ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


LYZANXIA/Locust (XIII BIS Records) Another faceless groove metal band that sound like 100 others I have reviewed over the past years. The groove riffing and the shouted vocals are all over this and to me this is just another typical groove metal band that is doing nothing new or exciting. Another case of the same ole same ole. Info:

METAFORM/The Electric Mist (Just Records) This was a really weird release to listen to. I have heard nothing like this before. I would say it is a mix of techno, rock, hip hop and a few other things. Now let me say this wasnít bad for what it was, though this wouldnít be something I would listen to on a daily basis. The singer has a cool voice and he fits with what the band is doing. The CD does have a cool almost jazz vibe to it at times and it wasnít bad for what it was. You be the judge. Info:

DUNGEON HAMMER/RUST Split 7Ē (Bestial Invasion Records) Dungeon Hammer offer up 2 tracks that would not be far removed from Morbid Tales from Celtic Frost. I like the raw ripping old school sound the band use. Rust are a killer slab of total old school German black/thrash that had me grinning from ear to ear. I felt like 1986 all over again. The production is total old school like old demos I would get it the mail in the late 80ís. This is a killer 7Ē as both bands crush. Info: or

DEMONIC CREMATOR/Self Titled 7Ē (Bestial Invasion Records) This I thought was just OK. The band play a raw black metal sound, but I didnít think the songs were all that strong and the singing on this was pretty bad. The songs just any killer hook or punch and with the singing being not so good, this was something I didnít enjoy all that much. Just primitive black metal not done too well. Info: or

SALTUS/Empire Of The Sun (Bestial Invasion Records) This was some cool old school black metal that didnít sound like every other black metal I have heard. The drums donít have that cheap sound and also the singer doesnít shriek all the time and just has a cool vibe to his vocals. The music is a mix of fast and slower stuff and it just has a cool vibe about it that I liked. Sort of like old Morbid Angel with a mix of black metal. Info: or

PYRRHON/Fever Kingdoms (Self Released) 5 tunes of some decent death metal. The tunes are hard hitting, fast no groove death metal tunes. The one thing I didnít like was the singer using the growl and the really high singing stuff on some of the vocal lines as it is generic and has already been overused. Just sing in your regular growl voice ha ha and you will be just fine as you have a pretty good set of pipes. Production is good and the guitar sound it thick as hell too. Pretty good job on this. Info:

JEX THOTH/Witness (I Hate) This I did not like one bit. This is like a doomy rock band with some awful female vocals. Oh I hate her singing as it is just beyond bad. The music was slow dull tunes that did nothing for me at all. This was pretty bad and I am sorry to say, but she is one of the worst singers I have heard and does not go with the music at all. Info:

REALMBUILDER/Summon The Stone Throwers (I Hate) Now this band is much better than the above one. This is another I guess you could call them a ďstoner rockĒ band and the tunes are way more catchy than the above band and the vocals are way more in tune with what the band is doing. The band also inject a bit of doom metal in with their sound and the tunes are ever somewhat catchy and if your into the ďstoner rockĒ sound I suggest you pick this up. Info:

CEMETERY URN/The Conquered Are Burned (Modern Invasion Records) Just killer old school death metal in the vein of say Immolation, Incantation, Possessed and Autopsy all rolled into one. Riffs that will have your head ready to explode. I love the guitar sound on this and just the feeling and atmosphere the band belt out. Perfect death metal vocals all old school of course and none the low gutteral crap as this is 100% brutal death metal the way it should be played. Look for an interview soon as I will work on one. 100% no frills death metal that it used to be. Info: or

MAUSOLEUM/Back From The Funeral (Self Released) This was another decent death metal band. The band play old school death metal in the vein of Morbid Angel, Asphyx, Incantation, etc and this actually got better with repeated listens. I love the heavy thick guitar sound and the vocals are real death metal vocals not that cup the mic crap or that screaming and yelling new style of vocals that a lot of these shitty groove metal bands do as to me that is anything but brutal. This band keep the old school flame alive and the production is good as well. Check these guys out. Info:

RISE TO OFFEND/Self Titled (Self Released) This has a couple members from the band Anvil Bitch in its ranks and this is a cool band and they are way different that Anvil Bitch as you have John Plumley singing on this as he sounds pretty good. The 4 tunes on this are like a combo of Motorhead if they played punk rock. The music just came across to me that way and it is very catchy and got that old punky style which was fine by me. The production is also very good on this and I look forward to hearing more from this band. Info:

AFS/Immature Nobodies (Turkey Vulture Records) This was a punk band and they werenít too bad. The singer has that English style punkish vocals down and this wasnít too far off from what the Sex Pistols sounded like and I also would thrown in some DOA at times. There are 10 simple punk tunes on this. Nuff said. Info:

PROFANATICA/Disgusting Blasphemies Against God (Hells Headbangers) This is some of the sickest, most vile and evil releases I have ever heard. You can just feel the hate as this plays on. What an atmosphere and feeling the band also set up as this is the way black metal needs to be. Evil, sick, raw, vile and extreme. Well this band hitís the mark on all counts. Vocals are pure evil and not just a bunch of screaming or growling into a mic trying to sound ďevilĒ. Production is raw and just what the doctor ordered. This is a masterpiece of black metal and I am not the biggest black metal fan, but this kills. Info:

DENOUNCEMENT PYRE/World Cremation (Hells Headbangers) This was some decent death/black metal. The band just doesnít do anything special to stand out and it was just another case of heard it all before death/black metal. The music is fast death/black metal most of the time, but there is nothing the band did to make me stand up and take notice. The band doesnít suck, but this is nothing you havenít heard a 100 times before and with all the bands out there now and before them, this doesnít do anything to stand out from the pack so to speak. Info:

HORNA/Vihan Tiella (Frostscald Records) This is yet another case of I have heard a 1000 times before black metal with the fast pick riffing and some guy screaming and yelling into the mic about satan and this band is doing nothing I have not heard a million times before and just sound the same as 100 other faceless black metal bands I have heard over the years. Boring. Info:

BLASPHEMY RITES/Hideous Lord (Pagan Records) This was better than the above band, but not by much. Again this is heard it all before black metal that is rawer than the above band, but to me this is another band screaming and yelling about satan with same riffs and song structures as 100 other bands I have heard before. Nothing to write about that is for sure. Info:

VITSAUS/Sielunmessu (Hammer of Hate) Again another band that sound like every other black metal band. The fast pick riffing and the screaming black metal vocals and then the fast blast beats. Sorry it has been done a million times before and been done better still. Info:

ANDRALLS/Self Titled (Xreem Music) This was some cool thrash metal ruined by some not so good vocals. The music is like some of the newer Exodus stuff, but not as good and the signer just doesnít have a good set of pipes as he just growls through the stuff and I just didnít feel the passion and emotion as this played on. This was Ok thrash metal, but nothing to make me get up and thrash around the house. Info:

GODHATE/Equal In The Eyes Of Hate (Metal Age Productions) This was some decent death metal with some touches of black metal here and there. Reminds me of Morbid Angel in spots. The music is rip roaring fast and just doesnít sound generic or cheezy. The singer has a great voice and he sounds great on this. Production is nice and solid and I like the guitar sound as well. Just solid fast death metal. Info:

SATOR MARTE/Za Zdmi (Naga Productions) Now this is more like it. Just evil, punishing black metal that hurts and just breaths evil. The singer doesnít sound like every other black metal screamer and the music is rip roaring fast and also doesnít sound like every other black metal band. I love the guitar sound and just the overall feel for this is what black metal needs and should be. Info:

SARATAN/Ant Religion (My Kingdom Music) Boring thrash metal that sounds like 500 other thrash bands I have heard and the band also use that new gallop groove metal shit that I fuckin hate and the vocals sucked as well. This was not well played thrash, but it was groove metal thrash that sounds like real trash. Info:

DUSK/Orok Halaban (Possession Productions) Just want we need yet another black metal band that sounds like everybody else. Gee typical screamed black metal vocals with the same fast pick riffing that every other band uses and lets throw in some slow parts and a few keyboard parts as well. Sorry, but this bored me and just is yet another case of the same ole same. Yawn. Info:

KOZELJNIK/Deeper The Fall (Paragon Records) Again this is same ole black metal stuff that I have heard a million times before. Same screaming vocals, same fast picking riffs, etc. Another case of the same ole same ole. Info:

INTERMENT/Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy (Pulverised Records) Ah finally some good ole fashioned Swedish death metal. Just listen to these riffs and I defy you not to bang thy head. And the riffs are memorable too. The singing is pure 100% old school death metal as is the production. The singer doesnít scream or sing clean, he is just in your face 100% old school death metal style. Think Unleashed, Incantation, Immolation, etc. I love the production and just the overall sound and feeling this band gets. Well worth getting. Info:

TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED (Candlelight Records) This is complete death metal garbage that sounds like a million other bands. I hate the trigger sounding drums and the vocals suck too. The songs are weak, have no power and just sound so generic. The singer does the low and high vocals and just I have heard way too many bands over the years that sound just like this one and guess what they sucked too. Below average death metal. Info:

IMMOLITH/Hymns To The Countess (Metal Hit) This was yet another black metal that sounds the same as the rest, fat pick riffing, screamed vocals and riffs that sound like the 1000ís of others before. God when will this sound like every other band end? Info:

SVIERG/MMIX (Metal Hit) The production on this was so bad and awful it isnít funny. This is just a bunch of senseless noise with some idiot trying to be evil screaming into a mic. This is without a doubt one of the worst, and I mean worst, black metal bands I have heard in the past 3 years. This is laughable to the point that if you buy this youíre a total moron or have no idea what good music is. Info:

STINY PLAMENU/Mrtva Komara (Naga Productions) This wasnít too bad as at least the band try to not sound like every other black metal band out there and the singer isnít trying to be Mr. Evil. The tunes are fast and slow and have some feeling to them and this isnít just a wall of noise and reminds me of Impaled Nazarene a lot. Good one here finally. Info:

TICKET TO HELL/Operation Crash Course (My Kingdom Music) Finally a killer death/thrash band that just destroyed my brain and senses. None of this groove metal or low and high vocal crap. This just starts off a 100 mph and never hitís the brakes. This will crush and bash you into the middle of next week. Oh was I playing air drums big time to this puppy. Great death metal vocals too. Production kills too. Finally a death/thrash release that you must buy right now. A crushing slab of music. Info:

RESURRECTED/Fierce (Metal Age Productions) I like the music on this as it is a combo of Immolation meets Morbid Angel. The vocals suck as the guy does the low and high type of deal, which I hate. The production is good and if you can look past the god awful vocals you might like this. Info:

AGGRESSION/Moshspirit (Xtreem Music) Oh my god did this kill. Excellent old school thrash metal that I bow too. Think Violence, Municipal Waste, Gama Bomb, DRI, Exodus, etc. Just godly riffs that had me moshing around my house. I love the production and just the feeling and atmosphere this band got out of this is incredible. Production is perfect and I love the singer he fitís the music like a tight pair of spandex. This is prime time thrash metal at itís finest. Info:

SUICIDAL Angels (Sonic Unyon) Some great thrash/speed metal from this band. Nice windmill like riffs and smash pounding drums. Singer sounds good as he has a nice voice and screams out the lyrics with intensity and doesnít sound generic. Think old Kreator and youíll have an idea what this band sounds like and this is a pure thrash delight. Info:

RAM/Lightbringer (AFM Records) This is pure heavy metal and I thought the songs were boring and flat and the singing is god awful. He has a terrible voice and the band also uses that so over done high and lower vocal style, which I hate. This is like a poor manís Raven. The songs just drag on and there is no killer hooks or anything to suck me in. This was plain awful. Info:

EVIL PLAN BAND/Travesty (Self Released) This was just boring death metal with a not so good singer. His voice is buried in the mix and he just grunts and growls. The music is just mostly mid paced death metal that did not have any killer riffs or riffs that made me want to play air guitar or play air drums. They just stumbled along with little direction. This didnít do a thing for me and those screams the singer does at times needs to go as well. Info:
[email protected]

WITHERSHIN/The Hungering Void (Self Released) Decent black/death metal with some ripping riffs and good vocals. This didnít sound like every other black metal I have heard in the past few years and that is a good thing. The production on this is good and the band sound tight and the blast parts arenít even a wall of noise. I like how they mix in a bit of death metal to the mix as well. The 3 tunes were good, like to hear more. Info: or

INFESTOR/Scorched Earth (Dethrone Records) This was just some god awful thrash with terrible vocals and a weak production. The guitar sound is very thin and there is no pop or aggression in the songs or just anything. This is just faceless mid paced thrash that goes nowhere fast. Info:

WAR BLOOD/Various Artists (Dethrone Records) This is a comp I guess of all the bands or most on this label. Some of the bands werenít bad and some were just plain awful. The 1st band Brimstone in Fire werenít bad thrash, but the 2nd band Down From The Wound was god awful grind with some joke vocals. I had not heard of any of the bands on this and comps are a cool way to check out bands both bad and good so go to his page and check out what he has maybe youíll find something of interest. Info:

CRIPTA OCCULTA/Eros Dos Dolmens Suicides (Darker Than Black Records) Just terrible black metal with a guy who just growls and screams and behind it some of the worst most boring black metal I have heard. This sounds like everybody else only worse, the songs totally suck, the singing sucks and this is just useless garbage that satan wouldnít even want around. Info:

SERENTY DIES/Hacksawracy (Self Released) This was an Ep and wasnít too bad music wise, but didnít like the vocals. The guy isnít bad, but when he goes into the shouted mode I hate it. The music is thrash, but has too much of that new style dance metal groove that I fuckin hate. This sort of if god forbid Megedeth ever went and played groove metal. Not bad, but nothing earth shattering and lose the groovy vocal style too. Info:

KILLING ADDICTION/Fall Of The Archetype (Xtreem Music) I remember these guys back in the 90ís and now they are back and this is a solid release of pure death metal with no groove, no keyboards, none of that crap. This is straight forward no frills death metal that hits hard and hits often. Vocals are great growls of death and the music is in the vein of Immolation, Incantion, Autopsy, etc. Production is thick and heavy and I love the guitar sound and overall vibe on this. Get it. Info:

WINTERWOLF/Cycle Of The Werewolf (Xtreem Music) This label has hit another home run with this crushing release of death metal that will dull your brain. Just chainsw pounding riffs that blew part my brain and great death metal vocals to boot. Hey no groove, no keyboards, no low and high vocals, nothing but 100% pure death metal. The production is right on the money too. If you crave bands like Dismember, Autopsy, Entombed, etc here is a band that youíll love. Info:

BLASPHERIAN/Allegiance To The Will Of Damnation (???) This was another average death/black metal that just sounds like a million other bands. I hear lots of Immolation in this and if I want to hear them Iíll pop them in. The production on this is thin as hell and the drum sound is laughable. I have heard 1000ís upon 1000ís of bands while doing my zine and this is just another faceless band in the underground.

THE BLOODSHOT GAMBLERS/Pain & Other Pleasures (Self Released) This was some really good solid rock n roll without all that modern rock sound. This is just solid ass kicking rock n roll that not many bands do nowadays. The singer has a fantastic voice and these guys write some songs with hooks and are catchy and donít sound like every other rock band on the radio. Production on this is perfect too and if some label doesnít snatch these guys up they are missing out big time. Info:

CANOBLISS/Man Is The Enemy (Self Released) This is a rock and metal band and some parts on this werenít bad, but others reek of that nu metal dance shit and I hated when the singer went into that clean vocal style and some of the dancy bass riffs made me want to vomit. Some parts of this actually werenít bad and if the band can get rid a few parts here and there they could make themselves stand out. They do have a cool sound to them as I like the guitars and the singer has a good voice, just loose the low things and just sing normal. This is like a love/hate type of thing. Info:

ANGREPP/Warfare (Abyss Records) This was some decent death/thrash metal, but the problem is I have heard this countless times before. The band is big time old school and I do like the razor sharp riffing, but it is nothing I havenít heard before. The singer has a good growl voice and this was some decent old school death/thrash metal that I will say is better than a lot of the other crap out there. Info:

CHAOSSWORN/Chalice Of Black Flames (Abyss Records) This is more of the same like the above band as this is death/black metal that is nothing more than OK and just sounds like way too many other bands I have heard over the years. The songs arenít bad, but nothing to make me jump out of my seat. Production and vocals are good, but this kinda got tired after a bit as it just sounds again like too much of the same ole same ole. Info:

HUMANGLED/Fractal (Abyss Records) This is some pretty good gore inspired death metal. Nice, thick brutal riffs had my head moving and the old school death metal vocals were a plus. Production on this is awesome and the riffs and songs on this will slice through you like a knife through butter. I like the fact that they also donít all out use the speed and have some mid paced parts as well. Info:

MAAX/Six Pack Witchcraft (Abyss Records) Really cool band here. This is like a mix of Exciter meets Celtic Frost, meets black metal in a dark alley. This was a wicked combo of the above style bands and this works and works big time. I love the vocals and the music shit could be out of 1985. The riffs on this are big time heavy and catchy and the cool thing about this is that they donít sound a band I have heard a 1000 times before. They are fresh and exciting and this just blew me away and this is one of the best releases I have heard this year. Do yourself a favor and check em out. Info:

WAN/Wolves Of The North (Abyss Records) This grew on me as this is some fuckin cool old school black metal done the right way. Not just a wall of noise with some guy screaming about satan, this had feeling and emotion and the razor riffs had my neck moving. This will please fans of Hellhammer, Venom and Celtic Frost. I love the singer has he just spews out the lyrics with hate and aggression, but coming off like some generic singer. The production I love right out of 1985. Killer black metal.

OCTOBER FILE/Our Souls To Your (Candlelight Records) More boring nu style metal with the low and screamed death metal vocal styles which I hate and has been done to death and then some. The songs on this offer no value and just bang away and my neck had no problem standing still while this played on. This did nothing for me. Info:

FEAR FACTORY/Mechanize (Candlelight Records) I loved the first Fear Factory record as it was cool, different and exciting. This I thought I was gonna hate, but it is pretty good. Now I have not heard the bandís past few releases, but this is a hard hitting release and I was playing air drums more than once. This is fast, violent and the singing just like it did on the debut. The production is awesome and the fast parts ripped through me and this was a pleasant surprise. Info:

THE BREATHING PROCESS/Odyssey (Undead) (Candlelight Records) This is heard a thousand times before tired death metal with the screaming and growl vocals and this band does nothing for me and is yet again another faceless death metal band in an already crowded scene and the keyboards didnít work and this was bad. Info:

SICMONIC/Somnambulist (Aural Music) This was some industrial style music with some thrash and death metal thrown in. Some parts I loved and some I hated. First the good, the music is sort of like Fear Factory, Godlfesh and some thrash mixed in together and it is a cool combo as this is more faster and brutal than Fear Factory. The bad is the singing which is great in spots and in others he does the low gutteral style and then the super high style, which is super over used. The production on this is great and besides the vocals is a pretty solid release. Info: or or

RAIN/Dad Is Dead (Aural Music) This is some really solid rock n roll with a metal edge to it. Strong singing and great riffs made this a head banging delight. This is pure 80ís heavy metal with no groove or new sounds and thank god for that. This is stuff like Raven, Heaven, etc put out way back when and the tunes will have you raising those metal fists high in the air and the singer has the perfect voice for stuff like this. A pure metal delight I assure you. Info:

D.O.H/Days Over Hell (Self Released) Another great hard rock/metal band. This was chock full of great riffs and singing that was catchy as hell. I am a sucker for a good riff and this had plenty of them. This was more rock n roll than metal, but not that new rock n roll sound. This is just ass kickin old school rock n roll that is down en dirty to the bone. Production on this is really good and I love the guitar sound on this. Wouldnít surprise me to see a good label snatch these guys up. Info: or

RESOLUTION15/Satyagraha (Self Released) Didnít like this due to it having that nu metal sound that I hate and the vocals with that clean sound didnít do a thing for me at all. This to me sounded like a lot of other modern nu metal bands with that dancy groove sound and style. I am not a fan of it at all and I will say this isnít as bad as some bands doing this style and they do try and be a bit different, but it is not my cup of tea. Info:

DIABLO ROYALE/Greedy Dogs (Self Released) Wow another cool rock/metal band and I donít mind hearing and seeing more band shy away from all that groove shit and just play and put out good music. This is yet another strong rock/metal band with tons of great hooks and songs and throw in some strong vocals and you got quite the band The songs on this are catchy as hell and still are heavy and some melody to them. They donít sound like any band I can think of and the production on this is right on the money. Cool band that is for sure. Info:

KEVIN WOOD & FROM THE NORTH/Monument (Wammy Box Records) This was apparently some old stuff from like 1990 that is finally coming out on CD now. This is old grunge stuff and it wasnít too bad, but nothing that had me doing backflips. The music of course is very heavy and dark and sort of like Alice in Chains in some ways, which isnít a bad thing. The production is cool and the more I listen to this the better it got as it was something fresh and was dark and eerie and I love the singer on this as well. A very cool and different kind of thing here. Info:

OMINOS/Self Titled (Self Released) This was some cool thrash metal with lots of killer hooks and good singing. They are sort of like older Iron Maiden mixed in with some Forbidden. I love a good riff or hook and this has plenty of them and I am glad the singer just sings with his normal voice and doesnít try to be ďevilĒ or ďbrutalĒ he just has a natural aggressive voice and the couple tunes on here left me leaving for more. A band I def want to hear more of. Info:

APOSTHATE/Catharsis/Raebellion (Self Released) Absolutely garbage death metal with trigger drums and a singer that just growls and screams like a million other singers I have heard. The trigger drums suck, the production on this sucks and this is another faceless death metal band that sounds like a million other bands. They just play fast with cheezy blast beats and a guy growling into the mic. Wow this was just different and coolÖnot, just a waste of my and your time. Info:

SORGELDOM/Inner Receiving (Self Released) Beyond bad black metal with the same ole screamed black metal vocals, which are buried in the mix mind you, and the songs are just terrible. There is no bite to them or anything that makes me want to stand up and yell ďyeah.Ē It is yet another faceless black metal band doing stuff that has been done a 100 times before only this band is much worse than that, there is not one even decent thing about this at all. Awful black metal band. Info:

DOA/Talk Action = 0 (Sudden Death Records) Just simply old school hardcore played and done the right way. I saw these guys a few times back at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ and they are still playing that fast, raw, hardcore punk rock that I love. The singer has a cool total punk rock voice and if your into old school punk then you will love this. This band has been around for ages and like fine wine they just keep getting better and better. Awesome release. Info:

BEYOND THRESHOLD/Revolution (Turkey Vulture Records) More bad dance/nu metal groove dance shit. This band sounds just like every other dance death metal band with the same ole riffs and vocals and this just sucks. Bands like this are a time a dozen and there is nothing, nothing good about this at all. Somebody please tell me what makes this different from say Job For A Cowboy or any other dance metal band. Info:

SLOW INTERNATIONAL DAMAGE/Unstoppable (Turkey Vulture Records) Boring modern rock that did nothing for me. The songs were flat and the songs just plodded along and this was just boring to me. There was nothing of value here and I like classic rock and stuff and if a band writes a good hook I am along for the ride, but this lacked that and I am off this ride. Info:

TERRA CAPUT/Alive In The Live (Self Released) This is some raw live thrash/speed metal that crushes. The sound on the disc isnít bad at all and the music is 80ís speed metal all the way. I like the intensity of the music and the singer has a perfect style suited for this band. Would like to hear some studio stuff from these guys. If youíre a old school thrasher like myself, youíll love this. Info:

STARFIRE/Self Titled (Self Released) I got 3 tunes on this as the band have a full length out. The 3 tunes are catchy AOR tunes that werenít out of place during the early 90ís. Stuff like Balance, Frankie and The Knockouts come to mind music wise. The music I thought was cool catchy rock n roll, however, the vocals I think arenít so good. The guy doesnít have a great voice and he sounds weak in the mix. The music is a different story as it is full of catchy riffs and the songs are great, but they might think about replacing the singer as he is the weak link on this. Just my opinion. Info: or

CPX/ Concrete Therapy (Self Released) This is groove metal with the gruff vocals and he also sings in a normal way and you all know by now what I think of these bands. This actually isnít too bad as far the music goes as it is better than most and if the singer would lose the normal (clear) vocals this band would be much better off for it as it is when he sings in his aggressive style he is pretty cool. The music is thank god a bit different from a lot of the other groove bands as this band inject a big of pure heavy metal into their sound. About the best groove metal band I have heard this year. Not bad. Info:

SKULL FIST/Heavier Than Metal (Inferno Records) Oh my god this brought me back to the 80ís big time and the one band that pops in my mind is Znowhite when this played. Killer old school thrash/heavy metal played with tons of feeling and power. I love the production, the singing, the songs, shit everything about this is godly. Only 5 tunes aright I need more. This crushes. Info: or

TYRANEX/Demos 2008/2009 (Inferno Records) This is both of this bands demos put on a CD by Inferno Records and it is more killer heavy metal with bits and parts of power metal mixed in. While this wasnít as godly as Skull Fist this is still some rip roaring fist banging metal and a cool female singer is on this to boot. Very cool stuff this label is putting out. Info: or

VASTATOR/Machine Hell (Inferno Records) This was some decent 80ís style heavy/power metal, but I hated the high pitched vocals as he was just too way over the top for me. I like singers like this example Ski from Deadly Blessing, Alan from Hades, Joey from Anthrax, but this guy just took the screaming to another level and he got annoying by song # 2. Hey that is just me so some may not mind the singing, but to me when the vocals are that bad, the music takes a back seat and this was not enjoyable to me at all due to the singing. Info: or

WITCHCURSE/Heavy Metal Poison (Inferno Records) Some pure heavy metal that wouldnít be far off on any of the first 2 Iron Maiden records. The riffs are similar to the Maiden boys as well as the production as well. The singer has a wicked voice and the production is good and this is just solid fist banging metal. Info: or

KOPEK/White Collar Lies (Religion Music) Really awesome rock n roll band here. Just dark heavy tunes with an awesome singer. Sort of like Alice in Chains meets Warrior Soul. The songs are catchy as hell and are still heavy, dark and the singer fits this band like a tight pair of spandex. Production is right on the money and this is just kick ass rock with touches of metal thrown in here and there. One of the best rock bands out there for sure. Info:

NEGURA BUNGET/Virstele Pamintului (Soul Food Music) This was some very boring atmospheric black metal that really put me to sleep. I know some may think this is great and that is all well and good, but this bored me as I felt the songs lacked anything and just plodded along at a snails pace and this did nothing for me at all. Info:

SKIN CHAMBER/Wound/Trail (Metal Mind Productions) I remember this band from back in the 90ís and this is just bone crushing industrial doom metal. The band combine the best of both worlds on this double disc re-issue. This is some of the heaviest sludge metal this side of the Atlantic. The riffs hare monster heavy and just will pound through you like a knife through butter. Just punishing riffs and vocals from a man on his last dying breaths. This still sound cool and different this many years later. I had forgotten about this band and was glad to rediscover them through this reissue and you will be glad too. Incredible stuff here. Info: or

GRUNTRUCK/Inside Yours/Push (Metal Mind Productions) This is a reissue of both of this bands stuff and there were one of those grunge bands during the 90ís and this band I remember a bit and this wasnít too bad, but was not anything to do back flips over. The tunes are steady rock with some metal in them and of course that grungy sound to them as well. Singer is OK and the songs were decent for the most part. You do get 2 releases on this as well as some bonus tracks and if your into the grunge stuff this is better than say Mother Love Bone or some of those other crappy bands that came from that era. Not bad. Info: or

WILLARD/Steel Mill (Metal Mind Productions) This was some pretty heavy stuff and yes it is more grunge, but I like it. The tunes are catchy and big time heavy and they donít sound like other grunge bands and it is a shame this was their only release. Production is good on this and I like the vocals and the songs were great. Worth checking out. Info: or

NOISEHUNTER/Time To Fight (Karthago Records) Absolutely crushing heavy metal is the ticket here. This is a re-issue as this came out in 1986 and what a re-issue it is. This band I have never heard of, but I am glad I have heard them now. The riffs on this will have you putting on the steel and the denim jacket and banging that head like never before. 9 killer metal tunes with 4 bonus tracks and this is just rip roaring metal with bits of power metal thrown in for good measure. Incredible band. Info:

OMEGA LITHIUM/Dreams In Timeline (Drakkar Productions) I didnít like much at all as this is yet another modern metal band with all that groove and female vocals. Yuk. This band just sounds like any other nu metal band out there with that commercial metal sound that you would find at the Mayhem fest. To me this all sounds alike and this band you can lump in with the rest. Info:

HAGGARD/Eppur Si Muove & Awaking The Centuries (Drakkar Productions) This is some really off the wall stuff. There is violins and chanting vocals and some death metal stuff on here as well. I am not a big fan of this, however, it is very, very different and unlike anything I have ever heard before. This stuff is very different and you would have to be very open minded to enjoy it and I did to a point. Some will like, others will love and some will hate. Check em out and decide for yourself. Info:

MACHINE DOG/Anthology (Self Released) I just about shit my pants when I got this in the mail. I used to work with these guys many years back and I also saw them live recently and they were great and no they went and put all their stuff on CD. Machine Dog were a killer 3 piece power metal band and the best way to describe them is they sound like Raven and a bit of Anvil in them. The 20 tunes on here are awesome and brought back many, many memories and this just rules being on CD. Look for an interview soon as well. Info:
[email protected] or [email protected]

NOISEHUNTER/Spell Of Noise (Karthago Records) Ah more killer power/heavy metal from these guys and there is 9 bonus tracks on this puppy. Just killer riff after riff. How in the hell did I miss these guys the 1st time around. Vocals are great and aggressive and they donít even sound like any band they sound like themselves and this band just delivers the goods song after song and if your into 80ís power or straight forward metal you will go bonkers like me over this killer band. A must have. Info:

IAN GILLIAN/Charkas & Other Stories (Metal Mind Productions) This came out in 1975 originally and at the time was a collection of rare solo tracks and now it is being reissued and comes with a bonus track. This didnít float my boat too much as the songs were kinda flat and uninspiring at least to my ears. I have never heard any of his solo stuff, but this just didnít have much rock or power behind it. The tunes were just flat and kinda just there. Info:

THERAPY/Never Apologise, Never Explain (Metal Mind Productions) I have heard of this band, but not too familiar with their music. After listening to them a couple times I came away with a not bad kind of feeling. They mix in a combo of punk, hardcore and industrial. The vocals are pure hardcore in nature, which was fine by me and they have a little bit of the Ministry sound to them as well. Sort of like Godflesh meets Ministry meets hardcore and add a spice of punk. This is very different from a lot of the other stuff out there so that is a good thing as well. Cool band. Info:

IAN GILLIAN/Toolbox (Metal Mind Productions) Now this is more like the Ian Gillian I remember. Balls to the wall rock n roll with the classic Gillian vocals to match. This is 70ís style rock in roll with a bit of the Deep Purple sound to it, but it it raw and kicks ass and blows away a lot of the so called rock crap of today. His voice sounds great on this and if you crave 70ís classic rock n roll here ya go, your collection is not done yet he he. Info:

THERAPY/High Anxiety (Metal Mind Productions) This is the bands 1st release and it a bit more metal than the other release above. The vocals are still in the punk vein, but this is more just like metal/punk combo. There is a bit more guitar edge to it and not as much industrial sounds. Now which one is better? They are both cool and each one is different and I actually like this more as I am more into the metal style and this one has a nice mix of metal to it, but both are cool and different. Another cool re-issue and they got a new fan in them, me. Info:

IAN GILLIAN BAND/Clear Air Turbulence (Metal Mind Productions) This is some wicked and weird jazz/rock fusion stuff from Gillian on this. Long tunes that send you on a rollercoaster of music. Lots of moods and melodies on this. I have been getting into some jazz lately and I fuckin loved this disc. It also has that mid 70ís vibe to it and Gillianís vocals sound awesome on this as well. This is some of the best jazz/rock I have heard in years and I really liked this a lot. The best of his solo stuff so far. Info:

IAN GILLIAN/Naked Thunder (Metal Mind Productions) The last of the batch of Gillian re-issues and his voice sounds great on this as it is so moving and inspiring. Just great rock n roll on this and songs on this were really moving and you would know what I mean if you heard them. ďLoving on Borrowed TimeĒ has some a killer hook and solo it is not funny and he sings the tune with such feeling I was almost on my knees. I had never heard any of his solo stuff, but I loved all these discs except for one and if youíre a fan of the man or Deep Purple or classic 70ís rock, here are some new discs to make friends with. Info:

NOISEHUNTER/Rock Shower (Karthago Records) The 3rd re-release I got and this band hit the trifecta as this is another example of killer power metal meeting plain ole heavy metal. Just great metal riffs and singing. You canít just buy, you must get all 3! Just a great lost gem from the 80ís that I missed, but now you can be like me and discover them and trust me this is one awesome band. Info:

BLACK RIVER/Black N Roll (Armourey Records) This has some members of Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth in it, but donít expect black metal. This is down n dirty rock n roll!!! This simply has some crushing bone crushing riffs and almost is in a way old Sabbath doom metal style at times. It has that old 70ís style production that I loved. The vocals are killer as he fitís the band quite well and this is something very different and very cool. Info:

PROGHMA-C/Bar-Do-Travel (Armoury Records) This is another groove/nu metal band that sounds like the last 50 I reviewed. I hate this shit. The vocals suck and the music is that dance happy groove metal shit that a lot of kids like. The band also have a sort of techno sound in their music as well and this just sucked to my ears. Info:

VOTUM/Met fiction (Armoury Records) A very weird and moody band here. This is some atmospheric stuff to be sure. Not my big cup of tea, but at least they are trying something different and not sounding like the 10,000 other nu metal bands out there. The music on this is very moody and slow big time and not in a doom metal way. This isnít bad if your in the mood for it and you have to have an open mind. This I got into at times, but I have to be in a certain mood for it. If you like Opeth youíll love this. Info:

4TH FLOOR/Newtonís Cradle (Self Released) This is a modern rock band with a sound not far off from say Nickleback. I am not into a lot of this new era of modern rock, but I will say this about these guys, this is way better than most of the other stuff my ears have heard. The singer has a pretty powerful set of pipes and he does fit the music well and sings with a lot of emotion and feeling on the songs. The tunes are modern rock tunes with lots of hooks. Not bad at all for what it is. Info:

FALLEN ANGEL/Crawling Out Of Hell (Self Released) This was some killer heavy/power metal. Thick, chunky riffs and some killer metal screams are the ticket on this. Fans of Deadly Blessing, Attacker, etc will go apes hit over this as I did. Production on this is right on the money and if your into 80ís power metal or plain ole spikes to the wall metal, here is something you canít miss out on. Great band. Info: or

ODD ZERO/Another Odd Zero To Dread (Self Released) I reviewed an older disc from these guys and they are back with another slab of metal/punk. This band is really good at combining both styles and they I would say are about 50/50 on both styles. I think the band is original, different and even funny in a couple ways with the songs. The production is raw and down and dirty. Another cool release from these guys. Info:

ADRENALIN RUSH/Vol 2 (Self Released) I have always said comps are a cool way to check out bands and here is one with 18 different bands and I had never heard of any of them. You get a ton of different styles on this with bands from all over and that is cool in itself. This puppy is only $ 5 and instead of me just commenting on all 18 bands Iíll say this, there were some on here that I didnít like and there were others I thought crushed. 5 bucks, 18 bands, go for it. Info:

PAGANFIRE/Promo Tape (Self Released) I actually got a tape to review. I think that is so cool that I got sent one as it has been ages and yes my stereo still plays tapes ha ha. This is raw old school thrash metal. The music isnít bad and I kinda was digging the old school 80ís demo production on this. I have to be honest and this wasnít something unholy, but it does have that raw old school 87, 88 death metal feel to it and this was decent thrash with some decent vocals. Like to see them speed it up a bit next time. Info:
[email protected]