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SEPTIK/Grand Resurrection (Winterthorn Records) This is some excellent old school pure death metal with some great death/black metal vocals. The band don't pound or crush you with speed, it is the feeling and emotion the band get out these tunes. The singer just belts out the lyrics with much power and passion and the music is just a 100% pure death metal delight. The production is not over produced and is right where it needs to be. The scene needs more bands like this. Awesome release. Info:

ANGELI DI PIETRA/Storm Over Scalis (Self Released) I have mixed feelings on this. I say that due to the fact that this band use the over done female/male death metal growl vocals and I simply HATE it with a passion as it sounds so out of place and it has been done to death. Musically this is some crushing death metal and I can tolerate the female vocals to a point when the music is this good. The band crush and pound through the tunes and the production is right on the money. The band mix in some speed and that was fine by me. The band are original and I could see a smart label snatching these guys up. Info: or [email protected]

CIRCADIAN RISING/Drowned In Exile (Self Released) A really good underground metal band with a touch of progressive death metal added to the mix. Now this is more in tune to the last couple Death records. The singer is like a cross between Chuck and John Tardy from Obituary and he does a fine job screaming out the lyrics with hate and fury. The riffs will have that neck moving or playing air drums in a matter of seconds. There is not one bad tune on this and I was easily one over by song # 2. Production is good and I love the guitar sound and this just doesn't sound generic and this isn't some fly by night band. Great job guys. Info: or

APATHY/A Decade Of Violence (Self Released) I am a huge thrash fan and when it is played right it totally kills in my opinion. Well, you can add this band to the list. Bone crushing riffs and perfect thrash metal vocals were a highlight for me on this. I am a sucker for a good riff and this one had plenty of those and just had my head banging in seconds. This is a pure old school thrash metal delight. The production is perfect and the guitar sound is giving my neck more workouts that it needs ha ha. This brings back many memories of those old 80's NJ thrash metal bands like Overkill, Bloodfeast, Whiplash, Deathrash, etc. I will def try and get an interview with this band asap. Info:

INTO THE PRESENCE/Self Titled (Razor & Tie) This was some excellent alternative rock with some wicked vocals by the singer. He has a really cool voice and he sings the songs with tons of passion and I was into this big time within 2 minutes and I was hooked by song # 2. There is 10 songs on this and not a bad one in the bunch. The songs don't go over the top and they have just enough melody to have your toes tapping. Production allows everything to flow freely and this was a pleasant surprise. Info:

MEMORY DRIVEN/Relative Obscurity (I Hate) This took a couple listens to get into for me. At first I didn't think much of this, but I listened to it a couple more times and it grew on me. This band plays metal with a doom and rock n roll edge to it. Kinda like some of the newer Cathedral stuff that they did when they got away from being all out doom. Trust me some of these riffs are heavy and if you like doom, you'll be loving this. The singer has a weird kind of voice and he doesn't sound like anybody I have heard before. This make take a couple listens to get into, but once you do I think you will like it. Info: or

ROOT/The Temple In The Underworld (I Hate) This is a re-release that originally came out in 1992 and has 3 bonus tracks on it to boot. I had not really heard much about this band, though I have read the name in several zines over the years. The band play a very weird style of black metal that is not typical in any way. The vocals aren't your typical black metal vocals neither. They are almost shouted/chanted in some way and I for one didn't like them at all. The music kinda bored me most of the time as there was no riff or hook to suck me in as this just played on I was waiting for that riff or part to blow me out of my chair and it never came. I will give them props for not sounding like every typical black metal band, but the songs just don't a thing for me. Some may love this, but it not my cup of tea. Info: or

HIEMS/Worship Or Die (Moribund Records) This is some killer black metal full of blast beats, hateful vocals, wicked riffs and just an all out assault on your ears. The music is mixed up well with some slow parts that are full of passion, emotion and feeling and then in other spots your ears will bleed as you play air drums to the fast parts. Production is raw and unrelenting and I am not the biggest black metal fan, but love it when it is done right and this is done right. Info:

NAZXUL/Inconoclast (Moribund Records) Holy shit is the some of the best black metal my ears have ever heard. This is full of so much hate and feeling it isn't funny. This just totally blew me out of my chair. The vocals would make Satan proud. The mood and feeling that this band gets is just unreal. This is some fast wicked shit too. The production is right on the money and this is a pure black metal fans wet dream. This is about as perfect as a black metal release as you can get. Info:

MERRIMACK/Grey Rigorism (Moribund Records) This label is hitting on all cylinders as this is the 3rd awesome black metal release from this label. More bone crushing black metal played with feeling with lots of fast blasting parts and just enough slow parts to keep it from getting too generic and burning you out. The vocals are pure hate filled black metal and I love the guitar sound the band get as well. This is I admit not super original, but it is just the feeling and rawness I hear ooze out of this as it plays to get it a horns up from me. Info:

CANIS DIRUS/A Somber Wind From A Distant Shore (Moribund Cult) This one I have mixed feelings about. The music is some really good black metal played with lots of feeling and the mid paced parts just crush me. The singing I have an issue with as all the guy goes is shriek and yell and it just sounds out of place and stupid in my eyes. The guitar sound these 2 get on this totally crushes and the music is killer for the most part, but those shriek vocals I am not a fan of, but some may not mind, but I just didn't like them. They are kinda like you either love or don't like them and I was of the latter. Info:

THE BLACK/Alongside Death (Pulverised Records) More punishing black metal that dulled my senses. Just in your face hatred with some of the sickest black metal vocals. The intensity of this band is off the charts. Bone crushing riffs and fast blast beats are a highlight for me. I was playing area drums and bashing my head around as this played. Killer black metal release. Info: or

PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS/In Memoriam 511 Omen (Pulverised Records) This to me was just OK and didn't stick out like some of the other black metal releases above. The band just didn't have that killer go for the throat type of songs as they kinda dragged in some parts and the vocals were just OK as well. The tunes just didn't make me stand up and take notice and were just kinda there and the production I felt was flat too. Info: or

NECROLOGY/Self Titled (Pulverised Records) This tore through me like a hail of bullets. Just a sonic blast of fast death/black metal and I thought it was good that the singer sings in a more death metal (not that lower than low shit) voice and not a black metal voice. The production is perfect and I love the thick guitar sound and I was air drumming in seconds. Just a perfect blend of death and black metal and the riffs will have that neck swinging and this is just 100% intense and will have you on your knees bowing. Info: or

SANCTIFICATION/Black Reign (Pulverised Records) While this band is far from original, this is some hard hitting death metal. This is not that nu metal crap, but a powerful dose of prime in your face, fast pounding death metal in the vein of Immolation. The singer even reminds me of Ross at times. The band blast and crash through each tune. While this might be original, I still enjoyed it as it is blistering death metal and it is played the right way and not that groove death metal crap that totally sucks. Info: or

THE FEW AGAINST MANY/SOT (Pulverised Records) Some decent death metal with a progressive edge. Was nice to see a band try and do something a bit different and this worked on a number of levels. The band are original and I think they have a cool guitar sound and the singer is a good death metal growler. The tunes are more mid paced with a few faster parts here and there and the songs don't go over my head and still have a sense of melody and the riffs are catchy as well.
Just a good solid release here. Info: or

SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN/Instrumentalized (Leviathan Records) This is a mixture of tunes from the 4 CDs that this band has put out. There is no vocals on this, but they promise some in the future ha ha. Anyway there is 14 tunes and you get a good sampling of what this band is all about and they play blues based hard rock with some metal mixed in. The riffs will have your feet tapping and they are pretty damn catchy as well. How David comes up with some of these riffs I will never know, but he can whip out some of the best blues rock n roll I have ever heard. If you have never heard this band here is a good place to start and will David ever run out of killer riffs? I doubt it. Info:

SKYFIRE/Esoteric (Pivotal Rockordings) This is a nice mixture of death metal with a melodic edge to them and also some classical parts thrown in and out at times. The music is more on the fast side of things with some slower more melodic parts mixed in at times. The vocals death metal in style and the singer has a pretty solid voice and he doesn't hit that lower than low crap neither. The band have a good balance of intensity, speed, and melody and this I thought was different and grew on my with repeated listens. Info: or

RUBUFASO MUXUFO/Destructine Explosion Of Anal Garland (Khaaranus Productions) I am not the hugest grind fan and I don't even get to hear many bands playing that style, but here is one and a damn good one at that. What made this stick out to me was that the band didn't go all out 100% and just become a wall of noise. Oh trust me this gets fast and even mega fast at times, but they also slow it down enough for you to catch your breath and also the production allows everything to be heard and the drummer he beats his snare into complete submission. The vocals are that low cup the mic stuff that I really don't like, but all grind bands do it so I can't complain and I can even tolerate that style when a band is this good. If your a fan of grind or just plain fast music here is a band that will take you into the speed zone and then some. Info: or

OPITZ/Globalni Orgie-Striktni Protokol (Khaaranus Productions) This is standard death/grind that is nothing ground breaking. It is fast death/grind with blast beats. The vocals are death growls and aren't anything special in my eyes. The music is nothing you haven't heard before and this to me wasn't bad, but it was nothing that did anything for me as it was just another death/grind band that really did not stand out from the many other bands doing this style. Info: or

INSANE/Our Island Our Empire (Self Released) This was beyond bad. Total generic jump metal with death metal and clean vocals. Stuff like this has been done to death and this sounds like every other dance metal band and I HATE the clean/death metal vocals thing as it sounds so stupid. This is just plain awful and didn't do a thing for me. Info: or

STEEL PROPHET/Unseen (Metal Mind Productions) I have heard this bands name before, but never their music. This originally came out in 2002 and now Metal Mind is reissuing it and this is some killer melodic power metal. The singer has a very good melodic voice and he fits the music rather well. The tunes are all catchy power metal numbers with some melody in them and plenty of hooks that get my neck moving to the music. I am surprised I missed this the 1st time around and horns up for Metal Mind for putting this out. Info: or

SINISTER/Hate & Bastard Saints (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of this band's 3rd album and an EP, plus 4 bonus live tracks. Sinister play now frills death metal that hits fast and hard and pulls no punches. This is straight forward brutal death metal the way it was meant to be played. No jump metal or clean vocals this is just in your face brutality. It is awesome that you also get an EP and 4 live tracks. This is easily a must have. Info: or

BURDEN OF GRIEF/Haunting Requiems (Metal Mind Productions) This I thought was just OK. It is typical death metal with a melodic side to it and I really didn't care much for the vocals. They are that typical screaming death metal style and the songs just didn't do much for me and I didn't think they were all that catchy and the songs just kinda were there and didn't leave a lasting impression on me at all. This has 2 Eps and 4 bonus tracks on it that came out in 1996. Info: or

SINISTER/Diabolical Summoning (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of the bands 2nd album and this is another fast smashing death metal release. The band on this venture in a sort of Cannibal Corpse territory of sorts. The band just rip through tune after tune with lots of speed and power. The production is right on and I love the guitar sound and the fast parts just tore through me. Out of the 2 albums I have heard I prefer the one above, though this is far from bad, I just think the 3rd release is a tad bit better. Info: or

SINISTER/Cross The Styx (Metal Mind Productions) Ah the bands 1st release and I had heard many things about this and this is right on par with the 3rd release. This again is more bone crushing no frills death metal that just hits hard often and hits hard. The band just blast and smash their way through these tunes and no jump metal, violins or clean vocals to be found. This is just plain straight forward speedy death metal with the vocals being the way death metal should be. The band just invite you on their rollercoaster ride and prepare for the brutality. Includes 2 bonus tracks as well. Info: or

FINAL GRAVITY/Self Titled (Self Released) This was some really good rock n roll with a metal edge to it at times. This band deliver the goods with great songs and each tune has a catchy hook that sucked me in like a good book. The singer has a nice solid voice for this style of music and he sings the tunes with passion and feeling and he just rounds out the band like syrup on a tasty sundae. The production allows everything to shine and this is easily one of the best rock bands I have hear making the rounds these days. I can't see this band staying unsigned for long. Info: or

STRADION/Gayboys From St Louie (Self Released) This is a one song CD that I got from Jeremy and the band got back together for one day to do this one song although he says they may reform again in the near future. The tune I got is a weird one I must say. It is death metal in nature, but also has many weird parts and trust me you will never know what not or style is coming next. The vocals are pure death metal. One song is kinda tough to judge a band on, but this is some weird crazy shit and I for one look forward to hopefully hearing some more as this is not your run of the mill shit. Info:

Jeremy Bequette PO BOX 771142 St Louis, MO 63177

THE FRANKENHOOKERS/Poseurs (Self Released) This album was recorded in Jan of 2008 and now is coming out about a yr and a half later. This was decent punk/hardcore music. The production has a very raw sound sort of like a lot of 80's hardcore demos I got back in the day and that is not a bad thing. Sometimes music needs to be raw and not so polished. I like the singer he has an almost Dave Mustaine like voice only if he was signing in a hardcore style. The band rip through these tunes and some of the speedy stuff I really like. This was cool at it has an almost mid 80's punk vibe to it and not many bands are doing this sort of thing. Info:

The Frankenhookers PO BOX 771142 St Louis, MO 63177

METALMANIA/DVD (Metal Mind Productions) This is a DVD from a metalfest in Poland in 2008. The camera work and sound are excellent and you get 31 tunes from many bands and some extra include interviews and a history of metalmania. Some of the bands that I loved included the mighty Immolation, Artillery, Overkill, Megadeth, Flotsam and Jetsam, Primordial, Vader, Satyricon, Marduk and a few others. This is one great DVD. Info: or

CIRRHA NIVA/For Moments Never Done (Parnassus Records) This just didn't do much for me and I listened to it on a few separate occasions. This to me is just another faceless nu metal band with a few parts of progressive metal thrown in. The vocals are that screeching style I hate and the music just didn't move me and as I was listening none of the riffs or songs struck me as anything special. A band does not have to be original for me to like them, but something has to click or move with me and on this nothing did. Info: or

ACE FREHLEY/Anomaly (Bronx Born Records) I am a huge fan of all the old Kiss stuff and I was hoping this wouldn't disappoint and it does not. This is ass kicking rock n roll and Ace's vocals sound great on this disc as does his guitar playing. The "Fox on the Run" cover by Sweet was a cool surprise as that is one of my favorite songs and Ace does it justice on this. This just got better with continued listens and Ace should be proud of this as this is one ass kicking CD and a great rock n roll disc. The Space Ace is back. Info:

SWEET FIST/Super 400 (Rock Ridge Music) This was some tasteful rock n roll with lots of soul and just feeling in the music. This could have been something that was released in the 70's. I love the singer has he has a really cool voice and just have that heart and soul a lot of singers lack. The songs just rocked my world and none of that new alternative shit, this was just plain hard hitting, but catchy raw rock n roll that not many bands are doing nowadays and is sorely missed in my eyes. The band if I had to compare them to anybody would be a rock n roll version of Soundgarden. This is easily a top 20 record for me this year and yeah it is that good. Info: or

THE FAMILY CURSE/White Medicine-I have no idea if this is on a label or self released, but this was just a bunch of electronic noise with some girl screaming and yelling into a mic and it was pretty awful. The music was terrible and hell anybody can just yell and scream at the top of their lungs into a mic. This was garbage. No further info was provided.

THE ACCUSED/The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead (Southern Lord Records) I was a pretty fan of this back in the crossover days and was very curious about this as to how it would hold up to their old music, which was killer. After a few notes I was smiling as this is some wicked crossover music as only this band can do. Oh the speed is there and so is the power and the vocals get a horns up from me as well. This is old school punk/hardcore/metal and I loved every minute of it. The production is not over produced and everything sounds raw and uncompromising as well. The riffs will have you forming a mosh pit in your computer or living room. I was playing air drums to this in no time. I am so glad this didn't disappoint and you need this in your CD collection. Info:

RUSTY EYE/Possessor (Epoche Records) This was some solid plain ole heavy metal. This is another band that has that sort of mid 80's heavy metal style, which is not a bad thing at all. They in my eyes have their own style and a really cool guitar sound and the songs just kicked ass. They have a female drummer singer and her voice reminds me of Julee from the sadly missed Sapphic Ode. The only thing I didn't like was when she would sing at times they would have the male singer sing some parts with a sort of death metal vibe and that has been done to death and sounds generic in my eyes. The production is good and like I said this band has their own sound and this was quite enjoyable. Info: or

SCARECROW/The Terror (DSB Records) This was some solid punk rock with touches of thrash metal at times. Some of the riffs had that old 80's thrash feel and style to them, but for the most part this is down n dirty punk rock. The singer sounds like a hardcore singer meeting Chuck (rip) from Death. The guitar style the band have I think is pretty original and the riffs are quite heavy and catchy to me and that is what sucks me into a song, a great riff. I love the old school production too as it just makes the band sound better and it just has that old school feeling that I like. This was an awesome CD and it has the best of punk rock and metal in it to boot. Info: or

FUTURE IS TOMMOROW/Fit To Die Part 1 (Self Released) This was an awesome CD of power metal with tons of killer hooks and a singer that totally blew me away with the power and delivery of the words on this disc. The tunes are super catchy power metal numbers that will have your head moving in seconds. There is also some speed at times and that was fine by me. The singer has an incredible voice and even though he sings in a clean voice, he fits the music well and sort of reminds me of Alan from Hades/Non Fiction. How this band came up with the killer hooks on this is beyond me and all I know is I enjoyed this very much and is one of the best power metal bands I have heard in some time and I will try and hook up with an interview with the band soon as well. Info: or

WILLOWZ/Everyone (Dim Mak Records) This was some garage sounding rock n roll and though I didn't like the 1st song at all the rest of the disc isn't bad as it is full of catchy rock n roll numbers with a garage like raw sound that sucked me in. The singer has a cool voice for the style of music that the band is playing and these are all (except track 1) really good crafty pop rock n roll tunes that are big time old school. Nice production allows everything to flow as well. Info: or

SILENCER/Divisions (F Bomb Records) Typical jump nu metal with the tough guy vocals that has been done a million times in the past and just sounds so un fresh and dated and you can't pick these bands apart at all. Another run of the mill nu metal band with the jump metal riffs and a singer who sounds like every other band doing this style. It is tired, old and more than overstayed its welcome. Info:

No info was provided sorry.

BITCHES SIN/The Sound Of Silence (Self Released) I reviewed a disc by this band about a yr ago and here they are back with a new 3 song EP and this blows away that last release. The tunes on here are heavier and pack a bigger punch. The Sounds of Silence cover is excellent and the other 2 tracks on this are bone crushing heavy metal numbers with some crunchy riffs. The singer has a great voice and he hits all the notes and sings the tunes with lots of emotion and passion. The band plans a full length out later this year and I for one can't wait. Excellent release. Info: or

BLEEDING FIST/Bestial Kruzifix666ion (Moribund Records) This is another bone crushing release from this label. The band mix a nice combo of death and black metal and just rip through these tunes so well Satan would be proud. The singer growls and screams and his vocal cords get quite a workout and he is no generic singer let me tell you. The tunes are fast heart pounding tunes and I love the wicked guitar sound and this is just a non stop assault on your ears. Info:

AZAGHAL/Teraphim (Moribund Records) This was just a pure black metal assault on my ears and this just crushes. This is pure hate filled black metal played the way black metal should be played. The singer screams and growls with pure hate and he has the music to back it up. Riffs that will have your neck moving and blast parts that will have you playing air drums. The band slow it down just enough to let you take a few breaths before they assault you with a speed attack of black metal. I am not a huge black metal fan, but do like it when it is played and done right and this band pass the mark by far on those 2. Intense and devastating. Info: