ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


BROWN JENKINS/Death Obsession (Moribund Records) This is some really raw music. This I would compare to if Voivod and raw doomy metal met in the ring and duked it out. This is pure sludge all the way. I think the raw unpolished production I think only adds to this not subtracts. The vocals are pure black metal and his voice fits the music rather well. He has had 2 previous releases and this is the 3rd and all 3 are really good. This is some bone crushing heavy music that will slay you and move ya. Info:

MOORGATE/Denial Of Reality (Self Released) This is some wicked death/thrash metal that I really liked. Hard hitting riffs with some great death metal vocals made me stand up and take notice as this played on. The production is good and solid and I like the thick, heavy guitar sound the band uses. The band slow it down just enough to let me catch my breath and then they pound me into submission with their speed and power. The speed parts had me playing air drums big time. Can't wait for a full length form these guys. Info: or

DOMINANCE/Resurrected (Tribunal Records) I about shit my pants when I popped this in. I was a huge fan of this band back in the day and just hearing this stuff on CD for the 1st time was mind blowing to my ears. This band featured most of the members of Anvil Bitch, but with a different singer. The 10 tracks on here are prime beef old school thrash numbers that will have you neck moving in no time. Chuck Miles has an awesome set of pipes and he sounds great on this. The riffs had my neck flying and had many old memories from shows years ago flying through my brain. After listening to this several times I have no idea why a label didn't sign these guys, but horns up to Tribunal for putting it out and the packaging is top notch and you get a live show video to boot as an added bonus. Buy this at all costs and look for an interview soon. Info:

FUSED/The Obliuity Of The Ecliptic (Self Released) This is some really good straight ahead metal with a touch of rock n roll splashed in here and there. The singer has a really strong voice and he sings all the notes with feeling and passion and he fits the music rather well I might add. The reminded me of The Cult at times, and I think they suck, but this I thought kicked ass as it has much better riffs and song structures. The guitar sound I love and the bottom line is this is some kick ass metal/rock that I would not be surprised gets pick up by a label. Info:

BEYOND THE LIES/Same (Self Titled) Some really killer old school thrash with some awesome riffs that had me playing air guitar over and over. Brian does a fantastic job on the vocals as they are big time old school thrash metal. The music is more bone crushing heavy thrash as opposed to speed, which was fine by me. The riffs will have that neck and feet moving in no time I assure you. Production is right on the money and that guitar sound ruins me. Excellent release.

LEO BIOLLO/From The Depths Of Hell To The Gates Of Heaven (Self Released) This is a solo project from this guy, who I have never heard of, but he can rip it up on guitar. He plays everything on this and it about the best solo project I have ever heard. He also has a good voice sounding like Dave from Megedeth at times. This I would say is a mix of older Megedeth and some progressive metal. The songs are flat out kick ass old school thrash and some of these riffs will have your neck spinning and track 3 had me playing air drums big time and listen to those riffs...they crush. This is hands down the best one man band I have ever heard and is easily a top 20 release of 2009 for me. Info: or

VARGAS/Hellfueled Santanic Action (Inferno Records) This is full of old school feeling and I loved every minute of it. Just old school thrash/heavy metal with blast beats. The music is full of power, rage and violence. The blast beats had me playing air drums and the guitar sound is crushing almost like Kreator era 1986. Vocals are a pure thrash/death metal delight and the feeling and style these guys play is unreal. This is an absolutely incredible release and trust me this is old school all the way and this is the way underground metal needs to sound like. I wore out my arms playing air drums to this puppy. Info:

AOSOTH/Ashes Of Angels (Agonia Records) This is a side project from one of the members of the band Antaeus. This is some serious fast black metal with a mix of the older and newer sound. The just will rip through your heart as it will pound you into oblivion. The singer sounds like he is dying taking on his last breaths as he growls out the lyrics and the guitar sound and just overall sound has that evil spin to it that any black metal fan would enjoy. The production is thick and heavy and the blast beats are real not that fake crap.

RAMPART/Voice of the Wilderness (Inferno Records) This is just godly power metal with tons and tons of killer headbanging hooks and some awesome clear siren vocals that had the neck moving in no time. 9 tracks and catchy power metal played with speed and power not matched by many. Production is right on the money and I love the guitar sound, the riffs and vocals on this baby. This will have your foot tapping within seconds and this label I bow at the alter of metal for signing such killer acts. Horns up big time on this. Info: or

SYBREED/The Pulse Of Awakening (Listenable Records) At first I wasn't into this at all, but I played it a couple times and it grew on me. This is more modern death metal with some groove to it, which I am not a big fan of. The singing I actually like as the guy does the growl thing along with the clean vocals and I actually for once like the clean vocal style on this as it goes quite will with the music. This isn't that bad. Info:

MARIONETTE/Enemies (Listenable Records) Just another run of the mill modern death metal band with boring riffs and songs. Nothing new and nothing of value and oh they do the dual death metal vocal thing which as been done to death a thousand times over and this offers nothing of value in my eyes and is just another one of many faceless death metal bands making the rounds. Info:

GOREAPHOBIA/Mortal Repulsion (IBex Moon Records) My boys from Phila, PA return with another great offering of old school death metal the way it should be played. This just ozzes feeling and I could feel the darkness and evil spread through my body as this played on. This band just have their own wicked style and I loved every second of this. The band mix up just enough speed and mid paced parts to drive me mad. The band just have that classic old school sound down and Chris sounds great on vocals and the production just has that deep dark sound I love. What a fantastic release this is. Buy or die lol...Info: or

PISSING RAZORS/Evolution (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-issue of this which originally came out in 2003 and it is decent release of groove/thrash metal that sounds to my ears better than most. The music is Pantera sounding thrash with some intense riffing and thank god none of that lower than low shit vocals. The guitar sound is mega heavy and though I am not a huge fan of all the groove metal stuff this is much better than 99% of the crap that is out there now for sure. Info: or

PISSING RAZORS/Where We Come From (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-issue of the bands 5th release and this is a rip roaring display of some modern thrash metal that brought me to my knees. The riffs just had my neck banging in seconds and the singer is a lot like Phil from Pantera and that is fine by me when music is this good. The production on this is outstanding and I love the guitar sound on this and this is just some great thrash metal period. Info: or

VORGUS/Hellfueled Santanic Action (Inferno Records) This is brutal old school speed/thrash metal in the vein of Celtic Frost. The band rip and tear through each tune like a knife through butter. The riffs are lighting quick and heavy and just had my neck moving in seconds. The band has the feeling and power down to a science. The production is perfect and the guitar sound is mint. 9 tunes that will have you thinking you are back in 1985 which isn't a bad thing. Info:

OPPRESSOR/The Solstice Of Agony And Corrosion (Mortal Music) This is a re-issue of sorts as it features songs from the bands 3 releases which are now out of print. There is also a bonus DVD which has interviews and live footage as well. It is a great package for those unfamiliar with the band and for those like me who were a fan back in the day. 2 great covers of Motley Crue and Ozzy as well. This band played semi technical death metal with some thick heavy riffs and total growl vocals and were one killer pure death metal band back in the day and it is great that this stuff is seeing the light of day. Info: or

PISTOL WHIP/Terminal (Smog Veil Records) This is a re-release of this bands 7" and demos that came out in 1977 and 1978. This is punk rock that reminded me of The Ramones and the Sex Pistols at times, but with a more violent edge to it. I had never heard of the band before and I admit I was pretty surprised that the music was this violent and aggressive. This is old school punk rock that is for sure. The singer sounds great on this and it is awesome that this label decided to put this stuff out on disc after all this time and this blows away most of the crap being passed off as punk rock these days. This is some raw, violent uncompromising shit. As a bonus you also get a DVD that has photos. Interviews and some footage from 2 reunion shows that this band did. Well worth picking up. Info: or

PISSING RAZORS/Live in the Devils Triangle (Metal Mind Productions) This a didn't like too much as on this the band come across as one of those dime a dozen groove metal bands that sound like every other groove metal band and the singing on this isn't good either as he sounds like every other tough guy singer. This came out in 2002 and the other stuff I reviewed came out later so maybe that explains it, but the other 2 releases I reviewed above are much better than this as this just sounded generic and didn't do anything for me, but the later releases simply kill. Just my opinion though and the live sound is pretty good on this. Info: or

MY RUIN/Speak and Destroy (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-release of this bands release which came out in 1999. I am not a big fan of female vocals in metal, but this girl has got it down. The music id dark and heavy almost gothic in parts sort of like the sadly missed Sapphic Ode. Tarrie B is the name of the singer and she sings these songs with the passion and the fuckin fury of a train going a million miles an hour. I can just feel the pain and hostility as she spews out the words on this. The music is haunting and will suck you in. I am not a big fan of this style, but this is really good and different and worth checking out as they are different from the norm. Info: or

TED NUGENT/Caveman (Metal Mind Productions) I am fan of Ted Nugent and own most of his CD's, but have never heard this one till now. This originally came out in 2002 and is being reissued by the good folks over at Metal Mind. This CD is full of some kick ass rock n roll as only Uncle Ted can deliver. I am mad at myself for missing this the 1st time around. This just kicks rock n roll ass. Ted just rips through these tunes like he hunts down animals. The guitar sound crushes and his vocals sound just like old times on this puppy. If you like stuff he put out like "Scream Dream" Weekend Warriors," etc then you will love this as I did. Ted still delivers the rock n roll goods. Info: or

CHRONICAL DIARRHOEA/The Last Judgement/Salomo Says (Metal Mind Productions) Oh was this a pleasant surprise. This is this bands 2 albums and an EP all wrapped into one nice CD. This came out in the late 80's early 90's and is some killer crossover in the vein of DRI, Agnostic Front, The Cromags, etc., 50 tunes of some crushing metalcore (pun indended) the way it should be played not this happy core shit. This band was the real deal and I had never heard of them, but now I am glad I did. Horns up big time for Metal Mind putting this out. The perfect blend of metal and hardcore. Info: or

VIOGRESSION/Expound and Exhort (Kraze America) This came out in 1991 and you can get this through MVD, address below. This is some above average straight forward death metal sort of in the vein of Death and Obituary. The singer has that John Tardy sound and the guitar sound is very much like Obituary. The tunes are wicked fast and I had heard of this band back in the day, but not their music. This is just pound in your brain 100% death metal and the fast parts as well as the slower parts kill and you can also throw a little Pestilence in there as well and that is not a bad thing. Well worth getting in my opinion. Info:

IGNITOR/Road Of Boges (Cruz Del Sur) This was some awesome power metal with one of the best female singers my ears have ever heard. She has an incredible voice and she sings the songs with a lot of passion and aggression as well and she fits the music perfectly. Speaking of music, the music is well crafted power metal with lots of melodies and the songs are so damn catchy and heavy at the same time. It is like the perfect blend of power and melody. 11 tunes and not a bad one in the bunch and as far as power metal goes it doesn't get much better than this. Incredible band. Info:

BLASPHEMOUS CREATION/Diabolical Kingdom (Apocrypha Records) 15 tracks of some old school death/black metal that will have you putting on your spikes and heading off to war. This is some vicious heart pounding death/black metal that you will all love. The singer just spews out the hate with aggression and feeling and none of that generic cup the mic crap. This will bring you back to the days of Sodom, Death, Bathory and the like. Production is good and allows everything to be heard and this is just like a 2 ton tuck hitting you smack in the face. A big horns up from me. Info:

SLAVE ZERO/Exempt From All Tolerance (Self Released) The music on this wasn't bad as it was decent death metal played with some weird and wicked cord changes and song arrangements, but the vocals need to change. This band do that ever popular dual vocal thing were one line is sung in that cup the mic style and then next line is lo and behold a almost clear sound and it just reeks of you know what and the band to me is better than that. Just have the guy sing in one style don't do that over done dual vocal style thing. Like I said the music isn't bad as it is some decent death metal and not your normal death metal as the songs and sound do try to be different, but oh the vocals ruin it for me. Maybe not for you, you be the judge. Info: or

ECHOES OF FEAR/Forgotten Past (Self Released) This is a killer band and a rip roaring CD. The music is a wicked mix of thrash and death metal and even some power metal thrown in the mix. The singer sings in a clear voice and he has a nice set of pipes, but the death metal vocals need to go as they kinda ruin this from being a perfect 10. I mean it this band is original, they write great songs, have a killer singer, but have the death growls just kinda makes them generic on a few fronts. The music does more than to hold my attention and I think they are very original as they combine 3 styles and make them their own, but you can keep the death metal in the music, just lose it in the vocals as your a way better band that that. I'll try and hook up with an interview with them and the production is spotless too. Info: or

AMON SETHIS/The Legend Of The Seventh Dynasty (Self Released) This really threw me for a loop as this was a cool combo of thrash, prog metal and just plain metal. The 3 tunes on here were really good and the band is doing something new and fresh and I was really blown away by the 3 tunes on this. The tunes didn't fly over my head like some prog bands as there was riffs that weren't super complex and the riffs had melody to them. The singing was cool as the guy had a cool voice that went well with the music. I do think some of the death metal chants need to go as like the above band they kinda seem out of place on this. This band is headed for places and I can't wait to hear some more material. Very impressive. Info:

AUTUMNAL REAPER/Rise Of The Raging Death (Apollon Records) This is a crushing mix of fast, raging death/black metal that had me weak in the knees. This is some fast, wicked shit let me tell you. The drummer smashes and thrashes his drums into submission and those double bass drums blasts had me playing air drums big time. The riffs had my head in a whirlwind state as well. The vocals are more on the death metal side and are solid as a rock none of that high low crap, just honest to goodness brutal balls to the wall singing with aggression and feeling. The production is perfect and I love the guitar sound and pretty much everything about this. An awesome display of black/death metal not to be missed. Info: or

REVEREND KILL/His Blood Our Victory (Apollon Records) I listened to this several times and I didn't like it all. The music doesn't do a thing for me and kinda just plods along and the cup the mic style vocals are terrible. All he sounds like is he is grunting into the mic and to me that is not brutal at all. The music and the riffing and the songs just to me were flat and did little to excite me. This didn't do a thing for me at all and I found this quite boring. Info: or

SAMMATH/Triumph Of Hate (Apollon Records) This is some serious raw old school black metal that really needs to be heard. The vocals are so sick and raw and any fan of real black metal will love them. The music is fast and faster raw black metal played with such passion, aggression and power that I was totally blown away. Air drums and those wicked double blast beats along with those mind numbing riffs just blew me out of my chair. I am not the biggest black metal fan, but when it is played like this how you can stand up and notice and they also add just a touch of thrash to the mix. Track 2 will blow your doors off I assure you. Info: or

MALEFICIO/Go To Hell (Apollon Records) This was something different and very cool. The band play a mix of thrash and heavy metal with some speed metal thrown in for good measure. The band don't sound like anybody I can think of and I love the guitar sound and the mix of speed and slower mid paced parts just crushes. And this isn't any nu metal crap I assure you. The vocals are a bit of the gruff side, but they work with this band and it is more of a death metal style anyway with just a touch of the gruff style. This was a pleasant surprise and very different and original. Horns up big time on this. Info: or

BRILLIANT COLDNESS/Poisoned Reality (Apollon Records) I am not a big fan of this death/grind stuff, but this band is easily one of the best of the bunch that I have heard. The thing with this band is they don't go all and out blast 90% of the time and the vocals aren't that super lower than low shit. The production is awesome and I love the guitar and bass sound and the blast beats are not that cheesy Suffocation (though they were the 1st and pretty damn good, I just hate all the clones) blast beat this is more heard hitting and doesn't have that tin can sounding drum sound. This band has a bottom heavy guitar and bass sound and when they blast it sounds good. The band mix it up and the bottom line is the songs just kicked major ass and they won me over and I am a fan and if your into the death/grind style then this is easily for you. Info: or

MOLOKEN/Our Astral Circle (Discouraged Records) This was some decent to really good metal. The band play more on the heavier end of metal sort of like death metal meeting Alice in Chains in a dark alley. I do like the guitar sound and the vibe they create within their music and the vocals are decent, nothing earth shattering as the guy kinda just growls and screams and that kinda took this down a notch for me. The production is on the money and this a bit different from a lot of other bands so that gets a thumbs up from me in that department. Overall this was a solid disc. Info: or or

THE WOUNDED KINGS/The Shadow Over Atlantis (I Hate Records) Oh my god is this one killer doom metal band. This just absolutely crushes. The music is so slow and heavy you will want to commit suicide. Just kidding. This has all the elements of a true doom metal, sad vocals, ultra heavy riffs and just that vibe of sadness. The production is perfect and these riffs on this are as slab as a ton of beef. The singer sounds like he is on his last breaths and if stuff from say the 1st Cathedral album is something you like, then this will be right up your alley. Hands down this is one of the best doom metal bands I have ever heard. Info: or or

EVACUATE CHICAGO/Veracity (Rock Ridge Music) I am by no means a fan of all this nu metal or jump metal or whatever you want to call it and this is another band in that genre. This is OK, I am not a fan of this style as to me there is one Pantera and I don't need all the clone bands and to me most bands that do this style sound like them big time. I hate all the tough guy/screamed vocals that these bands use and now they even have some "clean" vocals in the mix, which to me is even worse than the shouted tough guy vocals. To me this just sounds like any other nu metal band and there is no difference except some of the riffs were decent, but to me this is just another faceless nu metal jump band. Info:

STEVE CONE/Unfinished Business (Self Released) I loved Steve's last release he sent me and this was another double horns up from me. This was a pure heavy metal delight and oh man can Steve crank out the riffs. He also had a fantastic voice and each songs has riff after riff that will have you banging your head big time. This is 100% metal and there is some elements of old school thrash in the mix at times. The production is perfect and your neck will be tired by track # 12 I guarantee it. If you love the Judas Priest "Painkiller" release then you will love this just as much. Look for an interview with Steve in the future and I raise my metal fists high in the air for this as this is a metal masterpiece. Info: or

HELLISH CROSSFIRE/Bloodrush Scythe (I Hate) This fuckin absolutely kills. Pure old school 80's German thrash played with tons of feeling and that old school style that I crave. These riffs just about blew me out of my seat and the vocals are a pure thrash metal delight. Think Iron Angel, Living Death, etc. The production even has that old 80's feel. The riffs are just lighting quick and speedy and is just what the doctor ordered. This is what underground metal needs to sound like my friends. Metal that punishes, hurts, and is played with TRUE feeling. Info: or

TWO TON ANVIL/Self Titled (Self Released) This is a really cool band as they mix traditional metal, some thrash metal and a touch of groove to come up with a really cool sound. The singer has a great voice and he fits the music perfectly as he he has a strong voice, but also sings with an aggressive side, but in a tough guy mode. He just has the right amount of passion as he belts out the tunes. Production is on the money as well. The bottom line with me is songs and catchy riffs and you will find a ton of them on here. This is just a pure heavy metal delight. Info:

ATROCITY SOLUTION/Tommorow's Too Late (Tent City Records) I had no idea what to expect when this popped in and boy was I surprised. This is some raw ass punk/hardcore music with a wicked singer who screams his balls off big time. The raw sound the band use is very cool and very different and he almost is singing in a black metal style with some hardcore thrown in. This band sound like no other band I can even think of and half the members are in their early 20's, which surprises me I'd love to know what they count on as influences. The band have a wicked, but super, but wicked guitar sound and the songs just kick ass and this is some great raw ass punk rock/hardcore music that should not be missed. They even thrown in a little ska for good measure. This is like a needle in a haystack and I mean that in a good way. Horns up for this puppy. Info:

RIOTOR/Fucking Metal (Self Released) Ah more old school thrash/speed metal this time from Canada. This is another crushing band as the speed and the intensity had my neck moving in seconds. 6 tunes are on this and they all crush. The feeling and intensity that spews out of my speakers had me grinning from ear to ear. None of this tough guy vocal crap or nu metal riffs. This is the way underground metal should sound and always sound. Think Kreator or Razor as 2 bands that came to mind as they played on. The production is solid as well and 6 songs made me want more and this is something any old school metal fan will want to own. A crushing display of metal. Info: or

NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE/Jupiter Temple (My Kingdom Music) This is some ambient music and I have not heard many of these styles of bands and this wasn't bad for what it was. The music is kinda moody and if I am in the right mood I could see myself popping something like this in and relaxing. The music big time sets a mood and is just very weird at times. This is something to lay on the bed and close your eyes and be taken into another world. Info: or

FUELBLOODED/Off The Face Of The Earth (My Kingdom Music) This to me just sounded like a bunch of other bands doing this nu metal style mixing in some thrash. The growl clean vocal thing is so generic and overdone I fuckin can't stand it and I rather have the guy growl than do the tough guy/clean vocal thing. The music isn't bad as they do have some nice riffs and the songs sounded pretty good as they do have some of the classic thrash sounds in the mix, but the vocals just ruin it as he sounds like any other guy doing it and does not even come close to fitting the music perfectly. This doesn't suck, but it isn't so hot neither. Info: or

KENOS/X-Torsion (My Kingdom Music) This was a bit different I must say and was quite a pleasant surprise. This band combine some serious death metal with some orchestral parts and female vocals and it sounds cool, different and the vibe, style, and mood they bring is not matched by many. This will take you on a rollercoaster ride and I didn't want to get off. The band can be flying into speed/death metal territory and then slow it down and then speed it back up and you just never know where this is gonna take you. The slower and orchestral parts don't sound out of place or forced like some other bands and it just sounds like it was meant to be part of the music. The production is great and the singer has a great voice and the female vocals sound perfect on this as well. Excellent release. Info: or

LAMENTS OF SILENCE/Restart Your Mind (My Kingdom Music) Now this is a case of a band sort of playing the nu metal style that actually works. The songs just crush and I think that is because of the riffs aren't all that dancy shit and the band have keyboards as well and they sounded pretty cool with the music. The singer has a good growl voice and he growls the lyrics with some power and I think that helped make this a solid release as well. The riffs are catchy, but not in a generic way and the band just have that catchy thrash sound I like and mix it in with some modern metal to make it a sound of their own. Now they do use a few, I said few, clean vocals, but they don't sound generic on this and this just grew on me and was one of the few nu metal bands I can say I like. Info: or

EVERSIN/Divina Distopia (My Kingdom Music) This band was something cool and different. The band play a mix of metal, progressive metal and prog metal with a killer singer to make a sound of their own. The band rip out some incredible riffs and the singer has an incredible set of pipes and he sounds like nobody I know and he fits the music perfectly. The music is heavy and catchy and at times it speeds up as well. The band just set a mood with their music and it sucks like you in like a good mystery and you don't want to leave till you found out who done it. This was like a breath of fresh air and is well worth checking out. Info: or