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Satan's Host 

Satan’s Host has a great new release out and I emailed band member Patrick Evil some questions to answer and here is what he said to them:

MC: Let's get the first boring question out of the way. Give me a history of the band and the current line-up.

Patrick Evil: Everyone is welcomed to view our history at the bio page at www.satanshost.com. Thank for all your support to give you a brief history lesson right here, Satan’s Host has been around for a shit load of time, with tons of killer albums, buy them all, you won’t be disappointed!

Patrick Evil- Guitar, Leviathan Thisiren (Harry Conklin)- Vocals, Anthony “Evil Hobbit” Lopez- Drums, and Margar- Bass.

MC: What original members are still in the band?

Patrick Evil: Harry Conklin and Patrick Evil. And I wish I could say Evil Hobbit and Margar, because these guys are the true members of Satan’s Host that we always intended to find.

MC: What are your thoughts on the "Metal From Hell" release these days? Can you still listen to it and do you still enjoy playing songs from it live?

Patrick Evil: Yea I love playing the songs from “Metal from Hell”, it’s a little hard for me to listen to because the original label Web Records didn’t do justice to mastering of this album, which was probably not their fault, back then it was hard to just find anyone who would be brave enough to touch anything Satan’s Host did, so I’m really excited to go re-record the album this year knowing that we can do the songs justice as was intended in the first place.

MC: Tell me a bit about the 2nd album "Midnight Wind" that never came out. Will it ever come out? What do you think of all the bootlegging that went on with this and have you actually seen bootleg copies of it?

Patrick Evil: Well that album we inked a deal with Metal Blade Records but then they backed out of the deal and we never got to go record the album because they were too afraid at the time to release a band called Satan’s Host, so again we are going to re-record this album soon with extra tracks so fans can have a true perception of the “Midnight Wind”. What you hear on the original was a self produced/recorded demo we did ourselves to get a new record deal, and that in turn got bootlegged all over the world.

MC: In 2002 you recorded another album called "Legions of the Fire Age" which also never really came out, but that some copies leaked out. How rare is that CD and will it ever see a proper release? I read where your drummer at the time broke his ankle and that delayed the release and that he left the band. How bad of a time was it for you guys back then? Will that album ever come out?

Patrick Evil: I don’t even know how you know about that album, must be in an old bio, lol, I’m not sure we will visit that album again, although I really did love some of the songs we put on there, so now I have ideas!

MC: Tell me about the live album that came out in 2001 and where was it recorded and from what year was the show? Do you think your a good live band?

Patrick Evil: That album I never want it to be released, because the night we recorded it, I found my father dead in his room, but we all ready had a commitment to play and we couldn’t get out of the show, so former vocalist Eli Elixir was persistent that he wanted that album to be released even though I felt my playing wasn’t at its best and my mind wasn’t really into it at the time.

MC: How did you come up with the name and looking back are you happy with the name or do you wish you could change it now?

Patrick Evil: Originally when I wanted to find a name for the band, I wanted a name that could stand next to the big ones and be remembered such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc.. and I felt that Satan’s Host had that within the title, so there is no looking back now, hindsight is always 20/20, the band name may have hindered us thought out the years, but looking back I think we made the right choice.

MC: How did you end up hooking up with Moribund Records? What was it like going in the studio to record By The Hands of the Devil, which by the way kicks major ass?

Patrick Evil: Yea, how we hooked up with Moribund Records, we were actually in Flatline Audio recording “Satanic Grimoire” and Odin the label manager called Dave Otero, our producer looking for Satan’s Host, because he was interested in signing the band, so I talked to Odin right in the studio and we started hammering out the details for a recording deal.

Going into the studio for BTHOTD was probably one of the greatest feelings that I’ve ever had knowing that all the pieces were in place to create an album that I always have dreamed about doing, to me that is a great gift and it continues on every moment that passes, it gets more exciting as we go.

MC; Have you been doing any type of touring for the release and what has been the feedback on the release so far?

Patrick Evil: We would really like to go on tour, but it seems that promoters around the world are scared to get in contact with out label or us to put us on tour because of the name of the band, we are available anytime for serious inquires to book our band, the feedback so far for the album has been amazing and we thank all the Legions World Wide 9 around the world for your support.

MC: What was it like going over to Germany and playing on the "Keep It True" fest?

Patrick Evil: It was awesome going to Germany and playing, it was a lot of fun, everyone out there treated us like royalty, we like to go back and do it again, but it seems no one has not asked us to do so, so again anyone serious about having us play, we are a live band and we will kick ass and make anyone proud who gets the chance to work with us and see us play.

MC: Are you amazed at times that here it is 25 years later and the band is still going strong? Whose idea was it to put together the "Celebration For The Love of Satan" release?

Patrick Evil: yea its quite surreal to look back at all the history of the band. Well originally we owed Moribund a compilation CD, and I am not a fan of compilation CDs, so I talked to Odin our label manager and let him know my idea, and he really like my idea reinventing and rerecording old songs from the past, also it was the 25th anniversary of “Metal from Hell” so what better way than to release a Celebration CD to honor the event.

MC: Are all your releases still available in some way shape or form? What merchandise do you have for sale?

Patrick Evil: almost all our releases are available, the ones you can’t find as much are “Midnight Wind”, “In Articulo Mortis” and “Archidoxes of Evil”. We have t-shirts at both www.satanshost.com and www.moribundcult.com

MC: For those who have never heard the music of the band, what would you say you sound like?

Patrick Evil: I would say we sound like a true Heavy Metal Black Metal Death Metal, etc.. band. Beyond what you have ever heard before!

MC: When your not doing music related things, what are some things you like to do?

Patrick Evil: I like to remote control cars and helicopters, to fly them and drive them and piss people off, also I like to study the black arts and play the guitar for myself.

MC: Are there any old video clips of the band on say You Tube and stuff and tell me a bit about the DVD you put out not to long ago.

Patrick Evil: we still have a lot of unreleased videos and recordings of the band to be released on later DVDs, the DVD we put out a while ago, I didn’t know much about it, former vocalist Eli Elixir went behind everyone’s back and put that DVD out without any input from myself, so I was surprised to see some of the content on there, that I didn’t even know existed. But in the end I thought the DVD was pretty good and very interesting to watch.

MC: Where do you see the underground metal scene in a few years and do you think eventually all music will just be on the internet?

Patrick Evil: Well I hope to think that there will always be a product for our fans to hold in their hands, because you really can’t replace the feeling of having the music all to yourself away from any interference such as the internet, people, etc… If it’s up to the corporate world there will be no independent bands, no freedom, no originality, and music as we know it will die, and all the bands that you will hear, will have been chosen by executives of what they think we should hear, so it’s really important to fans to buy the product of their favorite bands that they release to keep the integrity of music in general, because at the rate we are going, in 20 years there will be no more bands, just corporate bullshit to listen too.

MC: Plug any websites that you have and do you think if the band has this technology back in the 80's that the band would have gotten bigger?

Patrick Evil: www.satanshost.com and www.moribundcult.com and at our official website, there are links to all of our social pages such as Facebook, YouTube, etc… I’m sure the band may have been bigger, I think the band is still growing and its appreciated at certain media, such as yourself, give us the opportunity to promote and to expose us to fans that may have never known we exist.

MC: What are some of your memories good and bad of the 1st few years of the band?

Patrick Evil: probably some of my favorite memories in the beginning where doing shows with bands like VoiVod, Dark Angel, Possessed, Kreator, etc..those were some good times, the 80’s in general was a mismatch of different forms of music and aggressive and extreme music, it was just in its infancy. So back then all the ground we treaded was unknown and today we know how music has evolved, so it’s a lot of fun writing music that no one has ever heard before, that’s a good challenge.

MC: What are the plans for the band in 2012 and beyond?

Patrick Evil: We will be recording the next album soon to be titled at the appropriate time and also we will be recording a DVD to be release later this year, then we are going to try to re-record and re-release “Metal from Hell” and “Midnight Wind” with bonus tracks that never made it to the original releases all with modern production, more fire, and power and strength than before, so fans can hear what we originally intended when we created those albums.

MC: Any last words? Horns up for the interview and best of luck with the band.

Patrick Evil: Thanks to all the Satan’s Host Legions World Wide 9, demand our music in your local stores, scenes, go to shows, demand the promoters to bring us live and we will be there! Hail! 666!