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Wormhole Zine 

I have known zine editor Keith Warmouth for what seems like forever and I felt a long overdue interview was in order so here it is below for your enjoyment:

MC: Tell my readers who you are and a bit about yourself???

KM: ok my name is KEITH WORMUTH everyone calls me WORM "get it" and I’m 41 and I from PENN YAN,NY "born and raised" it’s a small town in the heart of the finger lake region of upstate New York and on Keuka Lake.. I have 2 older brothers “10 and 12 years older". I am a nice honest shy-funny-weird-artist-metal head type of a guy. I like a lot of diff. things and I like who I am as a person.

MC: Were you always into music when you were young? What were some of the 1st bands that you got into?

KM: It helped to have 2 older brothers growing up in the 70's as they played their records after school I was right there listening and I discovered it at a young age I was 6 and it was great since one brother liked everything from Abba to ZZ Top and everything else in between and the other was into Ohio Player-p funk and Cheech and Chong. My 1st record that I got was LED ZEPPLIN "Vol 4" my brother got me for my birthday.. the 1st record that I got with my $$$ was AC-DC "dirty deeds" it all started with my brother and snow balls from there.

MC: How did you end up discovering the world of metal do you remember the 1st metal band that you heard

KM: well my brother's record had them all everything from a-z so anything that was from 70's I was into. But the 1st metal band would have to be JUDAS PRIEST/ M.CRUE/TWISTED SISTER that was when we went out to COLORADO to see family and my cousin was into the priest, and cure and TS so I got hooked into them too that was around 82-84 so that was my metal bug!! everything for there on end was nothing but loud heavy metal with a touch of hard rock... that was it I was a metal head!!!! Everyday at school nothing but jeans and rock-metal t-shirts I was going to hell!!!!

MC: What was the 1st concert you saw and what it like seeing a live show of a band??

KM: My 1st concert was KISS 1986 animalize tour with I think DOKKEN ??? I went with my brother and his band members it was killer!!! loved it just wish it was kiss with the make-up, but still ruled!!!! my 1st metal show was RAVEN with T.T. QUICK at PENNY ARACDE in ROCHESTER,NY I think it was 1988 during "stay hungry" album??? That was killer show and trip with all my stoner metal heads at a bar in the big city!!!!

KM: Now what led you to discovering the world of underground metal? What was the 1st artist that you heard if you remember? Were you like me and it became almost a drug that you wanted more?

KM: The cool thing about this area that I am from is 1- your only 1 hour away from the big city (not NYC),and 2- there was 3 major things that open the door of metal for me.... THE ROCK SHOP WSFW 99.3 (rip) with BIG BOB APPEL "RIP" it was a hard rock metal show every Sat. nite from 7- 12 and he played nothing but the best in hard rock and heavy metal. Every show he would do an album spot light and play the whole thing and would have show listen and request... bob was more of a hard rock guy but he did play a lot of heavy metal-thrash-power metal... THE METALLIC ONSLAUGHT WEOS 89.7 "GVA" Hobart and William Smith college radio station and every Fri the onslaught would play nothing but the best in metal-thrash underground metal and still going strong!!!! AREA RECORDS "Geneva, NY" was the record shop that had all the new metal records and metal magazines!!! I must of spend like $3,000 back in the day they had it all the new metal record and the underground records and those metal magazine from the UK. My 1st underground artist?? If you are talking about the extreme stuff it would have to be MORTICIAN but if you are talking underground like below the metal like not everyone knows about?? I would have to say PILEDRIVER, CELTIC FROST, and VOIVOD. YES METAL IS A DRUG AND I NEED MORE OF IT!!!!!!!

MC: So after you started to get into the underground how did you discover the world of tape trading and fanzines? Did you tape trade with many tape traders and what were some early zines that you read?

KM: From reading metal magazines like METAL FORCES, METAL CORE, KERRANG, ILL LITATURE, BLOODSHED, THE GRIMOIRE, DOOM HAULED, METAL HAMMER and from going to area records and the other places that sold metal magazines

MC: What lead to you deciding to start up a fanzine?? How did you come up with the name of it and was it hard getting material together for that 1st issue??

KM: Your zine is one of the main reasons I started my zine and the other was Bloodshed. The zine was called back in the day METAL MIX and the reason was that I was into a lot of different styles of metal and wanted to put everything into one zine. Metal Mix was a zine that covered everything from GLAM to GRIND and everything else??? At 1st it was easy getting stuff as there was no internet so everything was done by the mail and I would get a lot of packages and letters from bands and rec. co. and fanzines. I really miss those days!!!! (I do as well-Chris)

MC: How did you come up with the name and were any other names considered and did you have anybody help you with writing and stuff???

KM: At 1st the zine was called: METAL MIX and around 1995 I changed the name as the scene was changing and I was changing I was getting more into the local metal scene and wanted something that was mine and something that said this zine is more than just metal so I changed it to "THE WORMHOLE" and then to "A WORMHOLE" as it was more of a local thing with metal/underground review plus other stuff that was not metal in it too. I thought it was a great name and it fit as its mine zine and I am the only one doing it it’s all my $$$ the only outside input is the bands and zine sending me their stuff......

MC: When did you put your 1st issue out and do you still have a copy of it?

KM: My 1st issue was around Sept-Oct of 1991. I don’t remember the date but it was in the fall of 1991. I can still look at it and I still have copy of it if you believe that!! I have a lot of my old issues some I have a lot of extra copy and some only one and some not any of them.

MC: How many copies did you print of that issue and who was in it and where did you copy them?

KM: I think I printed out about 150 copies but I don’t remember the 1st issue was just write up about some cool killer metal-hard rock-underground band most was local band and did have an interview with DAN of EDGE OF SANITY and JACK of CANNIBAL CORPSE and some reviews. I printed them at a copy place and right now I go to MAIL BOX ETC in Geneva, NY and they have been doing it since the late 90's great job and no problems with the metal.

MC: How did you get the word out about your zine?

KM: I just started writing to bands and fanzine and send some ads and they hooked me up with either a copy of their demo/cd/record or a copy of their zine. In the beginning I did flyers and mail them out and pass other on the way

MC: Who did you interview for some of your early issues and who would you like to interview, but haven’t?

KM: The 1st int. was with EDGE OF SANITY and CANNIBAL CORPSE and 2nd was with DIAMOND TYR and with BOB APPEL (RIP) and many underground and local bands. There are a lot of bands that I would like to interview. Too many to list mostly bigger bands?????

MC: How long have you been doing the zine and how many issues have you put out so far?

KM: I have been doing this since 1991 and have put out 31 issues somewhere big issues and somewhere small ones small was nothing but local stuff and other all about the underground, but been doing it all by myself since 1991 I have thought about stopping it!!!! with the way the scene and the underground has changed its hard doing this, but I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! And my feeling is this IF YOU LIKE THIS ZINE THATS GREAT AND I THANK YOU !!!! IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THATS OK AND I UNDERSTAND BUT I AM DOING THIS ZINE FOR ME AND I LOVE DOING THIS ZINE!!!!!!!! IT’S MY ZINE!!!!!

MC: What are some of your favorite fanzines that you like to read?

KM: METALCORE/ILL LITURE/BLOODSHRED/DOOM HAULED/THE GRIMOIRE and many more!!! I love all zines big and small metal and personal ones I LOVE TO READ THEM!!!!!!! It’s nice to read a zine that a person has put some much into it!!!! A good zine is: something that is real and on paper!!! “I hate e-zine, and web things!!" a zine: that supports its local scene be it metal or indie rock or hardcore or underground or even if it’s a personal zine about you or your hometown!!! something that I can read and learn something new that’s what makes a great zine!!!!

MC: Do you still much material to review nowadays?

KM: Now I don’t get a lot of stuff only from my buddies and true supports of the underground and that’s fine with me... I hate the fact that if I want to review this new band I have to download a mp3,or email them ,and most of the time they don’t know what I do or what is a fanzine. if I do get a band to send me something it’s just a cd with just music on it... I loved the old days where I used to get butt load of stuff back in the day the record co. would send me the new releases and stuff!!!! not anymore!!! the whole scene changed with that beast called internet it has killed the print zine..... I hate this new way of promoting music!!!!!

MC: What has been some of your favorite concerts that you saw?

KM: The best concerts: my 1st one RAVEN & TT QUICK and MANOWAR plus many local shows!!! I love going to see LETHARGY back in the day!!! killer band... spending every Sunday at BOSCO'S in "ROCHESTER,NY" at the hardcore-metal shows!!!! there’s a lot of many too many to list and liked them all!!!!

MC: How much have you seen the underground change over the years? Do you feel like me that there is too many bands and labels nowadays?

KM: The underground has changed a lot!!! There is 2 undergrounds 1- is the old school way of thinking with people like you and me the fanzines, and the old metal heads that grow up in the 70's-80's the underground where you wrote to people and got tapes in trade and got to read what was going on with all the fanzines there was metal magazines that had a section where you can tell about your band or fanzine or what you like and what not.... that scene is died but there still a lot of people out there and doing what they can to keep that part of the scene alive and well!!!! 2- you have the internet underground where it’s all on the net with all the bands and zine and rec. co. and you can download the new releases, and check out everything right on that screen hell you don’t even have to go to show any more as the bands are posting them on line the next day so the underground is split into the real stuff and the internet and its ok and fine as both still support it and lets people know about it and keep you updated on things..... is there too many shitty bands??? yes and no!!! there is a lot of bands that sound the same but that’s will always be the case.. there are a lot of bands that are doing things right by mixing things up by adding dif. sounds, and styles into the metal ,and trying to sound original or at least somewhat original but yes there is a lot of shitty band on shitty labels

MC: In your eyes and ears what makes a good song?

KM: What makes a good song?? well if you are a metal band make a song that has original sound to it, or an added spice to it make it (I like bands that sing in their own language or use sounds from their homeland) metal bands don’t make good song as they should make killer records as a hole that’s why you don’t see a lot of metal on the top 40 but if you are looking for a great song they should have a great melody and a hook, and maybe a break in it what I like in a song but I am more into the whole package of a band like the record and art work and picture and the bio and the whole deal....

MC: How do you go about reviewing stuff?

KM: When I review I go over the whole thing not just the cd I look at the bio, and then go over the cd front to cover and to see what’s this band is all about... if there a song that has extra player or extra sound I like that I read the cd and look at all the info on the cd where it was recorded and the thank list to see if I know anyone.... when that all done I listen to it and make some notes and wait (maybe I have seen them live and look at those note or to hope to see them live or to write back for more info) then listen again if I like it and type it up.... I have had some, but nothing bad just to tell I suck!!!! mostly from people tell me about how bad I am at writing and doing this zine but hell I am small hick redneck hellhole it good!!!!!

MC: What is your opinion on sites like My Space and Facebook, etc?

KM: I hate them and love them!!!! MySpace has changed and I hate that... Facebook I like but it’s a two way street... if you are a band these site are great cause instead of mailing out promo kit and wasting $$$$$ you can post everything on these site and everyone can see it so it makes sense for bands to have a _____ site !!!!!! I like them as I can look at band site and keep track what they are up too but when you ask for a demo or a cd they tell you it’s only a download or a mp3 sorry there no cd or record out.... the main problem with these site is that there are 3 type of people who use the internet 1- for business (i.e. bands-work-sports-etc.) 2- for family & friends 3- for sex there should be a page just for music a page for local-underground metal bands!!! I like them hell I am on them but would rather be at a show or at a music store or home listening to demo, or a zine!!!!

MC: What are some of your favorite bands?

KM: My fav bands. Wow there a lot and I don’t know if I will have space to name all but here is some bands that you should check out:


MC: Do you still have many of your old records or any rare things?

KM: I still have some old records, and some old rare 7" EP like a Christmas Pearl Jam EP ok that’s not metal!! just have some old demo from the day, and still have some of the old zine!!!! it’s hard as you get old you have a lot of stuff and not enuff room so you have to go through stuff and clean so some stuff get trash other are still with me.....

MC: Where do you see the underground in 5 years?

KM: I hate to say this but in 5 year everything will be on the beast and there will be no more print reading zine and no more record stores it’s all on the net and that suckz!!!! we should save the print!!!!

MC: What are your favorite types of metal?

KM: I love metal but it’s the only genre that is split into millions of sub-genre and it’s hard to keep track of it all I like the old stuff back when it was called HEAVY METAL what the hell happen to it????? why is it now called metal??? it sounds like a George Carlin line???? I like all types of heavy metal.... heavy metal is heavy metal period.

MC: What are some things you like to do when not doing zine related things?

KM: I love to take pictures and to paint and to make t-shirts plus I love to go for rides around the countryside and to see nature and to visit my fav. places like ITHACA,NY-ROCHESTER-ELMIRA and I like to shop not like a chick but to check out music store and record stores, and comic...

MC: If you could change some things about your zine what would they be?

KM: there nothing I would change except to have more $$$$ to make more copy.... I print my zine at MAIL BOX ETC in Geneva, NY and I print out about 200 copies (it depends on the $$$ ) I try to pass them out at all the local music stop in my area and I have about 15 of them

MC: Where can people get your zine at?

KM: Just ask for a copy and read it if you do I will send you more than a zine you will get a worm box!!!!!!

MC: Bands can send material for a review at?



c/o WORM

2601 Old Rt 14A

PENN YAN, NY 14527

email; [email protected]

please no mp3 or download!!!!

send a cd or a tape demo or a record with all your info and stuff thanks for supporting the lost art of the fanzine

MC: Any last words? Horns up for the interview.

KM: Thanks man for this long interview, and I had a blast doing this and for being a true friend in the underground U RULE MAN!!!! if I could say anything it would be?????? support your local metal scene and the underground... support the arts "not the mainstream ones the underground art" read a zine!!!! go to a show {when 1- you have the money 2- free time} if not try to support them by paying for a cd or t's don’t hide behind a screen..... listen to other style of music support NPR, listen to the WORLD CAFE VOTE FOR PUNK!!! WRITE A LETTER! PICK UP A PEN NOT A MOUSE... BE WHO YOU ARE! BE YOURSELF!!!!!!