ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


NECRODEMON/Reclamation Of The Stygian Throne (Reaper Records) Prepare to be assaulted and prepare to be slayed, beaten, and crushed into submission. This is easily the best thing this band has done and is a crushing slab of old school death/black metal played with a fury, aggression and feeling. The singer screams and growls with a pure hate and evil that would make Satan proud. The production is raw, but it fits with what the band is doing and just has that old 80ís feeling about it like those old demos I used to get back in the day. The riffs on this just totally 80ís worship and this is pure evil and this is the way death/black is meant to be played. Just pure evil feeling at itís core. Info: or

NOCTIFERIA/Death Culture (Listenable Records) All this is, is just another terrible modern groove death metal band with screamed vocals that sound like a million other bands. There is nothing good at all about this as this is just another faceless death metal band making the rounds and this offers nothing of value at all. Info:

PENSEES NOCTURNES/Grotesque (Ladlo Productions) This was just a bunch of senseless black metal noise with some guy screaming and yelling and then those beyond awful opera like clean vocals. Why do bands think that sounds cool? It is beyond bad and the music on this just totally sucks as it is just a bunch of mombo jumbo put together and this is one of the worst bands I have heard in a long time. Beyond bad. Info:

LORD OF DEPRESSION/Demos Of Hell (Satanic Records) This was some OK very raw black metal. The music just doesnít do much for me it is the same ole black metal stuff you have heard time and time again. This doesnít suck, but it breaks no new ground and just sound like 500 other black metal bands I have heard over the years and just is another case of the same ole same ole. Info:

MUTANT BABYSITTER/Kinder arsonist (Self Released) You know what this is some killer grind stuff. The singer has a good voice and screams/growls out the words with a fury and the music is not wall to wall noise, but donít let me kid you, this is some fast stuff and never bored me. This is one of the best grind bands I have ever heard and if your into grind, this is worth checking out. Info:

MASTICATION/EXHUMED/Wicked Material Sanity (Necroharmonic Productions) This a split CD with 2 band and a 2 song bonus from a band called Egypt. This is 3 different demos from these Swedish bands that came out in the late 80ís/early 90ís. Of course this is total crushing Swedish death metal. All 3 bands crush as they deliver the goods and the riffs on this just had my neck moving. The fast parts had my playing air drums and lo and behold the vocals are REAL death metal vocals, not that crap that most bands do nowadays. The production isnít bad at all considering these were just demo releases. All in all a big horns up for Roy for putting this classic shit out and if youíre a fan of death metal especially the Swedish stuff, this is a MUST get. Info:

SECTIONED/Elmer (Self Released) 3 tracks of some decent old school death metal. The band have a sort old Swedish sound to them and the vocals are very much in that vein as well. The 3 tunes on this werenít bad and I look forward to hearing more and thank god
there not a groove metal riff in sight. Info: or

DIMENTIANON/Live Promo (Self Released) This a live recorded promo and this to me wasnít anything that great. It is kinda just noisy death metal with not a lot of direction. To me what makes a great song is a hook or a riff and this just lacked that in that the songs just kinda floated by and didnít have that killer hook. The singer just growls and screams into the mic and look death metal has been around over 25 years and this just doesnít cut it with me. Another case of heard it all before. Info: or

MYTHOLOGYMETAL/1462 Promo (Self Released) Now as I was saying with riffs and hooks, here is a band has that. This is a wicked combo of death and black metal and it is
Not just noisy black metal or same ole death metal. The band mix up both styles rather well and mix up the fast and slower parts well and the band play some killer riffs and the vocals are also cool as well. This has 5 tunes from various demos and well this is a very cool band and they have a nice mix of old school stuff as well. Info: or

ROADSIDE BURIAL/Promos (Self Released) Technically this is not self-released, but since I got it from the band that is what I will post. This has several things from a few split releases the band has done. I am not a huge grind fan, but this is some crushing grind as the band add just a touch of death metal and the vocals arenít super love neither. The music is hard hitting grind core and does it pack a whallop. Monster riffs and man the drummer must be a machine as he hits with fury. All the stuff from the 3 releases I got sound great and for grind to me it doesnít get much better than this. Info:

ARMOUR/Self Titled (Hells Headbangers) Oh this just knocked me off my feet as this was just a leather and spikes delight to review. Pure heavy metal all the way. I love the vocals on this and this is just great heavy metal and not many doing this now so this was like a breath of fresh air. If your into Accept, Exciter, Running Wild and bands of that nature you will eat this up as I did. Pure molten metal riffs. Info:

VOMITOR/Devils Poison (Hells Headbangers) This is some crushing old school death metal played at break neck speed. Prepare to be assaulted like never before. This is pure old school 80ís death metal that will blow your mind. Oh the fuckin riffs on this sucker kill. My neck was moving within seconds of hearing this and I loved every second of this. This will give your neck a workout and you want to hear death metal the way is supposed to sound, well pick this up and prepare to be blown away. 8 tracks of some of the most savage metal on the planet. Info:

PERVERSOR/Demon Metal (Hells Headbangers) Just shoot me now. This label is killing me with all this godly stuff they are putting out. This is another killer old school band this time it is black metal done the right way. No silly black metal growls or keyboards or wimpy stuff. This just blasts you into the ground with hate, fear, power and aggression and feeling. The vocals are a pure delight as they are real not this cheap growl crap most of the bands of today do. This is the real deal and 5 songs only left me wanting more. Info:

DISFIGURED DEAD/Visions Of Death (Hells Headbangers) This wasnít bad, but it just sounds like too many other bands. This band plays brutal death metal and it isnít bad, but there is nothing special or different to make it stick out from the many other bands doing this. This was just like a not so good version of early Slayer, Death, Autopsy, etc. Not bad, but nothing earth shattering. Info:

THE XIPHOID PROCESS/Self Titled (Self Released) 4 tracks are on this and this is some pretty bad groove death metal. The signing is beyond bad as all the guy does is just grunt and growl into a mic. Hell anybody can do that, but he doesnít sound convincing at all. The drums on this sound like shit and the songs just have not meat and just plod along. This band need to make some changes as this is again another case of heard it all before and work on the drum sound and the singer needs to sing with some more soul and power. Info:

GHOSTS OF EDEN/Ignorance & Lies (Self Released) This was a really alternative metal/rock band. The songs had a good hook to them and the singer has a cool voice and fitís the music of the band well. The band have some nice riffs and hooks and I enjoyed this for what it was and this is way better than any of that modern rock garbage I hear on the radio. Good job with this and look forward to hearing more. Info:

THE DAY OF THE BEAST/Same (Canonical Hours Records) This is just bone crushing death/thrash metal that I really liked a lot. Rip roaring riffs along with Kreator like vocals made this a winner with me. The production is right on target and the riffs will have your neck moving and the riffs arenít just thrown together they have a sense about them and just crush. Think old Kreator with a touch of death metal. Info: or

KRUGER/For Death, Glory & The End Of The World (Listenable Records) This didnít do a thing for me as it was boring melodic death metal with some awful songs and signing. The tunes were not anything to write home about and are big time forgettable as soon as the song ends. The tunes are flat and just go nowhere fast. Info:

SOULLESS PROFANATION/Summoning Heresy (Sevared Records) This is like an EP of sorts with some demo tracks on it making it a full length. This was some pretty cool hard hitting death metal. Think Immolation. The blast beats on this are kick ass and real and not that tin can sounding stuff and the vocals arenít that generic screaming style. The production is thick and heavy and the guitar sound is crushing. This is some wicked death metal. Check them out. Info:

INTERMENT/Where Death Will Increase (Necroharmic Productions) This is just some pure godly Swedish death metal. I donít know where Roy finds these gems, but he does and this is great that stuff like this sees the light again on CD. Just a pure death metal delight to listen to. This includes 3 demos from the band and a video clip and all the material is just balls to the wall really death metal with that old spirit and feeling that canít be reproduced. Production is great as is the packaging on this. Pick this up at all costs. Info:

CREMATORY/Denial (Necroharmonic Productions) I am sure some of you have heard of this great band and now Roy has put out 3 demos and an Ep of their stuff on CD and this is just prime 100% killer Swedish death metal that you must own. Forget all the wannabe crap of today, just take a listen to this to hear how death metal needs to sound. The production, the vocals, just everything about this is godly. This is Swedish death metal at its finest and I can say it doesnít get much better. Your neck will be in for quite a workout with this one I assure you. Info:

WOULD/Same (Pure Brew Records) This was some decent death metal with a bit of doomy stuff thrown in the mix. The singer doesnít have a bad voice and at least I can remember some riffs after I hear them. The production is nice and thick and this doesnít sound like every generic death metal making the rounds and this was pretty good. Info:

NYSEIUS/Militiae (ATMF) This was rip roaring black metal played with fury and passion and did not sound generic at all. Great black metal vocals that Satan would be proud of. Music is fast, but not in a generic way and this doesnít sound like a million other black metal bands. They have that feeling and emotion that other bands lack. Well worth checking out. Info:

SECTIONED/Purulent Reality (Paragon Records) Decent death metal is the ticket here. This isn't bad, nor is unholy, but this is just 100% no frills death metal that gets the job done. The riffs are heavy and the music is fast and if your a fan of straight ahead brutal no frills death metal, here ya go. Info:

PURE EVIL/Chapter III: Dedication (Hammer of Hate) This is some decent death/black metal. The band can rip out some rip roaring riffs and the vocals are a mix of death and black metal style. I would call this a mix of Deicide meets Morbid Angel. Production is good as well. Info:

SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT/Cultus Impalement (Hammer of Hate) Just bone crushing fast death metal with some black metal added to the mix. Fuckin Morbid Angel comes to mind as this plays on as this packs a wallop. Great vocals and the blast beats slayed me to the ground. Perfect production too and the guitar sound rules as does the vocals. Pick this up for sure. Info:

SCARAB/Blinding The Masses (Osmose Productions) Death metal in the vein of Immolation is the ticket here. Just thick meaty riffs and drums that smash your face off hit you as this plays on. Vocals from the depths of hell and riffs that will knock your head off. Production is right on the money and if your into Immolation or just death metal this is a must get. Info:

ONDSKAPT/Arisen From The Ashes (Osmose Productions) Oh this is a black metal delight with a touch of death metal thrown in the mix. I can just hear the hate and fury as this played on. I love the wicked guitar sound and just the feeling and passion of pure hate that this gave out of this played on. Satan would love this band and I think this kills. Info:

ODEM ARCARUM/Outrageous Reverie Above The Erosion Of Barren Earth (Osmose Productions) This I found to be quite boring. The band mix in some slow parts with black metal and to me it didn't work. The vocals I thought were weak and the music was nothing special and just kinda plodded along. Not a good one here. Info:

LLVME/Fogeira De Suenos (My Kingdom Music) I try to be open minded and give everything a chance, but this was just plain boring. This is called "pagan metal", but I call it music to put me to sleep. This was some god awful folk metal that was really bad. Info:

BLOODTHIRST/Sanctity Denied (Pagan Records) Some pretty wicked thrash metal is the ticket here. Some headbanging riffs are found on this along with some cool thrash metal vocals. Production is on the money and if your a fan of the 80's thrash stuff as I am then you'll love this as I did. Just crushing razor sharp riffs to pump you into submission. Info:

HAMMERDOWN/Self Titled (Self Released) This was just kind of run of the mill thrash metal. The songs were kinda just there and just didnít have any pick up and go and the riffs did nothing for me and the singer were also kinda bland as well. This band need to work on some songs that when they kick in just make you want to go and swing that neck or play air drums or do something. This didnít any of that for me. Info:

ARCHITECTURE OF AGGRESSION/Acts Of God: 4000 Years Of Phallusy (Self Released) Same ole heard it a million times groove death metal with the tin can sounding drums and growl vocals. You could put all these bands in a blender and they just all sound the same one after another. This is just senseless fast death metal that has no direction at all. This was pretty bad and lose the tin can drums please. Info:
Sorry no contact info was provided.

LOST/An Autumn For Crippled Children (ATME) More crushing black metal from this label. The vocals are awesome black metal style vocals and this is just not some blast away a million miles an hour as this band use some cool keyboards to set a mood and then at times let loose with the fury. This is more about feeling than all out fury and it is cool at times to hear bands doing this kind of stuff. Make take a couple listens to, to get into this, but this is good, different and refreshing. Info:

ATROCITY SOLUTION/Tomorrows Too Late (Tent City Records) The music on this was OK, but I donít like the screechy vocals as they sound like a bad black metal singer. The tunes werenít great, but didnít suck, but the band need to work on making the riffs a bit more catchy as this at times came across as a bunch of mixed up riffs with little or no direction. This isnít bad, but with some work this band could be that much better. Info:

JUDGE JACKSON/Drive (Curtis Joe Records) This is an outstanding rock band that blows away 99% of that crap they play on the radio called modern rock. Great catchy riffs and an awesome singer this totally blew me away as I was digging it from the first note till the last. One of the best rock bands making the rounds these days. Info: or

DEFAMER/Chasm (Self Released) This was some solid death metal in the vein of Immolation and Incantation. Thick riffs and solid death metal vocals make this one to get. Thank god no groove, no clean vocals, no tin can drumming, etc. This is 100% crushing death metal played the right way. Production on this is solid and I love the guitar sound and also the fast parts arenít cheezy at all and this is def a band worth checking out. Info:

MAN STRAND/Hell With The King (Self Released) This was some really cool rock n roll with a metal edge to it. Great riffs that will have you moving your neck and some solid singing to boot. Sort of like UFO or Raven in spots. Not too many bands doing this sort of thing now and this was fresh and like I said quite good. I am a sucker for a good riff and this had a bunch. Neat band. Info:
[email protected]

SVARTI LOGHIN/Drifting Through The Void (ATMF) This to me was just plain boring. The singer was god awful and the music plodded along and this was not doom, I donít know what I would call this. The tunes were just god awful and the songs did little for me. Info:

WOULD/Same (Pure Brew Records) This was some decent death metal with a bit of doomy stuff thrown in the mix. The singer doesnít have a bad voice and at least I can remember some riffs after I hear them. The production is nice and thick and this doesnít sound like every generic death metal making the rounds and this was pretty good. Info:

NYSEIUS/Militiae (ATMF) This was rip roaring black metal played with fury and passion and did not sound generic at all. Great black metal vocals that Satan would be proud of. Music is fast, but not in a generic way and this doesnít sound like a million other black metal bands. They have that feeling and emotion that other bands lack. Well worth checking out. Info:

Nominon/Monumentomb (Deathgasm Records) Total crushing old school death metal played with a Swedish sound mixed in with blasting speed metal fury. Killer death metal vocals and the guitar sound on this melts me. This band has been around for a bit and this is some serious old school death metal that you will want to sink your death into I assure you. Info:

CARNIWHORE/Rising Up (Duplicate Records) This was decent death/thrash metal, but the vocals were kinda weak as all the guy does his scream and growl and there just wasn't that intensity I was looking for. The music is a nice mix of thrash and death metal and the riffs kill, but the vocals are a let down for me. Not bad. Info:

SVARTI LOGHIN/Drifting Through The Void (ATMF) This to me was just plain boring. The singer was god awful and the music plodded along and this was not doom, I donít know what I would call this. The tunes were just god awful and the songs did little for me. Info:

DARK HAVEN/Fallout (Self Released) This wasnít too bad music wide, but I wasnít too much into the shouted vocals. They arenít that bad though, just that is just my opinion. The music is some good death metal with a bit of groove to it and some keyboard parts, which were actually cool. The other good thing the band does on this is the blast beats are really cool and hey the drums actually sound good and no tin can sound on this. This is one I think some will love or not like. I am more to the like and will look forward to hearing the new stuff next time. Info:

NIGHTBRINGER/Apocalypse Sun (Avantgarde Music) This was some good black metal as it was not just a bunch of noise and the fast parts, and there are plenty, just sound like a wall of noise and the production is good on this as well. The vocals are good black metal style and this is a case of not the same ole same ole as the band make some nice use of the keyboards and mix in some slower parts with the mega speed parts. Good release here. Info:

NICK OLIVERI/Death Acoustic (Impedance Records) All this is, is a guy playing a acoustic guitar and singing with some aggression. This was just beyond bad. I mean the music is just plain boring and the singing isnít anything to write home about and this is just awful as the songs offer nothing of value whatsoever. Boring big time within minutes. Info: or

NONPOINT/Miracle (954 Records) This is one of those modern rock bands and they arenít too bad as the songs are pretty catchy and heavy and the singer doesnít sing in a generic overdone way and his voice sounds fresh. The production on this is really good and everything flows rather well and this is easily one of the better modern rock bands making the rounds now. Info:

RUST MINE/Self Destruct (Self Released) This is yet another groove metal band and they just sound like too many other bands for me to get really excited about this. The song structures sound like all these other groove metal bands and the vocals arenít bad until he goes into the tired death metal style and mixes it in with the clean style and my god that is been done to death and then some by a million other bands. This isnít that bad, but the band needs to try and do something a little different to make themselves stand out. Lose the death metal vocals as the music isnít bad and the singer isnít bad until he uses the death growls. Info:

HAIDUK/Plagueswept (Self Released) This was a decent mix of doom/death and metal with some sludgy riffs that were big time heavy. This band doesnít sound like a million other bands I have heard in the past and that is a good thing. The band donít just blast and they have a pretty wicked guitar sound to them. This is also a one man project/band and is one of the best one man bands I have ever heard. The vocals are also solid death/black metal style and this is just a great release here. Info: or

FROZEN BY FIRE/Let The Madness Begin (Self Released) Just great heavy metal with a little rock n roll edge to it. This band just write and play some awesome music. Not many bands playing old school metal/rock nowadays and this is like a breath of fresh air. This is sort of like 80ís dirty rock n roll and I love the singer he fitís the music perfectly. Just awesome rock n roll is the ticket here. Info:

DIABOLIC/Excisions Of Exorcisms (Deathgasm Records) Simply crushing death metal in the vein of Morbid Angel. This just knocks you over like a ton of bricks. Lighting fast riffs, killer blast beats, and real death metal vocals make this a death metal delight. The production is this is godly and I just love the guitar sound and the blast beats are 2nd to none. One of the best death metal releases of the year hands down. Info:

CIRCLE OF FATE/Back To Life (Self Released) Some solid rock n roll here with a great female fronted singer and she looks pretty hot to boot. The songs are all catchy tunes with plenty of hooks that will have your feet tapping. There is no generic groove and this reminds me in some ways of the sadly missed Sapphic Ode. Production is right on the money and this is well worth checking out. Info:

DIS/Same (Toadstool Enterprises) This was something that came out in 1996 and is now being re-released. This is crushing black metal that I liked a lot. Just the feeling and the intensity of this was unholy. The vocals are pure hate filled black metal and the fast parts just sent shivers down my spine. The band also mix in some weird keyboards parts here and there and this is easily far from typical black metal and is worth more than just a listen. Info:

TOKIC LAB RATS/Intoxicated (Spectra Records) Cool old school punk band here sort of like DOA or The Sex Pistols at times. This isnít fast hardcore, just 80ís style punk rock. The singer has a great voice for this style of music and this to me blows away anything they call punk like Green Day and crap like that. This a diamond in the rough. Info:

MIDIAN/Thrashology (Area Death Productions) Wow was this a pleasant surprise to get in the mail. I remember this band way back in the day when I first started doing my zine as they were a North Jersey thrash band. Now somebody has gone and but all of the bands stuff on 2 cds and you get everything the band has done through the years and a few video clips. This is classic 80ís thrash and the band went through a couple name changes as well as members, but man to hear this stuff on CD wow it brought back a ton of old memories and looking at the old pics and flyers brought be back to the 80ís thrash scene. If youíre a fan of old school thrash this is A MUST HAVE and I am gonna try and get an interview, but in the meantime, snatch this piece of classic thrash up. Info:

HIRAX/El Rostro De La Muerte (Thrash Corner Records) This classic thrash band return with a new release and what a release it is. Katon and the boys deliver the goods yet again as this is a thrash metal lovers delight from start to finish. Katonís soaring vocal style is still in place as our the lighting thrash riffs as only this bands can do. Great production and just overall great songs make this a release that you need to get and listen to over and over again. Info: or

VOLBEAT/Live Sold Out DVD (Mascot Records) I had never heard of this band until this and this is a full double disc of stuff from the band playing in a small club all the way to Wacken. I was not a fan of this music wise as they to me are just another rock/metal band and I didnít like the singer and the songs werenít very good to me and I was getting bored watching this. If youíre a fan of the band youíll want this at clocks in at over 200 minutes, me Iíll pass.

A. LOSTFIELD/Internal Affairs (Self Released) This was some decent alternative metal if you want to call it that. This was really weird in some ways almost like if Voivod played alternative rock/metal. The singer has a cool voice that doesnít sound like anybody and this band if doing something different and it is cool once you get into it. Might take a few times to get into this, but this is some fresh stuff. Info:

BAHNTIER/V3NAL (Rust Blade Records) This was some techno metal stuff like Nine Inch Nails and it is my cup of tea, but if you like NIN youíll like this. Info:

THE MORNING SICKNESS/A Daydream On Oak Street (Self Released) This is another weird band as they are sort of a funny like rock band that I am sure donít take themselves too seriously. They also have a little punky edge to them as well. The songs on here are cute, catchy rock tunes and I really canít compare them to anybody so if your into rock n roll here ya go a cool little band here. Info:

ELOA VADAATH/A Bare Reminiscence Of Infected Wonderlands (Self Released) This was like a mix of prog metal and death metal. Some weird stuff going on this as one minute it is death metal and then it goes off into Dream Theatre territory. I like the death metal vocals, but then here comes the clean vocals and they absolutely suck and have no place on this at all. Other than that this is some pretty cool shit. Different too. Info:

HYDRA/Exhibition Of Malice & Long Way To Lord (Obsidian Factory Records) This band sent me 2 different discs and I am gonna review them both in 1. This band classic old school thrash metal with lots of killer riffs. This is 80ís style thrash and the riffs will have that neck moving I am sure. The singer has a cool voice and he sings the songs on both discs with a lot of passion and feeling and that is what I look for in bands. The production is good on both discs and if your into bands like Hades, Heathen, Forbidden, etc then youíll go bonkers over these discs. Info: