ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


VULTURINE/Centacvlos Da Aberracao (Nyarlathotep Records) A total crushing release of old school death metal with some black metal mixed in. Riffs that will send cold chills down your spine and vocals from hell itself. No groove or female vocals crap. Just good ole underground death/black metal the way it should be. Catchy songs and riffs that you remember not just a bunch of crap. The band just sent up a cool atmosphere with their music and just easily one me over with their music. The speed and intensity will crush you I promise you that. Info:

VULTURINE/Tentaculos Da Aberracao (Nyarlathotep Records) Another set of death/black metal from this band, though this leans more to the black metal side of things. The style again is total old school and more memorable riffs played with a ton of feeling and emotion and flat out intensity. The vocals totally crush again as the singer fits in perfectly with the music. The production is also right on the money and the great thing is the band doesn’t sound the same on these 2 releases and just blast out a session of old school death/black metal. Info:

IMPETUS MALEFICUM/Mortis Asylum (Nyarlathotep Records) Some decent old school black metal that wasn’t bad, but also didn’t blow me away. The music is fast black metal with some decent vocals. The music is played in the old school style, but there was just nothing on this that blew me away or knocked me for a loop. Don’t get me wrong this blows away a lot of the shit bands we got around today and the band play music the right way, but the band to me was just too one dimensional at times, but that is just me. Info:

VOCIFERIAN/Iscariot Gospel (Nyarlathotep Records) This is like a best of or stuff this guy has done from 2004 till 2014. 19 tracks are on this. Just raw, pounding black metal that will drive any underground fan of black metal to smile. Just the feeling and emotion I felt on this as it was playing had me playing air guitar. I love the guitar sound on this and the chainsaw sounding riffs just rule. Black metal vocals from hell as well. Easily one of the best black metal releases making the rounds these days. Info:

ORDO CAPER/ Haspu (Nyarlathotep Records) Some god awful death metal with some of the worst vocals I have heard in quite some time. All he does is growl into the mic and there is no feeling there at all and he sounds really bad. The music is totally faceless death metal with god awful songs. The riffs are nothing and the songs are flat as a pancake. Not a good band at all. Info:

BARRABÁS/The Arrival of Yog-Sothoth (Nyarlathotep Records) Some raw as fuck black metal that wasn’t bad. The band mix up the slower parts and the speed and this never got boring. The vocals are totally out of this world and the music isn’t far behind. Just a pounding of your senses release. This is real black metal and not some moron signing in the woods at 3am black metal. Prepare for your soul to get a heart pounding welcome when he meets this band. This will just rip into you and my hands got tired of playing air drums to this as well. Info:

Kruger/Adam and Steve (Listenable Records) Horrible groove metal with all those catchy (not hardly) riffs and tough guy vocals that sound like a million other bands. I wish bands like this would go to Pluto and stay there. Info:

Mass Punishment/Proving Grounds, Vol. 1 (Self Released) More garbage groove metal that sounds like a million other bands like the above band. Bands like this are doing new that hasn’t been done a million times before and better. Typical groove metal with the tough guy vocals. Lovely. Info:

Volahn/Aq'ab'al (Iron Bonehead / The Ajna Offensive / Crepusculo Negro) Oh the 1st song is 13 minutes of a bunch of noisy not so good black metal. It sounds like every musician is going in a different direction ha ha. More shitty black metal to pollute the scene. Satan would hate shit like this I assure you. Just a wall of senseless noise. Info:

APOCRYFAL/ABERRATION OF MIND (Self Released) Hey solid death metal and death metal played the right way. The music is punishing, heavy and fast. The guitar sound is killer and the singer reminds me of Ross from Immolation at times. The music is a mix of speed and slower parts and is old school big time. The speed parts had me hitting the air drums and the signing will send chills down your spine. This band is way better than most of the signed stuff I get to review. A smart label should grab these guys. Info:

Alpha Tiger/iDentity  (Steamhammer / SPV) Another one of these happy power metal bands that have been popping up all over the Europe scene ever since Hammerfall got big. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and I saw nothing of value with this. The same happy riffs and clean vocals that all these bands use and there was nothing catchy or memorable about these songs at all. Info:

TRIDENT/Shadows (War Anthem Records) 4 solid tunes of a combo of death metal with some black metal thrown in for good measure. The music just knocks your doors down with its speed and power and the guitar sound is crushing as well. The vocals are more on the black metal side, but not that screeching at 3am in a cemetery kind. I can feel his power and emotion as he spews out the words. The production is solid and I love the guitar sound is powerful and will knock you down like a ton of bricks. Death metal done right. Info:

PREMORTAL BREATH/They (Self Released) This was some decent heavy metal with some catchy songs and stuff. There is no nu metal or groove crap and hell this could have come out in 1985. Think bands like Savatage and Riot and bands of that nature. Just true and blue straight down the line metal. The singer has a solid voice and his voice fits the catchy music as well. Go get your spikes on and check out this band. Info:

Demoncy/Joined in Darkness CD (Forever Plagued Records) Finally some good black metal and of course this is a re-issue that originally came out in 1999 ha ha. This is a one man band and this is some raw, uncompromising black metal that total crushes all these so called black metal bands of today. Now this is something satan would be proud of. Raw riffs and vocals from the pits of hell and emotion and feeling that a ton of today’s bands lack big time.  This is the soundtrack to hell itself. Forget all that shitty black metal and go with the real deal, this. Info:

ARTHEDAIN - Arias Exalted (Self Released) This wasn’t bad black metal, but with just so many bands around and stuff this wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t mind blowing neither. The band just play typical black metal with the fast pic riffing. They just don’t bring a full meal to the table it is almost like just bringing desert. The vocals are fairly strong at least it wasn’t 3am in the woods vocals. Info:

AZRAEL/Television Slave (Divebomb Records) I had never heard of these guys before, but thanks to this lovely label I do now. This is fantastic thrash metal in the vein of Overkill or Forbidden. Catchy as hell riffs and great singing had my head banging in no time. This also has that classic thrash metal guitar sound that I loved back then and love now as well. No groove metal or happy riffs to be found. You get 20 tracks on here about half of them bonus tracks as well. If your into 80’s thrash this is easily a must have. Info:

MEXICAN APE/The Late Heavy Bombardment (Unable Records) Some solid thrash metal with lots of killer and catchy hooks. Think Overkill, Forbidden, etc. The singer has a great voice and he fits the music well and the music is just classic thrash metal that will give all your necks workouts. I am a sucker for a good riff and each one of these songs had plenty of those. Thank god for bands that play thrash the right way and not all that groove crap. Info:

ZAKLON/Nikoli (Embassy Row Music / Possession Productions) What a bunch of crap this is. A bunch of mumbo jumbo of just stupid notes and music that have no feeling or emotion and are going in all different directions. This was some of the worst pagan black metal I have heard in some time. Complete, worthless shit. Info:

GORELUST/We are the Undead (PRC Music) Boring death metal with just growled vocals with nothing to them and faceless Cannibal Corpse like death metal that goes nowhere fast. Been done a million times before and just another yawn band for the underground metal scene. Info:

Absentia Lunae/Vorwarts (ATMF Records) Worthless black metal with nothing catchy or even good on it and some god awful vocals and the guy sings with no emotion and also just talks through the songs. Junk. Info:

ACID AGE/DRONE SHARK ETHICS (Witches Brew) Terrible crossover band with bad songs and even worse signing. The songs are short blasts of terrible non catchy tunes with just shouted vocals that aren’t convincing at all. This was big time boring and bad and is not crossover at all. Info:

Desolate Shrine/The Heart of the Netherworld (Dark Descent Records) Kinda noisy death metal that didn’t do much for me, the vocals are buried in the mix and that didn’t help matters. The songs just kinda went by and there was nothing exciting on this. No songs stood out and went by with a whimper. Info:

Winds Of Genocide/Usurping The Throne Of Disease (Pulverised Records) Some solid old school death metal The vocals are excellent and the music just will slice you into pieces and the band also add a bit of black metal into the mix every now and then. The riffs and speed and intensity will have you smiling I assure you. The music is unlike anything I have heard as well and it just so intense and insane you’ll love it. This will just knock you over for a loop with its power as well. Info:

CARNATION/Cemetery of the Insane (Final Gate Records) There was nothing on here to get excited about. Boring run of the mill death metal that has been done to death and then some. They sound like Unleashed and if I want them I can just play them not a copycat version of them. Info:

Satan's Host/Pre-dating god Parts 1 & 2 (Moribund Records) These guys return with a double dose of material and this is spike to the wall metal with bits and pieces of some black metal thrown in. I love the sound the band has and the singing is top notch and he is a perfect heavy metal singer and I can feel the power as he belts out the tunes. The power, speed, feeling and emotion this band gets is unreal. A fantastic double release for sure. Info:

Zero Down/No Limit to the Evil (Minotauro Records) Oh these guys are also back and they deliver an album chock full of fist banging metal that would please and Judas Priest or Iron Maiden fan. Your fist will up and banging 2 minutes into this. The songs plain kick ass and the singer has a fantastic voice and he fits the music well and he sings with a ton of passion and soul and this was like a breath of fresh air from all the shitty music out there. This band keeps the metal flag riding high. Info:

ORDER OF THE DEAD/Live at the Lair (Self Released) Some decent death metal that at least doesn’t sound like a million sound alike death metal bands. The band play mostly mid paced death metal and I’d like to see them speed it up at times. The band does have some doom to their sound, which was fine by me as the music is heavy as hell. The singer has a very good voice for death metal as he belts out the words with a sick death metal voice. This was a live recording with good sound and this is one of the better unsigned bands I have heard. Info:

look them up on facebook)

TOX-SICK/A Dead Flowers (Self Released) Some wicked heavy metal with some thrash parts thrown in the mix. Guitar player Bob Hatcher gets and uses an unholy guitar sound and his vocals are 2nd to none as well. Just catchy as fuck riffs and songs to boot. The band has more of an 80’s metal sound and that was fine by me. This was also something very different and a breath of fresh air from all the generic crap out there as well. Well worth checking out. Info:

(look them up on facebook)

Lord Dying/Poisoned Altars (Relapse Records) Garbage modern like metal with no catchy hooks or songs at all. Awful tough guy vocals make this one release to avoid. Info:

Venom/From The Very Depths (Spinefarm Records) Here is a new album from this band that has been around forever it seems. Took me a couple listens, but this is a pretty good and solid release. Cronos sounds good on vocals that that killer bass sound is still present as well. The tunes still have that trademark Venom sound and this band still blows away all these awful generic death and black metal band polluting the scene these days. The tunes are catchy and full blown heavy and this band is still showing that they have fire in their brains. Hail Venom. Info:

Infernal Manes/Same (Edged Circle Productions) Some really cool NWOBHM style music on this. The dirty, raw tunes just had me tapping my feet and the singer has a voice that just sucks you in and damn does he sing with emotion and power. I was totally hooked on this within 3 minutes. The tunes are also memorable and so damn catchy it isn’t funny. This is a fantastic release and a welcome break from all the generic crap out there. Think old Scorpios and Judas Priest. Info:

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR/Sights of Suffering  (Hells Headbangers) A total crushing effort of some quality death metal. Razor sharp riffing, blistering speed and vocals from hell highlight this. The songs are catchy too and it doesn’t sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The singer reminds me of Ross from Immolation at times and he really delivers the goods and sings the songs with emotion and feeling. The tunes will just rip you into shredded carcass and this is death metal the way it should be. Info:

TERROR EMPIRE/The Empire Strikes Black (Nordavind Records) This was like a bad version of Pantera. The songs are generic in nature with those same groovy thrash riffs I have heard a million times and the singer is like a bad Phil from Pantera on vocals. Nothing stood out on this at all and it was like a million other bands out there doing the same ole thing. Info:

Absentia Lunae/Vorwarts (ATMF) This didn’t do a thing for me. Sort of a mix of black metal and avade garde metal. The songs just bored me and the singer to me sounded annoying. The music was just faceless and just dragged on and I found nothing of value on this at all. Info:

DEATH ENGINE/Mud (Throat Ruiner Records) Noisy crap that pollutes the underground. All the singer does is scream into the mic and the music is pointless and offers nothing of value. Nothing catchy or memorable with these songs. Info:

SARPANITUM/Blessed Be My Brothers (Willowtip Records) Some rip roaring, fast as hell death metal that I quite enjoyed. Riffs that you remember and speed that will get your neck moving and your hands playing air drums. Growls from hell that are not generic and the singer has a great voice. The production is great and allows everything to flow and this reminds me of Morbid Angel at times. Simply a great release of quality death metal all the way. Info:

Caelestia – Beneath Abyss (Inverse Records) To me this was another melodic faceless death metal band with some bad songs and the female vocals are so out of place. Some of the speedy parts aren’t bad, but when I head the clean female vocals that were a total turn off. The music just didn’t reach out grab me and was just kinda there and did nothing for me. The tunes didn’t have any crushing riffs at all and the mix of death metal and clean vocals was awful. Info:

DØDSFALL/Kaosmakt (Osmose Productions) Some crushing black metal that isn’t a wall of noise and the singer doesn’t sound like he is in the woods at 3am. This hits hard and fast and the singer sounds like a black metal singer should. He belts out the tunes with a fury and a rage and he fits right in with the music. The music is a massive wave of punishing black metal that will crush the week. I was playing air guitar quite a bit as this played and the songs are memorable and not weak and that guitar sound is insane. Info:

DISCOURSE/Sanity Decays (Closed Casket Activities) Some balls to the wall hardcore done the right way. Hell this sounds like it could have come out in the 80’s. Huge riffs that had my neck moving and great pissed off vocals and fantastic production. This is how hardcore should be played not all this happy riffing crap that has gone on over the years. Songs just cut through you like a knife and finally a hardcore band that does it right. Info:

Crypt Sermon/Out of the Garden (Dark Descent Records) I do like some doom bands and you can add this band to that list. The songs aren’t just slow drabs of slow riff after slow riff. The songs are crushing heavy slabs of metal and a bit of rock with a fantastic singer with a great voice and he sings the songs with a ton of feeling and power. The guitar sound the band has is awesome as well and the songs just easily won me over with their power and heaviness. Each tune on this was excellent and if your into doom this is easily a must have. Info:

Dissident Clone/State of Dysphoria (Tridroid Records) 4 tracks of boring hardcore that sound like a million other bands before them. The songs are nothing special and the singer just growls/screams into the mic. The songs have nothing of value and this is another faceless band in the underground. Info:

MONOLITH/Against The Wall Of Forever (Funeral Noise Records) Just good ole rock and metal is the ticket to this. The songs are catchy and memorable and the singer has a cool voice and was into this big time. This is also a breath of fresh air from all the crappy music in the underground as well. The tunes have a bit of a southern rock edge to them as well. I love the guitar sound and the riffs will just have your head moving in no time and how can it not when you have songs as catchy as these. A band doing something different and fresh and well worth picking up. Info:

KRIGBLAST/Power Till Demise (Selfmadegod Records) This was a punk/hardcore band and they just didn’t do much for me as they just sounded like too many other bands and there was nothing on this that stood out for me. The music is bone crushing hardcore with shouted vocals and they don’t have that moshy crap style to them, but there was just nothing on this that stood out and kept me interested and I grew bored with this. Info:

LORD DYING/Poison Altars (Relapse Records) Awful heavy metal with tons of that groove style I hate. The singer also has that tough guy style I hate and this just sounded like a generic heavy metal groove style band to me. The songs weren’t strong and nothing stood out on this at all of being memorable or good. Info:

Black Winged Sheep/ Red Sheep Red – (Sheep United Nations Productions) Some decent death metal that trys to be different and these guys don’t sound like a million other bands. They mix in some industrial stuff and some keyboards and it just sets an eerie mood and I liked this more as it played on. The singer growls out the lyrics with feeling and passion and no tough guy or cup the mic crap neither. The music is fast and chaotic as well and that scored points with me as well. Something cool and different. Info:

DE LA MUERTE/Same (Bakerteam Records) Modern rock/groove metal that didn’t think for me. The songs were flat and boring and the only thing good on this is the singer isn’t bad, but with the faceless music like this he didn’t have much to work with. Info

CAULDRON OF HATE /Emperor (Inverse Records) Typical death metal that sounds like 1000’s of other bands before them. This offers up nothing I haven’t heard many, many times before and this band brought nothing new to the table and this was a case of heard it all before. Info:

SINISTER/Afterburner (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-issue of this band/s 7th studio album and the band blast through a carnage of death metal with speed and intensity. The band still deliver the goods after all this time when many bands can’t even deliver after a few albums. The guitar crunch crushes and the vocals are a pure death metal delight. If you missed this the 1st time around, well now is the chance to get this. Info:

SAMAEL/Solar Soul (Metal Mind Productions) I liked a few of this band’s older releases, but they moved off in a more dark and ambient direction later on in their career and when they did that I jumped off the ship. The music on this almost has an industrial feel to it as well. The vocals are still good and strong, but the music is just not my cup of tea so to speak. Info:

ALL SHALL PERISH/The Price Of Existence (Metal Mind Productions) This is another re-issue as this originally came out in 2006. The music isn’t bad as it is fast as fuck and riffs that will cause your neck to swell and speed to have you playing air drums. The vocals were hit and miss with me. I like the death metal style ones, but hate when they go off in that screeching style and that is just me. The production is good and solid and if you don’t mind some screechy vocals then pick this up as it is intense death metal all the way. Info:

VOIVOD/Infini (Metal Mind Productions) This is a re-issue of the band’s 2009 release. This band was so before their time and just so wacky and crazy and original too. I had not heard this before and I was hooked within minutes. Their music is timeless and so different and fresh even after these releases and different line-ups. This band just simply has me shaking my head in disbelief as they continue to come up with great songs after all these years. Easily a must buy Info:

ALL SHALL PERISH/Hate Malice Revenge (Metal Mind Productions) This is this band’s debut album and I enjoyed this more than the 2nd album, which I reviewed above. The reason being is that the vocals on this are more straight forward death metal and the screeching is not there as much. The music to me is a bit more catchy and I like the guitar sound more on this and the songs are more straight forward and are more catchier. The speed is there big time as well. Info:

BENEDICTION/Transcend The Rubicon & The Dreams You Dread (Metal Mind Productions) You get 2 releases on this and 2 live bonus tracks as well on this re-issue of 2 albums from this band. This band just play straight forward death metal. The songs are speedy and catchy big time. The band just rolls out the carpet of death metal with speed, intensity and vocals from hell. The riffs will have you head banging and the vocals are a perfect example of how a death metal singer should sound. Both albums crush and this was another band if you missed out on, now you can pick this up. Info:

VOIVOD/Katorz (Metal Mind Productions) Another re-issue as this originally came out in 2006 after the death of guitar player Denis D'Amour (Piggy). I had not heard this prior to popping this in and wow I missed out big time on this as well as the above release. With so much garbage flooding the underground bands like this is like a summer day in the winter. The songs just totally rule on this and Snake just blows me away with his incredible vocals. This band is just so out there and yet the songs are so damn catchy. It is a shame the band aren’t way bigger than they are that’s for sure. If you missed out on this or have never heard the band before, do yourself a favor and grab this and every one of their other releases and prepare to be transported to another world. Simply incredible. Info:

LAW AND ORDER/Anything But The Critic’s Choice (Fetal Records) This originally came out in the 80’s and some killer hardcore music. Just pure blasts of furious music that blows away these hardcore bands of today. The riffs and music brought me back to the early 80’s even before the crossover explosion. I love the bass sound on this and the pissed off vocals are great unlike that stupid tough guy vocal style of today. Any fan into real hardcore would want this for sure. Info:

IRAE-THE BLACK COMMAND/The Immortal Circle Of The Adversary (The Ritual Productions) This is a split cd and Irae is up 1st and they offer up pointless black metal that sounds like a million other bands. All the singer does is scream into the mic and the music is just a bunch of useless black metal with nothing memorable at all. Satan would not be a fan of these guys. The Black Command isn’t much better and they play more faceless, bad black metal with no feeling and the songs just totally suck. The signer isn’t bad, but the music is pointless and does nothing at all. Info:

KISS IS KILL/Imposter Syndrome (Self Released) This totally rules. This guy/band mix metal, rock and industrial into one crushing mix of music. This was fresh and new to my ears and I enjoyed this big time. James has a great voice and his voice works perfect within the mix of music. There is almost a dance beat at times and it just works for me. This almost is like Nine Inch Nails at times if you remember them. Go on his band camp page and check out his music and again to me this was like a breath of fresh air from all the garbage. Info:

EXLIBRIS/Aftereal (Metal Mind Productions) Total complete ass kickin metal with tons of great hooks and songs that are big time catchy. There is a bit of prog metal with this band as one band that pops up is Dream Theatre at times. 12 tunes on this and I was nodding to them all. This just was full of catchy hooks and the singer has a great voice that sucks you in and keeps you there. The production is perfect and the guitar crunch and sound on this is off the charts. Excellent release for sure. Info:

DECEASE/Age Of The Covenant (Hatework Records) The music on this is some fast and furious thrash metal that is some crushing stuff, but the vocals are more in the death metal vein. It seems out of place at first, but I got used to the vocals as time went on. The music is crushing thrash metal with tons of killer hooks and the songs are catchy as fuck. The vocals are ok; I am not a fan of the low growls as this is thrash metal, not death metal.  The band churn out thash metal that is intense and no groove neither as this is thrash metal done the right way. Think Exodus and Bay Area thrash as this band’s sound. The singer isn’t bad until he goes into those deep growls and to me those don’t belong in a thrash band. Overall this is some great stuff music wise as this is thrash metal done the right way. Info:

BLACK JESUS/EVERYTHING Black…Everything Dead (Grindhead Records) Some fast, heart pounding death metal that didn’t sound bad to these ears. The band has some grind in them and that was fine by me as this was far from a noise band and everything sounds good even when the band blast away. The band mix up the speed and I like the guitar sound a lot and the singer just totally rules as he sings the songs with total power and passion and he is a fantastic death metal singer. The band also has a bit of a punk edge to them at times and also remind me of Napalm Death at times. Info:

NICK OLIVERI/Leave Me Alone (Schnitzel Records) Sort of a punkish rock thing with this. The songs were catchy and kind of cool and I was digging the tunes and this is better than a lot of the crap that passes for music on the radio these days. Apparently he plays all the instruments on this as well as sings and he has a good strong voice. This is I would say some modern rock with a punkish edge to it and doesn’t sound bad and the songs are catchy and good. Not bad for what it is. Info:

DETERIOROT/In Ancient Beliefs (Xtreem Music) This might have been released some time ago, but I am getting a copy now and it stills packs a whallop. Just bone crushing, straight forward death metal that more than gets the job done. Mixing some slow brutal parts with intense speed at times this will send you for a loop and then some. Think Incantation and Bolt Thrower and bands in that style. The singer sounds great as his voice is haunting and he belts out the lyrics like a man possessed. The guitar sound totally rips and the production is perfect for a band like this, Info:

SEE THROUGH SECRECY/The Voice Inside (Self Released) This is a metalcore group and as most of you know I am not big into that style, I like more of the crossover stuff. Actually this is a pretty good one as the songs are strong and catchy and the singer, who is female, has a nice solid voice and although I am not a fan of the clean vocal parts much, the death metal parts and growls are awesome. The production on this is right on the money and out of all the bands doing this style these days; this is easily one of the better ones. Info:

BENEDICTION/Subconscious Terror & The Grand Leveller (Metal Mind Productions) I thought the “Subonscious” album was at best average death metal and the songs were just kind of boring and nothing stood out for me. Now “The Grand’ release was crushing and full of speedy and wicked death metal that I quite enjoyed. The songs were way more enjoyable and catchy riffs and songs that I remembers after each one. This is worth getting just for that release and some of you may enjoy the 2nd release included on this. Info:

CANDLEMASS/Same (Metal Mind Productions) I have loved some of the stuff this band has done and some stuff I found boring, but this album is anything but boring. This is bone crushing doom metal at its best. Simply one the best doom metal albums I have ever heard. The tunes just crush with heaviness (naturally0 and are big time memorable and this also isn’t slow enough to put me to bed. The vocals are perfect sung with total feeling and passion. If you missed this the 1st time around, pick this up at all costs. Info:

BENEDICTION/Organised Chaos (Metal Mind Productions) This band has been around for a long time and here we see a re-release of their 6th album and on this the band churn out solid death metal that is memorable with good songs and good vocals. I like the guitar sound and the vocals are sung in the right death metal way and sung with feeling and passion and don’t sound generic. Production is right on the money as well. I hear a bit of that Obituary guitar sound on this as well. Info:

SINISTER/Aggressive Measures (Metal Mind Productions) Just bone crushing death metal that hits fast and hard and will knock you into yesteryear. I love the whirlwind like riffs and the speed had me playing air drums. The songs were so damn catchy, yes riffs and song structures you remember. Vocals from the pits of hell and this is something that if you missed when it came out, is easily one release you must pick up. Info:

CANDLEMASS/Lucifer Rising (Metal Mind Productions) This has the 3 songs from the original Ep and then there is 9 live tunes from a 2007 thrown on as a bonus. The 3 tunes on this are solid Candlemass songs and again like the above release the tunes are heavy as hell and aren’t just that slow doom I hate. The live tunes are fantastic and the band sound great and as always the vocals on this as smoking as well. Messiah’s vocals are hit or miss with people, but they are a hit with me. Info:

BENEDICTION/Grind Bastard (Metal Mind Productions) Another solid re-release of straight forward death metal that will knock you over in a big way. Riffs that will have that neck moving and I adore that guitar sound big time. Singer has a solid voice as he belts out the lyrics. A nice mix of speed and slower stuff as well. Production allows everything to flow as well. Info:

BENEDICTION/Killing Music (Metal Mind Productions) More crushing death metal from this group. They deliver the goods once again with another thundering album of speed and intensity. The band easily knows how to write and play catchy riffs and there is plenty on this release. The singer once again delivers the goods as he sings his balls off on this and that chainsaw sounding guitar sound ruined me. The production is once again perfect and this is death metal that rules. Info:

Bi-Cancer/Tormenting the Innocent Candlelight Records I love the music, but am not a huge fan of the vocals as they are just shouted and his voice was a bit annoying at times. The music is bone crushing thrash with a bit of crossover to it. Razor sharp riffs with plenty of speed and power than will easily have your neck moving. The production is mint and the guitar sound I love and this is some serious awesome thrash metal played the right way. Info:

DØDSVERK/Dødsverk (Apocalyptic Empire Records) Very generic black metal with a singer who just screams and moans into the mic with music behind him that has been a 1000 times before and a 1000 times better. The music just drags on and this is just fast, generic black metal that does nothing at all and just drags on and on. Info:

[email protected]

EVIL INVADERS/Pulses Of Pleasure (Napalm Records) Oh yes now this is what the doctor ordered. A pure old school thrash metal band with vocals that totally crush and they remind me of John from the band Raven. This sounds like it could have come out in 1985! They just have such an old school feel to them it’s not funny. I hear some Razor (naturally) and old Exodus when this plays on as well. This is easily one of the best thrash bands I have heard in some time and they hold the thrash metal flag high in the air no doubt about it. Info:

Twingiant/Devil Down (Medusa Crush Recordings) Some very cool 70’s style rock mixed in with a bit of sludge and it makes for a wicked combo of music. The music just oozes out feeling and emotion and the guitar player comes out with some riffs that totally smoked me. The production also has that old 70’s feel and the singer just pelts out the lyrics like a man possessed. This was something cool and different and I enjoyed this big time. Info:

PAUL DIANNO/The Beast Arises (Metal Mind Productions) This is Paul in a club with a bunch of young guys doing Maiden tunes and a Ramones cover and an interview with him as well. I don’t maybe it is just me being 49, but seeing him up with a bunch of 20 year and then some musicians just seemed kind of weird to me. His voice sounds good on this and the tunes sound ok, but again just watching this seemed weird. The kids in the crowd ate this all up and the quality of the filming is top notch. If you love old Maiden you’ll probably enjoy this, just ignore the young band members ha ha. Info:

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT/AbyssalGods (Aural Music) Noisy black metal that goes nowhere fast. All the singer does is scream and growl in the mic with no emotion and the music is just a boring slab of nothing. Another faceless band in the underground doing nothing good. Info:

ASS/Work sucks / Speed Krusher (PRC MUSIC) Some total kick ass crossover in the vein of DRI and Municipal Waste. Riffs that had me wanting to mosh in my apartment. The singer total gets it as he sings with feeling and hate and not that tough guy shit and yes he does sound like Kurt from DRI. The production also has that 80’s feel and this just crushes. There is a few real “crossover” bands that are doing it right and this band is easily doing that. Excellent release. Info:

Abhor/Rituale Stramonium (Moribund Records) More boring black metal with some keyboards. The singer just growls and has no feeling and the songs are just flat horrible. This will put you to sleep. Info:

MY FUNERAL/VIOLENCE ACADEMY (Self Released) Some wicked bay area style thrash with some punishing riffs that had me banging my head and also riffs and songs that are memorable and that you remember after they are done. The singer has an aggressive style voice and he fits the music rather well and the guitar sound on this is awesome as well. Simply thrash metal the way it should be. Info:

GRAND MASSIVE/2 ((7 Hard Music / Membran) This has that sort of grunchy/new rock n roll feel to it. It wasn’t bad for what it was and I like the singer has he has a strong voice and he sings with some passion and feeling and he blends it well with the music. This is sort of in the Alice In Chains vein, minus the vocals. This is better than some of the rock I have heard on the radio that is for sure. Solid rock band is what you have here. Info:

SATANIC WARMASTER/Fimbulwinter (Hells Headbangers / Werewolf Records) Ok I am sick of all the Bathory sound alike bands and here is another. Total Bathory worship. I have heard this stuff a million times over. Info:

ARCANE/WORLDS COLLIDING (Divebomb Records) Fans from way back when will remember this band on Wild Rags Records. Well those fine folks at Divebomb Records have put out a double disc from this band and this absolutely crushes. All of the bands incredible material is included on this and god listening to this brought back some great memories and I even interviewed the band way back when my zine was a paper zine. The band play a mix of prog metal and thrash and the songs just totally crush and are catchy and heavy and there isn’t one bad song on this double disc and this blows away most of the current stuff of today. This band was ahead of its time and if they had stayed together, they would have been huge! Get this incredible release now. Info:

DEAD HAPPY/Banana God (Coffee Jingle Records) This is some warped, fucked up shit and I loved it. The singer is totally out of control with his singing and he has to be heard to be believed. The music is a mix of industrial meets rock and sprinkle in some metal. It is a weird combo, but the songs totally rip and are catchy as hell underneath everything. The songs sucked me in and left me breathless. Only 3 tunes on this and I wish there was more. An original band to say the least and a great one at that. This band is doing something different and doing it quite well. Info:

PHANTASMAL/The Reaper’s Forge (Self Released) 3 tracks of rip roaring thrash/black metal that is quite awesome. The band rips through the 3 tunes on here with fury and speed and some catchy songs as well. I love the guitar sound as it has that awesome crunchy thrash sound I like and the vocals are more in a black metal style, but that 3am in the woods fake shit. The tunes are catchy and memorable and just have that old school sound that a lot of bands are missing these days and songs that are quality as well. Info:

CLEAR IMAGE/MAY 14TH/Split (Self Released) Clear Image offer up nothing of value just a bunch of useless rock n roll that pretty much sucked. May 14th are even worse as their songs just drag on like a beyond bad doom metal band. Both singers suck as they both have horrible voices and this was a pretty much beyond bad split. Info:

Sunshine PO BOX 253 Shaffer, MN 55074

MAY 14/Wolferr II (Self Released) Oh my god this is more garbage. This is like an awful garage band that is just starting out. The songs are not catchy and just plod along with nothing of value. The singer is awful as he sings the songs with no feeling or passion and when you have bad music like this behind him I can understand. Info:

Sunshine PO BOX 253 Shaffer, MN 55074

ASTARIUM/Nekrocosmoi Demiursge (Margin Art Records) This is a one man band/project and I hate to say it, but this is pure junk. Slow, plodding songs with keyboards that are overdone and caused me to lose all interest in this quickly. All the other instruments are buried and the only good thing is that he is a pretty good singer. He should seek out a band and try singing for them and lose the keyboards they take away so much from what he is trying to do and unless he is trying to do doom metal, speed up the tracks a bit. Info:

SMASH FASHION/Big Cat Love (Electric Pudding Recordings) Fuckin A some total ass kickin rock n roll that blows away all this corporate rock crap that sells itself as rock n roll these days. All the songs have total catchy riffs and sort of have that Sex Pistols vibe to them as they inject just a big of snobbish punk to their sound and I was digging this big time as it is such a breath of fresh air from all the garbage out there these days. The singer has such a cool voice and he fits the music perfectly and this is also not over produced and so far is one of my favorite release of 2015. Info:

S.M.F/15 Mins Of Fame (Self Released) This is some joke stuff done by my friend Worm who does Wormhole zine. This is like a silly band as they make fun of lots of things and back in the 80”s there was bands like these floating around at times. I have to be honest and I didn’t enjoy bands like this back then and I still enjoy em now, but if you’d like to hear some funny stuff and laugh at times then these guys are right up your alley. Info:

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