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SAD EYES/Ad Dicti 0n (Necromance Records) Same old heard it a million times death metal. The gruff semi low death metal vocals and then the screeching that I am not a fan of. The music is nothing special and the songs lack any killer riffs or songs at all. Just another below average band flooding the underground. Info:

Sharp Weapons/Sharp Weapons (Static Tension Recordings) This is pretty cool shit as the band mix in a blend of metal and industrial to their sound and it worked for me. The singer has a mix of Trent Raznor in his voice and he sounds awesome on this and the music is just fresh and catchy and ultra heavy all at the same time. This also has a bit of Crowbar in it too. Something fresh and new and just a perfect mix of punk, industrial and a bit of doom into the mix and it totally works. Info: Weapons Sharp Weapons Static Tension Recordings

Hostium/The Bloodwine of Satan (Iron Bonehead) Some decent black metal that doesn’t sound like a million other bands. The singer has a strong black metal voice and the music is some raw pounding metal that I was enjoying. The band mix up the speed and mid paced parts and I like the raw production the band gets as I think that makes the band stronger, not weakens it. This is a total old school black metal assault that deserves a listen. Info:

SOULSTORM/Devils Music-Part 1 (Self Released) A cool set of cover tunes of this including Paradise Lost, Ministry and Celtic Frost. This band put their stamp on the tunes and make them their own, while still retaining the original form of the tunes. A band doing cover tunes is a hot or miss with me and this was a hit. Info:

BOMBS OF HADES/Death Mask Replica (War Anthem Records) Oh absolutely unreal death metal with catchy as fuck tunes and vocals from hell. The bass sound has that Lemmy from Motorhead sound too. The tunes are just so catchy it is not funny and I could not stop listening to this. Song after killer song on this. The production is on the money and this is one of the best albums to start off the new year no doubt and this is how death metal should sound my friends. Info:

Peace Killers/Same (Svart Records) This didn’t do much for me. It was well played punk rock, but there was nothing caught my ear and made me want to hear more and more. The band played punk rock the right way and there is none of this new sound creeping in their music, but they just lacked having some killer riffs that would have won me over. Info:

Fall/The Insatiable Weakness (Self-Released) This was a progressive death metal band and they weren’t bad, but I was not a fan of the clean and death metal vocals thing at all. To me that just ruins this band. The tough guy vocals aren’t even that bad, but then come in the clean vocals and I shook my head in disgust. Why do bands use them is beyond me? The music isn’t bad as the band blast out some nice catchy tunes with some speed and power. If you can look past the vocals you may like this. Info:

SELFLESS ABUSE/Bury our Destiny (Black n' Purple Records) Oh just what the world needs another jump metal band. Stuff like this has been done to death and then some and just another faceless band doing the same old thing. Isn’t that just great? Info:

Demon/TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM (REMIX 2015) (SPACED OUT MUSIC) This originally came out in 1989 and now it is being re-issued. I don’t remember this in 1989, but it is some pretty solid rock/metal that is for sure. Sort of reminds me of the Scorpions at times. I love the singer’s voice and the tunes are just catchy numbers big time. To me this blows away any rock n roll hitting the airways today and if your into rock or straight up metal this is a must get. Info:

CHRONOS ZERO/Hollowlands (Scarlet Records) Oh this is totally awful. Clean and tough vocals and progressive metal that has nothing going for itself. Awful tunes that are nothing catchy and just have that nu metal shit style. This was fucking awful. Info:

Reencarnacion/888 Metal DLP/CD (Nuclear War Now Productions) This originally came out in the 80’s and then again in 2006 by this same label and now it is seeing a re-issue again with some extra live tracks on the vinyl version. This is raw as fuck death metal that totally destroys. The speed and intensity on this I love and the singer I love his voice as he sings with passion and conviction and not just a mumbo jumbo neither. If you have not got this you’re really missing out. Info:

Nachtzeit/Där Föddes En Längtan (Nordvis Produktion)The problem with this is that the band isn’t doing anything new at all. This is just another case of heard it 1000 times before black metal. The same pic riffs and vocals. Nothing of value on this I am afraid. Info:

Kvltist/Catechesis (W.T.C.Productions) Hey a good black metal for a change. This band does some things different and the different things they do totally rule. The keyboard parts they use work big time and the songs on this just crush like a ton of bricks. The fast parts will rip through you and the songs are catchy too and memorable. The singer has a good black metal voice as well. Worth buying. Info:

Bloodlash/Rain (Inverse Recorords) Total garbage nu metal shit with all those jump metal riffs and tough guy vocals. Info:

DIABOLICAL MESSIAH/Satan Tottendemon Victory (Caverna Abismal Records) Crushing low tuned death metal at its best. Vocals from hell and sung like they should when you play this type of music. The music is in the vein of early Death and Incantation and will just have your head banging in no time. Riffs from hell big time. The production also rules and the guitar crunch is massive and will knock you for a loop. Death metal all the way. Info:

DIVIDED MULTITUDE/Self Titled (Fireball / Indie / Nightmare) Some decent rock/metal that had some really good vocals. I was really digging the guy’s voice on this. The music is decent and catchy and it is way better than some of the crap I hear on the radio at times that is for sure. Just straight forward rock/metal played the way it should be played is what is on this Info:

Dissona/Paleopneumatic (Self-Released) I was really getting into this until I heard the female opera vocals. They suck and have no place in a band like this or any other band for that matter. This band plays an awesome style of progressive metal that really blew me away both music wise and vocal wise too. The songs are big time strong and took me on a ride and the singer was my passenger. The songs never got boring and this was just intense and the songs well-crafted and speedy and slow. The singer has an awesome set of pipes for this style of music, but lose that damn female singer. A great release to start off 2016. Info:

DEFORMATORY/Malediction (CDN Records) Some solid death metal that is very fast at times, which of course I don’t mind. The riffs and song structures are memorable and the singer has a Ross from Immolation sound to his voice. There is none of that nu metal crap or jump metal shit on here which was fine by me. Production is good as well and this was a solid release of death metal. Info:

VARG/The End Of All Lies (Napalm Records) This to me was just boring death metal with screeching vocals that went nowhere. The songs were pretty boring and after each one I was like “eh’. Nothing special about this at all. Info:

Ripper/Experiment of Existence (Unspeakable Axe / Dark Descent) Just crushing thrash metal with a total old school sound and production too. This is total 80’s style thrash and I was loving every minute of it. I thought I was back in 1986 for a minute ha ha. This is just good old fashion head banging thrash metal like it was in the 80’s. The singer has a solid thrash metal voice and the riffs will have you neck moving and the air guitar playing as well. Great thrash metal here for sure. Info:

Affliction Gate/Dying Alone (Transcending Obscurity) A total onslaught of pure death metal that I loved. Riffs that shred and vocals from hell. Strong tunes on this and memorable ones and this also didn’t sound like 5000 other death metal bands neither. I heard a little At The Gates in there as well. This is one of the few death metal bands that it doing it right these days. Info:

Serpents Athrist/Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration (Invictus Productions Oh these fuckin bastards teased me with only 3 tunes on this violent display of death/black metal. This is so crushing and so ripping you’ll savor and love every second. The production and just the overall feeling of these tunes is unreal. The singer growls and spews out the vocals like a man possessed and the music just totally blew me away and 3 track was not enough. Holy hell indeed. Info:

NORDJEVEL/Nordjevel (Osmose Productions) Chilling black metal done the right way. To me black metal needs to send chills down my spine and this did. No 3am in the woods vocals neither. This singer screams and sings with total power and the music is just so overpowering and speedy and I was loving this. Songs that you remember, but played with a brutal black metal pounding to boot. The production is right on the money too and this was one of the best black metal bands I have heard in a quite some time. Info:

Suppressive Fire/Bedlam (Self-Release) Just a blistering display of crushing thrash metal is what is on this. Bone crushing riffs and speed that will make any fan of thrash metal smile. Sort of reminds me of Whiplash at times. The headbanging riffs will make you play air guitar big time and I surely was. The production is right on the money too. None of that crappy nu metal shit this thrash played the right way. Info:

Collision/Satanic Surgery (Hammerheart Records) Some cool grind/thrash metal is the ticket here. The vocals are total sung in a grind style and they are really good and the music goes from being all in all thrash to a blistering speed grind fest. It never gets into a noise style and this was really cool. This is something fresh and the band don’t sound like a million other bands and they mix the 2 styles perfectly. Horns up from me. Info:

EL CACO/7 (Indie Recordings) Some decent rock n roll that had some catchy songs and solid vocals. The band have a big of a punkish or new wave edge to them and that was fine by me. The tunes were catchy and memorable not like a lot of today’s music, which to me is just useless trash. This I would say as a bit of the Seattle sound of the 90’s too, sort of like Alice in Chains in spots too. Good heavy, rock band here. Info:

Temisto/Temisto (Pulverised Records) Same ole pic riffing black metal. Bands like this are a dime a dozen and this is another case of heard it all before and before and before. Nothing of value and nothing new at all. Info:

GYGAX/Critical Hits (Creator-Destructor Records) This is a pure rock n roll band in the vein of bands like UFO and Thin Lizzy to name 2. Great foot tapping riffs and great vocals had me nodding along to each tune. Easily one of the best rock bands around these days and they sure know how to write great, solid, riffs that are memorable. Each tune on this is an instant classic this will take you back to the 70’s with all those great rock n roll bands and this is simply an amazing band to say the least. Info:

Atrocious Abnormality/Formed in Disgust (Comatose Music) Just what the world needs another Suffocation clone band with the lower vocals and tin can drumming. This is 1000 times worse that Suffocation and is completely useless. Info:

PILE OF PRIESTS/Void to Enlightenment (Self-Released) Some really solid death metal with some great tunes. Catchy, heavy, speedy riffs highlight this along with some great vocals. This also doesn’t sound like a million other bands which I liked. The band have their own sound and I digged the not over the top production that you hear a lot these days. The air guitar was out a plenty on this and a great job on this guys. Info:

AUSTARAS/Prisoner Of Sunlight (Self-Released) The music, which is progressive music, isn’t bad, but the vocals are awful. There is no power behind them and it is just like he is singing into the mic with no feeling at all. The songs, while long, are still pretty catchy and solid, but the vocals ruin it for me. Info:

CEIFADOR/Heavy Metal 666 (Helldprod Records) Just bone crushing old school thrash metal with an 80’s like feel. Riffs that flowed me and made think it was 1987 again ha ha. The vocals are more in a death metal style. This would sort of like if Possessed played thrash metal. Just a total crushing assault of your head banging ears. Info:

DI.SOUL.VED |Pt|/Confessions from the Soul - Volume 1 (Helldprod Murder Records) This to me just came across as a poor man’s Cannibal Corpse with the same style vocals and music to boot. I found nothing of value on this and they just sound like too many other bands as well. Info:

Temisto/Temisto (Pulverised) Some decent black metal, but again nothing stood out on this and blew me away and after a few songs I was growing kinda bored. The music just doesn’t have that get up and go blast nor was there anything that knocked me over and kept me interested in this. Info:

BRUTALITY/Sea Of Ignorance (Ceremonial Records/Repulsive Echo Records) This band is back and this is the same one from the 90’s and this is one kick ass slab of death metal. Blistering speed at times and a pure death metal vocal sound that I was loving. I loved the production and the guitar sound as it was total old school and the drums were not machine like, like you hear a lot these days. This is death metal the way it should be played and the songs on here will keep your attention and never get boring and will just rip through you and gut you as well. One of the best releases of 2016 so far. Info: or

Illusions Dead/Celestial Decadence (Self-Release) Deep punishing death metal with crushing riffs that will have the head banging. Band sort of reminds me of Immolation at times. I love the thick guitar sound and no trigger like drum sound neither. This will just punish and pound the skull that is for sure. This is a pure old school death metal band that plays death metal the way it should be and this is sure brutality all the way. Info:

VIOLENT REVOLUTION/The Beginning of the End (Self Released) Oh this is some awesome 80’s style thrash with a big of hardcore in the mix as well. Heavy whirl head banging riffs are the ticket on this. Just a thick guitar sound like some stuff on an older Overkill record. None of this jump metal crap neither. A band keeping the thrash metal banner held up and are playing thrash the right way too. Info:

ONELEGMAN/Do You Really Think This World Was Made for You (Buil2Kill Records) Simply amazing rock n roll on this release. The singer has an amazing voice and he sings the songs with such a feel and passion it is not funny. The music is both catchy and has a ton of feeling behind it and I was sucked in 2 minutes in. Great tunes and the guitar sound is a big time winner on this. The songs and structures of them are total ass kicking and throw that in with great singing and you got a winner. Info:

Widower/The Unholy Oath (Self Released) Some decent death metal with a few touches of thrash metal in the mix. The songs were ok, nothing knocked me for a loop and knocked me out of my chair and on the other hand I was not reaching for the off button neither. The singer has a strong voice and the production was good and this gets a slight horns up from me. Info:

WORLD BE FREE/THE ANTI-CIRCLE (Revelation) Oh my god as this played on I thought I was at City Gardens, in NJ in 1986. Total classic hardcore release here. Now as seeing these guys are in Gorilla Biscuits, Terror, Judge, I am not surprised. I will say this lot of claim their release is going to be old school hardcore, well this is and this delivers the goods. Lighting fast riffs and semi pissed off, not tough guy, vocals and if you’re a fan of hardcore music this is a must have and I simply love this and this took me back in time and even the production as that mid 80’s sound to it as well. Info:

CULT OF ERINYES/Transcendence (Caverna Abismal Records) When black metal is done right it can destroy and this destroys. 3 tracks of pulverizing black metal with plenty of speed, intensity, and feeling. The singer has a great black metal voice and just does not screech into the mic and the songs sent shivers down my spine and the fast parts had me playing air drums. There is also a Mayhem cover to boot and well just get the bloody thing. Info:

Casket Robbery/Evolution of Evil (Mortal Music) Ok this is one of those groove style death metal bands and you know what? They aren’t bad for what they do as they inject some different things within the music and this isn’t just Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse Jr. The drums don’t have all that programmed sound and the singer is tremendous and I liked his vocals a lot. The songs were quite good and the blast beats were cool and not cheezy like most other bands that do this style. Easily one of the best bands doing this style and one of the better death metal bands making the rounds these days. Info:

Sicada/Requisition (Tridroid Records) Some decent death metal that while breaking no new ground, is still enjoyable. The singer has a tough guy vocal sound, but he doesn’t go all out and he can be tolerable. The music is a mix of mid paced and faster parts and there are some nice riffs and song structures and I was nodding my head at some of the tunes. I enjoyed the faster parts more than the mid paced stuff too. Info:

AUROCH/From Forgotten Worlds (20 Buck Spin) Now this is some prime time death metal with some out of control riffing and singing. The music on this boiled me over and I was loving evert second of it. Finally a band doing something different and not the same ole same ole. Pounding riffs with a total force behind it too. This shit is deadly and fast and will kick your ass. The singer has a great death metal voice and no pig squealing or tough guy crap on this. The production is great as well and oh does that guitar sound kill. Buy at all costs. Info:

AFTERMATH/Killing The Future (Divebomb Records) To show you what an old fart I am I used to write to these guys way back in the 80’s and actually reviewed this for one of my early print issues and now here the good guys over at Divebomb Records have re-issued this along with some bonus tracks. This is perfect ole 80’s speed metal played to perfection. Just in your face speed with intense riffing and pissed off vocals. Not tough guy or hardcore, but just plain, mad at the world pissed off. I would say there is a touch of hardcore on this here and there, but this is just speed metal at its finest. The production still holds up big time even today and well if you missed the 1st time around, what are you waiting for. Info:

Herida Profunda/Same (Self Titled) I am not a fan of the dual vocals and this band uses that and that was a turn off to say the least. This is just groove/grind death metal that didn’t do much for me and just sounds like too many other bands and there was nothing of value on this to my ears as it just sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo and then also the vocals too, which I didn’t like. Info:

OPPROBRIUM/Serpent Temptation (Relapse Records) This originally came out in 1988 and Relapse is re-releasing it now and what a release it is. Does anybody remember Incubus from Louisiana? Well this was formerly them and this will blow your head off with its power and intensity. Think Morbid Angel ‘Alters of Madness”. I love the blast beats on this and the razor sharp riffing and the singing too. Pretty much the whole package. This is a nonstop shot gun blast of speed metal that is not to be missed. The songs will just go through you like a shotgun bullet and the speed, the power and intensity are 2nd to none. This is a classic. Info:

ROGASH/Malevolence (War Anthem Records) Crushing death metal that delivers the goods. While this breaks no new ground, this is a wicked release of death metal with plenty of blast beats, fast heavy guitar riffs and death metal vocals from hell. This is sort of like old Death in some ways. I love the fast blasting parts and the slow heavy parts will melt you as you get the best of both worlds. Easily worth checking out. Info:

ARMOURED ANGEL/Communion (Hells Headbangers) This is a reissue of this band’s 3rd demo which came out many moons ago and it is quite a kick ass demo. 4 songs on vinyl of death metal that hits hard big time. The singer on this is awesome and the songs are all catchy and heavy and this will have that head moving in no time I assure you. Too bad this band didn’t stick around cause they could have been a major force within the underground. Check em out. Info:

PRIMAL FEAR/Rulebreaker (Frontiers Music) I have always liked this band and their brand of heavy metal and power metal and this one does not disappoint in any way as this just hase a ton of catchy riffs and powerful vocals. Think Judas Priest Painkiller era. This is what heavy metal should sound like not all this jump metal crap or tough guy vocals. This is bone crushing metal straight down the line and if you’re a fan of this band you will easily want this. Info:

Chaos Echoes/A Voiceless Ritual (Nuclear War Now! Productions) Doom is the ticket here and this is not some boring put you to sleep doom. The band actually has some fast parts at times and damn are the slow parts just a crushing slab of heaviness. This is heavy as a ton of bricks too and this is also a re-issue and there is 2 other release that are available too and if you’re a doom fan, here ya go. Info:

SCANNER/Hypertrace (Massacre Records) Damn all these re-issues are making think about the good ole days ha ha. This came out in the 80’s and damn if this didn’t tickle my fancy. This is a mix of heavy metal mixed in with some thrashy parts and high pitched vocals. I liked the vocals as the guy has an amazing voice and he fits what the band was doing at the time. Now this isn’t speed metal, but a heavy metal band with some speed metal parts and this I feel is super cool that it is seeing a re-issue. Info:

Vredehammer/Violater (Indie Recordings) Some decent death metal that sounds like too many other bands and this gets a slight thumbs up from me. The singer has a nice solid voice and the music is a nice mix of mid paced and faster stuff, but there was no killer riff or song that blew me away, however I wasn’t reaching for the stop button neither. Sort of a melodic At The Gates is what this band is. Info:

SCANNER - Terminal Earth (Massacre Records) This is another re-release and this time this is the bands 2nd release and just like the above release, this is some classic power and speedy metal with some soaring vocals. The tunes are just big time catchy and this is the days before Hammerfall with the backround chanting vocals. Each tune has its own identity on this and this is a must for any fan of power metal, heavy metal and thrash metal. Info:

FROSTBITE/Etching Obscurity (Tmina Records) This is just another one of those bands is that is like blah. They don’t suck, but there is nothing that stands out or pumps up your fist. This is a black metal band and they are ok, The are nothing really doing anything exciting that made me stand up and take notice. They are just kinda like there if you know what I mean. The singer has a good black metal voice, but the music to me needs to be better. Info:

Aluk Todolo/Voix (The Ajna Offensive / Norma Evangelium Diaboli) This is a rollercoaster ride of just a mix of crushing doom metal played with such a feeling and getting such an atmosphere I was in awe and then it goes completely fast for a bit and then slow. You have no idea what is coming and this was just so awesome on so many levels. This is also a one man band and he will send you into orbit I assure you. Info:

Serpents Athirst/Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration (Invictus Productions) 3 track of some raw old school black metal that me smiling. Rip roaring riffs and putrid vocals are the ticket on this and you will love it if you crave black metal. The music is fast and unrelenting and will drive you to your grave. Pounding riff and riff. I love black metal when it is done the right way and this is done the right way. Info:

Mandragora Malevola/Black Flame ov Illumination (Self Released) Heart pounding black metal with plenty of speed and power. I was playing air drums to this before long and just the intensity this band has on this is awesome. The songs are memorable and they mix up the speed and even the slower parts work for me. Great singer and production on this too. This band is headed places. Info:

Septagon/Deadhead Syndicate (Cruz Del Sur Music) Boring heavy metal with awful, generic riffs and singing. Nothing of value on this at all and I was yawning in no time. Info:

Critical Solution/Sleepwalker (Punishment 18 Records) Some wicked thrash metal with some not so good vocals. The singer I felt was not strong and didn’t sing the songs with much feeling and the anger just felt forced. The music is a blasting release of powerful thrash that will kick your ass. Whirl wind riffing that will have your head banging and this not some nu metal crap or Pantera Jr. I assure you. This is the way thrash should be played, fast and powerful and a ton of power behind it as well. If you can get by the vocals, you’ll love this. Info:

SATANIC WARMASTER / ARCHGOAT/Lux Satanae (Thirteen Hymns of Finnish Devi Worship) (Hells Headbangers) Satanic Warmaster offer up a slab of black metal not to be missed. Great vocals and songs and as I have said in the past, this band play black metal the way it should be, vicious, disturbing and with feeling. Archgoat is even better with a raw attack black of black metal that will dull your senses. The vocals are a pure black metal delight and the songs are something satan would love too. The guitar sound and overall feeling this band is second to none and this is an awesome split with 2 great bands. Info:

Classhole/Same (The Compound/Terror Cult) A total onslaught of old school hardcore with songs that will have you doing a mosh pit in your house or apartment. This is not that nu metal shit neither. Think old Agnostic Front and DRI and great bands like that. Production works to a t and forget all these wanna be hardcore bands making the rounds and buy this instead. Info:

CONAN/Revengeance (Napalm Records) Some well played doom/heavy metal is on this. Not a typical heavy metal band neither. The band also mix in a bit of doom within the music as well. I love the singer’s voice he sort of reminds me of Ozzy at times. The guitar sound they get is awesome and will just be banging your head away with the music big time. Nothing boring on this release for sure. This is heavy as a ton of bricks. Info:

Horrid/Reborn In Sin (Reissue) (The Spew Records) Typical death metal that didn’t do much for me. The songs got boring by the 3rd song and it was just like At The Gates Jr. to me. Info:

Eisenwald/Lifecrusher - Contributions to a world in ruins (Eisenton Records) Some not so good black metal that didn’t do much for me. The songs were just there and the singer did not have a strong black metal voice at all and the songs weren’t strong at all and this was just bad. Info:

DEATHLESS LEGACY/The Gathering (Scarlet Records) This is sort of like Dream Theatre with a female singer and she is a good female singer too. The music is very catchy progressive metal and it is also very heavy as well. Great production and the female singer has an amazing voice and the mix of keyboards and guitar heavy sound is right on the money. Prog metal at it’s finest. Info:

Horrified/Of Despair (Stormspell Records) Just bone crushing old school death metal that hits hard and fast. The music is like a sledgehammer being pounded into your skull and those wicked riffs just blew my brain away. The singer has an awesome death metal voice sort of like Martin from Pestilence at times. The production is total brutality and just everything about this rules and if you consider yourself a death metal fan, this is easily a must get. Info:

MALEVOLENT CREATION - DEAD MAN'S PATH (Century Media Records) This veteran band is back with a new release and it packs quite the wallop. The guitar sound packs a punch and the speed and intensity aren’t far beyond. Riffs that will have the head moving and lots of fast parts that I was loving and playing air drums too. Real death metal vocals as well and this is just a death metal treat all the way. Those whirling riffs just had me playing air guitar as well. This is will pound your skull in I assure you. Info:

VOIVOD - POST SOCIETY (Century Media Records) Ah only an Ep, your killing me. This band has been around almost as long as Metal Core and continue to amaze me. This release is simply beyond words and this band again and again deliver the goods and they do it here no doubt. There is no band in the world like this band and they once again took me on a ride I did not want to get off. Voivod are one of the greatest underground metal bands on the planet and they show it again on this and trust me go buy this. Info:

Mortichnia/Heir To Scoria And Ash (Apocalyptic Witchcraft) Fast pic riffing black metal that has been done to death and a singer who just screams and growls in the mic and shows no emotion while doing it. This was pretty much awful all around. Info:

DELAIN/Lunar Prelude (Napalm Records) This is a prog band with a clean voiced female singer and this was pretty damn good. She has an awesome voice and sings with a ton of passion and the music is heavy and catchy and has a bit of Dream Theatre behind it. I like the production and the songs were catchy and memorable and this was very good for what it was. Info:

APOKALYPTIC RAIDS/The Third Storm (LP) (Hells Headbangers) This originally came out in 2005 and now it is seeing a re-release on vinyl. Yes this band sound a lot like Celtic Frost and Hellhammer, but they also carve out their own sound too and damned if this isn’t one killer release. Catchy as fuck riffs that will have that head banging and those sludgy riffs will have you think it was 1985 ha ha. The opening track says it all, ‘I’m A Metalhead”. Great stuff here. Info:

Affliction Gate/Dying Alone (Transcending Obscurity) 4 tunes of some pretty crushing death metal that gets the job done. The tunes are fast numbers that will get your blood pumping and air drum playing is a must. The singer has a good solid voice and none of that lower that low pig squealing crap thank god. One of the better bands out making the rounds these days and prepare to be crushed Info:

VIOLENT X/Chemical Insomnia (Violent X Productions) Some nasty crossover thrash that was fast and deadly. The crunch on this is unreal and then when it speeds up I was in heaven. The fast parts will break you in half and the singer had such a great voice and just everything on this will blow you into pieces. The speed and intensity on this is 2nd to none and this so far is my favorite release of the year and just prepare to be hammered into oblivion when you hear this. Info:

EMBALMER/Emanations From the Crypt (Hells Headbangers) Old school death metal that rips and tears through the body. I love the production as it has that old school 90’s feel to it and the vocals are a perfect death metal movie soundtrack. The music is smoothing (ha ha), a perfect horror movie soundtrack to your soul. If you’re a fan of Immolation or Incantation you will love this big time. Info:

RAGNAROK/Psychopathology (Agonia Records) This veteran band is back and don’t you know they return with a blasting new release chock full of hate, power and fury. A crushing blow of ultra fast speed and intensity. The singer sings with a ton of feeling and passion. The fast parts will hit you like a ton of lead and I was playing air drums like no tomorrow. A fantastic release. Info:

INGLORIOUS/Same (Frontiers Music) Awesome ass kickin rock n roll in the vein of Deep Purple. I love the singer as he has a great voice and he fits perfectly what this band is doing musicwise and this band is also doing something fresh and is a break from all the awful death metal and especially all this shitty rock bands as well. The songs are big time catchy and put it this way, if your into pure rock n roll this is a must get for sure. Info:

Virulency/The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution (New Standard Elite) Another one of the Suffocation clone bands only 50 times worse with the cup the mic and pig squeal vocals and the drum machine like drum sounds. This in my eyes and ears is just terrible death metal and adds nothing to the scene at all. Info:

GOATPSALM/Downstream (Aesthetic Death Records) Punishing doom metal that was never boring. The band use clean female vocals, but her voice helps the music not takes away from it. The sad sounds on this totally crush and this is one of the better doom metal bands I have heard in the past few years. Info:

SHOTGUN JUSTICE - State Of Desolation (Kernkraftritter Records) Limp wristed rock with no power and horrible vocals. The songs are just terrible and have no power to them and drag on like a turtle. There was nothing on this at all of value that is for sure. Info:

EXTERMINATION TEMPLE/Lifeless Forms (Apocalyptic Visions) 4 tracks of low tunes Swedish style death metal that hurts. The 4 tracks on here are just wickedly cool and the singer just has a weird, but very cool voice and the tunes are just very different from any Swedish bands I have heard and the prepare to be assaulted like you have never been. This is very different from what I expected and was a pleasant surprise that is for sure. Info:

Interment/Scent Of The Buried (Pulverised Records) This wasn’t bad, but this isn’t anything I have not heard early Entombed or Dismember too before as well as the many other Swedish death metal bands I have heard over the years. From the music right down to the singer if you told me this was unreleased old Entombed material I would believe you. If you love that old Swedish sound, here is your band. Info:

Decrepit Soul/The Coming of War!! (Iron Bonehead) Some decent old school death metal sort of in the vein of the 1st 2 Morbid Angel releases. Thank god none of that computer style death metal blast beats too. The music is mostly fast paced which was fine with me and the vocals are low, but in a good way and yes he has that David Vincent feel. Actually the more this played the more I began to enjoy it. Cool stuff. Info:

PAGANFIRE/The Executor Is Back (Self Released) 2 tunes of some awesome old school death/black metal that made me think I was back in 1988. The 2 tunes I got on this were fantastic slabs of high quality music with catchy riffs, fantastic vocals and speed from hell. The raw feeling and intensity of this just ruled. This is death metal the way it should be. Info:

[email protected]

Humanitas Error Est/Human Pathomorphism (Satanath Records) Some very good black metal that didn’t sound like a million other bands. The music is fast and it punishes big time. I love the production and the guitar sound as well. The singer growls out the lyrics like a man possessed and this will knock you for a loop and send you into orbit. No 3am in the woods vocals here. A very nice find by this label. Info:

POWER FROM HELL/Devil's Whorehouse (Hells Headbangers) This is raw black metal, but the problem is the singer’s voice is drowned out and the music is nothing special. The songs are not strong and there is nothing to them and this just dragged on pretty much. Nothing of value on this I am afraid. It’s like a bad version of early Venom. Info:

Decrepit Soul/The Coming of War (Iron Bonehead) Awesome, crushing death/black metal that will blow you into oblivion. Total speed and intensity with pure death metal vocals. The blast beats on this are insane and I love them. The guitar riffs and overall songs on this are so catchy and such feeling and have such a passion it is not funny. This band will knock your socks off and whip you into oblivion. If you want it fast and heavy and memorable, this is your band. Info:

Verment/Death's Domain (Self-Released) Nothing special on this. Average at best death metal and the drum sound on this is awful. The singer is ok, but there is nothing that grabs hold of me and takes me in so to speak. The band plays mostly fast black metal that is pretty much just there. Info:

Collision/Satanic Surgery (Hammerheart Records) This was some awful boring crossover death/thrash metal also with the duel vocals. I hate the screamed vocals and the death metal vocals weren’t much better. The music was lame and is just a bunch of senseless pounding thrash with no feeling or direction. I’ll pass. Info:

Interment/Scent of the Buried (Dark Descent Records) I found this band decent as they are a pretty much a Entombed clone band. The low tuned Swedish sound guitars and the same style vocals as Entombed. To sum this up if you like Entombed, you’ll love this. Info:

DARKRISE/Fear Hate & Corruption (Punishing Records) A nice brutal death metal release is found here. Heavy as ton riffs and speed and intensity to match. The vocals are a pure death metal delight and pig squeals neither. Great production and no tin sounding drums neither. This is just wicked balls to the wall death metal that any fan of death metal would easily enjoy. Info:

PLUTONIUM/Born Again Misanthrope (Self Released) This was a one man/band black metal release. It is pretty damn good and also doesn’t sound like 5000 other black metal bands as well. There is almost like a mix of Voivod at times and I was digging this as it played on. It tries to be different and absolutely works at that. This sets a mood and is just very cool and don’t expect the same old black metal on this. The production is also very good and the keyboard parts also just help set up the mood as well. Horns up to this. Info:

ENZO AND THE GLORY ENSEMBLE (Underground Symphony) An amazing progressive metal album with tons of great songs and hooks that will suck you in and keep your butt there. Also some speed in thrown in and I loved that big time. The singer has a strong clean voice and unlike Hammerfall clone bands, this band has its own style and is just a really impressive release and if you’re into progressive metal, you’ll easily want this. Info:

ASHEN HORDE/Nine Plagues (Self Released) Another one man black metal band and this was also very solid. He mixes up the speed with some slow parts and his vocals are very good and the songs are strong and not boring. He also doesn’t sound like a ton of other black metal bands and the production is also on the money. Easily worth checking out. Info:

VIOLENT Revolution/Damaged Society (Self Released) An absolute devastating release of prime crossover thrash/hardcore that made think it was 1987 again. The riffs on this just totally owned me. Blistering riffs with a whirlwind of speed that had me playing air guitar. The vocals are more in the hardcore direction and that was fine by me. 5 tracks was not enough for me, it is like being teased on a 1st date. I want more ya bastards. This is prime time thrash at its finest. This kills. Info:

DETONATOR/The Burning Inferno (Self Released) Some solid thrash metal is your ticket here. Though I wish the band had a bit more speed to their music, this is a good release. No nu metal shit to be found and no tough guy vocals neither. This is just enjoyable thrash metal done the right way. Info:

EVIL BRAIN TASTE/Dead Dead Bad (Self Released) This to me was pretty boring. The songs were not strong and I hated the vocals as they had that screeching sound to them and then they also had the death growls. For me I am not a fan of the dual different vocal sounds. The music just wasn’t strong and the music was just pretty boring to my ears. Info:

UNIFIED PAST/Shifting The Equilibrium (Melodic Revolution Records) This is simply an amazing release on so many fronts. The music is totally godly and the vocals are not far behind. The singer has such an amazing voice and he sings the songs on here with such a feeling and passion it is not funny. The music is like progressive rock with a touch of metal to it and it just blew me away with how catchy the songs were and this band is unlike anything I have ever heard I can tell you that. I would say it is a more melodic version of Dream Theatre at times, but to me this is just amazing. 10 out of 10 easily. Info:

BAROT/Same (Les Acteurs De L’ombre ) Decent death metal, but there is also nothing special about the band. There are 4 tracks of well played death metal, but the songs just lack that killer punch. The singer isn’t bad, but there is no wicked riff or blow me away song on this to take me over the top. Info:

WILDERNESSKING/Mystical Future (Le Acteurs De L’ombre) I am not a big fan of so called atmospheric black metal, but lo and behold if this bad didn’t do it for me. The music just sucked me in and the singer with his ultra painful like vocals had me as well. The songs are thought out and never got boring and this just had my attention the whole way pretty much. The feeling on this was top notch and it is a rollercoaster of emotion as well. One of the best releases my ears have heard of bands doing this style easily and well worth getting. Info:

PRIME EVIL/Blood Curse Resurrection (Inferno Records) This band is back after being a way for a long time and they did not miss a beat as this is some prime time crushing death metal. Riffs that will have that head banging and I love the speedy blasting drums too. Vocals that satan would enjoy too. Air drums were a plenty when this was on. A perfect blast of some serious death metal on this and this is easily one of the best release of this year so get the damn thing already. Info: or

APOSTATE/Time Of Terror (Self Released) This is a doom metal band and they crush. They don’t just play slow, they mix it up with some wicked faster stuff that I loved. The singer has a deep growling voice and his voice is fantastic as he sings with deep passion and feeling and he mixes his vocals up when they band starts to play a bit faster. I was happy to hear variety by this band because they are not bad at what they do and they got a great singer to boot. Good job guys. Info:

WELCOME TO YOUR FUNERAL/The Story Of Rigor Mortis (MVD DVD) Rigor Mortis were a thrash band out of Texas in the 80’s that were one of the 1st bands to get signed to a major label that were not 1st signed to an indie label before jumping to a major. Now this is a great DVD as it goes before the beginnings of the band and leads you up to where several of the members were in other bands until they ended forming and in some cases joining (the singer) Rigor Mortis. It goes into detail about the early days of the band and all the early shows of the band around Texas and how the singer got busted for drugs and he had to cut his hair and go on probation and then the band recorded a demo and almost got signed by Electra, but blew it. How the band had a feud with Pantera and then at the end of it, it touches on them getting signed to Capitol Records. All band members are interviewed and this is narrated by Phil from Pantera and it is a fascinating DVD from a band I knew little of, but there is a great story here and can’t wait for Part # 2. Info:

FROM THE DEPTHS/From the Depths (LP) (Hells Headbangers) I was not to impressed with this. This band play death metal and this is a re-release on vinyl from something that came out in the 90’s and the songs were not catchy and the strong and the vocals were also quite weak too. No intensity at all. Just kinda blah and nothing of value. Info:

Begrime Exemious/The Enslavement Conquest (Dark Descent Records) This is some wicked death metal with a bit of old Celtic Frost to them in the music department. The songs are catchy and fast and the singer sings his heart out this too. On this there are songs you will remember and will bang your head too no doubt. One of the better death metal bands out there. Info:

Nucleus/Sentient (Unspeakable Axe Records) This is some crushing old school sounding death metal. The bass and guitar sound is very weird and there is also a touch of thrash metal and old Death sound to this band. They easily have their own sound and the singer has a great death metal voice also and the production on this is great too and this is something if you’re a death metal band sick of all the clone bands, check these guys out. Info:

Sacrilegium/Anima Lucifera (Pagan Records) This is black metal for sure, but also has it’s weird and interesting parts for sure. The songs are big time blasting black metal tunes, but also have some weird parts thrown in the mix as well. The singer has a strong black metal voice and isn’t singing in the woods at 3am. The production is solid and the band also use a few keyboard parts, but that is ok as it works within the music. Info:

Reptilian/Perennial Void Traverse (Edged Circle Productions) Awful boring doom/death with some of the worst vocals I have heard in years. The songs are bad and the music is bad and the vocals even worse. Guys please still in Norway and don’t come to the US. Info:

Haxen/Haxen (Eternal Death Records) Well this band so far is now the worst band I reviewed this year. Complete worthless black metal with raw, god awful pic riffing music and buried vocals. This is a bunch of shit and go out in the fucking woods and stay there. Info:

Dream Death/Dissemination (Rise Above Records) This band returns with a new release and what a release it is. This band is a perfect mix of death and doom metal and damned if those guitar riffs don’t kill me and singer/guitar player Mike Lawrence just nails it and he has one of the best voices I have ever heard period. He sings with such passion and his voice just fits the music of this band so much. Shit the production on this sounds like 1987 too. This is beyond godly and is hands down my favorite release of the year so far. This RULES. Info:

Dead River Runs Dry/Hierophants of the Storm (Static Tension Recordings) Same ole heard it a million times before death metal that did nothing for me and this was just the same as so many other bands before them and this is nothing exciting at all. Info:

GAME OVER/Crimes Against Reality (Scarlet Records) Some solid thrash metal with out all that groove thrash metal sound. The singer has a strong vicious sound to him and not in the tough guy stuff, he just sings with the right amount of aggression and the riffs and speed on this are right on the money. Production is excellent and that bay area crunch sound is on this big time and this is a wicked cool thrash metal release worth picking up. Info:

AHP/Against Human Plague (Via Nocturna) Don’t waste your time with just another black metal band that sounds no different than the tons of other bands over the years. Yup the pic riffing is there and the deep vocals, but I wasn’t feeling his voice nor the music at all. It sounded fake and boring to these ears and this brought nothing to my table except an empty plate. Info:

NARCOTIC GREED - Fatal (Deluxe Edition) (Tribunal Records) Well Matt from Tribunal Records has done it again. He found another long lost this gem, this time in the form of godly thrash band Narcotic Greed who I had never heard of, but wow this is a massive and crushing display of wicked thrash that blew me away. Those razor sharp thrash riffs combined with godly vocals absolutely smoked me. Each and every song is a pure thrash metal classic and these riffs and songs will have you banging your head in no time. Think the 1st Forbidden album my friends. Easily one of the top 3 releases of the year so far. Thrash fans will die for this gem. Info:

Ragehammer/The Hammer Doctrine (Pagan Records) Some good black metal that was childlike and didn’t have that false sound like so many others. I like the raw production on this and the singer doesn’t just scream in the mic and the band do not sound like every other trendy black metal band and he pretty much rules on this. This is more in tune with early black metal bands than all this new childish crap trying to be forced down people’s throats. The more I listened to this, the better it got and there is not a bad song on this and a bad that has feeling on there release big time. Info:

Exarsis/Under Destruction (Reissue) (Punishment 18 Records) Boring gallop like thrash band that had weak songs and horrible vocals. The songs not catchy at all and even their Whiplash cover of “Power Thrashing Death” is terrible. Even though they are playing thrash metal the right way, it is not a good way. Info:

BARBARIAN (Italy)/Cult of the Empty Grave (Hells Headbangers) I wasn’t feeling this at all. The music just to me was boring and did nothing for me. The band play a mix of old school death and a pinch of black metal, but to me the songs just lacked quality big time and this got boring rather quickly. Info:

BESEECH - 'My Darkness, Darkness' (Despotz Records) This is a goth type of band I guess at least from doing a Google search of them it said that. Now I think they are more of a rock band with a goth edge to them and the singer really has a cool voice and he sets the tone on this as his vocals are perfect for this type of band. The music is very moody, but catchy and is more newish rock n roll based with a goth edge to it. I thought the band was pretty cool and I was digging the tunes and they are catchy and memorable as well, so I liked with this band was offering. Info:

AMENOPHIS/Demos 1991-1992 (I Hate) I heard nothing special about this release. The songs were nothing to write home about and were just boring pretty much. The songs were just blah and the singer is totally awful as he just growl and screams into the mic and his voice got worse the more this played on. The music is a mix of death metal with some black metal, but the songs are not strong at all and there is nothing memorable on this at all. Nothing catchy at all. The songs just glide by pretty much. Info:

BELTFED WEAPON/Raining Plague (Self Released) I was not a fan of this at all. The trigger sounding drums were bad and the speed parts just sounded so cheezy it isn’t funny. The singer has an annoying high pitched sounding voice and this only sounded decent when the band slowed down and was not playing at breakneck speed. I also hated the dual vocal stuff where the singer signs in his normal voice and then here comes another member with total generic death metal vocals. This just took all the things I hate about metal these days and put them in a blender. Info:

P2TEN/New Fire (Self Released) This is a one man band/project and it is some cool and different stuff. The guy mixes a lot of metal and industrial and yeah it comes out weird, but it weird in a good way. The songs were refreshing and also they were catchy and memorable as well on this release. Nice to know that someone can write riffs that are as heavy as a ton of lead and also be catchy at the same time. This also has a bit a Sabbath vibe to it at times in the guitar tone and the production is balls heavy too. Info: or try

P2TEN/Worlds Apart (Self Released) This is another release that I got from Paul. This has a mix of doom metal meeting Godflesh and throw in some thrash metal to boot. Again the production is outstanding and this is way different than the above release and the guitars and songs are just as heavy if not more as I found this release a big more vicious. Paul just delivers the goods easily on both these releases for sure. Info: or