ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


BAHRRECHT/Nuit De Neige (Ketzer Records) Heard a million times before black metal with the same black metal vocals that have been done a million times before along with black metal music that sounds the same as 1000's of other faceless black metal bands. Nothing new on this as this is just fast black metal that does nothing for me. Info:

CONSFEARACY/Same (Massacre Records) This was a power metal band, but they have a singer who sings in a clean and then in that god awful deathcore style or he tries to be in that style and it takes this way down. The music is not your typical power metal band, but a mix of power metal, heavy metal and the nu metal style. The music isn't bad, but it when the singer goes into that nu metal style of signing that this lost me. Not bad in some ways and awful in another. Info:

STONELAKE/Marching on Timeless Tales (Massacre Records) Oh this was some killer power metal with some awesome catchy tunes and great singing. The songs on here are catchy and heavy and melodic all wrapped into one neat package. The singer has a good, strong voice and he sings the songs with a ton of passion and that along with the quality music won me over. The band don't try to be something they are not and no nu metal or any of that crap. Just solid power and heavy metal played great. Info:

CHAINED AND DESPERATE/Divine Authority Abolishment (Pitch Black Records) Just a god awful band here with those annoying deathcore vocals with some of the worst music I have heard in a long time. The riffs suck, have no power, and just fly right over my head. The deathcore vocals sound like every other deathcore band and this was just a typical nu metal band that suck along with all the rest. Info:

PRO PAIN/20 Years of Hardcore (AFM Records) Now here is a band that has been doing it for 20 years and are not some johnny come lately band doing this style. This is actually one band doing this style I can tolerate because they don't have all that dance metal riff shit going on and they blend in a style of groove and REAL hardcore and singer Gary is one hell of fuckin singer to boot. God it is insane to imagine after 20 years and countless releases the band still delivers the goods and still sounds fresh from their debut release. Production on this is great and the band still have that killer guitar sound and I already mentioned the vocals. You want real groove metal or fans of nu metal, here is a band and one of the few bands that does this style right. Info:

TOTIMOSHI/Avenger (At A Loss Recordings) This was to me a bunch of shit thrown together. All this is to me is one of those happy metal bands with all the jump metal riffs and the singer fuckin sucks as he belts out words with no power and just has that happy singing sound along with music that sounds like a zillion other bands. Please give me a break. Info

CONFRONT HATE/Diabolical Disguise Of Madness ( Hell Xis Records) Typical groove metal that sounds just like all the other jump metal bands with all the happy groove metal, let's mosh riffs and deathcore vocals. This to me was pretty much worthless and sounds like every other band doing this style. Info:

SARABANTE/Remnants (Southern Lord Recordings) Geez another deathcore band with those fuckin shitty ass deathcore vocals. The music isn't too bad it sounds like a cross of Motorhead meets death metal in some spots, but the singer ruins this in my opinion. Just bad metalcore with awful vocals. Info:


FACES OF BAYON/Heart Of The Fire (Ragnarok Records) This was some bone crushing doom metal. The riffs sent shivers down my spine and low and behold no deathcore vocals. Wow what a surprise. The guitar sound on this friggin rules and it heavier that a ton of bricks. The songs are long as their is only 6 tunes and it clocks in at over 50 minutes, but the songs in no way get boring. This is doom metal the way it needs to be played. Heavy, slow, with intensity and still catchy with some godly vocals. Easily one of the best bands I have heard and a crushing piece of metal on this. Info:

UNDEAD CREEP/The Ever-Burning Torch (Dark Descent Records) This contains the bands album and their 2009 demo as a bonus, which is a nice touch. This is some crushing death metal in the vein of Grave, Dismember, old Entombed, etc. Real death metal riffs and vocals made this a pleasure to listen to. No deathcore or nu metal riffs on this. Just honest to goodness fast, wicked death metal that had me playing air drums and air guitar. The riffs will have your neck moving and the production on this is awesome as well. A very strong release here and this pretty much kills. Info:

REIGN OF VENGEANCE/Disemboweling Swine (Brain Damage Music) This was some wicked bone crushing old school death metal. Thick as fuck riffs along with some awesome death metal singing and fast blast beats. This just hits the ball right out of the park. Production on this is great and the tunes just totally blew me away. This band hit all the right spots I can assure you. This is death metal the way it should be all the way. Info:

TRIALS/Witness To The Downfall (Self Released) Another one of these modern thrash metal bands with all the happy riffs and melodic vocals. They sound like any of them like Machine Head for example, though nowhere near as good. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and just what we need any faceless modern thrash band doing nothing exciting. I mean a band doesn't have to be original for me to like em, but dead god bring something to the table besides sounding like all these other groove metal bands.

GOREAPHOBIA/Apocalyptic Necromancy (Dark Descent Records) What can I say about these guys that hasn't been said? This band once again deliver the goods and deliver them in a huge way. This is a pure death metal delight and is death metal played in a incredible way. Alex's riffs and Chris's vocals are 2nd to known and don't have to take backseat to anybody. The riffs on this total blew me out of my seat and Chris just sings the songs with such passion, hate and fury it isn't even funny. The production is right on the money as it is not over produced and just has that underground feel that I am sure the band wanted. Esily one of the best death metal releases of the year bar none. Info:

SKULLSHIFTER/Inner Demons (BFD Records) This is another groove metal band and this is better than most due to the songs not being that bad and hey a good singer! Wow a singer that sounds aggressive and strong and doesn't sound like some generic deathcore singer. The songs are catchy and just didn't seem generic or weak to my ears. The band also retain a bit of thrash to their sound and not the nu metal style of thrash, but the old 80's style of thrash, which also scored points with me. I am as you all know not the biggest fan of this style, but I will say this is about the best bad I have heard doing this due to strong songs and a good singer who doesn't sound like every other band doing this style. The band also has an EP as well so if your into this style, this is about as good as it gets. Info: or

PSYCHOSTICK/Space Vampires Vs Zombie Dinosaurs (Rock Ridge Music) Just typical groove nu metal with those same heard a 1000 time before deathcore vocals. This is what made the above band at least decent compared to this crap. This is just all that happy thrash shit that is filling the underground and I can't tell one band from the next and to me it all sounds the same. Info:

MOUTH OF THE SERPENT/Inception (Self Released) This was some really good death metal that had some good and parts within the singing. The music is crushing, fast death metal with lots of killer riffs that had my head moving and the production would right on the money too. The vocals are good and bad. The good is the guy sings with a thick brutal voice, but there also that annoying screttchy singing that goes along side it that to me this band, being that good, does not need. The singer that just growls is just perfect and they just lose that scretthcing cause all it does it bring the band down. The music more than stands on its own and def one of the better unsigned bands out there and thank god no deathcore. Info: or

ATTACK ATTACK/The Latest Fashion (Rock Ridge Music) Wow this really knocked me for a loop. Just incredible rock music with killer riffs and an excellent singer and just music that made me tap my foot and nod my head. This isn't metal, but some excellent rock n roll like the good ole days of rock, not that modern rock shit on the radio nowadays. The singer has a great voice as he belts out the lyrics with a ton of passion and feeling. The band just crank out wicked riff after wicked riff and this is easily one of the best releases I have heard this year. Just an awesome rock n roll band that plays and pumps out great rock music. Info:

GRAVEYARD/Walk Among The Dead (Self Released) From the cover pic I was expecting a black metal band with all the corpse paint, but this was more of a rock and metal band. The band actually isn't bad as they create some solid music that also has a bit of punk rock mixed in the mix. The singer almost has like a Dead Boys style of singing and music is sort of like a garage like punk and metal band that actually is hard to describe. Sort of like a shock rock metal band sort of like if Alice Cooper played heavy metal. Check them out and judge for yourself. Info:

[email protected]

ARMY OF DOGS/Demo CD (Self Released) This was 3 tunes with no vocals, but with some great guitar playing who was playing guitar. The 3 tunes were pretty catchy even without vocals so he or the band are doing something right. I think the guitar player is in the above band because he sent me 2 cds. Was def not bad for what it was. Info:

[email protected]

HOLLYWOOD DIRTBAGS/Demo 2011 (Self Released) This has Dave Kibler of Lividity playing bass and I never thought I'd hear him in a band like this, but I tell you what the 3 tunes on this are ass kickin rock tunes that I liked. The singer has a gruffy down n dirty voice that fits this down and dirty rock band perfectly. The 3 tunes I got on this are all catchy tunes that aren't far off from AC/DC land. The band also just have that nitty gritty dirty rock sound that I love. I am a sucker for good riffs and damn if there wasn't a bunch on here. Just 100% ass kickin old school rockin roll on this puppy and the 3 tunes only made me want more. Info: or

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION/The Unholy Hymns (20 Buck Spin) I remember hearing this band some moons ago and this is apparently some unreleased goodies from this band that only came out on vinyl only splits. This is some pure 100% crushing doom that will dull your senses. Riff after painful riff will course through your veins. Vocals that are so haunting and so powerful they will knock you for a loop. The production on this puppy is awesome and I love that guitar sound and this is just like pretty much the perfect doom metal soundtrack. Killer that this label is putting this out and well worth getting. Info:

MORBUS CHRON/Sleepers In The Rift (Pulverised Records) This was some decent old school death metal swedish style. The band sort of have that Entombed style down to the vocals. The vocals are more sort in a screamed fashion and I wasn't a huge fan of them, I thought they were just ok. The music is that classic sweden death metal style that crushes. Awesome guitar sound and the fast parts totally crush on this. This is pure old school death metal and none of that deathcore shit on this. Info:

FALLOCH/Where Distant Spirits Remain (Candlelight Records) This was not your typical band that is for sure. They mix in a bit of black metal with atmospheric sounds and clean vocals to come out of nowhere with a crazy, but very cool sound. The music just sucked me in and the vocals, which are clean are totally cool and work with this band. The music is full of feeling and emotion and totally will suck you in and not let you go until the last note. Very original band here and they just have their own sound and vibe and it totally crushes and you will have to have an open mind to be into this one. Info:

PYRRHON/An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master (Selfmade God Records) This was boring, heard a million times before death metal with the same over done fast riffing and playing with some awful vocals as all the guy does is scream and growl kinda like my little daughter in spots. This absolutely did nothing for me is was just like I have heard this a 1000 times before and 1000 more times before that. This brought nothing to the table whatsoever. Info:

FOREVER NEVER FAILS/An Autumn For Crippled Children (AMTF) Oh this was just awful atmospheric black metal with a singer that is so buried in the mix it isn’t funny. This pretty much bored me and was pretty bad. I mean the keyboards sound cool and all, but there is no melody, no catchy stuff and surely no singing as you can’t even hear it. Just awful. Info:

GUILT OF DISCIPLINE/Deadly Carnage (AMTF) Awful black metal that has been done 10,000 times before and 10,000 before better. Same ole pick riffing with screamed vocals do not make a great black metal band. This has been done to death and then some and this offered nothing, nothing of value whatsoever. Info:

HUNTED/Welcome The End (Massacre Records) This was a pretty solid release of pure heavy metal with a singer who can really hit the high notes (thing Halford), but also sings with a ton of feeling and emotion. The music is simply a pure heavy metal ride with no nu metal or groove any new sounds thrown in the mix. This I would say is along the lines of the past couple Judas Priest releases and that my friends is not a bad thing. I love the guitar sound and these guys are keeping the flag of pure heavy metal alive and this is a goodie. Info:

DISCHARGE/Desensitise/War Is Hell (Candlelight Records) I am not sure if this is 2 releases on one CD, but all I know if that this is some ass kickin hardcore played the right way. Not all this happy nu metal metal core (yeah I said it) that kids thing is really metal or bands like Hatebreed with all there jump metal parts. Please. Pop this in and you’ll get the real deal. Great riffs and shouted vocals the way they should sound and he packs a wallop of emotion in there too. Music is a combo of real punk rock and real hardcore and sounded awesome to these ears. This band has been around forever and the fact that they can still deliver the goods like this is mind blowing. When you pop this in you will think it is 1986 and your at a CBGB’S matinee or at City Gardens, in Trenton, NJ. Incredible job on this. Info:

DESALMADO/Hereditas (Greyhaze Records) Some wicked grindcore on this that clocks in at about 15 minutes. From what I read this is going to come out on a 10” ep and a digital download. Well this is some well played grind with punishing fast riffs and wicked drum wacks. Vocals are a pure sick cause and this hurt and punished me. The production is excellent and I love the guitar sound the band gets it is meaty, yet still retains that underground sound. 15 minutes is not nearly enough. Great release. Info:

SILENT LAPSE/Birthright (Self Released) This was a pretty cool release of more of a modern rock band with some metal thrown in the mix. The singer has a great voice and he sings the songs with tons of emotion and passion. The music is rock n roll with some metal edges and the songs just ozze emotion and feeling, which you don’t find in a lot of today’s bands. Production on this is great and I just love the feeling and the way the band structure their tunes. I wouldn’t be surprised if a label snaps these guys up cause if I had one they would be on my list for sure. Oh you can download the album for free or they will send you a cd for $ 3…go check these guys out for sure. Info: or

CWN ANNWN/The Alpha And The Omega (Self Released) I have reviewed this band’s past 2 releases and like what I heard and here the band are back for round 3. 9 more quality tunes on this puppy. The singer, who is a female, still blows me away with her lungs and sings these tunes with lots of feeling and none of that stupid deathcore singing or tough guy or this case tough female vocal bullshit. The tunes are catchy and strong metal tunes and none of that nu metal shit, this is pure metal. Info: or

CRIMSON RIVERS/Sorrowful Hell (Self Released) Another band with a female singer and again this one has a nice solid voice that doesn’t have that stupid deathcore crap or tough guy/gal shit neither. The music is a mixture of rock and some doom and it has a nice haunting feel to it. Production is nice and solid. This isn’t total doom, but like I said before is a nice mix of doom and rock and even a bit of stoner rock if what you will as well. A very different band too. Info: or

THE INNER BRIGHT/Caterwaul (Self Released) This was hit and miss with me. I hated the vocals, which are that tough guy deathcore style, which I just hate unless it is Pantera. Musicwise this was very cool and different as the band have some of that nu metal sound, but mix it in with some weird almost jazz like parts, which to my ears made for a cool sound. I know the band won’t ditch the deathcore vocals as that is a favorite of many fans. This is trying to do something different and not just be a typical, heard a million times before style of band. Be interested in hearing some more. Info:

SARAH FIMM/Near Infinite Beauty (Self Released) This isn’t my cup of tea totally, but wow does this female have one of the most beautiful voices I have heard for this style of music. The style is light hearted rock like something Taylor Swift or Tori Amos or somebody might do. The music has tons of feeling and her voice just sucks you in and I was like wow. Again I am not a big fan of this style of music, but heck, you put this woman on a big label and she will sell bucketloads of albums I bet. Some of the stuff I could even get into at some point, but it just isn’t my cup of tea, but I bet with the right push, it would be many people’s cup of tea.

PLUTONIUM/Devilmentertainment (Self Released) This is a one man band and is quite the one man band. Some solid black metal with great vocals and riffs that are catchy and memorable and also plenty of speed to get that neck moving. Production on this is nice and I love the guitar sound on this as well. This is way better than a lot of that crappy generic black metal stuff I am used to hearing and the fact that it is one guy doing all this that makes me say “holy shit”. Info:

[email protected]

ABRASIVE/The Birth Born in Sodom (MDD Records) Ok this is one of those gore/grind bands and I’ll say this much about him. This is easily one of the better bands doing this style. The singer doesn’t sing so low that it becomes laughable and totally not brutal. The band also have a good production on this and they don’t have the vocals buried neither. The band mixes between fast and slow parts and even the fast parts are just a wall of noise like a lot of other bands that do this style. The band sound tight on this and as I said before for bands that are doing this, and I have reviewed 100’s this is easily one of the best bands doing this style and I liked this disc. Info: or or

KING HELL/Rhythm And Bruise (Self Released) Listened to a few times and I admit the band grew on me. The singer has voice you will either love or hate and at first I didn’t like him, but he grew on me. The band reminds me of sadly missed Faith No More at times. The write some catchy stuff and it might take a couple listens, but I got into them and they don’t sound like every other band out there too. Production on this is solid and this band I think some will like and others will not like. Just try to be open minded and give them a chance. Info: or

ALL ELSE FAILS/The Oracle: What Was, Is, And Could Have (SBR Records) This to me was one of those typical nu metal bands with the clean and deathcore vocals. The band have all those happy mosh riffs down along with the tough guy deathcore vocals and wow clean vocals too. Hate to tell this band, but bands like this are a dime a dozen and I have heard this over and over, and over still. There is nothing new or good about this band. Typical nu metal crap that 1000’s of bands are doing and doing it all the same with no difference. Same riffs, same vocals styles, same everything. Info: or

BLACK SAND/Abbey Road & LIVE CD/DVD (Self Released) I got 2 CDS from this band and this is just simple, but effective big time ass kickin rock n roll. No nu metal, no tough guy vocals, no super low vocals, no clean vocals, none of that. This is 2 discs of ass kickin rock n roll the way rock n roll should be played. Think AC/DC and bands like that. Riffs that will have you head moving and your toes tapping. The 2 CDS were awesome slabs of rock n roll and the DVD was a cool extra addition too. Hey it also doesn’t hurt having a smoking hot female singer on vocals too and her voice helps with the music doesn’t hurt it and the male singer on this has a good solid voice too. Bottom line is this is what rock n roll should sound like and I liked it, liked it a lot. Info:

BURNING CASKETS/To Burn A False Prophet (Self Released) This wasn’t too bad as the band play a brutal style of death metal that wasn’t too bad to my ears. The vocals are pretty good and the singer doesn’t do all that really low growling that is not brutal at all. The music is mid paced and fast death metal not falling far from Immolation and Pestilence, though not as good as those 2 bands. That being said this band is better than a lot of the other crappy death metal bands and the one thing they need to lose is some of the clean vocals they use here and there. They are a better band that that I think. The production on this is good and the guitar tone and style and sound are killer. A better than average band that I am sure will be get better in time. Def not bad this one. Info: or

THE SPUDMOSTERS/Stand Up For What You Believe (Fast Break Records) I remember this band when I was doing my print zine and now here they back with a new release after many, many years of being dormant. I had no idea what I was going to hear when I popped in the CD and what my ears got was some wicked hardcore music that to me blows away all these so called nu metal and pretender hardcore acts. This is what hardcore is meant to be. This reminds me a lot of Biohazard in some ways and I was a big fan of the band way back when and a lot of people didn’t understand why I like them, it was because I knew the band was real and not just some fake band trying to be tough like some hardcore bands were back in the day. When I listened to this I just got that vibe. Just killer hardcore riffs and great hardcore vocals had me smiling as this didn’t disappoint me at all. With hardcore you either got it or you don’t and in my opinion these guys still got it. Info:

CHTHONIC/Takasago Army (Spinefarm Records) This is this bands 6th release and it is pretty solid black metal. The music is fast and mid placed in parts along with some keyboard parts thrown in as well. The vocals are that screeching black metal style that works and sometimes doesn’t work, but for this band they work and sound good and convincing. The production on this is top notch as everything sounds clear and the guitar sound is kicking on this. If your into the black metal thing, this is one band you would want in your collection as they are far from some generic black metal band. Info:

DENIAL FIEND/Horror Holocaust (I Bex Moon Records) This was some killer death metal Florida style mixed in with some old school crossover. The band now has the singer from The Accused singing and he adds in the crossover element along with drummer Rob Rampy from DRI who join Terry Butler and Sam Williams. God the guitar sound on this is so fuckin heavy and crushing and with the cool vocals sounds of Blaine this is one original release. Production shines and this was so cool and so different from the other stuff that is out there as well. Easily one of the best releases of this year oh yeah. Info:

ELM STREET/Barbed Wire Metal (Stormspell Records) This was some really solid heavy metal mixed in with a bit of thrash and power metal. A mixture of Savatage meets Testament as the bands bio states wouldn’t be a far off comparison. The singer sounds like a cross between Chuck Billy and Ron Halford at times. Production is good and the guitar sound I like and the songs are fast, heavy and catchy to boot. This is just a really great releases that fans of pure heavy metal, played the right way of course, or thrash metal will sink their fangs into. Info:

ROCKA ROLLAS/The War Of Steel Has Begun (Stormspell Records) OMG killer power/thrash metal that punishes you neck from start to finish. Pure old school heavy metal vocals on this baby and the music just totally blew me away with its power and arrangements. The riffs are so fuckin catchy and heavy that my neck was moving in no time for a 40 min workout. The band has that early 80’s thrash riffing down to a science and every song on this just fuckin smokes. Incredible release for sure. Info:

UNTIMELY DEMISE/City Of Steel ( Sonic Unyon Metal) 7 tunes of some of the best heavy and thrash metal I have heard this year. The band reminds me of older Megedeth in parts, which is fine by these ears. Vocals are more in the death metal vein, but he has a great voice and fits the music well and also sings the songs with fury and passion. The riffs on this will have that head banging and thank god no nu metal or jump metal crap. Production is strong and the songs just kick fuckin ass and this is a great band. Info:

EXCOMMUNICATED/Skeleton Key (Underworld Records) Just punishing death metal played the way it should be played. Brutal riffs that Satan would be proud of are on this. Vocals from the pits of hell itself. Production is great and everything flow together rather well. No nu metal no cheesy blast beats, no generic metal on this that is for sure. Sort of reminds me of older Pestilence at times with the brutality and the speed. This is rip roaring fast death metal that lays to waste all the wimps and wannabe death metal bands. Info:

GOREGAST/Desechos Humanos (FDA Rekotz Records) A nice mixture here of old school death metal mixed in with bits of pieces of grind. While this is far from original, it is def enjoyable. I love the guitar sound as it is heavy as a ton of bricks and the singer is totally out of control and he belts out the lyrics with fury and lays waste some all these generic signers that thinking singling as low as you can go is brutal. This blows away and of these nu metal or fake death metal bands that are making the rounds these days. I defy them to put this in and think they are better. Keep dreaming. A great release of death and grind. Info:

MR DEATH/Descending Through Ashes (Agonia Records) Oh this just sounded like too many other bands and I didn’t like the almost happy death metal riffs which just had too much of a nu metal sound to it and the vocals were just average to me and the songs on this just plodded along and didn’t do anything for me and the singer just didn’t get me excited at all and the music was flat as pancake. Not a good one here. Info:

SOLITUDE AETURNUS/In Times Of Solitude (Massacre Records) This is some old stuff from this band from back in the 80’s and omg did it sound great. Just total crushing real doom as only this band can deliver. The singer, who sings in a total clear voice, is somebody you will love or hate. I am not a fan of clean vocals, but he fits the music perfectly and he sings the songs with such passion and feeling it isn’t funny. There is a bunch of tracks on this some early demo stuff and still sounds great today and god does this band play doom metal the way it was meant to be played. Slow, depressing and full of feeling and sadness. If you’re a fan of the band you’ll want this and if you have never heard them don’t miss out on this. Info:

CRIMINAL/Akelarre (Massacre Records) This was that new style of thrash metal with those happy nu metal riffs and just screamed vocals. The singer I didn’t like he just screamed out the words I felt with no emotion or feeling. The music is all that happy thrash crap I hate and this didn’t do a thing for me. The music felt flat and I didn’t really like anything about this at all. Info:

RAIN/XXX (Aural Music) This was some decent hard rock ruined by some purely awful vocals. The guy singing has a god awful annoying voice that I hated big time and took away from any of the music, which wasn’t bad. The music is in the vein of 80’s style hard rock sorta AC/DC in vein, but man with vocals like his, I was covering my ears. Some may like his vocals, but for me they just ruined it. Info:

SILVERDOLLAR/Morte (Massacre Records) Some tasteful heavy metal and I mean heavy metal played the right way on this. No nu metal riffs, no tough guy vocals, etc. This is no frills heavy metal with a singer who has a nice set of pipes and even though he is singing in a clean style, he still pounds out the tunes with a fury. Sort of like Dio did. The production is good and the tunes are catchy and heavy at the same time. If your into straight ahead metal, here is your band. Info:

NEUROMA/Extremophile (Grindscene Records) This was a death metal band and not a bad at that. The band is straight forward death metal with a bit of technical stuff thrown in. The singer has a good growl voice and he belts out the lyrics with lots of hate and power. Production is right on the money and the band has a killer guitar sound as well. The band mix up the speed and power and if your into the sounds of Cannibal Corpse and the like then you’ll like this and this is better than a lot of those clone Cannibal bands I have heard, and there has been a ton, over the years. Info:


ZOMBIFIED/Backroom Eugenics (Grindscene Records) 6 track of crushing old school death metal that sounded mighty fine to these ears. This is like a mix if you throw in Dismember meeting Entombed and throw some Autopsy in the mix too. Vocals are of that great old school style with no stupid screaming or singing so low it sounds stupid and generic. Production lets everything flow smoothly and heck the 6 tracks on this just warmed me up as I want more dammit. Info:

NADIMAC/PO Kratkom Postupku (Area Death Productions) Some killer crossover thrash that had me going back in time to the 80’s. Riffs that mix in the best of metal and hardcore and none of that nu metal shit. Singer has more of a hardcore style voice and the band didn’t sound like SOD or actually any crossover band from back in the day. Not many bands doing this style nowadays and this was like a breath of fresh air in my book. Def check these guys out. Info: or or

SAXON/A Call To Arms (EMI Records) I have been a fan of this band since 1981 when Denim & Leather came out and have pretty liked to loved all their releases since then. Well you can throw this into the love section and this fuckin kills. Classic Saxon with tons of killer riffs that will rip your head off and Biff voice still sounds great after all this time and the production on this is top notch. Easily one of the best metal albums of the year. Info:

ABSU/Abzu (Candlelight Records) Wow this really knocked me out of my seat. This is just some killer death/black and even a bit of thrash metal thrown in the mix. Vocals that Satan would be proud of for sure. Production that melted me and just the music was so hateful and played with such power and fury that I was like stunned. Absu have really come into their own on this and just came up with a release that will blow away all the weak and is easily one of the best black metal releases of the year. Info:

FISTHAMMER/Devour All You See (Self Released) This is some decent death metal that has its good and bad points. The good points are the band play some pretty good death metal that has some nice riffs and nice speedy parts. Production is solid and the band mix up the speed and slower parts. The vocals are where I had my problems. The band has 2 singers and one or the other or both sing in the classic death metal style which is fine, but when they go into the pig squealing vocals that is where things go downhill. They need to lose them right now. It makes them sound like any other death metal band and they are not brutal in any way just like a band doing the lower than low vocal style. Info:

HEAD CAT/Walk The Walk Talk The Talk (Niji Records) This features Lemmy from Motorhead and Slim Jim Phantom from The Stray Cats, who some of you may not even know. I had no idea what to expect when I popped this in and it is very weird and different. Not weird musicwise, just weird hearing Lemmy sing these tunes that are not Motorhead. The music is rock n roll with a sort of a rockabilly twist to it. The band have a sort of down and dirty rock n roll sound and I kinda dug it as it is something different and fresh and Lemmy sounds awesome on this. Info:

CANDLELIGHT RED/Same (Imagen Records) Typical modern rock band that sounds like any other modern rock band with the clean vocals and they have the modern rock vocals down to a science. I found this to be mega boring and to me just sounded like any other band doing this same style and they even do a Roxette cover of “She’s Got The Look” that is worse than the original and the original sucks ha ha Info:

THE JESUS LIZARD/Club (DVD) This band I am not all that familiar with, though I have heard the name before. This was filmed on a re-union tour the band did in 2009. The band sound tight as a blond girl in tight ass jeans on this DVD. The music is punk rock, not hardcore and I really got into the tunes on this. Simple, but effective music that moved me. I was nodding my head along to the tunes and the singer has a strong voice and he sounds good on this as well 80 minutes strong this has the bands whole set on this and good sound and visual quality as well. This made me a fan. Info:

ANIMUS DIVINE/Sorrow (Pitball Records) This is just another groove death metal band with all those happy thrash riffs and tough guy vocals and then of course you need the pig squeal vocals to make them sound like every other band doing this style. The do have this style down pat as they sound like every other band doing this style and they also put samples within the songs and to me this is the problem within the underground. Too many soundalike bands and cmon do we really need another band doing the death metal pig squeals and then the tough guy vocals. I have heard 1000’s now and it pretty much all sounds the same. This didn’t do anything for me whatsoever. Info:

EXECUTIONER/EXE (Patac Records) This is not the trash metal band from Boston, MASS, but a hardcore band with the same name and this is a CD of some old material from 1982 and 1983. This is raw in your face hardcore that I fuckin love. The singer screams out the lyrics with the fury of a charging bull. The music is short blasts of speed the way hardcore was back in the day. This stuff has been lying dormant for over 25 years and now it is just seeing the light of day and I am for one glad it did. This is classic hardcore all the way. The live tracks on here crush too. Think that old hardcore band Raw Power or the 1st Agnostic Front album is the vibe I got when I was listening to this. I thought I was back at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ when this was playing. Really awesome stuff and I urge you to check this out, not all that crap that tries to say it is hardcore. This is the real deal my friends. Info:

ZOMBIE INC/A Dreadful Disease (Massacre Records) Swedish style old school death metal is the ticket here. The music is in the vein of old Entombed, Dismember, etc and none of that jump metal or nu metal shit is found on this. This isn’t bad, but the problem is, is that I have this over and over and over throughout the years and after a few songs I was getting a bit bored as I have heard this style many times before and this is nothing new or exciting. Now to somebody just getting into the underground, you’ll probably do backflips over this. The vocals are strong and the music isn’t bad, just nothing new. Info”

BRUTAL TRUTH/End Time (Relapse Records) This band is back and back with another pulverizing release of some wicked grind metal as only they can do. The blast beats are fast and furious and not a wall of noise. Kevin’s vocals are out of this world as well. In my opinion this band is about as good as grind gets and I am not a big fan of grind, but this band mix in some death metal and some slow doomy parts and then blast away with the fury of a charging bull. The songs are just massive slabs of music that capture you and don’t let you out. Most grind burns me out by song 5, but not these guys. Another great release from these guys as they are the masters of grind. Info:

BAHIMIRON/Rebel Hymns Of Left Handed Terror (Moribund Records) This wasn’t bad music wise as the band churn out some pretty killer raw chainsaw pounding black metal. The vocals are a different story. All the guy does is growl into the mic with no power or feeling and the screechy pig like vocals he also uses is a complete waste of time and makes this band sound silly when he does that. The band should find a real singer and then they would be awesome cause musicwise this is some wicked black metal that doesn’t sound generic or stupid. Great riffs played with feeling and power and emotion. Lose the pig squeals by all means. Info:

THRALL/Vermin To The Earth (Moribund Records) This is another case of a decent black metal band, but I have heard stuff like this so many times over the 25 yrs of doing my zine that by track 3 I was getting bored. The band play the fast pick riffing style and it isn’t bad, but nothing that made me jump out of my seat. If somebody was just getting into the scene, they would prob love this, but after doing this for 25 yrs, I need a band to blow me away and this just didn’t. Just average black metal that didn’t suck, but was nothing mind blowing. Info:

SUBJEKTIVE/Self Titled (Self Released) Oh this is more of that modern metal sound with the happy nu metal riffing and the tough guy death metal vocals and then wow I couldn’t have guessed, clean vocals. The music is just all that nu metal riffing and bands like this are a dime a dozen and each one sounds like the last. The tough guy vocals have been done to death and then some and using those and clean vocals is so over used now with these bands it isn’t funny. To me this band is not different from the 1000’s of others doing this same exact style and it just all sounds the same to me. Info: or

MORGUE SUPPLIER/Constant Negative (Necrotic Records) This has it’s good and bad points. The bad is I am just not a fan of the super low vocals this band does at times and also they do the low and the pig squealing style at times and that has been overdone big time within the underground. Other times when he is not signing super low, he has a pretty brutal voice and doesn’t sound bad. The good is the music is some rip roaring death metal that is mixed in with some fast grind parts. The fast parts aren’t a wall of noise, but just fast killer death metal. Production lets everything flow nicely and I like the thick guitar sound the band uses as well. Overall this is one of the better death/grind bands I have heard and some may like the vocal style on here, me I am just not a big fan of it and they don’t use it a ton so that is a good thing. Info:

KROTCHRIPPER/MASS MURDER MESSIAH (Necrotic Records) This is a 2 band split CD of 2 grind bands. I am not a big fan of grind, but some of it I can tolerate. This wasn’t bad musicwise as both bands sound different even though they are blasting away at a million miles an hour a times. It doesn’t come across as a wall of noise neither. The vocals are just not for me. All that lower than low as we can get vocals I just don’t like and see any point in it, but most grind bands do their vocals this way so who am I to argue. If your into grind I would say both these bands deliver the goods. Thick, crushing guitar sound and some very fast music as well. Info:

GROG/Scooping The Cranial Insides (Necrotic Records) Just straight forward death metal that hits home big time. No groove metal, no nu metal, no tough guy vocals, no pig squealing vocals. This is pure old school death metal and death metal the way it should sound and be played. Bone charring riffs with REAL death metals that sound sick and haunting to these ears. I love the guitar sound as it is so thick and heavt it isn’t funny. The tunes just fly by you and trust me if your into death metal, you need this. Info:

4ARM/Submission For Liberty (Self Released) Oh this is some awesome thrash metal with tons of killer hooks that had my neck moving and a singer, with a clean, but powerful voice and he fits the music perfectly. Production on this is top notch and the guitar crunch this bands gets is 2nd to none. To me it is about riffs and songs and singing and this wins in all 3 parts. Riffs that gave my neck a workout and my hands too from playing air drums. The band sound like a mix of early Machine Head meets Forbidden with some Metallica “Master of Puppets” thrown in the mix and that is to say they don’t sound like them, but there is a similarity. This band with the right label and push could easily sell a ton of records, yeah they are that fuckin good. This is thrash metal at its finest. Info: or

CIANIDE/Gods Of Death (Hells Headbangers) This doom/death band return with their 6th release and it is quite an awesome release I must say. This band have always been known for their brutal low tunes sound and I was a witness to it live not too long ago and they delivered the goods live and hell if they don’t deliver it on this new disc. Riffs that had my neck bursting and vocals from the pits of hell itself. This is the way death metal should sound not all that happy riffing and pig squeal vocals. The singer has a killer death metal voice and his vocals fit the music as well. The slow doomy parts fit perfectly with the faster parts and make for quite a combo. This like getting the best of both worlds only better. Easily one of the best releases of the year hands down. Info:

BEHERIT/At The Devil’s Studio (Hells Headbangers) This originally was recorded back in 1990 and is just seeing the light of day now. I tried to get into this, but this is just too raw for me and just came across as a bunch of noise and the vocals are buried so much in the mix it is hard to hear them, nevermind that all the guy does is some senseless growling. I didn’t feel any hate or anything when he sang just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The music was just a bunch of this and that with no feeling behind it and like I said earlier was just too raw for my tastes. Info:

AFTERMATH/25 Years Of Chaos (X Musik) This is a boxed set from this very over looked thrash band from back in the day. What you get here is 3 CDS and a DVD. You get all the bands demos (3 from the 80’s and one from 1990) and then on CD # 2 you get the bands 1994 release “Eyes of Tomorrow” and a 1996 demo as well. Disc # 3 you get 3 old live shows. The DVD had tons of old footage from the 80’s and even some stuff from a 2010 show the band did. For those who have never heard this band they were around in like 1986 and heck I used to write back and forth with band member Charlie. They played semi-technical thrash with tons of killer riffs and smash pounding drums with some vicious vocals. The band for some reason or another never got signed and then released an album on their own in 1994, but by then grunge had taken over and thrash was kinda dying and becoming way too commercial. Well you are ordered to by this as this is some classic thrash with 3 discs worth of quality stuff and a DVD to boot. The band sounded great to my ears in 1986 and it is a crime they never got their due. I even have their album on CD for myself, but not all the demo stuff and the DVD was like an added batch of whipped cream on a killer ice cream sundae. I did an interview with these lads not long ago and I am gonna do another one and mega thanks to X Musik for releases such a gem of music and if you missed them the 1st time around here is your chance to get your hands on some great music and if you were around back then, well now you can have all your Aftermath in one boxed set. The music on their early stuff is more straight ahead thrash, but the band moved away from that a bit, but still kept that edge about them and I would say they sound a bit like Anacrusis meets Voivod meets Megedeth. Now keep in mind this band was around when those bands were also around so they did my no means borrow from them. Info:

Asylium/In Archietecture Of Human Desolation (Necrotic Records) This is straight forward Swedish style fast played death metal that while not being super original (then again who is these days) play a pretty brutal brand of death metal that I enjoyed. Wicked, fast, riffs with some speedy drums made this a CD I enjoyed from start to finish. Vocals that don’t go super low and no pig squealing. Think Ross from Immolation or Andy from Symphony of Grief. The production is great and allows everything to flow freely and the speed doesn’t get too speedy for its own good. This is the way death metal should sound and be played not all that happy nu metal crap or vocals that are so low that all it sounds like is the guy is grunting. Bands like this are keeping the death metal flag alive and well. Info:

GUILTY AS SIN/Psychotronic (Self Released) This band is back with a new release of their brand of raw thrash and once again they deliver the goods. Hard hitting 80’s style thrash with lots of power and head banging riffs the way it used to be back in the day. The band rely more on just pounding your head in with riffs and mix in some nice speed parts to keep things flowing. The singer has a nice 80’s style thrash voice and heck this could have come out in 1985 or 1986 as this was what thrash was sounding like back then. Production is more on the raw side of things and that is understandable as they put this out themselves. If your into old school thrash and heavy metal cause the band also trends along those lines then by all means check these guys out. Info:

THE THINGS THEY CARRIED/There's Something I Can't Tell Anyone (Self Released) This is easily the best nu metal/groove metal band I have heard in at least 5 years. I usually hate this style and just about every band I hear doing this style sounds like the last one and the music is all that happy thrash and the like. Well this band breaks the mold as I fuckin love them. The band have the death metal and clean vocals and for some reason or another it works as the clean vocals don't seem out of place. They work perfectly within the music. The guy that does the death metal growls is decent he just sounds like any other death metal singer, but isn't bad. The music is just bone crushing death metal mixed in with groove and I am at a loss for words, why I like it, but I do. The riffs totally crush and are catchy, but just there is something about the songs that I love. Maybe it is the feeling or the riffs or just the way the songs are layed out, but this just layed me down to waste. Easily the best band doing this style hands down and it's not even close. Info: or