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Lindsey Turnbullet

I met Lindsey Turnbullet at a recent show and after talking to her a few times on Facebook I thought it would be fun to do an interview from a fan’s point of view so here it is: 

MC: Tell me a little bit about when you were a young girl and what did you want to be when you were growing up?

 Lindsey: Hi Chris!  I grew up in a pretty standard middle class/lower middle class family.  I played sports.  I read a lot of books.  I had pets.  It was very normal, for the most part.  What I wanted to do has changed a lot.  I still don't know.  I think writing always factored into what I wanted to do with my life.  Writing and changing the world. 

MC: Was music a big part of your life early on or did that come later on down the line?

 Lindsey: I listened to a lot of music with my parents in the car.  My mom mostly listened to stuff like Elton John and Cher.  I still know all the words to Cher's greatest hits.  My dad listened to a lot of classic rock. Being from Michigan originally, we listened to Motown too.  My personal obsession with music came much later though. 

MC: How did you discover music and what were some early bands you liked?

Lindsey: Well, I listened to a lot of classic rock with my dad.  I never really paid attention to who sang which songs.  Even today, I probably couldn't match a lot of classic songs/bands.  Hell, I didn't even realize Dio sang Man on the Silver Mountain until I was an adult.  I just never bothered to look it up.  I sang the song with my dad and I loved it, so I didn't care who sang it.   I loved all classic rock on the radio. 

I got into metal on my own as a teenager.  My first love was Exodus, whom I still adore.    I posted on a metal music forum that was chock full of nobody bands and I thought that they were the height of underground music.  I was a dork.  Some of those bands have since gained popularity though, so that's been cool to watch.  Growing up in Tampa, I lived near a big Sound Exchange which was always brimming with death metal.  I loved the classic Tampa Death Metal bands.  And I still do.

MC: How did the ugly world of heavy metal enter your life and what poor soul led you down this path?

Lindsey: I was inspired by a lot of people.  There was a friend who took me to Sound Exchange, the friends I called for music recommendations.  There were the ex-boyfriends who played music and took me to record stores.  My best friend Chris and I used to hang out before school and trade CDs.  I don't even know how it happened, or why.  I guess there must've been a day when I thought "Gee, I need some heavier music," but I couldn't tell you which day that was.

 When I started going to shows, I met tons of people who were more than happy to show me bands.  I loved going to shows; the camaraderie, the energy, the passion...they were all through the roof.   There was never just one soul, there was a community. 

 MC: What were some of the 1st bands you heard and at this time was there any one band that blew you away so to speak?

Lindsey: Oh man, I still love Exodus!  I adored Tempo of the Damned.  It was perfect for the aggressive, pissy teen that I was.  I liked Biohazard a lot too, and I'll still play some of their records.   

 I'll never forget the first time I heard Acid Bath either.  I thought they were the perfect band that had elements for any fan of heavy music.  I still feel that way.  They're one of my favorite bands ever.  And they fostered my...erm...mild obsession with Dax Riggs.

Emperor blew me totally away.  Kreator.  Morbid Angel.  Nile.  I had never heard music like that before.  Shit, those albums still impress me.

MC: Has any band that you liked, you now are not a fan of due them putting out a poor release?

 Lindsey: I wouldn't say that.  One or even three bad albums doesn't take away from albums I loved.  Endorama doesn't make me less of a Kreator fan, you know?

If anything...I kind of got over Amon Amarth, if that counts, haha. The first time I saw them live was amazing- super high energy, they played a really fun set list, it was great.  When I saw them again, the whole crowd was frat dudes who kept asking me where my boyfriend was, as if I couldn't possibly be at a show alone.  Some girl yelled at me to stop looking at her man.  Amon Amarth played every mid-paced song they had.  It was such a bizarre and un-fun night, that whenever I go back and listen to Amon Amarth, it just doesn't do it for me anymore. 

MC: I know you worked in radio. Tell me how you got that gig and how long did you do it for and did having that expose you to a lot of bands that you had never heard before?

Lindsey: I worked briefly on a radio show- Savage Metal Radio- with a friend.  We aired Wednesday nights.  I really enjoyed it and I did learn about a lot of traditional heavy metal bands.  My co-host wouldn't let me play much death or black metal, but I did talk about upcoming shows in the area.  The show was never very successful and I eventually had to quit because it conflicted with my classes, but I enjoyed it. 

MC: I met you at a Cannibal Corpse show. Are you a big fan of the band?

Lindsey: I like Corpse.  They're consistent with their material.  They're more than just a band, they're a successful death metal brand.  I admire their marketing strategy. They've succeeded in ways bands dream of, without really compromising their sound.  They're sort of the face of death metal. Is that a weird thing to say?   

 The shows are always fun.  A lot of moshing, crowd surfing, friendly violent fun, singing along.  There's always a crowd of people who NEVER go to other shows.  Lots of younger kids, lots of old schoolers, a lot of people who don't know any other bands besides Corpse.   I think it's a really fun show to see- I know some people would disagree- but I think the dudes in Corpse have hella stage presence and the atmosphere is really energetic. 

MC; Favorite concert you have seen so far?

Lindsey: Oh my gosh.  I have been so lucky to see tons of great shows and fests.  I've been to Barge to Hell 2012, Hellfest 2011, Wacken 2008, Party.San 2008 and 5 MDFs now.  I worked 70,000 Tons of Metal 2013.  My ex plays in Possessed, which allowed us to see and spend time with so many bands that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to.  I have seen so many amazing bands, so many great shows and wonderful people, it's all kind of a blur.  A big, messy, amazing blur. 

That said, I'm kind of a show snob.  I'm really picky about saying a band was great live, even if I had a good time at the show. For me, a show has to be fun, more than anything.  I want to be entertained.  I want to go home sore and exhausted and tipsy, but smiling.  Some of my favorite live bands are Iron Maiden, Obituary, Exhumed, Maruta, Watain, Municipal Waste, Exodus...anything that gets the crowd moving and singing.   

 Or anything that just is really...amazing to watch.  I really loved Kommandant at MDF this year.  Holy shit.  It's like there was a real threat that we were all going to be pulverized in that tent.  That's how a black metal show should be- you should be thinking "I could die, they might jump off stage and kill me" when black metal bands are playing.  Speedwolf were a lot of fun at MDF, I saw their first US tour, and I just loved how everyone got into them at Fest. I think Exhumed has their live set down to a T.  They tour year round, so it'd be weird if they didn't, but the stage banter, Dr. Philty, the timing- everything is just spot on.  They're a machine.

 Really though, it's all about the energy and the engagement.  Of course      the    band should sound good, but more than anything, I want to have fun and watch a great show.

MC: Out of all the genres, what is your favorite and why. Examples are death metal, black metal, thrash metal?

 Lindsey: Every genre has something I like, or fits a certain mood.  I'll even rock out to some glam metal if I feel like it.   I'd probably say death metal is my favorite.  I also listen to a ton of what my friends call "Old man drinking music," solo Dax Riggs, Man's Gin, Bonnie Prince Billy, etc. and plenty of music I grew up on like Motown and Cher and stuff.


MC: Tell me something about yourself that might surprise me.

Lindsey: I have no idea what would surprise you.  I guess that depends how much you know about me.  Most metal people are surprised to learn I have two BAs and a Masters.  Some people are surprised I'm into the whole metal thing.  Pretty much everyone is surprised that I enjoy trashy reality TV like Project Runway, Top Chef and *gulp* America's Next Top Model.  It's fun to watch useless shit and drama sometimes.   I also really love pearls and tulips, which may or may not be surprising or interesting.

MC: Dream concert line-up

Lindsey: I have been so incredibly lucky to have seen so many amazing bands.  I have seen *almost* all the bands I have ever dreamed of.  I'm still missing a few though, like Immortal.  And an Emperor reunion.  I am a huge Steve Souza fan, so I'd like to see Tenet.  I never got to see him with Exodus.  Otherwise, I'd LOVE to see Acid Bath.  I've heard rumors of a Bath reunion since 2009 and still NOTHING. 

 One of my other faves I've never seen is Dissection, but I mean, that's just not possible, unfortunately.  I wish I could've seen Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Type O Negative back in the day, but alas, the perils of being 24 prevented that.

I'd love to see Goatsnake.  They played the Hellfest I was at, and my dumbass missed it for some reason.  The singer's voice is like honey and if I could pick any band to open my dream Acid Bath show, it'd be Goatsnake.

MC: Are you a fan of cds or are you more into the MP3 thing?

Lindsey: I love my CDs and I love my records, but I'll be damned if MP3s/Ipods aren't so convenient.  I have my whole collection in something that fits in the palm of my hand.  The batteries last for days on a single charge.  There's less clutter (I haaate clutter).  I'd never get rid of my CDs/records, but I don't actively seek them out as much anymore.  I'll pick up some cool vinyl’s if I see them, but I guess I've gone the way of those damned youth.  As much as I love liner notes and stuff, I really love the ease of Mp3s.

MC: How do you come to discover new bands nowadays?

Lindsey: Ugh, I am SO bad at discovering new bands.  I read a ton of Facebook metal groups and stuff, but I rarely find stuff I like.  I mean, I'm still reeling over how awesome Venom is!  Mostly I hear new music when people send stuff to my personal blog (Scrapyard Zine) or things I review for Axis of Metal...of course I follow established bands' careers as well.

MC:    Funny question, during your photo shot if I was there, what funny thing would you have this dumbass do ha ha

Lindsey: What would I make you do? I hope I'd make you laugh.  I'm kind of a goofball in person.  Also not very coordinated. 

MC: Anything you are doing writing wise these days?

Lindsey: Yeah this: http://axisofmetal.com/author/thepitgoddess/

MC: To end this interview has there anything you have seen at a concert you will never forget

Lindsey: So many memories! I saw a dude break his leg during Gorerotted at Wacken.  I saw Nifelheim with maybe 50 people at that same Wacken.  Singing Iron Maiden with 80K people was nuts.  Blind Guardian in St. Pete, FL, with everrrryone singing the Bard's Song at the top of their lungs...  Some of my favorite memories from shows have nothing to do with the actual show, and more about the people who're there...the fun conversations, the beers with friends...for me; it's as much about the atmosphere as it is about the show.  It's all about good music and having a good time.  If that ever changes, I'll stop doing it.