tunes just rocked. Info:

VOODOO SIX/First Hit For Free (White Knuckle Records) This is modern like metal with an almost dark and grungy sound to it. The band are quite heavy and are sort of like Alice in Chains mixing in with Soundgarden. The vocals are a mix of the 2 bands as well. This is not some Seattle copycat, but I am just saying this is what they sound like to give you an idea or starting point. The tunes are catchy, beyond heavy numbers that will have you smiling if you like your music heavy as a ton of lead. The solos crush and the tunes will just have you smiling and head banging at the same time. The bands bio is right as you will not soon forget these tunes and they will be forged in your head.

AMERICAN SPEEDWAY/Ship Of Fools (Prophase Music) This is some awesome metal with lots of hooks that got my head moving. This is like southern boogie meets metal and just the riffs and guitar sound won me over in no time. The singer has a killer voice and he fits the music oh so well. The production is not over polished and it gives the band that garage like feel, that for them and their sound, works rather well. Band remind me of the much missed Circus of Power, but they just plain rock and these tunes IÕll put up against new rock band and this band would whip their candy asses. Info:

MUMAKIL/OBTUSE/THIRD DEGREE/The Sick the Rotten The Dead All three bands offer up fast grind metal that wasnÕt too bad to these ears. The bands are play wicked fast, but the blast beats arenÕt that tin can sounding and the vocals aren't that supper low shit I hate. Third Degree In is the worst band of the 3 as the vocals are just a bunch of shouted words and the tunes just aren't as good as the other 2 bands. If you like it fast or love grind this is a pretty damn good value for your $$$. Info:

SIRHAN SIRHAN/Blood (Anodyne Records) This was some more modern metal mixed in with a bit of the alternative/industrial sound. The band sounded pretty good to my ears as the songs were wacked out and just sounded cool and different and not another case of a band sounding like every other popular band. The singer has a cool alternative voice and he sings with lots of passion and stuff. The tunes are vicious and nasty and at times speedy. The band remind me a bit Ministry, but a little less thrashy them those guys. This is a very solid release that a fan of industrial would go bonkers over. Info:

RED THEORY/Same (Self Released) This is another groove metal band and they use the clean and then the overused tough guy death metal vocals. This is better than a bunch of other bands I have doing this style, but it really didn't do much for me. The band thank god donut copy Pantera and if they would actually lose the death metal vocals they would be better off. This band does have some potential as the songs werenÕt that bad, but they need to change a few things here and there, but I wouldn't bet against this band as they do have the chops down and the singer does have a good voice, just lose the death metal edge of things. Info:

THE SWORD/Gods Of The Earth (Kemado Records) This was some decent heavy metal, but I just couldnÕt take the singer. His voice was sort of buried in the mix and he for me didn't have a strong voice and doesn't match up to the band. The band play heavy metal from a pure heavy metal stand point with a bit of power metal like some early 80Õs Metal Blade bands such as Helstar or Omen. The band have the chops down as the tunes will have you breaking out your spiked wristbands, but the singer isn't bad, but is not as good as the music.

GWN ANNWN/Blood Of The Djinn (Self Released) 5 tunes are pure heavy metal with an awesome singer and get this, she is a female. The girl just has a tremendous vocal range and she sings the songs with a fire and passion not matched by many. The tunes are power metal with bits of speed added to them. 5 tunes only made me want more, more, more. The production is perfect as is the bands guitar sound as well. Look for an interview if I can get one. Awesome job on this one. Info:

OVERHEADSPACE/Beyond the Scope Of Days (Iron Lion Records) This wasn't bad, but it also didn't blow me away. The band play heavy metal straight up and I thought some of the tunes were decent and nothing really sucked. The production if raw and the guitar sound I liked. The singing was OK, nothing special. I do like the fact that they `didn't just go the trendy way and write and record songs and sound like Pantera or the hot new metal trend. This reminded me of like some lateÕs 70Õs metal mixed in with some acid like metal. I am glad this band is doing things their way and like I said this wasnÕt bad an the band can be proud to hold up their leather spikes. Info:

TYPE O NEGATIVE/Bonus DVD (SPV) I have not heard Type O Negative in a quite awhile, but after watching this DVD, I better go hunt down some CdÕs. The band rip through 4 tunes on this and just simple crush the tunes. They sound tight and the sound is godly and the huge crowd I am sure had the band in a good mood. There is also a band interview and 2 promo clips and this DVD is a bonus that comes along with the bands new release, ÔDead AgainÓ Now I have not heard that, but from judging what I heard live, I think I am going to hunt that down. Info:

ASHEN REIGN/Immortality (Self Released) This was some good power metal with some awful singing. The singer just has a horrible voice and sings the songs with little passion and his voice is annoying and plus it is buried in the mix. The music on the other hand is some decent to really good power metal. This is old school fist banging metal too. The production is raw like some of the early 80Õs demos I used to get in the mail way back when. The band can write some chops and the songs kick ass, but the singing leaves a lot to be desired and that is a shame. Info:

DARK SUNS/Grave Human Genuine (Sensory) Holy shit is this some warped, fucked up shit. It might be weird and totally off the wall, but you know what, I dug it. What does the band sound like you ask? Ha, I could describe this a million ways. Seriously it is like goth, metal, alternative, rock, and every other style mixed in a blender. The band have a female and male singer and both are good, as they have haunting voices that suck you in. The band remind me of a more death metal like Sapphic Ode at times. The production is not over produced and the music just sucks you in and takes you on a ride you won't soon forget. This is for the open minded and this might be something you either hate or love, as for me, I love it. Info:

BURY YOUR DEAD/Self Titled (Victory Records) This is some hard hitting metal core and it wasnÕt bad at all. This is some heavy and brutal shit and even though it is groove in nature, when this stuff is played well it can crush, and this crushes. This is a nice combo of metal and hardcore and the vocals are sung in a hardcore like way and they donÕt sound forced or out of place on this. The production is top notch and this is sure to get pits moving and for this style these guys crush. Info:

RED FLIGHT/The Years (Victory Records) I didnÕt like this too much as it was to me just another groove metal band with a touch of hardcore. The songs just didnÕt click with me and the singer also didnÕt connect with me as I felt the songs just plodded along and didn't go in a direction I liked. This is heavy and stuff, but for me I just didn't get it. Info:

BLUE SKIES FOR BLACK HEARTS/Serenades And Hand Grenades (Black Hearts) This was power pop all the way. The band reminded me of the Dead Milkman at times as they also have a bit of a punk edge to them too. The production is a raw sound and it was cool with me. The singer has a really cool voice almost like a surfer at times and it does fit the music of the band. The tunes are simple, straight forward and catchy at times and for what it is, it is pretty good. The band also remind of some older REM in a way, but this is poppy punk and if that is something you like, then here ya go. Info:

ADRENICIDE/Raging Full On (Thrashard Records) This is a pure heaven delight of old school thrash metal. Total old school and I love it. This is like a scene out of 1988 as this band mix hardcore and thrash into one killer release. They remind me a little of the godly Municipal Waste at times. The production even has that 80Õs feel. The singer sings in that old school thrash metal style that I love and the music just oozes passion, emotion, feeling and if you call yourself of old school thrash, then this is one band you must have in your collection no questions asked. Info:

TRIPPING HORSE/Self Titled (Self Released) This is some cool music that mixes in thrash with some stoner rock and even some doom metal at times. The band can write some crushing thrash metal riffs and this is unlike anything I have heard in a long time. The singer has a cool voice as it is somewhat clean, but with a thrash metal edge at times. The production is cool and I think that band hailing from Austria helped make them more original and less trendy. This is a hard band to describe and will take you on a rollercoaster ride of many emotions and feelings and if your into something cool and different, why donÕt you come along for the ride. Info:

KREATOR/At The Pulse Of Kapitulation Live In East Berlin 1990 DVD/CD(SPV) If you are a fan of underground music, YOU MUST GO OUT AND BUY THIS RIGHT NOW!!! This is how it is done my friends. The DVD originally came out on VHS and as a bonus you get a CD of the DVD and some weird videos to boot. This is Kreator ala 1990 and the band just rip through 15 tunes that had my neck almost broken in half. Some Pain Will Last, Toxic Trace, Flag of Hate and Betrayer are on this baby and all 15 tunes will blow you away. Just listen to the intensity of the band as this plays on. This is thrash in itÕs finest form and if you donÕt own this I feel sorry for you and this blows away 99 of the stuff coming out today. Incredible is this. Info:

ROBBEN FORD/In Concert DVD (Inakustik) This is an awesome jazz guitar oriented DVD. This guy can play some wicked licks and I love guitar jazz and this DVD was right up my alley. The music is long a times and jammed, but it played with such soul and feeling that I canÕt help but get goosebumps. The camera work is top notch and the 9 tunes here, not a filler in the bunch. Robbie seems to be happy up there playing and really gets into what he is doing. Info:

DEAD BOYS/Revenge Of The Living Dead Boys DVD (MVD Visual) This is a DVD of the re union concert of punk rock gods The Dead Boys from 1986, plus a very old interview from back in the day. This was filmed with 1 camera at the old Ritz in NYC. The band rip through a killer set and sound tight and even play Sonic reducer 2x. While the camera work is only one camera, it is still good and the sound is better than average and the band sound tight and look like they are having fun onstage. This band were one of the 1st wave of punk bands in the late 80Õs and if you were around at that time like me, you'll treasure this and if you weren't, why donut you pick this up and see what the fuss was all about cause this is a pretty fine piece of DVD stuff and the interview with a couple of band members from some local TV show is priceless. Info:

FLAT RICIDE/Die New Eight (Self Released) This was a pretty good 10 song affair. This is death metal with some melody to it. The band can rip into some wicked riffs and they had my shaking my head and tapping my toes at times. The music is more in the death groove vein, but they donÕt just copy say Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse. The band have a sense of melody to their music and that is probably why I cant just dismiss this as some clone death metal band. The vocals aren't that lower than low shit, they are just pure hatred death metal vocals. The band does mix it up fast and mid tempo and considering this is only a 2 piece band, this is pretty damn good for what it is. Info:

[email protected]

FARMAKON/Robin (Candlelight Records) This was average death metal with some decent tunes and some decent singing. The band play mostly mid tempo and faster death metal tunes with a bit of melody and the singer has a good death metal voice and thank god there isnÕt that lower than low just gargle crap. The tunes didnÕt blow me away, but they didnÕt suck neither. The production is good and heavy and to me this was just decent, nothing mind blowing, but not something I would take in the back yard and bury. Info:

DARK MONARCHY/Total Fucking War (Self Released) 5 tracks of some really killer black metal. Black metal when it is played well I really like, and this is one of those bands. I can just feel the passion, emotion and power as this played on. The band go for a more raw sound and production and I love the guitar sound on this big time. The vocals are pure hate filled black metal vocals sung the way they need to be. The music is just a fast blast of black metal that I am sure Satan would be proud of if he heard this. Info:

ONSLAUGHT/Live Polish Assault 2007 DVD/CD (Metal Mind Productions) Oh this just blows me away. 14 tracks of some of the heaviest and fastest thrash metal you will hear. 14 tunes that will blow you out of your seat. This also contains a CD of the show and some bonus stuff from 2006 with 4 tracks of some live stuff from Japan and also a couple oldie clips from 1987. The band just sound great live and blast through a set of stuff from their latest release to some golden oldies from the 80Õs. The camera work and sound are A plus and this is a thrash metal fans Òa must buyÓ purchase. Info:

GUITAR Masters/Vol 1 (BHP Music) When I saw the list of guitar players on this disc I was like ÔwhoaÓ and I just knew this was gonna be a special release. Names like: Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, Stanley Clarke and others. 18 tunes and each one of them is different from the other and you get some many different players with so many different styles and the music just flows and the fingers go flying and the riffs and notes will flow through your entire body. You probably wont recognize many of the cover tunes here, but when you get Zakk Wylde doing a Stevie Wonder tune, you know your in for something different and special. One really cool thing to me was the teaming of Stanley Clarke and Joe Satriani as you get two guys from 2 different generations coming together as one. The one tune I did know was the cover of Edgar WinterÕs ÔFrankensteinÓ, which was really cool. Who the hell needs vocals when you have this line up. These guys easily let their fingers do the talking and the talking is HUGE. Info:

LED ZEPPELIN SALUTE/Get The Led Out (BHP Music) I am not the biggest Led Zeppelin fan, but I do like the band and can appreciate what they have brought to the table in the world of rock music. Zeppelin fans will easily want this for the 4 bonus tracks at the end of this as they are 4 tunes, 3 from 1970 and one from 1968, which feature Jimmy Page on all 4 of them and 3 of them have John Bonham playing the drums. I donÕt know if the 4 tunes have been available before, but I had not heard them prior to this release. Now onto the actual CD. This was a nice mix of some of the more well know tunes of the band (Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song, Black Dog) and some less known (Friends, Four Sticks). There are no vocals and this was all done by guitar players and a backing band. Some of the players (Leslie West, Randy Coven) I hard heard of, but all the others I have not. Guys like Chris Mahoney, Howard Hart, and Steve Brooke tackle the task of playing these songs with no vocals and just making them rock instrumentals. For the most part it works and it is kinda cool, but strange hearing these songs without Mr Plant singing. I enjoyed this and I think any fan of the band would really enjoy this hearing the Zeppelin songs played in a different manner, not to mention the 4 bonus tracks. Info:

WINTER/Into Darkness/Eternal Frost (Metal Mind Productions) I remember when this 1st came out a few moons ago and at the time people were saying it was the heaviest band ever and others thought the band was too slow and hated the band. I can see why this band would have a love or hate following. I would not say I love the band, but they are easily one of the heaviest bands ever and to me doom metal has a sort of sad sound to it and these guys got that sound down pat. This is so slow and so heavy it might be painful to listen too he he. I know Symphony of Grief, who I managed for a time, totally were into this band. There is 8 tracks here and then you get 4 bonus tracks that were on an EP that the band released before they broke up. The band might be to slow for some, but to me doom metal is about playing slow and heavy and trust me it doesn't get much slower or heavier than this. Listen to the guitar sound and prepare to be blown away. This came out in 1992 originally and to this day I would say this band is easily one of the heaviest bands back then and it still stands true today. I had not heard the EP so having that on this was an added bonus and if you're a doom fan, then this has to be at the top of the list. Just don't cry listening to this OK. Info:

GARDENIAN/Soulburner/Industries (Metal Mind Productions) This is a release of the Soulburner release with a bonus disc of their release ÔIndustries. The band played Swedish death metal in the vein of Entombed and Dismember and sadly they got away from that sound with their later releases. This is the bands 2nd and 3rd releases and the 2nd is better than the 3rd as they were still playing that classic Swedish death metal sound and on the 3rd release, they tried to go in a more melodic direction. The bands 2nd release is chock full of those classic Swedish death metal riffs that I have grown to love over the years. The 2nd release still has some of it, but you can see and hear the band starting to move away from that sound. It is cool that you get 2 releases on one as the label could have just issued these separately and made you buy them 2x. Like I said album 2 is better than album 3, but you get them both on here and if you missed this band the 1st time around, here is a chance to visit them again. Info:

SEMEION/94.07 (Self Released) Solid death metal with lots of hooks and good death metal vocals. This is along the lines of the newer Death stuff including the production. The band come up with lots of killer hooks and the fast parts rule just as much as the mid paced parts. You can tell the band really work at their craft and it shows. This band shouldn't be unsigned for long. Info:

PORCUPINE TREE/Nil Recurring (Peaceville) I have not stuff on Peaceville for a long time and this was one wicked, warped out band. The music is very trippy and will take you on a series of emotional rides that I did not want to get off. I got sucked in by the playing and just the overall feel of the band. I don't even know what kind of music to call this except trippy emotional music with an almost industrial feel to it at times. The production is right on the money and like I said the music will have you riding lots of waves from up high to down low. Incredible release. Info:

GALLHAMMER/ILL Innocense (Peaceville) This will only be for the hardcore black metal fan. This is some serious intense shit let me tell ya. The music is like the above band, only this is black metal my friends. The singer sounds like he is taking his last dying breath and he screams out the words with intensity few can match. The music is mostly mid paced or slow and almost has a doom meets black metal feel, but I can feel the pain of the band and singer as this played on. The band just play a punishing style of black metal that has to be appreciated. This is just a wicked release of extreme black metal. Info:

PRIDE TIGER/The Lucky Ones (EMI Music Canada) This is just plain old school kick as rock n roll with tons of hooks and melodies. The singer has a nice strong voice and he has that natural rock n roll voice and he is not annoying at all. The production is down and dirty and not over polished. They mention Thin Lizzy in the bands bio and yeah that would not be a far off description of this bands style. Just a great pure rock n roll release and I give this 2 thumbs up. Info:

APES/Ghost Games (Gypsy Eyes Records) Really weird band here. They are like a psychedelic band from the 60's mixing some metal, goth, industrial and modern rock. The singer has a really cool voice and sounds like somebody, but I can't place it right now. Oh I know the guy from Devo. This really surprised me as to how much I liked it. Maybe cause this is new and exciting and not another nu metal jump band. The production is thick and heavy and yes the band do retain a heavy sound to them no doubt. A really cool, exciting release that some people will open minds will really, really appreciate. A fantastic job on this puppy. Info:

SANTANIC CORPSE/Allegiance Of Darkness (Demonica Records) This wasn't bad, but the vocals were the weak link here. They is a bunch of grunting and chanting and hardly any "singing" at all. The music is quite good and this for a one man band, is really good. The can churn out some good riffs and the songs themselves are good, but lack of vocals hurt this just a bit. Good production and really good songs and it is one of the better black metal releases my ears have heard in quite some time. Info:

ECHOSE IN TIME/Port Mahadia (Giordano Records) Oh this totally blew me out of the water. Brilliant progressive rock with some of the best vocals I have heard in years. The singer just sucked me in with his powerful voice and the music set me over on a roller coaster ride that I didn't want to get off of. The music is prog rock meeting old Kansas and they even have the violin player from Kansas on this baby too. The production is perfect and the music is so emotional and played with such feeling it sucked me right in. This is the kinda of prog rock I like as the band doesn't play over my head and know a good melody that will suck the listener in and not let go. The band also can let loose in the metal territory too as track 4 had my head banging. A top 10 in 2008 for sure. Info:

ONCE NOTHING/First Came the Law (Solid State Records) This is some hard hitting thrash metal with lots of thick, meaty hooks and some throaty death metal vocals. The band can write some riffs that I am sure would make heads bang and pits stir up. This band also mix in some hardcore and even a bit of southern rock to the mix and for them it works. The production is thick and the band get a great guitar sound. This is a solid release in my opinion. Info:

TEN FEET FROM MURDER/Murder (Self Released) 4 tracks of metal and hardcore and 4 great tracks they are. This hits hard, hits viciously and strikes deadly. This is an assault on my skull. The singer has that old school thrash like vocal sound sort of like the guy from Holy Terror. The music is vicious thrash with a touch of hardcore thrown in. The production is thick and not over polished and this more than gets the job done. I need a full length from these guys and shit this band easily deserves to be snatched up by a good label. Info:

SALT THE WOUND/Carnal Repercussions (Rotten Records) This is modern death metal with some thrash metal thrown into the mix. The vocals are the gruff kind that I don't like, but this wasn't too band. The music, while not original, wasn't too bad as the band do mix in some groove metal with some fast death metal blasting beats. The production is perfect as you can hear everything perfectly. I didn't think this was that bad and if your into the more modern, vicious death metal style, you'll love this. Info:

SATELLITE/Into The Night (MVD) This was some prog metal, but what I liked about it was it was that the band injected some much needed melody into the mix. The band play some very slow parts that really put me up on cloud 9. The singer has a strong clean voice almost like the singer from the band Yes and not the new singer, the old one. This is a nice mix of prog metal along with some slower, moving parts that really took me on a ride that I didn't want to get off. Different and exciting band here. Info:

THE REASONING/Awakening (MVD-Comet Music) Oh after the first 10 seconds this brought a smile to my face. What a riff and what killer vocals. This is rock with a prog edge and almost darkside to it too. The band just sucked me in with the riffs and vocals and this just smoked me. They remind me of GTR a bit if anybody remembers them. This had melody, good singing and playing and is still heavy enough for those who want metal to be into this. Info:

INVENTING NEW DESTRUCTION/Andi Sex Gang (Pink Noise) This I didn't like much as it was too far out in left field for me and it had a bunch of industrial stuff that didn't interest me. There was no melody to the tunes and the vocals were annoying to my ears. This was almost stuff like that band Kraftwork played if you remember them. Not my cup of tea. Info:

ALAN DAVEY/Captured Rotatio (Hawkwind Records) This was almost spacey rock in a way and it was very different and cool to my ears. This is almost a one man project with a one guest on 3 tracks. This almost was like Motorhead if they played spacey music. The music doesn't fly over your head and this stuff was like early, and I mean early Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush. The production is not over the top and is sort of dusty in spots, which is not a bad thing, it fits the music. 12 tracks of space rock with a touch of metal and the bass sound is cool as are the spaced out parts that will take you on a ride. Info:

SBB/The Rock (Metal Mind Productions) I reviewed and earlier release from this band and I didn't like it at all, but this was a much better job in my opinion. The music is more relaxed and not all over the place. The vocals are sung in another language so that made them kind of tough to get into, but he dopes have a nice set of pipes. The music is prog metal that might go over some peoples heads and it did at times with me, but overall this is much better than the other piece of music I got from this band and if your into prog metal I would say give this band a listen. Info:

CATASTROPHIC/Athology Of Murder (Napalm Records) Some nice speedy death metal is the ticket here. While this is not super original, it is some really well played death metal. The band whip and speed through the tunes and the drummer beats and slams his drums into complete submission. Great shouted vocals that are sung in an almost hardcore fashion. The production is right where it needs to be and I love the guitar sound and the blast parts. Solid death metal while breaking no new ground more than gets the job done. Info:

GRIMBANE/Let The Empires Fall (Moribund Records) This is black metal the way it was meant to be played. This really blew me away with its power, passion, and overall feel of the songs. This is some wicked, raw black metal. The tunes are savage and evil. I love the black metal vocals as they don't sound forced or fake, this is evil all the way. The music is fast black metal played with tons of feeling, anger, passion, and I just loved every second of it. When black metal is played well it can be some of the best underground music out there, and this is easily one of those times. This blows away 99% of the "so called true black metal" bands. Satan would recommend this I assure you. Info:

SATANS HOST/Great American Scapegoat (Moribund Records) I had read things about this band, but never actually heard any music until this. Wow what a fuckin release this is. The band combine elements of thrash and black metal and come up with a sound that is quite their own. The vocals are a mix of thrash/black metal and are sung with such a fury I was speechless. The music is a mix of fast black metal parts and some mid paced almost thrashy parts. The tunes are played with feeling and just a pure passion. It is hard to explain, you just have to hear this and you can feel the power and evil ooze from your speakers. The production is perfect, not raw and not over the top and the band just retain that evil underground sound. This is easily one of the best CD's I have reviewed in quite some time. Info:

GODLESS RISING/Rising Hatred (Moribund Records) This is a re-release of some stuff from the pre Vital Remains days as this features 2 of the band members from that original line up. I am not sure when this originally came out, but if you don't have this, run out and get a copy now. This is an awesome release of death/black metal. Singer Jeff lays down the vocals and he has an awesome voice and it shows once again on this baby. The band just rip and tear through each tune with power, hate and might. This also includes 2 bonus tracks and any fan of death or black metal would eat this puppy up. Info:

NECRONOCLAST/The Plague (Moribund Records) This was decent black metal. It was something that didn't blow me away, but it also didn't suck neither. The band play the tunes with the fury of a charging bull and the singer sings his heart out with the black metal style vocals. The production isn't bad, but the drum sound was weak in spots. This is the band debut release and I am sure they will grow and get better with time. Info:

BROWN JENKINS/Angel Eyes (Moribund Records) This is something I have to be really in the mood to listen too. This is deep, dark, evil, doomy metal. This is like the black metal version of WInter. The production is very raw, but for a band like this, this is the only way it could be. This is something I would not recommend that you pop in when your depressed as it will just make you more depressed lol. This is not for the weak of heart and it is something deep and dark and these 2 guys in this band came up with one hell of a release. 5 tunes that might have you wanting to destroy your house when your done listening. This isn't pretty. Info:

CORPUS CHRISTII/Rising (Moribund Records) This was a pretty strong release and this being a one man band had me in for more of a surprise as the songs, vocals, and overall playing are top notch. Usually with one man bands you have a weak link. Not on this. The vocals are death/black metal and are sung with passion and feeling and sounded good to these ears. The music is mostly fast black metal with bits and pieces of death metal. The tunes are fast and still catchy in a weird sort of way. They kinda sucked me and kept me there. Not sure if this is a drum machine or not, but they sounded quite good to my ears. Easily the best one man band I have ever heard. Info:

AZAGHAL/Omega (Moribund Records) Damn this label finds another gem. This is crushing old school black metal with some awesome black metal vocals and music. Just listen to the hate and fear that rolls out of this mans lungs as he spits out the hate and fury. Satan would be loving this. This production is raw, but is just perfect for this style and the way this band plays. The tunes just fly out like a rocket and never stop or let up. This is the way black metal needs to be played. I have said before when black metal is done right, it can be one of the most extreme forms of music, but there has been too many clone and corpse paint wanna be bands I have heard over the years, but forget all that and I'll get on my knees and bow to this band. This is easily one of the best black metal bands I have heard in quite some time. Book that. Info:

BROWN JENKINS/Angel Eyes (Moribund Records) This is another release from these guys and it is just as wild and out of control as the above release. I have read a few other reviews of this saying it is like Godflesh, Voivod, and Disembowelment. Yeah I would say those aren't far off comparisons. This is slow, but not as depressing as the other release. This I would say as a bit more of an industrial sound and there is vocals early on in this one. This is big time heavy and if you like any of the 3 bands I mentioned above, then you'll love this. This is different in a weird sort of way and I loved it. Info:

AVSKY/Malignant (Moribund Records) This is some more old school black metal that relies more on feeling and not just playing a million miles an hour pick riffing style and screaming about satan. I didn't like the vocals that much as they were sung a bit too low for my tastes, but when the music is this damn good I can overlook it. The band just cut and rip through tune after tune with those razor sharp riffs that will have you banging your head in some parts. The band rely more on a feeling and a sound and mix up the faster parts rather well. The guitar sound is inhuman. This a 2 piece band and I tell you if this is the direction that black metal is going in, I welcome it with open arms. Info:

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS/Self Titled (Regain Records) This was some awesome old school rock with touches of metal with a guitar sound right out of the 70's. Hell the production is out of the 70's as well. If your into stuff like old Black Sabbath, Kyuss, etc, then you'll love this as I did. The band just crank out the riffs that had my head moving with the tunes. I would say this is more metal than rock, but it still has that arena rock feel. The singer has a nice clear voice and he fits the style of the band rather well. I love the old school production and this is just a fantastic release of stoner rock that is heavier than a ton of lead. Info:

SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN/Valley Of Fire (Leviathan Records) Holy hell is this one hell of a release. This band mixes up the best of 70's style rock and mix it with some metal and the combo is just so godly I was grinning from ear to ear. Dave Chastain has never sounded better and the riffs and guitar tone he has on this is unmatched. The singer, Eric, has such a fantastic voice and he sings the songs with soul and passion not matched by many. The production is right where it needs to be and I can't say anything negative about this and it I can easily say would be in my top 10 at the end of the year and we aren't even 6 months into 2008. A MUST BUY. Incredible songs, singing, etc. This is easily the complete package of metal and rock. Info:

SERAPHIM SLAUGHTER/Scum Terror (Self Released) This is some awesome raw black metal meets hardcore punk rock. The vocals are pure black metal screaming style and he sounds like he is singing his final breath. The music is a mix black metal and 80's style hardcore and some thrash thrown in the mix too. The production is raw and thin, but it fits and works for the style this band is playing. The tunes on this disc, all 10, are all really good to great and this band just capture the spirit of the old school underground that I loved. There is not many bands playing this style and it felt like a breath of fresh spring air listening to this. I'll work on getting an interview with these guys, as yeah, it is that damn good. Info:

BABA YAGA/Sorrow Neglect Pestilence (Self Released) This is a one man black metal/doom metal band. This isn't bad. The guy mixes up the tunes so they don't just get too one diminutional and he has a pretty sick black metal style voice. The doom parts are really moody and the black metal parts don't sound bad, but the doomy stuff is what I liked best. They just set a mood and it is hard to explain. Some of the black metal screeching didn't faze me much, but that is just me. The 5 tunes here are good and the production isn't bad neither and this guy can come up with the riffs let me tell ya. Info:

BLOODSOAKED/Frost Image (Horrid Records) If you like old Immolation (demo and Dawn Of Possession), you'll love this as the music is very Immolation like as well as the singer who could pass for Ross himself. The 12 tunes on here are a pure death metal delight to listen too and the riffs just had my neck moving and no tough guy or generic death metal vocals, just vocals from the soul. The production is thick and not over produced and this is some killer real death metal not that nu metal groove shit. Info:

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SOL NEGRO/Hellish Furnace (Lifeless Woods Productions) 5 tracks of pure no frills death metal. This is straight forward no bullshit or gimmicks death metal. The vocals are death/black in nature, but lean more toward the death metal side. The production is thick and heavy and I love the evil guitar sound the band get. If your into bands like Incantation, Autopsy, etc, then this will be right up your alley. And it was right up my alley too. Info:

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SOL NEGRO/Of Darkness And Flames (Moribund Records) This I didn't like as much as the above release. This I felt was just an average attempt at black/death metal and kinda sounded forced and I just didn't get into the songs or the riffs and kinda felt this just dragged a bit too much for my liking. Some may like this better than the above release, but I didn't. Info:

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