ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


NECRODEMON Allegiance To The End & Haunted Eons (Short Notice Productions) These are being re issued and I for one think if you don't own both of these, you need to grab them both with the quickness. This band play a killer blend of death/black metal, but more of the old school death metal side of things. Evil riffs and crushing vocals are just 2 of the highlights on these 2 discs. The tunes are played out with high levels of feeling, passion and emotion that is missing from a lot of bands, but not these boys. I love the guitar sound, the riffs and the vocals are some of the best damn vocals around. Trust me when I say that these guys play music that the devil would give a horns up to himself. Info: or

AC/DC/No Bull DVD (Columbia Records) Since AC/DC is my favorite band you know I just love this DVD. This is a re-release of this DVD that came out a few yrs back, but this has extra tunes and a really cool thing called the "Angus Cam" which is used on 4 tunes that shows you the view from Angus side of things and is really cool. You also get 2 bonus live clips and this is mixed and re done in hi def for DVD. This concert set list is a mix of old and new and the band just sound tight as balls and if your an AC/DC fan such as myself, this is something that you need in your DVD collection asap. This kills. Info: or

GET THRASHED: The Story Of Thrash Metal DVD (Light Year) Oh is this DVD been a regular player in my disc player for a few weeks now. This is an incredible DVD that has interviews with tons of bands, fans, writers, etc as they break down how the thrash scene came to be many moons ago. I have a 2 disc set, but all this stuff will be on one disc. You get all the crazy stories from back in the day, the NY and of course the Bay Area thrash scene. I know people are gonna view this and say they forget this band or that band, but you can't fit in every band. One little thing I would have like to have been talked more about was how important tape traders and fanzines were to the scene back then and in helping bands get a buzz and with help getting bands demos and stuff heard by record labels and stuff. There is over 3 hours of footage and this took me back to when I was a kid again and seeing those clips of Lamour's back in the day brought a HUGE smile to my face let me tell ya. If you were around back then, then you will love this for the nostalgic feel and if you weren't then you can watch this and see what all the fuss was about and let me tell there was nothing and I repeat NOTHING like the thrash metal scene in the 80's. It was the best time for underground music bar none. Now get on your knees and bow to this or learn a lesson in violence. Info: or

AURAL AMPHETAMINE/Metallica And The Dawn Of Thrash (MVD DVD) I was sent this by my good friend Clint of MVD and I popped this in and couldn't stop watching till the end. This focuses on the early days of Metallica about how they grew from the garage band they were into the thrash kings of the late 80's. You hear and see footage of the band taking about their early days and from journalists like Malcom Dome and Joel McIver. I was glad this focused on the bands early days and stuff as I grew up in that ear and this was a nice time capsule so to speak. There is also mention and talk of the whole Bay Area thrash scene and if you didn't grow up on all this, here is a chance to check out how and why Metallica became so big and where the kings back in the day. Info:

BLOODBATH/The Wacken Carnage CD/DVD (Peaceville Records) 13 tracks of crippling death metal. The band just rip and crush through the tunes on this and play death metal the way it should be played. The singer has an awesome death metal voice and sings the songs with a fury and power not matched by many. The tunes are fast and furious and the blast parts are real, not that fake shit. This is killer death metal that any fan will want and love. As an added bonus you get the bands set from a few yrs back at the Wacken fest and they crush live as well as in the studio. Info:

NIERTY/Diametrical Infarcations (Self Released) This was a hit and miss release for me. The music is a cool combo of industrial metal meets grind, but the vocals are just a bunch of grunted growls, which don't do anything for me. The production isn't bad, but this needs some killer death metal vocals to take it over the top. The fast parts totally crush and the music is vicious, fast and wild, but to me the vocals are a big let down. Some may not mind the vocals and they weren't all and out bad, but just not up to par with the music. Info:

[email protected]

THE STRIPT/Self Titled (Ifiymm Records) This is some power pop punk/glam rock in the vein of old Poison meeting Faster Pussycat. The 6 tunes on here are all catchy numbers with a glam rock n roll feel to them. The singer has a great voice and he fits the music quite well. TO me the bottom line is these 6 tunes are some ass kicking rock n roll numbers that I enjoyed. The band has a sort of punky side to them I enjoyed as well. The band just write, good, solid tunes and this gets thumbs up form me.

JESSE JAMES DUPREE/Rev It Up And Go Go (Mighty Loud Entertainment) This is the singer from the band Jackyl and this is a solo release from this man and this is just another release of ass kicking rock n roll. The tunes are catchy as hell and he sounds great on the mic and the songs had my foot tapping and I was humming along with the riffs and the words. The production and guitar sound were perfect. This is one hell of a kick ass rock n roll release.

MIDNIGHT IDOLS/Nightrulers (CD Baby) More straight up heavy metal that didn't sound bad to these ears. The band kinds reminded me of Grim Reaper, you remember "See You In Hell" right? The tunes are just ass kicking heavy metal tunes with the fists up in the air. The singer has a good, solid metal voice and the music is heavy and catchy and the band write some really solid riffs and the music just kicks when it needs to. Not many bands playing solid no frills heavy metal, but this band is and they do it well. Info:

SAMMATH NAUR/Self Proclaimed Existence (Metal Mind Productions) Vicious fast death metal with some keyboard parts. The vocals are solid death metal and the production is like a ton of lead as the music hits hard and powerful. The band also throw in some black metal parts here and there. The songs are strong and catchy to a point the fast parts will knock you to the ground. The band also slow it down to give you a rest and then blast you into hyperspace. Info:

PYORRHOLA/The Eleventh: Thou Shall Be My Slave (Metal Mind Productions) This is some crushing death metal that hits straight ahead and hits with power and speed. The tunes are intense and just blew me over. The speed and fury totally got my off guard as the band just destroyed me with some killer riffs and death metal vocals. I was moving my neck and feet and this just owned me. The production is on fire and this just crushed. Info:

NAUMACHIA/Callous Kagathos (Metal Mind Productions) This was a like a mixture of death metal with some pieces of thrash and I thought this was decent. The screaming like vocals sounded like a man on his last breaths and he really puts his heart and soul into belting out those lyrics. The music is mostly fast with some mid paced parts thrown in. The band, while far from original, are enjoyable as they write and play some riffs that will have your neck moving I am sure. This didn't blow me away, but it is a solid effort. Info:

SACRUM/Darkstricken (Metal Mind Productions) This just didn't do it for me as I thought the songs were kinda flat and I didn't like the singer's voice much. The music was melodic death metal sort of like Type O Negative with a bit more of a death metal sound and the singer even sounded like Pete in spots. The tunes just didn't do a thing for me as they just kinda plodded along and I just didn't feel the music at all. Info:

BLIND RACE/Seeing Red (Self Released) Very cool band here. This is I guess what you would call alternative metal. The band have a sort of warped, spacey sound and by track # 2 I was hooked on it. The band still use some melody and know a good hook to go with their somewhat spacey sound. The singer has a good, clean voice and he sings the songs with a lot of passion and he fits the style of the music well. The production is clear and allows every instrument to breathe. This gets 2 thumbs up from me. Info:

BITCHES SIN/Uduvudu (Self Released) This band has been around a long time (in the 80's) and I have heard their music till this CD. I will say this, this CD is quite the kicker. The band hail from England and they were around during the NWOBHM era and on this release they still have that flame burning. The music is a pure fist banging metal delight with no groove, no nu metal crap or tough guy vocals. This is spikes to the wall metal. I like the almost dark production the band use as it makes the music just that much better. The singer has a great metal voice and he sings his balls off on this baby. The band just crank out great metal tune after another on this and it is well worth getting I assure you. You can get this at: or try

ABYSMAL FALL/Immaculate Deception (Self Released) Why this band doesn't have a record deal by now is a crime. This band have churned out killer death/black metal release, after release and they are still unsigned. This is another crushing release of black/death metal that is raw, un relenting and just hits at your soul. The vocals are awesome as the singer screams and growls his damn lungs out. The music is a great mix of death/black metal with a raw guitar sound and the fast parts shred me. 9 tunes on this baby including an interesting over of a Candlemass tune that has to be heard. Somebody wake up and sign these guys. Info:

REAL UGLY/Live Suffer And Struggle Adv CD (Agromosh Records) This is some awesome metal core played the way it should be played. Not all that breakdown shit. This is old school hardcore with a metal edge to it. It is raw, fast, and nasty. I love the guitar sound the band gets and the singer screams and growls his way with a total hardcore style that I miss big time. The 11 tunes on here all shred and this is an old school hardcore lovers dream. Info:

MALEVOLENT CREATION/LIve At The Whiskey A Go Go (Artic Music Group) This band has been around for quite awhile now and they may not have been my favorite band, but they have more than delivered the goods for quite some time. The band sound tight and play all the tunes on this with fury and this is the way death metal needs to be. Fast, nasty, powerful and no jump metal crap or tough guy vocals. This is pure death metal all the way. Band still can deliver the goods and this live CD proves it again. Info:

BILLY IDOL/The Very Best Of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself CD/DVD (Capitol Records) I was never a huge fan, but I did enjoy some of his songs and they are all here on this. How can you go wrong with, White Wedding, Rebel Yell, Eyes Without A Face, Cradle of Love, and the rest of his hits. There is also 2 new tunes at the end of this and you get 18 CD cuts including all the hits. The DVD side has 13 vids and most of the hits are included on that as well. If you were even a casual fan such as I was, this is a nice trip down memory lane and it has all the hits and a few others too. I am sure this is in any store where you would buy music.

A DREAM OF REALITY/It's Nothing Personal (Powerline Records) This is one of those newer punk bands and this is a pretty good one to my ears. The band play some solid tunes that have plenty of hooks and the singer has a good voice for the style of music they are playing. The production is clean and clear and like I said the tunes just plain kick ass. The band play punk rock with melody that is how I would saw this is. Info:

NIGHT RANGER/Hole In The Sun (VH 1 Classic Records) Oh what an awesome release this is. I am a fan of this band as I have a bunch of their releases and a few live CDS too and this is one kick ass rock n roll record. The band can still deliver the goods and they more than do on this release. I believe this is the original line-up minus the keyboard player. The tunes are just great rock n roll tunes with the melody and passion you would expect from these guys. The tunes sound just fresh and are a welcome relief from a lot of the crappy music making the rounds these days. The production is flawless and everything flows like a perfect stream. An absolute double thumbs up and so far this is in my top 10 of 2008. Info:

IRMIN SCHMIDT & KUMO/Axolotl Eyes (Spoon/Warner Music) I am not a big fan of techno and that is what this is. I don't know much about it and to me this is like electronic type of music with a dance beat above it. This just is something that is not my cup of tea and I am not gonna rip and shred this, but you also get a DVD with this and if techno is your thing, then by all means check this out. Info:

CARNIFEX/The Diseased And The Poisoned (Victory Records) This is pure death metal and I was surprised to get this from this label, who are mostly hardcore or more metal core than death metal. This is the death metal I don't really like. The band use jump metal like riffs along with those god awful 2 vocal styles. You know one where the guy screams and the other where he growls really low, which has been so much it is like beating a dead horse. The music is similar to many other death metal bands and there is nothing new or of value here in my eyes and ears. Info:

GORGOROTH/Black Mass Krakow 2004 DVD (MVD) Holy shit is the easily one of the best DVD'S I have ever seen. The camera work on this is godly and the band are as tight as Nina Hartley's ass! The band have an incredible stage set up with a killer light show, goat heads, pyro and even naked people. The place where they filled me this at is filled with metalheads and it is a huge place and it packed to rafters so to speak. The band rip through an intense set of black metal and like a said the camera work is top notch and the lights and everything just looks incredible. You also get some clips from another concert. This gets an A plus from me. Easily one of the best black metal bands making the rounds now. Info:

KELLLECADAVER/Among The Damned DVD (MVD) I had never heard of this band before and after watching some of the videos I will go hunt down some CDs. This band play a nice mix of thrash and death metal and what a wild band this band is. The singer cuts himself in one video and the blood flys and their live show is nuts as there is tons of moshing and stage diving etc. I would say the band is sort of like Pantera, but with a bit more of a hardcore edge to them. The one extra clip of the singer being involved in a backyard type wrestling match is insane, wait till you see the punishment and damage that is done. This I assume contains all the bands videos and to me this band sounded pretty good and won me over as a fan. Info:

HANOI ROCKS/The Nottingham Tapes DVD (MVD) This band will be best be remembered as having the drummer that Vince Neil killed when he was arrested for DUI a long time ago. The band were just starting to get some attention in the US when this happened and the band broke up after that incident, but reformed in 2002. What we have on this is a show from 1994 and the band are in their glory as they deliver tune after tune of glam and slam sleazy punk rock as only they could do. Think The New York Dolls meets glam rock meets old Alice Cooper. The film quality is pretty good considering it was filmed way back in 94 and the band also throw in a Ramones cover for good measure. The tunes are all catchy numbers with the singer is his flamboyant best. I think this band was very underrated and if they had not broken up I think they would have been huge as their songs were much better than a lot of the hair bands back then. Check this out for yourself and be convinced. Info:

IRON MAIDEN AND THE NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL DVD (MVD) This is a cool DVD for those who have only read about this movement. This traces it from the get go and I was around in this era to a point, and I am a fan of early Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, and I love Saxon. You get interviews with some of the writers from Kerrang and Metal Hammer as well as some early members of Iron Maiden. It is a cool look at an era that is still talked about today with passion. At over 2 hours this is well worth getting into my friends. Info:

OPPROBRIUM/Discerning Forces (Metal Mind Productions) I had never heard of this band prior to getting this CD and this originally came out in 2000 and now is being re-issued by the great folks over at Metal Mind. This is some killer death/thrash in the vein of older Sepultura. The band crush crank out killer after killer guitar riff that will have your neck moving in no time. The drums will smack you in the face and the singing is top notch death growling. The production is right on the money and the guitar sounding crunch is godly. This is a pure death or thrash metal fans delight and cheers to Metal Mind for re issuing this little diamond in the rough. Info:

TILT 360/Day 11 (Love Muffin Records) This is a modern rock band with a touch of metal in them. The tunes don't sound too bad as they can write some different riffs and the singer doesn't have a bad voice neither. The production flows rather well and you can hear everything nice and clear. Thank god the band don't use that groove metal style much cause it has been so overdone it isn't funny. Out of all the modern rock bands I have heard in the past few months, this band is the best of the bunch. Info:

HEAD P.E./The D.I.Y. Guys CD/DVD (Suburban Noize Records) This band is good for what they do, but I hate rap in metal and this is more of a hardcore band throwing in some rap and the tough guy vocal stuff. When they aren't doing that, it pretty much crushes. When the music is this good I can kinda overlook the vocals and this is a live disc and the crowd is into the band big time. You also can see that on the DVD that is on this as well. You also get some behind the scenes stuff so this is a pretty cool DVD. Like I said I am not into the rap stuff, but the band is just so good I managed to overlook most of it and the band are so tight and when they hot the gas petal and go into the speed mode, that simply crushes. Excellent for what it is in my book. Info:

EMPIRE AURIGA/Auriga Dying (Moribund Records) This is something I am not into, but this is like an industrial type of band that I guess is good for what it is. Sort of like Godflesh in spots, but much more of a dirtier and a way more raw sound than them. This is something I can see some people into, but I just like a bit more guitars and stuff in my music. This is weird and very different and just not cup of tea, but it might be yours. Info:

CELESTIAL BLOODSHED/Cursed, Scarred, And Forever Possessed (Moribund Records) Crushing raw black metal that gets the job done. This is some wicked stuff and I really felt the passion and hate and this played. The vocals are pure hate filled death and the music is powerful, raw black metal. This isn't super raw, but also isn't polished too. Just wicked track after track of some fast black metal that will dull the senses. Info:

BEHEXEN/My Soul For His Glory (Moribund Records) Another killer death/black metal band here. The band combine the fury and intensity of real death metal with some of the most horrifying vocals I have heard in quite some time. The tunes just whip, crush and will blast you into unholy submission until you tap out. You can just hear the hate and fury and this guy sings. He is the real deal. The band blast and slash through the tunes and if what black metal is what you want, then get this. The band slow it down now and then, but the fast parts will just whip through and cut you like a knife through butter. One of the best CDs I have heard this year. This will crush all posers and pretenders ha ha. Info:

NOCTURNAL FEAR/Code Of Violence (Moribund Records) Godly old school thrash in the vein of old Sodom, Kreator, etc. The riffs just sliced through me and the vocals are so killer it isn't funny. The riffs on this will have your neck working on overtime. This is a pure please to listen to as well. The riffs will punish and hurt you and the drummer smashes his kit into oblivion. The production is right where it needs to be and this is about hate, speed, feeling and just creating the perfect mood. I am going to try and get an interview and this gets a mega 2 thumbs up from me. Info:

DRED/A Path To Extinction (Self Released) 4 tracks of some awesome death metal. All 4 tunes here are fantastic death metal tunes with some killer riffs, awesome vocals and music that will have you wanting to mosh around your house. The tunes are a perfect mix of death and thrash metal and the vocals are sort of like Ross from Immolation. The production is perfect as the guitar sound totally crushes and the drums slam home and pound you into submission. 4 songs is not enough and this is a band if I had a record label I would sign in a heartbeat. Look for an interview in the future. Info:

DIE HARD/Evil Always Returns (S.M.P. Records) Holy shit is this a killer old school release. Think old Venom, Sodom, Possessed, etc. The band just rip and shred through these tunes bringing a smile to my face big time. This has that emotion, feeling that is hard to describe, but you know it when you hear it. The production is raw bringing back memories of all those old vinyl and cassette releases from many moons ago. The singer has a killer voice and he sings with passion and emotion not matched by many. I love the guitar sound and the raw sound just made this better not worse. 6 blasting tunes that I bow to. This is the way old school thrash/death metal should be played and this band I raise a big horns up for this. This kills. Info:

BOHENIAN GROVE/Eternal Search For An Exclusive Under Standing (Noise Infection Music) This is a mix of old school death metal mixed in with bits of pieces of grind. Think like old Carcass meets old Death meets Autopsy. This is some serious fast death metal with some killer death metal vocals. The production isn't polished and that is good cause sometimes a raw production is just what the doctor ordered. The vocals are a mix of death metal and grind and they sounded mighty good to these ears. 8 tracks that blasted through my brain and I am glad more and more bands are doing the old school thing and keeping this genre alive. I'll be hooking for an interview I hope. Killer stuff. Info:

THE PSYKE PROJECT/Aprea (Lifeforce Records) Some heart pounding death metal mixed in with some grind and even doom metal at times. The production is bottom end heavy and the guitar sound the band gets is heavy as fuck. The band mix up the speed and the doomy parts and trust me the doomy, slower parts are heavy as a ton of lead. The vocals are screamed almost grind in nature. Just a solid release overall. Info:

RAUNCHY/Wasteland And Discotheque (Lifeforce Records) This was modern groove metal with those throaty death metal vocals and this just sounded like every other band doing this style and this grew old quite fast. The band is rehashing the same riffs and song structures every other band doing this style does and there is nothing new or fresh on this and it was another case of the same ole same ole. Info:

DOWN RIVER/Seethin Heathen (Undertow Recordings) This is some killer, heavy shit in the vein of Tad. The guitar sound the band get is as heavy as a Ford F-250 and the tunes just plain kick ass. This is balls to the wall heavy my friends. The singer has a killer voice for this band as he belts out the tunes with plenty of balls and fits the music well. The production is not over produced and it is right where it needs to be. You can hear everything perfectly as the band got a nice mix with this puppy. This is a heavy metal onslaught that should not be missed. Info:

PLAYER KOMMANDER/On The Eve Absolute Get Down (Self Released) This was a bunch of mombo jumbo as far as I could tell. The singer sings in some parts and then he raps in others. The tunes just had no flow and the riffs were flat as a pancake. The tunes were not memorable at all and kinda just flew by with little or no purpose. A couple tunes had a decent riff here and there, but overall this just didn't click with me and after each song I could not even remember a riff or melody to the song. Info:

ZEBRA/The DVD (MVD Visual) Oh I have been a big fan of this band and this DVD was just what the doctor ordered. It was recorded down at The House Of Blues down in Louisiana. What a set list this is: As I Said Before, Wait Till The Summer's Gone, When You Get There, The La La Song, Bears, One More Chance, Take Your Fingers From My Hair, and more. The sound quality is great, and the crowd is into this as I would be if I was there ha ha. You also get an interview and other goodies as well. Easily one of the best DVD's I have viewed. Info:

BLOODCOW III/Hail Xenu (Self Released) This was pretty cool. The band mix in some thrash with some heavy metal and a touch of groove to come up with a pretty cool release. The singer sounds like the guy in COC and the band have one hell of a heavy guitar sound. The band mix in old school meets newer school and it quite a cool combo. Not of the songs bored me and this actually got better as it played on. The band can speed it up at times too. A pleasant surprise to me. Info:

TRANSIENT SONGS/Plantation To Your Youth (Indian Casino Records) This is a 5 song EP and quite a good one at that. This is almost garage grunge with tons of feeling and emotion into the songs, sort of bringing a garage punk DUI feel to it. The singer really hits home as he belts out the lyrics with tons of feeling, passion, and emotion. The production almost has a dusty old school feel, which I loved. The tunes are catchy, but still heavy and this was just a nice change of pace from a lot of the crap I get and the sound alike bands as well. Info:

SIC FUCKS/The Bowery Collection (MVD Audio) This is another live CBGB's audio CD and this is some killer Mass hardcore. The band rip through 12 tunes with great sound and the band rip through the tunes with a fury too. The band do a cool cover of Blitzkrieg Bob originally done by The Ramones. So far I have enjoyed every release MVD has put out from the CBGB's collection as that venue did host a ton of great shows and this is another one you should add to your collection. Info:

OPM/Golden State Of Mind (Suburban Noize) I thought I would hate this, but I really liked it a lot. The band mix in reggae with a punky type of sound that is hard to describe, but all I know is my ears digged it. The band just write crafty, catchy tunes that really moved me and I couldn't take the CD out till the last song played. And I played this in my disc several more times before I even wrote this review. The singer has a perfect voice for the style the band is playing and maybe I liked this cause it was something new and exciting. Great CD from note 1 till the last. Info:

THUNDERTALE/Milzinai (Atra Music Records) This is a cool power metal band from Lithuania. The band mix in newer style power metal with some slow almost folk parts a times to come up with a wicked combo of music. The singer has a strong powerful voice as he belts out the songs. The production is nice and thick and the guitar sound shines and the tunes flow rather well. The singer kinda reminds me of the guy from Death Angel at times. The band can write some killer power metal speedy riffs at times and this was just a cool metal release overall. Info:

BLOOD FROM ABOVE/Musical Warfare (Self Released) This is a one man band and this is easily one of the best one man bands I have ever heard. This is bone crushing raw thrash metal that gets a big double horns up from me, Brian can write some godly thrash metal riffs and his voice is like a raw, screaming Dave Mustaine. 11 tunes on this baby and not a bad one in the bunch. The production is raw, but I think the raw sound only makes this more enjoyable and this is just a killer thrash release that any fan of old school metal I think would enjoy. Info:

SAXERIOR/Volkerschlacht (Battlegod Productions) Killer black metal meets older Morbid Angel is how this sounded to me. The riffs on this will rip through you like a knife through butter. Vicious, hate filled vocals and wicked drums rolls and blast beats made this a delight to listen to. The production is right where it needs to be and this just isn't an all out blast fest. The band slow it down right at the right times and then take you on a speed ride most of the way. Killer release. Info:

BUIO OMEGA/Planet Of Tombs (Battlegod Productions) Crushing, punishing, out of control black metal that will have you on your knees begging for mercy. Vocals that sound like they are from the depths of hell itself. The band just rip, crush and tear through 8 tunes that was as vicious as a charging bull. Perfect production and this is the way black metal should be played. Info:

HARKONIN/Ghanima (Battlegod Productions) This was pretty decent black metal, but it kinda sounds like many other black metal bands at times. This isn't bad, and the band inject some thrash at times, which sounded cool to these ears. The singer has a very good black metal voice and the band can rip off some tasteful riffs. The production is good and this isn't an all out blast fest and they mix it up and this is decent. Info:

ARHONT/Self Titled (Battlegod Productions) This is a decent mix of black/death metal. The production is raw and I do love the guitar sound the band use on this. The band mostly play fast black metal and it is mixed in with a death metal guitar sound and vocals at times. I do not like the low guttural vocals the band sometimes uses it sounds weak and takes away from the band not adds to it. This band if they would lose some of the vocal styles and work on being a bit less death metal might be on to something. This was just OK for me. Info:

TEMTRIS/Masquerade (Battlegod Productions) This was a power metal band the music is excellent and the vocals are a hit and miss. The band has 2 sets of vocals, one if an awesome female singer and then this is ruined by having a male singer to the generic grunt/growling death metal vocals that are so overdone and I am so tired of bands doing this. The music is well crafted power metal almost bordering on doom at times. The production is perfect, but the death metal vocals ruin this for me. Some of you might think it is cool, but I hate it. Info:

JENNIE TEBLER'S OUT OF OBLIVION/Till Death Tear Us Apart (Black Mark) This yet another goth/doom metal band with those clean female vocals and I don't get this style out all. The music was ready to put me to sleep and the songs just dragged and plodded along at a little more than snails pace. The vocals just had me yawning and I hate clean female vocals in metal so to me this was pretty bad. Info:

BLACK LIGHT BURNS/Cover Your Heart (I Am Wolfpack) This is industrial metal with a touch of techno in it. At first I thought this wasn't bad, but after the 1st time, this went downhill fast. The tunes just plodded along and the singer just screamed and growled on as the techno metal stuff played behind him. The tunes had no power or substance to them and after each song was over I was left with nothing. This also comes with a DVD, but I only got the CD. They also ruin Duran Duran's Hungry Like The Wolf" as they butcher it and is completely worthless. Sorry no contact info was provided. Shame huh.

WALLS OF JERICHO/The American Dream (Trustkill Records) This is one of those nu metal bands and this band mix in some thrash metal. I have mixed feelings on this as there are parts that totally crush and kill and there are others, such as some of the jump metal riffs, that had me cringing. For the most part the band do crush and they write some killer riffs and I bet they totally crush live. The vocals are growls with a mix of death and thrash metal vocals. The production is thick as hell and the guitar crunch is second to none and doesn't have to take a backseat to anybody. Some of the nu metal stuff I could do without, but this is easily one of the best bands doing this style hands down. Info:

THE GATES OF SLUMBER/Conqueror (I Hate) This is an excellent mix of doom metal and straight forward heavy metal. The singer reminds me of Wino from St. Vitus at times as he belts out the tunes with sadness and sorrow. I am not a huge fan of doom, but when it is done this well I can enjoy it. The tunes for me don't plod along and they sounded good to these ears. The production is thick and of course the guitar sound is ultra heavy. Worth checking out. Info:

EREB ALTER/By Honour (I Hate) This is some more doomy metal with an almost Bathory Twilight of The Gods feel to it. This isn't something I would listen to on a regular basis, but it is good for what it is. The riffs are ultra heavy and the music doesn't plod along much like some doom metal bands. You can feel the passion in the music and in the vocals as this played on. Some will love this others will hate it I bet. This is the kind of release that will have a love hate type of relationship. Info:

FALL OF THE IDOLS/The Seance (I Hate) This is some awesome doom metal and this is the way doom should be, slow, pounding sad filled songs and vocals. The vocals sound like a dead man dying and if your into old, old Cathedral, you'll do backflips over this. The guitar sound is easily one of the most heaviest I have heard in quite some time. The production is perfect, capturing ever last sad note and sound. If your into doom this is easily a must have and this in my book, crushes. Highly recommended. Info:

STOS/Self Released (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release that originally came out in 1990. I don't remember this band back in the day, but as soon as I heard the 1st note I was hooked. This is killer thrash metal in the vein of older Anthrax. The band have a female singer and she sings in Polish, but I don't care as she sounds great. The music is late 80's thrash with tons of killer riffs and the production is good and you get 8 bonus tracks, 5 which are live. If your an old school thrash metal fan and missed the 1st time around like I did, don't be a fool and miss this a 2nd time. Killer release. Info:

IMPERANON/Stained (Metal Mind Productions) This is another reissue and I do remember the name and remember this band a bit back in the day. This band play melodic death metal sort of like later on Death with keyboards and the vocals are more of a mix of death and black metal. The band sounds cool and is actually refreshing to listen too. The band work in some killer riffs and song structures and really this is a stand out release and is not the same ole generic crap that I hear a lot of today. This should not be overlooked and is an excellent release that gets better with every listen. Info:

METAL CHURCH/This Present Wasteland (SPV USA) I didn't know what to expect with this as I had not heard the band in quite a long time and I was pleasantly surprised. This really kicked ass. The singer has a great voice and he sounds great on this and fits in perfectly. The music is a mix of metal with touches of power metal added to it. The band get a perfect guitar sound on this and each song will have your neck doing a workout it hasn't seen in a long time. This offers up plenty of power and is one of the best releases I have heard in 2008 so far. The church is back and back in a big way. Info:

BAHIMIRON/Southern Nihilizm (Moribund Cult) This is yet another good release of black metal from this label. This is raw, unpolished black metal that I bet Satan would be proud of. Vocals from hell and riffs and blast beats that will have you on your knees worshipping at the alter. This shit is raw, fast and uncompromising. This is the way black metal should be played and if you like or love black metal, you need this in your collection. Info:

FUTANTS/Pass Me The Butter (Self Released) This didn't impress me at all.This is like an alternative rock/metal band with some awful signing and some not so good tunes. The tunes were flat and didn't go anywhere. The production was awful and the singing just plain bored me with his voice. The tunes had no pick me up and the riffs just flowed on and on with no connection. This was not good at all. Info:

TIME HAS COME/White Fuzz (Regain Records) This isn't bad as the band churn out some decent death/grind metal I just don't like the vocals. They are those screamed death metal vocals that sound like somebody is singing through a bullhorn and the clean vocals are worthless. The music is decent fast death metal with bits and pieces of grind. The production isn't bad, but those vocals got to go. Musicwise I dug it. Info:

REFLECTION/When Shadows Fall (Cruz Del Sur Music) This was just awful power metal with one of the worst singers I have ever heard. He has a good voice, but not for metal. The music was boring metal with no power or killer hooks to suck you in. The tunes were kinda there and the singing didn't make it any better. This was pretty bad. Info:

LEVEL C/Self Titled (Locomotive Records) This is an all girl metal band and they write some killer tunes, but I hate the clean/death growl vocal approach. I don't mind when she sings clean, but kinda aggressive, but it the clean spots that had me ripping my hair out. The death metal vocals are awesome and you wouldn't even know it is a female, but those clean vocal spots have to go as they are just so overdone in metal now. The music is metal with plenty of power, hate and aggression and I can overlook some of the vocal parts when music is this damn good. Worth more than a passing listen. Info:

THE UNDERWATER/Forces (Megaforce Records) This was some decent modern rock n roll from this band. The band have their chops down as the songs were pretty catchy and I wasn't bored much with this. The band remind me of like a hard rock version of Maroon 5. Some may cringe at that, but that is what my ears hear. The production is good and the singer has a good voice for the style of music the band is playing and this is one of the better new rocks bands making the rounds these days. Info:

IVORY TOWER/Subjective Enemy (Pure Steel Records) This was some really good progressive metal with touches of power metal here and there. The band can write and play with incredible enthusiasm as the 17 tunes on this disc played on. The singer has an incredible voice, sort of like the guy from Dream Theatre as he sings the songs from the heart and emotion is wearing on his sleeve. The production is perfect and the tunes flow freely as this just kicked my ass. 99 of perfect progressive metal. Info:

XX TEENS/Welcome To Goon Island (Mute Records) I have never heard a band like this before. They play a sort of alternative poppy punk sound, but I can't put my finger on it. Sort of like the band The Jam, but with a more alternative sound. The band don't sound bad and the tunes are a bit catchy after a few listens and the band sort of have that happy jumpy type of sound. This was kinda cool and definitely different. Info:

PANIK/A Page Torn (Shrunken Head Records) This is an awesome release. Just kick ass rock n roll with a metal edge to it. The band just crank out some killer riffs along with a singer who sings his balls off on this puppy. The production allows everything to flow freely. The band just crank out wicked riff after wicked riff and I was enjoying this quite a bit. Killer band here. Info:

STRAITJACKET/Vices (Shrunken Head Records) This band play a whole CD worth of cover tunes and make them their own, which was cool by me. Jenny 867-5309 is up 1st and the band make it almost metal in the way they do it, which had my smiling and laughing at it played on. The band make each and every cover tune have their own signature sound, which to me when you do a cover, you should do. The Doobie Brothers, Cheap Trick, Steely Dan, Chicago are just a few of the bands they make their songs their own. A very fun release to review and this band made these songs into their own works of art. Info:

D4N3 B3RRY/Ascending To The Stars (Akom Productions) Another nu metal jump band with the same tired overused groove riffs and wow they use clean and death metal vocals. This style of music/vocals has been done to death and sounds so generic and stupid. The riffs are tired, boring and do nothing for me. I hate the clean vocal approach and then throwing in the death metal vocals just makes it worse. This band offered up nothing of value in my book. Another case of heard it all before. Info:

NOWHERE/M.O.U.W. (Akom Productions) This was more nu metal crap, but this wasn't as bad as most of the bands I have heard. The band do write some decent riffs, but again they do that clean/death metal vocal thing. What is the attraction of doing that I wonder? The music isn't too bad, but they do sound like a lot of other bands, but they do mix up the guitar sound a bit, which was cool with me. Not something I would listen to all the time, but this is better than most of that other groove metal crap. Info:

GHOSTS OF PIRATE ISLAND/DVD Movie (Regain Records) Regain Records goes off into the horror movie biz and they have a bunch of hot girls go to an island to film a reality show. Some of the acting is pretty bad, but you get smoking hot chicks running around almost and sometimes nude and blood and gore and as a horror fan that is all I can ask for. Neat film and some of the acting will have you laughing as well. Info:

LIGHTS OUT/Look Closer (Akom Productions) This is more groove metal and this just sounds like every other groove band and they have those screamed vocals along with, guess what, clean vocals. This just sounded like ever other nu metal band out there and bands like this are a dime a dozen. Info:

PLAY/Self Titled (Self Released ) This was a poppy alternative band that mixed in some of those sounds with some rock n roll. The singer has a good voice and he fits the style of music rather well. The production is not over polished and is kinda almost garage like in a way, but I am sure that is what the band wanted. The tunes are all catchy numbers and this gets a thumbs up from me. Info:

CANOBLISS/Psychothermia (Self Released) This was some good groove style metal. While I am not a big fan of this stuff, when it is played right and with the right riffs and vocals I can get into it. This band is such a band. They mix in a some thrash and just plain power and aggression into the groove mix and the singer has a killer voice and doesn't do the over used tough guy vocals neither. He sings in an aggressive style, but he is not just emo screaming, which I hate. The band can turn it up a notch when need be as track # 2 showed me. Production is perfect and for the style this band is doing, I can easily say there are one of the best I have heard. Info:

RACEBANNON/Acid Or Blood (Southern Records) Wow this one almost knocked me out of my seat. This is one warped band. They go from being almost stoner/doom metal to all out grind with some of the most warped and crazy vocals I have heard in quite some time. This keeps you on edge as you don't know what nutty note or style is coming next. The production is right where it needs to be as you can hear everything clearly. This is some crazy stuff and not for the faint of heart. Info:

ZEBRAHEAD/Phoenix (Icon Mes) This was some really good metal with plenty of power, speed, and aggression in the mix. The band mix in a bunch of different style and they have some groove to them, but the riffs kill. The singer sounds a little like the guy from some band that I can't remember right now, but his voice fits in perfect with the music. This band mix in the best of the new metal style with a mix of old school and they crush write and play great riffs and I enjoyed this from note # 1 till the last note played and you also get a DVD which has some tour footage and live stuff. Just consider the DVD like the syrup on top of a sundae. This was a fantastic band. Info:

HOLY MOSES/Agony Of Death (SPV) Crushing thrash metal that whipped my neck into a workout session. Oh did those riffs had my neck moving and my lips forming a smile within 30 seconds of this playing. The production is perfect and the guitar sound is godly. Pure heaven on the vocals as he spits out the lyrics with emotion and feeling. This is easily one of my 10 favorite releases so far this year and was a pleasure to review. 2 big horns up for this baby. Info:

SUIDAKRA/13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes (SPV) This I got more into as it played on. This band take a mix of death metal and some pagan and folk music and wrap it into a neat package. The band even have some female vocals, which I didn't mind at all. The band mix up the styles well and I really thought this was a cool release. Favorite track is # 5 where the band just blast it into overdrive. The tunes on this are very moody and just sucked me in and wouldn't let me go. Even the pagan stuff, which I am no means a fan of, had me going. The tunes just plain kicked tight spandex booty and this is something I could easily listen to over and over and this was fresh, new and exiting. You also get a DVD that has an acoustic concert on it and a few other goodies. Well worth checking out. Info:

ICED EARTH/The Crucible Of Man-Something Wicked Part 2 (SPV USA) This band is back with their original singer and this is another crushing release of power metal done Iced Earth style. The riffs are mega thick catchy as hell. The singer has a great voice on this as always and he really gets into singing the lyrics with a ton of passion and each song has his own little identity and the band just rip out killer riff after killer riff. Even some of the slower stuff had me going. Info:

BLATANT FINGER/Eight For The Road (89 Records) This is a neat little punk rock band. The band write some mean riffs and the production as that garage band feel, which I liked. The singer has a clean, but aggressive style voice that I quite liked as well. The tunes are catchy heavy numbers that are in with a more modern feel to them, but to me a good tune is a good tune and this disc had plenty of them. Info:

GRAYCEON/The Grand Show (Vendlus Records) This was mega boring to my ears and having those opera female vocals didn't help any. The songs just dragged on and I do like a good doom band when I hear one and this wasn't one of those times. The tunes had no meat and no substance and the vocals were beyond bad and if you want something to put you to sleep really fast, here ya go. Info:

I WAS A TEENAGE MUMMY DVD (Ghost Limb Films) This is 2 mini movies rolled into 1 and the 1st is called I Was A Teenage Mummy which is a spoof of all those early bad 50's horror movies. A crazy student kidnaps a hot girl and they decide to get even with those who made teased them. The acting is total cheese and the storyline is almost kiddie like, but this was kinda cool in its own way. You also get 2 other bonus mini movies, The Obitrons, which was pretty bad, and also Hot Rod Hearse, which was kinda short, but a funny garage band tale as they get kidnapped by aliens and then get revenge and then go into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. Info:

HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS DVD (Retro Media) I remember this film from way back when and now it is being re-released as a 20th anniversary widescreen edition. This is a classic horror film and you get gorgeous girls prancing around in not many clothes with chainsaws. You will see blood, guts and some decent acting if I saw so myself. This is like one of those made for late night horror flicks that would pop up on cable. This is a cult classic in some ways and I think any fan of horror, blood and guts, etc would want to view and purchase this DVD movie. Also loaded with some extras including a "making of" documentary.

MORELLA'S BLOOD VISION DVD (Retro Media) This is 3 horror films rolled into one neat package. Zombies is up 1st and I actually saw this in the theater yrs ago at some old beat up movie theater and this scared the shit of me then and I still got goosebumps watching it on my TV. The Bloodseekers is another all out bloodbath and is The Bloodstalkers. The acting may not be great, but the blood flows well and the special effects work for me and the killings were naughty and not nice and hey to me that is why I watch a horror movie for the blood and guts not the acting. Plus you get 3 films for the price of one DVD.

CROSS EXAMINATION/Menace II Sobriety (Organized Crime Records) Oh this is an awesome crossover band played with the old school feeling and style. The vocals some will hate, but I love them. This band totally mix in the old school thrash metal style with old school hardcore. Think The Cromags, SOD, DRI, Municipal Waste, etc. The riffs are so goldy I was on my knees bowing as this disc played on. The vocals are almost grind in nature and are so different and crazy it isn't funny. The production is perfect and the band mix up the speed metal and slower mid paced parts perfectly. This is the perfect Metal Core band. Info:

UNWRITTEN LAW/Live And Lawless (Suburban Noize) This was a cool band. The band remind me of Green Day in spots and they just write really good songs with a punky edge to them. The singer has a good strong voice and he fits the music of the band very well. 17 live tunes are on this disc and the band sound tight as they crank out the tunes with a fury. As a bonus you get a 22 song DVD with more live tunes that are not on the CD itself. This was just a solid release by a band that writes good, catchy tunes that I enjoyed very much. Info: