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TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM/E Eterno Maligno Silenzio (Debemur Morti) This to me was just a bunch of fast black metal and noisy black metal with some screaming and there just wasn't much to this and I lost my attention span for it pretty much by song # 2. This is just sounded like any other black metal band with a bunch of screaming. Info:

RUINS/Front The Final Foes (Debemur Morti) This was some rip roaring back metal that just pounded me into the ground. I love the Celtic Frost/Hellhammer guitar sound and the vocals were also a pure black metal delight. The band didn't just got a million miles an hour, but they do at times and I was playing air drums right along with them. A perfect black metal production as there is just enough of a raw sound on there to make it work. Killer vocals as well make this a killer release. Info:

WAY TO END/Desecrated Internal Journey (Debemur Morti) This was some cool black metal played with lots of feeling and not just a bunch of noise. The band do mix in some fast parts, but this is more based on feeling and passion and the vocals are a pure black metal delight. Production is right where it needs to be and this is another solid release from this label. Info:

ARCKANUM/Fran Marder (Debemur Morti) This is a re-release that originally came out in 1995. This is some fast rip roaring black metal for sure. The band mix it up, but this is mostly fast stuff and that is OK by my ears. The singer has a good black metal voice and this had me playing air drums more than a few times. The production is right on the money and this was a solid release. Info:

ARCKANUM/Kostogher (Debemur Morti) I think this is another re-release from this band and this is better than the above release. Oh man do I love the vocals and the blast beats on this sucker. The drummer is flying a million miles an hour and the vocals are just a pure black metal delight. The band mix in a few different and cool sounds on this that has to be heard as well. Black metal doesn't get much better than this. Well worth checking out. Info:

ARCKANUM/Kampen (Debemur Morti) This is a 4th re-release from this band and this one I didn't like as this to me was just a wall of fast black metal noise. I thought the songs weren't strong and just a wall of noise with screaming black metal vocals behind them. Do check out the other 3 releases from the band though as they are really good to really great. This one didn't do it for me. Info:

ASTHAROTH/Gloomy Experiments (Metal Mind Productions) I remember this band after reading the bio inside the CD. This is some bone crushing bay area style thrash that I really liked a lot. Bone crushing riffs and some great thrash metal vocals make this a winner. The band can really down the riffs has this had my head moving in no time. The production is on the money and this isn't just some Exodus clone band I think this band has their own style as they have just a hint of progressive metal within some of the tunes. There is 8 bonus tracks that were recorded after the debut came out in 89 and there are all bone crushing thrash tunes that are a bit different than the debut album stuff, but are still killer thrash nevertheless. This is an awesome re-release that belongs in the collection of any thrash fan hands down. Info: or

RAUNCHY/Velvet Noise (Metal Mind Productions) I don't remember much about this band, but this was a pretty cool release. The band mix a style of hardcore, industrial and metal into a blender and this is what pours out. The vocals remind me of Ministry or Helmet and I would this is sort of like Helmet playing in a more fast and brutal style. The band just crush me with riff after heavy riff and the music is also catchy as it is heavy. The production is also right on the money and this was something cool and different and I enjoyed this a lot. Info: or

LITA FORD/Wicked Wonderland (JLRG Entertainment) I do like a few Lita Ford tunes and this wasn't so bad. The songs are pretty catchy and Lita's vocals don't sound bad, but the 2nd tune with the dual female/male vocals was weak. The production on this is solid and this is just some solid rock n roll/metal that sounded good to these ears and Lita will be hitting the road in 2010 so look for her. Info: or

THE NEW COLLISIONS/Invisible Embraces (Self Released) This is something I normally wouldn't like, but this is some decent power pop with some nice female vocals. This is something if your into The B 52's or No Doubt. The tunes are just really good power pop tunes with lots of catchy riffs and some nice melodic female vocals. Tunes that will put a smile on your face. Info:

SECRETS OF THE MOON/Privilegivm (Lupos Lounge) This is a death metal band that has some roots of doom and even a bit of industrial metal in the mix. The music is old school style doomy death metal, but the vocals are more in a straight forward death metal style. The production is excellent and the guitar sound the band gets on this is unholy. The band mixes up the fast and slow parts and even though this is nothing super original it more than gets the job done and is just crushing doomy death metal. Info:

TWISTSAK/The Beginning Of New World Domination (Rocket Shiter 21 Records) Typical groove metal that sounds like every other band doing this style. The band use the clean/death metal style vocals that I absolutely can't stand and this is nothing new and is just so tired, worn out and flat. Nothing I can find of fault here at all. Info:

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH/War Is The Answer (Firm Music) This is even worse than the above band as this is so generic and funny on so many levels. This is yet another groove metal band with the tough guy vocals and guess what they also use clean vocals. The riffs and song arrangements are so tired and boring and again this just sounds like any dime a dozen groove metal bands that I have heard over the past 3 years. Absolutely pointless band. Info: or

INFERNAL ANGELS/Midwinter Blood (My Kingdom Music) This is some decent death/black metal that while not original is still enjoyable. The band blast and smash through 10 tunes on this disc with the fury of a charging rhino. The singer has a good solid black metal voice and the music is mostly punishing death metal with traces of black metal. The fast blast beats had me playing air drums and lots of the riffs were solid and not generic and the production is thick and heavy and allows everything to flow. Good job on this. Info: or

EN DECLIN/Domino/Consequence (My Kingdom Music) This band is one of those melodic new rock bands and this is usually not my cup of tea, but these guys are really good. Powerful songs and an awesome singer won me over by song 4. The tunes are melodic, catchy and are still heavy. The singer has an incredible voice and he sings the songs with such passion and feeling it wasn't hard not to get swept up in this. A pleasant surprise for me that is for sure. Info: or

DEFECT DESIGNER/Wax (My Kingdom Music) This to me was just a typical death metal release that didn't suck, but wasn't anything mind blowing. Just another faceless death metal release that I completely forgot about as soon as I popped the CD out. Sure the riffs are heavy and decent and the singing is just typical death metal style. There wasn't anything on this that over excited me. Info: or

WHIPLASH/Unborn Again (Pulverised Records) I had to listen to a few times and at first I wasn't digging it too much, but after a couple listens I was hooked. This is some bone charring thrash Whiplash style. The singer took a couple listens to get into, but I also realize it is 2009 and I am not gonna get "Power and Pain" and that is fine with me. The band still can deliver the goods as the tunes on here are 100% pure thrash metal and even the old school people will dig this if they give it a chance. The production is right where it needs to be and the band still keep that old school Whiplash sound and this just got better with repeated listens and is one of my favorites of 2009. Info:

SYMBOLYC/Engraved Flesh (My Kingdom Music) This is pure straight forward death metal that while not original is a pretty solid release. The singer has a good death metal voice and the songs are heavy and fast and don't sound generic or boring. I admit I like the blast beats as I was playing air drums to them and I like the guitar sound this band uses. This just hits hard and fast and I liked it. Info: or

RESONANCE ROOM/Unspoken (My Kingdom Music) This is a prog metal band and I usually hate this stuff, but this band was different. First off the singer has an incredible set of pipes and he sings each tune with such feeling and passion I could not notice. And the songs are catchy and have melody in them and actually have hooks! This isn't some band that has riffs going all over the place and songs that you don't remember the minute they are done. This just sucks you in like a good book and doesn't let you go until the last note is done. 11 tunes on this and this was a surprise and a good one at that. Info: or

VEHEMENT/All That's Behind (My Kingdom Music) Some wicked thrash metal that was a welcome to my ears. The band mix in the old school style with a bit of modern thrash and it sounds good to these ears. Riffs oh the riffs are a thrash metal delight and there are plenty of them on here. The band just rip and tear through these tunes and any headbanger worth his weight will be headbanging to these tunes. Great production and guitar sound as well. The vocals aren't the greatest as he more screams than sings, but that is only a minor complaint. He isn't that bad. This band can hang the trash metal banner high. Info: or

LIQUID GRAVEYARD/On Evil Days (My Kingdom Music) I wasn't into this at all as it is a faceless, heard it all before metal band with a female singer with those clean gothic vocals that I hate. I am not a fan of this style at all and I hate the female vocals and even though the music isn't too bad on this the vocals I can't even tolerate one bit. Info: or

COMMON GRAVE/Embedded Coding (Twlight Records) This is one of those modern groove death metal bands and I hate about 98% of them, but this wasn't too bad and that is due to the music not being that bad. The vocals some of the time are that lower than low stuff and some high pitched screeches which sound so generic and stupid. The music is mostly fast death metal with some blast beats, but the band also throw in some old school riffs here and there and the singer doesn't go into that lower than low guttural growl all the time making his vocals at least tolerable. The production is excellent and I do like the guitar sound so as far as groove death metal bands go this is probably one of the best I have heard and trust me I have heard more than my fair share. Info:

HELEN MONEY/In Tune (Table of the Elements) This was one of the weirdest CDs I have ever had to review and consider I have been doing this for over 20 years that is saying something. Helen uses her violin to create some weird and very moody music. This is so far out of left field it isn't funny. I wouldn't listen to this one say an everyday basis, but I will say this she is interesting, different and this believe it or not was a pretty enjoyable listen. This will take you on one crazy rollercoaster ride that you may want to get off or stay on for the duration. You will need an open mind to listen to this for sure. Very different for sure and not bad at all. Info: or

DENIED/When The Slate Becomes Diamonds (Apollon Records) This is a re-release that came out about 2 years ago and this is some damn good heavy/power metal with tons of hooks and awesome vocals. Mix in some early Iron Maiden, Helloween and just some good ole fashion headbanging and you get Denied. The riffs kill and the singer has a nice, clear powerful voice that fits the music like a nice pair of tight spandex. I was playing air guitar to this in no time and this is easily one of the best power metal bands I have heard in some time and if your a fan of power metal or traditional metal here is your band. Info:

ORCRIST/We Come In War (Painkiller Records) This is some very raw black metal. The music is very raw and un relenting and vocals are some of the sickest black metal vocals I have heard in a long time. The music is more of in an old school black metal vein and the band relies more on riffs and feeling that an all out blast of speed to get the job done. The band have a ton of feeling in their music and it took me a couple spins to really "get" what the band was doing and you might have to do the same. Satan would be proud of this band that is for sure. A very fuckin raw piece of music. Info:

COUNT RAVEN/Mammon's War (I Hate Records) This is top of the line bone crushing doom that floored me. I am not a huge doom metal fan, but do like some bands and like it when it is played well and on this it is more than played well, it crushes. Just listen to these riffs and vocals and I was simply blown away. The singer sounds like Ozzy and he puts so much feeling and emotion into singing the lyrics I was in awe. The tunes are super heavy and catchy at the same time so it like a doom metal band with some melody to it. This is simply a masterpiece of doom and of metal that I bow to. Info: or

PORTAL/Blood Red Tape (Resonance Industries) This is one of those modern metal/rock bands and this one isn't a bad one. The singer doesn't do those stupid clean vocals and he actually sings these songs with some passion, which I find lacking in a lot of these bands. The music isn't half bad as the songs are pretty catchy and aren't like a lot of these run of the mill groove metal bands. The songs have some style and substance to them and I kinda dug this and is easily one of the best bands doing this sort of thing now. Info:

HEROD/The Curse Of The King (Dark Harvest Records) 5 tracks of some decent modern style thrash metal. Thank god the band does not use that stupid low and high vocal crap. The band rely mostly of some thrashy riffs with a singer who has a decent voice and reminds me of Ripper Owens at times and I would say this at times is like a thrashy version of Judas Priest at times. The production is nice and allows everything to flow freely. 5 tunes to keep your neck busy. Info:

SLOBURN/Same (Dark Harvest Records) This was a Pantera like thrash band right down to the vocals, but the band have a bit more doom to them. I hated the female vocals in one of these songs as they sounded so out of place and so generic. The music isn't bad as it is a mixture of Pantera and some doom and the singer even has Phil down pat. I don't mind bands sounding like other bands as long as they do a good job and this band did a decent job just lose those female vocals! Yuk. Info:

FINAL CURSE/Constructing The Destructive (Dark Harvest Records) This is some killer old school thrash in the vein of Metallica around the "And Justice" period. This is no frills as the band just kicked my ass with some bad ass riffs and nice thrash metal vocals. There is no bullshit on this just honest to goodness thrash metal with no female vocals, no high low signing, just mid 80's balls to the wall thrash metal. This will have your neck moving overtime and is a must for any old school thrash metal fan that misses the godly 80's style thrash. Info:

ARES/Kill/Gore/Sledge (Dark Harvest Records) This was your typical nu metal band with all the jump riffs and the tough guy vocals and bands like this are a dime a dozen and there was nothing at all on this that I enjoyed. Just another faceless jump metal band that sounds like the hundreds I have heard before them. Info:

TEMPLE OF BAAL/Lightslaying Rituals (Agonia Records) Bone crushing black metal that hits hard and hits deadly. Awesome vocals as I can feel the hate spew out as he sings and growls the lyrics out. The music is fast black metal that had me headbanging and playing air drums in no time. The music is just what the doctor ordered if your into quality black metal. This is some fast and serious shit and this is what black metal sounds like when it is played well. This is a pure hate filled fest of black metal that will dull your senses. Info:

MR DEATH/Detached From Life (Agonia Records) The bio says that this band play death metal the way it was meant to be played and I am 100% in agreement. Just bone crushing riffs that remind me of old Entombed, Morbid Angel and a lot of the old Swedish death metal stuff back in the day. The vocals are pure real death metal vocals none of that tough guy shit here. This is often very fast and that was fine by my ears. The production allows everything to flow freely and I love the guitar sound and the vocals and just about everything on this puppy. A pure death metal delight. Info:

DIE HARD/Nihilistic Vision (Agonia Records) Oh man this label is killing me. More crushing old school death metal with tons of riffs and awesome death metal vocals. The band just rip into it old school style with meaty riffs and fast drums that had my head spinning. I love the guitar sound and just the feeling and style which this band get and do. They also don't even sound like any one band and to me have an original style and this is just a pure old school death metal delight. Info:

SAPROPHYTE/Same (Self Released) 3 songs of decent death metal. The band rely more on mid paced feeling and don't use an all out fast style, which was a nice change of pace. Thank god they don't use the low/high vocal thing as the guy has a good death metal voice and the music is good death metal with some nice riffs and stuff. I do think the band should try and use in some speed in some of their next release, but this is one of the better young death metal bands making the rounds these days. Info:

THUNDERSTONE/The Burning (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of this band's 2nd release from a few years back. This is simply some awesome power metal that has tons of great hooks and melodies and speed and power to boot. Some of the most awesome vocals I have ever heard and this baby just smokes. 6 bonus tracks including a awesome cover of Metallica's "Welcome Home Sanitarium" that has to be heard to be believed. The record label says this was one of the best power metal releases and I am not going to argue that as this is easily one of the best power metal releases I have heard in my life and this is an excellent release and prepare your neck for many, many workouts. Info: or

EYE RHYME/Soul (Small Dog Records) This from what I read came out in 1997 and is being re-released. Whatever the case this is an awesome release. It is very hard to describe it is a weird band as the singer sounds like a cross from Alan from Hades and Mike from Faith No More. The music is like a like of progressive metal meets Faith No More meets Rush with some melody thrown in the mix. The bottom line is the songs rock and kick ass and are very catchy as the riffs really got my attention. The singer has a very powerful voice and everything on this flows rather freely and I admit I was pleasantly surprised at how good this is. A big "wow" from me. Very cool and different. Info: or or

TAUNTED/Bleeding Black (Self Released) Some very cool heavy metal with a touch of speed metal thrown in the mix. Very cool riffing going on here and I like the song structures and the singer has got a good solid voice and he fits the music well. Thank god no female vocals or tough guy or low and high pitched vocals on this puppy. This I would compare musicwise sort of like Judas Priest "Painkiller" era with some speed and double bass drumming which was fine by me. 10 bone crushing heavy metal tunes that will have you raising your fist to the sky. Good job on this one guys. Info: or

SILVER MOUNTAIN/Live In Japan 1985 (Metal Mind Productions) I have seen this bands name around in the past, but never heard their music. This is a re-release from many moons ago and it is quite an excellent release. Silver Mountain play pure heavy metal with tons of killer hooks and vocal melodies. The sound quality is good and each tunes still sounds fresh and good to these ears. This was just a pure heavy metal delight and I love the guitar sound and solos they are so tasteful. The singer has a great voice and fits the music rather well. Cheers for this re-issue big time. Info: or

SATAN'S HOST/Power Purity Perfection 999 (Moribund Records) This is another excellent release from this band. The band mix in the best of death and black metal and even throw a few mixes of classic heavy metal into the fold and it sounds great on this. The singer has a great death metal voice as he sings/growls the words with much feeling and passion. Don't think the band removes the speed as there is plenty of fast blast beat parts to have you air drumming big time. The production allows everything to flow freely and doesn't come across as noise at all. The band mix all 3 styles to perfection making for one hell of a release. Info:

STEEPLECHASE/Self Titled (Metal Mind Productions) I have never heard of this band before, but I am bowing to this. This is godly AOR rock in the vein of Balance, Frankie and The Knockouts, etc. The singer has such a great melodic voice it isn't even funny. The music is a pure AOR rock fans dream as this is just some of the best music I have ever heard. I love a lot of the early 80's AOR rock and this band just totally blew me away. The production is crisp and clear and every song on this is a perfect 10 and why this band didn't get bigger back in the day is beyond me. An instant classic for sure. Info: or

NOCTURNAL FEAR/Metal Of Honor (Moribund Records) This label is killing me as this just simply crushes. Pure old school death/thrash that destroys the wimps and pussies. This hits hard and hits fast with the velocity of a charging bull. The riffs will have your neck doing windmills and playing air drums. The vocals are a pure death/thrash delight and this doesn't let up from the 1st note till the last. This will drain you dry and this is just full of emotion and passion and feeling as I can just hear it ooze out as this plays on. The production is right on the money and this just basically kills and is one hell of a release. Info:

LAST VIEW/Become The Storm (Self Released) 3 tracks of nu metal music that sounds like every other band doing that style. Screamed out vocals with all those lovely dance metal riffs. I heard about 2 minutes of this and I was ready to throw up. This stuff is a dime a dozen and this was just so weak and generic on this. This was not good at all in my opinion and just sounds like everybody else and the vocals are beyond bad. Info:


FACE VALUE/Rode Hard Put Away Wet (Smog Veil Records) This is a bunch of EP re-releases from the early 90's from this hardcore band from Ohio. This is some awesome speedy fast hardcore with shouted vocals. You also get a DVD full of songs as well. The music sounds good and fresh and the riffs and vocals just tore threw me. You can an LP, 2 EP's and a demo on the one disc, which is good value for money. This is real hardcore not like most of that dance and nu metal shit that they try to pass off as hardcore. Horns up to Smog Veil for reissuing this. Info:

DEIPHAGO/Filipino Antichrist (Hell's Headbanger's) This is just some crushing old school black metal from the depths of hell itself. The vocals are some of the sickest and most vile I have heard in some time and I loved every second. The music is chock full of fast, old school death/black metal that is the way it should be played none of this nu metal happy riffing on this puppy. The production will bring you to hell itself and this blew me away and is a must have for any underground metal fan. Info:

DESTRUKTOR/Nailed (Hells Headbangers) Another release of crushing old school black metal that had me shaking my head at how good it was. So much power, feeling and emotion just flowed as this played. I love the guitar sound and just overall vibe this spewed out. The vocals would make Satan proud as he sings with such power and feeling it isn't funny. 10 tunes on here and all will crush the weak and this is the real deal and this is how it is supposed to sound. The blast beats simply floored me as I was playing the air drums right along with the tunes. Another godly release from this label and they are a perfect 2 for 2. Info:

HUNTERS MOON/The Serpents Lust (Hells Headbangers) Well make this label 3 for 3 as they have struck gold for the 3rd time and hit the trifecta. This band plays more with feeling and slower parts, but more than get the job done. This just oozes with power and destruction and the riffs will tear through your body. The vocals sent shivers down my spine and the production just comes out you and never lets you go. The razor guitar sound the band use is also a plus. Fans of Bathory will rejoice and bow to hell. This crushes. Info:

AMERICAN GODS/EC-10 (Self Released) This is a mix of metal meets industrial music and you know what, the combo works for these 2 guys in the band. I didn't think I would like this much, but I loved it. For once, the growl and clean vocal style worked for me as it sounds great on this and the riffs and music just flowed perfectly and I was digging this big time. The riffs are meaty, catchy and the music just my head moving up and down. These 2 guys have found the perfect mix with the 2 styles and every track of this was a winner. The production allows everything to be heard and the bottom line for me is good tunes and this had plenty of them. A pleasant surprise and this is a great release. Info:

PILLAR/Confessions (Essential Records) This is some really good rock/metal stuff with some solid, catchy tunes and a singer who has a great voice and he sins the tunes on this disc with a lot of feeling and passion. The tunes are catchy numbers that had my feet tapping and this style of rock/metal is something that I am not a big fan of, but when the band deliver the goods, I stand up and notice and this band more than deliver the goods. This to me easily blows away stuff like Nickleback and bands of that nature. The production is solid and this is no doubt heavy and the band just crank out riff and melody and riff after melody with a singer with a set of balls to him. Excellent new modern rock/metal. Info:

FANTASY OPUS/Beyond Eternity (Self Released) Excellent power metal with a singer with a powerful set of lungs and he sings these tunes with some power and passion too. He is especially awesome on the one slower tune on here as he sings the song with such power and passion that it sent tingles down my spine. Any fan of quality power metal would love this disc as I did. The production is right on the money and this was just plain kick ass power metal with lots of catchy hooks and power and speed. Check these guys out. Info: or

NHORIZON/Skydancers (My Kingdom Music) This was a damn good power metal band with some prog thrown in for good measure. Best comparison would be Dream Theater. The singer has a good solid voice and he fits the music rather well. The tunes are solid catchy tunes and if your a fan like me of D.T. then you will be doing backflips over this. Don't get my wrong this is not some clone band, but they are in the same vein as D.T. The bottom line is there are some damn good songs on here and if your into the style the band is playing you will enjoy this. Info: or

WARFECT/Depicting The Macabre (My Kingdom Music) This was some OK thrash played with a more modern sound as opposed to the older way. The band can crank out some wicked riffs and I am sure your head will move as did mine at times. I wasn't a huge fan of the vocals as they were sort of in the tough guy vein, but they weren't that bad. The production is on the money and the band can let loose with some speed as well. This was like more modern thrash like metal meeting Sepultura and it is pretty good. Info: or

ROGER POWELL/Blue Note Ridge (Unicorn Records) This is an all piano type of release and though some may not like it, I found it very fresh and it sounded good to my ears. I do like to mellow out ever now and then and this would be the perfect CD to curl up to and read a good book or just to relax too. The music is very moving and this would the perfect release to listen to on a cold winter stay while staying warm. Info:

MYSTERY/Destiny? 10th Anniversary Edition (Unicorn Records) This to my is just an amazing band with one amazing singer. His voice is so incredible and he sings each note with such passion and emotion and feeling that it isn't funny. The music is progressive metal with lots of moving parts and this just captured me and is such an amazing release up there with Dream Theater's "Images and Words," which is one of my top 5 of all time. The production is perfect and this is just such an awesome release and every song is a winner and this is easily a top 10 of 2009 release for me. This is the perfect mix of prog and power metal. Info:

AGAH BAHARI/The Second Sight Of A Mind (Unicord Records) This is some godly all instrumental prog music that totally blew me away. The guitar playing is unreal and just the moods of the music and the riffs just amazed me. The music is just so fresh and the song structures just had me shaking my head in amazement. Great production and this is another great prog release from this label. Info:

CELESTIAL OEURVE/This Mortal Coil (Unicorn Records) Another prog band and a pretty good one at that. The singer has a weird and different voice unlike anybody I have ever heard. The music takes you on a rollercoaster ride as it goes up and down and twists left and right. Sort of like Deep Purple if they played prog metal at times. The production is very good and although this didn't blow me away like the other stuff on the label this is big time prog metal and if your strictly into that style then here is your band. Info:

JUNK FARM/Didn't Come To Dance (Unicorn Records) This was one of those modern rock bands and this didn't appeal to me much. The songs weren't bad, but the songs didn't move me and the riffs didn't thrill or excite me much. The singer doesn't have a bad voice, but the songs just didn't do much for me and they were kinda flat for the most part in my eyes. Info:

FLOOD/Tales From The Four Seasons (Unicorn Records) This is another very mellow type of record and it isn't bad if you want to sit and read a book or just mellow out or even smoke some weed....not that I ever wouod. This is very moody and slow and I wasn't doing backflips over it, but if your into something mellow and stuff and just want to relax well then here ya go. Not bad in my book. Info:

RICK MILLER/Falling Through Rainbows (Unicorn Records) This is some mellow rock in the vein of bands like Pink Floyd or some early Moody Blues stuff. I thought this was OK, I like the vocals a lot, but the music didn't do a lot for me. I am not a fan of the spacey stuff and this is what this came across to me as something I would like if I was high, but since I don't do drugs that leaves me out. The stuff is very moody, but it just didn't suck me in and this just kinda plodded along at times. This might be cool for some people and I could see why they got into it, but it isn't my cup of tea. Info:

PICTORIAL WAMD/Face Of Our Fathers (Unicorn Records) This was a total prog band with female vocals, but the vocals don't sound stupid or forced on this they sound really good. The music is very moving and it is mellow, but it does have it's heavy parts as well and the vocals work here and don't seem out of place. The production is perfect and just sets and creates a mood and this sucked me and didn't let me go till the last note. A very pleasant surprise to say the least. Info:

VETUS OBSCURUM/Blood Revelations (Debemur Morti) This is raw black metal played in a way that Satan would be proud. Excellent black metal vocals and they have lots of power and feeling within the songs and the band is not a million miles an hour every second and that scored points with me. This is not super original, but it is very good and more than gets the job done and if your a fan of real black metal then I can't see how you wouldn't like this. Info: