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I've reviewed bands from everywhere from San Diego to New York. Below is a batch of my newest reviews. As always, some of these bands should get a good attorney, because music that sounds this good (or in some cases this bad) should be against the law.”

LOST LULLABY/Demons El Merreilles (Self Released) 4 tracks of some really good heavy metal bordering on power metal at times. The singer has a great voice and he puts it to good use on this. He sings the words with passion and power and the band just rip out some killer riffs and melodies and this was a great 4 song disc that left me wanting more. Any label would be smart to snatch these guys up. Info:

GUILTY AS SIN/Led To The Slaughter (Self Released) This is some prime time killer thrash metal. There is no vocals on this which takes away from it a bit, but the 8 songs on this are just rip roaring songs of some bay area crunching thrash metal that had me banging my head more than a few times. Air drums as well. If this band can get the right singer I see no reason why they can't get signed and do some serious damage. The riffs that are on this are pack quite a wallop. Info:

THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY/Public Square (Smog Veil Records) This to me was just a bunch of noise and bored me rather quickly. I guess you could call this punk rock, but the music is so chaotic and makes little and no sense. I don't like the vocals and there is no hook or melody to suck me in and this sounded like a bunch of guys placing different songs at the same time. This was pretty bad. Info:

DEATHRASH/Thrash Beyond Death (Self Released) I reviewed this band's demo I think way back in issue 2 or 3 and now they are back and they are back in a big way. This is just some awesome thrash metal. God these guys still have the "it" factor and 5 new tunes on this will have any old school thrash fan having a big smile on his/her face not to mention some severe neck burns from headbanging. You also get the band's demo from way back when and also some live tracks from a show they did at CBGB'S way back in the day. It is amazing to me that the band after being away for so long and come back and deliver the goods and deliver the goods in a killer way. Look for an interview soon and Pat welcome back this will easily make my top 10 of 2010. Thrash Beyond Death indeed. Info:

STYGIAN/Fury Rising (MVD Audio) This was some very good heavy metal that a mix of some of the new metal sound with it along with some old. The singer, thank god, does not do that stupid tough guy vocal crap and he just sings in his regular voice though he does sing the songs with some passion and anger and aggression, just not that overdone tough guy thing that I fuckin can't stand. The band crank some good tunes and the riffs are meaty and heavy and everything flows rather well. Production is good and I like the guitar, bass and drum sound this band gets on this and this is one of the better bands I have heard as they take a bit of old, mix in the new and forge their own sound and the songs kick ass. Info: or

KARNIVOOL/Sound Awake (Sony Music) I usually don't stuff on a major label to review, but here is one such disc. This band play a sort of melodic goth style of metal with female vocals. Now I am no big fan of goth or female vocals in metal, but I went in with an open mind on this and I was surprised as this is pretty good. The female singer has a great voice and she hits the notes with a flair and passion and she fits in with the band so well. The band have a sort of goth sound to them, but they mix it in with a ton of melody and the songs sound fresh and quite good to these ears. I am very open minded and will give anything a chance and I expected this to suck and it is far from sucking. Production is perfect and I love the guitar sound this band uses and this is a great release. Shocked me. I am sure you can get this in any record store or on any music website.

TARNSIENT SONGS/Cave Syndrome (Indian Casino) I am pretty open minded when it comes out to music and I can pretty much like anything if it is good. This was an alternative band and I didn't like this very much. The songs were flat and had no hook to suck me in and the vocals were pretty poorly sung as well. Nothing stood out at all and this just plodded along like a snail and just didn't do a thing for me. Info;

GAMMA RAY/To The Metal (Ear Music) I have heard some of this band's stuff in the past and didn't think it was bad and this new disc is chock full of some killer power/heavy metal. The riffs were catchy as hell and had my head spinning. Kai Hansen had an incredible voice and he sounds great on this as he screams out the lyrics and he is perfect for a band like this. The production is right on the money and the songs just totally kick ass and if your a power metal or a heavy metal fan this is a MUST HAVE. Simply an incredible release of metal not to be missed. Info: or

BLACK ROBOT/Same (Formosa Records) This is some nasty raw rock n roll in the vein of AC/DC and Circus of Power. The band just turn up the guitars and crank out the old school rock n roll with a blues edge. They also do a smokin cover of 'Cocaine" by Eric Clapton. The riffs will have you taping your feet and are not like all this new rock, which to me sucks. This is down n dirty rock n roll with a dirty, nasty edge and that is missing in a lot of today's bands. The singer has a dirty style of voice that goes perfect with the music. This rocked. Info: or

STIGMA/Concerto For The Undead (Pivotal Rockordings) This wasn't bad, but I was not a big fan of the shouted/screamed vocals. It wasn't to the point of annoying like any of that cup of the mic crap or the tough guy vocal shit, but the dual vocal thing I am not a fan of. The music is wicked fast death metal with lots of killer hooks/riffs that didn't sound bad to these ears. The production is solid and I do like the guitar sound. Some of you will love the vocals I assure you as well. The fast parts were awesome and the band mix up the mid paced and fast parts to let you breathe. Solid release. Info:

DEATH MENTAL/Isolated (Self Released) 3 tunes on this self released disc and the band have a sort of weird death metal sound that like. The band venture off into some weird parts at times, which I thought was kinda cool. The singing is typical death metal singing, not that is a band thing. The band don't sound like any one and I can think of and the 3 tunes had me wanting more. Interesting ban here. Info:

KAOS/The Pits Of Existence (Self Released) This band has been around since the 80's and they return with 11 tunes of Bay Area style thrash metal that is sure to get pits moving. The music is pure Bay Area style thrash metal that had my playing air guitar in no time. The production is solid and the guitar sound is mint. The singing is good, but I could do without some of the tough guy screaming stuff at times, but that is just a minor complaint. This riffs on this will for sue give your neck a workout and there is not a bad tune in the bunch on this and horns up for flying the metal banner for so long. Info: or

MELIAH RAGE/Masquerade (Screaming Ferret Records) I remember this band when they were on Epic Records and now they are back with their original singer and this is one crushing release. The band has also released some material with another singer as well, which also crushed. This is prime time 100% thrash metal with some meaty riffs that had my neck moving. "Chosen" which is track # 2 will have your neck moving in no time and I was playing air guitar as well within seconds. Singer Mike sounds great on this as he belts out the lyrics with plenty of fury, but in that tough guy style, he just spews it out with passion as well. This is old school thrash to the bone and any fan of well hard played metal will love this as I did. Info: or

AVSKY/Scorn (Moribund Records) A total crushing display of black metal. This is pure hate filled music and I loved every second of it. The 2 guys in this band set off a killer vibe and just set a tone that I love, which to me is the key to being a killer black metal band. The vocals are pure black metal as well and they are not in a generic black metal style either like a 3rd rate Bathory. The production is not over produced and is just right. This band just set a mood and this is some fast, blazing black metal that takes hold and doesn't let go until the last note. Info:

BLOOD CULT/We Are The Cult Of The Plains (Moribund Records) There were parts of this I liked and parts I didn't like. The vocals in some parts I didn't like at all and there were some black metal style parts that I did like. Same thing with the music, some of it was some pretty cool black metal parts and other parts I thought were a wall of noise. The band is different I will say and I can see some people digging this and others hate it. I was sort of in the middle. A different style of black metal for sure and one I think you will either love or hate. Info:

COOKED ROTTEN/How Do You Get Jarred Off When You Can't Unlock Padlocks On Garage Doors (Self Released) This has to be the longest title for a release I have ever reviewed or it comes close. This some really good old school punk sort of in the vein of The Meatmen. Just straight in your face punk rock with an in your face singer, but not in a tough guy style. The production has got that old school 80's type of sound and to me I don't see many punk bands doing this style and it was a refreshing change to hear something good like this and I really liked it. Info:

LUX DIVINA/From The Tomb To Nature's Blood (Ars Magna Recordings) This is some wicked black metal played with tons of feeling and emotion and hate. The music is mostly fast, but it also has some slower parts to break up the fast parts. The singer has a killer black metal voice as he screams out the vocals with tons of passion and feeling. This just put in a mood and sucked me in. This is far from a typical black metal band as well. The production is solid and touched me on many levels and this is one of the best black metal release I have heard in some time. Info: or

MEGAHERA/Lethal Noise Of Violence (Self Released) Oh man was this a welcome surprise. This is just a pure heavy metal, head banging delight. 4 tunes was not enough for me I want you bastards. This is metal the way it used to be sort of like a combo of old Metallica (Kill Em All) meeting Raven 'All For One". Just crushing, ripping guitar riff after guitar riff that will have that neck moving in no time. This takes me back to the mid 80's when the underground scene was just starting to flourish and what a time those days were. The singer has an awesome old school thrash metal style voice and this is something that you must check out. I will work on an interview for sure and this is EXCELLENT. Info: or

STEREO TRANSMITTED DISEASE/Generation Nothing (X-Pressed Records) This is what I guess you call one of those modern rock bands and this wasn't too bad for what it was. The band can crank out some nice riffs that I felt myself nodding along with and the singer has a pretty good voice and it also fits the music as well. The production is solid and you can hear everything rather well. And to me the bottom line is, is it a good song and does the riff hook me on or the singer do I like his voice. I would say both to this and this was some good rock n roll with a modern edge to it. Info:

BLASPHEMOUS/Bearer Of The Darkest Plagues (Self Released) This was a nice combo of death and black metal sort of like Incantation meeting Dark Funeral in a dark alley. The music is mostly fast and the band slow it down to let you catch your breath and trust me it being fast is not a bad thing. I love it fast trust me. I played air drums to this more than a few times as it played on. The singer again is a mix of death and black metal kinda being 50% either way. The band don't sound like any one bad I can think of and the tunes were pretty sick and the band mix in 2 killer styles and make them their own. Production was nice and I like the guitar sound and I am now a fan. Info:

THOM MATHEWS/Promo 2010 (Self Released) This is a 3 song all instrumental release and it packs quite a wallop. The 3 tunes on here all ball busting thrashing shredders that had my neck moving and fingers moving. This guy can play the guitar my friends and it isn't just a bunch of fast notes, this has some killer riffing on it and speed to boot. Production is great and yeah I wouldn't mind some vocals, but on it's own this simply rips. Info: or

LO PRO/The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge (My Rocket Science Records) This is another one of those modern rock bands and this wasn't too bad. The tunes are some catchiness to them and the singer has a decent voice and he fits the music. The production is good and this is something I am a huge fan of, but if your into the modern rock thing I think this band is better than most. Info:

WARREN APPLEBY/Treacherous (Self Released) This is nice collection of rock n roll tunes with some metal edge thrown in as well. Think UFO and Uriah Heep meeting up with Riot. The tunes are straight forward rockers with some metal parts thrown in here and there. I like this, but lack of vocals did heard a bit as I like my songs to have vocals to them. Warren did this pretty much by himself and he should be proud of that and if your into straight ahead no frills rock n roll, look no further than this. Info: or

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA/The Godless, The Godforsaken, and The God Damned (Self Released) This was some haunting stuff I must say. The singer sounds like WWE wrestler The Undertaker at times. This is very moody, haunting heavy metal with a twist of rock n roll thrown in. This is more classic metal than any of that nu metal crap. The production is right on the money and I like the guitar sound on this and the vocals also fit the music. This was some wicked, cool and different stuff and I liked it. Info:

KORR/New Reign of Darkness (Open Grave Records) I didn't expect this to be a fast death/black metal band that is for sure. The music is wicked fast death/black metal with some slower parts, but plenty of blast beats to have you playing air drums big time. The production is excellent and I love the guitar and drum sound the band use on this. The vocals are more on the death metal side and though I wasn't a huge fan of some of the deeper growl stuff the guy does at times, it still wasn't bad. If you like your music fast this will be right up your alley and the blast beat stuff is not just a wall of noise as well. Info: or

HOKEN/Aquarius (Sensory Music) I am not a huge fan prog metal and the music on this is not something I would normally get into, but it is very moving and will suck you in. The music is like a combo of goth. metal, some folk and even classical style as well. The band do use some death growls in some of the tunes which is way out of place and sounds stupid. The production is awesome and the songs are very moving and is something you won't soon forget. This is something very different and very surprising and I enjoyed it for what it was. Just loss the generic death growls. Info:

EMBRACE DAMNATION/Glory of A Darkness (Rotting Corpse Records) This is straight forward no frills death metal sort of in the vein of Immolation. The band just pound it out with 100% brutality and no generic stuff on this puppy. This is just classic death metal all the way. Info:

LIVIDTY/To Desecrate And Defile (Epitomite Records) I have not heard this band in a few years and Dave from Lividity sent me the bands newest disc and it is some sick spewing death metal to be sure. Now I am not a fan of the lower than low vocal stuff, but when the music is this fuckin brutal I can live with it. God this band have come a long way as this stuff on this easily blows away anything I had previously from the band. There is some wicked blast beats and this blows away I would say any other band doing this style and this band has been around a long time and they are like me they get better with age. Look for an interview soon. Info: or

STONECREEP/The Deathmarch Crushes On (Self Released) Some awesome power/thrash metal here. Sort of Forbidden meeting Judas Priest "Painkiller" era. The singer has a wicked voice and he sings the songs with power and passion. The band do go into those generic death metal growls, which have NO use on a piece of killer metal as this is. Production is perfect and the riffs will have the neck flying. Just an incredible release of power and thrash metal. Info: or

HELIX/Vagabond Bones (Perrish Records) I have not heard this band in a long time, but I love the "No Rest For The Wicked" release and this is some ass kickin rock n roll with a metal edge to it. Have no idea who is in the band, but the same have the same lead singer and the band don't sound much different from the 80's, which to me is a good thing. The production on this is great and this is just great rock n roll mixed in with some metal and the riffs are catchy as hell and this just plain rocks. Info: or

BROKEN TEETH/Viva La Rock Fantastico (Perris Records) Some neat AC/DC inspired rock n roll on this puppy. Just ass kickin rock tunes with a blues edge. This could be something off the Powerage record by my lads in AC/DC. The singer doesn't sound like Bon or Brian as he is Jason McMaster who was singing in Watchtower and Dangerous Toys. Not many bands doing this style and this sounded fresh to my ears and just is ass kicking rock all the way. Info: or

PHANTOM-X/This Is War (Perris Records) This I couldn't get into at all. The music was just kinda there and faceless and the tunes did not excite me at all. The singing was OK, but again to me it is about catchy riffs and songs and this didn't have any of the 2. Info: or

WORLD'S APART/Clean Slate (Perris Records) This was some decent rock n roll as the singer has a nice set of pipes and the tunes were pretty catchy as well. This is more along the lines of 80's hair metal rock n roll, but I thought the tunes were pretty catchy and this was not a bad band. Good for what it is. Info: or

DANGER ANGEL//Self Titled (Perris Records) This was like any 80's hair metal band that did nothing different to stand out from the crowd. I found this boring and un inspiring. Just like any other faceless 80's hair metal band. Info: or

SAHARA STEEL/Self Titled (Perris Records) This is a re-release of some kind and I thought it was pretty kick ass. The music is 80's style rock n roll and the band have some catchy riffs and the singer has a huge set of pipes and he shines on this big time. This I wouldn't throw under the hair metal era, but this is just plain ass kickin rock with a bit and I say bit of hair metal to it, but this blows away most of that crap anyway. A lovely needle in a hairstack. Info:

CHERRY ST/Monroe & X Rated (Perris Records) This was generic quickly forgettable hair metal that did nothing for me. The songs were awful and the singing sounded like any other faceless hair metal band that never made it. Pretty bad one here. Info: or

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES/Duece (Perris Records) This was decent rock n roll, nothing special. The music is basic rock n roll that didn't suck, but didn't blow me away neither. Just simple, basic rock n roll with a good singer. Info:

ADRENALINE FACTOR/Self Titled (Perris Records) Total 4th rate AC/DC clone band that was behind awful. This was terrible. Info: or

STAMPEDE QUEEN/Night At The Cockfights (Perris Records) More bad AC/DC clone stuff. The songs just aren't catchy at all and fall flat. This was a step up above the above bad, but that is about it. Info:

DUST AND BONES/Voodoo (Perris Records) This was way better than the 2 above bands as this band write songs that are catchy, but memorable as well. The band churn out AC/DC inspired rock n roll that had my foot tapping and my head bobbing. Good job on this one. Info: or

BALLBREAKER/Daddy Long Legs (Perris Records) This was some decent boogie woogie rock n roll that has some decent riffing and didn't sound like some generic band from the 80's. The tunes has some nice melody to them and the singer doesn't sound like everybody else and the more I listened the more I got into this and I am a fan. Good one here. Info: or

ROXX/Outlaws, Fools & Thieves (Perris Records) Typical hair metal that was quickly forgotten to these ears. There was nothing special about this at all as the songs just kinda were there and this didn't do a thing for me. Info: or

BLIND DATE/Self Titled (Perris Records) This band fuckin rule. Incredible AOR rock n roll and this is just 3 of the bands demos on CD. Why this band never got signed is amazing to me. Incredible vocals, great songs and this just completely blew me away. I am a sucker for a great AOR band and this is just what the doctor ordered. If your into Journey, Balance, Dakota, etc this band is for you. I bow to this band. Info:

BLIND ALLEY/Destination Alley (Perris Records) This was a cool mix of prog rock meeting AOR rock. The singer has a nice set of pipes and the songs are very catchy and the songs are just great. Production is good and this is a nice mix of the 2 styles. Info: or