ANY BANDS/LABELS that want their releases reviewed can send me a promo kit at the following address. Anything sent will be reviewed and posted within 30 days.


ABHOMINE/Larvae Offal Swine (Osmose Productions) This is the project of Pete Helmkamp, who plays guitar, sings and bass on this and a. Rodriguez is a session drummer. Pretty much if you enjoy Angelcorpse and Order From Chaos you’ll enjoy this blasting display of old school death metal. The ripping chainsaw guitar sounds and Pete’s vocals shine on this. No groove or stupid blast beats to be found on this baby. A total assault on your ears that hits hard and fast. Info:

THEM/Fear Them (NRT Records) This was really cool and very catchy and I liked it a lot. The singer reminded me of King Diamond at times and the songs are well crafted power metal tunes mixed in with straight forward metal and this also doesn’t sound like a million other bands as well. At 3 songs I was craving more and check these guys out for sure. Info:

MIKE DEKLEVA/Synergy (Self Released) Some great rock/jazz stuff by this guy. The guitar riffs he plays are smooth and followed over some great music that I was nodding along too. His playing isn’t out of control and each song flows with its own beat and this guy can certainly play a guitar and come up with some fantastic music. Info:
[email protected]

LUCIS ABSENTIA/To the Depths (Static Tension Recordings) Same ole heard a million times death metal with some traces of thrash. I hated the vocals as all he does is sing in a non memorable way and then throws in annoying screams to boot. The vocals were easily the worst thing about this as the music is at least passable. Info:!product/prd1/4483936281/lucis-absentia

BLAKK OLD BLOOD/Greed (Clavis Secretorvm) While this black metal band breaks no new ground, this 4 tracker is really good. A pure old school black metal assault that my ears easily liked. It is the rawness of the band, the vocals and the killer music that easily won me over. No 3am woods vocals, no cheesy blast beats, etc. The tunes are fast, crushing displays of black metal done the right way for sure. Info:

HATESPIRIT/Blood & Poetry (Altare Productions) Beyond bad black metal with some awful music with just a bunch of shouted vocals. Yeah satan would love this garbage. Info:

WE THE WILD/From The Cities We Fled (Self Released) The music on this wasn’t bad even though it was one of those groove based groups. The music wasn’t annoying and was pretty good and even the clean vocals was good too, but when the tough guy vocals came in they lost me. They sound so annoying and out of place and are just useless on a release like this. If you can stand them then you will really like this.
DÉJÀ VU/Ejected (Inferno Records) This is like a faster version of Judas Priest and that was fine by my ears. Sort of like the Painkiller era. Total crunching metal riffs that will bring out that headbanger out in you. This will bring you back to the 80’s era of metal when metal was king and not infested with all those hair metal bands. The singer on this has a tremendous set of pipes and you get 14 tunes of quality metal and mot a bad one in the bunch too. Info:

HEXENIZER/Witches Mentors Cult (Inferno Records) I am at a loss for words at how wickedly cool this is. The singer reminds me of a cross between the singer in Coroner and Lemmy from Motorhead. The music is bone crunching thrash with some mixes of Rush in it if you can believe it. The songs just totally kick ass and the speed and feeling this band gets totally rules. Info:

MORBUS 666/Ignis Divine Imperium (Moribund Records) This is just simple, awful black metal with some of the worst vocals. All the guy does is scream and growl with no conviction and the music lacks any quality and was just plain boring. No hooks or nothing. Info:

MINDSHIFT/Horizon (Eclipse Records) This is so generic on so many levels. I can’t stand the almost death metal vocals and then clean ones. The groove music style the band uses is so beyond band and the singer is trying to be like Phil from Pantera except in the clean vocal parts. One of the worst bands I have heard this year. Info:

CURSUS IMPASSE:/The Pendlomic Vows (Nuclear War Now! Productions) Some weird shit on this, but it gets the job done. It took a few listens to get into this, but it is a punishing display of death metal no doubt. The singer growls and sings his heart out and his voice has a vicious tone to it. The music is just a blasting display of raw death metal. The chugging riffs had me nodding my head and this also doesn’t sound like a million other bands which is a bonus. Info:

BOOZE CONTROL/The Lizard Rides (Inferno Records) This didn’t click with me at all. The songs I felt were week and just plodded along and the singer was about the only decent thing on this. The songs didn’t have anything catchy that caught my ears and this pretty much bored me and didn’t have anything meaty at all to it. Info:

LEGIONS OF WAR/Honour To The Past (Inferno Records) This is a 5 track EP and this is some rip roaring old school death metal that will shred your body into many parts. I love the singer his pure death metal voice is right from his heart and he sounds killer on this. The music is fast, speedy death metal that hits hard and often and doesn’t sound generic and gets the job done and then some. Check these guys out. Info:

3 KISSES/Cardboard Cutouts (Self Released) Just an awesome punk band with a touch of metal thrown in to boot. This is just great power pop punk like Green Day in some way and with a god like female singer as she fits the band so well and her voice is just awesome. The production is just great and this is just so damn catchy I was nodding along to each and every song and I am sure this band will be signed soon as a label would be stupid not to pick these guys and gals up. Info:

BAG OF NICKELS/Same (Self Released) This is a very weird band and it took a couple songs to get into this but they are pretty cool. They have a very doomy sound to them and mix that in with  Black Sabbath sound to boot. The singer sounds like Ozzy at times too. They just have a very cool flow to their songs and the songs just suck you in and keep you there for sure. The songs are very trippy almost like if you were high on acid at times. Some very differnet and cool stuff on this. Info:

THEVETAT/  Desecration Of Divine Presence (Dark Descent Records) Total old school crushing death metal in the vein of Incantation and throw some Immolation too. The speedy parts had my playing air drums and this band plays death metal the right way. Vocals from the pits of hell and I love that old school production too and the heavy as fuck guitar sound rules too. This is a 7” just in case you want to know. Info:

LUCIFERS HAMMER/The Mists Of Time MMXIV (Destro Records) This came out in the 90’s and the lovely folks at this label have re-issued with bonus tracks too. This was ok, nothing mind blowing. The songs are in the black metal vein with some hints of death metal to boot. The vocals are easily more in the black metal vein and I wasn’t into the use of keyboards on this and the drum sound wasn’t too hot neither. At least this doesn’t sound like a million other bands. This gets a slight horns up from me. Info:

CHAINS / Suton/Balkanian Narko Doom (Ordo MCM) This is a split release and both of these bands are doom metal bands. Oh my god are these bands bad. Both singers just also do chant like vocals with some of the worst music I have heard. This will easily put anyone to sleep I assure you. How anyone can think this is good is beyond me. Info:

COFFIN LUST/Manifestation of Inner Darkness (Hells Headbangers) To me this is just typical well played death metal that sounds no different that Incantation, Immolation and bands of that nature. There is nothing that stood out on this and had me going “hell yeah” on this. The band plays death metal the way it should be, but nothing excited me much on this. Info:

ORYX / LANGUISH-split LP (Battleground Records) Oryx offer some serious bottom heavy doom metal and fuck that bass sound crushes.  The singer has a great voice too and his voice fits the music as well. The tunes are memorable too and catchy. Languish offer up a slab of death/grind that is very different from Oryx. The music is fast and furious and even though I am not a big fan of grind, they weren’t bad. Info:

TRUE BLACK DAWN/Come The Colorless Dawn (W.T.C.Productions) Absolutely worthless sound like a million other bands black metal. Just generic fast picking black metal with screamed in the mic vocals that I have heard a so many times before. Junk. Info:

KYLIGA DÄLEN/Sátánizmus (Neverheard Distro) Worthless noise that has nothing to it. This is like a bad punk bad and please posting a picture of Lemmy in with your promo is a disgrace. This is beyond bad music and the singer sucks too and please just go away. Info:
CRISIX/From Blue to Black (Listenable Records) God awful groovy thrashy metal with the throaty vocals. This is the shitty new style of thrash metal and this is for sure not thrash metal I assure you. Complete garbage. Info:

GRAVES AT SEA/The Curse That Is (Relapse Records) Beyond bad rock/sludge/doom metal. The music is pointless and weak and the vocals are worthless. It sounds like a female dying and you be dying too if you were forced to listen to this garbage. Info:

VIDARGÄNGR/A World That Has To Be Opposed (War Anthem Records) More garbage fast picking black metal with total generic songs and awful vocals. When  are these bands going to stop forming. Go out and stay in the woods as you suck. Info:

ZEALOTRY/The Last Witness (Lavadome Productions) More typical death metal that does nothing new and that hasn’t been done a 1000 times before. The songs were not strong nor very catchy and it was just like blah when a song would end. This band brought nothing to the table in my eyes and ears. Info:

IMPURITY(Brazil) / Sex Messiah/Vomiting Blasphemies Over The World - split LP (Nuclear War Now! Productions) Impurity start off with 3 songs of Bathory like black metal that didn’t impress me much. Sex Messiah were even worse as they offer a raw noisy sound if black metal noise that goes nowhere fast and the singer is so bad it isn’t funny. Some will say this cult and all that crap, but I call this shit. Info:

THE BEAST OF NOD/Arrival (Self Released) An awful attempt of death metal with some awful sounding drums. The band also try and throw some progressive like riffs at times within the songs and that had me laughing. Oh we also have the throaty and death metal vocals and they would be better off just using the death metal ones. This didn’t do a thing for me. Info:

DIVINE WEEP/Tears of the Ages (Stormspell Records) After all the generic death and bad black metal this is like a breath of fresh air. Really good solid heavy metal with traces of power metal and riffs and song structures that you will remember. The singer has a clean, but an annoying voice and he fits the music well and this is not a Hammerfall Jr. band neither. The guitar sound I love and stormspell has done it again. Info:

DESPONDENT/The Gallows (Transcending Records) This is hit and miss with me. Apparently there is one guy doing all this and this is speed metal all the way with total out trying to be cool progressive riffing. The drums even though they are machines aren’t bad sounding and the band thing every tune is like one long solo and it gets boring by track # 2. This guy can play and he can shred and I bet if he joins or puts together a band they would crush. Info:

ASGARD/TO A Golden Age (Transcending Records) Some nice and powerful death metal on this. Thick riffs and great vocals and songs that have memorable riffs and song structures and they also don’t sound like a million other bands. How cool is that? I love the guitar and drum sound this band gets on this and they just go for the throat and this is a very impressive release to say the least. Info:

SOLILOQUIUM/Absence (Transcending Records) So pretty crushing doom metal that never gets boring as to me I like the fact that the band speed it up at times and they aren’t that total depressing style neither. The singer has an awesome voice and I love the way he sings these songs and the guitar sound sucked me in and for doom metal this is easily one of the best bands making the rounds these days. Info:

HADEAN/On Fading (Transcending Records) Wasn’t too into this. All the singer does is scream and growl with no feeling or conviction at all. The keyboard parts were awful and the songs were pretty boring as there was no substance to them at all. Just plodded along. Info:

WHEN BLOOD FALLS DOWN/Veneah (Transcending Records) Same ole heard it a million times typical groove death metal. The vocals are that screeching kind I am not a fan of and this style has been done to death and then some and I am for sure not a fan of this stuff. Info:

BECOMING AKH/Abolisher (Transcending Records) This is some weird fucked up shit, but it is really bad. The music is all warped and weird at times and the guitar player throwing in all these off the wall riffs is not impressive to say the least. There are no memorable songs and it sounds like everyone is on a different page when it comes to playing. The singer is about the only good thing on this I am afraid. Info:

THE MALEDICT/Dread (Transcending Records) Some solid death metal with great vocals. Very solid tunes and they mix up the speed and slower parts and the guitar crunch I like a lot and this is death metal in the vein of Immolation and bands of that nature. Solid release. Info:

SECRET LIE/Pandora (Self Released) Absolutely awful music. A clean female singer with some almost rap singer coming in at times. The music also has keyboards and is just way too mellow and too generic for my ears. This is just plain terrible. Info:

SIDEWINDER/My Country (Self Released) This band send me 2 releases their debut and their ‘My Country’ release. Both of these are just complete ass kickin rock n roll albums that I totally enjoyed. None of this nu rock crap you hear on the radio . This is more in tune with the 70’s rock that I grew up with and I just loved this. Plenty of thick rock n roll riffs to sing my teeth into along with some fantastic vocals. The songs on here are easily catchy and easily memorable and this is a band that will enjoy over and over easily. Not many bands doing this nowadays and thank god for these guys.
DOGGIE WHITE & LA PAZ/Shut Up And Rawk (Metal Mind Productions) Absolutely incredible heavy rock n roll that blew me away. The singer has a voice like Jack Russell from Great White and the music is just ass kicking rock roll that had me moving from the 1st note to the last. 12 tunes of boggie stompin rock n roll and this band does it great. Just ass kickin tunes with tons of hooks and melodies. Oh this surprised the hell out of me no doubt. Great stuff on this. Info:

CULTURE ABUSE/Peach (6131 Records) Very cool and different band here. The band play alternative rock and fuck if they don’t write catchy tunes and that singer with his voice sucked me in big time. The band has an awesome guitar sound too and the songs just totally rock and this to me was something new and exciting and not the same old crap. Well worth checking out for sure. Info:
STORTREGN/Singularity (Non Serviam Records) Another band that pretty much sucks as their songs have nothing to them and the attempt at black metal signing is a total joke. The songs on this do nothing for me and there is no meat to them at all. Just another faceless underground metal band I am afraid. Info:

KILLING FOR COMPANY/House of Hades (Via Nocturna) More boring death metal with below average songs that just aren’t catchy at all and have nothing to them. They are just there and there is no godly rigging or insane vocals to make you stand up and take notice. As I have sound countless times another faceless death metal band hits the streets. Info:

CREMATORY/Monument (Steamhammer / SPV) Beyond awful weak metal with keyboards. They call this “gothic metal” and I call it complete garbage. The vocals are weak and so are the songs. The singer at least isn’t bad but that is about it. Info:
NECROT/The Labyrinth (Tankcrimes) Yes finally a death metal band I can sink my teeth into. Crushing songs and riffs from hell and a singer that sings like he is burning in hell. A pure old school death metal delight that wasn’t far off from Immolation territory. The production the band get on this is awesome and this is the way death metal should be played big time and no female vocals or any of that crap. A pure death metal delight and this is what the underground needs more of big time. Info:

HELLHOUND - Nothing Left (Stormspell Records) Aweome old school thrash metal with clean, but not Anthrax like vocals. Just that bay area crunchy riffs that I am a sucker for and pouding drums that had my neck moving and my hands playing air drums. The band also I would say aren’t as fast as say Exodus or Violence and bands of that nature as they are a bit more melodic, but they still crush nevertheless. If you’re a sucker like me for that old bay area thrash sound well Stormspell has found another band for ya. Well worth getting I can assure you. Info:

TELOCH VOVIN/I (Self Released) This was pretty bad. Below average death/black metal and then you have the annoying dual vocal approach with one guy screeching black metal vocals and the other in the next line singing decent death metal vocals. The music is easily forgettable with nothing of value and the vocals are totally too high in the mix and the music is almost back round music to a point.  This band need to work on writing and creating better songs. Info:
[email protected]

TELOCH VOVIN/Atah Gebur Le Olahm Sathanas (Self Released) This is much better release. Gone are all the screeching vocals  The music on this is much better with crunching guitar parts and speed to match The production is better as well and the band just have seemed to approve in all areas on this release big time. This is a release any death metal fan would enjoy. Info:
[email protected]

MADAME MAYHEM/Now You Know (Head Ball Records) This is an awesome hard rock album with some total ass kickin rock tunes. The music is damn catchy and Madame has a great voice and she sounds great with the music on this. The songs have great catchy guitar riffs and her voice just fits perfect with this. 14 tunes and well worth your money of your into rock with a great singer. Info:

LEE AARON/Fire And Gasoline (Big Sister Records) I remember a bit about Aaron as I know she is from Canada and had several albums out before this new release. Now she might have been more metal based before, but just like the above release this is a pure ass kickin record. Lee’s voice sounds great and the songs on this are big time memorable and lots of catchy hooks to suck me in and keep me there. Solid production too and forget all that rock crap on the radio and grab this instead. Info:

JUDAS PRIEST/Battle Cry (Epic Records) This is a brand new DVD/CD release from the band and what a release it is. I suggest you get the DVD as it has the full set from the band and what a set list it is except for Turbo Lover as I hate that song. I mean how can you go wrong with Metal Gods, Devil’s Child, Beyond the Realms of Death, Hell Bent for Leather and a surprise of Desert Plains to end the DVD as that is one of my favorite Priest tunes. The band sound great and the audio and video quality are top not and just got out and get this and you won’t regret it I assure you. Info:

THE SHIVA HYPOTHESIS/Same (Self Released) 3 tunes on this of some good, solid black metal. The music on this is not boring and it not just the same as a 1000 other black metal bands I have heard. The music is fast and rip roaring and gets the job done. The band is off to a good start with this release and hopefully they will continue in this same direction cause I like what I heard. Info:

EVESTRAL/Beware The Rat King (Arkann Records) Very weird band we have here that it took a little to get used to, but they certainly are not bad. The music is a bit complex and progressive and I don’t mean like Dream Theatre. There are more in the Cynic vein to a point, but they easily have their own style. The vocals sound like Dave from Megedeth. The guitar crunch is massive too and even with all the weird stuff going on there is the basic element of good song writing and this is an original band with some weird stuff going on, but it is great stuff as well. Def check these guys out. Info:

PROLL GUNS/Horse Flesh BBQ (NRT Records) Some good solid metal with a bit of grunge and thrash in the mix. I love the singer he has a really cool voice and I was digging what came out of his mouth. The music is heavy metal with a Soundgarden type of style at times, but without that vocal style. Very catchy tunes on this that suck you in and keep you there. Production on this rules and this just got better with repeated listens. Go grab this. Info:

WAXEN/Weihung Auf Satan (Moribund Records) Hey a not sound like every other black metal band here. The band mix up the speed and the mid paced parts nicely and this isn’t just a million miles an hour let’s scream in the mic stuff neither. The band have their own sound and the guitar work is nice on this as well as the production. Vocals are in the black metal style and sound very cool on this too. One of the better black metal bands making the rounds these days for sure. Info:

MARAUDER/Bullethead (Pitch Black Records) This is the band’s 6th album and the 1st one with a new singer and to me this was a weak attempt at playing metal. It was like a limp cock. No power and just weak riffs that went nowhere fast. The singer as a good voice, but the music was so weak and there would be no banging your head on this and when I think of heavy metal I think Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and this wasn’t even close to those 2 bands and was just weak metal. Info:

GRIMNESS/A Decade of Disgust (The Goatmancer Records) More typical million miles an hour black metal with the screeching vocals that has been done to death. Can’t any bands relazine to bring something to the table. This band didn’t.
APOCALYPSE /Apocalypse (Deluxe Edition) (Divebomb Records) Man this label was right on the money in the band’s bio with the Metallica comparison. This is right out of the Master of Puppets era of the band. This is later 80’s thrash metal with tons of crunchy, speed riffs and thrash metal vocals. This is certainly not bad and the speed and intensity the band have on this is pretty solid and if you’re a fan of old school thrash such as me then you’ll want this and I had never heard of this band neither. Info:

APOCALYPSE/Faithless (Deluxe Edition) (Divebomb Records) This is the bands 2nd release and this came out a few years later than the debut and it is much slower and not as much speed as most of the thrash bands back then were trying to be more mainstream and this release suffers big time because of it. The band had a new singer back than and he sounds great, but the somgs are too melodic for me and the there is not enough speed and intensity on this to keep my attention for long. Hey all thrash bands were like that back in the early 90’s as well. Info:

OMEN/Hammer Damage (Pure Steel Records) Yes this is the same Omen from way back when and back with a new singer. This is some pure ass kickin metal stuff and the music is catchy and is a pure metal delight. Catchy riffs are a plenty and prepare for the neck to move and move big time. Thank god a old band that returns with a new release delivers the goods and this band for sure does and Omen keeps the metal flag flying high. Info:

NOCTURNAL HOLLOW/Deathless and Fleshless (Underground Movement) Just what the doctor ordered. A complete awesome slab of old school death metal that had me smiling from ear to ear. Total crushing riffs and speed and intense vocals. This is a mix of Swedish death meets bands like Immolation and Incantation. The production is total godly and the guitar sound on this is 2nd to none. A pure death metal classic to say the least. Info:

SHED THE SKIN/Harrowing Faith (Hells Headbangers) This was ok, nothing special. The band play straight forward death metal with bits and pieces of the Swedish sound mixed in. This just didn’t floor me The production was good and this was well played and I guess it is good for what it is, but this didn’t do it all for me. Info:

SKELETON WOLF/Skeleton Wolf (Self-Release) A rip roaring thrash metal release with awesome vocals.. The songs totally crush and will have your head doing cartwheels. . These songs will just have that head moving big time. I love the speed and intensity on this as well. This will hurt and punish you big time. The production is right on the money and I love the double bass drums on this and this is as good as it gets for thrash metal this year. Info:

FRONT/Iron Overkill (Iron Bonehead) A punishing mix of death and black metal with total razor sharp riffs and blasting drums. Vocals from hell and a raw as fuck production made this a combo I was liking a lot. The music is more in the death metal sound and the vocals in the black metal vein and this was just a cool release. Info:

TOSKA/Toska (Eihwaz Recordings) Very cool black metal that doesn’t sound like a million other bands. The speed and intensity on this is 2nd to none and I love the different styles of riffs this band uses at times and the vocals are pure hell itself. Production on this rules and this is one of the best release so far and well worth checking out.
UNHOPED /Sonic Violence (EBM Records) Awful thrash metal with all those groove riffs and tough guy vocals. Total garbage.
ASSASSIN/Combat Cathedral (Steamhammer / SPV) Yes this band is back with a new release and a new singer. I didn’t like this much as it had too much of a Pantera feel and it feels like a hop on the bangwagon and play groove thrash metal release. What the hell is this band thinking? As a big fan of their early stuff this came as a big shock, but this is also a big disappointment. Info:

NOCTURNAL HOLLOW/Deathless and Fleshless (Undeground Movement) This is well played death metal, but once again this is something I have heard so many times before it just doesn’t do a lot for me. This is a total speed metal attack and a good one, but it just didn’t do much for me, but in saying that I bet a ton of people will love this, but it just didn’t do it for me. Info:

VIBRION/Bacterya (Xtreem Music) Punishing death metal like old Morbid Angel. The speed and intensity on this are killer and the singer has a great death metal voice to boot. The guitar sound on this rules and I was playing air drums to the fast parts. This is death metal played with emotion and feeling as well. Go get this. Info:
SALACION/Way More Unstoppable (Heaven and Hell Records) Musicwise this is fine tuned and crafted heavy metal. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the vocals as he sounded like a bad Alan from Hades. The tunes were all catchy and heavy numbers that were very enjoyable and this absolutely kicked ass. Don’t get me wrong the vocals weren’t that bad, but they were not the greatest neither. Bottom line is this is solid heavy metal that any fan would enjoy. Info:

JACK THE RIPPER/Torture and Twisted (Heaven and Hell Records) Ah yes. A pure old school metal experience. Awesome vocals and music made this a delight to listen to. This also has a total 80’s feel to it and I loved all 20 tracks on this. I had never heard of this band and Heaven and Hell for sure finds bands like this and they found a gem with this band. The music is like in the vein of well hell themselves ha ha. So you get a full album, an ep and some demo tracks and this sort of has a NWOBHM sound to it and it is down and dirty too. Very cool find by this label. Info:

INFERIOR/The Red Beast (Big Balls Productions) Some solid thrash metal played the way thrash metal should be played. Massive catchy riffs and some blazing speed and wicked growly, but not death metal vocals made this a release I liked a lot. The riffs will have that moving and the speed and intensity are great on this too. Production is right on the money and this is a good thash band. Info:

ROTTEN CASKET/Emerged From Beyond (Underground Movement) Low tunes punishing death metal is the ticket here. A mix of Swedish death metal meets Autopsy. I love the vocals on here as they are pure death metal treat and he sounds awesome and delivers the lyrics the way a death metal singer should. The production is right on the money and I love the guitar sound and the riffs are brutal and catchy and this has a nice mix of speed and slower parts. Get this if you crave death metal. Info:

MORTAL STRIKE/For The Loud And The Aggressive (???) Some rip roaring thrash with plenty of catchy Bay Area thrash like riffs that had me nodding me head in no time. Aggressive, but not tough vocals were also a treat to hear on this. I also like the raw production on this too. Another solid thrash band making the rounds these days. Info:

THEATRE OF THE ABSURD/Promo (???) I wasn’t too into this as I thought it was just generic thrash to my ears. The singer wasn’t bad, but the music just sounded like too many other bands and it just felt week and generic to my ears. No tough guy vocals, but the music isn’t strong at all.
WOSLOM/A Near Life Experience (Punishment 18 Records) It took a little bit, but this thrash metal band grew on me. The band play thrash metal the right way with those Bay Area gallop riffs and shouted vocals at times sort of like Exodus at times. No tough guy vocals and no groove riffs thank god neither. Just speedy riffs that will have air drums and air guitar going on in the house or the car. Solid thrash band. Info:

DOMINANCE/XX The Rising Vengeance (Sliptrick Records) Just crushing death metal that had me on my knees. Awesome vocals and blasting riffs that will tear at your skull are the ticket on this lovely release. Guitar sound just rules and the singer sings death metal perfectly. This is not some generic death metal band as this band delivers the goods and plays with fire and intensity and feeling. One of the best death metal bands I have heard this year. Info:
AMONG RUINS/No Light (OneManArmy) This had way too much grove to it and the singing was so generic it wasn’t funny. The songs were awful and just sounded like way too many other bad bands. Nothing of value on this as this is just total worthless release big time. Info:

MANZER/Beyond The Iron Portal" (Infernö Records) Excellent bone crushing 80’s like thrash and a 80’s like production had me smiling ear to ear. This was like a faster version of Iron Maiden and if they played thrash. Crisp catchy riffs and speed to match it. Glad to see some thrash bands not following the Pantera route or singing in that shitty tough guy style as this singer sings in an aggressive voice, but not that tough guy shit. Solid release of thrash. Info:

HEXENIZER/The Fucking Horny Witch Of Hell (Inferno Records) More awesome crushing speed metal from this label. This time it is Hexenizer who reminded me of the band Cornorer at times especially in the vocal department. The music is solid, speedy thrash metal with lots of catchy riffs that will have your head moving and air drums playing as well. Production is solid and is on the money and I love the guitar sound this band has on this as well. At 13 your neck will easily get a workout in. Info:

ROTEM/Dehumanization (Rotem Records) Decent death metal that didn’t suck nor was it anything mind blowing. They play death metal the way it should be played for sure, but nothing really stuck out or make me take notice. It was just kinda there and this band is like a lot of bands over the years, they are just doing the same thing I have heard countless times. The singer is the best part of this band as his vocal delivery is top notch. Info:

ROTEM/Nightmare Forever(Rotem Records) This was a step back for me as the singer went for more cup the mic vocals and there is more death metal groove on this and I am not a fan of this style of death metal by any means. The singer should go back to his style of the above album and not do all this generic screaming into the microphone and the double bass kick drum sound is terrible as it sounds like a machine. Not for me. Info:

PYROMANCER - Demo MMXV ( Godz Ov War Productions) A punishing blow of prime black metal that will make you weak. Vocals from hell and music right behind it. The band just have that feeling and emotion that you need in black metal this just ripped through my body big time. Production is raw, but not a wall of noise. This is just in your face black metal that hits hard and doesn’t let up and I loved every note. Info:

SUSAN AQUILA/Miss Conduct (Original Kitchen Records) Fuckin a is this some serious kick ass rock n roll. A woman that sings her ass off, a band that cranks out the tunes with fire and fury and kick ass rock and she even throws in some cool violin parts that don’t sound out of place at all. Forget all this rock n roll you hear this is easily the real deal and the songs are just so damn catchy on this it is not funny. Each and every track has its own identity and this is rock at its best. Info: or

DROGHEDA/Worldwide Massacure (Get Pissed and Stay Pissed Records) More boys in Drogheda has been offering up their blend of death/grind for many years now and they don’t let up on this release for sure. Total wicked blast beats and wicked guitar shredding making this a great grind release for sure. The production is not a wall of noise which for me makes this better than most just noisy grind bands. I love the sick vocals and they aren’t just a bunch of blubby noise neither. Support this band and get their stuff. Info:

FORTERESSE/Thèmes pour la Rébellion (Sepulchral Productions) This to me just sounds like any other black metal band I have heard over the years and offers nothing at the table but an empty plate. Same fat picking riffs and black metal vocals had me bored within minutes. Info:

INFESTDEAD/Satanic Serenades (Divebomb Records) Absolutely crushing death metal that about knocked me out of my chair. I had never heard this band before and this came out back in 1997 and 1999 as there are 2 cds on this puppy and include all the bands work. This is high quality death metal with catchy tunes and speed that will knock you for a loop. Powerful death metal vocals and a thick as hell guitar sound too. Morbid Angel was a band that came to mind as this played on at times, but this band deliver the goods and it is a shame they were not noticed the 1st time around, but thanks to Divebomb we can enjoy this wonderful music. Absolutely get this if you’re a death metal fan. Info:
LIVE BURIAL/Forced Back To Life (Dunkelheit Produktionen) This sounds like old Death a lot and I loved every second of it. The raw production totally rips and shreds and this is how death metal should be. Mean, nasty and total crushing. Lots of great riffing and punishing drums and speed that will melt you. No fuckin groove or tough guy crap or mixed in other stupid metal genres. This is death metal all the way and if you love old school death metal here ya go. Info:

DEVIL DRIVER/Trust No One (Napalm Records) Music wise this is pretty good as the band blast out a style of some vicious metal, bit it is the tough guy vocals I don’t like. The band puts out some catchy and heavy as fuck tunes, but the singing I just am not a fan of the tough guy style and that is what this band does. There is not a bunch of those jump metal riffs on this too and thank god for that. I know this band is one of those more mainstream bands, but I will say this, they are good at what they do and they are better than most mainstream bands I have heard over the past 2 years that is for sure. Info:

THUS DEFILED /An Unhallowed Legacy (Shaowflame Productions) The music on this is pretty solid death metal, but the generic black metal vocals are too funny and really bring this down big time. Cmon that guy is awful and terrible. This is a re-release of 2 releases that this band did back in the early 90’s and musicwise it does more than gets the job done with it being really soulful and played with a lot of feeling, but the annoying screechy singer ruins this for me. He just sounds fake and doesn’t fit in with the music which to my ears has more in common with death metal than black metal. This does have all the material the band did and if you’re a fan by all means get this, but the vocals ruin it for me. Info:

GADI CAPIAN/Morning Sun (Self Released) Some very mellow rock almost jazz like sounds from this guy. I thought it was very cool and he lays down some great riffs and the songs are very relaxing when you want a break from all the metal stuff. The guitar sound is awesome and I just got lost many times in the music. Now this might be something your not all into, but I was for sure. Info: