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INHUM DEPRAVITY/Nocturnal Carnage By The Unholy Desecrator (Coyote Records) Absolutely worthless death metal shit with the cup vocals and generic death metal that has been 50 billion times. The machine like blast beats are a joke, the singing is a joke and this band is a joke and flush this down the toilet. 500 copies made, well thank god only 500 people will get stuck with this shit. Info:

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INTRINSIC/Nails (Divebomb Records) This was originally recorded back in 1991 and is now seeing the light thanks for our good friends over at Divebomb Records. This is pure old school bay area style thrash and it totally crushes. Bone crunchy heavy as hell riffs that will have your neck moving in no time. The singer has a solid voice and re minds me of the singer in Forbidden at times. These guys are also from the CA area, but are they no means a copycat band and they easily have their own sound. 12 tracks of prime time thrash metal that thankfully sees a new life and heck this is better than a ton of the garbage out there calling itself thrash these days. Info:

THE HORDE OF TORMENT/Distorted Recollections (Divebomb Records) I reviewed both of this band’s demos way back in the 80’s when my webzine was a fanzine and they were managed by Marco Barbieri. All 17 songs on this are bone crushing old school thrash metal that I loved. This band just has that late 80’s thrash sound down pat and it is a shame they didn’t record more material cause the stuff they did record is awesome. If your into old school thrash this is easily a must get. Info:

BLUNT KNIFE Idol/Greed Heritage (Herrie Records Inc) Boring death metal with too many mid paced parts and the singer all he does is growl into the mic and the songs were just there and had no hook or anything that stood out and made me want to bang my head or anything for that matter. Another faceless death metal band in the scene that is big time overcrowded already. Info:

ABYSSION/Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki (Svart Records) Black metal mixed in with some punk styles is not a good mix to my ears. Long songs that drag out and this just plain was boring and not good at all. The songs just dragged on and no killer riffs or anything was good on this at all.

JOHNNY B. MORBID/Fall of the Cicada (Self-Released) This was some ok punk music, but I was not a fan of the vocals much. He doesn’t have that snotty or aggressive voice that works with punk or hardcore bands and his voice would be better suited in a rock band. The tunes were decent and at least didn’t suck and I was bobbing along at times to some of the tunes. Check em out if punk rock is your thing. Info:

TOTAL NEGATION/Zeitzeuge (Temple of Torturous) This is a one man doom metal band and this also needs to get flushed down the toilet. Absolutely awful doom metal, I wouldn’t even call this doom metal, as I would call it complete shit. There is nothing of value with the songs and he can’t sing neither. Don’t waste your money and go pull out your St Vitus records. Info:

CORPSIA/Order from Chaos (Self-Released) Some decent thrash metal is here. I am not a fan of some of the groove stuff the band have within their music, but this is better than some of thrash bands around. The singer has a more of a hardcore voice, but it is strong and I like it. The fast parts crush on this as there also is no groove on those parts ha ha. The production is also strong on this as well. Good thrash metal band. Info:

INFERA BRUO/In Conjuration (Bindrune Recordings) Finally a good black metal band graces my ears. This is a total all out assault with vicious vocals that satan would like. The tunes are just rip roaring, fast tunes that had me smiling. No vocals at 3am in the woods, no experimental crap. This is the way black metal should be. Raw, in your face, and intense. This easily had all 3. The tunes were also memorable as well. Best black metal band I have heard this year. Info:

REANIMATOR/Horns Up (Self Released) This was some decent thrash metal, but I wasn’t too keen on the tough guy like vocals. The music was speedy 80’s like thrash metal mixed in with some hardcore and a band like Municipal Waste easily comes to mind. The vocals if they would have been better would have this being a home run. In saying that I would say this is a 3rd base type of band and the band easily play the right way and not all that groove shit. Given em a listen. Info:

GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS/High Heels & Broken Bones (Eternal Sound) Some down in dirty thrash and punk rock is on this. Just crushing tunes that will rip through your body. The intensity the band plays with is off the charts and they combine the best of thrash and punk rock to make a killer combo. The singer screams his head off and sings like it’s his last breath. Almost like a combo of Motorhead if they were playing punk metal and throw the Sex Pistols in as well. Info:

HELLBASTARD/Feral  (PATAC Records) Some boring crossover music with bad songs and there was nothing exciting on this at all. The songs lacked anything good and they just kinda flew by me with no killer riff or songs at all. The singer wasn’t bad, but the songs just lacked quality and this gets a thumbs down from me. Info:

CURSE OF THE NORTH/Curse of the North: I  (Static Tension Recordings) Beyond bad rock n roll. Songs were terrible and this sounded like a band version of Danzig. The songs were totally boring nothing of quality to them at all. The singer had a decent voice, but the songs were flat as a pancake and went nowhere fast. Info:

SHRAPNEL STORM/MOTHER WAR (WITCHES BREW) A band that gets it and gets it in a big way. This is how death metal should sound. Just bone crushing heavy as fuck memorable riffs that flow through your brain and keep you there till each song has ended. Vocals from the pits from hell that and pissed off and angry and satan would love. The old school production is a welcome sound as well. This just totally lays to waste pretenders who think they know death metal. Bands like this are keeping the flame of death metal and the underground alive. A crushing display of quality death metal. Info:

CHELSEA/Saturday Night Sunday Morning (Four Worlds Media) An awful attempt at punk metal by a band that should just give it up. This is the bands 1st release in 10 years. Well please don’t come back cause your punk style is awful and the vocals are laughable. Info:

CATHEDRAL/In Memoriam (Rise Above Records) This is one unholy piece of doom metal. This has the bands 1990 demo and I live show from 1991 and a Live DVD from 1991. This was when the band was at their finest and damned if they didn’t play some of the best doom metal my ears have ever heard. Just bone crushing riffs with Dorian’s unholy vocals and the songs were not boring and this is as good as doom gets. The songs are filled with sadness, but that is what doom is supposed to do and this is as heavy as a ton of brick too. A must have. Info:

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS/Time Stands Still (Napalm Records) Just what we need another happy power metal Hammerfall type band with nowhere need the song quality as them. This pretty much sucked with no power and nothing memorable at all. Complete garbage. Info:

VINTAGE WARLORDS | The Invisible Foe EP (Self Released) Boring death metal with tired, boring riffs that did nothing for me. The singer just growls out the lyrics with not much power and the songs were flat and there was just nothing of value here. The songs are not strong and this is just another faceless death metal band making the rounds doing nothing new or even exciting at all. Info:

NEKRO DRUNKZ/Absolute Filth (Moribund) Oh this is what the doctor ordered. Quick blasts of some supreme death metal that had me smiling. The quick bursts of total speed blasts of death metal played the way it should be along death metal vocals that are total prime time. No cheezy snare drum blast beats and screamed in the mic death metal vocals. The guitar sound just rules on this and I could not get enough that is for sure. An absolute must get for any death metal fan. Info:

SCYTHIAN/Hubris in Excelsis (Hells Headbangers) This was a nothing death metal band.. Nothing on this stood out to me and it kinda bored me. No crushing riffs and the vocals were just blah. The songs just had nothing to attract my attention at all. Info:

BLACK QUEEN/The Directress (Self Released) Beyond band doom type of metal that even makes a bad doom metal band look bad. The songs suck and go nowhere. The singer belongs out in a graveyard as that is how bad is singing is. On this was just awful on all fronts and one of the worst bands I have heard this year. Info:

KRONOS/Arisen New Era (Unique Leader) Complete death metal garbage with bad songs and horrible vocals and this stuff has been done to death and then some. Same riffing and vocal style left me bored within seconds. Nothing of value on this I can assure you of that. Info:

BARSHASKETH/Ophidian Henosis (Blut & Eisen Productions) Same ole black metal with the pic riffing and singing vocals that I have heard 5 billion times. Can a band at least come up with something good and on top of it the songs sucked. Info:

OSSO/Same (Subsound Records) Just a bunch of noise to me that bored me and went nowhere fast. The guitar sounded out of tune and the songs had no substance at all. Info:

THE OTHER/Fear Itself (Steamhammer) Oh my god totally awful rock/metal with weak vocals and weak playing to boot. The singer needs to hang up the microphone and the band needs to break up now. The songs are so weak on this and there is no power beyond this tunes at all and this is just plain awful. Info:

WOMBBATH/Downfall Rising (Dark Descent) Bone crushing death metal that knocked me into oblivion. Finally something I can sink my teeth into. Heavy, speedy riffs that are catchy and that are memorable along with a sing with a violent deathly voice that shows you death metal is till alive and well. The production is right on the money and the guitar sound is just perfect and the speed, intensity and feeling this band get on this is just unreal. This completely lays to waste all this death metal garbage polluting the scene.

PLAGE/Den Kristne Stank (Alusia Productions) More garbage black metal that sounds like every other black metal band on the planet. Lovely. Info:

UNDERGANG/Døden Læger Alle Sår (Dark Descent) Some of the most vile and pudrid low tunes death and doom metal and I loved it. The production is like an 80’s demo and I was right on board with that. The low vocals totally work for this band and the guitar sound just blew me away. Think a rawer version of Autopsy demo style. `The songs did not get boring and they were catchy and memorable too and no generic crap on this. Info:

BONEHUNTER/Evil Triumphs Again (Hells Headbangers) This was some decent at best raw black metal played with an old school sound to it. The chainsaw sounding guitars were kinda cool, but the singer just had a voice I wasn’t into. After a bit he got on my nerves and the songs just didn’t do much for me and after each one it was like ‘blah” and nothing stood out or was anything memorable. This is better than a bunch of other black metal stuff I have heard, but not something to go bonkers over. Info:

OOGOTAY/Dead God’s Prophet (Selfmadegod Records) Decent death metal is on this release. The band play fast hard hitting death metal without all that groove crap and all those fake blast beats. The songs are ok, they wasn’t anything mind blowing or nothing that totally sucked. The singer has a good, solid death metal voice and he blasts out the lyrics with hate and intensity. The production is good and solid and while this didn’t knock me out of my chair, the band plays death metal the right way. Info:

Carnivora/The Vision  (Manshark Entertainment( Just what the world needs another groove metal band with the tough guy vocals. God this shit sucks and has been done to death. Flush this down the toilet. Info:

DERAIGN - Purity In Violence (Dead Cente Prods) Finally a band that knows how to write a good song. This is some kick ass thrash metal with some headbanging riffs and cool vocals. The songs are catchy and speedy and my head was moving to the songs on this for sure. I would say this is in the bay area style of thrash and has no groove metal and that tough guy singing neither. The band just stay within their thrash metal style and don’t get too fancy or cute and overall this is a good thrash metal release. Info:

DECOMPOSING ENTITY/So It Begins (Perennity Records) The problem with this band is that the singer isn’t very good and the songs just pretty much bored me. There was nothing on this that was remotely good at all. The band just play heard it a million times before death metal with no riffs that made my head want to move or anything at all. It was just like the music was almost backround music at times. Nothing of value on this. Info:

DESTRUKTOR/Opprobrium  (Hells Headbangers) A crushing mix of death and black metal. Again this band is just doing the same thing I have heard so many times, but they just destroy me with their speed and power.. That being said they do deliver a wicked release of death and black metal that is played quite well and if your not 50 years old like me, then you will go bonkers over this. The singer rip and tears threw these tunes with a great voice and the production is right on the money and the songs will knock you out of your chair. Info:

INFERA BRUO/In Conjuration (Bindrune Recordings) More shitty black metal that sounds like every other band doing this style only worse. The singer blows and the music is pointless. Satan would hate shit like this. Pure worthless fast riff picking noise. Awful. Info:

REVOLT REVOLT/Wild Unraveling (20 Sided Records) This is some crazy fucked up shit. Some garage like industrtial noise with a bit of grunge and noise too. Very different and the tunes are catchy and memorable as well. The tunes just sucked me in on this and kept me there. Nothing on this was boring and also was different and fresh and a very cool release. Info:

THRASHHOLE/Blasphemy (Self Released) Some good ole NJ based thrash here and not all that groove shit neither. This is more based on the 80’s style of thrash and the band reminded me of Havok at times. Very cool riffing and the songs were crunchy and heavy and speedy as well. The singer has a solid aggressive non tough guy voice to boot and this is a good young thrash band and I saw them live as well and they delivered the goods there as well. Info:

WHILE SHE SLEEPS/Brainwashed (Razor & Tie) God awful groovy style death metal with the tough guy vocals and some clean ones too. This band just sound like any other band doing this style and they pretty much bored me and they are not doing anything different that any other band doing this style is. Quickly forgettable. Info:

AXEMASTER/Overture To Madness (???) This band is back and back in a big way. Total ass kickin, crunchy power metal that rules. None of this happy power metal crap. The production also has that raw 80’s type of feel that I love as well. The singer has a good strong voice and these are songs that you will remember after they are done playing as well. Not a bad song on this and we need more bands like this as they blow away all this happy power metal crap these days. Info:

MASTIPHAL/For A Glory of All Spirits, Rise for Victory (Nuclear War Now) This band play old school black metal that was pretty boring to my ears. The songs were weak and boring and all the singer does is growl into the mic and he doesn’t growl very good and this pretty much sucked.

ONE MASTER/Reclusive Blasphemy (Eternal Death) Just bone crushing black metal that floored me. The speed, intensity and feeling this band is awesome. There is not many black metal bands that are doing it right these days, but this is one of them. The singer sings black metal with feeling and emotion and not like he is in the woods or that he just grunts here and there in the mic. The production is just perfect and the sound this band has and the way they perform it is top notch. Easily the best black metal release I have heard this year. Info:


COFFINS/Craving To Eternal Slumber (Hammerheart Records) While not breaking any new ground, this is some solid Swedish style Entombed death metal that sounded good to my ears. Riffs and songs that I remember after each song played and a singer that sings with hate and fear and not that tough guy crap. The guitar has that tuned down sound that made Entombed so famous that many moons ago. This is no copycat band I am just making a comparison. This will have your head moving for sure. Info:

MORBID SLAUGHTER/A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death (Boris Records / Inti Records) Just rip roaring old school death metal with a touch of thrash with black metal vocals. The guitar sound just totally rules and the tunes are catchy as hell sort of in the old Celtic Frost style. These guys know how to write tunes that are full of passion, speed, feeling and are also catchy and don’t sound generic or stupid. Easily worth getting and this is one of the best releases of the year so far. Info:

CRANN/Logical End (Self Released) This wasn’t too bad. The band play a mix of death and thrash metal with some decent songs and don’t sound like a million other generic bands that flood the scene. The singer to be just growls and screams into the mic and that part of the band I wasn’t too into. The production is good and solid and the songs are catchy, but the singer needs to work on his vocals a bit. Info:

GRAVESITE/Horrifying Nightmares (Xtreem Music) While this band is doing nothing new, it is solid straight forward punishing death metal in the vein of a band like Autopsy. The band go from fast to slow parts and the vocals are a pure death metal delight and the guitar sound is heavy as a ton of bricks. The band don’t get the speed up to where it is a wall of noise which I liked as well. If your into old school death metal here ya go. Info:

SATANIKA/Total Inferno (Osmose Productions) Some wicked death metal with a bit of thrash thrown in the mix as well. The music is mostly fast paced stuff built around whirlwin like riffs and that was fine with me. The vocals are more in a growly death metal vein sung with plenty of power and aggression. The production is great with that cool guitar and everything falling right into place.

TRIPOD/Devil Feeder (Self Released) I liked a lot of things on this and hated one. This band plays a great style of modern rock/metal with really catchy non generic riffing and songs flow great and just had my heading moving to the music. The production is good and solid and this is one of the few rock bands that are doing it right these days. The band, in my opinion, need to lose those tough guy metal lines that throw in there at times. It sounds out of place and they don’t need it. Otherwise this is a solid metal/rock band. Info:

INSECT ARK/Portal/Well (Autumnsongs Records) This some very weird music on this and it was just too weird for me. Lots of atmospheric keyboard parts and doomy parts on top of it. The thing is it was too slow for me ears. Sort of reminded me of the band Winter in spots. This I actually could listen to this if I wanted to relax and I will say if your into doom metal this would be something you’d love and this is far from being the typical doom metal band I will say that too. Info:

RUSTY PACEMAKER/Ruins (Solanum Records) Some solid rock n roll and hey no tough guy vocals. Thanks Rusty for that. He sings the songs with plenty of feeling and emotion and actually the songs are full of that too. There is hardly a modern rock influence on this and I was digging this quite a bit. He has a kick ass guitar sound and everything just flows like a big waterfall and I would also say this is pretty original as it doesn’t sound like a million other bands and this is a 2 man band as well, which makes this that much amazing at times. Info:

OPERA ROCK/Starborn (Self Released) This is a simply amazing release that reminded me a lot of Dream Theatre’s “Images and Words” release, which is one of my favorite releases of all time. The songs just sucked me in big time and I was hanging on every note. This is played with such feeling and emotion it isn’t funny and also the songs and riffs are so memorable to my ears. Singer Silvia Ciraudo has a great voice and his voice is so perfect for this band’s sound. I could not stop playing this as this is easily in my top 3 releases of the year so far and is progressive metal at its finest. Info:

PAWNS IN CHESS/The Blood Of Martyrs (Self Released) This band has no singer, but who cares. The songs just totally kick ass with some strong guitar work and songs. The music is in the thrash metal vein sort of like older Megedeth in parts. The guitar sound in nice and chunky and heavy and you can easily bang your head to this stuff. The music never gets boring and I was not bored at all during this 6 song affair. This band is playing metal the right way and I wish them luck in their future releases. Info:

ERADIKATOR/Edge Of Humanity (Divebomb Records) This is total kick ass old school power metal like it used to be. Not all this happy power metal stuff. Just catchy speedy riffs along with some tasteful vocals backing up the music. Songs were catchy as hell as this band know how to write play songs and no soaring vocals or Hammerfall jr on this release thank god. Not many power metal bands around doing with this band is doing and this gets a bigs horns up from me. Info:

GOAT TORMENT/Sermons to Death (Armor Fati Productions) Some decent black metal that doesn’t sound like a wall of noise or a million other bands and what also helps is the singer doesn’t sound like he is in the woods at 3am and just screams like some little kid in the mic. The band play a strong style of black metal that sounded good to me. The mix up the speed and slow parts and the fast parts aren’t just a wall of noise and there is some strong riffing and song structures within these tunes. I love the guitar sound this band gets and this is a good, solid black metal release. Info:

SPEEDTRAP/Straight Shooter (Svart Records) Oh I was loving this and the bio on the band has this nailed 100%. This is a mix of Motorhead meets old Exciter and the singer sounds like Dan Beehler and the music is a mix of both bands. This is hell raising music. The songs are big time catchy and they stay in your head after each song and this is no generic power metal neither. The band just capture that dirty sound that Motorhead has well. The production also had that mid 80’s sound as well. Just a total old school release that if your into old school will leave you breathless. Info:

ANACHRONAEON/Stygian Crypt (Self Released) Some decent death metal is found here. Some of the dual like vocal parts I wasn’t a fan of, but that is just me and otherwise his vocals are fine. The music is fast death metal with some slower parts mixed in. The production is solid and the band don’t sound like 5000 other bands out there as well. This is pretty decent for a debut release and I look forward to hearing more music from these guys in the future. Info:

DEBAUCHERY/Fuck Humanity (Massacre Records) I found this to be very boring as the songs were not strong and were quite boring and the singer just is just bland. The songs did not stand out and the singer also does the clean vocal thing at times along with the growls and I hate when bands do that and when you have that along with some boring music you get a bad release. Info:

FUNESTE/Le Triomphe du Charnier (Black Element) Totally awful black metal with generic riffs and just screamed vocals. The music is totally pointless as are the vocals. I also again hate the dual vocal crap this band use too. Info:

SUDDEN DEATH/Monolith Of Sorrow (Killerpool Records) This is some decent death metal on this. The band play straight forward death metal and mix up the fast and slow parts. The singer is really good as he screams out the lyrics like a man possessed. I like the chainsaw like guitar riffing this band uses as it had my head banging at times. They also kind of remind me of Pestilence at times if they mixed in some thrash metal within their sound. Good release by these guys. Info:

IMPLEXI/Safest Shelter (Self Released) Limp heavy metal with no power and just boring songs. The singer had an ok voice, but the songs were just boring semi progressive metal tunes that did nothing for me except bore me. Info:

CEMETERY LUST/Screams of the Violated (Hells Headbangers) This is old school thrash/speed metal, but I didn’t like it much. The songs didn’t click with me and I thought they were weak and nothing stood out on this. The singer has a good solid thrash metal voice, but there wasn’t that “wow” factor on this and the songs were just there and then…nothing. Nothing on this stood out and there is nothing special about this at all. Info:

STRAIGHT TO PAIN/Earthless (MYO Agency) This is another one of the many thrashcore bands out there with the tough guy vocals. Now I am no by a fan of most of this stuff, but I will say this about these guys, they are way better than a bunch of the other bands I have heard doing this style over the last 5 or so years. The songs are quite catchy and they don’t sound like every other copycat band I have heard playing this style. The vocals are that tough guy style I am not a fan of, but he isn’t that band and if your into this style here is one of the best bands I have heard doing it these days. Info:

TORMENTER/Prophetic Deceiver (Static Tension Recordings) Some decent old school thrash metal in the vein of Exodus and Warbringer. Riffs will have that head moving and this originally came out a few years back and now this label is re-issuing it. The singer has a strong, powerful thrash metal voice and the production is great and the guitar crunch is totally on the mark. Plenty of speed on this, which I of course loved as well. Just whirlwind thrash metal riffs that will have you thinking it was 1985 again ha ha. If your into old school thrash metal this is a must. Info:

IN MALICE’S WAKE/The Thrashening (Punishment 18 Records) Unreal old school thrash metal that about knocked me out of my chair. The riffs on this are about as good as it gets and remind me of the 1st classic Exodus record. I was playing air guitar in seconds and continued throughout the entire record. The singer has a powerful and aggressive voice and he fits right in along with the music. The production is like eating a awesome dinner and the gallop guitar riffing will win you over in no time. One of the best releases of the year. Info:

VIOLENT REVOLUTION/The Beginning of the End (Self Released) Some really good old school thrash metal with a down and dirty sound like those 80’s demos I used to get in the mail. The singer has a good voice as he belts out the lyrics with fury and aggression ad these is no nu thrash metal sounds on this at all. The razor sharp riffs are awesome and had me playing air guitar at times. The reminded me of Razor the trash gods from Canada at times. This is old school 80’s thrash metal and this band is keeping that flame alive and this easily gets a 2 horns up from me. Info:

MARWOODS FALL/Restitution (Self Released) This is some really solid rock n roll with an amazing singer. He sings with suck feeling and passion and he is backed up with some really good rock n roll that didn’t bore me and just sucked me in. The songs are heavy and catchy and I enjoyed this release very much and the band just perform great tunes and know how to write very catchy riffs and none of that groove crap on this too. Info:



WOLFHEART/Shadow World (Spinefarm Records) This was heard it all million times before death metal and the slower melodic parts the band use at times are totally awful. The other thing good is the singer has a solid death metal voice and he sings with conviction and feeling. Other than that, this is nothing special. Info:

IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION/Volume IX (Imperative Music) 19 bands from all over the world including Brazil, USA, South Africia, Switzerland and various other places. Now with most comp releases you get the good and the bad. This had a mixture of both, but mostly good to very good. Darkrise just crushed me with some Obituary like metal. Eternal Putrefaction smoked me with a crushing track that reminded me of Pestilence. Blasted were a weird band on this as they sounded a bit like Primus and I was like “whoa” when I heard them and it was some more good stuff. Inheritours just play straight forward death metal that easily delivered the goods. Easily worth checking out. Info:

EXQUISITE ENDING/The Rite of Misanthropism: Psalms V to IX (Hibernacula Records) 1st off the vocals are so buried in the mix it’s not funny. This is a black metal band and they do the pick riffing thing that I have heard a million times before and again I don’t expect originality, but please bring something to the table and my table was empty with this except they don’t play a million miles an hour all the time. Other than that, nothing good on this. Info:

GOATWHORE/Constricting Rage Of The Merciless (Metal Blade Records) This old school death metal band is back and they leave laid to waste with a total crushing slab of death metal played with a ton of feeling and emotion. The guitar sound is perfect and the band just wiped the floor with me with their speed and intensity. The vocals were perfect for death metal and whoa real blast beats too ha ha. The production lets everything flow neatly and this band brought the whole meal to the table that’s for sure. Info:

THROAAT/Black Speed (Invictus Productions) 5 song Ep is what we have here along with a cover of Venom’s “In League With Satan”. Overall this band is sort of doing what Venom was doing way back many moons ago as this is down and dirty metal with a mix of Venom in their sound and a touch of Bathory as well. The production as that old school feel and I also detect a bit of Slayer’s “Show No Mery” on this too. Very cool stuff on this and I look forward to hearing a full length as this band is keeping the old school flame alive. Info:

RIVERS OF NIHIL/Monarchy (Metal Blade Records) Same ole death metal with boring songs and wimpy blast  beats. The music was faceless and also had some of that groovy stuff during the slower parts. Yuk. Info:

 AUDIOTOPSY/Natural Causes (Napalm Records) This is some mind blowing metal all the way. Sort of like a heavier version of Alice in Chains at times. The bottom line is these songs are damn heavy and so damn catchy it is not funny. The singer is totally incredible as he sucked me right in with his vocals and I can hear that he sings with a ton of feeling. I was in love with this not even a minute into it. The production is also spot on and the singer reminds of the guy from Warrior Soul, a very underrated band who never got their do. This band brought a Thanksgiving metal to my table with this. Info:

BLOOD/Christbait (Vic Records) I remember this band from way back when when they put a release on Wild Rag Records and now it is being re-released by this label. To me this is just average at best death metal as the songs didn’t catch my ear much and they all kinda sound the same and they are just kinda there. This music is death metal with just a slight mix of grindcore at times. This just didn’t do much for me. Info:

STORMGREY/Pray. Crawl. Suffer. (Vic Records) Bone crushing thrash metal with a big of death metal thrown in for good measure. There is plenty of catchy and heavy riffs on this and the band mix up the fast and mid paced rather well and no cheezy blast beats to be found on this neither. The singer has a nice style thrash metal voice and he belts out the lyrics with a good voice and it is the guitar sound I like a lot. It is razor sharp and your head will have no time moving at all. Solid release. Info:

ONE MACHINE/The Final Cull (Scarlet Records) As I was listening to this Forbidden was coming to mind at times and since the guitar player was in that band it is not surprising. This is some nice bay area style thrash with some Russ Anderson (forbidden) like vocals at times. This is both heavy and fast and none of that new thrash groove metal crap on it neither. This is thrash metal played the way it was supposed to be played and as this played on, the more I got into it as this is some really great stuff. Everything is great on this and if you like old school thrash metal then this band is right up your alley. Info:

WARSENAL/Barn Burner (Punishment 18 Records) A total old school thrash/power metal onslaught that I thought I was back in 1985 as this was playing. The remind me at times if Raven was playing thrash metal and also throw a bit of Exciter in the mix. Just killer riff after another that had my head nodding in secords. Just a crippling display of speed metal that will blow most of today’s bands away. Unholy. Info:

PUBLICIST UK/Forgive Yourself (Relapse Records) This is like a poppy punk band with some industrial in the mix like a band say Public Limited Limited. I was not into this at all as the songs were weak and nothing was catchy. The vocals were ok, but nothing stood out on this and I just found myself being pretty much bored throughout. Info:

 SUBTERROR/Antropomortum (Self Released) Some very good low tuned death metal in the vein of Autopsy, though these guys are much faster at times. Vocals are awesome slabs of death metal growls the way death metal should sound and the guitar tone and the music itself is the way death metal should sound. The songs are memorable and I was nodding along to the slower parts and air drumming to the faster ones. A band that is keeping the “real” death metal flag alive. Info:

WARFAITH/Wise Man is Dead (Autoproductions) This is some awful thrash metal with some death metal thrown in and actually the vocals are more death metal than thrash and they sound out of place on this. The music is boring speedy thrash metal with no catchy hooks or riffs that I could hear and the music is actually pretty faceless and the dual vocal thing the band uses is god awful. This is terrible. Info:

SONICK PLAGUE/Sonick Plague (Pavement Music) This came out in 1988 and is now seeing a re-issue with Pavement Music. Well it should have stayed unreleased as all this is, is a bad version of Anthrax’s “Among the Living” release. I had never heard of these guys back then (I was like on issue 3 or 4 of my zine) and I can see why as this is quickly forgettable thrash metal. Then again if you worship old Anthrax this is a must and even the vocals are like Joey’s too. Info:

BUCKCHERRY/Rock 'n' Roll (F-Bomb Records) I always have kinda liked this band as they just played kick ass rock n roll with a sound not far from my favorite band AC/DC. Well they are back and they still kick ass and this is one of the few rock bands that are playing rock n roll the right way. Lots of catchy riffs and melodic vocals had my head nodding on this. This is the way rock n roll should be played and this blows away all that modern rock crap I hear on the radio when I am in the car with my wife. Info:

SINISTER/Dark Memorials (Massacre Records) This band has been around 25 years and is a release of some awesome cover tunes, Sepultura, Repulsion, Bolt Thrower, Kreator and many others. They also re-recorded 2 of their own tunes for this too. This is just crushing to the bone death metal all the way and the cover tunes are given the Bolt Thrower treatment too. They make the tunes like they are their own and not just a tune that sounds like the original. Easily worth it for any death metal fan. Info:

VORZUG/CALL OF THE VULTURES (APOLLYON ENTERTAINMENT/UMG) The bio called this band death metal and they were right on the money and the band mix up the fast and slower parts and while this was far from original, it was still enjoyable. The music sometime reminds me of Immolation with the vocals and even the music sounding like that lovely band from NY. Sometimes the band throw in shriek vocals and they are just terrible and the band should just lose that now. Info:

OGOTAY/Dead God's Prophet (Selfmadegod Records) This is standard death metal that offers nothing new and even though it is well played, it is something I have heard 10,000 prior and this does nothing for me and got quite old and boring fast. Nothing to get happy and excited of I am afraid. Info:

DIEMONDS/Never Wanna Die (Napalm Records) This is some ass kickin rock/metal with tons of killer hooks with an awesome female singer that had me nodding to the tunes in seconds. Her voice just sucks you in and never lets go. The songs are just in your face and the production is awesome as everything flows perfectly and this is one of the few bands holding the metal/rock flag high. Excellent release. Info:

DEALER/Don't Worry I Got You Man (Self Released) 5 tracks of some old school thrash metal that was to me a mix of DRI meets Nuclear Assault (esp in the vocals). The tunes also have that 80’s like vibe which I liked as well. The tunes are some solid old school thrash that I was totally into and the tunes are speedy slabs of thrash the way thrash should be. Looking forward to a full length from these guys as they are right on the money with this Ep. Info:

HAMMERCULT/Built For War (Steamhammer / SPV) Decent thrash metal that didn’t bore me, but also didn’t do a lot for me. I am not a fan of the dual vocals thing they use as the one guy singing the death metal vocals was just fine, but then they throw in some screeching vocals at times and I wasn’t into that and the fact they are all done by the singer is a big yawn for me. The band stick with traditional thrash metal for the most part and don’t have that groove crap and all, but this is another case of heard it all before. Info:

CHAOS FRAME/Paths to Exile (Nightmare Records) This is a fantastic prog metal release with incredible vocals and songs. The band remind me of Dream Theater at times and since “Images and Words” is one of my favorite releases ever, I knew I would like this. The singer has an incredible voice that sucks you in and the music is just so catchy and incredible it sucks you in like a sponge. The production allows everything to flow perfectly and the guitar sound on this is second to none and this is one of my favorite releases of the year. Info:

PARRICIDE/Crude (Defense Records) I used to write a band with the same name back in the 80’s, but this band is from Poland and is a re-release of something that came out in 1999. This to me is typical death metal with blast beats and just sounds like many bands before them. The vocals are at least not super low growls and the blast beats aren’t that tin can drumming sound, but this is just something that I have heard time and time before it is like Cannibal Corpse meets Carcass. Info:

REPOSSESSION/Levossizzion (Defense Records) More standard Cannibal Corpse like metal that again did nothing for me. Bands playing this particular style I have over and over and over and then some. The band are doing nothing new that has not been done to death and the songs just flew by me. As I have said before I know it is tough being original and I don’t even exepct that, but bring something to the table and this band brought nothing but Cannibal Corpse like metal that has been done to death. Info:

TWISTED ENDING/Musica Di  Morte (No Visible Scars) Some wicked fast thrash metal that reminded me of a faster version of Whiplash. The vocals are a mix of Tony from Whiplash and Tom from Celtic Frost. The music goes from mid paced slower stuff to all in out speed at times. The production, hell that could have come out of a 1987 demo, which was fine by me. The band also use horror intros and stuff within the songs, which I also liked. The bottom line is that this is solid thrash metal old school style. I have a cassette so you might have to inquire if other formats are available. nfo:

 SGT. ROCK/Demo Collection 1987 (No Visible Scars) This I also got on cassette. This is a demo and a couple rehearsal’s from this band. This band was heavily influenced by SOD and to me all this is, is shorts blasts no speed with no direction at all. The songs just all mess together and all the singer does is yell and scream into the mic. This to me was just a wall of noise and the music made no sense to me at all. Info:

SANTANIC DYSTOPIA/Double Denim Shotgun Massacre (No Visible Scars) Another cassette release and this is a total onslaught of death metal old school style. Bands like Insanity, early Death, Autopsy were flowing through my mind as this played on. The intensity and feeling this band got on this is wicked cool. The singer is perfect is throaty vocals fit the music perfectly, The production even has that old school feel and this is what death metal is supposed to sound like and no new sounds at all on this. If you crave death metal this is a must. Info:

MUSE/All American Beat Down (Cornhead Records) Well what we have here is another groove metal band that does things a bit better than some of the other bands I have heard. The vocals I am not a fan of and they do the dual vocal thing, which I am not a fan of at all. The music though has a slight thrash edge to it and even though it has some groove to it, it still retains some thrash edge to it making these guys better than some of those all out groove metal bands. I have no contact info though it says they are on Facebook, but the cd didn’t provide an actual address.

ASTARIAM/Winter Growths (Part II) (Nihil Art Productions) Even though this is not my thing, this is way better than all these fuckin garbage, shitty black metal bands that just scream in the mic, play a million miles an hour, wear corpse paint and think they are “true” black metal. This is a solo project by the guy ‘sin”, who just be in a band and this is just all keyboard stuff and at times it got errie and stuff and this would be some cool backround music if you were reading a book or something. Here is an address so you can check it out for yourself. Info:


ASTARIUM/Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga (Nihil Art Productions) Ok this must be an actual band release as there is music on this on. This is some very good black metal that will take you on a rollercoaster ride and I enjoyed this. The band don’t just play a million miles an hour and the keyboard parts fit right in with the music and the vocals don’t sound like some guy in a graveyard at 3am neither. The band mix up the slow and fast parts and there seems to be a lot of feeling and emotion throughout this release and this is easily one of the best black metal releases I have heard this year.


INQUISITOR/Clinamen Episteme (Forgotten Path) This is an avant-garde black metal band and I was not into this at all. The slow parts for me are boring and bands that play this style for me are trying to do too many things within their songs and this is just something that doesn’t tickle my fancy. Having said that, the vocals are quite good on this and the production is also very good. If your into avande-garde black metal then check these guys out, but this isn’t my cup of tea I’m afraid. Info:

DARK RAVAGE/The Fall Of Inner Sanctum (Forgotten Path) Typical fast paced black metal that just to me sounded like too many other bands out there. Actually this wasn’t as bad as some I have heard, but the band is bringing nothing new to the table that I have not heard 5,000 times before and the songs just all sound a like and there was nothing I found of value on this. Info:

ASHES OF YOUR ENEMY/Anthem (Self Released) Typical groove style death metal with the tough guy vocals. This band just sound like any other band doing this style and I am sorry bands like this are a dime a dozen and this is just another you can add to the ever growing list. Info:

KRUEGER/Return To Death (Self Released) Some nice old school thrash metal on this. This hits hard, fast and heavy. The tunes also have a bit of death metal in them especially the vocals as the singer sounds a bit like Martine from Pestilence. The tunes will crush you like a ton of bricks as the riffs will have that head moving in no time. No nu metal stuff on this as well. I also get a bit of Dark Angel on this as well. Just some quality music on this. Info:

ORDER OF THE DEAD/A Black Curse Comes (Self Released) 4 tunes of some punishing death metal. The tunes hit hard and fast and I was nodding along to the tunes on this and one band came to mid as this was playing at least musicwise was Immolation. I also like the blast beats on this as they don’t have that tin can sounds like some bands. The vocals are just deep, but not too deep growls of death metal and the production is right on the money. Get this. Info:

VERMILLION/Demo 2015 (Self Released) I thought this was going to be one of the slam, guttural bands based on the logo, but I was wrong. While the singer does sing in a low growl, it is not that bad, but the most surprising thing is not tin can blast beats. This band play their songs in a almost doomy style and it was kinda weird listening to this as I kept waiting for the fast parts and I got none ha ha. The production is not bad and even though I am not a fan of the vocals by any means, this was a pleasant surprise. Info:


GERM BOMB/Under Fading Sun (X Musick) Thisis the band’s 3rd release and to me it is like a punk rock band. Now when I say punk rock I am not saying hardcore. This has more in common with GBH than Agnostic Front. The vocals also have that 80’s like punk style vocals too. Actually a band like GBH is not far off from what this band sounds like. They stick with more mid-paced stuff and don’t go into all in out speed like most hardcore bands do. I thought this was decent and not many real punk bands around these days that’s for sure. Info:


EVIL ARMY/Violence And War (Hells Headbangers) Oh this band returns with another punishing display of old school thrash that had me smiling. This band just bashes you over the head with their pounding speed and intensity. Whiplash again come to mind in the music and the vocals too and they also have that 80’s like production on this too. Just speed and intensity like it was 1988 again. Old school thrashers like me will love this release. This crushes. Info:

ARES KINGDOM/The Unburiable Dead (Nuclear War Now! Productions) This just bored me as the songs pretty much sucked and there was nothing to them and the vocals were even worse. Pretty much worthless death metal with nothing catchy to it at all. Info:

LIK/Mass Funeral Evocation (War Anthem Records) Some decent death metal with lots of speedy and intensity. This is the way death metal should be and no new death metal shit on this. Just a pure death metal release. The singer sings his death metal balls off on this too. I like the Swedish death metal guitar sound on this as well and the speed will just pound you into submission. Solid release here. Info:

ETERNAL MORTIFICATION/Awakening of the Dead (Self Released) A 4 tune release of some decent low tuned death metal that sounded like Immolation at times. The band isn’t bad and the cover of Grave’s “Extremely Rotten Flesh” isn’t bad neither. This band isn’t doing anything I have not heard, but at least they are playing death metal the way it should be and this isn’t a bad debut. Info:

AVULSED/Stabwound Orgasm (Xtreem Music) This came out in 1999 and now is being re-issued with some bonus tracks. This is easily a wicked slab of some brutal as hell death metal with a heavy as hell guitar sound and no tin can sounding blast beats. This will just knock you over like a hurricane. I am not a fan of the low vocals, but at least Dave doesn’t go mega low like some bands and here they don’t sound that bad, but when you have such crushing music behind it, who gives a rat’s ass. A death metal treat. Info: