ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


INCANTATION/Onward to Golgotha (Relapse Records) I was given this at the Maryland Deathfest to review, so here I go. This came out in 1992 originally and has just been re-issued with a bonus DVD. What can I say about this release that hasn’t been said already? Well first off, if you don’t have it in your collection, after you leave my site go and order the bloody thing right now. This is easily one of the greatest death metal releases of all time. From Craig Pillard’s vocals, to John McEntee’s this is simply a masterpiece of death metal. Production on this is flawless and John’s guitar sound in inhuman as are the vocals, which are REAL death metal vocals 100%. This also comes with a bonus DVD with some early shows the band did back in the day. If you don’t own this, don’t you dare call yourself a fan of death metal. Info:

VOLATILE/2011 EP (Self Released) 3 tracks of some killer old school thrash/speed metal that made me feel I was back in 1987! This band just capture that old school sound and production big time on this. The 3 tunes on this just are pack full of killer riffs and melodies and high pitched thrash metal screaming that I fuckin loved. The 3 tunes just made me want more. Great to see a band bring that old school vibe and style
and check these guys out they crush. Info: or

DRAKAR/Let Draka/Flight Of The Dragon (I Hate) This is a double disc re-issue of this band's 2 releases that came out in 1990. I only have disc one to review and I had not heard of the band, but was curious to what I was gonna hear when I popped this in. Well after a few tunes my ears were treated some serious thrash metal that my neck loved. Vocals were weird, but cool and def not typical, which was fine with me. This band def have their own style and play thrash in a weird sort of way that you would prob have to hear for yourself as I can't compare them to any one band. They aren't all in out speed and play with more power than speed, but the thrash stuff is def there. As a bonus you also get another disc that I am sure is killer and the band has reformed as well. Info:

RISE AND SHINE/Empty Hand (I Hate) This is some wicked doomy 70's style metal that any fan of early Sabbath will be bowing down at this bands alter. I liked this a lot as the band still have some melody about them and this didn't slow down to a snails pace and the singer has a great set of pipes and I loved the fuzzy guitar sound on this too. The production was right out of Black Sabbath Vol 4 and I loved it. The songs just are so heavy and catchy and along with the killer vocals make this a must have. Info:

BLACK OATH/The Third Aeon (I Hate) This is another doom metal band and they are different from the above band as they have a more modern doom metal sound. They also have a more modern production sound, but trust me the guitar crunch of this is as heavy as hell itself. The singer sounds a bit like Ozzy, but the music
is much more than just some Sabbath wanna be band. I would say if your into Candlemass or Sabbath or just some solid doom metal here is a band for ya. Info:

NECROMANDO BEAST/Necromando (Self Released) Now this is fuckin old school as this was sent to me on cassette tape from Germany and with tons of flyers too!!! That is the way is used to be my friends. Now onto the music which is pure old school speed metal played with tons of feeling and passion and is total old school all the way. The band have a sound right out of the mid to late 80's and trust me I wasn't complaining one bit as this played on. After I survived the 4 songs on Side # 1 I popped on Side # 2 and was treated a live rehearsal from this band back in 2002. This is just pure German thrash played fast, heavy, and with lots of power and speed. Vocals are screams and growls of death like all great German thrash bands. This was a pleasant surprise to say the least. Info:

DESTROYING DIVINITY/Dark Future (Brutal Bands) The band sent me this not the label as it seems the label isn't do much for this band and that is a shame as this is some pretty intense death metal. The band play no frills death metal in the vein of Immolation, Incantation and Morbid Angel. The singer has a killer death metal voice and he growls out the lyrics with intensity and none of that deathcore crap neither. The guitar sound is awesome as it is heavy as fuck and wicked and brutal. This is the way death metal needs to be, not this shitty deathcore crap. Production on this is as good as it gets and if you want real death metal this band delivers the goods. Info: or

FEELS NEVER REAL/VS The Sea Of Disease (Self Released) This is just another one of those modern rock bands you hear on the radio these days and to me they all sound the same, with the same riffs, vocal patterns,melodies, etc. I couldn't tell one from another and this is just another one I could lump in with all the rest. Info:

PUNCH CABBIE/Human Intrusion (Self Released) This was one of those deathcore bands that I am not into much, but I will say this, this band is better than most I have heard. The singer for the most part has a better voice that most of these deathcore bands I hear all the time and the music on this is better than most of the other deathcore bands I have heard over say the last 2 years. The band don't just play generic death metal with death core vocals as they are more of a straight up metal band with some of that groove to them, but it is better than most. I can't say I love this, but I am always honest and give every band I fair shake and for the style the band is doing they are better than most. Info:

GOAT VOMIT/Alter Of The Great God Dog (Self Released) This was some wicked death metal played with just a taste of black metal and thrash as well. The band just have this wicked vibe I liked as it played on and I liked the singer as he growls through the tunes and I couldn't understand not one word, nor did I care ha ha. I love the guitar sound this band gets as it is so fuckin raw and he pounds out some crushing riffs that had my neck moving in seconds. The band picks up the speed at times and I loved the fast parts on this. For some reason old Pestilence came to mind as this played on. Really good old school stuff here and glad to see more bands holding up the old school vibe. Info:

TWENTY RIPPED ANGEL/Threads (Killing Jar Records) About 2 minutes into this, this kept reminding me of Rob Zombie musicwise and singing wise. Don't get me wrong that is not a bad thing. This band combine a mix of goth, metal and industrial music and roll it into one big ball. The songs are heavy and catchy for the most part. Production on this is solid and for the style they play and stuff I would say that I enjoyed this pretty much. I like the singing and the songs had me nodding to the music and this didn't seem generic at all. I myself don't hear many bands doing this style and this was like a breath of fresh air. Info:

PALLAS/XXV (Mascot Records) This is a prog band and with prog bands I am hit or miss on them as I can either get into what the band is doing or I just loathe them. This was a band I didn't like much as I felt the songs just dragged on and I didn't think the riffs or the song structures were catchy at all. The songs to me just tagged on and on and I couldn't get into them. I am sure some people will get into this stuff, but for me it just didn't click with me. The singer does have a solid voice and he sings the songs with some passion, but the songs just lacked that killer bite for me. Info:

MEMORIES OF MACHINES/Warm Winter (Mascot Records) Wow this was one wicked, incredible release. This release sucked me, kept me there, and spit me out when the last note played. The music is haunting rock played with tons of feeling, emotion, anger, and sadness. The singer just sings the songs with such passion I was floored. The music is rock with tons of moody parts and it just sucked me in and I absolutely was along for this ride you bet. Production is perfect and this might be something for everybody, but it totally blew me away. Info:

SERIS/Same (Self Titled) 3 tunes of rock with a goth edge to it and you know what, the 3 songs here wasn't bad. The singer, who is female, has a really strong voice and she pounds out the tunes with a lot of feeling and the tunes weren't just some generic modern rock. They are rock with a goth edge and also a bit of the Seattle sound and the combo works with the female vocals. Sort of like Alice in Chains with a bit of goth and female vocals. I like the heavy guitar sound too and the songs were catchy, but not in a happy way. Info: or

FATALITY/Beers From The Grave (Self Released) Oh this is some awesome old school thrash metal that will make you think you were back in 1988. Just bone crushing thrash metal and no nu metal or happy metal to be found. The singer just belts out the words like any good thrash metal singer would and the band back him up with plenty of back up singing to boot. Production is right out of the 80's and this is just awesome old school thrash that I fuckin loved and am now a huge fan of this band. Info:

BLOODBOUND/Unholy Cross (AFM Records) This to me was just a boring power metal band with some generic riffs and singing that didn't impress me at all. The music is in the power metal vein, but it just kinda
sits there and to me was nothing special. Sort of like a bad version of Helloween. Wasn't into this at
all. Info:

DEBAUCHERY/Germany's Next Death Metal (AFM Records) God awful happy death metal with some of the worst death metal vocals I have heard. The guy just growls and screeches with no power at all and the music was just completely forgetful. Just a complete waste of time this band is. Info:

PHARAOH/Ten Years (Cruz Del Sur Music) Unlike the other power metal band reviewed above, this is way better than them due to having a good singer and riffs that are both catchy, heavy and not generic in any way. This sort of sounded like to me if Iron Maiden went and played power metal as the riffing reminded me of them at times. The singer has a strong, but clear voice and he fits the music really well. The music is more heavy metal than power metal to my ears, but there is traces of power metal at times. The tunes are catchy numbers that will get your neck and feet moving. Info;

ZOMBIEFICATION/Midnight Stench (Osmose Productions) This was just another run of the mill death metal band that did nothing for me. They play straight forward boring death metal that had no exiting riffs or song structures at all. The songs just plodded along and this did not a thing for me. Found it to be very boring and nothing on this I thought was good. Info:

INKISITOR/Dysevangelist (Osmose Productions) Holy fuck does this crush. Just a fuckin wicked combo of death/black metal that slays the weak and totally crushed and blew me away. Riffs from hell and vocals from hell as well. Music is just fast pounding metal that will burn through your skin. The singer had chills going up and down my spine as he just spewed out the lyrics with power and passion that was second to none. Production is right on the money and this shit will eat you alive. The fast blistering riffs were just a pleasure to listen to. Bow down to this. Info:

KATANA/Heads Will Roll (Listenable Records) Oh this is some tasteful heavy metal in the vein of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Now this isn't some clone band, but they just play in that style ok. Great catchy riffs that will have that neck moving and the singer has a really good solid voice as he sings the songs with tons of feeling and passion to boot. Most bands that try to do this come across as lame and weak, but not this. This is the real deal. Info:

SWITCHTENSE/Self Titled (Rastilho Records) Oh just what the world needs another deathcore band with those god fuckin awful death metal vocals. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and this happy metal bullshit has got to go. This is fuckin junk. Info:

PANZERCHRIST/Regiment Ragnarok (Listenable Records) This was bad, From the heard a million times before riffs and vocals to the god awful tin can sounding drums this was bad. Just terrible death metal that goes nowhere fast and was literally putting me to sleep. Info:

GRAVEHILL/When All Roads Lead To Hell (Dark Descent Records) This was some pretty rip roaring death/black metal that I enjoyed. The band just rip through the tunes with passion and hate and no deathcore crap or happy riffing. This is pure hate filled music the way it was meant to be. The singer has a killer death/black metal voice and I can just feel the hatred burn out of his throat as this played on. Riffs that will burn through you and the chaos and speed are 2nd to none. This crushes. Info:

RUINS/Chambers Of Pervsersion (Negative Existance) When it comes to black metal I am hit or miss and you either have it or not. This band for sure has it. Just slaughtering black metal satan would be proud of that is for sure. Pure unholy hell riffs and oh I love the pure black metal vocals as this S guy sings his ass off. The band just have that power and passion and feeling that a lot of bands don't have. The 8 tunes on this easily left me wanting more, more, more. Info:

SPEED/KILL/HATE/Out For Blood (Hammerfist Records) This is side band or what not with one of the guitar players in Overkill and he better stick with them cause to me all I heard on this was a bunch of generic deathcore shit with those deathcore vocals and happy pit riffing tunes. This has NOTHING to do with old school like the band's bio says. This is a Pantera wanna be band and not a fucking good one at that. Just more junk that infests the already overcrowded underground. Info:

SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY (Self Released) To me this just sounded 5000 other black metal bands that I have heard over the years. Same riffing, same vocal style. Nothing new here and I got bored rather quickly. Info:

TOTAL FUCKIN DESTRUCTION/Hater Holy fuck what a combo of grind and death metal on this puppy. This shit never lets up and will drive you into the ground like a hammer. Vocals that will drill through your mind and pump you into submission. Production on this crushes as well and the guitar sound I love just along with everything else. I am not a huge fan of grind, but when it is done this way and doesn't sound like a wall of noise the results can be devastating and that is what this is. Info:

FACES OF BABON/Heart Of The Fire (Ragnarok Records) Some pretty crushing doom metal here that didn't bore me like some doom bands do after a bit. Heavy, crushing riffs are the ticket here and along with some wicked vocals made this a treat to review. Production is nice and solid as well and the riffs are even catchy at times too. If your into doom metal this is one release I think you would like. Info:

AENAON/Cendres Et Sang (Code 666) Complete heard a million times before death metal with the same screaming style vocals and boring riffs that did nothing for me. This was as flat as a pancake and then some. Another faceless death metal band in an already way overcrowded underground. Info:

MARDUK/Iron Dawn (Regain Records) This is only a 3 track EP, but what a friggin 3 track EP it is. Now this is the real deal of black metal none some of this cheap corpse paint wanna be bands. Marduk have been delivering the goods for a long time and they deliver once again as these 3 tunes just knocked me out of my chair and then some. Vocals from the depths of hell and riffs that would make satan proud. Production is right on the money and for black metal it is hard to beat this. Another masterpiece by this band. Info:

TWISTED TOWER DIVE/Make It Dark (Cruz Del Sur Music) I have always liked this band's musical style as they are like a breath of fresh air. Well here they are back with another release and they still can crank out the metal in their won style and way. These guys don't sound like anybody else that is for sure. The singer has a very unique voice that I love as he doesn't sound like anybody and he style and voice fit the music like a blonde in tight jeans. This band just play music with such feeling and passion it isn't funny. This is just a pure heavy metal masterpiece. Info:

22ND CENTURY/Where's Howie (Bugnut Records) This is one of those modern rock bands and this one isn't bad as the songs were catchy and I liked the singers voice as well. The band just play simple, but effective modern rock n roll that had my head moving and I didn't feel this was generic at all. The tunes on this were catchy numbers that I enjoyed and the singer's voice fits this band perfectly. This is way better than all that groovy metal crap that I hear a lot of. Just a solid rock n roll band is what you get here. Info:

THE SAMMUS THEORY/Trusting The Liar (Self Released) This is another modern rock band and again this isn't a bad one due to them writing and playing some solid tunes and not having a singer sing in that overdone deathcore style that's for sure. The singer has a clear, but strong voice and he fits the music well. I am a sucker for good solid riffs and vocal lines and this has it for sure. The songs are rock n roll heavy in style and don't sound generic or like some generic band you hear on modern rock radio nowadays. One of the better bands making the rounds now. Info:

ANA KEFR/The Burial Tree (Self Released) Just another groove death metal band with those deathcore vocals that sound like 1000's of other bands. The brutal, but happy like mosh riffs are present as are the deathcore vocals and this to me just doesn't sound any different that any of these 100's of other deathcore bands making the rounds these days. This is a case of heard it all before and then some. Nothing new here and this has been done to death and then some. info:

Neranature/Foresting Wounds (Metal Mind Productions) This was some god awful goth metal with female vocals. I am not a big fan of goth and when you throw in the female vocals and some of the synth stuff I was about ready to throw up. This was awful as I hate clean female vocals and this just did nothing for me whatsoever. Info:

J.D. OVERDRIVE/Sex Whiskey & Southern Blood (Metal Mind Productions) A very bad wanna be Pantera band. The riffs are old and generic and the screaming deathcore vocals have been done to death and then some. This was just another faceless groove band to me that adds nothing to an already overcrowded music scene. Info:

GOLEM/One Bullet Left (Southern Bridge Records) Just another shitty groove metal band that is fuckin polluting the already overcrowded music scene. What the fuck is this shit as this band adds nothing new with the same heard it a million times groove metal riffs and screeching tough guy vocals that have been done over and over and even over. This was complete shit and also was big time annoying was that ever 30 seconds having to listen to some asshole saying that I was listening to the new album from Golem. Even if I was enjoying it, hearing that over and over would have certainly made that impossible. Note to the band or label, if your going to send something out for review, have that removed from the disc. Info:

VICIOUS CIRCLE/Reflections Of A Past Light (Self Released) This band has been around for a long time now and what this release is, is the band's 1st 3 demos that came out from 1989 through 1992 with their original singer Brian Chicano. The band wasn't much different back then as they were churning out their brand of thrash way back in 1989. Brian's vocals are cool and I remember hearing this stuff on cassette back in the day and this is a nice piece of history to have on CD. The production still sounds fresh and the songs all kick ass, all 14 of them. That was totally cool of this band to put their old stuff on cd cause usually when you replace singers and all you want to forget that. Info:
[email protected]

DECEASED/Surreal Overdose (Shrieks From The Hearse Records) I popped this in and was instantly blown away. This is easily the band's best work. Godly riffs and song structures and King's vocals can't be touched on this. This is played with tons of feeling, power and passion and just stuff that can't be faked. This is wicked fast at times too and the fast parts will send shivers down your spine. Riffs from holy hell itself and the production on this is perfect. This is the soundtrack to your nightmare. This is easily one of the best releases of the year and it is hearing bands like this that lets me know that death metal and underground metal in general is not dead. This is not for wimps and I can assure you, you buy this and you'll be loving it. Info: or [email protected]

MACHINE DOG/Anthology (Self Released) Oh what a joy it was to get this. I used to help these guys out back in the day when Bonnie's Nightclub and female in spandex ruled the world ha ha. I had always wondered about these guys and what they did after a couple demo tapes. I was surprised to learn that there is material on this all the way up til 1999. 20 tunes on this and this brought back many great memories and it was awesome hearing this stuff on CD after many years. This band played straight ahead heavy metal that verged on the fringes of power metal at times. Lots of catchy riffs on this and John's vocals are second to none. The best comparison would be early Raven, the 1st 3 releases. Production on this is really good as even when this stuff was on tape it sounded good. Great old school stuff on this. Info:
[email protected] or [email protected]

NUCLEAR SALVATION/The Beginning Of The End (Skinforce Records) This was more groove style death metal and even though I am not a fan of this style cause way too many bands are doing it, this isn't too bad. The vocals are tolerable and the music as least as some zip to it and isn't all that happy groove metal shit. The band also play some fast parts which I liked and would like to see more of. Think Pantera meets Machine Head (Burn My Eyes) era. The production is good and if your into the groove metal stuff this is better than most. Info:

SKULLDRIVER/Facts, Fiction, & Fucked Up Situations (Self Released) Just what the world need another groove metal band. God these bands are all over the place and each one all sounds the same. From the happy mosh riffs to the tough guy vocals, this band sounds like the 5000 other groove metal bands I have heard over the past few years. This band is doing nothing new as the riffs had me yawning and the vocals almost had me ready to vomit. Geez can we at least try to be different and not be a bad version of Pantera. No wonder the underground sucks now. This is complete absolute garbage. Info:

IRON MAIDEN/From Fear To Eternity The Best of 1990-2010 (Universal Music) I am not the biggest Iron Maiden fan. I have a few of their Cd's and have seen them live a few times years ago and they aren't bad, but I respect them for what they have done and all. This is a 2 disc set of material from 1990 till 2010. If this would have been a one disc set with like 12 songs I would have trashed it as just a way for the label to make money off the band. This is 2 discs with 11 songs on each disc and if you kinda forgot about the band after Powerslave (I know I did) here is a cool way to see if you like what the band has been doing or don't like what they have been doing. There is also a couple live tracks on this too. I have heard the songs Be Quick of be Dead, Tailgunner, and Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter before so I do a little of the bands work. I thought this double disc was OK, like I said I am not a huge fan of the band, but they are still cranking out the tunes and Steve Harris still has that killer bass sound and Bruce still has that voice. Like I said before if you haven't been following the band much and want a good place to start, here ya go. Info:

THE KORSORTIUM/Same (Agonia Records) This was just some modern thrash metal with some death metal thrown in and it wasn't very good. The happy riffs and death metal vocals did nothing for me and this
modern thrash style I friggin hate as it lacks the intensity and power of the bands from the 80's. To
me this sounded like a bad Machine Head. Info:

NECROVOROUS/Funeral For The Sane (Pulverised Records) This was some pretty crushing death metal in the vein of Autopsy, Death and Asphyx, which is funny cause those are 3 3 names mentioned in the bands bio and it could not be farther from the truth. The guitar sound is heavy as hell and the band mix up the speed and they never get to fast where it is noise. Vocals are growls of death, but no low it becomes a joke. The production is on the money and while this is not super original, and then again who is these days, this is still a killer slab of death metal that should not be missed. Info:

LICH KING/8-Bit Super Retro Thrash (Stormspell Records) I am a fan of this band and think they play some killer thrash metal, but why on earth would they release something like this??? This is like a computer version of 9 of their songs including 2 new ones from a forth coming album. I felt like I was playing Atari or Coleco Vision. Be warned these songs are played and done in a computer like system don't expect to hear the thrashing guitar crunch this band delivers. I will admit it is something different and I look forward to their new record. Info:

VOIVOD/Warriors Of Ice (Sonic Unyon Metal) I am been a fan of this band for many years and it is about time we got a live album from these guys. 15 tracks are on this and they plays songs from album # 1 to 2009. The production on this sounds great and the band sound tight and the songs are played to perfection. This band tore it up at the 2011 Maryland Deathfest and now you will get to hear why this band is easily one of the best underground metal bands on the planet. Awesome release. Info:

HELLCANNON/Infected With Violence (Butchered Records) 8 songs of some crushing old school thrash metal that I really liked. The band also mixed in a few here in there death metal parts which made me like this even more. I love the raw chainsaw like guitar sound and the vocals are a pure 80's thrash metal delight. The riffs are catchy and heavy and I was playing air guitar in no time to this puppy. This brought me back to the times in the mid 80's when this stuff ruled the world. Killer stuff. Info:

SEGES FINDERE/Proclamation Of Blood Vengeance (Old Cemetery Records) To me this was just typical black metal with some awful vocals. All the singer does is growl and scream into the mic with no passion or power. To me listen to some Bathory, Darkthrone, Marduk, etc and to me that is real black metal vocals. The music isn't bad, but having a guy just growl into a mic song after song got on my nerves. The music is fast paced black metal that didn't sound bad and the production isn't bad neither. This is a 2 piece band or project and maybe if they can get a singer they could do some damage cause musicwise they are there. Info:

DEVASTATOR/Nocturnal Slut (Old Cemetery Records) This was some cool black metal mixed in with some thrash metal parts. Unlike the above band, this band has a singer who sings with power and passion and his voice works perfectly with this band. The band play simple, but effective black metal sort of in the old Bathory vein mixed in with some thrash parts. The band don't destroy you with speed as most of the music is mid paced and there is some fast parts here and there. The band can crank out riffs and even have some melody within their music as well. The singer just "get's it" and sings his heart out on this and it is bands like that separate the good from the bad, and this is one of the good ones. Info:

SACRIFICIAL BLOOD/Unholy Fuckin Hatred (Witches Brew Records) Some pure old school thrashing death metal is what you will find on this. Riffs that will rip through your body and vocals from the depths of hell itself. A band like this don't smash and bowl you over with speed, it more like with their power and delivery. Don't get me wrong there is plenty of fast stuff on here, but it is not a speed for speed sakes kind of stuff. This band play more with power and passion and riffs that had my head banging and vocals that the guy is signing big time from the heart and don't sound generic or non powerful. This reminds me of some of those old thrash and death metal demos from the mid 80's I was getting all the time and trust me I mean that as a compliment. This is a release not to be missed, just some great old school thrash metal with a bit of death metal thrown in the mix. Info:

EXMORTIS/Darkened Path Revealed (Necroharmonic Productions) Oh what this a thrill to listen to and review. I remember this band back in the 80's from MD and they played some crushing thrash metal that melted my brain and now the good folks, Hi Roy, have put out all the band's stuff on CD in case you missed them the 1st time around. Well buckle your seat belts cause this is one ride you may not want to get off. 18 crushing tunes of fast, wicked, tuned down, and vicious thrash metal in its purest form. This material still sounds fresh today and blows away most of the crap today even 20 plus years later. Just listen to some of these riffs and how can you not bang your head. Vocals that are pure hatred and evil and not coming across as phony like most bands today. You can't fake feeling and passion and this just has tons of it. I was a kid in a candy store as this played on. This band sadly never got to release a full length album, but this is the next best thing and I tell you this is a must have. Great packaging as well and just do me a favor and buy the bloody thing. Look hopefully for an interview as well with Brian of the band on my website soon. Info:

NOCICEPTOR/Among Insects (Pivotal Recordings) Typical groove metal with all those happy riffs and the clean and growly death metal vocals. This band along with the 1000's of others doing this style all suck and sound the same and this is just another faceless band in an already overcrowded metal scene. Total fuckin garbage. Info:

ANNEX THEORY/Beneath The Skin (Pivotal Rock Recordings) Just like the above band more groovy dancy thrash with clean and death metal vocals. The best thing about this was it was only 4 songs and not a full length like the above bad. Absolute garbage. Info:

ICON IN ME/Head Break Solution (Goomba Music) Oh more fuckin jump metal shit with those deathcore vocals. This shit is so overdone and god how many bands do we need doing this stuff. If I want Pantera I can
pop them in. I don't need Pantera Jr or any of these other shitty deathcore bands that totally suck. Again this is yet another band that sounds like all the rest and offers nothing of value. Info:

SEVEN WITCHES/Call Upon The Wicked (Frostbyte) This band will be hit or miss with people because of the singer. He has a voice you either like or hate. I like his voice and I think he fits the pure 100% metal style this band is doing. Think Judas Priest. This is straight ahead no frills metal with a singer who has a somewhat high pitched style of vocals. I think he fits the music and the music is awesome
with tons of powerful riffs that are heavy and catchy at the same time. Production on this is excellent as well and everything is clear as day and this is something that is fresh and exciting and thank god no friggin groove. Info:

MORTUALIA/Same (Moribund) This isn't just some fast pick riffing corpse paint black metal band. Wow this really threw me for a loop. Just crushing songs with tons of feeling, misery and evilness. This is like a wicked combo of doom and black metal with some of the sickest vocals too. This just sets a mood and never lets up. This is so different it isn't even funny. This might not be for all, but it is for sure for me. Info:

WITCHAVEN/Terrorstrom (Self Released) This is some bone crushing speedy thrash metal that I fuckin loved. Riffs that had my neck moving a million miles an hour and vocals that screamed power. This is old school thrash the way it was meant to be played not that deathcore crap or nu metal groove shit that passes for thrash metal nowadays. The band throw in a bit of black metal in a couple of these tunes, but all I know is I fuckin love this band and that guitar sound the band get is unreal. Just raw, sickening power baby. 10 tracks and not a single bad one in the bunch. Info:

HELL UNITED/Abhorrence Majesty (Butchered Records) This was some some decent death metal except for the annoying drum sound on this. The trigger like drums really let this down as it sounds like a bad Morbid Angel. I hated the snare sound so when they went into blast beat mode I was covering my ears. The music pretty much sounds like old Morbid Angel and wasn't bad, but wasn't anything to get super excited about. The singing is just standard death metal singing, which isn't bad. The band just need to work on that drum sound next release OK fellas. Info:

BALANCE OF INTERRUPTION/Desert of Ashes (Hammer of Hate) Cold punishing death metal that hammers hard and fast. Real blast beats and real death metal vocals are a highlight on this. No deathcore vocals or happy thrashing riffs on this. If you like it fast, powerful and ultra violent, you'll love this as I did. Production on this is solid as that guitar crunch I love and fans of Vader and stuff will eat this up. Great release. Info:

SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT/Exalted Spectres (Hammer of Hate) This totally blew me away with its
power, hate and speed. Vocals from the depths of hell itself. I love the guitar sound, the power, the speed, the vocals, the riffs, just fuckin everything. This band combines the best of black metal and death metal and make it their own. The riffs on this and the power the band churn out will have your neck moving and whole body just going nuts. This is the way it is done folks. No happy stuff and just pure down to the bone hate. Info:

DESOLATE SHRINE/Tenebrous Towers (Hammer of Hate) This was kinda cool and different as this
band, who have lots of speed and power, also mix in lots of wicked slow paced and even doomy parts within their brand of death metal. The vocals are total pits from hell and any fan of death metal will love them as I did. I like how the band mix in the slow doomy parts, which kill, along with the blistering speed parts, which also kill. Production on this is great too as everything can be heard clearly and it is easily heavy as hell. Another solid release from this label. Info:

KRUK/It Will Not Come Back (Metal Mind Productions) This was an awesome rock band that played
with tons of feeling and atmosphere. I love the singer, he sings these tunes with such passion and such feeling it is not funny. The music is ultra catchy AOR rock that has me sucked in within seconds with the catchy riffs and style of the songs. Not many rock bands catch my ear anymore as I hate all that modern rock crap, but this band has the style nailed down to the bone. Production is perfect and this will suck you in and not let you out at all. Just incredible. Info: or

ARTIFICAL BRAIN/Lightwaves Birthing Ages (Self Released) This was some decent death metal with some Obituary like riffing at times. This didn't blow me away, but it also didn't suck big balls neither. The vocals are growls that don't go too deep for their own good and didn't sound bad to my ears. The music is mostly fast death metal with no groove or deathcore shit in it. Decent stuff on this. Info:
[email protected]

NO HOLDS BARRED/Same (Gutter Christ Productions) 6 tunes of groove style death metal that sounds no different that 1000's I have heard before this. Vocals are just a bunch of broken growls with no power behind them at all. The music is just faceless death metal played with lots of groove and a few fast parts. This pretty much sucked and does nothing at all except it is another faceless death metal band that is doing nothing new or exciting and just taking up space. Info:

KALOPSTA/Death Starts The Horror (Self Released) Was is it with these bands and bad vocals? The singer actually isn't too bad when he just sings in a death metal style, but then he has to go into these annoying deathcore screaming vocals that make them sound like ever other deathcore band on the planet. He should lose that and just sing the straight ahead death metal vocals they sound good to these ears. Musicwise this is some wicked death metal that reminds me of early Pestilence. 3 tunes are on here and if the band tweaks a few things they will be on their way. Production on this is solid and this I some fast shit and I liked it. Info: or

HAMMER FIGHT/Same (Self Released) Typical groove metal with all those happy riffs and deathcore vocals. This pretty much sucked as this band just sound like any other groove metal band making the rounds these days. Plus they completely ruin and butcher AC/DC's "If You Want Blood You Got It" as well. Info:

FAILED/A Series Of Setbacks (Self Released) To me this was a bunch of noise and mumbo jumbo that had no direction to it at all. All the singer does is yell and scream and has no power or anything with his voice. The music is just a wall of noise with no melody, no nothing. It seemed like a bunch of guys all playing different songs. This was some of the worst music I have heard in some time so congratulations to this band on that. This is easily a series of setbacks that is for sure. Info:
[email protected]

BORROWED TIME/Arcane Metal Arts (Self Released) This was some raw as fuck underground shit that I liked a lot. This band places music in the vein of the NWOBHM and throw in a bit of doom here and there. This 3 piece whip out the metal riffs and let down a metallic waste like not many others. I love the singer as he has a voice that fits perfectly with what this band is doing. This is just balls to the wall old school metal that fans of the NWOFBHM will eat up. They even throw in a cover of the cult group Manilla Road on this. This was like a breath of fresh air after hearing all this shitty deathcore crap and all that crappy groove metal that sounds like everybody else. This was cool and different and I liked it.

WHITE ORANGE/Same (Made in China Records) This Was some prime time sludge, doomy like metal that I loved. This is a mixture of Kyuss meets Black Sabbath meets stoner rock. The riffs are as heavy as a 2 ton rock, but the band still manage to have some melody and these songs on this were catchy as hell my friends. The singer has a weird, but cool voice that I think you will either love or hate. I thought he was cool and different and fit the music. If you like your music heavy and sludgy here ya go this is your band. Very cool stuff on this. Info:

GRIMNESS69/The Bridge (Butchered Records) Pure death metal in its purest form. Think Immolation and Incantation with some Autopsy thrown in. This is straight forward brutal death metal with no groove, no deathcore, none of that crap. Vocals from hell itself. Death metal played the right way, fast, brutal and no happy riffing. 17 songs on this puppy too. Production is great and the guitar crunch is as heavy as a Ford F-250. If you love Incantation's first release, you will go nuts over this as that is the best comparison I can give you. Prepare for the onslaught when you listen to this. Info:

HEATHEN LIFECODE/Wargoatcult (Butchered Records) This was some as fuck black metal that wasn't bad, but the production takes away from I feel could be a very strong release. The bass is too high in the mix and the vocals and guitar sound seems buried as a result. The band play fast black metal that to me if the guitar was more higher in the mix would make this better, but again that is only my opinion. Also the fast parts get to be a little too much sounding the same at times as it just seems when they go into the fast parts it is just a bunch of fast riffs and screaming. Info:

HORRORMENT/Promo (Self Released) This is only 2 songs, but it is some pretty good death metal that sounds like old Entombed or Dismember. The band has that classic Swedish guitar sound down and the only thing I found a bit on the negative side is that the vocals are buried in the mix. The guy also kinda just growls out the words and I just didn't feel enough passion or hate in his voice and that might be due to his vocals being buried in the mix. That being said the 2 songs on here were not bad and I'd like to hear the band when they go in a proper studio next time. Info:

KATAPLEXY/Demo 2011 (Self Released) Completely forgettable death metal with a singer who sings so low it isn't funny. I was laughing as soon as I heard the vocals. All he is does is growl and grunt in the mic and the music is just faceless death metal that sounds like a million other bands I have heard. The 3 tunes are easily forgettable, but even made worse by some of the worst singing I have heard in years. Info:

FAT WHITE CHIEFS/Of Sins And Passion (Self Released) This wasn't bad in some ways, but absolutely awful in others. Some of the music is actually quite catchy rock n roll and the band can churn out some catchy as hell riffs, but then for some reason they break out at certain times into generic groove rock/metal parts and the singer, who goes from having a killer clean voice style, does his best almost deathcore like singing and ruins it big time. God if the band lost that part of them, they would be a million times better. Guys get rid of that generic groove style in certain songs and your much better than that. Your singer has quite a set of pipes and you can write some solid tunes, so lose the groove and just play rock n roll with a metal edge, just not a groove metal edge. Info:

RANDOLPH RECORDS/Various (Randolph Records) I got a comp CD from this label and I would assume this label signs mostly noise bands. The 1st band Vault 13 played some god awful noise music that had no melody a guy that screams and music that went absolutely nowhere. Rattlechain the next band weren't much better as their 2 songs were just a wall of noise to me as well. There was no melody, no catchy riffs, no thing, just to my ears a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Brain Medicine were up next. They were worse than the other 2 as all I heard was just like a beaming sound that just went on and on. What the fuck was up with that. The Undersonic were last but not least. They were like the 3rd band. A wall of sound with little banging drums and keyboards and just a bunch of nothing. The 4 bands on this offered nothing of value except if you want to drive yourself batty. Info:

THE ORDER OF CHAOS/Burn these Dreams (Killer Metal Records) This was a heavy metal band with a female singer, who for the most part was actually pretty good. The only negative thing I didn't like was when she went and sang in a "normal" tone. Her screamed vocals were actually quite good and she has quite a set of pipes on her. The music is pure heavy metal bordering on power metal here and there and was quite catchy and good. If you can ignore the "normal" vocal thing then you will find this to your liking. Info:

CYANIDE SCREAM/Unfinished Business (Killer Metal Records) Holy shit this is some of the best pure heavy metal I have heard in years. Awesome riffs and song structures along with a godly singer made this release one worth bowing to. The band capture the perfect blend of metal and melody along with a singer who sings so much with passion it isn't funny. The production on this is perfect and this for heavy metal is as good as it gets. If only all heavy metal bands were as good as this. Easily one of the top releases of 2011 hands down. Buy it. Info:

TESTOR/Animal Killstinct (Killer Metal Records) This was some OK thrash metal. The band really didn't do much for me as the riffs and music just sounded like too many bands from years past and just didn't to anything to stand out for me like the above band did. The music is fast and raging thrash metal with some decent vocals, but again it is a case of heard it all before and heard it many times before. For someone who didn't grow up during the 80's area of thrash, you will find this new and exciting, but I grew up in the 80's thrash area and this to me just sounds like way too many of those bands during that era and while it isn't bad, it is nothing mind blowing neither. Info:

TRIPSWITCH/Wormhole (Self Released) Musicwise this was cool and different. Vocalwise it is all that same deathcore nu metal shitty ass singing that took this from being decent to just another band. The music is a mix of some goth, metal, industrial and even some techo and it went it all com together it actually doesn't sound bad. When the vocals came in I was like yuk. God he sounds like any other deathcore singer and actually sounds like he is singing through a bullhorn. I simply hated the vocals as they just ruined it for me. The music if very cool and different and even though I didn't like this much cause of the singing, this band could go places with the right push. Vocals were just much of the same ole same ole, music is excellent though. Info: or

MALEVOLENT CREATION/Death From Down Under DVD (MVD Visual) This is one killer death metal DVD from this long time death metal band. Pro shot with incredible sound this captures the band down on tour in 2010 in Australia and the band sound super tight as they crush, slam, and destroy during their set of songs from their various releases. You also get interviews and other goodies and this is a well worthy purchase of a great band. Info:

DESECRATION/Demos-This is not the Desecration from AZ, but the one from CA that I used to write to wack when in the 80's. I was sad to hear main man Bob Yost had died recently, but from what his brother tells me the band's music is being put out on 2 discs and I can't for one wait to feast on those. Desecration played raw death/thrash that still kills today. Bob was an incredible singer who had the death/thrash voice down to a science. The music was raw, fast music played with intensity and speed that still sounds fresh today. I also got some music, which I assume was made after Desecration broke up called Circus of Fear, which also was pretty killer as well. I had not heard this Desecration material in fuckin years and the fact that it is coming out cd is worthy of a double horns up from me. When this comes out on disc, do yourself and your ears a favor and BUY it!!! Info: and

IMPALERS/A Necessary Evil (Self Released) A neat 4 track EP of some wicked speedy thrash that had my
neck moving. Neck breaking riffs that will both catchy and heavy that will have that neck moving
in no time. Vocals are a pre thrash delight with no deathcore or stupid screaming at all, just
pure raw intensity. This had that Bay Area crunch sound to a science and the 4 tunes on this
easily left me wanting more, more, more. Great band. Info: or

VIRAVOID/Thrown To the Wolves (Self Released) This is a re-release of sorts as this band put out 3 releases and then became another band and when they formed Dawn of Wolves and at the time these guys were 15 yrs old. The first release actually isn't bad as it is some hard hitting thrash, but it is the last releases where the band really shines. Just ass kicking thrash in the vein of Beneath The Remains by Sepultura. The singer has a cool voice and his thrash like vocals work wonders in this band. This isn't some cheezy thrash neither. This is some serious ass kickin old school thrash with some great riffs and song structures and the 3 releases on this are something the band should be proud of. If your into old school thrash played the right way, def check this out. Info:

NEW BREED/Same (Metal Mind Records) The band that easily popped into my mind as this played on is Voivod. They have the same musical style as them and the singer sounds a lot like Snake too and they also have that outer space like sound that Voivod has. Pretty much with this is, if you like or love Voivod, you'll love this and if you don't like Voivod, you'll hate this. It also comes with DVD and I am a fan of Voivod, so I def liked this. Info:

ELOAH/Silicon Rhythm (Self Released) Some stuff on this I liked and some I totally hated. The band is a very weird band and they use all kinds of stuff within their music, some of it worked, and some didn't. Some of the electronic stuff was cool and different, but some of the funky riffs and generic death metal vocals bring this down big time. When the bad does some cool stuff and spacey type of things, it really works, but they should lose the death metal thing on this. This band if they lose a few things, could be really cool and different. Info: or

ELOAH/Ode To Brother Horn (Self Released) This was better than the above release as the band got away from all that generic death metal crap and this isn't something I would listen to every day, but it is moody and cool to my ears. Just some very weird stuff on this that you'll have to judge for yourself whether you like it or not. This will be something you love or hate I think. Info: or

ALL PIGS MUST DIE/God Is War (Southern Lord) To me this just sounded like any hardcore band I heard in the 80's with screamed and shouted vocals with a bunch of speed behind it and some slower parts mixed in.
This has been done to death and this did nothing for me. Info:

THE HORDE/Thy Blackened Kingdom (Stormspell Records) Awesome cover art on this release. This band mixed in some heavy metal in with a touch of thrash here and there and really came up with a gem of a release. The music is vicious at times and I love the vocals on this as he spews out the lyrics with a style his own. This is a pure old school release that any fan of 80's will love. The band just totally blew me away with their style and blows way all this new shit garbage of music being released nowadays. Info:

NOCTURNAL FEAR/Excessive Cruelty (Moribund Records) This is some rip balling thrash that I liked a ton. The music is crushing 80's style thrash played with lots of feeling and emotion and hey no deathcore
or happy riffing found on this. The vocals are pure screams of death that weren't the greatest, but when music is this killer who the fuck cares, not I! I love the riffs on this as they are both catchy and fast and don't sound generic in any way. I have heard this band's past stuff and this easily their best release so far. Just classic thrash that brings back memories of the good ole days. Info:

PESTILENCE/Doctrine (Mascot Records) I knew this wasn't going to be like the old Pestilence, but was curious to hear what this would sound like and I must say I am disappointed. The vocals are still super brutal, but it is now mixed with some progressive death metal that fly's, at least to my ears, way above my head. The riffs and music just went flying in 50 different directions and actually the killer, brutal
vocals sound out of place on this. It stills has that classic Pestilence sound in spots, but the progressive parts mixed in with the vocals don't work with me and it is just a mess in my eyes and ears. Info: