ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


SOL NEGRO/Dawn Of A New Sun (Self Released) This was released on cassette!!! How old school is that? There is 7 total old school death/black tunes on this played with a ton of feeling and power. Vocals from the depths of hell itself along with some crushing and punishing riffs that just give off that great eerie feeling. Like being at a great horror flick. Production is great not in over polished way, but with just underground feeling. Easily one of the best death/black metal making the rounds and this lays to waste all wimps. Info:

HACKXWHORE/Keepin It Stiff (Self Released) Oh this could have so great, but it isn’t due to the god awful cup the mic vocals. Why do bands think that is brutal, 1st off you can’t even for a second decipher one word he is saying and I am sorry grunting and screaming into a mic is not brutal. Ross from Immolation, King from Deceased and Tom Warrior from Celtic Frost are great singers in underground music. Now the music on this is bottom crushing death metal that slays everything in its path. Great riffs, awesome wicked speed parts and songs that will have your neck snapping. The guitar sound is unreal and the speed will send you into orbit. This band is a hit and miss with me. Info:

PLUTONIAN SHORE/A TRANSYLVAIAN FOREST (Forbidden Records) A split release from there 2 black metal bands, with the latter being a one man band. Plutonian offer up some raw well sounding black metal and they also don’t sound like every other black metal band out there. Oh there are the black metal vocals, but the guitar sound is different at least to my ears. The crude production is solid as most black metal bands sound better when the production is raw. A Transylvanian Forest offer up 4 tunes that aren’t bad, but lack vocals and that hurts this. I don’t mind an instrumental here and there, but after a couple tunes I lost a bit of interest. I hope he is searching for a singer because the music isn’t bad at all. Also cool was the Forbidden Magazine I got with the promo and ask about that as well.

VIRUS/Specialized Human Robot (Life Fluid Productions) Some decent grind metal, but is absolutely ruined by some of the worst vocals. All the singer does is grunt and grunt more with cup the mic vocals hat was about as good as a shit coming out of my ass. Another plus, music wise, is that the band doesn’t play a million miles an hour like a lot of death/grind bands. Production isn’t bad, but oh those vocals need to go and go fast. Info:

EXCARNATED/Purging The Earth (Life Fluid Productions) Bone crushing death metal in the vein of Immolation and Incantation. Heavy, chunky riffs with some speed thrown in and totally killer death metal vocals. The mid paced parts and so damn heavy it isn’t funny and the faster parts are a nice mix of death and speed. Production is great and the guitar sound just shines on this and this is a pure old school death metal jem. Info:

KEVIN SKIN/The Bereaved (Life Fluid Productions) This was a death metal band and it is an EP. The music is good death metal with a mix of speed and just slower tempo stuff. The vocals range from great to not so great. When he sings in a normal death metal voice (low and thick) he is good, but when the pig squealing comes in, he needs to lose that as this is not some cheesy grind metal band. I hate when bands do that with the alternating vocals, death metal and then either a clean vocal line or the pig squealing. If anybody out there can tell me why pig squeal vocals are brutal and cool, please do. For the most part this is good, just keep the death metal vocals and eliminate the rest. Info:

KEVIN SKIN/Outburst (Life Fluid Productions) Another release from this band and a very better one than the above review. Maybe the band read my review before they released this ha ha. Anyway this is way better due to the, you guessed it pig squeals are gone. The band doesn’t whip out as many speed parts and that is OK with me as long as I like the music. The guitar crunch on this crushes and this is like night and day as far as vocals go and actually the music is better on this as well. Bone crushing death metal. Info:

ATROCITIES/Five Way Split (Life Fluid Productions) Devoured are up 1st and to me they are just a faceless grind. Cup the mic vocals and just a wall of noise with a horrible production to boot. Golden Pyre is 2nd on the list and they offer up some decent death metal with an Immolation feel and like to hear more from them as they keep it old school to. Among The Decayed is 3rd on the list and they are god awful with probably the worst production I have heard in 2012. You can barely hear anything as this is just mindless noise and reminds me of some rehearsal demos I used to get in the 80’s from bands and heck they sounded better than this crap. Terrordrome is 4th on the list and all this is, is more worthless grind with cup the mic vocals that sounded like a 5th rate Cannibal Corpse. Last on the list is Digging Up and they play more mindless grind that goes nowhere and are just a wall of noise with the cup the mic vocals and senseless speed. Info:

THREE VICTIMS/Exhibits A B & C (Life Fluid) Another death/grind band and though I am not as huge fan of this style, this wasn’t bad for what it was. The cup the mic vocals aren’t so low in the mix and the music isn’t a wall of noise. The production wasn’t, wow what an idea, buried and sounding like a 4 track demo. If you’re into the death/grind thing, this is easily one of the best I have heard doing that style. Info:

THE MOURNING SICKNESS/Gets In A Ruction (Enjoy Your Symptom Records) Wow this is some really fucked up shit on this. Like a tripped up movie at times. The band reminded me of Primus at times, but even weirder. This isn’t something I would listen to every day, but the band different, very cool and the singer has one funny voice and it is good to see a band not take themselves too seriously and bands like this are good for the scene has they don’t sound like every other band and a nice change of pace from all the trash out there. Info:

GUILTY AS SIN/Future History (G.A.S. Productions) This music on this isn’t too bad, but the growl vocals are completely useless. All the guy does is growl with no feeling or emotion and just sound awful. It is grunt, grunt here and grunt, grunt there and I am sorry when you are a death metal singer or a heavy metal singer in general, you have to feel what you are singing. The music is death/thrash metal with some OK riffs and song structures. The production has that mid 80’s feel, which was fine by me. This band just needs to work on the vocals and keep the sound the same too, don’t change the sound. Info:

MORBID INSULTER/Funeral Mysticism (I Hate Records) Holy shit is this impressive. A double disk of some of the most intense hate filled black metal I have heard in some time. This double disc has all of the band’s demos, 2 Eps and unreleased goodies as well. 20 tracks of some wicked, raw, heart pounding black metal that needs to be heard and unleashed. With black metal to me, you either got it or don’t and this band easily do. Vocals that are intense and hate spewed and fit the music perfectly. Hell, Satan would love this singer. The music is a total onslaught of black metal in a rare and unreal form. The guitar sound is unholy and the music is just one punishing riff after another that never lets up. If you are into black metal in anyway shape or form, it doesn’t get much better than this. Info:

Madrost/Maleficent (Self Released) The music is an insane assault of brutal thrash that hits fast and hit hard. Total speed/thrash with the intensity of a raging bull. The singer is awesome as hit smashes through the speed with his intense vocal delivery. The production is great and the guitar sound I love. This will have your neck snapping within seconds. This is great thrash/speed metal of the highest order. This is one of the best releases of 2012 bar none. Total old school thrash assault. Info:

BLASPHEMOUS CREATION/Battle Of The Ancients (Head Plode Records) Can somebody tell me with all the crap being released this band is not on a huge indie label yet? This is the bands 2nd dose of death/thrash that will bash and crash and beat you bloody. A sonic assault of speed and intensity that is not matched by many. Singer is incredible on this as he bashes out the lyrics with a fury from a car going a 100 mph. The music just will melt you with its speed, emotion, and total annihilation. As the above band one of the best releases of 2012 hands down. Info: or www.reverbnation/blasphemouscreation

ENDLESS VOID/Apparitions (Self Released) Some decent straight forward heavy metal. Nice, chunky riffs and songs on this. This has none of any of the new style of metal on it and thank god for that. The singer busts through the tunes with some aggression, but none of that tough guy crap. The music almost has a gloom and doom style to it, but it is not doom metal at all. The production also has that gloom and doom style and just makes me think of being in a cemetery at 3am. Pretty cool and different stuff on this. Info:

[email protected]

DIRIGRI/Same (Self Released) This had good and bad points. The bad was that the vocals weren’t the greatest at times it actually isn’t the growl, it is those annoying pig squeals that I don’t know why bands use them cause they pretty much suck. There isn’t too much pig squeals, but guys lose them. Now as far the music goes, this is bone crushing, fast flying, death metal. Riffs that will pound and destroy. I love the speed and intensity as well. I love the guitar sound and just the overall feel and speed this band brings to the table. They mix up the slow and speed parts perfect. Lose the pig squeals as your too a band to be lumped in with all that trash. Info: or

AERCANUM SANCTUM/Veritas Odium Parit (Buil2Kill Records) Some hard hitting thrash metal is the ticket here. The gallop riffing is alive and well and that is a good thing. The vocals are a mix of death and thrash metal vocals. The guitar sound is nice and thick and the production allows everything to flow evenly. Thank god this band doesn’t go for that happy thrash sound and is more geared to the way thrash should sound. Info:

TBP/Universe Of Emotions (Self Released) This is a one man band with no vocals. The songs are just him doing solos behind some just awful music. The songs are just one big solo and got quite boring after a few minutes. I am sure he is a good guitar player, but he needs a band and a singer. Info:

SIMPLE LIES/No Time To Waste (Buil2kill Records) This was a rock/metal band and the songs just didn’t click with me. The riffs and songs were flat. The singer isn’t bad, but he is backed up by some terrible music. The songs were just totally forgettable once they were over. There was no kick or anything that had my head nodding or toes tapping. Info:

SIX POINT LEAD/Light LIES (Buil2kill Records) This had its good and bad points. The good was this was some decent thrash with some decent riffs and songs and the fast parts are done really well. The bad is the vocals, which are in that tough guy mode I can’t stand. They also sing in that clear vocal style and then go into the tough guy style, each vocal line different from the other. The vocals just made them sound like every other deathcore band out there, which they aren’t as the music is better than most of those bands. Hit and miss with me. Info:

ESTAMPIDA/Crowd Control: The Laws Of War (Nadir Music) Just another groove/nu metal band with the tough guy vocals. Bands of this genre are all the same with the happy riffing and tough guy vocals and you can’t tell one from another. Bands like this need to at least try and do something different as this has been done to death and then some. Info:

GEMIN/The Prophecy (Nadir Music) Some really solid prog metal in the vein of Dream Theatre. The songs don’t go over your head and have some solid riffs and song structures. The singer has a fantastic voice and he uses it on this. He sings with a lot of feeling and passion and you throw in some fantastic songs and you got a winner. Info:

FATAL IMPACT/Esoteria (Nadir Music) I expected thrash metal, but I got a prog band, but a good one. Just like the above band the song s doesn’t fly over your head and have good song structures and powerful singing. I like the guitar sound a lot and if you’re into prog metal you can’t go wrong with either band. Info:

Psilocybe larvae/The Labyrinth Of Penumrra (Buil2Kill Records) Some god awful I guess a mix of death and goth metal. I don’t what to call this except pure filth. The music is totally flat and pointless and the vocals are just that growl tough guy kind with no feeling and just growl after growl with some terrible tunes that just went nowhere real fast. The keyboard parts as well as the clean vocals are just equally as bad. Nothing good about this. Info:

AT THE DAWN/From Dawn To Dusk (Buil2kill Records) This was some bad prog metal due to the songs having nothing there. There was no bark no bite and the songs just went nowhere and pretty much bored me. The singer was good, but the songs were just “blah” After each song there is nothing memorable to the songs at all. The song ends the next one begins and you don’t remember anything about the previous song. Info:

Sonic Reign/Monument in Black (Apostasy Records) Awful death/black metal with songs that are flat as a pancake and the songs have no identity at all. The singer is ok, but the songs just drag along with nothing special to them at all. Info:

Overtorture/At the End the Dead Await (Apostasy Records) This wasn’t bad, but nothing to get excited about. The band play straight ahead death metal, but the band are not doing anything I haven’t heard a 1000 times and then some. The speed is there and the slow parts are right there and I would say this band is kind of in the vein of Autopsy, with the fast parts being way more faster. Not bad, but nothing new. Info:

Nervochaos/To the Death (Greyhaze Records) This is in the vein of the above band. They are ok, but nothing got my excited at all. This is yet another case of a a band doing something that has been done to death and then some. Way too many bands just playing average death metal that sounds like every other band. Info:

PLAYGROUNDED/Athens (Co Pro Records) Ah this is an awesome progressive metal band that plays with a ton of feeling and emotion along with some amazing songs. The singer’s voice omg he sings his heart out on this. The songs range in emotions and feelings and this is like a rollercoaster ride that will take you through highs and lows. The songs never got boring and even they are long at times, that works in this bands favor. Just a masterpiece of prog metal and a must have if you a fan of that style of music. Info: or

Sacred Steel/The Bloodshed Summoning (Cruz Del Sur Music) This the band's 8th release and they still deliver the goods. Great power metal with plenty of crunching riffs and thrash metal to smash your ears into oblivion. This is just classic heavy metal mixed in with some thrash as the riffs will having you think you were at the 1988 Milwukee Metalfest. The singer has a great voice as he pumps out with lyrics with a fury and passion and doesn't sound like all those cliché power metal singers these days. Production is right on the money and the guitar crunch just totally blew me away. Awesome release. Info:

TERRARAMA/Genocide (Self Released) A band that totally 100% gets it. Wicked balls the ball death/thrash metal that just blew me away. Great songs, speed and fury and just insane vocals. Riffs that will blow your mind. Speed that will rip into your brain and never let go. The singer sings as though he is on his last breath and this band plays with a ton of feeling and this my friends either you have or don’t have. This band has it 100% Info:

TANK/War Machine Live DVD (Metal Mind Productions) This is a great DVD that is 110 minutes long. The band sound great and oh the filming is fantastic as you get a ton of different shots from all over the place. This was shot in Poland back in 2012 on the band’s 1st tour in quite some time. The crowd is lame though as not many people headbanging and are just kinda standing around. Other than that, this is a great live DVD and of course there are extra goodies on here as well. Info:

INMATE/Free At Last (Self Released) This had good and bad points. The one bone I have to pick is the thrashy/death metal vocals, kind of like Chuck Billy in spots are very cool, but then they go into that clean vocal stuff for a line and then revolt back to the thrashy/death metal vocals. Guys lose the clean vocals as it just lumps you in with all the other bands doing and plus what does clean vocals have to do with being in a thrash/death metal band. Now the vocals expect for that are killer as the singer had a good voice and he gets into singing them big time and that works for me. The music is more thrash than death metal and actually Testament wouldn’t be far as a band they play in the same style in. I love the guitar sound as well as the drums and the songs kick ass. Info: or www.graviton-musicservices-com/inmate

T & N/Slave To the Empire (Rat Pack Records) This features 3 of the members from the classic Dokken line-up minus Don Dokken. This is total ass kickin rock roll with a touch of metal and this is easily how rock n roll should sound. Great hooks, great vocals and just great tunes. I was totally humming along with the vocals and the riffs had me nodding along as well. There is 12 tunes on this including 5 re-done Dokken tunes. Jeff Pilson has a great voice and he sounds fantastic on this. Forget all this Nickleback shit they call rock as this band is what rock n roll is. Info:

STRAIGHT ON TARGET/Pharmakos (Bakerteam Records) Groove breakdown death metal with some of the worst vocals ever. This kind of death metal is awful as I hate all that groove parts and the singer just growls into the mic with no passion at all. Some terrible death metal for sure. Info:

BLOOD OF CHRIST/Same (Dismal Records) I couldn’t pronounce the title of this, but what an incredible release this is. This band put out a couple demos and 7” (Seraphic Decay) yes that rip off label. Have no idea why these guys weren’t signed as they deliver bone crushing death metal in its highest form. Great vocals and playing too. The songs will just crush you with power and speed and a singer who sings with feeling and you can feel it when he belts out the lyrics. You also get 2 bonus tracks on this to boat a HUGE horns up to Dismal Records for releasing this gem. Info: or Psychoslaughter PO Box 22, Belle Vernon, PA 15012

FUNERAL PRYE/Same (Dismal Records) This is another re-issue, this time from 1994 and 1997. This is a raw black metal band and the 1st demo is ok, it is demos 2 and 3 where this band signs and seems to have found their sound. The 1st demo has some decent mid paced black metal tunes, but fuckin A, on demo # 2 and # 3 the band switch into high gear with some simply pulverizing black metal that will bring the weak to its knees. Killer riffs, awesome black metal vocals just the perfect production. The hate and sorrow the singer sings is total destruction as is the music that will just stick and works its way deep into your skull. Info: Psychoslaughter PO BOX 622 Belle Vernon, PA 15012.

ATTIC/The Invocation (Ván Records) This was like a band version of Mercyful Fate. The songs pretty much were flat and did nothing for me. The vocals sound so much like King it isn’t funny and I am not a big fan of his vocals, but hell at least he was original. This just dragged on like a band movie and this band offers at least to me nothing. Info:

DEFEATED SANITY/Passages Into Deformity (Willowtip) Typical death metal that I have heard a million times and vocals that are a total joke and music that about put me to sleep. It doesn’t have to have speed all the time and I can appreciate a good doom metal band and heavy metal, but when you have songs that just drag on and oh that tin can drum sound needs to go. Just another faceless death metal band with the Cannibal Corpse vocals. Info:

FALL CIRY FALL/Victus (Victory Records) This is that jump/nu metal stuff and even though I am not a big fan of the stuff, out of all the bands I have heard doing this, and there have been many, this isn’t too bad. The singer doesn’t sound generic and actually belts out the lyrics in a non-generic fashion. The music is like a mix of Pantera and most of the new jump metal stuff and is ok for what it is. Info:

Continents/Idle Hands (Victory Records) Finally one of these nu metal bands gets it right and it crushes. This band combines that with some death metal and what a lethal combo it is. The vocals are also a mix of both styles and I love em. The music is total way out of control as the band mix in the death metal crunches with the nu metal style and this completely threw me for a loop. Just an incredible band that has riffs and song structures that will pound and melt you and oh this is so cool and different and wow is all I can say. Info:

SARATAN - Martya Xwar (Massacre Records) Beyond awful death metal that sounded like a bad version of Entombed when they were good. The songs just dragged along with no feeling and the vocals were just as bad. Nothing to like about this at all. Info:

RITUAL KILLING/New Tribe (Blacksmith Records) Beyond awful thrash metal with terrible vocals and sucks that go nowhere fast. The band use some of that groovy thrash riffing that make me want to throw up and the vocals are just pure crap as all the guy does is shout a bunch of mumbo jumbo that is sung with no feeling. Pure shit. Info:

FALLBRAWL/Pure Mayhem (BEATDOWN HARDWEAR) Total jump metal tough guy vocals that have been to death and then some. The songs totally suck as they are all happy riffs and the death metal growls are even more of a joke. Info:

Enshadowed/Magic Chaos Psychedelia (Pulverised Records) This was some decent black metal with plenty of speed and fury and singing that was just a bunch of screeching and all that fast pic riffing stuff that a ton of black metal bands use. The riffs are crushing slabs of high energy speed and intensity and don’t sound fake or forced. The guitar sound is awesome and this is easily one of the better black metal bands making the rounds. Info:

Skineater/Dermal Harvest (Pulverised Records) This is like if Autopsy played with blistering speed almost all the time. Fuckin vocals are great as the singer just has a killer death metal voice and while he isn’t original sounding, he sings the songs with conviction big time. The speed will have you playing air drums and neck flying. This is death metal the way it should sound. Info:

Ulcer/Grant Us Death (Pulverised Records) This did nothing for me and this just sounded like a bad Entombed. The vocals were nothing to write home about and the riffs and songs were just kinda there and just sat there like a bump on a log. The tunes just didn’t cut it with me and while this isn’t god awful you’re not missing much. Info:

RAWAGE/Triumph of Sin (Violent Journey Records) 3 tunes of awful black death metal. The songs are just crap with no flow to them and actually have more of a thrash sound to them and the vocals are the black metal screams and low death metal vocals Sorry another band doing nothing but making the underground look bad. Info:

UNBURIED/Murder 101 (Selfmadegod Records) From the band’s bio I expected 5th rate Cannibal Corpse, but no, no, no. This was some crushing death metal in the vein of Autopsy. Brutal riffs and speed to match. The vocals are solid low sung, but not that lower than low shit and are very good. Thick guitar sound too. The singer every now and then does those moronic screams, but overall this is easily one of the best death metal releases I have heard in a while. Info:

SHOW YOUR FACE/Afraid (The Leaders Records) 3 tunes of heard it a million times nu/jump metal with terrible death/tough guy vocals. Bands like this ruin the underground and are a dime a dozen and in other words they 100% suck.

ENDEZZMA/Erotik Nekrosis (Agonia Records) This is some really weird, warped black metal music. Very hard to describe as the band mix in many styles and the keyboard parts are quite cool as well. The singer has a great voice as he sings in a black metal style, but without all that annoying wailing and fake screams. I can feel is pain and passion as this played on with his vocals. This is like a mix of Voivod meets black metal. Sometimes when bands branch out it works and other times it doesn’t, but this time it works. Info:

CLAMFIGHT/I Versus The Glacier (The Maple Forum) Wow just another awful groove metal band with some pure awful vocals that sound like he is screaming through a bullhorn. The riffs aren’t even catchy as just plain blow. There is nothing on this whatsoever that your ears need to suffer through. And that is what this will make your ears do. Pissed off and want to get revenge, tie them down and make em listen to this shit over and over. Info:

MUNRUTHEL/Creedamage (Svarga Music) Black metal meets dancy house music. Remember what I said about taking chances and sometimes it works and sometimes not. Well this is total shit and about one of the worst releases of 2012. What were these clowns thinking putting the music of this together? Info:

NEPENTE/Suffering Is The Seed (Metal Hit) Just what the world needs another one of countless shitty bands that totally clone Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. The pig squeal vocals suck my balls and the trigger drums are a fuckin joke too. This band fucking blows. Info”

Frost Giant - When Myth and History Merged Into (Blasphemour Records) Wow this band mix in a bunch of style vocal wise. The music is power metal with a sort of Hammerfall feel to it, but not so annoying as all those sound-alike bands that popped up when they started to get big. The music has lots of catchy riffs and yes the band use well what I call “chanting vocals” in which several members do the back round chants, which can get a bit annoying at times and of course that is just me. The one thing I didn’t like was when the singer went into the death metal tough guy mode at times and it sounds so generic and out of place. Thank god it is not used a lot. The band should just remove that part and they would be just fine. Info:

PLECTOR/Punishment Day (Discouraged Records) Modern thrash metal is what you get here and this pretty much sucked. Horrible vocals and all that happy thrash/mosh stuff like Pantera and stuff like that. The blast parts are a total joke and again another faceless thrash band that belongs 6 feet under. Info:

KAMELOT/Silverthorn (Steamhammer / SPV) Complete garbage with keyboards, light metal riffs and song structures. This band used to be a decent power metal band, but have totally sunk down the ship with this crap. Opera like clean vocals made this even worse. The songs had now power or anything catchy at all. Also more of that happy power metal parts as well. Let me go throw up. Info:

REBELLION/Arminius: Furor Teutonicus (Massacre Records) Pure god awful metal some of the weakest riffs you will hear along with even worse vocals. Nothing on this is even remotely good. Just piss more happy metal that belongs more than 6 feet underground. Info:

KAOTIK -Starving Death (Massacre Records) Ah finally a death metal band that sounds and plays like a REAL death metal band. Imagine that. Fuckin heavy as hell riffs and catchy ones too. The band mixes up the speed and intensity and wow no trigger drum sounds neither. Vocals that are thick and brutal sort of like Chris from Autopsy. My head was moving from note 1 till the last one faded away. A great death metal band and release. Info:

AEON/Aeons Black (Metal Blade Records) While this isn’t original this was some decent death metal in the vein of Decide, Morbid Angel and Vader. Thick punishing riffs, hate filled vocals and some fast pounding parts made this listenable. Thank god no happy riffs and no pig squealing on this. If you like Morbid Angel, you’ll love this. Info:

Vex/Thanatopsis (Horror Gore Death Pain Records) This was some decent death metal though I am not a fan of the drum sound on this at all. The music is speedy death/thrash metal with some cool guitar riffs and song structures. The band to me is pretty damn original too. The singer has a good aggressive death metal voice and no it is not tough guy crap. All that aside this is a killer release and one you should seek out. Info:

Vulcan/Strapped Into Reality (Horror Pain Gore Death Records) Some total kick ass thrash metal the way thrash should be. Fuckin killer riffs matched by the speed and intensity of the band. Band reminds me of a mix of Havok meets the 2nd Exodus release. The singer has an incredible voice as he is a total 100% perfect singer for this band. Production is perfect and I love the guitar and drum sound and oh those double drum parts just owned me. Ah good ole thrash with no happy riffs and nu-metal crap. Feels like 1985 again. Info:

Druid Lord - Hymns For The Wicked (Horror Pain Gore Death Records) This is some low tuned death/doom metal that god old rather quickly. Nothing about this was any good. The riffs just plodded along with the music and the singing wasn’t much better. I have heard bands like this a million times before and this was nothing to get excited about at all. Info:

Abserdo/Raising A Pervert (Horror Pain Gore Death Records) More solid thrash metal played the right way and the band have more of a hardcore sound, which was fine by me. The band mixes up the intensity and throws in some awesome blast parts as well. Great guitar crunch on this as well. I would say if you like Agnostic Front or an even better comparison is they sound a lot like the great NJ band Lethal Aggression. Info:

DEATH/Spiritual Healing (Relapse Records) A double disc of Death is what you get on this. Now with this release Death started just a bit to move away from that really brutal sound that was on the first two releases. Nevertheless this is some great stuff. The riffs, song structures and Chuck’s vocals are second to none. The music just lays down a crushing and at times fast beat and riffs that stick in your head and stay there. Just rip roaring death metal that while not as brutal as before, still totally kicks ass. The extra disc contains some unreleased goodies like outtakes and other stuff from the recording of this. If you order at Relapse, get the triple disc with a live cd to boot. Info:

WITCHCRAFT/Hegyek Felettem (Neverheard Distro) Same ole heard it a million times before raw black metal with tin can drums and fast and fast playing with no song structures and nothing memorable. Screamed black metal vocals you also have heard a million times before, Next. Info:

VEÉR/The Measure Of Waste (Neverheard Distro) Total boring black metal that by song # 3 was putting me to sleep. No good songs at all, just a bunch of mombo jumbo with horrible, horrible vocals. A waste of time. Info:

THE GREEN RIVER BURIAL/Separate & Coalesce (Bastardized Recordings) Just what the world need another nu metal/jump metal groove death metal band. This band totally sucks. The vocals, the music, etc. Pure junk.

Nine Covens/On the Dawning of Light (Candlelight Records) Oh another fast pick riffing black metal band with the same riffs, speed, and vocals that 5000 other back metal have done before. I mean bands like this all sound the same to me and are a dime a dozen. Info:

Mystery Blue/Conquer The World (Road Show Productions) Awful hair metal with some pure crap tunes and even worse vocals. The singer has a nasty high pitched sound that sounds like all those shitty hair metal bands back in the 80’s. The tunes are easily forgettable and no notes or song structures did a thing for me and this was like bad dream from 1985. This is the band’s 7th release god help anybody that the other 6.

VICIOUS RUMORS/LIVE You To Death (Steamhammer / SPV) A very good live cd that clocks in at about an hour. The band sound great on this and they mix in mostly new stuff, with a couple oldies and 2 studio cover tunes, Sign of the Southern Cross and Running Wild. I am not familiar with all the bands material, but I have heard and reviewed some of their new stuff. The band just play solid power metal and oh the 2 cover tunes are incredible. The sound on the live and studio stuff is off the charts and this is something any fan of the band would easily enjoy. Info:

Psychogod/Same (Self Released) Just pure crap death metal with those fuckin annoying nu metal break down parts and the pig squealing and awful death growls. The songs were completely forgettable and the band just take different bad parts from different metal bands and don’t make it their own, they sound like any other bad death metal band and the drums and vocals just a total joke and please work on the vocals, no pig squeals and NO breakdown parts and they have NO PLACE in underground metal…period. Info

BESTIAL WARLUST/Satan's Fist - Demo 1996 (Hells Headbangers) This is coming out via the fine folks over at Hells Headbangers in CD and LP form. Now this is what black metal should be. Total evil vocals over some evil music. The music is chaotic and totally out of control. The singer sounds like a soul possessed and hey he doesn’t sound like every other black metal singer. The music is totally raw and out of control. This is some seriously classic shit. Ah only 3 tunes had me begging for more. Get this immediately then their 2 other releases. This is easily a gem that stayed dormant till now and this is how black metal should sound, raw, evil and just laying waste to wannabes. Info:

DECEASED/Supernatural Addiction (Hells Headbangers) This is a re-issue of this fantastic album and if you don’t have it in your collection, your missing out big time. Also included are “bonus” demo tracks to boot. Just no frills death/heavy metal with intense riffs and vocals from total hell. King really shines with this as he sings his fuckin heart out. The music is a mix of death and heavy metal and yeah you read that right. Production is perfect and this is your soundtrack to hell and is easily a 10 out of 10 for me. Info:

DENOUNCEMENT PYRE/Almighty Arcanum (Hells Headbangers) Total over the top black/death metal that will fry your brain. Pounding riffs that hit hard and hit often. Vocals sung with total hate and conviction and sound great. The music is fast, powerful, ripping flesh style that melts you into oblivion. I love the guitar sound, the speed, the intensity, the vocals and everything else. Info:

VEÉR – The Measure Of Waste (Neverheard Distro) More black metal and at least this band can slow it down at times and this didn’t come across like all the other black metal bands. This wasn’t great as the songs and singing were just ok and there was no killer hook or song structure that blew me away, but at least the sound different from all the other bands so this gets a mild horns up. Info:

VOMITOR/The Escalation (Hells Headbangers/Invictus) A just wicked combo of death and black metal that will take you on a ride and trust me you won’t want to get off. Venom came to mind a few times as this played due to the vocals and some of the songs the way they were playing. Riffs that crush and tear at yeah and the band take you through a valley of slower parts and then dull your senses with speed. Now this is the way this underground death/black metal should sound. Info:

Nominon/The Cleansing (Deathgasm) This to me was just some average at best black metal. Nothing stood out and it was just like blah, blah, blah. Nothing stood out and the raw production took away from this as the guitar sound is mudded and the songs just were kind of there and this did nothing for me. Info”

FULLFORCE/Next Level (Steamhammer / SPV) Fuckin A this is one great band. The band mix in a beautiful mix of pure heavy metal with bits of power metal with plenty of riffs that will bring out that old headbanger in you. Great songs, soaring vocals and the guitar sound is mint as well. Bottom line this band more than delivers the goods and if you love heavy metal here is a band for ya. Info:

THE VERY END/Turn Off The World (Steamhammer / SPV) Purely awful groove laden thrash metal with all those nu metal riffs and screamed death metal vocals. They aren’t all in out tough guy crap, but more along the lines of the new Exodus. The songs just totally suck and this is nothing but another bad thrash band. Info:

SINISTER/The Carnage Ending (Massacre Records) This was pretty awful. Sinister have been around a long time, but their brand of death metal has worn out its welcome. The vocals are just growls and more growls and show no emotion or feeling. The music is just blah, blah, and blah and offers up nothing new that this band has done in the past. To me this is a band just going through the motions. Info:

Grief of Emerald/It All Turns To Ashes (Non Serviam Records) I remember this band from Listenable Records way back when and they are back and they should have stayed away. More god awful death metal with shitty riffs, shitty vocals and tin can drums. The songs are flat and the use of keyboards is a joke as well. What planet was this band on recording such garbage? Info:

Saille/Ritu (Code666) More death metal trash with terrible songs and those screamed death metal vocals that are so annoying and fast pic riffing is just terrible, The songs are flat, the vocals are beyond bad and this is more trash that belongs 6 feet under. Info:

THE GATES OF SLUMBER/THE AWAKENING (Abyss Records) Big time Sabbath sound on this. The singer sounds like Ozzy and the band have that Sabbath guitar sound and vibe down to a science. I like some doom, but when the bands are too slow, I mean c’mon, it’s a joke. No such luck with this band. This is very enjoyable doom as the band crank out heavy fuckin tunes and they aren’t at a snail’s pace thank god. The singer has a great voice and he of course fits the band music. If you’re a fan of Sabbath this is a MUST HAVE. Just a killer doom metal band one of the best I have heard in years. Info:

ERUPTED/IN THE GRIP OF CHAOS (Abyss Records) The music on this wasn’t bad death metal, but the singer is awful. He sings with no feeling or emotion and is very flat and uninspiring and has that screeching death metal voice. The music is thick, heavy doomy/death and he just ruins it. The songs are decent, but when you have a singer that bad, it just ruins it for me. Info:

BANE/THE ACAUSAL FIRE (Abyss Records) Just another ok death metal band that is just there and does nothing to separate themselves from the 1000’s of other bands that do the death/black metal sound. The music for the most part is decent, but the tin can drum sound makes me laugh. Your gonna blast and play fast you need the drums to sound more than a tin can. The singer just screams and roars and again does nothing I haven’t heard 5 million times before. Band doesn’t suck, but those tin can drums have to go. Info:

Blodsrit/Diktat Deliberi (Unexploded Records) This was some solid black metal with touches of death metal and wow lo and behold not a sign of tin can drums and screeching black metal vocals. This hits home fast and is big time intense. Pure emotion, feeling and hate. Oh the singer sounds like satan and this shows that when black metal is done right it can be one of the most intense forms of music. The singer just pours it on and the fast, ripping songs just burned through me and motherfuckers I was feeling what the band was doing. Now this is black metal at its finest. Info: