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BORGE/Entraves De Iíame (Self Released) This band relies more on feeling and atmosphere than most of the black metal bands I have heard in the past years. The band create an almost doomy like mood with their style of black metal. The band use keyboards and just an evil sound to quite a cool sound. This thank god sounds refreshing to these ears. The vocals are pure evil and he doesn'tí try to out scream the music as he sings in an almost doomy way as well. This is one of the best black metal bands I have in awhile as they create mood, atmosphere, and feeling and arenít just another fast pick riffing band. Info:

KICKHUNTER/All In (Self Released) Just ass kickin rock n roll with plenty of cool riffs and awesome singing. This is simple, but well crafted rock n roll tunes in the vein of AC/DC, Krokus, Deep Purple, etc. I am a sucker for a good riff and there was plenty on here and not many rock bands are doing the old school style, but here is one and they are really good. Info:

SARGEIST/Let The Devil In (Moribund Records) This wasnít too bad, but didnít knock me out of my chair neither. The band play standard black metal with the screaming vocals and fast pick riffing, but the band doesnít do it all the time and actually have some melody The production I like and I do like the guitar sound the band gets and also they do have some feeling within the songs and as this played on I began to like it more and more. This is a better than average black metal band and blows away a lot of that garbage out there. Info:

CITIZEN USELESS/Self Titled (Pig Records) Awesome old school punk rock in the vein of GBH, Black Flag and the Circle Jerks. Great vocals as the singer has the perfect hardcore voice and the music took me back to 1983 when punk rock was great. Production also has that 80ís feel and the riffs on this just ozze that old school style and this was a great release. Info:

FAST DEATH/Self Titled (Pat Ac Records) Oh this just blew me out of my seat as this was a rip roaring combo of punk and thrash metal that hammer smashed my face. The music is a mix of fast hardcore and some raw thrash metal mixed into one. The vocals are screamed hardcore and fit the music well. Production is raw just the way it should be with a band like this. An Ep is not enough as I need more. This fuckin kills. Info:

CONSPIRACY/Irremediable (Pulverised Records) This was a mix of some black metal, some death metal and a bit of goth and keyboards in the mix. The vocals are black metal style, the music is a combo of death metal and goth and the keyboards add to the atmosphere of the band. This is not something I would listen to everyday, but at least the band is trying to do something different and for the most part it works. Strong production and vocals on this as well. A band to check out for sure if your into bands not doing the same ole same ole. Info:

GRAVE DESECRATER/Insult (Hells Headbangers) Oh this is some killer old school death metal in the vein of Immolation. Awesome death metal vocals and some crushing lighting fast riffs had me smiling from ear to ear. The production is perfect on this as well. I love the guitar sound and the band just whip out killer riff after killer riff with a fury and power not matched by many. This is way death metal needs and was meant to be played. Just brutal in your face fury and power. I was playing air drums to this as well. This is one of the best death metal bands I have heard this year. Info:

JOHN NORUM/Play Yard Blues (Mascot Records) Really cool blues rock release here. I am not a huge fan of blues rock, but this was a mix of blues and rock n roll and featured some really cool riffs and song structures from John and the singer on this has a great blues like raspy voice that I liked. Production lets everything flow freely and this is just some well done blues based rock n roll. Info:

SPOCKíS BEARD/X (Mascot Records) I have heard the name of this band before, but never their music. It is a weird name for a band I must say. As far the music goes the band is very original and different. They play metal with a progressive edge to it, but still maintains some melody to it and I wouldn'tí say they are as progressive as say Dream Theatre. The band won me over by track 3 as I was really starting to dig the original sound. This is a band doping something different and refreshing and now they have a new fan, me. Info:

CASA MENDOZA/Same (Mascot Records) This was some really mellow rock in a blues sort of vain that I couldnít get into. The songs just dragged along and there was no riff or song structure that made my ears pop. This just plodded along at a snails pace. Info:

AQUILA/Imperium (CDN Records) This is another groove metal band that, you guessed it, sounds like every other band doing this style. The band uses wow the growl and clean vocal thing and have lots of nice and pretty mosh riffs that I am sure lots of nu metal kids will like. Sorry but bands like this are a dime a dozen and I will say this that the music is a bit better and a little more original than most of the other bands I have heard doing this style, but the vocals are so generic and the clean/growl dual vocal thing needs to go. Another faceless band in an already overcrowded music scene. Info:

LEWIS TURNER/The Beckoning Silence (Self Released) This is an all instrumental album from this guy, who plays guitar on it. The lack of vocals hurt this as I could only take so much of Lewis wailing away on the guitar and it sounds like the guy can play. I will say this he does mix it up and that helped out a bit and he just didnít play a million solo like riffs. Solo albums by guitar guys are a tough sell, especially with no vocals. I need riffs and I need vocals. One or 2 instrumentals I can deal with, but a whole CD, unless itís jazz or something, I canít deal with. If it is metal I absolutely need vocals. If this guy can find a good singer and can keep down the soloing down a bit I could see him and his other 2 band members doing something. Info:

AMADIS/Hell Devil (Self Released) This is a 3 song Ep from this band and they sure raise the flag for heavy metal on this. This is a pure heavy metal delight with some ass kicking metal riffs and Rob Halford like vocals and I was a fan of this band in 30 seconds in when I heard the first riffs spew out of my speaker. The music is just balls to the wall metal like the new Accept metal or Judas Priest. The production is good and the band even throw a few thrashy Overkill riffs in the mix too. 3 songs had me longing for more. Info:

OMEGA CROM/Blood Steel & Fire (Reversed Records) I am glad to see I am getting more pure metal releases to review and here is another band in that vein. This is total old school as it reminds me of bands like Agent Steel, Attacker, Hades, Deadly Blessing etc, for the music, which is heavy metal with some touches of power metal and also the high pitched vocals as well. A few of the vocal parts I thought were a bit too high pitched for me, but that is just me. Musicwise this is some ass kickin metal with plenty of headbanging riffs. If you canít headbang to a song like Battlefield then your not a metal fan. Excellent job on this one guys. Info:

COMA/Excess (Armoury Records) This is another modern rock band with those happy rock riffs and vocals. I canít get into this stuff as it just bores me and the riffs have no power or substance behind them and this just sounds like any other rock band on the radio, one no different from the other. Oh the groove riffs really got me excited as well. Another faceless rock band with lots of that generic lame groove sound. Info:

CREATIONíS END/A New Beginning (Sensory Records) This was some good prog metal that has some solid riffs and song structures that didnít go over my head. The singer has a nice solid voice that didnít sound like a million other singers and the music wasnít some Dream Theatre clone band thank god. The music on this is heavy and still retains some melody and yeah it has parts of the D.T. boys, but more than stands on itís own. I really like the guitar sound on this and the production is meaty and sounds perfect for this style of music. Info:

DAKRYA/Crime Scene (Sensory Records) This was a prog metal band with some traces of power metal, but with some awful female vocals. Oh her voice really got on my nerves as she has an annoying voice that ruined, at least for me, any chance of me liking this. Musicwise this isnít bad prog metal, but it nothing you havenít heard before. The vocals just ruin it for me completely. Info:

THE OCEAN/Anthropocentric (Metal Blade Records) Just another dime a dozen nu metal band with the same groove riffs I have a million times before and those gruff tough guy vocals that sound like every other band doing this style. Complete junk. Info:

MASSIVE SLAVERY/Global Enslavement (Maple Metal Records) More groove death metal with some fast parts. This was just so generic as it just sounds like any other faceless death metal band I have heard in the last 20 years. OK the tunes are well played and the singing isnít bad, but the band offers nothing new at all and the riffs arenít all that great and that is to me what makes a band, riffs and song structures and this was just like another re-run of a TV show that you have seen many times over. Info:

WEAPON/From the Devilís Tomb (AJNA) This is crushing display of death/black metal that brought a smile to my face. This is how it is done my friends. Crippling death metal with awesome blast beats and sinister vocals that satan would love. The razor sharp guitar riffs just tore threw me and cut me into pieces. The singer just has that evil sinister sound to his voice that you need to sing this style of music. Forget about the wannabes and when somebody tells me what makes a good or great death metal band I would pop this in and nothing more would need to be said. Info:

THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL (Restricted Release) More nu metal that sounds like every other band doing this with a clean vocal style. Bands like this bore me to death and this is another band that just sounds like every other band doing this.

DIMENTIANON/Collapse The Void (Paragon Records) This was just another typical death metal band that is doing nothing to set itself from the 1000ís of others. Just same ole tired death metal riffs and blast beats with the same ole death metal vocal style. A band like Weapon blow all these bands away. A band does not have to be original for me to like them, but when you come and I hear your music, it better knock me off my seat or do something to me whether it is playing air guitar or drums or make me headbang or even tap my feet. This band as well as countless others donít do a damn thing for and again this is another faceless death metal band in my eyes and ears. Info:

SAWTHIS/Egod (Scarlet Records) Just another nu metal groove death metal band with the same tired riffs and tough guy shouting vocals that I have heard from countless other bands. This to me sounds no different from any other band doing this style and I couldnít not find anything of values with this as it just sounded like way too many other bands, but the band sure have that groovy nu metal riffs down. To my ears all this stuff sounds the same. Info:

ADVENT OF BEDLAM/Behold the Chaos (Self Released) I had mixed feeling on this. On one hand the music is crushing death metal played really well and thank god no nu metal or groove metal shit is in this. Just pure extreme death metal the way it should be. The vocals some of them have that screeching style I donít like, but the band donít use it much so I would say I lean more toward this being really good, close to great. The production is good and the music is fast pounding in your face death metal and I think this band is way better than a lot of the stuff I review that is on labels. Overall this is some good stuff here. Info:

TORTURE DIVISION (Abyss Records) Just a pure death metal delight this was. Swedish death metal at its finest this band do more than deliver the goods. Just listening to these riffs had my banging my head. So fuckin heavy and so crushing and played with feeling and none of that groove metal shit neither. Vocals are pure killer death metal style and this releases grabs you by the throat and slashes you from ear to ear. Production is perfect and that guitar sound is amazing and if your into Swedish death metal like Entombed, Dismember, etc youíll fuckin love this. I know I did. Info:

MR DEATH/Death Suits You (Agonia Records) This may not be super original, but this is some crushing old school death metal in the vein of Autopsy. The riffs are so fuckin heavy and will just and slice through your bones. Vocals sound like a dying man on his last breaths. The slow parts will crush you and the fast parts will break away anything that is left. This is how death metal should be played not that nu metal shit. Info:

SERENITY IN FIRE/Begin Of Destruction (Self Released) This is a 4 song EP with some pretty well played thrash on it. The band have this raw sound that I really liked on this. The vocals are screamed/shouted style, but donít seem out of place on this as they fit the music. The band donít stray off into that nu groove style of thrash metal and just let it fly old school style and to me that is the way thrash metal should be. If the bandís album is going to be as good as the 4 tunes on this, then we are in for a treat. Info:

CRUSHING BLOW/Cease Fire (Inferno Records) Some cool pure heavy metal with a female singer. I am not a huge fan of female singers and I can tolerate some and this is one of those times I can tolerate. The girl has a nice voice and doesnít sound annoying and has her own style. The music is in a pure heavy metal style sort of like older Judas Priest or old Warlock, or Accept. Production is nice and solid and I was digging the songs as the band had many good riffs and song structures on this. A heavy metal delight this is. Info:

VASTATOR/Machine Hell (Inferno Records) This was some cool heavy metal thrash, but I hated the screamed vocals. The singer to my ears has this annoying voice and when he hits the high notes I was cringing. The music is really good, just fist banging heavy metal played the old way. The vocals, and some of you may like them, if you can get past them, then youíll love this if your into solid well played heavy metal played with bits and pieces of power metal. Info

WITCHCURSE/Heavy Metal Poisons (Infernal Records) Wow did this sound a like Raven, which isnít a bad thing. Just more well played metal with lots of head banging and fist banging riffs. I like the raw guitar sound on this and the singer is out of control like John from Raven as well. I am glad to see more and more pure metal bands making the rounds these days. If your into great heavy metal with no bullshit and just 100% metal then this is your band. Info:

WAX/Melted (Light Year Records) This was recorded in 1971 and is only now seeing the light of day!!! The long lost tapes were found and it was decided to put it out. This was all live recorded in one take. I must say this is some really awesome rock n roll. Stuff like Grand Funk Railroad spring into my mind as this played on. The singer on this has an incredible voice and he sings the songs with such passion and emotion and the music is just really catchy rock n roll that I really liked a lot. This let me tell you is not like todayís formula rock this is when rock n roll was down and dirty. This is easily one of my favorite releases of 2010 and wow 40 years this sat in some vault and is now seeing the light of day. Well let the light out cause this is one amazing piece of music. Info:

TANK/War Machine (Metal Mind Productions) Wow here is a band I have not heard from in a long time and they are back and back in a big way. This is a killer release of heavy metal that will get your fists pounding and heads moving. Oh the singer has such a great voice and he fits the music perfectly and the music is just plain awesome. Production is this is perfect as well as I love the guitar sound the bands gets on this. Nice thick meaty riffs with just pure heavy metal power. If youíre a fan of heavy metal music this is a total must have and this just kicked my ass from note one till the last note faded away. Info:

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS/Let The War Begin 9My Kingdom Music)n This is a re-issue and this is a one man band and it is quite the good one man band. This has that old school feel with a mix of thrash and doom metal and even a little Mercyful Fate thrown in the mix. Production is really good and I love the thrashy guitar sound this guy uses and his music just sets a mood and atmosphere and never lets go. When you listen to this, it will hark feelings back of the mid 80ís trust me. Really cool re-issue here. Info:

INALLSENSES/Hysterical Psychosis (My Kingdom Music) More of the same modern thrash metal with lots of groove and breakdown parts along with those gruff vocals. The vocals actually arenít that bad, it is the groove metal riffs I fuckin hate and so many of the newer thrash bands are doing this style and then having the breakdown parts and to me bands like this are a dime a dozen as I have heard this same thing over and over and over. Total junk. Info:

SUPERBIA/Overcoming The Pain (My Kingdom Music) This is hit or miss with me. I like some parts and donít like some parts. I donít like some of the nu metal parts, but the band also branch off into some very vicious death metal parts that I loved. The vocals arenít too bad, so that helps. The music is death metal with some of the nu metal sounds, but also has some old school death metal riffing within the ranks as well. The bio mentions Atheist and Cynic and yeah you can throw those 2 bands in the mix as some of these is technical and what not. I would lean more towards this being good than bad cause at least some of the nu metal stuff isnít that awful and it is not used a ton. Give it a listen and decide for yourself. Info:

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS/Misanthropy (My Kingdom Music) OK this is not the same CD as the above review, but this is his new release. This is more old school thrash, doom, and even a shade of punk and heavy metal music. This has a bit more of a thrashy sound like old Exodus on it at times. He stills has that crunchy guitar sound I love and his vocals are cool and a refreshing change from all the other singers that use that gruff or tough guy style. His voice just sounds like himself. Easily one of the best one man bands I have heard in quite some time. You will be taking a trip back to 1985 when you pop this in. Info:

VITSAUS/Sielunmessu (Hammer of Hate Records) This is some fuckin raw black metal. Chainsaw razor like riffs with some vocals that sound like the man or person is on his way to hell. I can just feel the aggression and hate as this played on. This is only a 2 piece band and I tell you this is some wicked shit on the EP. This is the way black metal should be, raw and punishing. Info:

ANGUISHED/Cold (Hammer of Hate) This is a one person female fronted band with a session drummer. The music is basic black metal, but it is the vocals that I could not stand. All she does is shriek and yell and to me it was big time annoying from the minute she started shrieking. The music is nothing to write home about as it is basic black metal with nothing new to offer. The vocals are about the worst I have heard in a long time and to me this is about as bad as black metal can get and no satan wouldnít be proud. Info:

SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT/Cultus Nex (Hammer of Hate) Oh this is an excellent release of black/death metal that knocked me out of my chair. Fast, wicked riffs along with some killer death metal vocals are on this. Think Morbid Angel and Angel Corpse. I love the guitar sound on this and the blast beats had me playing air drums. The vocals are in the Angel Corpse vein and they crush and they are sung with aggression, feeling and hate, that is the kind of stuff missing in a lot of todayís bands. Not this band as they more than deliver the goods. Info:

EVANGELIVM/Nightside Of Eden (Hammer of Hate) This was some more raw as fuck black metal. While not as killer as the above band, this just ripped into me with its raw and crushing sound. The band slow it down at times with some doomy like riffs and then hit into overdrive and when this goes fast oh my god is it fast and fuckin raw and the riffs just sliced and diced me into pieces. This was another cool raw style black metal band and from Russia too!!! Info:

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT/Live At The Hammer Of Doom Festival (Cruz Del Sur Records) Just crushing doom that totally blew me away. I have never heard this bandís music before, but WOW was this an amazing listening experience. Just crushing doom the way it should be played. Vocals that donít sound forced or stupid, he sings the songs with a ton of emotion and feeling and I can just hear the sadness ozze out of his vocals and the guitar for that matter. The production is this is amazing and the guitar sound is just so crushing. This is a band that caused me to fall out of chair. Easily the best doom band I have heard in ages. Info:

SOUL STEALER/Feel The Steal (Ledo Takas Records) Thought this was gonna be a death metal band, but boy was I wrong. This is awesome power metal with lots of choppy, wicked riffs and some awesome singing to boot. This has all the elements of a classic power metal release, catchy, but heavy riffs, great vocals and production. Every riff just flows perfectly and the tunes just had my head moving big time. This is more along the lines of mid 80ís power metal style and I wasnít complaining about that one bit. Just a great band you will get with this. Info:

Stranger Aeons/Eneagon (Ledo Takas Records) This is a power metal prog band and this wasnít too bad. The band doesnít sound like a bunch of others, even though they do have a slight Dream Theatre sound to them, they arenít clones. The singer has a great voice sort of sounding like a melodic version of the singer from The Scorpions. He also sings the songs with a good deal of passion too. This is a different sort of power metal band from the above band cause they have some prog to them and this is a solid release. Info:

LUCTUS/Jauciant Pabaiga Arti (Ledo Takas Records) Crushing death metal that will crush and destroy all these groove metal bands that call themselves death metal. Punishing old school metal riffs and vocals will destroy the weak. Think Morbid Angel, Angelcorpse, etc. I love the drum and guitar sound on this it is like you are going off to war and this is one war you will win. No female vocals, no fuckin groove, and thank god no deathcore vocals. Just pure hate, violence, and brutality. Info:

CALM HATCHERY/Sacrilege Of Humanity (Self Made God Records) More solid death metal here as another band that doesnít sound like every other and no deathcore vocals neither. Think Immolation, Incantation, etc. Thick, meaty riffs with some real death metal vocals. This band might be far from original, but they serve up a nice meal of death metal and Iím buying it. Info:

SERPENT SON/Self Titled (Self Released) 4 tracks of some brutal straight ahead death metal. No groove and no death core vocals, just in your face 100% death metal the way it should be played. Riffs that will tear your flesh and vocals from the depths of hell. The windmill like riffs will have your neck moving and if your into the sounds of Immolation, Angelcorpse and bands like that, then this is right up your alley and trust me it was right up my alley. 4 tunes had me wanting more. Info:

OBSIDIAN RAIN/Until My Dying Day (Self Released) 3 rock tunes with a metal edge to them and this wasnít too bad. The band play with a more of an 80ís feel, and that wasnít a bad thing to my ears. The singer has a pretty good voice and he fits the music the band in playing. The music is 80ís style rock with a metal edge to it and the riffs were pretty catchy on this The 3 tunes on this werenít bad at all and Iíd like to hear more. Info:

REQUIEM AETERNAM/Destiny Man ((Self Released) This is a sort of technical death metal band and some parts were cool and different and some I didnít care for. Sometimes I thought this got a bit too technical for its own good. The production is great and the singing is solid as the guy as a good set of pipes and the music for the most part is Florida style death metal with fast parts, but like I said a few of the technical parts went over my head. This overall was some solid fast death metal, but please lose the clean vocal parts as they are so out of place and make you sound generic and all the rest of the bands doing that. Info:

GUILTY AS SIN/III (Self Released) This I didnít like much at all. Bad vocals and some bad thrash. The riffs werenít catchy and the music just dragged along. The vocals were buried in the mix and sung with little or no power. The songs just werenít strong and the riffs has no melody to them and it to me was like a band going through the motions. This band need to work on writing some better songs and stuff and making the riffs more catchy especially if they going to be playing thrash metal. Info:

The MEADS OF ASPHODELl THE MURDER OF JESUS THE JEW (Candlelight Records) This is typical death metal that does nothing different to separate itself from the 100ís out there. The band play below average death metal and throw in some keyboard and boring slow parts with oh wow female opera vocals. Metal Hammer calls this band the best underground band in 2007 and what the fuck where they smoking. The music basically sucks, the female vocals are fuckin overdone and then some and the vocals are about the only decent thing on this. Nothing new of interest to my ears or yours I bet. Info:

DISIPLIN/Radikale Randgruppe (ATMF) A wall of industrial noise that left me falling asleep with bordem within minutes. The songs were flat as a pancake and the vocals just backs and yells with no power or any energy behind them. The music is just a wishwash of noise that made no sense. Dull and boring. Info:

NOTHING LEFT FOR TOMMOROW/Nightbreed (Self Released) When I saw the band members wearing shirts from Iron Maiden, Anthrax and Forbidden, I was thinking it was gonna be some killer old school thrash. Oh how wrong I was. This is just another faceless band with those deathcore vocals that everybody is using now and the bass player, who is female, yup you guessed it, also sings making this just awful. This is yet another modern thrash band with the same tired riffs and deathcore vocals that it seems every band is doing nowadays. How can a band like this wear shirts from 3 killer and very original bands from back in the day and then churn out generic garbage like this. Bands really need to realize that deathcore vocals are not the way to go and to try and do something different and there is nothing on this disc that I have not heard from every other nu metal or new thrash band with those awful deathcore vocals and oh please the female vocals need to be gone as well. Info:

THE ORDER OF CHAOS/Self Titled (Self Released) What a great release this is. Great songs and great melodies on this. A female singer who can sing and actually has some power in her voice and no opera like crap neither. No deathcore vocals, no nu metal or jump metal crap neither. This was just solid balls to the wall metal played with feeling, emotion and power. The girl singer has a great voice and she sings the songs with passion and feeling and the band back her up with some catchy, but heavy riffs and I feel this band easily has its own sound and are doing something fresh and exciting and thank god for bands like this otherwise metal would be in the toilet. Great release. Info: or

INGRAVED/Onyou (Power Pain Records) This is a metal/hardcore band and the music isnít bad as it is a mix of older thrash and some hardcore parts thrown in with a big of modern thrash (nu metal), but for the most part the music is cool. The vocals on the other hand are a mixed bag. Why does every band feel the need to do the clean and deathcore vocal thing as it completely ruins it for me and this just lumps this band in with every other deathcore type of band. Guys lose the clean vocals and get rid of the deathcore thing and just sing in a non screaming style and yeah I know its hardcore and metal, well hardcore bands sang and screamed but not like this. Pop in some DRI or Cryptic Slaughter. Musicwise this was better than most doing this style, but the vocals are awful. You decide,. Info:

THE GATES OF MADNESS/The Wounded Kings/Split Release (Force Field Records) The Gates of Madness offer up 1 20 minute tune of the some the best doom metal I have heard in a long time. Crushing slow pound in your head riffs with some of the most vile vocals I have heard in some time and they fit the music perfectly. The 2nd band take it to the same level with another 15 minute track of doom the way it needs to be. Slow depressing songs that bring me back to Black Sabbathís debut release. The riffs punish and hurt and evoke a ton of feeling in them and that to me is what doom bands need to do. Be heavy as fuck and bring out emotion and feeling and sadness and both these bands do that and then some. Prepare of 40 minutes of music that will be haunt and reel you in and not let you go till the last note. Info:

WEAPON/From The Devils Tomb (Self Released) A wicked combo of death/black metal that had my on my knees. Wicked windmill like riffs and killer REAL FUCKIN death metal vocals had me hitting the air drums in no time. Riffs that are fast and heavy and still catchy this band just delivers the death metal goods and then some. Great production on this and no fuckin jump metal shit or female vocals are any of that trendy crap. This is a pure death metal delight that any fan of real death metal will love. Info: or

ACID WITCH/Stoned (Hells Headbangers) Some really cool doom metal is the ticket here. This never gets boring and I love the singerís voice and this band have their own doomy style as well as just donít sound like some generic doom metal band. This shit is sad, heavy and slow and just blew me away. Production is just perfect and as far as doom metal goes this is and While Heaven Wept are my 2 favorite bands making the rounds. If you like it heavy and doomy, then look no further. Info:

INQUISITION/Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm (Hells Headbangers) This is a black metal band and this I think is something people will either love or hate. Not so much the music, which is ripping fast black metal that is really cool and different. The vocals will tell the tale on this one. This guys sings like no other and there will be people that will like it and not mind it or people will just be running for the stop button. The music is fast and not typical pick riffing black metal riffs with some guy screaming that would bore me in 5 minutes. The music is fast and kinda sets a mood and sucks you in and is far from typical. The vocals I am not crazy over as he has a voice you will have to hear for yourself, but it is different let me warn ya. All in all this was different and prepare for vocals like no other. Info:

BLACK WITCHERY/Inferno Of Sacred Destruction (Hells Headbangers) Oh my fuckin god does this fuckin kill. Absolute crushing black metal that satan would bow to. This band plays with such feeling and hate it is not even funny. Vocals from the pits of hell. When done right black metal can be the most extreme form of music and this band does it right. No silly trends and pick riffing and generic vocals. This band comes in for the kill and they go right for the throat. The feeling and atmosphere and power this band deliver is second to none. This is black metal done right and at its finest. If you call yourself a black metal fan this is easily a must have. Info:

VULTURE INDUSTRIES/The Malefactorís Bloody Register (Dark Essence Records) This was some god awful goth metal with some of the most torturous vocals I have heard in some time. The music bored me to tears as I found no value in this stuff at all. Just a bunch of mombo jumbo stuff going on that did nothing for me. Keyboards, programming, and goth music is what you will find on this and some may like it, I found nothing I liked. Info:

HELHEIM/Asgards Fall (Dark Essence Records) I am not a big fan of so called ďViking metalĒ, but this wasnít too bad. This is a mini CD of sorts as the band has 2 new tracks, one from a forth coming release and one they re did. This is black metal with a sort of Viking sound and with that I mean this just isnít that fast pick riffing, the band sort of mold into a atmosphere and feeling. The vocals are in a death/black metal style and arenít just a bunch of senseless screaming. This band plays with more a feel and atmosphere type of sound and that was cool with me. Not a bad release here. Good production too and great atmosphere and feeling to the music. Info:

THE BATALLION/Head Up High (Dark Essence Records) This is a band made up of members from such bands like Old Funeral, Grimfist, and Taake. The band play thrash metal with an old school sound top it almost throwing some Motorhead into the mix. The vocals are sort of deathcore, but donít get annoying like that style does. The vocals are screamed, but they were OK, nothing great, but not annoying. The music is awesome 80ís thrash with tons of killer riffs and just that old Motorhead feel to it as well. Check these guys out for the old spirit they bring. Info:

DRUID LORD/Hymns For The Wicked (Self Released) This is death/doom metal done right. Just crushing riff after riff and real death metal vocals, not a bunch of deathcore screaming. The music is a mix of death and doom metal and the doom parts will have you on your knees Production on this is very good and I love the thick heavy guitar sound the band use and get. This is old school all the way and well worth checking out. This band is old school death/doom and proud of it. Good cause they made a new fanÖme. Info: