ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


EKTOMORF/Redemption (AFM Records) Just another no name groove metal band with the Pantera riffs and the tough guy/death core vocals. This sounds the same and the million other bands doing this style and guess what, they suck the same as the rest. Info:

ONSLAUGHT/Sounds of Violence (AFM Records) Yes this is the Onslaught from way back when and this isnít bad as they keep some of that old school thrash sound and have just a bit of the new thrash sound in with it, but thank god no tough guy or death core vocals. The singer just has a solid aggressive voice and he kills on this. Riffs that will have that head banging on this are a plenty. Production is mind blowing and the guitar crunch on this is wicked. Think along the newer Exodus stuff. Info:

PAGAN RITES/Embrace The Torments Of Hell (Iron Blood & Death Corp) Some wicked black metal is the ticket here. The band play with a lot of atmosphere and feeling, which I thinks makes or breaks black metal bands. Very strong black metal vocals sung with a ton of passion on here as well. Just rip roaring riffs and the music doesn't sound generic, which was another plus. The band can mix it slow or go into it fast as well and keep you on your toes as to what is next. This was just old school black metal that was done well and didn't sound generic to these ears and was a great listen. Info:

MORTUARY DRAPE/Secret Sudaria (Iron Blood & Death Corp) This is released under license from Reborn Records and again this is some serious solid black/death metal that doesn't sound like every other generic black metal band out there. This band has plenty of killer evil like riffs and the singing is something Satan would be proud of trust me. This is balls to the wall death/black metal with plenty of heavy and crushing riffs with some great death metal singing and no high pitched screaming or tough guy vocals neither. From reading over this, this I guess came out in 1996 and is a re-release. Well whether it is or not, this is some great music that blows away many of today's so called death or black metal bands. Includes a live track that crushes too. Excellent release. Info:

VUOHIVASARA/El Cult Revived (Iron Blood & Death Corp) Fast, crushing black metal that totally blew me out of my seat when the first notes blasted out of speakers. Oh the vocals are a black metal delight as the singer has such a true evil voice and doesn't sound stupid or generic. His voice sounds natural and he sings the songs the way black metal should be sung, full of evil and power. The music is fast style black metal, but not the pick riffing style, this band is way better than that as they just blast through song after song of pure 100% black metal intensity. The band also use a bit of death metal, old school style of course, and mix it in for quite the sound. This band doesn't sound like anybody else and this is yet again another great release from this label. When black metal is played the right way, it can be the most extreme form of music and this band just has that down to a t, from the intensity, the atmosphere and the playing. Just a crushing release that must be heard. Info:

DELIRIUM/All These Years Of Dying (The Art Records) This is straight forward death metal with none of that tough guy metal shit or groove. This is 100% straight ahead death metal played with intensity and power. The riffs will have your head and neck moving and I like the cool and different guitar sound the band use and thank god they don't sound like 500 other bands. The band mix up the speed with some slower parts to allow you to catch your breath ha ha. This band will hit you like a ton of lead and doesn't stop until the last note. Vocals are more in that screechy vein, but fit the music well and he has a cool voice I think and I like it. This never bored me and I had never heard the band until today and now they got a new fan, me. Info:

EVOKEN/Beneath The Frozen Soil (I Hate) Holy shit this is some intense doom/death metal with some of the heaviest riffs this side of the Atlantic. Riffs that will punish and hurt you and vocals that any fan of REAL death metal will love. The guitar sound on this is as heavy as a ton of molten steel. Vocals from the depths of hell itself. The band evoke such feeling, sadness, and atmosphere it isn't funny. 4 songs just wasn't enough as I need more of this band. Absolutely a release no fan of real underground fan should miss. This is how it is done. Info:

MINOTAUR/Power Of Darkness (I Hate) This was originally released 22 years ago and only came out as a bootleg on CD and now the label I Hate gives it a proper release with some bonus tracks as well, which is new stuff the band recorded. Well this is prime time German 80's thrash in the vein of Sodom, Kreator, Protector, Darkness, etc and it pretty much kills. Such vicious riffs and atmosphere on this. Just classic thrash German style is what this band delivers on this and it sounds killer to these ears. The 2 new tracks are even more killer thrash and this band delivers the goods. The production on this is raw as fuck, but you know what, the band evoke such feeling and such power, I love the raw sounds this band gets and they just have such feeling and atmosphere and hate (and not that nu metal tough guy hate shit) that I was banging from note 1 till the last riff. Buy this or be a loser. Info:

BLACK HORIZON/The Choice (Pervade/Gofannon Music) This is a decent heavy metal band in the vein of say Judas Priest. The band aren't bad, but are just missing that "wow" factor that would have blown me away. The riffs kinda just bored me at times and it was kinda like a band going through the motions and some of the songs didn't excite me or make my foot or neck take notice. The vocals weren't bad as the singer has a solid voice, but the band need to work on making the riffs a bit more catchy and maybe some more up tempo stuff would help as well. Info:

BUTCHER/Welcome To The Night (Inferno Records) Now this is in the same vein as the above band, but this band writes way better and catchier heavy metal tunes that had my head banging in seconds. This is a pure heavy metal classic with riffs that were both melodic, heavy and catchy as hell. Great female vocals too as it almost sounds like she has a set of balls and I mean that in a good way. Production is great and I love the guitar sound and just everything on this is great. A pure heavy metal classic. Info: or

REVEAL/Same (Self Released) Just another of the way too many nu/jump metal bands with the death tough guy growls and wow the totally original clean vocals too boot. So many of these bands doing this that they are a dime a dozen. Nothing original here at all as they sound like every other nu metal band I have reviewed in the past year. Guys please lose the clean vocals and the jump metal riffs and try and go create something original and not copy 10,000 other bands. Info:

SYMBOL SIX/Monsters II (Self Released) Some cool down n dirty punk rock, not hardcore, but punk rock. Punk rock like it used to be with bands like DOA, Circle Jerks, etc. I really liked this as not many bands this style and they rip out some wicked punk rock with a fury. I love the singer he has a perfect punk rock voice as he sings the songs in a raw sort of shouted way, the way punk rock should be. Production is not over polished and keeps that raw sound. I looked at the bands bio and they have been around since 82 so no wonder they sound like they do. This is some great punk rock played the way punk rock was meant to be played and if your old school then you'll love this as this is just great. Info:

ELEVENKING/Red Silent Tides (AFM Records) The bands bio calls them power metal/folk metal, but to me this is more hard rock than anything. This is some damn fine hard rock too. Great, catchy riffs with some nice vocals make this band better than 99% of other so called hard rock pretty boy bands. The bottom line with me is riffs and this was just full of them. The tunes were catchy and the singer had a great voice that fits the music and this was so good that they got a new fan, me. Info:

TANKARD/Volume 14 (AFM Records) This band has been around as long as Metal Core and while I have not heard every release, this delivers the goods. Ripping thrash riffs that will have your neck snapping and vocals that are not deathcore or any of that screaming moshcore shit. Just a singer with a solid aggressive voice singing in a aggressive way and not sounding like every other singer out there. The production in this crushes and the guitar sound is a thrash loverís dream and just has that classic old school thrash riffing. This is an awesome release of classic thrash metal. Info:

MOONREIGH/Loi Martiale (De Tenebrarum Principio) This was some crushing black metal in the vein of Dissection. Just wicked fast riffs and smash pounding drum parts and also some killer black metal vocals made this a treat to listen too. The music didnít sound generic nor the vocals. Production is on the money and the band also just donít pound it out every second they slow it down now and then and they also have some melody in their music too. A perfect example of the way black metal should be. Info:

WOEBEGONE OBSCURED/ Deathstination (I Voidhanger Recordings) This to me was some boring doom metal with boring riffs and just plain awful music. The singer was decent, but the music just dragged along and had no power or anything with it. The songs were flat and I do like some doom metal, but the riffs and stuff werenít there and this just bored me. Info:

SVART CROWN/Witnessing The Fall (Listenable Records) This was just another case of the same ole same. Another faceless death metal with some brutal riffs and signing, but it has been done to death this style. The music sounds like a million other faceless death metal bands and music wise it sounds like a bad version of Immolation. The vocals arenít bad, but they are just the standard death metal style and the band never slows down and just blasts a million miles an hour. Nothing special here. Info:

HEATHEN BEAST/EP (Self Released) 3 tunes of some decent black/death metal. The 3 tunes were decent slabs of death/black metal that didnít sound generic or sound awful. Strong vocals on this too. Production was solid and this band didnít try and out blast, and out evil every other band out there, which scored points with me. The band played fast, but not too fast, good death/black metal and 3 songs made me want to hear more. Info:

SECRET SPHERE/Heart & Anger (Metal Mind Productions) I have never heard of this band before and they play a style of melodic power metal with a clear voiced singer. The music is chunky power metal with some prog metal mixed in here and there. The singer has a powerful voice and he fits the style of the music. Sort of if you mix older Savatage with Dream Theatre. The tunes are catchy numbers that fans of prog metal will eat up. I would say this is more prog metal than power metal. This was a solid release of straight ahead metal mixed in with prog and a touch of power metal. InfoĒ or

ONE MAN ARMY AND THE DEAD QUARTET/21st Century Killing Machine (Metal Mind Productions) Some decent death metal with a groove beat to it. This came out a few years back and is now being re-released and it has one of the guys from The Crown in it. The band play a groove death metal style that I am not a big fan of and this I thought was OK, better than some of the other groove metal crap out there. You get a couple bonus songs and clips on here too so if your into the groove death metal thing, this is better than most. Info: or

SECRET SPHERE/Scent Of Human Desire (Metal Mind Productions) Now this is more like power metal for sure. Faster tunes and more catchy stuff I think are on this one. I love the more power metal approach and the tunes have a more aggressive style and I was more into the disc that the other. Again great vocals and production and the playing is outstanding. This was a wicked killer release and includes a bonus track. A must have for power metal fans. Info: or

ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET/Error in Evolution (Metal Mind Productions) More groove metal, but this like the above release, I liked this better than the above release from this same band. Less groove and more death metal vocals and less deathcore vocals and a bit more speed on this too. The band mixes in more of a older death metal sound and this to me just sounded better to my ears. Vocals are better and the songs are better. This is worth checking out. Info: or

SLITER THG/War By God (Self Released) I hate to rip on bands, I really do, but this was some god awful music. The music is just a really bad mix of heavy metal and some rock. The riffs are god awful and there is nothing there to grasp on or even nod your head to. The music is all over the place and there is nothing catchy at all within the songs or riffs. The band needs to work on their songs and an identity as I have no idea what they are trying to do. Sorry maybe next time If this is some combined 2 band disc I have no idea as no info was provided. Info:

NECRONCLAST/Ashes (Moribund Records) To me this was just a wishy washy slab of music that went nowhere fast. The vocals are just bad growls and screams into a mic and the music isnít much better. It is bad death metal that has nothing of value to it at all. Want killer riffs, ha, you wonít find it on this and the vocals just ruin any shot of this being any good at all. Info:

HATE/Erebos (Listenable Records) While this breaks no new ground, this is some of the best stuff that Lisenable Records has put out as there is not of that groove/deathcore shit on this. This is blasting death metal with some furious riffs and blasting drums. The vocals are death metal vein none of that shitty deathcore crap. The production is killer and I love the guitar sound the band get and the smashing drums sound rules too. Think Morbid Angel around the ďBlessed Are The SickĒ era. Good stuff. Info:

DRUGS OF FAITH/Corroded (Self Made God Records) Holy shit this blew me away. I wouldnít even know where to being to describe this. Think punk rock meets grind. The music is wicked fast and raw with some punk rock style singing. The 3 piece sound like no other band I can think of can just let the raw music do to the talking. Just rip roaring fast punk rock that will have pits a plenty. Very cool and original band that is for sure. Worth checking out. Info:

DISPLIN/Radikale Randgruppe (ATMF) Just a wall of industrial noise with some black metal thrown in. This is totally useless as the vocals are so buried in the mix and the music is just a wall of noise that goes nowhere fast and this was pretty much bad and awful.
GRONDHAAT/Humanity-The Flesh For Satanís Pigs (Ketzer Records) Oh this is the way black metal should be. This is raw, pounding black metal played with feeling, emotion, atmosphere and vocals from hell. This is a side project from the band Trollech and they know the way black metal needs to be. Vocals are of pure hate and he sings such a vicious way and no trendy deathcore singing or nu metal riffs or generic black metal screaming. A total black metal masterpiece I assure you. Info:

GHOST TOWER/Curse Of The Black Blood (Self Released) This band reminded me of the sadly missed Sapphic Ode. They play metal music with a slight goth and dark style to it. The band also have a female singer and she has a really good voice for the style of music the band is playing. The guitars have a nice thick metal crunch and the band donít sound like anybody else I can think of any no deathcore or nu metal shit to be found thank god. The band have a nice style that I enjoyed and they also sent me a cassette (yes a tape ha ha) of some cool cover tunes they play including Deceased, OZ, and Deadly Blessing and that was very cool to hear. Check em out at:

UNDER THE FLOOD/Alive In The Fire (Self Released) This is another one of those new modern groove rock bands that I FUCKIN HATE, but I must say, out of all that I heard, and I have quite a few, this is about as good as I have heard a band of this caliber. The singer has a great voice for the style of music the band play and he really belts and gets into the songs. The songs are catchy numbers and donít sound generic or stupid and I enjoyed them for the most part. Heck my wife likes the band ha ha. I will say for this style of music this band is about as good as it gets and the songs and vocals finally won me over. Info:

TRAILER PARK SEX/Now Or Fuckin Never (Self Released) This band claims to have jazz in their music, well I donít hear Pat Methany or The Jazzmasters, what my ears here is just another faceless deathcore band with those At The Gates vocals along with nu metal death core crap with a few jazzy like riffs mixed in. This sounds like any other faceless death metal band making the rounds these days and the vocals and music are nothing new or different that I have not heard at least 500 times before. This is just another band doing the same thing over and over that I have heard way too many times before. Typical death metal. Info:

LORD OF PAGATHORN/Msilihporcen (Self Released) This is just some crippling black metal with some traces of real death metal thrown in the mix. This is fast, heavy, and will blow you away. The band has that feeling and atmosphere down and I could feel it as this played on. I have said before, when black metal is done right, it can be deadly, and this is deadly I assure you. Great black metal vocals, not that annoying screeching kind neither. Production on this rules as does the bands guitar sound. Just wave after wave of brain crushing black metal done the right way. Info:

ANGIST/2010 Demo (Self Released) 2 tunes is hard to judge a band by, but this I thought was OK. The music isnít anything special, but it doesnít suck neither. The 2 tunes I heard are fast death metal numbers that are just kinda there in the middle, not pulling me neither way in any direction. The production is good and the singer isnít bad, at least no deathcore on this. The band should slow down just a tad and the female on drums wow she can blast with the best of them. I gave this a couple more listens and I am gonna lean a bit more to the better than average side, but the band should work on slowing down a bit and donít change the vocal style and just donít follow trends. Not bad. Like to hear more. Info:

NOCTURNAL TORMENT/Consecrated (Self Released) 3 tunes of well played death metal in the vein of I would say Pestilence, which is a good thing in my book. Crushing, thick riffs that will knock over a tall building and vocals that made me smile. This is the way death metal should be played. Riffs that had my neck snapping and the production on this is godly. Oh I could see a label snatching these boys up soon if not they are fools. This is just balls to the wall death metal with tons of feeling and atmosphere and riffs that will knock your head off. Check these guys out for sure. Info:

STRATOVARIUS/Elysium (Armoury Records) Oh what a awesome release of melodic power metal this is. Soaring vocals and just great tunes made this a winner in my book. The guitar crunch kills and I was banging my heads within seconds. Singer Timo has a great voice and he sings these songs with passion that few can match. The tunes are both heavy and catchy and god I just loved this release. This is the bands 13th album!!! Holy shit I will have to go back and check out their other work, in the meantime pick up what I will say will be one of my top releases in 2011. Info:

INVASION/Orchestrated Kill Maneuver (Rotting Corpse Records) This was some pretty nice straight forward death metal with some crushing riffing and real death metal vocals. Incantation meeting Autopsy was something that was going through my mind as this played on. The band also have some of that killer Swedish death metal sound to them that I friggin love. The production on this crushes as that guitar sound melts me. Vocals are just a pure death metal delight and this is a great release of death metal the way it should sound, no nu metal or deathcore in siteÖthank god. Info:

THANATOPSIS/A View Of Death (Cursed Productions) This is a re-release of this bandís demos and other goodies as this band was around in 1990 and that is when I would actually write to one of these guys back and forth, yeah we actually wrote letters back in the day. And now is he is in the above named band. Anyway this is his old band and they rip through on this some wicked raw death/thrash with crushing lighting fast riffs and real blasts beats with some Slayer mixed in there. Vocals are shouted thrashy like, which was fine by me. Very cool hearing this on Cd as the band still sound fresh as they did in 1990. This is more raw than the above band and plus it was 1990 and only a demo. This is a treat for all old school fans and for newer ones, heck this is a million times better than that deathcore crap making the rounds. Cheers for Ray of Metal Curse for putting this out. Info:

STIGMA/The Undertaker EP (Pivotal Recordings) Wow 3 tracks of nu metal with the same tired dance metal riffs and breakdowns (wow what a word huh) The producer of this called this Ďa breath of fresh airĒ. What the fuck were you smoking my man. This shit sounds the same as 2000 other nu metal, groove metal, deathcore bands that all have the same deathcore vocals and nu metal dance riffs that it is impossible to tell one from another. Breath of fresh air? Give me Dark Angel, give me Deceased, give me Goreaphobia, give me Gama Bomb, but please donít give any of this fresh air. A complete waste of your time this band is. Absolute fuckin garbage. Oh this is only available as a download too. Info:

PROCESS THROUGH ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ONLY/Human Sacrifice Records) This to me is just another modern groove metal band with those deathcore vocals and also they throw in some clean vocals as well and to me the band just seem better than that. The music is that happy thrash metal riffing that I am no fan of as give me Violence any day. The vocals with the clean and deathcore style, just sound like any other band doing this style and there was nothing new that perked my ears up. I will say this though, as far as bands doing this style, which I am no fan of, this is one of the better ones as at least some of the riffs had my feet tapping. Not bad for what this is. Info:

HALO STEREO/The Invisible War (Self Released) This was an alternative modern rock band and I must say a fuckin damn good one to boot. Great songs and great vocals highlight this disc. The singer has a great voice and he really gets into signing these songs on the disc and the music is both catchy and heavy and would be something you would hear on any modern FM station nowadays. Again to me what separates this band from others, is that the songs are catchy and donít sound generic or like a million other bands and that they have a singer with some passion and a set of balls to boot. Great band here and to all those people who think I just like brutal death metal and thrash metal and only older bands and not any new bands, well here is a great new band and they are rock n roll so fuck off. Info:

ANIHILATED/Scorched Earth Policy (Killer Metal Records) Ah now this is a breath of fresh air, pun intended. Killer old school thrash metal played the way it should be played, with aggression, feeling and power and no fuckin no metal or happy riffing to be found anywhere. Great production also on this and this is just prime time thrash metal and oh those riffs brought a smile to my face that lasted until the last riff was played. Great thrash metal release here and this band is back baby. Info:

NEURONSPOLIER/No Oneís Safe (Self Released) Wow this some excellent pure heavy metal with lots of catchy riffs and vocals. The singer has a strong clear voice, but he sings the songs with passion and a set of balls too. The music is old school metal straight ahead metal like a band like Accept would play. I like the guitar tone the band uses and the songs were solid tunes that didnít sound like any other band I could think of and they donít mix in any modern metal which was fine by me. This is headbanging metal that is about as good as it gets. Not many bands of this around and I am glad to see a band like this holding the metal flag nice and high. Info:

IGNITION CODE/Upgraded (Self Released) Same ole heard a million times groove metal with the deathcore vocals and breakdown parts. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and all sound the same to my ears and canít tell one from the other. Info:

DARK MIRROR/Visions Of Pain (Killer Metal Records) This label delivers the goods again with another solid release. This is a straight forward no frills heavy metal band that hails the metal flag high and mighty. Heavy riffs of metal and no nu metal or happy riffs to be found anywhere. No stupid singing or clean vocals. Just a heavy metal fury that locked me and didnít let go. This is the way heavy metal was meant to be played and this band grab the metal banner and donít let go. Also 4 extra bonus demo tracks on this puppy too. Get it. Info:

VERITATE/The Chosen One (Killer Metal Records) This was another pure heavy/power metal band with some keyboards, which I felt took away from some of the music. The band kicks out some catchy metal riffs and chanting vocals that brought me back to the days of the 80ís. The music has some melody to it, but it still catchy and heavy nevertheless. I love the singerís clean vocals and he as well sings in an aggressive style, but not shouting deathcore crap. Except for the few keyboard parts here and there, this is another great release from this label that is putting out some quality metal releases. Info:

COLOSSUS/And The Rift Of The Pandimensional Under-Gods (Killer Metal Records) This was a decent metal/rock band. This band I wouldnít call a pure metal band as they have some rock n roll in their music, but donít let that fool ya, cause this band delivers the goods and god do they write some catchy rock and metal riffs. The label thrown out the name Saxon in the bands bio and yeah that wouldnít be far off, but theis band has a bit more rock to them, but yeah Saxon would be a good start. Bottom line is I am a sucker for a good riff and this has a million on them. I love the singer as he sings the songs with passion and feeling and that is one trademark that win me over, that and a good riff. This label has some great bands on it from what I have heard so far and now you can add this to that list. Info:

BATON ROGUE MORGUE/High End Of The Season (Self Released) Some really excellent heavy metal with tons of killer riffs and fist banging songs. There is also a 5 song DVD on this too. This starts off with the song ĎHellrideĒ which got my fist pumping and didnít let up till the last note was sprung. The riffs on this and song structures will make any head bang I assure you. Finally a metal band that knows a great riff and this has more than a few great riffs. Awesome singer too, he puts his heart in singing these tunes and if you like bands like Accept, etc, youíll love this. Killer band. Info: or

BORN OF SCARS/Self Titled (Self Released) This is a rock/metal band and actually not a bad one neither. They have a female singer, who has a nice set of pipes and she sings the songs with passion and emotion and doesnít sound bad to my ears. The music is more rock n roll with a metal edge, but not that shitty modern rock sound, this band just writes solid tunes that are catchy. The 7 tunes I got on this disc were all good to great tunes. The production is solid and I think for the most part the band have their own sound. I could easily see this band getting signed to a label and selling some serious units. Good stuff and not many bands doing this style and glad to see this wasnít some FM garbage modern rock band. Info: or

LIGHTNING SOWRDS OF DEATH/The Extra Dimensional Wound (Metal Blade Records) Holy shit did this knock me out of my chair. Just bone crushing speed/death metal that blasted and beat me into oblivion. This is fast, powerful hit on this puppy. Vocals that will make any underground fan proud. Riffs that had my neck moving and playing air drums as well. The production is nice and solid and I friggin love the guitar sound on here as well as the real blast beats. Ah no groove or breakdown parts to be found. Info:

SACRARIUM/March To An Inviolable Death (De Tenebrarum Principio) Some decent black metal here. The band use the same fast pic riffing style most use, but the band play with such feeling and emotion that I could not help getting wrapped up in this. The band also slow it down at times and I love the vocals, total hate and power. The production on this is good as well. I am not a huge fan of black metal, but like it when it is done right, and this is done right. Info:

SPELLBOUND DAZZLE/Unreal Fairy Tales (LA Records) This is a weird band, but they have too much of the nu metal/breakdown style for my liking. They throw in some weird prog parts and then some mellow parts and then go and play some very generic nu groove metal with wow clean vocals. Oh if they got rid of that stuff, they would fuckin rule. Those parts remind me of Linkin Park, and they fuckin blow. This just has too many nu metal and generic parts for me to get into it and just throwing a few odds and ends does not make a good bad. Info:

PRELUDIUM/Warfare (Diabolical Conquest Records) This is some decent death metal played the old school way. No groove or nu metal shit and no deathcore vocals thank god. This is just pure death metal with some slower riffs and then wicked blast beats to boot. The only negative thing is that this style of death metal has been done to death and it is far from original. That being said, I did enjoy what the band is doing and it is better than a lot of the other stuff out there and I do love the blast beats. Info:

THE DEAD/Death Metal Suicide (Diabolical Conquest Records) Some crushing doom this band plays. Riffs as heavy as steel drum and they just pounded me into oblivion. This never got boring as some doom metal bands do. Just riff after bone crushing riff and not a boring note can be heard on this. Production is nice and thick and not over produced and sounds just about right. One of the best doom bands around or at least that I have heard. Info:

HAVOK/Time Is Up (Candlelight Records) Fuckin A some prime time thrash and not any of this nu metal or happy groove style of thrash. No this is old school Bay Area style thrash that totally crushes. God I couldnít stop listening to this puppy. Riffs that had my head spinning and also playing air drums like there was no tomorrow. If I had to pick a band I would say Exodus from around the Pleasure of the Flesh days, but this easily stands on its own. Great production and thrash metal riffs out my ass. This was easily be in my top ten of 2011 and we are only in Feb. This FUCKIN CRUSHES!!! Info:

ABACINATE/Genesis (Epitomite Productions) This band mix in some modern death metal and some sounds of the old. Some of it I liked and some of course I didnít, but that is just me. The singer on this, unfor, has passed away, but he did a hell of a job on this except for some of the deathcore stuff, which, just me, I am not into it. The music on this is some brutal death metal and even though it is far from original, it is enjoyable and the band can crank out some killer riffs. The production on this is great and this band conducts a nice mix of the old and new. Info:

BALFOR/Barbaric Blood (Pulverised Records) Some really solid old school death metal with some traces of older style black metal thrown in for good measure. Vocals remind me of Cronos of Venom, which by no means is a bad thing. The band just play with lots of feeling and aggression and no deathcore, no jump around metal, just solid evil death metal the way this music was meant to be. Riffs that will tear through your body and slice and dice you. Really cool band here and they have their own style too and this is worthy of a purchase. Info:

UNCANNY/MCMXCI-MCMCIV (Dark Descent Records) This band was around for a short time in the early 90ís and put a few things out and then broke up. Well this label is putting out all their material on a double disc and double horns up for them as this is some crushing Swedish death metal played with tons of feeling and aggression. Just listen to these riffs on this and vocals that are pure death metal delight. This is pure Swedish death metal that will crush the weak and even though this stuff is from the early 90ís it blows away so much of this new crap that dares call its music death metal. The riffs on this will have you head banging in seconds. Awesome re-release. Info:

AS LIKELY AS NOT/Stand Up And Nerve (TEK) Boring, heard a million times before death metal with those shitty deathcore vocals and fake blast beats and happy riffing. Please donít even label this as thrash metal cause it will give thrash metal a band name. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and just infest and pollute the already overcrowded underground with more garbage bands. Info:

HELSTAR/Glory Of Chaos (AFM Records) Some old timers, like me, ha ha, will remember this band from the 80ís on Metal Blade Records. Well they are back and wow do they sound great. Singer James Rivera absolutely smokes on this as he and his band have put out one of the best power metal records this pair of ears has heard in quite some time. Riffs that will have you head moving and toes tapping. His voice never sounded better and the Saxon and Scorpions covers are godly. Every song on this is an A plus song and if youíre a fan of real and classic power metal, this is a must buy and this is the way power metal and heavy metal should sound, not that nu metal happy riffing crap. Info:

FLAME/March Into Firelands (Hells Headbangers) Just crushin old school thrash metal with some elements of black metal thrown in the mix too. Vocals are total old school black metal that donít sound generic or stupid and the singer has a hellish voice that adds an element to the band. The music is old school black and thrash metal and when mixed together it packs quite wallop. Forget all these new wanna be bands, stuff like this is where the underground should be. No happy nu metal riffing or cheesy screeching vocals. Just pulverizing death and destruction the way it was meant to be. Another awesome release from this great label. Info:

RAVENCULT/Morbid Metal Primitivism (Hells Headbangers) Oh my god shoot me now. This is such a crushing release it is beyond belief. Riffs from the depths of hell and vocals that satan would love. This band mix in the best of old school speed metal and black metal to spew out some of the most violent, vicious music I have heard in years. This just took me on a ride that I never wanted to get off. The guitar sound the band use on this is unholy and the sound, feeling and power is unreal. This band sound as tight as a hot chick in tight ass jeans let me tell you. The production also has that raw killer feel and this just plain kills. Info:

AUSTRALIS/Eidolon (Self Released) This was some decent death metal, but I have mixed feeling on the singing. Some of the parts of the singing I didn't like were when the singer or another member when into those generic deathcore parts. Other than that this was some well played death metal with some nice riffs and fast parts to boot. Nice guitar sound and production on this as well. The 4 songs on here are very good and if the band lose the deathcore singing they would be that much better off and they are a good enough band not to resort to the crap. Info: